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Patumahoe Village Incorporated Minutes 28th August Patumahoe Tennis Club Meeting Opened at 8.

30 pm Present: Paula Crosswell, Vicki Lacy, Andrew Sinclair, Louise Sinclair, Glenn Hunter, Nick Wolfe, Gary Morriss, Kevin Thompson, Peter Askew, Apologies: Angela Smith Moved that apologies be accepted Andrew Glenn Agreed 1. Minutes of previous meeting: Moved that previous minutes were accurate Paula Vicki Agreed

2. Treasurers report no financial report as just done at AGM 3. Correspondence none discussed 4. Transport feedback Still trying to get feedback from AT re traffic calming devices/ kea crossings We could canvas the community for black spot feedback ask via the website as newsletter too expensive Need to produce a short term and long term transport plan as per Joel Crayfords report

5. Community Walkway Everyone like Whangamarie as the name for the walkway Andrew will get some basic signs done with Robyn but will investigate a carved entrance with George and Karl Moved, that PVI and Whakaupoko co-ordinate funding applications for future walkway and village signage Louise Paula Agreed

6. McMiken subdivision The planners have opposed our submission plus the walkway seems to have disappeared We will get a hearing in front of the AC planning committee We could have a community meeting and invite Bruce and Trevor, the final subdivision plan is very vague, the planners are aggressive and the community is unclear as to what the final plan actually means for the village. Be good to have a community meeting as it is a significant site and the impact on the community will be significant. Kevin expressed interest in being involved in organising this meeting. September?

7. Other business a) Website: We may be underutilising the website, Vicki suggested that we put Paula on a retainer to maintain the site and train others to use/post. Theres approx. 200 hrs. /year? Be good to have more people on email and using the website and get away from printed newsletters. Paula will work out how many hours per month are required and well see how we can apply for funding. We should move to emailing newsletters with a few available to pick up in the dairy etc. b) Andrew and Louise went to Jim Diers workshop -Andrew did written summary but key points are: Aim for specific projects with obvious, visible projects Identify good communicators who spread the word Have fun/social time is important Not too much of the GDBS (Grim Determined Bastards!) Focus on the positive and on what your group can do and the talents you have you will have more than you think! c) Possible walkway by railway line Possible project with rugby club, create an exercise circuit d) Priorities for possible projects 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) McMiken meeting Community walkway signage and opening Traffic plan kea crossings and signage Plant fruit trees Community gardens Mauku clean stream

e) Kevin suggested a small business support group offering free professional services to local business, e.g. Health and Safety advice; need a BID but first need businesses to set this up. f) Peter asked about update on reserve land options in PVI spatial plan. We have been advised by local board that no more money is likely for Patumahoe, most allocated to projects such as Karaka. We will need to submit on unitary plan as it affects zoning (next June) Penny Hulse may be interested to come out and talk about MOM for Patumahoe follow up with Penny and Ross Moffat. Meeting closed at 9.40

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