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You need to deliver a dynamic sales or marketing presenta-

ByTed Janusz

tion atyour next client or prospect meeting butyou want make sure that they will still be awake at the end. What
can you do? To help you as you develop your presentation, David Pierce, in his Internet article entitled "The 1O Command-

a lt's time to think outside the slide." (An individual presentation is known as a "prezi," whereas the tool to create it is known as"Prezi.")
accessible to

Moving from PowerPoint to Prezi
Doyou have an existing PowerPoint presentation you like to have come alive with Prezi? With the new PowerPoint m port fu nction, you ca n q u ickly a nd easi y upload your new or existing PowerPoint slides lnto Prezi presentatlons. You can either insert the entire presentation at once, or select individual slides and dragthem anywhere on your Prezi canvas. Further, ifyou have an iPad, using the Prezi Viewer for iPad allows you to view and present prezis a nywhere a nd to ed it you r content on the fly.
"Prezi is heiping reinvent the art of presentatioz," says Chris Anderson, the curator ofTED Conferences. "Fare-

ments of PowerPoint," offers you these three, well, comma nd ments: . Thou Shalt Use 15 Words Per Slide - Th in k of it like a text message, or likeTwitter if you can't getyour message across in 15 words, shorten your message. . Thou Shalt Not Only Use Text Pictures say a thousand words, and videos are usually more interesting than you are. . Thou Shalt Not Bullet - Th e text you do use shou ld never, ever be bulleted. But if you would like to make an even more dramatic impact on your audience, consider skipping PowerPoint entirely. Instead you may want to use a new, different, and cloud-based presentation tool called Prezi.

well, one-dimensional thinking."

How Prezi Presentations Can Be Different
Marketing and socia media expert Kelvin Claveria, in his lnternet article entit ed "4 Reasons WhyYou Should Use Prezr forYour Next Presentation" offers these three tips about the use of Prezi: . lt's More Similar to How You Think- PowerPoints make it a little difficu t to point out how concepts relate to each other, or howyour points support each

What is Prezi?
Ratherthan slides, Prezi presents a zoomable canvas that helps you and your audience explore ideas and the connections between them.
lf you have never seen a Prezi presentatlon before, it may be a challenge foryou to actually visualize how this tool operates, how it is different from the PowerPoint application you may currently be using, and howyou can use Prezi to give an impressive presentation. As David Pierce


Prezi solves this issue by givingyou a big white


mentioned above, a picture is worth a thousand words, worth more. A great place to start is to watch a one-minute vldeo that explains the use of Prezi. Simply go to YouTube and type "What is Prezi? The official intro video."
so a video may be even

. You Can Rotate and Zoom ln and Out-This functionality is de'Fnite y unique and something that PowerPoint wouldn't allowyou to do. Personally, lfind thts handy when l'd like to highlight a certain word or a certain part of a picture.

. lt's Beautiful- People tend to be more attentive when I use Prezi.
Even though your presentation tool may reside in the clouds, you may d iscover that the mi nds of you r a ud ience members don't need to be there aiso. You can find out

Launched in Aprrl 20a9,Prezi currently has 10 mil ion users and is growing at the rate of a million new users every month. The software was designed by an architect and visual artist. He originally created this innovative tool to see the overview of a floor plan and then zoom in to viewthe detail. The application has evolved to alloW the company says, "visually captivating presentations that evoke curiosityand leadyouraudiencedown a path of discovery."
Prezi's CEO Peter Arvai says, "There is a prezl created every second and the new PowerPoint import feature makes th is evol ution of col la borative, i nteractive storytel I i n g

more about this innovative application at www.prezi com. lanusz speaks to insurance agents and PIA state aJ liates on "Social Media for Baby Boomers." Learn more at f www. la n u s p re se ntati o n m /soci a I - m ed i a.htm.

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