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Ludgate Circus.. Imperial Arcade. E. C. Artificer and subject. 1903. Author of "How to Control Fate through Suggestion. The philosophy of six thousand years has not searched the chambers and magazines of the Soul. . invisible Thought.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER." "Man's Greatest Discovery. CAL. they are nothing. History and Principles of the Movement* A Lesson in SOUL CULTURE BY- HENRY HARRISON BROWN.. Origin. L. 1437 MARKET STREET." "Dollars Want Me. These are thoughts of all men in all ages and all lands they are not original with me. SAN FRANCISCO. there has always remained in the last analysis a it could not reveal. Tennyson. THE Price. In its experiresiduum ments." etc. LONDON: 7. and Editor of NOW. Walt Whitman. Always the inaudible. FOWLER & Co. 25 Cents. If they are not yours as much as mine. "NOW" FOLK." "Not Hypnotism but Suggestion. lord and slave. N.


I can afford to be true only to her. brought in my attention to my own position." The term has no definite meaning. Each person is to draw his own lines. In this Primer. and to look upon every side of the question only as a reThe charge of partiality may be porter. Its limits cannot be mapped. knowing that all who see will follow In Love and Truth. study. just to find in this that which will help him to an understanding of this mighty movement and will also find hints that will direct his future TRUTH alone is our aim. in love. HENRY HARRISON BROWN 160600 . It covers a movement at present heterogeneous and embracing many minor fields. but here I feef I have the right to be personal and vice. I have tried to be as impartial as truth. the definition as broad as justice and the Principle of Evolution would let me.IISTTRODUCTIOISr. I have intended to make I nient. purpose but an outline of the origin. I have consecrated myself to Truth and my life is now in her sermy positive. her. Truly your friend. I am glad of the privilege of lifting for a moment her veil. "New Thought. deyelprinciples and purpose of the widespread and ever widening movement comprehended under the term. and The reader will fellows. Truth is so lovely that the Truth-seeker soon becomes the Truth-lover.

word. by thought. . or deed. have contributed to the present freedom of Sow/.To the Memory and Omnipresence of All who.

Nature unfolds. that appear in parent. There is no human condition that is not the child of a preceding one. I will give information sufficient to enable the curious reader to easily fill in additional details. This law of evolution. Variations occur and under the Law of Variation. of continuity. I will correct any reported injustice in subsequent editions. so that when one seeks a beginning of any movement he is compelled to some some anterior of a still more . Life in time is the unfolder. Ideas also have their heredity. Under the law of Heredity science traces evolution from parent to child and thus finds tendencies. cause which cause. are transmitted to offspring. faculties and conditions. gradual unfoldment man is condition germinal is but a slight change upon some Effects are the result of is eternally in man. and purpose is a constant one. of method. PAST EVOLUTION.Origin. but the effect of which is also the effect remote cause. Each earlier one. All movements in human thought obey these laws of Heredity and Variation. History and Principles of New Thought HEREDITY. I purpose to trace in outline the Heredity of the New Thought movement. Human progress is the of that which is . Desiring to deal justly with each form of the movement.

the beginnings of history. A wave once started in ocean never stops till it reaches the limit of the ocean. Jesus announced the same in his condensation of Hebrew and Prophets: 1st Love the Lord.8 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. is given forth by some earnest soul as a supposed new revelation. Soul. God." Therefore to trace the beginnings of New Thought we should have to trace That medium Spirit. Individual perceptions and expressions differ and often some old thought. which is the common possession of the race. 2d With 3d And love all thy soul. out of man -which grow regulations of the conduct of to man. 2d His demands on us. To every clime. The student of comparative religions. : of Truth Unto the selfish rule of one sole race. With revelations fitted to their growth And shape of mind. so a thought once started will never stop. 3d The recognition of human duties. heart and mind. finds that all these varying systems are based upon the same conceptions. Law . viz: 1st Sense of God sends his teachers unto every age. out of which grow systems of worship. Truth is one with Ultimate Cause. Every age and people is a manifestation of this movement. for there is no limit to the medium in which it is a wave. thy God. and every race of men. nor gives the realm some over-ruling Power. Thought is a wave that flows like those of the ocean from shore to shore. Well says Lowell answer: "The beginning is in Ultimate Cause. is variously called: Energy. From earliest historic periods we can trace many of the ideas of this movement. Max Muller tells us that three ideas form the foundations of all religions. Truth is ever unfolding.

Man and Duty that are familiar to us. New Thought is but a later conception of this One Power. Did they not come down to us with the stock of Ary- an words ? From Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament we have derived much of present conceptions of Truth. many of our present conceptions. it is thy neighbor as thyself. and notablj. economic. Why have all these conceptions survived ? By reason of Nature's law: The Survival of the Fittest. scientific. Have not these conceptions come down to us with the life they transmitted ? The Hindoo Scriptures contain many conceptions of their clay tablets. They are only enlarged conceptions of the Truth is truth that our fathers held. is not allowed to pass into oblivion. The most any age or race can do is to . Improvements. as evidenced by their relics. It is an evolution of that Soul conception into a conscious reality. that -which most completely satisfies the Soul. That which nearest expresses absolute Truth. "could be written above every theologic. From the coiir ception of primitive man to the present time. Culture has made this primitive thought of belief." we call them. social and artistic creed and above every in" vention. ANCIENT held IDEAS. "Old ideas revised and improved. 9 based upon these. there has been but an evolution ol human thought concerning the Power that is. one. The nations of antiquity. No matter what the religion or philosophical Power an actuality in daily life by methods of spiritual unfoldment.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER.

"Heaven-Father" embodies conceptions of Power and Creation. 7 Prior to " Heaven-Father. Jesus also developed the idea of duty into that of brotherhood." Thus may Jesus rightly be termed the founder of New Thought. He was steeped in the Logos Philosophy of the Greek which he Hebraized. He said " Our Father. He placed the emphasis upon Fatherhood and that Fatherhood made Deity. Human. as it appears during nineteen centuries of human evolution. becomes one of the " choir It is thus that the thinker in every invisible. Jesus marks one of the great eras of unfoldment in the conception of Omnipotence. He applied the Love principle also to human conduct in the "New Commandment" "That ye love one another.10 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. "Our Father. mony and ." those of Love and Providence. Present civilization has been most effected by Greek Ideas as they came to us through the New Testament. It is to Paul that we are indebted for this. develop somewhat some phase of Truth by making some distinctive change in the method of expression. Through this Unity of Truth and Unity of Unfoldment." age THE CHRISTIAN ERA. The Love Principle had been but dimly perceived before him. and through the impetus of the early church they have been sent down to us." Max this it had been Muller tells us that "Heaven-Father" is the term for Omnipotence in every religion. and this lifted the wor' ship of Omnipotence from mere external ceremanifestations of fear to worship through Love. we are connected with all the past and with all mankind.

GERMAN PHILOSOPHERS.NEW THOUGHT MEDIEVAL THOUGHT." This phase of thought came into existence at the close of the third century." systems that have much in common with the idea of Omnipresence. Fichte. In these can be found many of the ideas of New Thought teachers. Christian Science in an imperfect reflection of the Idealism of Berkeley. The Mysticism of the Middle Ages developed in Germany into a philosophy which changed at that time the current of thought. Berkeley. Schopenhauer. Hegle. and the conception of Realization as held its by New Thought teachers. and the poet Goethe especially Schiller. Spinosa and Liebnitz revived the Idealism of Plato. and so warm was it at times that Jesus and the Thomas a' a condition of most ardent church were thought of as one thinks of wife or mistress. and moulde-l the opinions of the present. before Plato. It developed later into the form one may find in is Kempis and Madame Guyon. It piety. During the Middle Ages as PRIMER. fundamentally . It is the practical side of the saying of Jesus: "My father and I are one. Descartes. and IDEALISM. Zeno. 11 whose teachings gave birth to what " many thinkers arose is known mysticism. Locke. One who desires to become familiar with these authors are recommended to read Kant. Shelling. But in the English philosopher Berkeley do we find the greatest resemblance. Mysticism is a recognition of unity between the Soul and Divine origin.

Hegle finds the only reality in the relation that exists be- tween the Ego and the non-Ego. Liberal ideas at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century were permeating every channel of the national life. how great was his indebtedness to them. I have briefly shown how that century was the culmination of all the thought of the past. Evans. and able of our New Thought teachers. I THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. The national birth but twenty-four years will Thought previous had stimulated thought in all directions. The new American nation was to a great extent the child of French liberalism. . What they intellectual^ perceived is now a constant reality in the lives of thousands. trace only the last century history of evolution. The speculative truth that lies underneath this philosophy is realized Truth in New Thought. and social life. taught the same. shows. F. According to Fichte this non-Ego is but a creation. This new century the child of the old. Rev. Idealism holds that Ideas The external universe exists only as it is reflected in the mind. In politics. All interested in tracing Idealism farther can find in any encyclopedia enough to make clear our indebtedness to these philosophers. in his w^orks upon Mental Science. or an idea of the mind of the Ego. W. NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. religion. strong.12 are All. Matter is part of that which is not the Ego. by his quotations. and I here most gladly acknowledge my own philosophic debt to this most lucid. New Thought is came legitimately from the loins of the Thought with which the nineteenth century and the new nation opened.

