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400 Nondual Quotes by Nicholas Powiull on Twitter

Posted by: Nicholas Powiull Follow me on Twitter: 1. You can't find the Truth. The Truth is you. You are looking for yourself. 2. Die into the Silence and no question needs answered. 3. Since there is only oneness, how can there be a goal? How can this one thing progress to something else other than itself? 4. All appearances and what the appearances are appearing to, is the same one thing. 5. Death is a continued dance of life. The dance is eternal. 6. Death to the idea of self as an entity and no other is seen to exist. 7. The answer arises as the question. 8. Freedom can be seen despite appearances because you are that freedom that is aware of appearances 9. In the midst of a chaotic hurricane, there is still a quiet center. 10. Nothing is here until YOU look at it, drop the idea of you and nothing is seen to ever be here. Only infinite potential. 11. When nobody is observing infinite potential is arising. When the observer sees that nobody is observing, infinite potential is seen. 12. What it is appearing to, is the same for everyone because everyone is this one environment. 13. What the appearances are appearing to, is you, which is undefinable. 14. All the "people" in this environment are not separate people. "People" is just another appearance is the one environment. 15. Every appearance of a thing or object can only look like a separate thing through relationship to other appearances of things or objects. 16. Things only appear to be real from the reference-point of labels. 17. The things that appear in space are inseparable from the space. 18. When you notice what you are not then you are free from it and there is no reason to change it or transcend it since it's not seen to be real. 19. The habitual claiming can do what it has always done and there is no reason to stop it from happening, only noticing it for what it is. 20. If harmony is not seen, the habitual claiming is at the center of defining "something" and creating the appearance of "something else". 21. No other is seen to exist when no-self is defined. 22. If you don't define yourself, there is no other to define. 23. As soon as you define yourself as something, a conflict will arise because it creates the appearance of other. 24. If you identify with nothing, there is an allowing of everything. 25. You + who you say you are = something to defend. 26. There is no other, until self is defined. 27. There are no opposites, only the appearance of opposites in what you are.

28. You need nothing until you define yourself as something, then you need other to be what you are not so you can compare. 29. Everything in life are just appearances. You are what life appears to. 30. Oneness appears as moreness but it's just a appearance of oneness itself. 31. The fullness of silence is priceless. 32. I point using these pointless words that are pointing no-where/nowhere. 33. Merry Christmas to "all" and may you see through the illusion of time and celebrate "everyday" as the eternal moment that it is. 34. Death is only an illusion, life is eternal, and life is enough just as it is in the timeless moment. 35. There is nothing to forgive, since there is only one thing here. 36. Deep sleep is your opportunity to stay dead upon waking. However, there is nobody there who can choose to stay dead. You are dead already. 37. Failure/success are not independent forces. One cant exist without the other because there is no other, only one. 38. EVERYTHING is of EQUAL VALUE. Oneness can not separate itself and even if it could, it wouldn't judge any "part" as less valuable. 39. You have no control, none, not even the slightest. Once this is seen, life is lived like a river moves; effortlessly. 40. To assume you could ever fail, is putting responsibility where you have none. You are not capable of failure. 41. That minds perspective is not yours cos you are EQUALLY every perspective. No perspective is more true since truth is everything. 42. "The present moment" is just a pointer. Actually there is no present moment because time doesn't exist. 43. You enter with this life with nothing, you leave with nothing. And yet you still have nothing because oneness cant claim itself. 44. Peace can always be found here, it is seen in this eternal moment. The nature of seeing timelessness is peace. 45. There is no purpose to life. Life is more infinite and unlimited to have to follow a purpose. It's a gift, not a tragedy. 46. Truth has no opposition. Truth is everything/nothing. There is no argument with truth. Truth is life itself. Life doesn't argue with itself. 47. Awaking to timelessness, is awakening to life as the fearlessness and non-seriousness it is. 48. When you see that everything is a waste of time, time drops away and the eternal timelessness of now is seen. 49. Everything is a waste of time because there is no time. 50. I am just nobody being nothing, traveling nowhere on a pathless path. 51. I dance to the music in my heart and sing the song of love with life. This is Paradise. Life is Heaven. 52. You are only seeking love and you're what you seek.

