Here are a few pictures of Dan Winter's Imploder Nozzle design in 3D.

This is to be coupled with my video presentation here:

Rather than sending water down the grooves, why not line them with wires so that the energy will flow in a helical path as the water would. The water cycled through Dan Winter's Imploder system is enhanced. It has documented lower surface tension which increases the Zeta Potential in the blood stream thereby increasing capacitance per brain synapse. It also makes plants grow a documented 350% bigger.

. "loony tunes."' Says that anytime he hears John Searl's term. Quotes from Jack Sarfatti: "This is not of major interest at the cutting edge in physics today. Law of Squares. All motion is curved and energy follows the path of least resistance... NOT a straight line as Michio Kaku and Jack Sarfatti want people to believe and would defend with their lives." "This is all crank crackpot nonsense. . It's not a mystery to physicists." He calls Nassim Haramein a "nutcase." "Physicists do not care about non-scientific metaphysical questions. That path is a Phi spiral.Electricity and Water flow the same.. he thinks." "People in the field have no interest in alternative ideas about what is already well understood. We know what gravity is. Well if you don't "believe" in The Natural Law of Squares. End of story. then you don't "believe" in Phi either." How open-minded we are.

think a cube. See a square.Whenever you see a 2D drawing think 3D object. . think a vortex. See a curve.

Check it out for yourself: . Why don't we compare the difference in efficiency to a regular toothed gear to a Helical Gear. A helical gear can move further with the same amount of force because the weight distribution is better and a lot of other things. Every square of Phi is turned 90 degrees. so the cube will shift in a similar fashion but in 3D.Now I need to figure out a way to create a 3D Phi spiral using the Natural Law of Cubes.


. but you know it's not true... Sarfatti….. Terminal velocity is judged from a straight line. Even in space. Show me. you increase the energy. it comes very quickly. Think about it. You can go further with the same amount of force if you follow Natural Laws rather than man made rules. but since it’s in a Helical Path down a vortex.So. That's like saying a rain drop can't fall faster than terminal velocity. Show me the straight line in Nature Mr. By allowing energy to flow in it's natural path according to 3 Dimensional Phi. especially at the wall of the eye of the storm. the energy is utilized much more efficiently and we see a Drastic excess in energy at Point B. the speed of light is measured from a straight line which is the point of most resistance. A rain drop takes a long time to fall to the ground... So pretty much. Saying you can't break the speed of light is like saying there's no such thing as a helical gear. . That rain drop is falling with the same amount of force. you say things travel in a straight line. the speed of light is actually the SLOWEST light goes because you're measuring from a point of MOST resistance. But in a hurricane.

You'll see your reflection as normal because the light has to corkscrew back and forth from the destination. If you don't believe in the process. What you think is polarity is actually the Magnetic Current of the flux.." Right? If you were able to see your reflection in a mirror from a light year away. But thanks to the illusion of relativity. It's an illusion. Much like most people choose not to see the process of an achievement. they're only interested in the end result. And since there's no particular up or down. how the hell are you going to build one? . out the bottom.The rate of arc in space is so great that you think it's a straight line. There is Negative on top AND bottom with a Ring / Disk of Positive Polarity.. Just like you think a "magnetic line of force" is separating the Positive from the Negative. Why do you think NASA's pioneer satellite "mysteriously" sped up? Because all things speed up as they go down a drain. only the end result. The further out you go.. In the top.. that free energy machine. But you think that’s polarity and "people in the field have no interest in alternative ideas about what is already well understood.. We don't see the path. the faster your reflection would spin. you'd see that your reflection begins to twist and arc as it leaves your "line" of sight. you believe that even your reflection is straight because the light becomes relative once you look through your telescope.. any given direction you send an object will begin to arc in a Phi Spiral if you give it a long enough distance. You really think you can put 2 bottoms together if the flux is blowing out? No.

