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Mission and Vision Town Hall Public Forum Comments From: October 1, 2008, WC 8 present --need to distinguish CSN

from other NSHE institutions --switch “changes lives” to “improves lives” --CSN is too informal—write out name --remove “benchmark” from vision --add diversity statement to vision --mission is not dreamy (discussion reveals that group doesn’t think it’s inspirational) --tense concerns—should word vision as future --vision includes a lot of what we do now and not just what we want to be --need to be able to attain elements of the vision and need to be accountable for everything—be able to measure and demonstrate/document how we achieve components --need to include something about our flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing conditions in community, economy, with workforce, etc. and should be reflected in mission and vision, maybe include something about ‘responsiveness to community needs’ --group likes ‘dynamic’ and ‘engaged’ --group prefers erring on the side of simplicity for mission --group stated appreciation for communication by Committee and opportunities to learn about and participate in process; group also discusses how other groups such as advisory groups might be involved in the broader process, is pleased that the new planning process is iterative (group likes this), that the results can and should be used for marketing the college --facilitator noted upcoming town halls during other major points in the planning process and that all can participate via the website From: October 6, 2008, CHY 15 present --‘support services’ should also be in vision --some don’t understand what benchmark means --“international” is missing from mission --group prefers ‘value’ over ‘recognize’ --to the mission: add ‘teaching and learning’ and add ‘lifelong’ to learning --to vision: consider adding comment about being valued ‘beyond the local community’ (NSHE charge for CSN to serve our particular area primarily is noted) --mission: add colon after teaching to include everything that follows --need to create a vision with more staying power—don’t plan to change it even if process is iterative, same with mission (intent that these are generally maintained until next major planning process occurs is noted, but that iterative process allows for flexibility and adaptability if needed—group appreciates this) --should be able to fit mission on back of a business card: maybe 5-7 words is best with a pneumonic for vision or acronym to help brand us --group suggests that strategic plan can be used to streamline our operations at the college

--include something about what we do to enrich the economy—may come from the Legislature—enrich doesn’t connote anything about that, and the mission contains no word that speaks to that --add ‘economic viability’ before ‘enrich’ --add ‘practical learning’ --vision: on last 4 bullet point lines, how would the community value us for these? --change ‘data driven’ to ‘accountable’ --change ‘environmental awareness’ to ‘sustainability’ --avoid ‘effective utilization’ because of negative connotations --change ‘effective utilization’ to ‘responsible utilization’ --they wonder: ‘effective’ use or ‘efficient’ use? What’s more appropriate? --questions about structure: vision bullets are tough to read, could turn them into a narrative structure instead --idea: email to all students, faculty and staff to do a final follow up check—do they feel that they all fit into the mission and vision? If not, what needs to be added? Does it resonate with everyone? --add ‘learning’ before ‘opportunities’ --vision should be an ideal, it should speak to the ideal of what we want to be --specific structural suggestions: Teach Engaged with the community Accountable to students, industry and business Culturally and environmentally aware Helping achieve dreams (creates acronym: TEACH) Or Technologically innovative and driven Effective Anchored to the community Culturally and environmentally aware Higher Learning (same acronym) From October 7, 2008 HN 9 present --mission could say “access to quality learning environment/opportunities --remove benchmark because it demands people ask ‘against what’ etc., could replace with ‘world class’ --could use ‘fact based’ or ‘accountability’ rather than data driven --student success is better than graduation rates because we have more control over it and can define it --mission is more of a statement of fact than a mission—present tense takes away the inspiration so it doesn’t feel like a mission—solution: “the mission of the college of southern Nevada is to…”; have never seen a mission without something like “we aim to”, “to create” suggests direction --vision needs to be future tense to set up objectives and include specific things we want to do and can’t for now due to funding problems

--mission: omit ‘opportunities’ and replace with ‘CSN improves lives through…” –this would be okay because using ‘access’ suggests opportunity --we need to be able to prove that we can do everything in the mission and then the vision (after some period of time) --vision: CSN is a “high quality institution valued for…” --need to be careful about claiming we’re better than others because then it leads to potentially odd and uncomfortable defenses --vision: could add “prosperous”