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Combining fixed line, mobile and data services to deliver a total communications package. Leveraging more than 85,000 km of state-of-the-art fibre optic network, 26,000 km of DWDM on ASON with 3-path protection, and over 400 Gbps backbone bandwidth to provide national connectivity you can depend on. Using our global expertise from operations in over 31 countries to help you overcome your challenges and save on your international roaming bills. Assigning a dedicated account manager to each Enterprise customer to act as a single point of contact for all your telecom needs and work with you to understand your business and recommend the solutions best suited to your needs. Offering a unique Spend Tracker tool that allows you to pay bills, analyze trends and manage all your company’s telecom connections from a single desk. Helping you to find more efficient ways of doing business through connectivity, thereby enhancing your productivity and generating value for your organisation.

CASE STUDY Advanced Biometric data tracking via GPRS

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But in some offices located on the outskirts of the city. Clearly. Our Customer A Central Government body Keeping a major indian city ticking is the responsibility of this government body.78 million citizens in the city. But even they were not insulated from a common problem faced by most organisations. This data would then be sent to the main server location and collated. they provide civic services to an estimated 13. The Vodafone Solution Back to top .End to end secure integration of the remote locations to the central server of the government body. in terms of area covered. Our solution helps keep them geared for it. The Hurdle Back to top Absenteeism amongst employees To keep the city up and running. they needed their people on call at all times. Vodafone set up an advanced system of GPRS enabled devices to track the attendance on a daily basis through a simple thumb impression or card swipe. Next only to Tokyo. Even a regular manual muster had become redundant. a novel idea was required to monitor the attendance of nearly 2500 employees and subsequently reduce absenteeism. They keep the city's civic services up and running. absenteeism was becoming a rampant issue.

Biometric data collected and transmitted via GPRS The solution came from the human application of technology. cut-over to live operation. A biometric device. non-intrusive way to ensure the presence of employees in the office. was transmitted over a secure GPRS connection to a central server. One which also caused a marked reduction in absenteeism. was engineered by Vodafone in a manner that all the biometric data collected (employee thumb impressions for identity). The POS terminal connect through an exclusive Access Point Name (APN) configured on the bank SIM. operation support and post deployment tech support. thereby improving employee productivity. The result? A simple. Faster Mobilisation of Money • Back to Case Studies End to end secure integration of the bank's data servers/routers with the Vodafone Wireless network over a dedicated leased line The project scope includes pre-launch testing. provided by the systems integrator. This APN is used by Enterprise GPRS/EDGE devices to access the correct Enterprise connectivity. It is then configured to allocated IP Addresses to the Enterprise group of mobile EDGE/GPRS users and made to be a part of the VRF in which the .

Today the bank has an expansive network of 1500 WPOS and counting. The Hurdle Back to top Wired POS over which customers made credit / debit card purchases Wired POS terminals were being used. it also led to exponential growth. Fuelled by significantly . and a significant one at that. Backhaul and the core GSM Data network. This ensures end to end security for the mobile GPRS users. the Air Interface.Enterprise Customer's leased line would be terminated. There was just one problem. Our Customer India's largest private sector bank (by market capitalisation) $100 billion worth of assets. Thus IP connectivity is established from the mobile GPRS user handset up to the Corporate Data Center. 1399 branches and 4485 ATMs servicing a staggering 24 million customers. Such a tremendous growth opportunity needed a high-tech business solution that could keep pace with it and spur its expansion. If the past is any indication. secure and robust solution which not only revolutionised the bank's existing POS terminals. For uncompromising safety. the future promises to be incredibly exciting and mutually rewarding. The Vodafone Solution Back to top Exclusive connectivity between POS terminals and the bank's data centers over a robust and secure wireless GPRS network Vodafone came up with this cost-effective. Expansion was fraught with obstacles. unavailability of wired-line mediums at the locations of intended deployment of POS terminals and static location bound deployments just to name a few. And an ambitious growth target – of 15% increase in retail money transactions. the solution has in-built security standards complying with international GSM security norms at all different levels viz. High operation and maintenance costs.

with the least amount of pilferage. It is also firming up plans to further expand the services on a wider national footprint and thereby strengthen its business relations with Vodafone. the bank has chalked up an ambitious expansion blueprint. Remote electricity meter reading • Back to Case Studies Deploying SIMs on CSD operated meters The Circuit Switched Data (CSD) operated meters are placed all over the state. Our Customer A leading state electricity board This board is responsible for supplying power to the state. their primary objective is to produce. With an estimated installed base of over 9000 meters across the state. The data was then captured from the server for the purpose of billing. Vodafone . These SIM cards helped pull data from different locations. like distant division offices. . Finding a secure way of polling data and accurately billing across this large geographical spread was proving to be inefficient for this energy company.reduced operational costs and increased revenue opportunities thanks to Vodafone's cutting edge technology. transmit and distribute electricity as efficiently as possible. with the Vodafone SIM cards deployed on them.building efficiency into an energy company's operations.

Thanks to the system no physical visits were required. to check for charging at remote locations. The Vodafone Solution Back to top Data collection and pulling via SIM cards Vodafone engineered a novel system integrating the use of SIM cards with secure meters to capture energy consumption data. .The Task Back to top Capturing and transferring energy consumption data While the electricity meters operated on Circuit Switched Data (CSD). A cocoa procurement module devised to specifications • Back to Case Studies A Voice Portal with IVR and DTMF for the enterprise in two regional languages Tamil and Telugu. fetching data from remote locations across the state and loading it on to the main server as well as finding a secure way to poll this data for automated bill generation and charging it was the task at hand. Data was pulled automatically and the same was charged to the end customer.