The point of Harmonic Convergence. you will see more energy out than in. You need a vortex according to Phi. An upside down Christmas Tree. so if you align your wires to follow the path of a 3 Dimensional Helix. Even a Bifilar coil is dealing with 2 Dimensional electricity because it's looping on one axis. The reason why the star goes on top is because that's the point of most energy.Curved 3D space is the path of least resistance. . Energy speeds up down a drain.

The bigger the cone according to Phi and the more Helixes = more power out because you're decreasing the resistance through a Natural and Universal flow according to the Arc of Phi. Einstein's equation falls apart across vast distances because he had no information regarding the curvature of motion in space itself. then anything helical will give you more than expected. just make them equidistant._Michio_Kaku. So. Robert Koontz: http://www.doctorkoontz.Send your wires down the Caduceus and let them converge at the . THEN connect your devices. 2 Helixes = 180 degrees apart 5 Helixes = 72 degrees apart 8 Helixes = 45 degrees apart Open Letter to Michio Kaku from a REAL physicist named Dr. If you're judging electric potential from a straight line. . Hitler prevented brilliant minds from seeing the real stuff from all the book burnings and information regulation. You can have as many Helixes as you like.htm Even Tesla came out the gate saying E = mc^2 is wrong and relativity is misinterpreted.




the zero point itself is also traveling in a particular direction in a corkscrew. This is describing a man made magnetic field. And even this isn't accurate. Think of this first line as looking at a pencil from the side so that you see the full length of the pencil on a level surface (axis).Now look at this next picture of my graph. . As the numbers are rotating. The numbers rotate around the zero point like a helicopter blade. Nature's magnets are conical. not toroidal.

.So I printed this out onto a transparency and formed it into a cone to see the true intersections of a helical field.

The difference between a regular gear and a helical gear. .This is the difference between a straight line and a curve. Between a man made flux and nature's flux.

Is it really containing it? No..Here is something I found on the net. The Large HELICAL Device to "contain" a magnetic field. . They’re just accounting for the shape.

A regular magnetic field is toroidal in nature (donut shaped) The Red and Blue are representative of CURRENT. I don't believe you can create a free energy device using a regular field or even combinations of regular fields. Purple = magnetic resistance. A helical field uses skewed fields where the purple is distributed in dots rather than a solid ring.. ... No vortex. NOT Polarity. no power.. both currents are aligned in such a way that we can't tell them apart. Or a rain drop falling in a straight line from the sky to the ground. With a regular field. There is constant resistance on a regular magnet because the fields are aligned. It's like trying to break the speed of light using a rocket.. An object falling at terminal velocity is falling in a straight line and will experience most resistance.

" The Purple represents resistance. (90 degree fields would be ideal) There will ALWAYS be some resistance. Helical Fields = Free Energy . Purple dots is much better then a solid purple ring. It could take millions of years for the energy to dissipate. The atoms of the device would corrode before the energy dissipates. When the Blue skews one way. the red and blue are skewed to create interference patterns and only dots of purple. In the helical field. but you can reduce what Would be constant resistance to only a fraction of a pulse. the red and blue are aligned to create a purple ring..A Helical Field is conical in Nature. (Cone shaped vortex) In the center of the donut is a cone where all the energy converges. The purple dot is the Zero Point. there is little to "zero" resistance depending on the angle of the helix. In the helical field. therefore we can call it "perpetual energy. the Red inverses automatically so we can easily distinguish the 2 fields. In the regular field. In the regular field there is constant resistance because the 2 fields are constantly running against each other on one axis.

They invented a “Special Relativity” to futiley try and explain everything past the point of noticeable curvature. The rate of arc in space is so great that observers believe it’s a straight line. Just as a rocket will eventually curve as it leaves the atmosphere. You need to use E = mc^3 for the next 1.618 distance. his equation falls apart after a while. Because of the reality of Phi curved space.E=mc^2 works up to a point because it’s referring to linear space-time. You can’t use mc^2 forever guys. Follow Phi. . And then that will only work up to a point.

