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Placido Salazar
Veterans' Legislation Liaison and Civil Rights Chair
214 Parkview Drive, Universal City TX 78148
(210) 658-9756 psalazar9@satx.rr.com
Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Founder
Greetings and thank you for the opportunity to again testify before you. I understand, some State
Senators and some university officials consider the education of our Veterans, our respective
spouse and our children a burden. Some, want to eliminate the educational opportunity known as
the Hazlewood Legacy Act, through which a Veteran's spouse or children, cane take advantage of
the earned benefit which a disabled Veteran is unable to continue using. Does this "burden"
compare, or even come close to the burden which many of us faced in the combat zone? How
much of a price tag in dollars and cents would you affix to laying our lives on the line, in off-setting
the revenue for the space which some of us would occupy in your classrooms?
Too many of our Veterans cannot take advantage of this opportunity, due to combat injuries, so the
purpose of "The Legacy Act" is designed to allow a qualified spouse or dependent of the Veteran
to take advantage of the earned benefit. This is not a "freebie"..... our Veterans paid a heavy price
for this "benefit," far more than any amount of money would cover. Therefore; our position is that
our spouse or eligible dependent child, should be allowed to secure their education - through the
Hazlewood Legacy Act, to enable them to help the family financially. What difference in cost is
there to the Texas education system; whether the Veteran or afamily member is in the classroom?
The Hazlewood Act has been in existence since 1923; but nobody bothered telling us about this
well-kept secret when we were separated from military service. Consequently, many of us
struggled to support our family and paying for our education. It seems like every time we turn
around, we have to be proving our worth to our country, maybe because only a few of you are
Veterans; and therefore able to understand our situation.
I wonder what happened to all those "WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" banners and bumper stickers
from not too long
Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran (210) 422-0378

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