And all this. they have a virtually unshakeable 70% market share in the chocolate segment and employ nearly 2000 people. The company can access all the information sent by farmers and can filter the cocoa produce data at village level / town level / state level / all India level. . This is done via agents who collect information of the ready-for-sale cocoa and pass it on to the sourcing team of the company. they posed a unique and exciting challenge to Vodafone to establish a direct link between them and the farmers from whom they procure cocoa. The Hurdle Back to top The conventional practice was of sourcing cocoa through agents and not directly from farmers The company sources its cocoa from about 55000 registered farmers in the Southern States. area manager etc. In India. The task at hand was to reduce the high lead time in sourcing and procuring the cocoa. in a manner that would make the farmers comfortable. Our Customer Back to top The world's largest confectionary company Our customer is a UK based organisation. which are available to the company on the online interface along with crop details. And further 55000 of their clients.Each farmer's unique code (the mobile number) is populated with all his details like name. A list of farmers who do not update information on a given day is also available along with a constantly updated list of new farmers and their details. address. with a strong presence in the beverage segment across North America and Australia. As part of a backward integration program. acquire timely information and to establish direct communication with farmers. Vodafone sweetened the profits of the confectionery client.

Vodafone devised its solution in the form of a voice portal. reduces time gaps and cost of cocoa collection. Each farmer is identified with a unique code (the mobile number). It also ensures assured cocoa stocks. . accessible from any basic low-cost handset With a fundamental insight that farmers are more comfortable talking to someone rather than access messaging.The Vodafone Solution Back to top A tailored-to-specifications Voice Portal module. The farmer is comfortable with the format since the voice that greets him is in his own language. which increases productivity. This information is collated and provided to the logistics team to aid in planning their collection routes. The result? The company enjoys direct and constant contact with the farmers. The team is also given an online interface to view all the logs sent by farmers across India. And is required to call into the company's toll-free number to indicate the quantity and date of availability of his produce.

A BlackBerry application to manage circulation and distribution • Back to Case Studies A solution connecting the data centre of the company to their client's handsets. The company addresses a large and growing value pool and has a strong portfolio of businesses that are highly successful. Our Customer Back to top A leading publication and media company Media is a sunrise sector and the our customer is a force to reckon with. The company operates 26 printing facilities across India with an installed capacity of 1. The server side of the application resides at the company's Data Centre. The flagship daily in English and the Hindi edition have a combined daily readership base of 15 million. The client's BlackBerry handset is connected to the company's servers and communicates with it using the BES service. This integrates with the company's current system.5 million copies per hour. Vodafone makes solutions that make news. .

The Task Back to top To capture live. the company wanted to improve efficiency and minimise operational hurdles and difficulties. there are several processes and people involved on a daily basis. all circulation data from start of publishing till the hawker From publication to rollout. The solution worked wonders. By monitoring the entire process. The line of business managers are provided with dashboards that allow them to see all the figures live. Customer . The company uses the application to capture circulation data from the time it leaves the printing line to the hawker. enhancing customer satisfaction thanks to on time deliveries.New ventures that are in the growth phase are • • • • • • • An English daily An Hindi daily A Business paper An FM Radio station An extensive Digital Portfolio Presence in high-end publishing space A strong footprint in the education space The Delhi edition is the largest single edition selling in India. A large fleet of logistics personnel and hawkers are involved in the day to day circulation and distribution. The Vodafone Solution Back to top A BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) connecting the company to their clients The application works on a BlackBerry and is hosted on the client side in the MDS component of the BES.

Reports for unsold. Using an exclusive APN. Whether it's monitoring a personal package or part of a supply chain. Our Customer Back to top The world's number one company in overland transport. Backhaul and the core GSM Data network. the Air Interface. Vodafone delivers the goods. the enterprise scanners are able to connect through a private wireless network and transmit data back to central servers. For uncompromising security. Online monitoring of shipments for the global leader in logistics • Back to Case Studies Seamless integration of a secure GPRS network and wireless scanners through an exclusive APN. employee performance is also enhanced thanks to close monitoring of their skill sets.retention was augmented by fresh acquisitions. air and ocean freight. offtake and outstanding stocks are now generated on the click of a button. international express and contract logistics . Lastly. the solution has in-built security standards complying with international GSM security norms at all different levels viz.

Encouraged by the overwhelming results. keeping a real-time track on shipments was proving to be quite a challenge. the company has initiated plans to streamline and further enhance operational efficiency by increasing the number of devices deployed on the Vodafone Network. . for the client. data collation and distribution is nothing short of a logistical challenge. accurate and real time information of shipments to its customers globally. processing and transmitting of shipment data. SMS. robust and secure wireless solution over a GPRS connection. this customer is in the business of delivering efficiently and on time. powered by a Vodafone SIM. in real time When shipments are moved in mammoth numbers. This enables the company to provide proactive delivery notifications to customers via various channels like e-mail. This was integrated with Fujitsu scanners. fax and phone. However.With an international network spanning over 220 countries and territories and over 285000 dedicated employees servicing 120000 destinations across the world. The Vodafone Solution Back to top A dedicated wireless network integrated with wireless scanners Vodafone engineered a state-of-the-art. The Task Back to top Capturing. across the nation. The company needed an effective solution to provide quick. to capture data and deliver it back to the company servers in real time.

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