March 4, 2013

Councll of Lhe ulsLrlcL of Columbla
CommlLLee on Lhe LnvlronmenL, Þubllc Works, and 1ransporLaLlon
1330 Þennsylvanla Ave, nW
WashlngLon, uC 20004

Members of Lhe CommlLLee:

1hank you for Lhe opporLunlLy Lo dlscuss Lhe performance of Lhe ulsLrlcL ueparLmenL of 1ransporLaLlon
as lL relaLes Lo blcycllng. Cverall, we conLlnue Lo see uuC1 growlng ln lLs undersLandlng of blcycllng as
an lmporLanL form of LransporLaLlon, and we are pleased wlLh LhaL growLh.

1hls year, we have seen Lhe conLlnued expanslon of CaplLal 8lkeshare, Lhe lncremenLal sLrlplng of blke
lanes, and Lhe expanslon of Lhe use of ºgreen palnL" Lo vlsually mark blcycle lanes. We have also seen,
Lhls year, Lhe compleLlon of Lhe flrsL half of Lhe cross-Lown cycleLrack. 1he compleLlon of Lhe easLbound
porLlon on L SLreeL ls a slgnlflcanL mllesLone and a plece of lnfrasLrucLure whose slgnlflcance wlll soon
be evldenL as Lhe weaLher clears and Lhe casual rlders mosL aLLracLed by such faclllLles begln Lo flll lL, as
Lhey have on Lhe 13
SLreeL cycleLrack.

1hese sLeady lncremenLal lmprovemenLs are lmporLanL-and we wanL Lo commend uuC1 for lLs day-
Lo-day work maklng Lhese Lhlngs happen. unforLunaLely, whaL we have noL seen ls sysLemlc progress
on any of Lhe ulsLrlcL's lmporLanL Lrall pro[ecLs. 1hls Llme lasL year, we spoke of Lhe lack of progress on
Lhe MeLropollLan 8ranch 1rall. Slnce LhaL Llme, we have sLlll seen no Langlble progress from uuC1. no
conLracL for deslgn of Lhe norLhern porLlon has been bld. Lven Lhe pedesLrlan crosslng aL 8hode lsland
Avenue-a small pro[ecL LhaL ls noL prlmarlly for blcycllsLs buL LhaL would provlde Lrall access Lo many
communlLles-has noL proceeded.

Slmllarly, we spoke of Lhe AnacosLla 8lverwalk 1rall's easLern brldge across Lhe rallroad Lracks, [usL norLh
of Lhe AnacosLla Þark skaLlng rlnk, LhaL would allow people Lo Lravel norLh-souLh, easL of Lhe AnacosLla
from Lhe 8ennlng 8oad 8rldge Lo Lhe SouLh CaplLol 8rldge, wlLhouL havlng Lo navlgaLe heavlly Lrafflcked
MlnnesoLa Avenue. lL sLlll ls noL open. Whlle we recognlze LhaL Lhe managemenL of consLrucLlon
pro[ecLs can be dlfflculL and conLracLors do noL always perform as hoped, lL ls ulLlmaLely uuC1's
responslblllLy Lo geL pro[ecLs done. AfLer mulLlple years of delay lL needs Lo be flnlshed, and lL needs Lo
be flnlshed Lhls Sprlng.

8ack on Lhe wesLern slde of Lown, Lhe 8ock Creek 1rall has fallen lnLo such a sLaLe of dlsrepalr LhaL many
blcycllsLs choose Lo avold lL. lor several years, uuC1 and Lhe naLlonal Þark Servlce sLruggled Lo come Lo
an agreemenL on how Lo brlng lL back Lo a sLaLe of proper repalr. 1he [olnL LnvlronmenLal AssessmenL
was compleLed and released ln uecember of 2011. ln Lhe flfLeen monLhs slnce, we have seen noLhlng
buL Lhe conLlnued deLerloraLlon of Lhe Lrall.

1hese Lralls are lmporLanL. We are glad Lo see blcycllng more undersLood as an lmporLanL parL of our
LransporLaLlon process and lnLegraLed lnLo Lhe uuC1's roadway program and plannlng, as lL has been
so far ln Lhe Move uC sesslons and Lhe Mayor's SusLalnable uC LransporLaLlon goals. 8uL lncremenLal

progress only goes so far.

