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PACO DE LUCIA & SEXTET Please note that this rider is only to be used as a guideline and that neither

IMN nor the artist is contractually restricted to the terms within. We reserve the right to modify the rider at any time. To confirm the terms of an artist's tech rider, please e-mail us for a hard copy. TRAVEL, HOTEL, DRESSING ROOMS AND CATERING PURCHASER agrees to provide ARTIST'S REPRESENTATIVE with detailed directions to the place of performance. If ARTIST gives advance notice to PURCHASER that the ARTIST is arriving by air, PURCHASER shall, at his sole cost and expense, provide GROUND TRANSPORTATION for ARTIST'S entourage of thirteen (13) people, plus luggage and instruments, etc. between airport, hotel, concert, venue, and return to airport upon departure. Ground Transportation Specific Requirements: One (1) Limousine/Town Car (Mr. de Lucia) One (1) 15 passenger van (band) (available to the group from the time of arrival to the time of departure) One (1) Cargo van (luggage and instruments) One (1) Large sedan (crew) is required to accommodate the crew's early arrival and departure times. If PURCHASER is providing HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS, a minimum of eleven (11) single rooms and one (1) suite (king size bed; junior suites not acceptable) at a FOUR STAR HOTEL are required. The rooms shall be available until the day after the performance with the ARTIST to comply with checkout times and hotel rules. Rooms shall be noise free, as well as completely dark, within close proximity to the venue, and CONTAIN BALCONIES and/or WINDOWS THAT OPEN. The PURCHASER shall not be responsible for any extra charges during the stay of the ARTIST. PURCHASER shall provide three (3)+ comfortable and private DRESSING ROOMS: one (1) master dressing room (Mr. de Lucia). These rooms must be clean, dry, well-lit, heated or air-conditioned, shall contain at least ten chairs and shall be within easy access to clean and private lavatories which are supplied with soap, toilet tissue and plenty of clean towels (minimum 20). Towels shall be provided for ARTIST'S use in dressing rooms and on stage. A professional steamer (preferred) {or iron with ironing board} is required in band dressing room.

PURCHASER shall guarantee adequate SECURITY at all times to insure the safety of the ARTIST'S personal instruments and personal property from the beginning of load-in to completion of load-out. During soundcheck, performance, and after show, PURCHASER will have security backstage, on-stage, and at the mixing console. PURCHASER is held responsible for the personal belongings and for the music equipment of the ARTIST. HOSPITALITY: PURCHASER shall provide refreshments in quantities sufficient for fifteen (15) persons, available from bands arrival until departure. CREW Catering: A sound crew (three persons) will travel separately, please prepare a good and healthy lunch (sandwiches) for their arrival ON CREW LOAD IN. A good supply of Coffee, Water, and Soft drinks should be available at this time. BAND Dressing Room(or Green Room): Two liters of coffee One bottle of quality whiskey One liter of tea One bottle of quality rum One liter of milk Two bottles of quality red, dry wine Thirty liters of mineral waters Two cases of imported beer Twenty soft drinks (variety) Tray of canaps, dried fruits, fresh fruits, and fruit salad Fresh milk, cream, sugar, & sugar substitute, lemon, and honey should be provided MR. De Lucia Dressing Room: Hot coffee, milk, sugar, fruit (variety), spoons and an ashtray. HOT MEAL: (Please advance the following meal with Road Manger for specific times and menu requests) HOT MEAL to be served exactly at BANDS ARRIVAL FOR SOUND CHECK and remain available through company load out Menu Suggestions: Steak, Fish or Chicken with Rice and Vegetables, additional vegetable side dish, etc. Meals should also include green salad, dressing on the side or coleslaw and fresh bread and butter. * * * No deep-fried or "fast" food please

PURCHASER shall also provide the name and address of a good quality restaurant for after the performance, restaurant should be at open between 11pm and midnight. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Purchaser shall provide the following band equipment at his sole expense and at no cost to the ARTIST. A. DANCE FLOOR: One plywood platform (8'W x 8'D x 2"H) painted black. TO BUILD: Make the frame for the dance floor with 2" x 4"s. Place the 2" x 4", wide side on the floor, leaving it 2" high to make the frame. Put one 2" x 4" down the middle to brace the platform, then add 2"x4"s as cross braces. Top with two pieces of plywood and paint black. B. CHAIRS: -SIX (6) concert type chairs (without arms); Paco's chair MUST be 18"18 " high (46-47 cm.) C. STAGE: Black Curtain Chamber or Rigid Wings - Stage Width: 40 feet (12 meters) - Stage Depth: 36 feet (10 meters) D. HOUSE AUDIO: The promoter will provide a high quality system, multiway active, this system must produce 100 DB A at average level at the mix position. It will have a flat response from 20Hz to 20KHz P.A. SYSTEM - MEYER MSL 4, CLAIR BROTHERS. Example: 1-500 people - 6000W 500-800 people - 10.000W 1000 people - 2000 people 15.000W The mixing desk will be placed between both sound systems and in 2/3 of the venue, NEVER under balconies and always in the same level as the audience. If there is no area for the P.A desk, the PROMOTER will eliminate some seats in order to have this desk in a perfect position. No exception will be made to this issue. In Theatres or big halls, the sound system will also have "delays" to assure that the sound will produce the same dB pressure in all the audience seats. These delays should be speakers from the same manufacturer as the P.A. and will be rigged from the ceiling to reach the balconies.

