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How to install R extension of RapidMiner on Windons 64 bits 02/01/2013 Requied :

Java 64 bits installed ( ) R 64 bits installed ( or ) RapidMiner 64 bits installed (

I. Windows configuration

You have to set environment variables on Windows.

If it does not exist, create a JAVA_HOME environment variable for the 64 bits installation folder of Java. It must point to the jre folder. In my case it is located at : C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 Create a R_HOME environment variable for the installation folder. It must point the folder with the version number. In my case it is : C:\Program Files\R\R-2.15.2 Add the following address to the PATH: o The bin folder of Java located at : %JAVA_HOME%\bin o The jvm.dll library of Java located at : %JAVA_HOME%\bin\server o The R 64 bits executable located at : %R_HOME%\bin\x64 o The R libraries folder located at : %R_HOME%\library o The R native libraries folder located at : %R_HOME%\include

II. R configuration

When the environment variables are set, you can prepare R for the connection with RapidMiner. You have to download rJava package which is the connector between R and Java applications. You can use the following commands to do it:

Download and install the rJava package: install.packages("rJava") Display the package installed folder: .libPaths()

III. RapidMiner Configuration

Now you are ready to connect the R extension. Download the RapidMiner R extension with the package manager of RapidMiner. When the extension is installed RapidMiner need to restart in order the change take effect. After the restart you have a window to configure the R extension. The window explains in a tricky way the configuration. If you have followed rightly this document you dont need to read the instruction in this window and click Next. At the bottom of the window you must have a new button Select jri.dll or something like that. The jri.dll file is located in the rJava folder located at the address display by the R command .libPaths(). For me it is located at: C:\Program Files\R\R2.15.2\library\rJava\jri\x64.You have a jri.dll in the rJava but dont take this one. You must choose the one which is in the x64 folder.

If you can see the R view in your RapidMiner environment, the installation is succeed. In case you have an error like a problem with a 32 bits jri on the 64 bits platform, remove jri.dll in C:\Program Files\R\R-2.15.2\library\rJava\jri and point RapidMiner to the x64 folder.