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+381 63 7792 981 MARKET LEADER LONGMAN BUSINESS ENGLISH WORDS A brand associated with expensive, high quality products : luxury brand. A company or product with the largest market share on the market: market leader A company where individual shareh. lose only the cost of their shares limited company A company partly or wholly owned by a parental company: subsdiary A document in which a company sets out its business approach: mission statement A group of companies in similar business working together: partners, consortium A group of customers that share similar characteristics,such as age: market segment A fund of money obtained illegally and used for for illegal purposes: slush fund A letter written by someone who knows you well: reference A legal form of company for someone who has their own business: sole trader A list of topics to be discussed at the meeting . agenda A movement of large sums of money out of a country: flight of capital A model or initial version of something: prototype A new company that has been started recently: infant company, start up A partner who invests in a business but does not take part in managing it: sleeping partner A person or company who sells goods to you, usually on a regular basis. supplier A person who copies goods in order to trick people counterfeiter A person who is good at influencing people is a influential person. A person who sets up and runs the company, provides all the capial: sole trader A person who performs confidence tricks: conman A place in a television schedule tv slot


A profitable product or business generating a steady flow of sales revenue: cash cow A public notice selling goods or services: advertising A reduction in the price offered by the seller: discoun, price reduction A short written text made by an organization Mission statement A sudden inspirational bright idea: brainwave A time when many stocks and shares lose a lot of their value very quickly: collapse A written document laying down ethical ways of working ... a code of good practise All the people who work for a company: workforce An activity such as special advertisements or free gifts intended to sell a productpromotion An amount of money that someone gives you to persuade you to help: bribe An amount of money paid to someone according to the value of goods...: commission An amount paid by a borrower to a lender: interest An official limit on the number or amount of something that is allowed: quota Basic facilities and services of a country , for example, water, power, roads infrastructure Behaviour that is intended to make someone believe something that is not true: deceit Buying or taking over another company: acquisition Companies protect the copyright of their products and ideas through patent Concerned with non-luxury goods that sell in large quantities: mass market Expensive compared to other products of the same type: Upmarket Exploring a new market or developing a new product: brand stretching Financial support given to pay for a sports or arts event: sponsorship Giving someone the exclusive right to sell products in a certain area: licensing If some kind of goods overflow a market, there are so many of them Important subjects that people discuss: issues Money paid by the government to people in need: welfare benefits Money that one person, organization, country owes to another: debt One of the parts into which ownership of a company is divided: share Parts of a larger market or category of customers: segments People who buy shares in a company are called shareholders Plans of a company to achieve its objectives: corporate strategy Product sold unprofitably in order to attract customers: loss leader Selling the right to a manufacturer's trademark usually in foreign market: licensing Something that hiders progress: setback Someone working for an org. Who tells the aut. that people in org... whistleblower Taking strong action all over the world: global offensive The ability of a business to make money: profitability The amount of profit made from an investment: returns The maximum quantity of a product allowed into a country by time: quota

The right to make or sell an invention patent The time when most people are watching the television: prime time To fill in form or write a letter for a job: to apply To fill the market so completely that no more products can be added: saturate To change the way somethimg is organised - restructure To copy someone else's work withot permission: to rip off To find new workers to join a company: recruit To get money from someone dishonestly by deceiving them: swindle To give someone a more important job and more money: to promote To sell illegal copies of a brand as they are the real thing: copyright abuse To show at the meeting by raising your hand that you support particular person: seconded Two or more companies which join temporarily to carry out a large project: joint venture Using a successful brand name to launch a product in a new category : brand stretching Using the most modern methods, materials and knowledge: state of the art What remains from a company'a income after its expenses have been deducted profit margin When people from one country or company find out some secrets: industrial espionage When someone uses knowledge of a particular company: insider trading