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Project Guide
: Prof Litty Denis

Prepared by Name:Hardik D Jani Roll No: 35 SEM: 1

Submitted to: S K Patel institute of Management and Computer Studies


This is certify that Mr. Hardik D Jani student of S K Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies submitted his written project on organizational study submitted in year 2011-12 in partial fulfillment of the Kadi Sarva Vishwavidhyalaya requirements for the award of the title of the Master of the Business Administration.

Prof Sonu V Gupta HOD

Prof Prakash Chawla Coordinator

Prof Litty Denis Project Guide


I hereby declare that the winter project titled Organizational studies is original to the best of our knowledge and has not been published else where this is for the purpose of the partial fulfillment of the Kadi Sarwa Vishwavidhyalaya requirements for the award of the title of Master of Business Administration.

Students Name
Hardik D Jani



As the student of the MBA practical knowledge is required for applying our theoretical knowledge in the real world. This requirement is fulfill by winter project on organizational studies at Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd.

This year the opportunity is given by the SKPMCS for apply my theoretical knowledge and get brief information that how the whole organization works and get the basic knowledge about the each and every department like HR, Marketing , Finainance ,Production.

The report contains the information about the each department of the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd. The analysis about the packaging industry at the globe and in India.


every organization the departments and working conditions are totally

different this report contains that the theoretical knowledge and the real position are totally different . It is not possible that each and every theoretical principles are applicable


I am Grateful to the authorities at the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd who granting permission for the organizational studies. I give very special thanks to Mr.Udaysingh Parmar who gives me proper guidance for the practical studies.

I am highly obliged to the SKPIMCS(Gandhinagar) for give optertunity for Winter Project at the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd. I acknowledge my thanks to the Prof Litty Denis for providing me proper guidance to apply the practical knowledge.

I am also obliged to my friends for their continuous support and sharing the knowledge.


The report start with the industry analysis of the packaging industry because Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd produces flexible packaging material so the brief information about the packaging industry is given in the Industrial analysis. In the industrial analysis the brief information abut the position of the packaging industry at the world level and at the national level, the types of packaging, market share of the different country at the Globe position.

Than in the next chapter the brief information about the company including departmental information is given. The company profile starts with the history and developments in this topic the history of the company is given than in general information the introduction of the company is given .

The first department which is covered is production department in which the types of the products , information about the raw material and production processes is considered

The next department is the Human Resource Department in which the Time Keeping system, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal system, Wage and salary administration, facilities to the employees is covered.

After HRD the marketing department is covered in which the information about the pricing policy, advertising, Channel of the distribution, sales promotion these points are covered.

After marketing the finance department covered in which the balance sheet of the company is given and analysis of the balance sheet in different points like common size statement, Net working capital, operating cycle, ratio analysis.


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Topic Industrial Analysis Company Profile Research Methodology Conclusions and suggestions Bibliography

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History of the packaging

Milionis of years ago people hunted for food and ate it once soon they realized that they could keep their food longer if they protected it, so they made packets from animal skins , large levees and keep water in containers made from coconut shells and dried vegetable skins. Today we use lots of different packaging and containers to keep food and drink clean and fresh.

Packaging Industry at Globe

Today the size of the packaging industry worldwide (EST.) usd600Bn excluding machinery packaging. Only US packaging market accounts for 24% of world market. The world packaging industry has been growing at the rate of the 3-5% per annum. World packaging marketing by region :2010 Region Value US $Billion Western Europe North America Japan Asia Pacific Latin America Eastern Europe Rest of the world Total 125 120 65 65 30 15 30 450 28 26 15 15 7 3 6 100

Market share%

Annual growth%

2-3 1-2 1-2 8 7 6 7 2-4

Packaging Industry India

The Indian market for all types of packaging material is estimated validity between Rs.280billion to 300bilion per annum. Consumer packaging is highly fragmented with only a small percentage of company above Rs 1billion sales revenue mark. Bulk packaging is primarily in the small scale sector mainly on accounts of the Governments reservation policy for SSI sector.

