Research Paper Assignments The Assignment consists of TWO Modules.

The first module relates to interdepartmental communication and the second module covers intra departmental communication. Assignment: DEFINE Inter departmental and Intra departmental Barriers of Communication in your organization.(Title) MODULE ONE: The candidate must mention a) The role of his/her dept in the context of the overall functioning of the org. b) Who is/are the next level customers (The next level of customer is the dept for whom you are providing service. Ultimately, Marketing Dept supplies to final customer. For HR, every dept of the company requiring manpower is the next level customer.) c) Who are their suppliers (suppliers here are the depts. supplying inputs to their dept) d) What communication barriers were faced with their suppliers and how they were overcome e) What communication barriers were faced in their communication with their customers and how they were overcome f) If some barrier is still not overcome, what is their analysis, and what are their recommendations g) Overall analysis of their communications with both suppliers and customers, and also recommendations to improve the communication process. MODULE TWO: The candidate must mention a) His/her position in the departmental hierarchy together with the details of who he/she is reporting to, the persons reporting to him/her, and colleagues occupying parallel positions, also reporting to the department head. b) An overall assessment of the quality of communication within the department, related to different aspects of the functioning of the department. c) Assessment of success factors that led to good quality of communication d) Assessment of failure modes that resulted in barriers e) Recommendations for strengthening the success factors, and controlling the failure modes.

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