53. I need not understand myself to be what I am. I understand nothing, I just let it be. 54. You can't understand oneness, you can only be it. 55. There is no we or us or them or they... there is only one. 56. Love has no center. 57. Just like time, the ego is not a real entity, it will evenually 'die' within this eternal moment. 58. Time is on your side because it doesn't really exist. 59. It doesn't matter what you do, you're still complete, whole, and perfect as you are. 60. Thoughts, emotions, body, the world; are always moving. STOP and notice what is never moving and unchanging. Just STOP and be with it. 61. Being free of the world and still living in it is not a choice, it's a spontaneous unfolding that happens without you and is happening now. 62. You don't live in reality, you live in your idea about it. Few are the ones that live in the true nature of reality; no ideas about it. 63. Learning is difficult, unlearning is not. You don't need to read a book to unlearn, this moment is always new and fresh. 64. The world no longer concerns me because the world is me and life takes care of itself. 65. Trying to change thoughts, is only a thought trying to change itself into something more than a thought. 66. Perhaps when you see the damage that thoughts do, you can ignore them. 67. Thoughts divide but they are not a problem when ignored. 68. You can only be an individual self when you are divined within self. 69. The miracle of this life is never forgotten and is seen to be the foundation when the individual self dies. 70. There is no why, only spontaneous moments unfolding that happen automatically and naturally. 71. Awareness doesn't need conscious body/minds to be what it is, it doesnt need life to be eternally it. This life is a mystery why it is here. 72. You are this infinite dark spacious nothingness and that is where love holds everything as love. 73. There is no light within you, its completely dark. Know that silent, empty, nothingness, space & focusing on the appearance of light will fade. 74. Where is the you that you claim yourself to be? Are you in the brain? Behind the eyes? In the thoughts? Where are you located? 75. The world is not parts. The world is seen to be whole and complete in the gap between thoughts. 76. God is All That Is, when this is seen then paradoxes unfold and the mind is ignored. Eventually the paradoxes are seen to be relationships. 77. Certainty is found in being completely uncertain about everything.

78. Life is always simplifying itself even through complexity. Sometimes it must appear to get completely chaotic before the simplicity is seen. 79. Life is simple but not many simple people to see it as such. 80. All of life is beautiful dancing poetry, the difficulty is putting it into words that point others to see the magnificence of it. 81. Life is not more unreal than real, it is equally both as one movement. 82. Dont listen to me, I dont know anything. Stop knowing for yourself and see what I mean. 83. The universe doesn't align to your logical thinking, you only think it does. 84. Nothing is happening, never did. Once you see that nothing is happening, everything that happens is perfection. 85. There is only one life here and it never moves anywhere. 86. I only trust that life will always unfold perfectly and my only doubt is that it unfolds the way I WANT IT. 87. Confusion often leads to the clarity of not knowing. Knowing soon takes over and clarity is lost again. 88. You are whatever you say you are but only because you say so. Everything you say, is made so. 89. What the hell is that blob in the mirror staring back at you? Answer the question without a thought, word, or label and the mystery is seen. 90. The face of God is seen by unfacing all forms. No form has a face, it is only labeled which gives the illusion of a face. 91. You are the magician, the illusion, and the audience. You are also the empty space that holds all three as nothing located. 92. Die into time and timelessness will be seen to be the foundation of that which holds the illusion of time. Like a magic trick it disappears. 93. The only death that exists is the death to the idea of an individual self. 94. Life and death are not opposites. There is something right here now that contains both as one thing happening now. 95. There is no Hell, there is only the insanity of listening to thoughts as something of value. 96. Shapeless, indefinable, indescribably... yet you limit yourself by identifying with a definable shape that has a beginning and end. 97. This body/mind is just an appearance within what you are. Everything is an appearance. Appearing to nothing particular. 98. There is nothing in this life that is for you because it's all you. You are everywhere and nowhere particular. 99. When you stop seeing others as having a responsibility to choose, only then can you completely stop blaming others. 100. The only responsibility you have is to find out what you are, then you are free of all responsibility and blame. 101. You're not an individual and as long as you believe yourself to be one you will be at the mercy of always searching and never finding.

