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Wrote, Directed
Dalton Trumbo's "Johnny Got His Gun" frightened off nnost of the studic when proposed os o motion picture but it uuos csrried throtrgh os on
independent proiect by producer Bruce


Associote producers ---- Tonry Monaeo, Christopher Trumbo Director-writer-

Bruse eompb,ell

Compbell ond is king


through Cinemotion lndustries. "John-

directed it.

ond m6ny who looked skepticolly ot it in the beginnirqg will now toke themselves behind locked doors for o swift kick for turning it down. Trumbo, who wrote the' novel o generotion ogo, hos done the screenploy for the film ond "Johnny Crot His Crun" is o depress-

ny C6t His Gun" witl fill the coffurs

Production desig*....hterold Miefrelssn Film editor &f,illie lvtoore

Bosd wr his novel. Jules


Cost: Donsld Borry, Timothy Bottolns, Croig 8ovio, Peter Br€co, .iudy HowChristmos, Robert Cole, Aficurice Dellimore, Robert Eoston, Kothy Fields,
Lorny Fleischmon, Educrd Fronz, Tony Edmund Gilbert, Ben Homrn lr, Milton Bornes, Lynn Honrstty, Woyne Heffley, Morshs Hunt, Ernestine John. !on, Joseph Koufmon, Mike Lee, Kerry

ord Choikin, Kendell Ctorke,


irvg film. lt is ol.so o frightening one to two gorups: 'tho* over 3t ond under 25. Those in between will soy continue.


thot wor hos been going on in vorious forms oll their lives ond will probobly

Mims, Byron Morrow, Alice
Peter Virgo

Moclone, Chorles McGrsw, Williom

ploy ond directed. l-le hos done o fine

It is Trumbo's baby from stort to finish. He wrote the novel, the screeniob in oll

deon Russo, Dovid Soul, Donold Sutherlond, Dione Vorsi, Etienne Ve*ie,

Morge Redmond, Joson Robords, JoJ,


Wolker, Bruce Wotson,

., Gigi Vorgon , ) eti -Brown

World Wor I who survives o bomb blost with only his mind ond body

The story is of o you,1g soldier in

tirne-l l2


of sond to himself , 0h experiment to the doctors, o mistoke to those who woge wor, cln obiect of love to o
l-lis mode of communicotion is o kind of telegrophy with his heod ofter
drowinE o Christmos greeting upoh his chest, wipinE of f eoth letter of

trunk intoct. F{e is without orms, legs, eyes, eors, nose or mor.rth. He is o

No MPAA Rotias
Bottoms is fine os the young mon. in o touchingly understoted performonce with some f ine
Robords turns

single nur$e.

the nurse communicotes to him
M-e-n-r-y C-h-r-i-s-t"m-o-s ofter


moments. Donold Borry epitomizes tlre mood of the corefree ero going into wor. He is too otd to go ond too old to reolly core ond so, like on oging cheerleoder, he donces oround the floor ot o .Christmos porty before Bottoms gws


ond he is Eiven the opportunity to

nods his understonding. Timothy Bottoms is the young mon

to wor. lt is not o lorge role but thot stonds out.


Sutherlond is the onfy jorrinE note

his girlfriend, Kothy Fields, ond her fother, Cher'les McGraw, ond his bossES, Donold Borry ond Williom Mims. And into the future to o few glimpses

o person in floshbocks with norrotion. These corry h im into the post wilh his fother, Joson Robords,

in the cost. He is l 97 -oriented in rnonner ond nnod. F{e seems too hip. 9 fother Eiving his virgin doughter !.""1V to o youns nxrb goinrg to wor. There is no surprise, reolfy, in Dione
in i6


Grow Eives strength






coting with Bottorns. lt is o moving
brief ness topped.

Vorsi's perforrnclnee os the nurse. She is eloquent in silence when eornmuni-

Trunrbo hos kept the entire oction in the World Wor I period ond hos ollowed the universclity, relevonce ond tirtrelessness of the story to speok for itself . lt speoks eloquently ond without compromise. Bottorns, through teleErophy with his heod on the pillow, soys thot he wsnts to be token out ond disployed to the world os he is. The meoning is cleor: to show the world whot wor will do. The militory in chorge, heoded by Eduord Fronz ond Byron Morrow, close the windows young soldier then osks to be killed if

performonce, coressinsly strong

ond unlikely to be

ond it is effuctive. Associote produceii were Tony Morrcco snd Christopher Trurnbo. Thesdoro Von Runkle kept the costumes well into the period ond

ilm storkly except for rheil*f,U".fir, in which he lends o dreorn quolity,

Jules Brenner hos photogrophed the

Millie Moore's editing is tight


so thot n0 ohe might see in. The

he connclf see, be seen, or contribtrte



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