7 DAYS Part I: 08-10 February 2012 Part II: 06-09 March 2012
The following modules are included in your Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification Programme: 1. Learn the Art and Skill of Listening and Communicating Introduction and skills in using the NLP Communication Model How you uniquely experience the world out there How you make your world a delight or disaster How you delete, generalise and distort information in your world How your state of mind-body-emotion has you, and dictates the quality of your life How you can master your reactions and choose your responses to yourself, others and the world How to be fully present to another person Noticing what is really going on for others Watch what the eyes say Learn to listen with skill

2. Learn the Skill of Supporting Others Learn to gain instant rapport, how to meet people in their world (people like people who are like themselves) How to develop deep connection through a meeting of the minds Understand the language preferences of others Step into wisdom as you learn the multiple perspectives of reality

3. Learn and Grow your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), through State Management Mastery Discover and use the Map/Territory Distinction Learn State Management 101 Learn state accessing, elicitation and anchoring skills Patterns for overcoming difficult situations

Learn Precision Questioning – How to Ask Great Questions Understanding the Meta-Model Free your thinking. learn about the multiple levels in language Questions and Effects Understand POWER conversations for outstanding clarity The SCORE model The Dancing SCORE 5. Strategies and Modelling Tools The Strategy Elicitation model The TOTE model Strategy Elicitation patterns Understanding how you understand. motivate ourselves and make decisions More about the SCORE Model The Dancing SCORE . learn. The Meta-States Model Introducing the Meta-States Model Meta-States for framing and re-framing Understanding and changing limiting beliefs Learn the NLP six step reframe process Conscious reframing Reframing criticism Reframing motivation (or the lack of it!) 7. believe.4. Learn to Detect How You and Others Think Defining Meta-Programmes (perception filters) The 60 Meta-Programme Template Meta-Programme Mastery Changing Meta-Programmes 6.

.00 per person Discounts apply for groups of 6 delegates or more Maximum 25 delegates per programme Early-bird discount: 10% reduction on the course fee if you book and pay for your place by 31 December.00 per person 3.8. Other. NLP and NS Patterns Time-Lines as Meta-States Change Personal History Change History using Meta-States Releasing Negative Emotions Destroying Unresourceful Decisions Re-Imprinting Finishing Unfinished Business Creating a New Reality Aligning Perceptual Positions (Self. Time-Lines Introduction to Time Eliciting Time-Lines – how we make sense of time Changing Time-Lines The Trance-Logical Levels Using language hypnotically The Milton model Kinaesthetic Time-Lines Changing Time-Lines 9.00 per person 2. Observer) Effective Selling Effective Negotiating Having Great Meetings 10. Part 1 only (Coaching Essentials Certification) . Part II only (for delegates who already have Part I) – second 4 days only: R 7 500. Assessment Assessing Practitioner Standards for Competency Testing your Knowledge You leave this programme having integrated the learning. confident in the knowledge that you are fully competent to do all this going forward! Investment 1. Full Meta-NLP Practitioners Certification (7 day training): R 12 500.first 3 days only: R 5 500.

Leadership Coach and Trainer RELEVANT TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION  NLP Practitioner Certification 2002  ISNS (USA) Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) 2003 & 2009  NLP Master Practitioner Certification 2005  ACMC Group and Team Coaching 2010  Certificate in Applied Business Psychology & Human Behaviour – UNISA 2010  Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer (Hong Kong 2011)  MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change – Henley Business School (United Kingdom -underway) MEMBERSHIPS  International Federation of Business & Professional Women – SA Chapter (BPW-SA) . Leadership Coach and Trainer RELEVANT TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION  Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies 1990  Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) 2008  Identity Compass® Practitioner 2009  ACMC Group and Team Coaching 2009.YOUR TRAINERS Barbara Walsh – Director.Chairperson and Head of Coaching & Mentoring  ICF (International Coach Federation) – Practitioner Member  MCF (International Meta-Coach Foundation) – Licensed Coach Practitioner  COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) – Practitioner Member/Evaluation Panel  ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) – Licensed Trainer  IPM (Institute of People Management)  Businesswomen’s Association (BWA) – Head of Coaching & Mentoring (2007-2009) Danny Tuckwood – Director. 2010  NLP Practitioner Certification 2010  Neuro-Semantic Modular Trainer (Hong Kong 2011)  MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change – Henley Business School (United Kingdom -underway) MEMBERSHIPS  Assistant Regional Director.Licensed Coach Practitioner  ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) – Licensed Trainer . Meta-Coach Foundation  COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) – Practitioner Member/Evaluation Panel  ICF (International Coach Federation) – Practitioner Member  MCF (International Meta-Coach Foundation).

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