102. Give yourself to yourself completely and you will see that most your life you have been in your own way of being. 103. No matter which "decision" or ''direction" 'you' take, you are never going anywhere except right here. You're always only right here. 104. When you lose interest in thoughts only than can you be free of what to do with them. 105. To know the mind of thoughts is to be free of it. 106. Music is the language of the soul, as stillness is the language of peace. 107. Try fixing perfection all you want, but you're not making it better. 108. There is no time like no-time. 109. You're already perfect. Period. 110. If you know love to be everything, then personal growth makes no sense. How can you grow love? Love is. 111. If you know God to be everything, what is there to fix about God? 112. Love, Truth, God... it is everything and there is nothing else... what are you searching for? How can you make This better? 113. Thought is imagination, nothing more or less than exactly that. Fantasy. 114. Life is more beautiful and strange than you can imagine, so why imagine it to be anything than what is now here? 115. This is not my life, this is just life expressing itself and a thought claiming it as mine. 116. Strange as it might seems, most of my life was an imagined story projected by mental ideas of thoughts claiming to be mine. 117. There is only an undivided space here. The ideas of inner and outer are only concepts. 118. Any feelings that are arise with thought, are artificial feelings. No thought is real, no feeling attached to thought is real. 119. Children don't suffer until they are conditioned to believe their stories as real. 120. Children and adults both tell stories. The only difference is that adults think their stories are real. 121. The mind cares what it thinks, but who else cares other than another thought in the mind? 122. Finding truth is easy, it's right here, right now. 123. Truth knows no opposite, All That Is is truth as one truth. 124. Who cares? Caring arises, but for whom? 125. It's all a big joke, laugh while you still can. 126. There is nothing here, only infinite appearances. 127. When you awaken to the timelessness that you are, life is not serious. 128. The 'point' is not to go higher, it's to realize that everything is equally oneness. 129. The stars have no choice but to shine, you are always being the same. Shining with no choice. 130. You exist ONLY in this eternal moment.

131. Time doesn't exist, it's an idea based on the mind of memory. I mean that literally; this moment is forever. This moment is all that exists. 132. Nothing is about you because everything is you. 133. It can only be fun because it's not always fun. 134. Silence is the the only thing that speaks volumes because it is not a thing, it is nothing expressing itself as everything. 135. Life reflects nothing but you. You have no control of your reflections because its just you. No need to control yourself. 136. Love is not blind, it sees itself everywhere 137. Beauty is in every eye and every beholder, it is the thoughts that blind. 138. Love remains untouched but anything observed because it is everything observed. 139. Love embraces the universe and expresses itself through itself as everything. 140. Love sings this life into existence. 141. I am not happy or sad all the time, but there is something here that is aware and it is always content. Peace is found in that contentment. 142. You only have this moment to dance and be free. The good news is that this moment is eternal. 143. The only thing that is valuable, is what witnesses the lost of valuables. 144. Lose yourself and everything you think you are and the universe will be seen to be you. 145. Life is perfect because there is nobody doing it. It just naturally and spontaneously unfolds. You are That. 146. It couldn't have happened any other way, otherwise it would have happen that way. There is no out thinking or out doing perfection. 147. When you die, you will meet yourself everywhere. Die into life. 148. There is nothing to do, just be. Being does nothing, it watches the doing. 149. There is nothing wrong with your fear, this is natural. Be fearful all you want. Merge with it and it will disappear inside of you. 150. When there is nothing left to hold onto, everything feels rightly free. 151. You are free of everything because you are the freedom and the everything. 152. All troubles naturally dissolve, all pleasures naturally fade. Only the real remains. Only you. God. 153. Death doesn't mean you dont last, it means the body will not last. Who are you if not this body/mind? What is aware, comes first. Unchanging. 154. I know life is hard, painful, and seems unbearable at times but this will pass. Nothing ever lasts, except for you. 155. You don't owe anything, you are everything.