"The liberty of the sons of God. as a child of the universe. Political liberty. opened the way for the intellectual liberty which the nineteenth century won. as a son of the one power. a liberty that belongs to each. . dividing them into the Unitarian and Trinitarian.NEW THOUGHT there PRIMER. CHANNING. or as John has it. He has had many names." a most thought provoking and stimulating book. All who are today emancipated from the rigid theology of that period owe a great ABOLITIONISM. trace the mental unfold ment and progress of the century. He has come. and with it the emancipation of the masses from the stern and unyielding theology which our fathers left us. Whenever the prophet is needed he comes. 13 was a decided American atmosphere. and the perfect liberty knocking at the door of the 20th century. The discontent with the old had culminated in Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason." It is for this liberty that New Thought stands. This liberty is Spiritual Liberty. won in the eighteenth century. debt to him. which later caused a split in the Calvinistic churches. Now comes the last. The history of a nation is the history of its few thinkers. Out of the awakened conscience and intellectual perceptions of Truth that were prevalent at the beginning of the nineteenth century came later the abolition of physical slavery. Only a few of these names can To give them all would be to I mention. I can only follow our special thought. William Ellery Channing gave in Baltimore in 1818 his great address.

which Channing phasized. emphasizes. started another progressive movement in the theological field which." makes today. Quakerism had been an important factor during the 18th century and did noble work In the 19th century Elias Hicks came. because he held to Revelation. It made as great a change in the pop- from that of ular thought as that which the affirmation. was limited. and with his new vision helped on emancipation. ave in preparing the colonies for their liberty. "All is good. and opportunity lor still other visions that fave culminated in the present awakening. John Murray. and as Dr. In 1838 Emerson gave his address before the divinity students of Harvard College. That .14 NEW THOUGHT lifted PRIMER. UNIVERSAUSM. Livermore of Meadville Theological School taught us. and no student of the history of New Thought can afford to omit his life. "God is Love. which Calvinism emto that of Love. This movement the theologic thought Justice. while Murray taught that all are born to be saved. ol importance. "Murray's was not a change in principle from Calvinism. EMERSON. Calvin taught that all were born to be damned. EUAS HICKS." -was his shiboleth. through though his doctrine of Universal Salvation." To an age that believed in "Eternal Damnation" Murray was an important reaction.

" he will drink so deeply that all other authors will seem tame commentaries upon him." and "Over Soul. aspiration and opened divine expression as a possibility for all men. Would my reader drink at the original fount. and the pure wheat stored for present sowing. were all winnowed. . . Christian Science is an exaggerated and contorted exposition of the clear and pure thought of Emerson. 15 address marks an era in the intellectual life of America. more than to any other source. the obtuse and speculative doctrines of the ancients. It did not seem important then. His writings are a source to -which can be traced all phases of New Thought. I advise him to read Emerson. From that time until his death he taught along the lines be therein laid down. He lifted mankind onto the plane with Jesus by declaring that which Jesus was. the mysticism of the middle ages. He did in this the greatest work of any one person in the whole century. For this reason I attribute to Emerson. but from the vantage ground of today it is seen as the turning of the wheel that set the ship of progress on a new tack. It matters little where he begins but if he starts with the " essays upon Self-Reliance" and "Compensation. the credit of the New Thought movement. more than any other factor.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. In this declaration he made all subsequent growth possible. all men This removed the barrier to human are. for present liberal conditions. Two years before this he had written " Nature/'" in which the Idealism of Berkeley. and there started a discussion that is responsible. Emerson was at the center of intellectual culture of the United States.




Following Emerson came Theodore Parker, His contribution was the placing of all phenomena under law. As Emerson humanized Jesus, Parker rationalized the miracles. He did for theology what Humboldt did for "
Philosophy. Said



The Universe


governed by Law."

Parker forced the

theologians to accept this and placed the socalled Bible Miracles under Natural Law. His sermon upon the " Permanent and the Transient in Christianity" had an effect second only to Emerson's Divinity School

contribution during the first half was the acceptance of the Law ol the Conservation of Force. The Law is: All Force (or Energy) is one; is fixed in quantity, cannot be destroyed; but it can be, and /s, changed from one mode of
manifestation to anothei

phy made great

During the last

century-, strides.

Science and PhilosoThe most important




the Principle of Evolution, for which in its present clear understanding we must thank Spencer and Darwin, though at about the

same time (1845) Andrew Jackson Davis independantly gave, in Principle, the same in "Nature's Divine Revelations," though he
used the term ''Progression." Upon this, the Principle of Evolution and the Law of Conservation of Force, rests all future thought progress. In harmony with these, we are beginning a Science of Man as Mind, and developing an art of Mental Healing.




There was never a century within the historic
period so prolific in invention as the last.
tool, each new machine, each change for the better in ways of living, creates a new environment, and thus, by Suggestion, causes new thoughts and thoughts create the man. The son who uses an improved plow cannot think the same thoughts nor live the same life his father did. Inventions and dis-

Each improved

New Thought. INFLUENCE OF GERMAN THOUGHT. A great impetus was given to American
German Philosophy.

discoveries created conditions for the present

thought at the beginning of the latter part of the last century by the introduction of


introduced Kant and other German Philosophers. Margaret Fuller brought Goethe to notice of American thinkers, and Emerson caused Carlyle's "Sartor Resartus" to be republished here. Out of the interest these

taken by Rev. Frederick W. Hedges,


awakened, arose the "Transcendental Movement" which movement was, in reality, the
birth of the present various



we may New Thought.

thought world, and

in the in Transcenden-

properly locate the birth of

"In the second quarter of the Nineteenth Century, there was a very general feeling ot unrest in religious circles. This was particularly observable in the Eastern States. Groups of individuals here and there broke away from former beliefs and associations, in the confi-




dence and purpose of a living faith that rested on a better foundation. It seems hardly possible for the American mind to hold mere opinions without carrying them into practice with all sincerity. These uprisings often took place around the places of learning, but often er at places remote from centers and amoner the unlettered, who knew only the Bible and the avocation which they followed." This gave rise to many peculiar religious sects. The only one of which now active is that of the Second Advents. "It was among the cultured men and women, many of whom had been educated at Harvard, that a movement began which represented this unrest and gave it somewhat of form and consistency. Unitarianism had opened the avenues for freedom of thought, and now naturally arose the Transcendentalists with an ideal philosophy which they were to promote as the inspiration and prevailing principle of every day life. Bright stars were those in the intellectual sky who started the movement. They lighted the way to profounder thought, more conscientious activity, and more general usefulness. The names oi Emerson, Alcott, The Channings,
Ripley, Margaret Fuller, Frothingham, Thoreau, and their associates, gave to the American public a higher conception of life, its nature and aims. They placed a leaven therein that was destined to continue its work till it transformed the whole mass of American Society. Before this Transcendental movement, America had no literature that was more than local and a copy of foreign models. From r this, America derived a literature that w as a


some names

creation, indiginous to our soil." rightly credited to that

Here move-

as their thought is the transcendental thought: Lowell. Edna D." by John Thomas Codman. Margaret Fuller. Here met great thinkers. 19 ment. and Horace Greeley. Its harvest of success has come in the lives of those who today have found in another manner an application of the Truth they held. P.and to C. Wasson. Whoever would understand thoroughly the sources of present thought. Cheney. two of the successful. Thoreau. Julia Ward Howe. Charles A.Dana. John Weiss. Jones Very. The reader is referred to the "History of the Brook Farm. in its scattering. COMMUNITIES. were successful. W. B. a ripened boll. George William Curtis. David A. Frank B.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. William Henry Channing. BROOK FARM^ Out of Transcendentalism arose the attempt at community life. known as Brook Farm. T. Frothingham's "History of Transcendentalism. The Transcendental period was the formative period in American thought-life. To it we may trace New Thought. and would trace the evolution of ideas. judged by the world's business standards. It is without the province of this essay to detail that history. Theodore Parker. It covers . Alcott." for further particulars upon one of the most interesting attempts to actualize the Principal of Brotherhood. C. and what if the experiment failed for want of financial support? It was. Many others started and many. needs to become more or less familiar with community life in the the Shakers and the Oneida Communists. Sanborn. Cranch. Higginson. and all are steps toward United States.

and its truth. It has no creed. because of its organization." "Man is not a fallen but a rising . its great men. In Unitarianism. UNITARIANISM^ Unitarianism. It has been the balance wheel in the mental workshop. and Fraternal Insurance Companies. Despite its too coldly intellectual attitude.20 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Co-operative Associations. Fraternal Societies. and kept the church in touch with science and philosophy. its persistence. The fundamental principle of Unitarianism is the right of private judgment. conserving all that was good and true in all movements. Each person is expected to teach that which to him is truth. perfect realization of the Principle of Brotherhood. Profit Sharing. is the great intellectual fountain from whence has flowed into every day life the latest thought along all lines of investigation. it has held the religious life of the people poised and harmonious. its liberality. It is the cultured source that has kept sweet and clean the progress of theological thought. Colonies. more This Principle is now finding expression in Trades Unions. Perceptions of this Principle is also stirring the world tinder the many phasesof New Thought. and protecting the national life in the excitement of fads and speculations which arise on the one hand and the advance of skepticism and materialism that threatens on the other. It proclaims the fundamental propositions of Mental Science and Soul Culture in its affirmations of "The Indwelling God" and "Divine Nature of Man. we find the nearest approach on the intellectual side to the present New Thought.

fear. Unitarians follow the old method: preach and educate. and serviceable in life. New Thought teaches: Demonstrate by Living. 21 is one of its favorite maxims. for the service of man. it has stood for all that is free.NEW THOUGHT creature. anxiety. From Channing's time to the present. as there is between a student who reads his books 011 astronomy. pain. one who reads chemistry. and I then thought I was faithful. Fellowship. suddenly there came in my mind why are you this question: "If God "dwells in you. But amid my pain. beautiful." PRIMER. and heart-hunger. Every Unitarian Society intellectually is NewThought. I preached the "Indwelling God. The two movements differ only in the application of Truth to life." and grew sick and broken down in body. ''Upon every thing write. I preached. and never looks at the stars. and never goes to the laboratory. and Character. as . taught on the Spiritualist platform. or better. in religion. Western Unitarianism proclaims itself for "Freedom. and being a Son of God. This denomina- tion is not sectarian. worry. the same perceptions of Truth I now preach under "Soul Culture." and created within myself the kingdom of disease." but there is as much difference between my then and my now. or one who studies mathematics. "The kingdom of heaven is within you." There is in Truth no break between the teachers of Mental Science and Unitarianism. sick and in pain?" As soon as I could straighten out my affairs. and on the verge of the grave. I preached in the Unitarian pulpit. It is the difference between knowing one is a Son of God. Honest and believing. and never calculates the price of material at so much per pound." says James Freeman Clark.

