Leader Listens Action Notes – 2nd December 2008 Barnfield Primary School, Silkstream Road, Burnt Oak HA8

ODA In attendance: Cllr Matthew Offord Katy Lam Melissa James Paul Sieloff No. of Residents: Ward: Deputy Leader of Barnet Council Democratic Services Democratic Services Colindale Safer Neighbourhood team 21 Burnt Oak (HTC)

Introduction The purpose of the Leader Listens meetings is to give residents of the Borough an opportunity to discuss local issues directly with the Leader of the Council. The meeting also allows residents to contribute to Barnet’s policy-making process. The action notes from the meeting will be distributed to residents within the invited polling district. Any issues raised will be forwarded to the relevant officers/service area for action and comment. In addition, residents will also receive the final action notes detailing what action has been taken within six - eight weeks after the meeting. Some key points about the Borough: th nd • Barnet is the joint largest borough in London, the 20 most ethnically diverse and the 2 most religiously diverse; • Barnet has more roads and pavements than any other London Borough; • Barnet is experiencing a period of growth due to an intensive house-building programme along the A5 corridor; • Barnet's age mix is also on the rise with more under 5’s and over 85’s within the Borough. The Council is challenged to provide services to meet the diverse needs of this demographic; • Barnet has a ₤1 billion cash flow (on par with a FTSE 500 company); and Barnet spends just under ₤700 million on council services each year


Issue The proposal for the development of a road through Montrose Park is strongly opposed by local residents. Is the Council going ahead with this? Residents are concerned that they have not been consulted on the scale of the proposal and are also concerned about the impact this will have on their lives. Regeneration of Colindale.

Response from the Deputy Leader of the Council This development has not been agreed. It is being proposed as part of the regeneration of the area. Cllr. Harper is meeting with local residents to understand some of the issues and to look at possible alternatives.

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Anti-social behaviour

A lack of play facilities for children and young people.

Has the proposal for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Playfield Road been apprived? Residents are strongly opposed to this CPZ.

The Council works in partnership with the private sector to develop new housing and other local amenities. Regeneration will help local people by providing homes as the housing developments will accommodate local people, people on housing lists as well as those who live outside the area. The consultation on area action plans provide residents with an opportunity to influence any plans being proposed. The Council is looking at rebuilding Colindale Station to increase its capacity and improve its transport systems. PCSO Sieloff assured residents that anti-social behaviour within the borough has been reduce and explained that perceptions of anti-social behaviour had changed over time. eg. playing football on the streets is now considered antisocial behaviour whereas years ago this was a normal activity for most young boys. He reported that a youth club has been set up which brought in over one hundred young people in its first week but, with only 4 people to run it, they are struggling to maintain it. He commented that some areas are becoming too territorial and that young people are afraid to travel. He also suggested that a lack of voluntary spirit and uncertainty amongst young people about what they want are barriers to the development of more youthled activities. The Council is working to provide services and support groups that will work specifically with young people. There is a premier park within one mile of every resident in the borough and significant resources have been invested in these parks. The Council publicises the facilities available for young people on its website and has also produced several information pamphlets. The Council carried out a statutory consultation in June/July 2008 for a CPZ to operate between 10am and 11am, and 2pm to 3pm on Mondays to Fridays, in the Burnt Oak. This was carried out by way of adverts appearing in the local press, notices posted on local streets, and hand-delivered letter, including a detailed plan of the proposals, to all the properties within the identified area of Burnt Oak. In addition, plans for the proposed layout and



Response from the Deputy Leader of the Council hours of operation of the CPZ were displayed in Edgware, Hendon and Graeme Park libraries. Playfield Road, along with its neighbouring road, is included within the proposal as it is considered that this area suffers from a high demand for parking caused by those using local transport facilities or other local amenities. The Council has now analysed all comments and objections and all those who were previously consulted or have written to the Council to express their views will be advised of the Council's decision. If the proposals are approved, it is anticipated that the scheme will be operational by April 2009. It is proposed that the local green areas may be used by those who do not have parking spaces adjacent to Playfield Road but this has not been agreed. The Council will consult on alternative locations where residents can park. Democratic Services are responsible for the management and administration of the Council's committees, panels and working groups. They arrange and support official meetings of the Council, including the compilation of agendas, provision of advice on procedural matters at meetings and the preparation of minutes. This is undertaken in accordance with the Council's constitution and relevant statutory deadlines. They also assist Members of the Council in their duties as elected representatives. The Leader had to attend an urgent internal council meeting. The Leader Listens schedule allows for either the Leader or Deputy Leader to chair the meeting. Barnet Enforcement Officers carry out inspections but some traders may be trading on their own land. The Council can request to see their waste agreement and how they dispose their waste. The Environmental Services will be informed of this and further investigations will be undertaken. The Council currently has £27.4m deposited in Icelandic banks which have been placed into administration. These deposits are currently frozen - not lost. Following a visit to Iceland by the Council’s financial officer, Barnet Council is now considered a preferred creditor so the Council is optimistic that its deposits will be returned. The Council has a policy to spread its

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Green areas and parking

What are Democratic Services?

Why is the Leader of the Council not here? Traders displaying goods beyond the restricted line. Their cages make it difficult for people to walk down Watling Avenue. Traders not disposing of the waste appropriately along Market Lane. There are also issues of safety as boxes are being left outside shops attracting rodents and pests. Barnet’s investment in Icelandic Banks.

Dorne Kanareck, Acting Director of Environment & Transport Dorne Kanareck, Acting Director of Environment & Transport



What are the plans for the disused Child Guidance Centre building? There is oil in Silkstream Park.

Response from the Deputy Leader of the Council deposits across a number of institutions to reduce levels of risk. It only deposits money in banks with high credit ratings. The money could not be withdrawn because it was held on a fixed rate for two years. The money being held on deposit has been used to fund some of the capital improvement programmes in Barnet such as the building of new primary schools, for which the Council receives no government funding. Current plans are unknown but this will be investigated

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This issue will be passed to Environmental Services to investigate.

Pam Wharfe, Acting Director of Planning, Housing & Regeneration Dorne Kanareck, Acting Director of Environment & Transport

A resident did not have a wheelie bin and used black bin liners instead. She was charged £50 by the Council for her rubbish to be collected. Meeting concluded at 20:15

Residents can apply to the Council for a bin by contacting Customer Services either on line or by telephone (020 8359 2000). The cost of a new bin is £50 although the Council does provide refurbished bins for residents on low incomes.