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Introduction: Acceptance Test is a process of handover of the site to the respective customer after the integration of the site with network. During installation and commissioning the whole responsibility of the site comes under the TSP team (NSN, ZTE etc) and subcontractor team. Once the AT is done, the site will be controlled and maintained by the operator itself. Without AT certification Site Engineers team will not get the price for his work done. AT process may differ in different circle, different cluster, even for different operator also, so Site Engineer should be at least aware about the major process for AT. Major activity in AT Process: Verification of site installation- As every equipment manufacturer and operator has its own standard, which can also vary according to the circle or cluster. So your installation should meet that predefined standards. In this process, AT Engineer will check following: 1.Microwave frequency band and size at both the end 2.Microwave height, orientation and IF connector 3.GSM antenna height, orientation and tilt 4.Rooting of feeder and IF cable 5.Grounding of microwave antenna, tower and feeder cable. 6.Aviation lamp installed or not, Availability of Fire Extinguisher. 7.Proper spacing in cabinet 8.Proper labeling, Tie, weatherproofing and tape on connectors 9.Proper internal cabling 10.Site ID, BCF ID, BSC name should be written on the cabinet. 11.Printout paper posted inside and outside the shelter with Site ID,BCF ID, BSC name, Site Address, Technician Name Landlord name and address. 12.Printout paper posted inside and outside of the shelter with emergency contact numbers. VSWR Measurement: This is the most important process as the VSWR is the major parameter to evaluate the sites performance.If the VSWR reading is not in the specific range AT is impossible. Verification of BTS Parameter: TX Power at both the end. RX Level at both the end.

Alarm Verification: It is also a very important process as the alarm system is very helpful for proper and smooth functioning of BTS Site.If the operator has its own site then it is necessary to give all the 12 alarms or alarms as per the operator. But if site is on sharing then just three alarms (Load on Battery,Rectifier Fail, Low Voltage) are necessary. AT Engineer can ask to check alarm by loop. In this Site Engineer just have to give a loop by crone tool in DDF. Site engineer has to generate all the alarms and the person sitting in OMCR verifies that. Cellular Identities: Hand OFF (Hand Over) is proper in all the sector. There should not be any call drop. You can make call to other operators. All these task should be verified by the person in OMCR.