I said: God "Now. through suffering. I to the objective life. you will care for it now. whom I live and have my being. You cared for it then. you dwell in we and I expect you to take care of me. I find I do not know how to take care of it. I will take no more thought for my body than I did when I was a babe. I thought I knew what my body wanted. or pain. Yet. I have not changed the idea which I had of God while in pulpit or on platform." I know is my shepherd. "God knows his business. I left all things to Him." I would say to myself when things seemed to go wrong. Old doubt and old conditions gradually would come back. He attends to the subjective. In time. the One "in that "The Lord want. He attends to the subconscious. He be- one in all Life's manifestations. I let you have perfect control of my life. This position is one which the faithful ones in every religious belief have taken in all ages." fear." I trust. I have never faltered in this surrender. I surrender it to you. . All is thus ever well with me. I to the conscious. I now know only peace: "For Thou art with me. But I persevered and my body assumed the conditions of health. I have not changed my ideas of man as Spirit. as. because I have perfect faith in you " It took me some time to outgrow old habits of thought. and to the only Living God. God is in me "an ever present Where once I felt trouble. or help. "and I do not I cannot want with Him as provider. as the child the parent. I have simply learned to make practical what I then intel- came "My Silent Partner!" We are lectually held. I put myself into His hands. the Indwelling straightened them out. Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. God.22 soon NEW THOUGHT PRIMER.

NEW THOUGHT. Unitarianism has the most nearly approached an understanding of Truth.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. When the history of the Emancipation of the Soul from fetters of fear. and reason. who by thought and life ushered in the day of our Redemption. authority. New Thought is logically carrying into daily life the faith of the church. for that day came through demonstration by living the truth." are to us as clearly self-evident truth and as easily applied to daily life as are those of mathematics or chemistry. which they proclaimed. Among the most active members . FREE RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATIONS." These axioms in him. It is consciously applying Truth which man has unconsciously applied during all his past. have same different thoughts. and its initiation into the pure air of spirit is written. New Thought is a method of living in the conscious thought of Divinity with the same spirit of faith which consecrated the martyrs of old. " I will fear no evil. yet will I trust good. ciety Between 1865 and 1870 a Free Religious Sowas formed in Boston with which many progressive thinkers and scholars of the nation were associated. Emerson was a member. All is " Though he sla3^ me. many names on the roll be among of Unitarian teachers will those whom posterity will delight to honor as intellectual and noble pioneers. but is 23 We the the "Old Faith" intellectually applied to daily thought life. we live New Thought and activity.

were O. not in thought. Fro thingham. but in demonstration. just as the nineteenth century used The twentieth century uses the force previous RELIGIOUS AWAKENINGS. B. Cheney. found no superior among liberal papers. We now use Truth as Power. and are now an important part of the mightiest movement the race has ever A movement that means the experienced. Universalist. The Mental and Christian Scientists and all other phases of New Thought have added little to the intellectual perceptions which were already the stock of the race and which emanated from multitudes of reformers and reform movements prior to them. this was very important. and we live w^hat the} thought. Edna D. The Free Religious movement was a spring far up the mountain. and Celia Burleigh. centuries discovered. 7 steam. as a movement that awakening. disease and death. Liberal League. in power and ability. Francis Ellingwood Abbott. and Free Thinkers all are limited. progressive Its limitations lay where the Unitarian. religious Many prophets sprang up de- . and others whose names were then power in the intellectual world.24 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Its literature teems with thoughts which are made conditions for the present New Thought property of all now the common men and women. As a seed sower. H. which has. Wm. The nineteenth century saw many awakenings. Its organ was The Index. abolition of pain. but these latter movements have put a soul into the intellectual mummy. Lucretia Mott. its many streams of thought have found the sea of daily life. poverty.

From the vantage ground of the present we readily see that these awakenings were but a throe in the old order. Psychometry solves these riddles of feeling. giving birth to the New. Emerson says that Swedenbprg "was hampered by theological limitations. They interpreted this feeling according to their intellectual and theological training. and must interpret them according to his intelligence. the "end of Those who proclaimed felt the oncoming power. "The Second Coming of Christ. manner came . all led by many powerful teachers." According to education and predeliction of each prophet. 25 claring these were "the last days." and "The End of the World. Coming events are realities of Spirit. Then came Mormanism." Andrew Jackson Davis was free from limitations of education and theology. under the common sense and scientific habits of a developed race.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. inspirations and interpretations of theologians and sectarians during the last century. Questions that visions. The sensifeels them. and her Divine Revelations. of ancient thought of God in man. just as Sweedenborg interpreted his visions." Millerism was the most important ot these. the world" that silent growth of Soul which would ultimately break the limitations of sense." are now realities through this application. Revivals were frequent. have been interpreted the tive millions of communications from the decarIn like nate and from the sub-conscious." This freedom preserved Modern Spiritualism from having a "founder. Out of that has come the Second Advent sect. he had never read a book when he gave the world "Nature.

man. each new teacher. the world. HIGHER CRITICISM* While many teachers. It has done much to bring light to the slums of society. has helped it on. preparing for this present move- new SALVATION ARMY* This denomination was of great help during the last years of the closing century in developing the Spirit of Equality and Brotherhood. and evince this by their use of. ment.26 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. we are intelligent where they were totally ignor- . each new convert in a revival. and we are better posted on ancient Jewish history than were the Rabbis at the time of Jesus. authors and editors in various lines of New Thought are woefully ignorant of the results of Higher Criticism. and his origin. each interpretation of the Bible. and still more ancient nations. for centuries have disturbed the minds of men concerning their Soul and the future. The spirit of New Thought is one with theirs. Its freedom from the virus of respectability. are a protest against the exclusiveness and heartlessness of wealth and culture. by the emancipation that has come to it through the labor of scholars in unearthing its historv. and by new interpretations of. Today more is known of the origin of the books of the Old Testament. as have been those con- cerning Each new sect. its spirit of helpfulness. the pubmind has been prepared for rational lic use and interpretation. are now settled scientifically. while in the history of contemporaneous. Every religious awakening takes its place as a factor. the Bible.

who . the Gospels. The Bible is valuable as literature valuable as a record of the religious development of a peculiar people valuable for the inspiration of in its beautiful passages. but because they are common revelation. lad Whigs and DemoFor a boy to vote a different ticket from his father and grandfather was to brand him a " turn coat. they would turn their attention to more profitable discussions. under the impetus of an unfolding soul. not because they are special revelations.NEW THOUGHT ant. The higher criticism will have conferred its greatest benefit." and often crats were born. The Psalms. when those who. as manifested in the weakening of sectarian fetters. The Bible so lives. and Shakespere. They are the daily expressions of millions. and of one God in that humanit}'. and will ultimately be the expression of every soul. . know the real place and origin of the Bible. 27 Suffice it to say that did the hundreds are today basing their teachings upon Biblical interpretations. so lives the winnowed literature of the past. POLITICAL LIBERTY* ABOLITION MOVEMENT. as Burns and Whittier. As Homer. The growth of Personal Liberty. and as a vehicle through which the aspiring soul may find expression. have thrown off limitations of authority and use the Bible. and all literature as means of expressing the faitn of a common humanity. the Prophets. will live wherever they voice a common human need. When I was a . is also manifest in the breaking of party fetters. PRIMER. will live as long as the human heart is human.

Luther proclaimed freedom of conscience as a principle. Eddy proclaimed But the it. Garrison proclaimed it and stopped at his limit. but limits it to her revelation. Soul goes marching on. has been broken and . Ultimately. This liberty of political action was necessary before we could be free today to advocate our principle of Emancipation from all authority and the right to follow the individual conscience. The Abolition Movement was the first great disintegrating It virtually broke up the political factor. As body. but stopped at his limit.28 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. political fetter that Every civil. will pass beyond disease. and aesthetic ability have been systematso this century will see ically trained. Man. will learn to live the immortal life here and now. but no authority for Truth. out of many fragments of old parties. The various phases of New Thought are other steps toward unified. the Republican party was organized. Will never think of any other condition than that which he can enjoy while living in a body as sensible as that he now has. theological. Whig party through the Free Soil movement. intellect. not has a Soul. scientific and practical study and culture of the Soul. property and death. Man knows he IS. as Soul. AM was a step on the way to this New Thought affirmation. Soul Culture comes as the fruit on the tree of intellectual development. No matter of what vibrations composed. poverty. spiritual faculties cultivated. and now its cry is " Truth for Authority." Its shibboleth: I TRUTH. he will not die to possess that body. sectarian. social. Mrs. caused him to be disinhehited.

" '. thought were forces from the magnet. This Law is the one Principle. lies in knowing how to cause friend. It opens an era in human progress that presages the realization of that New Civilization which prophets have foreseen and sages foretold. but which later he thought were magnetic forces of the Later investigation has proven operator. the power he and his contemporaries " called Animal Magnetism "to be but the power of Suggestion. 29 ANIMAL MAGNETISM. instruction and healing." "Magnetic Healing.Statuvolence." is now included under the term "Suggestion. Every controlled by his thoughts. The secret of all inspiration. Suggestion gives the key to the . Man has made no more important discovery than this law. Early in the last century there was an increased interest in the discoveries of Mesmer who. during the last quarter pi the preceding century." "Electro Biology. at first. present in every New Thought movement. The Law is stated thus I THAT WHICH is AM I THINK I AM." "Animal Magnetism. The attitude determines conditions of body and environment. All that was included in past investigation under the terms " Mes- merism. patient or pupil to think that which will in him produce desired conditions. When one has caused a change in the mental attitude of another he has done person mental all fest in he can do for him. had found that certain persons could be effected by what he." and "Psychology." THE LAW OF SUGGESTION.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. That other will maniconduct that which he has mentally accepted.