There will also be Front fills (a minimum of four) to assure the correct coverage for the first rows. F.O.H. MIXING DESK-a 4/8/2 YAMAHA PM 4000, YAMAHA PM3500, MIDAS XL3 or MIDAS XL4 ONE (1) Equalizer Klark Teknik 1/3 octave - DN 360 (stereo) All additional speaker systems will have their own KT EQ 1/3 octave and will go through the desk by matrix. F.O.H. Rack equipped with: TWO (2) LEXICON PCM 70 {or ONE (1) LEXICON PCM 90 and ONE (1) LEXICON PCM 90} (NO SUBSTITUTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED) TWO (2) YAMAHA SPX 900 or YAMAHA SPX 1000 EIGHT (8) channel compressors BSS or DBX connections systems with multi-cable (with boxes) CLEAR-COM system to monitor mix position MICROPHONES & ARM STANDS: SEE ATTACHMENT FOR LINE LIST - THREE (3) Senheiser MD 421 - FOUR (4) Shure SM 58 - TWO (2) Shure SM 58 Beta - TWO (2) Shure SM 57 - TWO (2) AKG 451 CK1, 460's or KM184's - ONE (1) AKG D 112 - FOUR (4) PCC Crown - TWO (2) Direct Input Boxes - TWELVE (12) Articulated Arm Stands Floor Medium Size - SEVEN (7) Articulated Arm Stands Floor Large Size MONITOR SYSTEM: Professional quality processed and bi-amplificated sound system. THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE MONITORS ARE (in order of preference - NO EXCEPTIONS): - MEYER UM 1, NEXO PS 10, CLAIR BROTHERS AM 12, MARTIN LE 700 (12inch speakers no exception) * * * ALL MONITORS PROVIDED MUST BE OF THE SAME MODEL * * * - ONE (1) Drum monitor to include 15inch speakers - TEN (10) 31 band graphic equalizers inserted not in cascade - THIRTEEN (13) monitors minimum + TEN (10) power channels minimum + TEN (10) different

processor channels. MON MIX DESK: -Yamaha PM 4000 or PM 3000, Soundcraft SM 24, Midas XLR 250 or XLR 3 or Heritage 3000 (40 channel minimum) MON RACK - TEN (10) Channels of 31 band graphic equalization (inserted not in cascade) Klark Teknik DN 360 or BSS DPR 966 Opal Drive Series - ONE (1) Reverb Lexicon PCM 70 or PCM 90 (NO PCM 80) or TC Electronic M2000 - ONE (1) Multieffect Yamaha SPX 900 or SPX 1000 - ONE (1) Channel of Compression type DBX 160 A - FOUR (4) Channels of Compression type BSS DPR 402 - ONE (1) Intercom station to FOH audio F. BACKLINE - TWO (2) Bass Amplifier Heads - SWR or EDEN - TWO (2) Bass Cabinets equipped with four 10" loudspeakers each (No 1 x 15"or 18") SWR or EDEN - ONE (1) Conga Latin Percussion LP Matador (no stand needed) - ONE (1) Tumba Latin Percussion LP Matador (no stand needed)

G. LIGHTING: (SEE ATTACHMENT: LIGHTING PLOT USA 2001). TOTAL SPOTS SHOULD TOTAL NO LESS THAN 123. PLEASE FOLLOW DESIGN AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE, ANY SUBSTITUTIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY ARTIST/ARTIST TECH MANAGER) ARTIST'S Lighting Director must have full use and operation of desk/computer during set-up and performance, use of horizon and backdrop and legs. Backlights to be hung and not be seen by the audience. - ONE (1) Hazer - ONE (1) 2ft. Black Crown Row (to hide floor lights) * * Lighting requirements subject to change * * H. TECHNICIANS/ASSISTANTS: House technicians must be available from set-up through performance.

- ONE (1) monitor engineer is needed for the monitor mix. The lighting director of the Paco de Lucia Septet needs TWO (2) house technicians who are familiar with the house system and use of in-house desk/computer. - ONE (1) technician who knows how to program and explain the functions of the desk / computer. This technician has to be available during performance. stage. ONE (1) technician during set-up and performance to operate house bars on