156. You didn't do it, you watched it happen. There is no responsibility or blame, just this being this; oneness as it is. 157. Life takes care of itself it is only the worry that stops this from being seen. 158. Nothing ever goes away, until everything is allowed to be exactly as it is. The world disappears. 159. Your lips move, but only sounds comes out. It's not what is said but that it can be said. 160. The river moves because that is its nature, its never going anywhere. You are the river. 161. Your eyes are a tool for seeing yourself everywhere. 162. Silence holds everything and yet it is nothing. The fullest nothingness. 163. The only power you have is realizing that you are all things, then you are empowered to stop enforcing the illusion of power. 164. Inner peace is not something that happens, it is already you and is seen when the goal for peace is seen to be you too. 165. You can explain everything away until you reach the unexplainable and see that the only way to explain is through the unexplainable. 166. It is not your vision, it's just a dream arising within you. 167. All paths eventually lead to the same pathless path. 168. When everything is seen to have equal value, All of Life is seen to be a treasure. 169. Words are made-up, they mean nothing, unless they are believed to hold something. 170. Listening to the inner stillness of silence opens the door to eternal rest. 171. There is nothing wrong with the mind, it dances with oneness all the same. 172. There is no failure or success, these are only concepts that complexes the simplistic of this eternal moment. 173. No great 'spiritual pointer' has ever existed without losing their mind first. 174. You will never be happy with your changing life until you awaken to your unchanging Self. 175. The illusion of choice only happens in thoughts. 176. There is no doing, there is just being. Being does without doing. 177. There is no me or you, there is just this being this. What choice do you have? 178. You're being supported by a groundless ground, yet all you see is the ground. 179. The body always moving with the music of life, unseen by thoughts. 180. How graceful the infinite unfolding of life is, how easily it is missed.

181. I dont disagree with anything because I see everything as Perfect Love. 182. Perfect life unfolded by a perfect Mystery. The perfection of you is waiting to be seen. 183. You lose a sense of you when 'in the zone' of creation because life is seen as it really is; without you. 184. Love is simple, direct, obvious, and happens without, purpose, causes or reason. All of life operates the same way. 185. Losing all reference is loving all of life. 186. When words are seen as knowledge and information, then it looks like I have a lot to say, but I am not saying anything; I know nothing. 187. Caring is not centralized unfolding, it an expanding of self. You can only see it when you are no longer the center. 188. Here I am talking to myself for no other reason than the simplistic wonder of This. 189. You prison yourself with everything you think you know. Know nothing and there is nothing execpt enjoyment of the now. 190. There is no opposite of right and wrong, there is only your prison to the idea of it. 191. Who is the seer behind the one who thinks it is seeing? 192. Like quicksand the mind no longer matters when the foundation is seen to be awareness. 193. Love is indescribable and unspeakable because it is All That Is. 194. Your mind cages your heart only when the mind comes first. 195. Leave the mystery of you and of this life alone, let it be; let it be. 196. You're already free, the seeking of it is blocking the seeing of it. 197. This moment is eternal. This means more than what it reads. Feel it. 198. Why does this matter to you? When you are dead it will not. 199. Peace is found in not having anything to hang on to. 200. If you have a belief, you have something to defend, protect, and fight for. 201. When you no longer have anything left to defend, you see the free that you are. 202. It is easier to believe this life an illusion than to see the full perfect and magnificent aliveness of it. 203. Die into life and seen how alive life really is. 204. The mind is narrow, you can never convince it of anything. The heart is open. 205. Life is not logical when the heart is open. 206. Once you see the perfection of what you are, everything else is seen to be exactly that too. 207. All you're ever doing is adding to yourself. You fail to see your perfection and even that is perfect. 208. I see you for what you are but I don't know what you are. 209. You look directly at me, but you never see what I am.