Though it is just to say that few teachers are aware of the fundamental Principle or know the secret of I especially their success. political. medical and industrial phenomena of life.30 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. the Civil the most potent power in breaking down partition walls between the sects and giving a free field to thought. Unitarianism. PEOPLE. a great leaven in American thought and a factor of power in that evolution which ultimated in New Thought. the war burned rubbish and left a soil ready for the sprouting of new War was Spirit- THE . Like a fire over a wood lot. it also freed the masses from the prejudices of sect and section. THE CIVIL Next to Emerson. recommend my books as containing an up-to-date explanation of the Law and its operation. social. progressive people. This war was the culmination of a long struggle. These were of set of "comeouters" from the Quakers who held yearly meetings in West Chester. Suffering in a common love of country made each person more tolerant of others' opinions and made more real that Ideal of Brotherhood lyingg in the Declaration and the first three words of the Constitution: WE. to it I refer the reader. Pa. PROGRESSIVE FRIENDS. and ualism. religious. Literature is plente- ous upon this subject. They comprised a bod}' of freewno were thinking. closing with the emancipation of the black slave. From the study of Suggestion under other names has sprung every phase of New Thought.

The breaking of old associations by removal as pioneers. This gave an intellectual impetus to the new nation. VASTNESS OF OUR COUNTRY AND we find every new settlement fertile in new ideas. consequent^ men as Lincoln and Dougand hundreds of others. as spiritual pioneers. for these can flourish only under spontaneous action ot the Soul such as Greece had when she was emerging from barbarism to civilization. In the new spontaneity and spontaneity was active. the new century sees the breaking of settlements. produced a mental condition ripe to impulses that arise in the sub-conscious. Soul still marches on. it A new exodus is neces- liberty of thought came in the ninteenth. Liberty of Spirit comes in the twentieth centur}. and backward goes the tide. To every pioneer from Ptymouth Rock to Golden Gate. this new soil for Liberty. we. save in the United States. and such lass. Constant movement westward kept public sentiment pliable. PRIMER. and All is Good. Now that the tide of emigration has been stopped by the Pacific. New problems were ever arising for social and political solution. 31 The returning soldier brought home that tolerance which comes only from comradship in danger. were developed as were the orators and artists of Greece. All is sary and Mind.NEW THOUGHT seeds. could the movements which preceeded New Thought have been possible. owe a debt of gratitude for that condition of race thought and public opinion that makes our New Thought acceptable. . Conformity kills inspiration. ITS NEW SETTLEMENTS^^ Nowhere.

from desire to rest upon something. is not the law of Karma. tempt to graft upon the thought and life of this era the childish speculations of an early people. are seekIt is an ating that old staff: Authority. Its error lies in the claim that justice is not done here and now. It is more oi a side track for those who. Their doctrine of Reincarnation is a speculation based upon unproved premises. As these phases of speculation have been outgrown this should be. Simultaneously with every thought comes its effect. To modern thought. The Law of Causation. It is the easiest way to account for much of the phenomena of existence. but they who first taught it. under the impetus of the age. in regard to the origin and destiny of man. Karma is also a childish way of righting the seeming injustice of life. THEOSOPHY^ This phase of thought cannot rightly be termed a part of the New Thought movement. While the theosophists have much in comall forms of liberal thought their peculiar dogmas of Reincarnation and Karma distinctly isolate them from every other phase and make of them a distinctive class. for that delays effect to a future reincarnation. mon with . have reacted from the stress of modern scientific investigation and.32 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Their teachers make too great a claim for the movement. also accounted in the same easy way for the movement of the heavenly bodies and for the origin of earth and man. which lies at the root of all scientific investigation. by making it cover the work of early liberals" and especially that done by the Unitarians. which may well be called a sect.

by compellng that which might have been a too rapid progress in the realm of ideas to modify its speed. thus giving time for reconsideration and correction. . Despite the fact that there is much in common between these two. it is more of a fad than a faith. Every known fact and every principle of the evolution philosophy disproves them. for the conservative and the timid. both past and future. in the words of Emersides of one fact. it is safe to say that Reincarnation and Karma will never be the accepted solu- Mind. Theosophy with unthinkable duration. It has furnished a resting place for the leaner upon Author^. New Thought is practical and teaches one to live now. his life. Beyond this.NEW THOUGHT Cause and son. to make heaven now." He also calls them Chancellors of God. PRIMER. It has proven itself a ratchet upon the mental machinery of the nation. New Thought deals with the now. and that many of New Thought teachers accept these speculation of the problems of life by scientific minds nor become part of the future Science of tions. It can never become the faith of the warm hearted and religious. Theosophy cannot rightly be credited with giving an}^ great impetus to liberal thought in America." They cannot be separated in time the one millionth part of a The difference between Theosophy and New Thought is that the latter deals in Demonstrated Truth. 33 "Two " Effect are. while former is based on Speculative Philosophy. and inspires man to be now all that it is possible for him to be by teaching him that he is a tree agent in shaping second. nor meet the demand of modern mind for clearness and practicability.

and I. Behind all its claims however rests the fact that size and texture of brain accompany certain human tendencies. the texture of brain. of the claims made for its numand power which. non-established theories. the Ego. Phrenology is theories. first.34 I NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Its principal error lies in giving too much power to matter. In so far as it tells me that I am controlled by my head. but it has important data for the Builder ot the future. This phase of thought has an important place in the development of the present movement. does not count. as yet. if true. To Spurzheim and Gall the world owes a great debt. Remove from it these two dogmas and its peculiar nomenclature for common mental states and common phenomena and we find but the commonplace thought of all liberal teachers. by giving the common also deeply indebted to the travel- mind a nomenclature through which the . It and it is ling phrenologist who has been preparing the field for New Thought. is subject to my will and desire. the Ego. based upon. I. made." r a great advance upon earlier has been and will continue to be a great help to Mental Science. even to changing. and it. I deny it. for one with truth is more than millions repeating ancient error. When asked if I do not believe in phrenology I answer: " Yes. the shape of the skull in which I carry my brain. in so far as it recognizes that I build my head and can control it. am aware bers PHRENOLOGY. may control the head. It cannot yet rightly pose as a science. I build my head. It is a fine stud} of Mind. and next. like every other organ of my body.

have been modified as the result ot the Hydeville raps. the Soul recogniThis widetion. It set in operation all the present methods of psychic investigation.NEW THOUGHT present teacher can gible. it would have also been a mighty miracle if it had not also operated. his 35 intelli- make thought MODERN Modern h ought. like all other phases of truth. came from Spiritualism. good morals. freatest SPIRITUALISM. Next to Emerson I am inclined to give to Spiritualism credit of being the factor in the evolution of New Unitarianism gave it intellectual power. upon the weaknesses of that common humanity and attracted to it much that has proven to be error. Seeing that it came to a common humanity. The phenomena at Hydesville awakened an interest unequalled by any other phenomena in modern times. This work is now done by both Christian Science and New Thought. but the spiritual. old institutions and awaken many prejudices into active opposition. held during the first half of last century. and some that is not in accord with But this is also necessarily . based upon the recognition of man as Spirit. It would have been the mightiest of miracles if it had not met antagonism in conservative circles did not disturb many . while mediums with their words of comfort have been in every home. PRIMER. Teachers of Spiritualism have gone into almost every school district its literature has whitened the world like a winter's snow the landscape. spread movement prepared the way among the masses for a practical work. and it may be said that all the theories of Man.

R. heaven. Modern Spiritualism. By taking advantage of the credulity and ignorance of the masses many charlatans have stolen its livery. But despite all that a calm judgment. Truth must use the men and women it finds. In the sensational spirit which the Hydeville raps awakened the grander and more beautiful. save by a few teachers. . the semblance of truth for selfish ends. the fact remains that it has proven itself to be the greatest movement for good of all the nineteenth century. can find to condemn. societies. true of every awakening. hell. until the movement under the name Spiritualism is almost wholly given over to phenomenalism. It has compelled a change in the popular opinion of death. using here. after its fifty-eight years progress.36 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. journals. just as they have in all ages and times. the sectarian. and through expression unfold them to a higher plane. have never been the friends of progress. angels. and the resurrection. and the most practical side of this movement. For this reason the philo- sophical and practical side of the movement has separated itself from the merely phenomenal and become the inspiration of NEW THOUGHT. "Nothing so good as the old. to serve the selfish propensities of man. Rev. Heber Newton says that for many centuries the only ideasthat have modified human conceptions of the Hereafter have come from Swedenborg and . and has given birth to two others destined to be still more powerful than itself." is their cry. and the moralist. The theologian. has been overlooked. and forced a rational philosophy into the pulpits.

as noted before of Unitarianism. And we may honestly date New Thought " ' ' though present founders" of systems of Healing and teaching. Davis called his system " The Harmonial Philosophy. to him birth. which make a library that no student of the "Progress of Ideas" can ignore. its unity with the One. save those that make man conscious that he IS spirit here and NOW. 37 ANDREW JACKSON All DAVIS." The difference between this and New Thought lies principally in the emphasis which is now placed upon the individual soul in its independence from all external control." This book was followed up by . In 1845. Davis started those lectures which were later published " Nature and her Divine Revelatitle of tions. They have been repeated by Spiritualists during all the years of its existence. are not aware of the source from whence. in the person and Revelations of Andrew Jackson Davis. Methods of application are many. In them can be traced the heredity of every New Thought proposition. in teaching the Divinity of Man and Nature. were born before the Hydeville raps. but Truth is One. and many teachers of various phases of New Thought. ' ' was Modern Spiritualism really born. by evolution. and its power to build its body into health and keep its environments to its desire through right thinking. their ideas sprang. New Thought ideas. But Davis. three years belore the Hydeville raps. Later teachers have brought into clearer light the truth he proclaimed. virtually taught all this. under twenty -nine others.x NEW THOUGHT IVER31TY PRIMER. Davis was at that time a lad of fourteen While in mesmeric trance he gave years.