Markets for Consumer Packaging in India Product Flexible packaging Rigid plastics Printed Cartons Glass Bottles Metal canes Craps &Claws Labels Others Total Value(Rs Billion) 32 28 24 16 11 10 6 21 148/

Flexible Packaging Market


The globe market for the flexible packaging estimated US $ 65 billion and in India it is Rs. 32 billion. The main end users being food industry at 50%


General Information

Name: Address:

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd Idar Road, Dhandha Himatnagar, Gujarat - 383 001, India

Telephone : +(91)- (2772)222015 / 222206 /222208 Mobile : +(91)-9825070452

Year of Establishment

: 1996

Nature of Business

: Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Trader

Number of Employees : 101 to 500 People


: US$ 0.25-1 Million (or Rs. 1-4 Crore Approx.)

Major Markets

: Australia/NZ, Indian Subcontinent, East Europe, East Asia, Central America, North Europe, Middle East,

South America, South/West Europe, South East Asia and North America

Size of the Unit:

This unit is Medium Size Unit

Form of organization:

This is Privet Limited Company

Product Profile

We are a leading manufacturer and suppliers of an exclusive range of packaging materials. Our range of products is manufactured using raw material like Kraft papers, polyester and polyfilms and designed to meet the aesthetic senses of our clients. Our range comprises: Food Packaging Pouch, Laminated Pouch, Sealed Pouch, Packaging Pouch, Printed Pouch, Laminated Sheet and Polythene Bags.

These packaging material possess the following features:

Leakage Proof Light Weight Tear Resistant Tamper Proof Fine Finish Durable


Bankers: State Bank of India

Chairman : H K Kumar Directors: M A Patel C P Sharma U D Parmar

Auditors: D P Zala



Sabar Flexi pack Private Ltd., incepted in the year 1996, to fill a gap in the plastic packaging domain that needed to be filled up. Today, we are one of the leading packaging solution company. Our organization since then has flourished under the inspiring guidance of H.K. Kunwar, a renowned name in the plastic and printing business. He is diploma holder of printing technologies and has worked in this line since 1991. Our reputation has been built on 'can do' approach to each and every project.

Saber Flexi pack committed to providing excellence in product quality and innovative solutions to the world wide packaging industry. We develop packaging solution that can give the brand a competitive edge. We are dedicated to the process of manufacturing high quality packaging solutions.. Supported by highly committed team of technicians, we can ensure products/services, that perhaps some of our competitors cannot.


Production Department

Production department is department in which products are made according to quality and quantity in the market.

Products Food Packaging Pouch

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd offer a comprehensive range of Food packaging pouch that can be availed in roll form or the pouch form and can be made of various combinations of polyester and polyethylene, BOPP and polyethylene, BOPP and BOPP, polyester and metallic polyester and polyethylene, polyester and aluminum foil and polyethylene, polyester and cast polypropylene (CPP), paper and aluminum foil and polyethylene.


Food packaging pouch have varied colors and come in a maximum of five layers which have graver or flexographic printing. We have this material in roll form, three side seal pouch, center seal pouch, stand up pouch, zip lock pouch and side gusset bag.

Laminated Pouch

The Laminated Pouch that Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd offer is made from high grade raw material. The laminated pouches we offer are best in quality and are specially used in food packaging industry. Some of its application areas in the food packaging industry include:

Biscuit Spices Tea Powder Kurkure Ghee & Cheese Snacks


Packaging Pouch

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd have Extensive range of high utility packaging pouch are used for packing of granular and floury products. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd offer the packaging pouch at the most competitive prices and on stipulated time period to our clients.


Sealed Pouch

The clients can avail from us multicolored and multilayer flexible sealed pouch. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd offer the market the widest range of heat -salable laminates to suit specific end user requirements; right from polyester metalized polyester, Polynesians, aluminum foils, oriented and cast polypropylene films to name a few.

Raw Material

Polyester LD Films

INK Chemicals

Quality Assurance

<! -- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> W are motivated by quality to scale new heights of excellence. Offering quality products has been the unwavering commitment of our organization. By adhering to international quality standards in our range, we have garnered honest credibility, trust and goodwill in the market. Being a quality driven organization, the team of our quality controllers ensures that all the products undergo a stringent quality tests. It also ensures to use high grade raw material for the production of pouches.

