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Major Alternative Investments Conference Held in Qatar

DOHA, 14 May 2007

Top representatives of fund management and pension fund firms from the US
and Europe gathered in Doha on 14 May for a conference to discuss the
potential of Qatar as a regional hub for private equity and hedge funds.

The conference, held under the patronage of Minister of Finance and Acting
Minister of Economy and Commerce HE Yousef Hussain Kamal, was organized
by Capital Management Group of Chicago in the United States, and was
sponsored by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority.

Capital Management Group, founded by Shawn Baldwin, is an investment bank

and brokerage firm providing sales and trading, research and investment banking
services to pension funds, foundations, endowments and corporations. The
company stages two events each year in the US for the top 20 plan sponsors
and the world’s largest institutional investors to discuss global markets and
macroeconomic trends affecting the institutional investor community. This was
the first event of its kind by the company outside the United States.
Those attending the conference in Doha included Lord Jacob Rothschild, who
has established many highly successful companies in insurance, banking and
investment; Jarvis Hollingsworth, of the Texas Teachers Retirement fund which
manages some $109 billion in assets; Harry Alverson, Managing Director of the
Carlyle Group; Steve Gilbert, Chairman of Sun Capital; Dan Loeb, Chairman of
Third Point, and Quintin Primo, Chairman of Capri Capital Advisors.

In his keynote speech at the conference, HE Yousef Hussain Kamal said:

“This is an exceptional event for finance in the Middle East. There has rarely
been a gathering of such influential financial people in one place in this part of
the world.

Your presence here today, as representatives of some of the world’s leading

investment houses, academic institutions, and local and regional firms, says
three important things:

 It shows a strong interest in the potential of our country, and the

opportunities we can provide to you
 It is a vote of confidence in our economic management and prospects
 And not least, it endorses Qatar’s potential as a regional hub for the
investment industry.”

The Minister of Finance and Acting Minister of Economy and Commerce (who is
also Chairman of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority) went on to speak about
the future development of Qatar’s financial sector, the developing role of the
Qatar Financial Centre, and plans by the government to move towards a single
regulatory platform for the country’s financial sector over the next 3 years.

Sessions at the conference focused on regional opportunities in alternative asset

management, regulatory aspects of the alternative investment industry, doing
business in the GCC and round tables on alternative investments and hedge
funds involving practitioners from the US and Europe.

Stuart Pearce, Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the QFC
Authority, said “We have supported this unique gathering of influential financial
talent because we want to forge new relationships with such firms, and to do that
we need to help achieve a greater understanding of the opportunities that Qatar
and the wider region present. These include the scope for the creation of
alternative investment vehicles. If we have succeeded in shedding a little light on
what these firms can do here, and made some introductions that might not have
happened otherwise, we feel we have made a real contribution to the
development of Qatar’s financial market in the longer term.”
Media Contact:
Steve Martin
Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing
Tel +974 496 7755 Mob +974 583 1937 e-mail

Notes to Editors:

Capital Management Group

CMG was formed in 2002 and has participated in over 75 corporate capital markets transactions
with a par value of over $68 billion in equity and debt financings.

Shawn Baldwin
Prior to establishing Capital Management Group Shawn Baldwin President and Chief Operating
Officer of Wall Street Strategies, a publicly traded registered investment advisory firm. He has
also held senior positions with American Express, US Bank and Optima Investment Management
Research. Mr Balwin is the former president of the Chicago chapter of the National Association
of Securities professionals, and a member of its Board of Directors. He was also the second
African-American member of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Qatar Financial Centre

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a financial and business centre established by the
Government of Qatar and located in Doha. It has been designed to attract international financial
services institutions and major multi-national corporations and to encourage participation in the
growing market for financial services in Qatar and elsewhere in the region. The QFC will operate
to international standards and provide a first class legal and business infrastructure for those
operating within the QFC. The QFC was created by Qatar Law No.(7) and has been open for
business since 1 May 2005.

QFC Regulatory Authority

The QFC Regulatory Authority is an independent regulatory body established by Article 8 of the
QFC Law. It regulates firms that conduct financial services in or from the QFC. It has a broad
range of regulatory powers to authorize, supervise and, when necessary, discipline firms and
individuals. The QFC Regulatory Authority regulates firms using principle-based legislation of
international standard, modeled closely on that used in London and other major financial centers.
The Regulatory Authority is currently receiving applications and granting authorisations.

QFC Authority
The QFC Authority is the commercial, administrative and legislative body responsible for driving
the commercial strategy of the QFC and for developing relationships with the global corporate
community and other key institutions both within and outside of Qatar.