Emerson had. is: The Affirmation of New Thought is: Man is The Affirmation of Soul Spirit. here and no\v. Long prior to her advent. It is termed. long before. "Going into the Silence.38 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Philosophical Spiritualism and this is so near able to "Draw a line between the two where God has not." The Affirmation of Phenominal Spiritualism I live as Spirit after the death of my body. the meed will be awarded to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Andrew Jackson Davis as the greatest prophets of the New Civilization which is a Brotherhood. taught the same truth and mesmerists of all names and grades. . Tennyson tells us that he reached this condition by repeating his own name till he passed into a state he termed "the perfection of individuality. others had used the same Principles for healing purposes." To Mary Baker Eddy rightly belongs the credit of originating both the name and the interpretation of Scripture adopted by this sect. Culture is: / live the Spiritual life." When present prejudices and sectarian feelings are lost in a love of Truth. method based upon a peculiar interpretation CHRISTIAN SCIENCES A very important Thought-movement. is named "Christian Science. had all applied it." New Thought people arrive at it by concentration under some Affirmation. New Thought that I am not found at the beginning of this century." A better term is. Davis writes and speaks in what he terms the "Superior condition" which is the condition of all inspired persons. "Listening to the Silence. as Davis termed it: An Arabula. or. magnetic healers and faith She instituted a curers. here and now.

had been much more clearly taught as spiritualism." and to the official publications of the "Mother Church" in Boston. in the Preface to the 48th edition of "Science and Health. 'Christian " All who wish to know her system Science.' and her interpretation of Scripture." That.' in time of Moses. Most of her philosophy is the common stock of all liberal people. still controls the masses. "prin ted in 1890. says: "The first edition of 'Science and Health' was published in 1875. I discovered metaphysical healing and named it. Sabin who has come out from that sect to a broader field of thought. to accord with the teachings of "Science and Health. No lattitude is allowed for individual opinion. Mrs. 39 The Principle of Suggestion is of the Bible. are refered to the publications of this sect. "Unchain Truth. prior to her advent. "Science and Health. and by recognizing that the spirit which led men to follow a "Thus said the Lord. Christian Science is a necessary step in the . in an age of freedom. and. Eddy's interpretation of it in her book. Christian Scientists are restricted to a reading. and Mrs. the foundation. Eddy." In the first chapter of this edition. is a strange psychological fact which can be accounted for only upon the propensity men have to lean on authority. They are persist ant All lectures and books are made proselytes. Most of the writings of these people are repellant from their dogmatism and authoritive manner of presentation. so large a following can be obtained to so sectarian a movement. Wise men do not submit to limitations. she says: "In the year 1866.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER." is the cry of Col. and a study of the Bible.

This is the distinction between Christian Science and New Thought. evolution of the race. Eddy's basic proposition is pure Idealism. Inspiration is still common." and her word is final. into the freedom of New Thought." It consists of twenty planks none of which are original. as thousands already have. The Truth in Christian Science is the common inheritance of its methods. Because the popular conception so places it. In Chapter X of her book she gives the " Platform of Christian Science. inspiration.40 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Well says Samuel Longfellow : Lord. . Mind is All. The liberty of private judgment is the gift of the Reformation. Christian Science is fifteenth centurj. thy Word is abideth ever. limits. What she says must not even be discussed. It follows the theologic tendency It in its dominion over the human will. is Mohammedan in its exclusive- The author of "Science and Health" claims to speak from the authority of "the Spirit. But Mrs. Mrs. Through it many will pass from the tyrrany of ecclesiastic dogma to that of "Science and Health. Was there allowed a free interpretation they would not be obnoxious." and finding this too narrow will pass. I devote this space to it. thus imprisoning the intellect of her followers. Here it is denied with all the power of a Tetzel or a Diet of Worms. as did Moses. Eddy ness. and is not to be classed among New Thought movements. The God of Mrs. Eddy is the Supreme Court and gives her own interpretation. Inspiration not sealed. for Christian Science is not New Thought.

Neither Life nor Healing depends upon our conceptions of Truth anymore than our being hit with lightning depends upon our knowledge of electricity. for the origin of Life is One. Roman.and heal. what are their opinions of the power. be they wise or ignorant in electric lore. he is healed. All healing is one.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Truth and Right are still revealed. Written in the heart's deep pages. They heal.another attempt to corner Truth. They have a method. Greek. Barbarian. The power of Authority over the Soul is broken. but in no greater proportion than other ThoughtHealers. Christian Science. cure a much larger proportion of their patients than do doctors of all schools. but not all possible methods. As long as man is weak and seeks for assistance outside himself Christian Science will These cerity one thinks Health. Suggestion in the Law. All who are in the lightning's path are hit. Mrs. Whenever in sin- . Jew." or can tongue or pen overthrow it. no matter two streams. Mind is one in all men. Their only mistake lies in denying the same power to others and in limiting the One Universal Life to one method and to one person's conception of Supreme Power." Thev Christian Scientists heal thousands. 41 Answering unto man's endeavor. for she says. on page 12 of "Science and Health": "No human tongue or pen has suggested the contents of "Science and Health. They have Truth but not all ot truth. That which came to ancient sages. So all who obey conditions of health have it. Eddy's proclamation looks like . Shines today forever new. New Thought and will both continue. Thought is Power.

will never organize. is rightly the founder of this branch of New Thought. As long as man is intellectually free New Thought will be his Philosophy and control his life.42 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. through the ignoring of psychic phenomena. She and from myself. the individual entirely to his own mentality. Freedom and authority are represented by the two systems and are now. Man is Mind. differs from many. is her Affirmation. It is based upon the principles of Idealism. brought face to face in a practical work in a scientific and inventive age and in a free land. Mrs. Both movetions. Truth finds a way of expression or makes one. MENTAL SCIENCE. The other. like all orNew ganized power. She terms it Mental Science. Helen Wilmans of Sea Breeze. as never before. and she consistentlv follows the Affirmation in all her . Under it all will come to a Realization of Truth. rejecting all all conception of spirit and She claiming phenomena to be mental. ments are now disintegrating old instituThe one whose watchword is " without limitations" will redeem the world. New Thought will make ten thousand channels and will reach the sea. Its genus is Thought Freedom. recognizes no communication except between and seems to limit minds incarnate. and societies of expression will naturally crystallize. but to work together for the good of all. endure in some form and under some name. Between the two the Soul goes marching on. must ultimately die. There will come a unity of action. Florida. Give them both a fair field. not to think alike. and never long submits to limitations.

Wilmans' paper. M. and God One is the number of Unity. there can be no finite. her books and lessons have been a most important factor in New Thought." She is a strenuous advocate of earthly immorality. but seems to limit the thinking function. This is her state- ment of Truth manifest. E. She has laid a foundation broad and deep for future builders. : There can be but one All. He is all of . Cramer. Freedom. of San Francisco. She has suffered.00 a year. commonpretation. and at this writing is still suffering. This All in All is God. It is midway between Christian Science and New Thought. is a weekly. She is a most successful healer by absent treatment and cures 90 per cent of her patients. civil persecution through antagonisms aroused by her absent treatments. Mrs. These books will carry her name downtoposterit}^. Her paper. Cramer claims no authoritative interShe has a rational. published at Sea Breeze at $2. At present writing. God being Infinite. Freedom. sense philosophy of life. it is suspended.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Mrs. It has New Thought freedom with Yet Christian Science reliance upon Bible. and Truth the more abounds because of it. 43 mind entirely to writings. DIVINE SCIENCES This phase of New Thought was instituted by Mrs. I trust but temporarily. owing to governmental interferance. Unity is forever the state or nature of one. All reformers have had similar persecutions. Her two books of power are " " Conquests of Conquest of Poverty "and Death.

They are in every way successful and form an important brancn of the New Thought movement. A class of sincere. $1 a year. Intelligence. giving it a spiritual interpretation. and Presence.. more in harmony with Divine Science. Soul. Truth. Knowledge. all of Knowledge. so-called. and ing the Nature of Spirit. Love. There is one Spirit and one are inseparable. all of Power. now in its 17th year. Creative action and Creation. Truth. is simply falling short. That which is begotten of Spirit is I am before I am manifest. Mo. Individually.44 NEW THOUGHT i PRIMER. Cramer also publishes at $1 a year. capable of doing God's will demonstratExistence. the exact image and likeness of Him. They establish' 'Homes of Truth" where teaching and healing is done and freewill offerings received. Evil. TRUTH STUDENTS. this Truth. potential in God. co-eternal and co-equal with Him. intelligent and progressive people take this name. or missing the mark of. of Kansas their principal journal. is Unity. Their thought does not differ from that of Mental and Divine Scientists. and is expresser. " are one! and my Father God and is Spirit. is. City. we The organ of this movement is Harmony. manifests in an ever-presis Spirit. Nothing can be manifest that is As God alone ent creation. Power. Like expresses like. published in San Francisco Mrs. They use the Bible. it is God who not before it is manifest. several books and holds meetings and classes at her College of Divine Science in this city. Body. however. created in the image of God's and wholeness. Life. all of Presence. Substance. "I Being. Love. all of Life. hence Man is Spirit. Substance. Man Man is Being and eternity co-worker. Their methods are. Soul. It is .

filled with just the thought that will make the child who reads it. Charles and Myrtle Filmore. is a well attested fact. While other schools use methods alone. Unity Company also publishes the only child's paper in New Thought. is also a fact. it follows that all that any system can do is to bring the patient into a right mental attitude. and has at its head two of the clearest of teachers. even when medicine is used. It is a beautiful little sheet. Since the Law is: / am that which I think I am. Wee Wisdom. That there are mental and psychic forces that can heal.. and should be in every home as the child's companion.. 'Magnetic Healing.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. than most have been willing to allow. in this school every known method of conveying a Suggestion is silent used. It is based upon the Law of Suggestion. A Suggestion. is necessary. It is constantly becoming more widely recognized * that Suggestion plays a more important part in healing. That the Human body possesses something akin to radio-activity that will heal. are facts." and other forms of healing. It is 50c a year. by word. then the Soul (or Mind) works the cure. honorable and happy. 45 ever fair and honorable in its treatment of all other phases of thought. SUGGESTIVE THERAPEUTICS. but Suggestion is an ever-present factor in them all. self-reliant. gesture or thought. The under- . One of the most important phases of New Thought is known as Suggestive Therapeutics or Healing by Suggestion. but without Suggestion they can be neither conveyed nor received. a Law which underlies all the methods of the various schools of Mental Healing.