1he vlslon shared wlLh Lhe publlc by Mayor Cray and Councllmember Cheh aL Lhe klckoff of Lhe Move uC
sesslon wlll noL be achleved by lncremenLal progress. We need LransformaLlve pro[ecLs deslgned Lo geL
people who Lravel by car Loday Lo Lravel by anoLher means Lomorrow. 1he blke can be LhaL oLher means
ln an affordable, healLhy, susLalnable way-buL relaLlvely few people wlll choose Lo blke lf Lhey musL
navlgaLe unfrlendly sLreeLs. lor geLLlng people Lo blke, noLhlng compares Lo safe, well-deslgned Lralls
and cycleLracks seL aparL from Lrafflc-and uuC1 has falled Lo dellver progress on Lhe Lrall componenL.

1he MeL 8ranch 1rall remalns dlsconnecLed. 8ock Creek 1rall ls ln dlsrepalr. 1he SouLh CaplLol 1rall exlsLs
only on paper. 1he SulLland Þarkway Lrall ls slmply a mess.

Look aL whaL Lhe CaplLal CrescenL 1rall provldes. Look aL lLs rldershlp and Lhe communlLy supporL lL
recelves. 1here ls no reason LhaL Lhe ulsLrlcL does noL have several Lralls of Lhls quallLy Loday, excepL a
lack of prlorlLlzaLlon.

1hls ls Lhe opporLunlLy presenLed ln 2013. We recognlze LhaL Move uC ls a long-range plannlng process
LhaL wlll Lake Llme Lo develop. 8uL we cannoL leL Lhe focus on plannlng be an excuse for a fallure Lo do
Lhe pro[ecLs LhaL creaLe Lhe faclllLles LhaL geL people blklng. now ls Lhe Llme Lo bulld our Lrall neLwork.
We know whaL needs Lo be done. And now ls Lhe Llme Lo plan and deslgn for Lhe nexL proLecLed
cycleLrack pro[ecL afLer M SLreeL. uuC1 should lmmedlaLely be Lasked wlLh ldenLlfylng LhaL nexL pro[ecL
and beglnnlng Lhe work Lo make lL happen. lf we walL for Lhe concluslon of Move uC Lo sLarL plannlng
Lhe nexL pro[ecL we wlll be mulLlple years wlLhouL progress.

LasL year, uuC1's performance measures lncluded no meLrlcs on blcycllng. none. 1here were meLrlcs
on CaplLal 8lkeshare's programmaLlc success-buL none on blcycllng generally, and cerLalnly none Lled
Lo Lhe lofLy goals for blcycllng growLh puL forLh by Lhe ulsLrlcL Lhls year.

ln 2013, uuC1 should be measured on Lhe lmplemenLaLlon-noL [usL plannlng-of Lhe Lypes of pro[ecLs
LhaL all Lhe research shows geL more people onLo blkes. 1here ls no proxy meLrlc LhaL should be allowed
Lo subsLlLuLe for Lhe mlles of proLecLed cycleLracks and mlles of Lralls provldlng safe, useful connecLlons
and blke-frlendly moblllLy.

WlLhouL a doubL, Lhere have been successes ln maklng Lhe ulsLrlcL beLLer for blcycllng Lhls year, buL
Lhere have also been key pro[ecLs allowed Lo langulsh. ln Lhe comlng monLhs and flscal year, we hope
Lo see uuC1 provlded Lhe lmperaLlve and Lhe necessary fundlng Lo geL Lhose pro[ecLs movlng, whlle
conLlnulng Lo plan Lhe nexL seL of pro[ecLs LhaL wlll lmprove moblllLy for all modes ln Lhe near fuLure.

We ask Lhls CommlLLee, ln lLs overslghL and budgeLary role, Lo seL a clear prlorlLy for uuC1 Lo pursue:
safe, connecLed blcycle faclllLles on road and Lrall LhaL wlll lead people Lo blke, and accrue Lo Lhe ulsLrlcL
Lhe healLh, moblllLy, and susLalnablllLy beneflLs of mass blcycllng.


Shane larLhlng
LxecuLlve ulrecLor

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