210. Awake and whole, it shines light on All This Is from the still of dark Silence. 211. When the illusion of separation dies, so do choices. It is seen that no chooser existed. Only conditioning. 212. Truth doesn't need your beliefs, but allows all beliefs. 213. A belief is simply an ignorant delusion. 214. The pain of your past is dead, never to return. Thought and memory doesn't make it real. 215. The sound of silence is deafening, listening to it long enough of it will dissolve everything that doesn't matter. 216. Everything equally matters and has the same value and importance, when you're no longer the center. 217. You're not limited by anything except for what you believe and even that doesn't limit you, it only appears to. 218. What is this life? Whatever you say it is, you are that. 219. You're never becoming anything because you're already All That Is. How can life become life, when its already that? 220. Reality is both real and unreal, the same is true for any other opposite. Therefore, what is truth? All That Is. 221. Water moves in the most effortless path, everything else does too. Even when effort is used. 222. I am not the director or the driver, I just act and watch the acting from the passenger seat. 223. The unmoved mover moves all things in stillness. 224. Awakening to myself as everybody, there are no others to awake. 225. Knowledge is imagined like a dream. Awakening from the dream sparks the unknown and the mystery deepens the imagination. 226. When a life is truly lived, the idea of a future dies and becomes nothing but a memory of a forgotten past. 227. If I had one more day to live, I would live it in the moment and hopefully the illusion of death will come sooner than a day. 228. There is an effortless ease and natural grace to all of nature. We're that nature. The mind begs to differ and even that is natural. 229. When the body/mind is having trouble, awareness sees it as the body/mind playing the story of "having trouble". 230. There is no such thing as time, that's why everything is always on time. 231. When thoughts are seen to not have any more value than anything else, the illusion of separation dissolves. 232. Do you have the knowledge and understanding on how you open and close your hand? Your understanding is not necessary for life to be. 233. From the highest mountain to the widest sea, everything shouts "There is only me". All That Is, is you. 234. If youre constantly monitoring thoughts, you're missing the magnificence of the presence and gift of the moment. 235. Using thoughts to manifest things in a so-called future is a 'sin' to the beauty of what is happening right here and now.

236. Even if thoughts did create reality you can't think positive 24/7, so you might-as-well drop all thoughts as meaningless and enjoy the now. 237. Caring what you think, is comparable to caring what others think about you. You have no control over it. 238. Death occurs when awareness is seen to be the foundation, rather than a body/mind with awareness. 239. Love arises in and out of everything, even out of a judging thought, when it's noticed that you are not choosing thoughts. 240. You can't get the thinking mind to accept what is now, but only another thought would try. 241. The word "connection" implies two-ness that is somehow bridged. The words can't explain one-ness. Only thoughtless feelings and sightless sight. 242. Everything naturally flows out of an unknown nothingness. If you fear the unknown, you fear yourself as everything. 243. Life is not about learning anything. If there is anything to learn, the lesson is to learn how to unlearn all the learning. 244. You can't claim or lose any part of life. You can't claim or lose what you already are; the wholeness of life itself. 245. The darkness void of nothingness merged in silence is not so bad; it's just the mysterious side of you that is found in the light too. 246. Heaven is seen to be here on Earth, when the belief in a timeline dies and all that exists is this eternal moment. 247. Wisdom doesn't need your knowledge to explain itself. It is a natural spontaneous unfolding that happens without you. 248. Words pointing beyond words, lead nowhere. The nowhere land of no path is where wise words lead. 249. The mind is not conditioned for simplicity, so the conditioned you moves forward to make everything complex. 250. You seek to find the unchanging. Knowledge, beliefs, opinions, all change. Not knowing, having no beliefs or options 2 stand on, unchanging. 251. Youre a mystery. That mystery is infinite. Why would you want to limit yourself by defining yourself? 252. Question everything, leave no stone unturned. It's not about finding answers it's about seeing that u live in the question. 253. The illusion of a timeline, thoughts, individuality, and choices stop making sense when this moment now is seen to be All That Is 254. Many voices disagreeing and yet only one voice is seen. Awareness only witnesses, it has no voice and sees all voices as it. 255. Only when 'the you' is seen through can true nature be seen as what it is. It is this, whatever this moment is, & this is enough. 256. When ur beliefs, views, and options r no longer right and r seen 2 be equal 2 all other views; u have awoken to oneness 257. You ask a question but fail to realize that it is God who is asking.