Suggestion. tends to cure. 'How to Control Fate through Suggestion" and "Not Hypnotism but Suggestion. The popular name for this method of healing term conve} s a wrong coined from a misconcepimpression. Any good author upon Hypnotism -will do to start with. E.46 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Affirmation. institutions and teachers of all grades of excellence. when used upon one's self. lying Principles of all schools of New Thought are: Mind con trols all the manifestations of Human life. $1 a year. The literature upon this subject is large. The success of practitioners in Suggestion in curing all manner of human ills. is making extensive demands upon its teachers. is termed Self-Suggestion Auto-Suggestion or better still. Through the use of Affirmation. one can cure all ills. Hudson's "Law of Psychic Phenomena" is good. one will fall into fads and impose limitations upon Truth. Whatever. and disease is the result of mental conditions. published in Chicago. but It this r was . They will open the way to a more accurate judgment than can be formed from advertisements. therefore." are especially recommended to be read before others are taken up. A * most essential knowledge in New Thought is that of Suggestion. A. are plentiful.and schools.and is now repudiated by all advanced thinkers in this field is Hypnotism. providing one will not be misled by his special plea for a dual mind and his prejudice against Spiritualism. tion of the source of the power." and my two books. The leading journal in this line is Suggestion. Without it. including failure and poverty. conduces to proper and healthful mental states. Carpenter's little book/ 'Plain instructions in Hypnotism.

under the name of "The Psyhave been investigatwith a view of ascer- chic Research Society. R. as everywhere in life. communicate with those still in the material form. Suggestion here." which is one of the most important works since Darwin's promulgation of "The Origin of the Species. Among them are Sir William Crooks. W. to discover the origin of the Among its more active members are included eminent psychologists." . H. under right conditions. Balfour Stewart. W. E. "Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death. Oliver Lodge. reported and studied. is the potent factor. Prof.NEW THOUGHT of thought. Savage. has given the world the results of these years of investigation in a work entitled. Heber-Newton. directed by the wise Suggestion of the Healer. Myers." This society has published the results of its researches and many have been convinced. physicists and authorative thinkers in many fields of activity. Andrew Lang. Gladstone remarked to Professor Myers that the work of the Society "was the most important being done in the world by far the most important. the secretary. Lord Rayleigh. and many others of prominence in England. by the phenomena so carefully phenomena. Arthur Balflour. F. own PSYCHIC RESEARCH SOCIETY. Hyslop. tific For twenty years or more a number of sciengentlemen. "the truthfulness of the common tales. William James. Minot J. 47 The power is that of the patient's mind. PRIMER. with Phillips Brooks. H. and others of equal power in the United States." ing psychic phenomena taining first. that Man lives after death and can. Myers. Barrett." next. J.

In the age of Christ. we reach the perception that may become continuous and progressive. incorporate. * * * The new conception is neither of benefactors dead and done for. into the deeper scientific conviction." In this outburst of faith he gives as the promise for the Twentieth century's zenith the realization of Immortality: have often felt as though the present age were ever unduly favored..and joint inheritor of one Infinite makes a hope. I can imagine no other crises of such deep delight. such messages that between. the delight of the first dim notion of cosmic unity and law. nor of shadowy saints imagined to intercede for us at the tribunals more shadowy still. In the age of Thales. Europe felt the authentic messages from a world beyond our own. less are the varieties of lofty joy. develops in infinite evolution towards an ever. inalienable. close linked beneath an un- What may known sway. inspiring us from their dates in the almanac. but rather of a human unity. that there is a deathless soul in man. Myers in these words announces the results of the study upon himself It seems to me that a growing conception of the unity and the solidarity of the Human race is preparing the way for a world religion which expresses and rests upon that solidarity.48 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. wherein is. and imperishable co-operant. be the opinion of other members of the committee. . End* certainty. In Greece knew our own age. virtue and love.nearing hope* towards "Him who is at once thine innermost Self and thine ever unattainable Desire. From the evidence presented he draws this conclusion: Every element of individual wisdom. as though no future revelation and calm could equal the joy of this great struggle from doubt into I from materialism or agnosticism which accompanies the first advance of Science. every man who has been or now living element. Prof.

there is a channel and fair way which future generations may learn to widen and clarify. . and adopts methods of bodily treatments and hygenic precautions while New Thought relies entirely upon Mental treatments. the true security the fear of spiritual extincis in the tele- pathic law. Ignorance of the Laws of Life on the plane of man's I existence responsible for the great horde of physicians drug stores. This extract from the Health Magazine by Dr. However. it cannot be properly classed with New Thought. this school recognizes. man may now feel for the first time at home. OSTEOPATHY. It recognizes body. This ally is heartily welcomed. to an ever-widening extent.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. They have secured legal recognition in many states. reveals some- thing of the position of Osteopathy: have found that where the organs of the body are thrown down by reason of the mental part being out of adjustment. that in spite of all physical methods the mal-adjustment continues and will. until the psychic part is adjusted. Burk. While this school of medicine is a great advance upon the old schools. 49 seen and unseen. of the College and Sanitarium in this city. W. the existence of sanitariums and all the different systems of cure in use is and nurses. but agree with it and the victory is complete and lasting. The worst fear is over. and drug-giving. at the present time. the true security is won. The worst fear was tion or spiritual solitude. P. in the Infinite Universe. the effect of mental conditions and adopts mental methods of Its progressive practitioners are healing. and are an important factor in securing Medical Liberty for all. Condemn no organ of the body. Nay. rapidly growing into Suggestive Therapeutics.

Dresser.50 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. lessons. lectures. and later applied the Principle he discovered and the philosophy she obtained from her acquaintance with Spiritualism. to her system of Biblical interpretation and method of cure. extended report of Dr. to publish early in the sixties. Quimby first History for of Mental Science. W. which is now the foundation Principle of all mental healing. His books are among the very best. I can mention only the most widely known ot authors I notice first Rev. Students of New Thought will find an exten- from which to choose. F. A. A." " Primitive Mind Cure. H. Dresser. Quimby. treatises. LITERATURE OF sive literature NEW THOUGHT." " Mental Medicine. Quimby. Dr. G. "Mental Cure. Maine. Dr." and by ex- perimentation came to the conclusion that disease was a belief. P. entitled " "Philosophy of P." and The True P. Quimby was first a practitioner in an "Animal Magnetism. Mrs. . The reader is refered to a book by Mrs." by J." -comprise a valuable library. ably the of Portland. Eddy was a patient and pupil of Dr. For several years he taught and treated from this Thought. P. Prentice Mulford was also one of the prolific and powerful these. Evans. He began Among Dearly authors. compends and journals are numerous. J. Dewey of New York City has taught for many years a rational." and "Esoteric Christianity. tracts. was probto apply in its present form the principle of Mental Healing. but spiritual interpretation of the Bible. Poems. Quimby. and his many works are a valuable contribution to New Thought." "Soul and Body." "Divine Law of Cure. essays.

J. The spirit of the old martyrs is upon the editors of New Thought journals. A. Newcomb. Colville. Anna Rix Militz. Emilie Cady. Dresser. Hudson Tuttle. Emma Curtis Hopkins. Helen Wilmans. Henry Frank. 51 recommended are the works of Ralph Waldo Trine. NEW THOUGHT No field JOURNALS. Horace Fletcher. Seward. Hudson. James Allen. Charles Brodie Patterson. R. which the twentieth century is to manifest. Dr. Robert G. R. Savage. Sir William Crookes. C. Ingersoll. Ernest Loomis. Franz Hartman. Alfred Russell Wallace. Each has his or her work in the great evolution of Thought. or believe in it. Stanton Kirkham Davis. F. Heber Newton. Lida Churchill. Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Edmund Whipple. Margaret B. and behind the word is that spirit of journalistic labor intellectual . Thomas J. Buchannan. but having up-to-date wisdom they do not invite martyrdom. Henry Wood. Eleanor Kirk. Helen Van Anderson. Nancy McKay Gordan. S. shows greater power than New Thought. P. These authors cover all the many phases of New Thought. Ursula Gesterfield. In addition to this fact is this more important one: they show a moral power that is a saving grace to the nation. Peak. Joseph Stewart. Thomas J. Lizzie Doten.NEW THOUGHT Especially PRIMER. Chas. Shelton. W. N. Fannie B. H. W. Call. James. Paul Tyner. Minot J. Doud. O. In strong and convincing words they speak. J. A. Close. F. and HENRY HARRISON BROWN. S. Hannah Moore Kohaus. Theodore F. Charles Dawbarn. Eugene Del Mar. Dowd. B. Andrew Jackson Davis. Anna McGowan. Kashnu Hara. Weltmer. Lillian Whiting.

