Principal Statement of the Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity :: WE KNOW :: MGM and FGM are already outlawed under current democratic rule of law. Exposé The FGM-Law is a discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional law. It is unintelligent, a fundamental error in judgment, to refer to the FGM-Law as being a legal law. A) Non-therapeutic circumcision aka Forced Circumcision is infliction of preventable / non-accidental injury and is outlawed under Liberal Democratic Right State common, civil, constitutional, statutory, criminal, and international Law, if non-accidental injury is inflicted on a child of any age and gender or on an adult of any age and gender without this adults consent, regardless by whom inflicted and regardless for whatever reason. B) The FGM-Law is a discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional law which was not enacted for the protection of females (the law that protects girls and boys equally already existed before), but was set up by the Pro-Circ Establishment to support its FALLACY that “MGM is legal”. C) The dire fact that the authority does not protect also the male child population is not only a VIOLATION of its DUTY, but furthermore a VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTION, because the refusal to also protect the male child population from forced circumcision constitutes the CRIME of DEGRADATION of the male child population to HUMANS OF LESSER RIGHTS, which constitutes the violation of the principal of democracy and its fundamental concept of the rule of law! “Forced Circumcision is countered by first exposing the falseness of its supposed connection to legality!” "The only thing about Forced Circumcision that makes sense are the people acting against it." “Any adult, private or in government, has the Fundamental Freedom, Right and Duty to INTERVENE to PROTECT ANY CHILD and ADULT from INFLICTION OF FORCED CIRCUMCISION.” “The infliction of injury, rather than the degree of that injury, is the determinant for intervention.” “Democratic Rule of Law on Child Protection prohibits any person from committing or allowing to be committed >infliction of non-accidental injury< on children of any age and gender, regardless by whom inflicted and regardless for whatever reason.” “Democratic Constitution and therefore also the Rule of Law on Child Protection contain no exemption on equal protection.” “Any such Exemption is a Violation of the Democratic Principe and Concept of the Rule of Law.” No person is able to produce intelligible juristic evidence contrary to the Global Symposium´s Principal Statement. It is high time for ALL INTACTIVISTS to ACKNOWLEDGE the FACT that MGM and FGM are ALREADY OUTLAWED and to ENDORSE the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of DEMAND for LAW ENFORCEMENT on MGM!
“Nulla est maior probatio quam evidentia rei” „There is no greater proof than the evidence of the thing“ NORMALITY
Ex Factis Jus Oritur “the law arises from the facts” “certain legal consequences attach to particular facts”

Ex Injuria Jus Non Oritur “law does not arise from injustice” "unjust acts cannot create law"

The Cruelty, Insanity and Illegality of Forced Circumcision is empiric evidence in the act itself. “The healthy, the undisturbed mind and heart has no problem to see that Forced Circumcision is infliction of preventable injury and that this act is absolutely cruel; inhumane; all in all insane; anti-human activity; anti-creation activity and therefore anti-creator activity and outlawed beyond any doubt; beyond any discussion; beyond the requirement of research and petition, and also certainly beyond any compromise.” rd (Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer, Jerusalem, May 3 1974)

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