The angle at which you view "things" within that light will determine it's color. then what is 1/E ? would it be: 1/E = 1/(mc^Ф) = (m^-1)(c^-Ф) = (1/m)(1/(c^Ф) where Phi can equal the cube.5 in the other "dimensional direction". light doesn't travel at all. This above is only a portion of the graph. but one angle you see light and the other it takes away light. But what is the color Gold? There's really no difference between Red or any other color. but if you shift it 22. we would see Gray. It's just the dimensional angle we are viewing that same light. 13th. shape and characteristics. the more light and "mass". It's the same thing. 8th. We are viewing the intersections and variations of rotating magnetic fields. and so on? Because you can have cube root..5 degrees. 'c' is NOT a constant. 180 from that angle you can call that same thing a positron. 5th. It's all illusions. you still get the element Gold. Red is Red but it fades to orange the more you tilt it 22. 1/E = 1/(mc^Ф) (I think the Red and Blue are supposed to be 90 degrees to each other. If Black and White were on the same axis. (Might actually be only 1/4) If E = mc^2. fifth root and so on. Or if you shift the element Mercury 22.5 degrees. That would make Blue 90 degrees to Red) Black and White are also 90 Degrees to each other. The more intersections. Just like the element Platinum is Platinum. So.5 degrees tilted more than the previous one. An electron is only an electron if you look at it from one angle.In reality. so keep that in mind. you get the element Gold. . and I think that every visible color is 22.

There are no combinations of colors within our visible spectrum to make gold. and something to spin inside it that created a given frequency in relation to the rate of spin. then how do you create that thing without combining other things? So. all you would really need to transmute elements is a pressurized sphere that can take exponentially greater and less .. you have to account for the surrounding Pressure in addition to the angle of light / sound / vibration. But in order to make gold.svpvril. But in order to make the element gold. And if it is it's own color and pigment. Each harmonic has a color associated with it.svpvril. (http://www. etc.But what exactly is the color gold? It is it's own color and it's own thing. you'd have to have the harmonic. yet there's no combination of colors to achieve John Keely’s “Dynasphere” (http://www.

. . IT DOESN'T. so this feels wrong to me. Get rid of those arrows denoting that the straight line continues on.This is what we are used to seeing: But nothing ever travels in a straight line..

and flip...... or is it the inverse on the Y? Or does it go the completely opposite direction as if to show 2 inversed swastikas on top of each other? . You can't make magenta or gold using the light spectrum.......and flip.. I think the inverse is the spectrum of pigment in comparison to the spectrum of light... cyan and amber spiral on the X axis.... So is the magenta.....then flip.This feels more accurate to me.. flip flip flip flliiiiiip ∞ From the zero point of the following graph going upwards would be our entire EM spectrum.. And they flip... There is a point were the X becomes the Y and the Y becomes the X....


People need to stop thinking objectively and start thinking cyclically. They couldn't build a castle like Ed Leedskalnin let alone explain it. while all the "experts" seem to have been at it for decades. They've had their shot. There is an inverse to everything. They don't even acknowledge Coral Castle in Homestead. not a Physicist. Florida built by Ed Leedskalnin. and they're just all squares. a transition back from the inverse. I'm a Magneticist. They're for Thermodynamics and Conservation.I’d like to say that by no means am I "qualified" to speak about Physics. I'm a curve and they say I don't exist. I don't know what I'm talking about in Physics. (Limited Energy and Slavery through misinterpretations) They are straight lines. I'm for Cryodynamics and Liberation (Unlimited Freedom). as well as. I have 2 Spheres. I've only been at this for a few months. . Add me on http://www.scribd.scribd. Also check out the videos on my youtube channel: http://www." and you see validity. then please check out my other notes on scribd and Facebook.Most of these so called “experts” haven't even heard of Walter Russell who was regarded as the Leonardo Da Vinci of our modern The Fallacy of a Straight Line and Misconception of Black "Holes" Einstein didn't even know about Russell who gave Nikola Tesla most of his Here's what I consider the Golden Gate Bridge from Science to Spirituality and the Truth about Magnets: If something has validity. If you feel this isn’t just "crank crackpot nonsense. http://www. it has a sense of urgency. --Jason Verbelli .

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