Edited mon with Christian Science. Realization. which recognizes mankind as one. is a quarterly edited by Leander Whipple at $1. and they all trust that common Father who moves upon the hearts and brains of His children. is the only magazine of its class devoted to NewThought. C. $1. Colo. $1. It is the heavy artillery of the : movement. clear-headed woman edits this Church." but has nothing in comMrs. Brooklyn. bi-monthly. Radiant Centre.52 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER.. $1. Brooklyn. bi-monthly. Sea Breeze. Fla. Washington. edited by Charles Brodie Patterson. New York City. journals. D.. N. N.50. $1.. A progressive. Denver. Shelton calls himself " monthly. 50c. Christian. being in all ways an individualist. Y. Its philosophy all is indi- vidualistic and free from theological tend- Eleanor Kirk's Monthly." A journal with clear statements of the Principles of Life.. editor. Mr. Freedom. Holyoke.. D. by Thomas J. Sheltpn. Edited by Francis Edgar Mason.00 per year. It is an honor to be a co-worker with such men and women. Washington. Dominion. monthly. 43) Nautilus. of love. Y. C. This is one of the oldest and most widely circulated of New Thought Journals. $2. Mass. edited by Joseph Stewart. Here is a brief glance at the Journals Mind. N.. Eddy. Y. This is to be classed with the successful and outspoken of New Thought encies. Elizabeth Towne. weekly (see p. who for " Dominion years has been pastor of the . monthly and it is felt wherever read.. monthly.. Metaphysical Magazine.

The See. of Kansas City. $1. J. monthly. her principles of the highest and her ideal the noblest. Mallpry. an important place as it recognizes what many do not. Higher Thought. vibrations. P. Mich. Both are doing noble service. Mallory has published this for many years. Col. Portland. I am of the impression that it is the oldest New Thought journal. Fills 53 Kate Atkinson Boehme. Barton." of which Col. She is a very clear . "Oliver C. Mrs. which are -widely quoted. and C. monthly. This is the organ of The Reformed Christian Church. $1. Life.. Worlds Advanced Thought. 50c monthly. $1 and 50c. the reality of psychic phenomena.. Mo. have been noticed.NEW THOUGHT $1. Unity and Wee Wisdom. Washington News Letter. Evelyn Arthur and Chester editors. Sabin is Bishop. Lucy A. One of the oldest and staunchest of independent metaphysical journals. D. She is a great sower of seed thoughts. editor. Every word Mr. editor. monthly. 50c. C. Sabin. Ore.editors. Kalamazoo.. A journal of Applied Metaphysics. Kansas City. PRIMER. Barton pens for Life is fraught with a deep sense of the responsibility of his position as teacher. Aside from its close adhesion to Biblical terms and interpretations it has that nothing differentiates it from other phases of New Thought. They are welcome at "NOW" Home for the spiritual atmosphere they bring. Ella Wheeler Wilcox's articles in the Hearst Syndicate are valuable contributions to New Thought.. Washington. editor. A. A journal full of strong spiritual thinker and careful writer.

It is a fearless.00. Organ of the Prentice Mulford Society. D. free from the limitations of any authority but his own sense of right. This is the only Canadian journal advocating New Thought. Henry Harrison Brown. Fred Burfs Journal. EuIs a meaty $1. Allegheny. besides report of Phenomena. It. The editor publishes only his own articles and has no need to call assistance. now and eternally. Denver. Searchlight. Sheppard. It is in its 4th volume. G.. $1 a year. San Antonio. selections from leading A New Thought journals. He puts out a most helpful journal. editor. Cal. Can. a leading New outspoken . and dialect poems by carefully edited.. gene Del Mar.00. monthly. It Thought journal. $1. notices. Ralph Weston. Edited by Virginia F. Toronto. outspoken journal along Mental Science lines. book is poem by the editor. A clean little journal advocating Suggestion in healing and recognizing that psychic phenomena which demonstrates Man to be spirit Now. Mental Advocate. $1. monthly.. Editor. Its Fundamental Principle is and lives the spiritual life now. editor. $1 a year. Each number contains" Lesson in Soul Culture." a series of Affirmations. Common Sense Advocate. journal by a clear and forcible reasoner and Mental Science teacher. Its method of instruction is by Affirmation. Man is Spirit here.54 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. $1. 111. an editorial upon some phases of Life and its manifestation. San : Francisco. This is a comparatively new venture and evidently has come to stay lor it claims quite a circulation. Colo. A Journal of Affirmation. M. Tex. New Thought Pa. and Sam^Exton Foulds. Chicago.

It has powerful influence in literary and theological fields.. Philosophical Journal. $1. Ohio. Columbus. N. Light of Truth.. Mass. recommend the Banner of Light. Lilly Dale. $2 a year. Chicago. Sunflower. is a journal in its 21st volume..NEW THOUGHT : PRIMER. Mass. Among journals devoted to Spiritualism I MISCELLANEOUS. . Jenkins Lloyd Jones. is free in expression. edited by Jasper L. 111. Its spirit is 55 that and fearless. S. but chant the beauties of GOOD. at $1. $1. Unitarian minister at that place. edited by one of the most soulful of ministers.. Boston. It has contributions from the brightest writers and ministers. SPIRITUALISM. Cal. $2. a more carefully edited journal. Cal. Medical Talk. Boston. San Francisco. Among journals devoted Thought is in part to Newnoted: Magazine of Mysteries. published at San cisco. Shelbyville. N. $1. yet ever kindly.. $1. Unity. This is a fine little much less known than it deserves.. and while conservative. at 50c. monthly." THE UNITARIAN JOURNALS ARE: Christian Register. It is in the front rank of journals for its humanitarian and progressive ideas.. Columbus. little Franpaper Our Best Words. weekly. $1. weekly. There not in the U. of Emerson's admonition the "Don't bark against the bad. Is the organ of Western Unitarianism.. Y. O. Pacific Coast Unitarianism is represented by is the Pacific Unitarian. Douthit. Y.

but they are not New Thought. New Ruskin. $1. Reasoner. are no more a part of New Thought than are Geology. New Life. Fasting. $1. journal. Chromophathy. Many have cards in the various journals.. $1. etc. Omaha. B. SelfNeb. The reader is referred to them. devoted more especially to the Father Kneipp nature cure. New Thought recognizes Mind alone. TEACHERS AND SOCIETIES Are numerous in every city. Denver. Ida. Culture. PRIMER. 50c a year. Kan. Tenn. West wood. Dieting. Lawrence. 50c. Astrology. C. editor. etc. Y.. $1 a year. $1. take cognizance of body are the application of methods that recognize physical instrumentalities. It is not the author's business to decide what truth there may be in any system.. Braun. N. Riches. It is his business to classify. Dieting. editor. These may be truth. Anyone desiring lessons is recommended to take advice in regard to teachers from those well posted in New Thought. Moments.. Mind is all.. Chemistry and Physiology.56 NEW THOUGHT $1. Mind .. Palmistry.. San Luis Obispo. Vegetarianism. Occult Tiuth Seeker. 75c a year. 25c. Hygiene. monthly. two pages devoted to New Thought. P. It would require quite a book to contain their names. City. A very progressive Jacob Tulley. and cures alone through mental agencies. Naturopath. Ariel. Only those who teach and rely upon purely Mental Methods does he class as New Thought. They rest upon a recognition of the body. Calif. Mass. Physical Culture.. Monthly. Orfino. Graphology. All sorts of fads and personal idiosyncrasies are being palmed off upon the public as phases of New Thought.

the well known English writer upon Occult themes.NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. Many societies along each of the lines enumerated in preceding sections. and the only one. AND PROGRESS. SOCIETIES. tions are the reflection of mental conditions. This list of societies in Chicago sent out with the circulars for a New Thought Convention may be taken as a criterion for other cities College of Freedom. Universal Truth all : Club. Chicago Truth center. called body. entitled The Viveka Chintamani" That this Thought has penetrated every land is evidenced by the fact that has subscribers. Body All physical condiis the creation of mind. Esoteric Extension. and "NOW" Folk correspondents. printed in native tongue. Sara Wilder Pratt Rooms. in every land where English is spoken. edited by O Hashnu Hara. London. used by New Thought The axiom of the movement is teachers. New South Wales. Mental Science Institute. NOW . the English Magazine of Mysteries. 57 controls its manifestation. It is estimated that those who accept some phase of NewThought already number millions. Prentice Mulford Club. and one from Madras. Australia. The only foreign New Thought journals that come to NOW office are: The Light of Reason. The Century. FOREIGN JOURNALS. MAN HAS POWER THROUGH RIGHT THINKING TO CONTROL HIS ENVIRONMENT. Unpleasant conditions are to be removed by mental means. Thought is the instrumentality. published at Adelaide. and Truth Students. Exodus Soceity. India. have been formed over the United States. edited by James Allen.

No method. "Spiritual gifts. should be too critically examined. Explained and Defined. man has learned to cultivate physical them. which is an extended application of the present scien- AM method of investigation and practice. no Philosophy. I put forth Soul Culture." In this recognition. Soul Culture is an attempt to systematically Conscious of powers. but each should bestudied for the Truth there is in it. there is necessarily much chaff with the wheat. Spirit. and not as an expected perfect expression of Truth. and in this consciousness is recognizing within himself spiritual faculties. tific I AM SPIRIT^ ! Soul Culture is based upon the Affirmation: I AM SPIRIT which is the individual applica- . he has learned to develop them.Soul Culture and "NOW" Philosophy. As the best that can be formulated under present knowledge. or name them with Paul. All New Thought schools are more or less imbued with this perception. by carrying rational thought into spiritual fields. Call them "psychic" if it please 3r ou.. I AN UNFOLDING SOUL. he is learning to develop them. conscious of intellectual powers. He is now becoming conscious of himself ascultivate the spiritual faculties. is the Affirmation of progressive persons. conscious of esthetic powers. But in the inception of so great a movement. he has learned to discipline them.

