ARS Examination-2012 Discipline- Vegetable Science Pre-Exam conducted on24/02/2013(SUNDAY


1. Crops grown under Riverbed cultivation- Cucurbits 2. Riverbed crop cultivation also termed as- Diara system 3. Why cucurbits for Diara cultivation- Short duration/ Deep rooted 4. Acid used in the Seed (Tomato) extraction- HCl 5. Vegetables, often fermented – Cabbage (Saurkeraut) and Radish (Pickle) 6. Vegetables, used for sweetmeat preparation- Carrot (Halwa) and Ashgourd (Agra ka petha) 7. Vegetables, used for dehydration- Onion
8. Lycopene production, temperature range= 21-24°C 9. Lycopene development in Tomato stops beyond- 27°C

10. 11. 12.

Lam Selection1 is the variety – Chilli (ARS, Lam, Guntur) Tomato- Seed yield= Okra- Seed yield=

13. Hermaphrodite Ridge gourd variety= Satputia

14. 15. 16.

Metaxenia phenomenon observed in cucurbit- cucumber Onion bulb formation- Long day condition Seed Plot Technique/ Potato seed production undertaken in

North Indian Hills due to the menace of- Virus 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Scientist connected with Centre of Origin of crops- Vavilov Potato- Processing variety= Kufri Chipsona Tomato – Processing Variety= Pusa Ruby Brinjal processing= High dry matter + low polyphenol Discoloration of Brinjal fruits- Polyphenol oxidase Cassava- toxic substance= HCN Salad crop- Lettuce Onion curing temperature= Tomato harvest- distant market= Onion variety having best keeping quality Heat production during the seed extraction process following

microbial reaction- fermentation
28. Seed Index Value- Harvest Index for the crop= Bhendi/ Frenchbean?


Garden pea maturity judged by = Tenderometer

30. Only Triploid clone of Casava with high DM and Starch content=

Sree Harsha 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Black heart disease – potato- storage at 0°C (lack of aeration) Onion exporting agency in India- Nafed Blanching of leaves is practiced- Celery Onion- Sprouting reduction= MH Potato processing- High/ More Dry matter

36. Vegetable packaging- ethylene absorbent used= CaCl2

37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47.

Globe artichoke- propagation by= Suckers/ Offshoots Onion – Skin color= Quercetin Uninjured Garlic – amino acid= Allin Garden pea- whole pod edible/ snap pea variety= UN-536 Garden pea- Seed rate= Spinach- High Seed rate due to= poor germination Sweet potato – propagation= vine cutting Sweet potato – SR@ 55000/ha Onion Hybrid= Arka Kirtiman Celery- medicinal compound= 3N- butyl phthalate Lettuce- cross pollination

48. 49. 50.

Not a dioecious cucurbit= bittergourd GM tomato variety= FlavrSavr Cauliflower- Self blanching variety= Pusa snowball

51. Mono-specific cucurbit genus- Benincasa (hispida)/ Ashgourd/

52. Onion and Potato storage- to enhance shelf life= MH application

53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66.

Acidic soil tolerant crop= Watermelon Vegetable – Tolerant to salinity= Beet root Beans – stored at temperature= 6-7°C Asparagus – edible part= Spears Cucumber- female flower induction= GA3 Cucumber- male flower induction= AgNO3 Cucurbits- female flowers= Ethrel Potato- Seed plot technique by= Pushkar Nath Vernalization – associated person- Lysenko Chow-chow/ Chayote- propagation= Sprouted fruits Potato flowering= Long day condition Watermelon- Bud necrosis vector= Thrips Turnip edible part= modified hypocotyls Cucurbits- Hot weather+ High temp.= more male flower


67. 68. 69. 70.

Gota manajari/ Manjari Gota is the variety- Brinjal Carrot- Protoandry Carrot and onion- Protoandry Tomato- Nematode resistant species= Lycopersicon

71. Brinjal- Phomopsis blight resistance= Solanum xanthocarpum/ gilo


Hydroponics- pioneer= Wilhelm Knop

73. Highly cross pollinated vegetable crops= Isolation distance- 1000m 74. Beet root- brown spot/ Hert spot= B- deficiency 75. Indole-3-orbonates- anticancerous compound = Brassicas 76. Soil borne disease= black leg/ back foot/ soft rot


Crucifers- bud pollination= to overcome Self incompatibility

78. Seedless Watermelon (Pusa Bedana)= Triploid/ Autopolyploidy


Highest Somatic chromosome- vegetables= Okra/ Sweet

potato 80. Cauliflower- Whiptail = Mo- deficiency

81. Radish= Isothiocyanates


Tomato processing – High TSS

83. Rhubarb- edible portion= Fleshy stalk


Amaranthus- sex form= Andromonoecious

85. Amaranthus - Seed Rate @2.5kg/ha


Topping operation- Pak choi/ Palak

87. Off season vegetable production under artificial structure =

Vegetable forcing
88. Pickling melon= Cucumis conomon


Neither a retardant nor an inhibitor= IAA

90. Palak variety- both Leak and Stalk edible= ?

91. 92. 93.

Brinjal flowers= Style length and ovule maturity Gajendra- Variety of Elephant Foot Yam (EFY) Highest Vitamin C= Capsicum>Tom> Cauliflower

94. Transverse Hypocotyl cracking- French bean= Mn- deficiency

95. 96. 97. 98. 99.

Chilli- Yellow anther variety= Bhaskar Seed vernalization- Cole crops Palak x Beet root= Banerjee’s Giant Guar extraction- Cluster bean Amaranthus- excess consumption not recommended= Anti-

nutritional factor 100. 101. Carrot inflorescence- Umbel Okra= fruit set takes place after how many days of polln.=

9/12 days
102. 103.

Pureline selection Single seed descent – improvement over


Head-Seed is preferred over Seed-Seed in cauliflower seed

production-due to= early seed yield
105. 106.

Arka Navneet= IIHR 22-1 x Supreme (Brinjal) Indeterminate Tomato= Fruits bearing on every fourth node

……………… ……………….. ………………. 150.

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