258. Die within the Silence and you will see that is where you have always lived. 259. Perfectly still and unmoving, it moves around everywhere and still remains perfectly still. 260. God thinks through every thought, God speaks through every voice, God takes action through every being, God is All That Is. Oneness is This. You are That. 261. Its easy 2 find words of simplicity flowing beauty, when all of life is seen 2 have that same quality. But u have 2 b willing 2 die 2 see it 262. The richest point is the point in which everything is seen to be wealthy with perfection and magnificence. 263. Genius is only found in the ability to not know and unknow all knowings. You're already that. 264. When the heart open and alive, the logical mind trying to understand the reasons, why's, & how's is closed 265. You're the faceless gem that is always home. Seen or not, you shine in and of everything as Self. Heaven is here, now. 266. Everything is a gift when you see that everything in Gods (or whatever label) creation is equally perfection. 267. As beautiful as light is, it is as empty and whole as the everything that arises out of nothing. 268. Love sees no differences, yet unfolds all infinite seemingly differences. 269. Truth is something that stops u dead in ur tracks. There is no path 2 follow after that. There is being, here, now; with whatever IS. 270. Just hang-in there long enough, it will change. What doesn't change? What is aware of change? 271. You are nothing because you are everything. Yet never-the-less you keep limiting yourself by building yourself into a someBody. 272. Every seeking question is answered in silence. 273. Awaken to the timelessness of your being and watch time sleep. 274. Death? What death? It's only an illusion falling away. It doesn't have to happen upon the expiring of the body/mind. 275. What does this life matter. Compared to the eternity that you are, this life, is a blink of an eye. Your stories are not serious. 276. You are divine and magnificently perfect. Nothing needs fixed about you. 277. Fear is quite natural. Let it be what it is and there is no problem with it. 278. U have the wisdom to open & close ur hand, but u dont have the knowledge cuz the knower is not needed. Wisdom happens w/out u 279. You can't know the unknowable, you can only be it. 280. Does a flower need a reason to be what it naturally is? IS there a who in the Earth deciding to rotate around the Sun? 281. Love has no reason, why, how, or logical understanding. What makes you think anything else does?

282. If you belief in "your" beliefs, it will be difficult to let things be as they are. 283. The more you know, the more right you will feel. The less you know, the more happier you will be. Where is the knower anyhow? 284. blah blah blah <---This is what words look like and sound like, but we manage 2 make sense of them based on our beliefs about what they mean. 285. What the hell is awareness anyway? Just a word pointing to something that is not conceptual. 286. I am indefinable and indescribable. And my teeth need brushed. :D 287. The you is conditioned. Conditioning is something that happens naturally, automatically, and spontaneously without you. 288. This life you think you lead is gone in a blink of an eye, in the face of eternity. 289. In 100 years, you will look back on this and laugh at your stories. Laugh now at the seriousness you are feeding your life story. 290. This life will not be taken so seriously when you die, why take it seriously now? 291. There is no distinction of me vs anything else. 292. There is no opposite to me. I am "the backdrop and the foreground". 293. I can be found even in the most loud noisy and obnoxious appearance because I am that in which all things appear. 294. I am the silence in which everything happens. 295. There is no distance. I am as much here and there as anywhere, there is no distance into here and there at all. Everything is instantly me. 296. I am eternal, immortal, and can't die; everything I see is equally me. 297. I am only aware, everything else is spontaneously happening. 298. When walking happens, I am not walking, the sensations and image on the screen of who I am is changing. 299. I can't know myself as any depth, distance, and shape. Everything is random and spontaneously happening without me. 300. I am the space in which everything appears.Everything arises out of the nothing that I am. 301. What is being aware (me) is shapeless and can't be recognized as anything. 302. Everything changes except me. I am unmoving, unchanging, unharmed, nondestructible, and always-present awareness. 303. When one sees that attaining knowledge and understanding is not working, then one falls into the unknown; it is only here that one knows. 304. My perception of Ultimate Reality is more limited than I thought, and Truth is more unlimited than I can imagine. 305. Everything changes except me. I am unmoving, unchanging, unharmed, nondestructible, and always-present awarenes.