Some of the quality checks parameters on which, we test our products are as follows:

Quality Durability Flexibility Capacity Leakage


Manufacturing processes

First the design (Art Work) made in the computer as per consumer requirements, than design sent to the prepare cylinder out side the factory than after printing on 12 Mic. Polyester , printed polyester laminated with LD Films. After 5-7 days sitting the material and send to the pouching department to makes bags(pouch) at some times .At last stilled rolls will be Dispatched as per consumer requirements


Human Resource Department

Human recourse is very important in all companys management because employees role is very important in the unit. Its object is to make their maximum contribution to the effective working of that under taking

HRM is managing their employees and workers work very carefully. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd use that phase of management which deals with the effective control and use man power as distinguished from other sources of the power.

Organizational Structure of the manufacturing department

Managing director

HR Manager


Senior officer

Junior assistance




Recruitment means discovering of the potential applicant for actual anticipated organizations vacancies for meeting the requirement of staffing schedule. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd use this tool very effectively. In Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd recruitment is connected with two types of the people, those who wise the job and those who seek the job.

Recruitment sources

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd use flowing sources for the recruitment

News papers Magazines Advertising Internet


Selection Processes

Selection very useful in selecting employees from the recruitment. The selection procedure is concern with securing relevant information is secured in a number of steps or stages. The process of the selection in Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd is as follow:

Reception of applicant

Preliminary interview

Application blank

Psychological tests


Reference check

Final selection by interview

Physical examination



Time keeping system

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd has adopted punching card system. There are four machines set up by the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd. A card provided to each and every employee of the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd by entering card in to machine the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltds authority know about the time ,date , shifts and month.

In Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd time is divided shifts. 8:00am to 4:00pm 4:00pm to 12:00pm 12:00pm to 8:00am


Training is the systematic programmer of the organizations which aims at the stipules, skills and the ability of the worker to perform specific jobs.

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd provide On the job training methods for their employees as below:

Vestibule training Apprantership Rotation of the position


Development is the processes of covers not only those activities which bring about growth of the personnel. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd preliminary concern with developing in an employee the habits consistence with orienting mostly given for unskilled and semiskilled job electrical and as well occasional handling.

Job Description

Job description concern with job itself and not with the work. It is the statement describing the job in such terms as its title, location duties, working conditions and hazards.

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd keeps the record of their employees duties, responsibilities and authority of the employee.


Performance Appraisal System

Performance appraisal system is the procedure of evaluating the performance and qualicification of the employee in terms of the requirement of the job which he employed.

Facilities to the employee

Medical facility Housing facility Transportation facility Canteen facility Vehicle facility


Marketing Department

Marketing is all about identifying and meeting human social needs.

It is

concentration pain between Industry and customers. If there is no marketing in industrial products it become like car without fuel?

Organization Structure of Marketing Department

Managing Director

Executive Director

General Manager

Area Manager

Depot Manager



Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd is the famous brand in packaging industry towards North Gujarat so Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd faces many competitors as below

Parikh Packaging Pvt Ltd Paras Pack Pvt Ltd Color Flex Pvt Ltd Kamaxi Flexi pack Pvt Ltd


Advertising is helpful to increasing sales in the organization. When sales is increasing the growth rate of the organization is automatically increasing. Advertising is tool for building image in the mind of our customer. There are following sources of the advertising is used by the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd:

Internet News Papers Radio Holdings


Pham plates

Pricing Policy

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd decide price on the Basis of the market competition and following internal Factors

The cost of raw material The cost of transportation The total cost of the production Excise and tax The cost of the advertising

Channels of distribution Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd use the following Channels of Distribution

Company Depot Distributors Dealers


Retailer Customer Sales promotion

In the modern world sales promotion is an important tools for growth and development of the organization. Sales promotion tools are used by most of the organizations, manufacturer, retailer Trade association and non profitable organizations.

