Arabic LiveCD - Slax - Documentation

Created by: Showayb A A Zahda

Purpose of the project
The main purpose of the Arabic LiveCD project is to come out with a portable operating system which suits the Arab users in general. In order to facilitate the use of computers in public places. In other word, you can use an alternative operating system without affecting or harming others computers. Moreover, to offer a free of charge system in Arabic language.

Appendix1: Step by step manual
1. Select the distribution of Linux so as to be customized to Arabic. 2. Reading the tutorials on the Internet and consulting experts. 3. Downloading Slax ISO file 4. Mount the ISO copy to the harddisk using … 5. Downloading Slax modules from 6. Adding the modules to modules folder in the slax directory (This property makes the customization easier). see appendix 3 7. Changing the configuration files in order to boot the system to Arabic and some other files. (The files are provided with explanation to each in the next pges) NOTE: All the configuration files are stored in rootcopy folder, this folder works as root or (/). When the system switches on, the files are replaced with the default ones. 8. Designing some wallpapers and adding backgrounds 9. Adding 14 surahs of the Quran in the root folder 10. 11. Storing all the files in one folder Make the ISO file using an existed shell script with Slax.

Here is the way cd slax ./ </root/slax.iso> (/root/slax.iso: can be changed) 12. Burn the CD and check it.


Appendix 2: Modified Files
NOTE: All the files below are stored in the rootcopy folder. • /etc/inittab This file changes the run level from the text-based on to the graphical. By default the value is id:3:initdefault: # Default runlevel. (Do not set to 0 or 6) id:4:initdefault: • /etc/issue This file has a drawing for Slax logo in the text based screen it is in run level 3. Just in case the user would switch to this level, the user will get this screen.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------:: SLAX 5.0.7 :: Arabic Interface :: Standard Edition :: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------_[1;32m :cCCCo:. _[0;39m _[1;32m .:::cOCCOOCCOC. .. _[0;39m _[1;32m .oOCCCOOOC: :c :COCCCOc. _[0;39m _[1;32m :CCCOc. .CCc::cOCCC: _[0;39m _[1;32m .cOC: :o. oCO: _[0;39m slax login:_[1;34m root _[0;39m _[1;32m :oO: :c oCCCC: _[0;39m password:_[1;34m toor _[0;39m _[1;32m .:..:cc: .oCCCc _[0;39m _[1;32m :oOOc :: :oCCC _[0;39m _[1;32m .CCOc . cOOC. _[0;39m _[1;32m CCCC: .:co:. :: _[0;39m _[1;32m cOCCC: :. .oOc _[0;39m _[1;32m cOo: o. cCO: _[0;39m After login try following commands: _[1;32m cOCCc. :oO :CCCo: _[0;39m _[1;32m :COCCOOC: c .ooooCCCOo. _[0;39m startx .... run Xwindow and KDE _[1;32m .:: :CoccoCCCCc:::. _[0;39m xconf .... detects gfx hardware





Customized by SHOWAYB A A ZAHDA 0416871 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** When finished, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and wait until the computer reboots *** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

• /etc/profile.d/ This is the most important file which allows the system to boot to the language. In my case the language is Arabic and the shortcut for it is ar, SA means Saudi Arabia # en_US is the Slackware default locale: export LANG=ar_SA export LC_COLLATE=ar_SA • Start-up sound file The file was a music and I changed it to Bismilah Alrahman Araheem. (Of course the paper cannot show you the sound). The extension of the sound file is .ogg (oggVorbis) /opt/kde/share/sounds/KDE_Startup_1.ogg • Wallpaper This is the background of the Slax /opt/kde/share/wallpapers/slax-wallpaper.jpg


• /opt/kde/share/config/kdm/backgroundrc This is the login background (The address can be changed) [Desktop0]



• Boot Image Here is the first image you see once you boot the system, the boot image has special extension which is .lss. To edit this image you need to do the following Convert the splash.lss file to ppm using Lss16toppm < splash.lss > splash.ppm Then you need to convert ppm to jpg using convert splash.ppm splash.jpg Edit the picture using any designing programme (in my case The Gimp) and save it. Then you need to reverse the previous conversion convert splash.jpg splash.ppm ppmtolss16 < splash.ppm > splash.lss The address of the file: /boot/splash.lss


• /boot/splash.cfg This is a welcoming messages appears under the image boot. (you can change the text). _boot/splash.lss _0f Welcome to Arabic Live CD -SLAX-. Hit Enter to continue booting or press F1 for help... • /root/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals This file has the native country of the language (in my case Saudi Arabia) and the language as well. [Locale] Country=sa Language=ar_SA • /root/.kde/share/config/kxkbrc This file has the responsibility of the input method from the keyboard. Additional field has the default languages you might need, you can add more languages if you need. Layout field has the default layout of the keyboard. [Layout] Additional=ar,us Layout=ar Variants=ar(basic),us(intl)


• configsave This command allows you to modify the desktop and many other things, and then you save the file into the driver or any storage device (you can use this command while you are running the system). Configsave /mnt/usb/ When you reboot the system you have to click enter to confirm the saving of the changes. Then add this file to the modules directory and burn the new CD, you will get the new changes.

Appendix 3: Modules have been added to the system
1. Arabic Language Interface 2. OpenOffice 2.0 3. Acrobat Reader 7.0 4. Programming languages compilers such as c++, c, and others. 5. Java Standard Edition 1.5.4 6. Games (chess, pacman, and others) 7. Mozilla, FireFox 8. Giam (Messenger) 9. The Gimp (Designing) 10. MPlayer The Movie Player. 11. KDE Edutainment (Educational package)


12. KDE Screen Saver 13. 14 Surah of Quran

14. Arabic fonts References
1. 2.


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