306. What is looking, is the same thing as what is being seen: Whole and complete. 307. Nothing is separated from me, the picture is always whole and complete. 308. All beliefs, perspectives, opinions, views... are ALL equally true. 309. You are already awake, because there is nobody there to be awake. 310. Whatever apparently happens can only be perfection. 311. Can't help but to see the perfection in it all. 312. Personal development is addictive and marketable for a reason. What happens when it's seen that there is no person there to develop? 313. 'I' look at anything; I see myself in all things. Like looking in the mirror and seeing that familiar self. 314. Oneness and nothingness simultaneously is when Love Is without cause, reason, how, or why. 315. Thought creates nothing but more thought. 316. It's simple: This is, as it is; whatever it is. That's it. 317. Whatever this is, it can't be solved by thought. Let the mystery be. 318. Whatever this is, this was here prior to thought. Thought is something taught. How can any view about this be more true than another view? 319. Don't believe anything! Not even this. 320. Whatever this is, it's not what thought thinks it is. 321. Seek and you shall seek. You will only find, when seeking stops. However there is no choice in that, so enjoy the ride. 322. You are totally free because theres nothing you can do. Everything you apparently do, is only 'choosing' one thing. 323. Personal development, self-help, etc...are addictive and high on the market. Why? To keep the illusion of self alive. 324. Get rid of the illusion of self and u will not need self-help, personal development, etc There R reasons these things are addictive 2 a self 325. Life is hard with an ego, 'death' to the ego is easy. It takes a lot of work & energy to keep illusions alive. It's easier to let go 326. Everything is everything, then thought comes & tries 2 claim it Yet n order 4 something 2 claim everything, it would have 2 b not everything 327. You are everything, yet there is no you here. This life, this you, this everything, this One; can not be defined by any words EVER 328. U are everything, but you are not doing anything. U are everything, but you are not there. This is happening but its not. Real & Unreal 329. Illusions are doomed to fail eventually because the nature of truth is to destruct illusions and see truth (Itself) as Itself. 330. Yet, Being unconscious has its own beauty. An appreciation arises. 331. We are the insanity that happens when aware beings believe in thought.

332. You are not awareness, awareness is aware of you. 333. Your mind is conditioned to pull you away from truth. It's programmed to make things complex. Truth is simple, mind analyzes. 334. There is no way 2 see life in its raw state, the way it really is when u hold ur own beliefs or knowledge about it. Let go & Let Life Be 335. A thought: born out of the Emptiness, utters some noise, then dies right back into the Emptiness. How can any thought hold value? 336. Never sacrifice the mystery of being for all the words. 337. Freedom, meaning nothing except fully being with that which notices appearances. 338. When all the ideas about everything is dropped, then whatever is happening is fully allowed and fully experienced. 339. You are consciously aware of this moment and that's all you can know without bringing up any other concepts about it. 340. It's only when you let go of everything you think you know then who you really are becomes obvious, where mind can't travel. 341. What is happening before thought 'gets it' is unthinkable. 342. We are not here to figure this life out, we are here to allow this life to naturally unfold. 343. Living in the mystery is when life really begins. 344. The more you try to understand the mystery of this life, the more life will lead you right back to the mystery of it. 345. As long as your dream is seen as a dream then every other dream is perfectly okay 346. What does it matter that someone else doesn't agree with your dream? 347. Disappointment is just happening, however, when you add a story to the disappointment, then the dream "becomes more real". 348. Heaven is realizing you have nowhere to go and nothing to do because all of it is just appearances. 349. Silence is faultless. 350. Whether you accept or reject these concepts doesnt matter, they are all of equal value in the fruitless search for what already is. 351. The idea of waking up is still dreaming. No idea, no problem. 352. Non-duality or oneness are not pointing to what should be, they describe what is 353. First there is truth then there is the search for it. Only when you try and catch it, does truth disappear. 354. If you dont know whats going on and yet it still happens, maybe your understanding isnt required. 355. Being what you are, doesnt take years of practice. 356. Seeing through the pain but believing in the joy is not going to work. 357. There is no part of everything, this is always everything. 358. Every word I say, the opposite is suggested. Yet there are no opposites, oneness can not move.