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd used following ways for promote their sales

Sales promotion by demonstration fair Speeches press notes Advertising in newspapers and magazines


Financial Information

Finance management is concern with equation and wise utilizations of the funds by business firms. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd have give importance to the finance department for utilization and managing of the funds. Finance department is an essential part of the organization because finance is blood of the company

Organization Structure

Finance manager

Senior manager




Profit and loss A/c of Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd as on 31st march 2010 Particular A-Income sales Other income Stock variation Total B-Expenditure Central excise duty Purchase of finished goods Material Consumption Manufacturing Expanses Personnel Expanses Sales and administered expanse Financial Charges Depreciation Total Profit before taxation Taxation provision Provision of earlier Year Profit after Taxation Add: bal. brought forward Profit available for app Appropriation Proposed dividend 470064


27395590 748011 1382645 29526246

1272756 1914959 167401840 1208375 2323027 33553561 924639 407863 28345364 1180882 150000 00 1030882 2387062 3717644

Dividend tax. General Reserve

47964 250000 768010

Net bal. trans. To bal. sheet


Balance sheet of Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd as on 31march 2010

Particular A-sources of funds Share holders Funds Share capital Reserved and surplus 5875810 12014530 17890340 Loan Funds Secured loan Unsecured loan 5606060 1767970 7374030 B-Appreciation of funds Fixed asset Gross block Depreciation funds Net block Investments Current assets loans and advances Inventory Cash and bank balances Loans &advance Debtors 57648411 10248855 441260 3106933 22561889 Less: Current liability & Provision Creditors Provisions 5382157 129064 6672221 Net current assets Miscellaneous Expenditure


10286499 1552482 8734017 1919

15889668 638766



Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis is the analysis of probability efficiency between Two important figure. Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltds Analysis of the ratios are given below.

Current ratio = Current assets / Current liabilities = 22561889 / 6672221 = 3.31

It means that for every Rs3.31current assets company has only Rs 1 current liabilities.

Liquid ratio = liquid assets / liquid liabilities = 16797048 / 677221 = 2.52:1

It shows the flexible results

Quick Ratio = quick assets/ liquid liability


= 10248855/ 677221 = 1.54:1

It shows the very close results Net Working Capital Ratio = Net working capital /Net assets = 1589668 / 8734017 = 181.93% This shows that it is higher than the companys last years performance

Debt Total Ratio = Total Debt / total asset = 7374030 / 31598906 = 23.33%

This shows the stronger financial position of the company

Interest leverage ratio = EBIT / Intrest = 2105521/924639 = 2.28

This ratio shows that the company have 2.28debt servicing capacity enforces as a fixed interest on long term

Proprietary Ratio = Proprietary fund / Total asset = 2540274/ 31598906 = 65%


The position of the company is very strong

Common Size statement

Particular Assets Fixed assets Cash Bank Loans &7 advances Debtors Investor Total assets Liabilities Share capital Reserves and surplus Creditors Provisions Total liabilities

Amount 20574917 10248855 44160 6106933 57648481 45070376 5875810 12014530 5382157 124064 2340561

% 21.64 10.33 6.46 6.42 60.64 99.497 25.11 11.34 23 0.55 100



Research Objective

To know the basics about the packaging industry To know how different department works in the organizations To know the ability of the report To know practical study of the organization To know how whole organization works

Scope of the study

In this report the opportunity find for the study of the Four different department of the organization . The scope of the study is platy off for earn the knowledge about the practically how each and every department differentiate practically and the theoretically.


Methods for Data collection

For the collection of the data the study sagest the convenience sampling method is appropriate.

Data collection sources For my study I use the Internal and the external sources for the data collection

In internal sources the data is collected by the reliable sources of the Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd

In external sources I use the internet, magazines and news papers for collect the data



The limitations for the convenience sampling method is the data are not easily available the workout is necessary for the collect the data


The conclusions and suggestion are given below

Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd do not have their own websites so create websites immediately it is necessary for the sales promotion Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd should increase sales promotion through internet and Banners

The financial position of the company is very strong so they should increase the area of the sales Saber Flexi pack Pvt Ltd should consider more factors in pricing decisions

Use performance appraisal organizations

for increasing the productivity in the




I have been able to prepare this report by studying following books. This books give me proper guidance about the report.

Finance management R Narayanswami

HRD C B Memorial

Marketing Philip Kotller

Magazines Business world Fortune use for the further information