NEW THOUGHT PRIMER." "Force. This One. among which are "God." "Energy." "Mind. AFFIRMATION." "Brahma. "NOW of Affirmation. and How TO THINK. the Law of Philosophy is based upon the Principle This is the individual side of I termed Auto-Suggestion and Self-Hypnotism. This also is a fundamental Principlein "NOW" Philosophy. It stands for that "power behind phenomena" which have recognized and named by various names. This is stating in the terms of today the thought of old as expressed in the words. Spirit. nothing is seen but the manifestation of ONE SOMETHING. and you have done for him all you can. It is now fundamental all philosophic and scientific reasoning! But in this system it is carried to its full logical extent. may UNITY." "Eternal Wisdom. all the work of Soul Culture rests. 59 tion of the larger Affirmation: ALL is SPIRIT! Let it be understood that no attempt is made to tell what this Universal Spirit is. and that something is GOOD. so is he.. ." "Intelligence." I prefer the term. "As a man thinketh in his heart. Teach a person WHAT TO THINK. It is also present Law of Human life." "Allah. The Law of Suggestion is the Universal and EverI WHICH THINK Suggestion: I AM THAT AM. Upon this Law. which I call indifferently Spirit or God." "Omnipo- men in all ages tence. Everywhere and in everything." which is to be interpreted thus: A person is controlled by his convictions of Truth. it. Through a one knowledge and application of control his fate.

that there is of Modes Mo- must also give up the idea ot duality. One was good and one was evil. Both Vibration and the resulting Sensation are named alike. but has passed The primitive man's. and also for the sensation produced by them. For instance: Heat is the name for waves of motion of a certain length and speed. is through Motion. This primitive idea still maintains its place among the masses. Good and evil are not conditions of the One. molecular. Evil is not in the mani- that Philosophy and Ethics . electric. The One Power cannot be both Good and Evil.60 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. that form of manifestation is known only as "A mode of Motion. but it is true. sound. So it is with light. These Modes of Motion differ in the speed of Vibration. that all we can ever know of IT. but are the mental attitude the individual takes toward manifestations of the One. atomic. To New Thought all is Good. Evil is not in the circumstance. it is the way in which the circumstance is viewed. or the action of ions. THE IDEA OF DUALITY. but in whatever form. it is manifest to the senses as Vibration. IT will not do to affirm that this One is Motion." The only way this One is known to us is through these modes of Motion. etc. the away from all who adopt New Science having demonstrated but one Energy under various tion. but no matter what the manifestation. idea of the Universe was that of two antagonistic forces ever at war. manifests in millions of ways. This motion may beetheric. and consciously recognized as Sensation. it follows Thought. child man's.

sun is good to the person who wishes it to ripen his grain it is evil to him who falls under its stroke. night. and through the phenomena of Telepathy. The circumstances of life are non-ethical. in the PRIMER. because it is a lesson. rain. These. are neither nor bad.* This is one of the principal Affirmations ot Soul Culture. Thus. but is the opinion one holds of that manifestation. to the wisdom and goodness of the ONE and affirms : ALL IS GOOD. sun. effects upon perience is knowledge and unfoldfment. " Modes of Motion. But the ultimate ot every human exthose he fears. TELEPATHY^ Soul Culture is in harmony with the deductions of science. Electricity. fire. 61 manifestations of Eternal Energy. New Thought looks beyond present appearance. To affirm it and actualize it by Jiving it is to make every circumstance good. easily endured." manifestations of Universal energy.. flood. The recognition of the All Good makes the manifestations of life joyous. etc. are in themselves without ethical significance. and subject to investigation and in- telligent control as are the ordinary forms of . wind. in lands where man is not. which is the translerance of a thought or an emotion from one person to another without material means of contact.NEW THOUGHT festations of God. When man comes among them food e soon divides them into those he enjoys and This distinction he makes himself. from their . It is now a demonstrated fact that Thought and Emotion are also forms of Force.

Only thus has any person accomplished anything in life. pain. failure. to control his life expression. since he can think what he chooses. CONTROL OF LIFE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF FINER FORCES * Understanding Thought as Force. because it is Force. Vibrations. the connecting link be- SPIRITUAL FACULTIES^ Heretofore man has limited his Modes of perceptions of Motion (Vibrations) to those recognized by his five senses. avoid sickness. and to the five senses is added those spiritual means of recognition which we term: Intuition. These are the conscious responses to the higher. and all unhappiness. NEW THOUGHT This fact is PRIMER. and Psychometry. sorrow. Clairvoyance. and make of himself whatever he chooses. The fact that Thought and Emotion are also Modes of Motion led to the discovery that man has means of recognizing these finer Vibrations. Man will in future moulds his Ideal into material shape. It unites physics and metaphysics. All possibilities lie latent within the Soul. tween Physical and Spiritual science. and how to develop any faculty at in his power. Inspiration. will. making of the two one Science of Mind. . and Thought. Soul culture teaches how to do this intelligently.62 Energy. it is possible by the persistent holding of an Ideal to become in manifestation that Ideal. Telepathy. man has it through the control of Thought. Since Man is that which he is convinced he is. as the five senses are to the lower. Through choice.

at times we feel depressed or elated without being able to find cause in the ordinary channels. A study of these sensations in the present recognition of Thought and Love as Power.all also called the Sub-conscious possibilities of Infinity. and possesses in the Real Self . and Love. awaiting unfoldmend into consciousness. man has trained the ear so that where the uneducated will not notice discord. 63 UNFOLDMENT OF SPIRITUAL &* Through application of the knowledge of sound as Vibration. These possibilities lie in it. the trained ear will detect a false tone on any one of fifty instruments. an individual Soul. Soul Culture is the result of thirty-five years investigation on my part of all psychic phenomena under the Law of Suggestion. Life. we FEEL uncomfortable in the presence of certain persons or in certain rooms. a part of the Indivisible ONE. and the methods of healing noted in preceding pages. Thought. ^ an Ego. and the fingers of the blind are sensitive to slightest inequalities in surfaces. has given rise to the many schools of New Thought. The trained eye detects shades in colors the ordinary does not see. All power and all wisdom are there. EACH PERSON Each person is IS AN EGO. we sense coming events. The tea taster has trained his tongue to detect slightest flavors.NEW THOUGHT FACULTIES ^ PRIMER. but upon the whole nervous system. not upon special organs. are there in limitless . This sensitiveness is an extension of the recognition of Sensations. Thought and Love produce Sensations. For instance.

All should recognize it as being here now. as "A son of God." when all shall be blessed." to the "Second Coming of Christ. success and happiness lies in knowing what and how to think and then . THINKING." as "The heir of all the ages. THE PURPOSE OF SOUL CULTURE Is to teach men and women so to think as to Infinite Supply. to help them.64 NEW THOUGHT PRIMER. to help men and women to consciously control their destiny through right thinking. ALL IS GOOD." man is to become conscious that he possesses 'dominion over all things. longings and hopes of mankind. for the Soul is One with Infinity. make conditions to fulfill all these prophecies. when one knows how to awaken into expression this sub-conscious self. by the Affirmation. and has the ALL for its reservoir. body and environment can be made as desired. for it comes to every one as soon as he recognizes that the Soul is one with Infinity arid he conciously lives in the Affirmations: I ' open to conscious manifestation this HERE AND NOW! I LIVE THE ETERNAL LIFE HERE AND NOW! SPIRIT AM . for Love. All may consciously. Therefore. through conscious choice." to a "Day of Redemption. for Supply in any direction. That time has come to thousands who have accepted New Thought. he can call upon it for supply of Life. With right thought and emotion." Mankind has looked forward to a "Millennium. Supply is Infinite. As a child of Infinite Energy. and thus ever manifest normally in that condition we call health can call upon it for Intelligence. The secret of health. quantity. to build life to desire.

Teacher. There is time here to mention one only. he recommends the student next to take his correspondence lessons. Edgar L. of Mt. in the Hearst papers. His books received praise trom many of our most prominent writers. Brown is one of the great teachers along mental and spiritual lines. These are the best correspondence courses ever put out. that amazing thing.'iid for one at a time. and Psychometry." Prof. Believing that you are interested in. says: "The most wonderful things are being discovered. There is NOW. it is a complex and comprehensive science.VOU Drop Who Read this Book . These can lie p. Brown's books and subscribing for his monthly journal (see announcement opposite title page^.) There is a real base to it. cnch bound separately. who is author of several other instructive books along mental and spiritual lines. and fanatical sects. in Line* Ella Wheeler Wilcox says: "If this is not a Spiritual Age. . Henry Harrison Brown. SAX FRANCISCO. 62 lessons in all. we take the liberty of briefly stating the treat we have in store for you. 1437 Market Street. These Correspondence Lessons include: the Art of Suggestion. "NOW" FOLK. Lect- no doubt~~but that Mr. WRITE TODAY ! Address. Larkin. Two lessons monthly are enough to master. it certainly is an age of Spiritual Hunger. It is worth more to you than Rockefeller's millions. is also editor of urer. Correspondence Department. the Art of Living. who have abused this majestic faculty of mind. and desirous of a greater understanding of Mind and Spiritual Law. CAL. . . The author of this book. Get the Best to Start With. Suggestion. Lowe Observatory. These Lessons form an Ideal way of studying the entire field of a line of thought intensely interesting. With each lesson belongs a letter (no extra charge) from the author. explaining all points not understood. thus giving time for growth." No Short Cuts^ You should ever remember that there are no short cuts to knowledge. (Hundreds of swindling fakirs have appeared. Reading Books*?* After reading Mr. and Psychonietrist.

000 (4/94) . 400. FACILITY Richmond Field Station University of California Richmond.RETURN TO the circulation desk of any University of California Library or to the NORTHERN REGIONAL LIBRARY Bldg. CA 94804-4698 ALL BOOKS MAY BE RECALLED AFTER 7 DAYS 2-month loans may be renewed by calling (510)642-6753 1-year loans may be recharged by bringing books to NRLF and recharges due date Renewals prior to may be made 4 days DUE AS STAMPED BELOW 1 1 1996 RECEIVEO ' APR 6 f. CIRCULATION QCT 2 4 20.

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