359. The mind/ego is just an illusion there is no reason 2 abandon the mind/ego since its an illusion Observe the illusion & it will hold no form. Only an appearance of form. 360. Get rid of the label 'empty-space' and you can intellectually see how it's connected. 361. We are all innocent the brain doesn't know truth from false. Yet we all feel we hold truth. Start fresh and hold no truth as your identity 362. What do I know? Nothing, that is the beauty of it. I accept everything as it is without worrying about why or how it is 363. Oneness is not a label, it's what is seen when all labels are dropped. Life is a mystery, labels make us feel better about whatever this is 364. Things are not what they appear to be, our concepts on appearances are not the thing they describe, life is more mysterious then the names 365. When no truth is held as ur identity, then u no longer need truth, faith, belief. Life becomes simple. U then find the freedom of being free 366. Labels cause the meaningful, to become seemly meaningless. 367. When all beliefs are dropped, what is seen is knowing. You don't need any beliefs when you know. 368. Enjoy the desires that arise, enjoy the process to attain them, but do not make the goal dependent of your happiness. Happiness is you now. 369. There is bliss that is in the eternal moment of now, the problem is that one gives meaning 2 thoughts of future or past 370. Chasing pleasure & running from pain is what causes suffering. Pains will continue to chase u & pleasures never last. Embrace the now=freefom 371. The mind allows wants more and there is nothing wrong with that. Once you see it, you are free from it. 372. Labels cause the meaningful, to become seemly meaningless. 373. There is nothing 'out-there' that you can gain to add to yourself. You are whole, perfect and fully aware as who you are in this eternal now 374. Who you really are, doesn't need more experiences in order to find itself 375. Anything that happens is the only thing that could happen since it simply would not happen any other way. 376. Don't mind the mind. That is to say: don't mind what is happening. 377. The mind will hold a goal in front of you and that goal seems so much better than now. 378. Once u have everything, then there is nothing else 2 have, which is known to be nothing. What u have now is all that matters 379. The brilliance of you is echoed infinite times into the magnificence of life.

380. How to wake up from a dream: have a nightmare (suffering), get enough sleep (awake preferred), focus on the dream (see the flaws of in it) 381. Tag you're It. Yup that's you, all of It. 382. Welcome to life, where nobody knows what this is. The mystery is the beauty of it & it's ALL mysterious especially the labels. Behind mind. 383. If the you believe something 'out-there' can harm you then 'it' will. Drop all believes and you free from all harm. It all becomes irrelevant. 384. You can have the universe & everything within it, all you have to do is stop trying to contain it. It's u already. There nothing 2 be gained 385. The very thing you are trying not to be, you will see it everywhere else in people except you because you are repressing it. 386. Many people have spent their whole lives trying to seek/find truth. Yet, it can't be found because it is you. 387. You have nothing to progress to. Who you really are sees that there is nowhere to go. 388. Live in the moment and you will rediscover your childlike wonder, everything will be a mystery that doesn't need to be solved. 389. The mind which is made of concepts, hides the truth. Something as big as the moon can be hidden by the smallness of your finger. 390. Everything that drives you forward to achieve something is only a condition of the mind. You have everything you ever need right here, now. 391. "Truth" (whatever that is) is unteachable and unlearnable. It's only known through direct experience. 392. Who you really are, does not grow through experiences. Who you really are is never-changing & always-present 393. Not knowing, is a priceless knowing and not because anything is known. 394. Life is a river, let it flow and carry you with it. 395. Silence is only golden when you can sense what the silence has to say. 396. To land on truth, you must drop all of what you think you know. No assumptions can be had. Start fresh: erase the words, have a blank book. 397. The moon is simply & beautiful. Yet try to describe it to the blind, it becomes complex & loses the beauty it once had: Truth is like this. 398. All of life is a play, sweet