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Stipend Rules
1. Stipend Categories/Groups, Qualifications & Rates

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Category/ Group Pre-Matric a. Class 1-10 (Children of deceased and class A disabled ex service personnel). b. Class 9&10 (Children of normal ex service personnel) Group-1 Intermediate (FA/FSc or equivalent) Group-2 Graduation (BA/BSc or equivalent) Group-3 Post Graduation (MA/ MSc,M Phil, Ph D & Professional courses/classes)


Rs. 1000.00 On Promotion to next higher class. Rs. 750.00 Min 60 % marks in matric or equivalent and intervening classes. Min 60% marks in intermediate or equivalent and intervening classes. a. Minimum 60% marks in last board/ university exam and intervening classes. b. For normal scholarship in MBBS/BDS, Engg, D Pharmacy and DVM 70% in FA/F.Sc or equivalent classes for Ist Year and 60% marks for intervening classes. a. Correspondence Courses: Min 60 % marks in completed class/ course as well as last board/university exam passed. b. Regular Courses: Min 60 % marks in last Board/University exam(Matric, Intermediate, Graduation) as well as final/intervening classes On admission and promotion to next class (irrespective of marks obtained in Matric / intervening classes). On admission in Class 1 onwards (irrespective of marks obtained). 1. Students securing 80% & above marks in Intermediate or equivalent exam & undergoing Higher Professional courses as Rs. 2000.00

Rs. 3400.00

Rs. 6300.00

AIOU Courses

Normal rate of equivalent class/group


Rs. 2000.00

Disabled/Special children Excellence Award a. Higher Professional Courses

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Rs. 3600.00 Govt Institutions: Rs 12000.00 PrivateInstitutions: Rs 60,000.00



Fauji Foundation

Professional courses as per Para 6 c of FF Stipend Rules. 2. For A Level qualified students, min 80% Mks in two subjects of concerned discipline. 3. Continuation of Award. As per para 6 b of FF Stipend Ruls. b. Post Graduation 1. Min 80% marks in intermediate Exam. 2. Min 67% marks in BA/BSc or equivalent Exams. 3. Continuation of Award. As per Para 6 b of FF Stipend Rules. Students (male & female separately) securing 1st, 2nd& 3rd positions in Board/University exams. Note. Obtaining minimum 60% marks is mandatory to become eligible for Distinction Award. Note: a. For institutions following CGPA system, if the conversion criteria is not provided by the institution then it will be considered as follows:Grade A B GPA 3.5 2.5 Marks 80% 60% Board Exam 1st Rs. 20000/2nd Rs. 15000/3rd Rs.10000/University Exam 1st Rs.30000/2nd Rs.25000/3rd Rs.15000/-

Distinction Award

b. O level / A Level. In case percentage of marks obtained is not given by the institution, then it will be considered as follows:Grade A B C D Marks 90% and above 80% and above 70% and above 60% and above

2. Eligibility. 3. In-eligibility 4. Bar on Dual Stipends 5. Beneficiaries studying in Fauji Foundation Model Schools/Colleges 6. Excellence Award 7. Time Period of Stipend 8. Migration 9. Schedule 10. Procedure for Submitting Application 11. Payment of Stipend 12. Forfeiture of Stipends. 13. Correspondence and Queries These rules are effective from 01 Oct 2009 (Session 2009/10) and supersede all previous rules on the subject.
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