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Centralising your Digital Tachograph Data

Driver Card and Vehicle Unit Tachograph Data collected and transmitted from any location Ideal for canteens, receptions,
The minimum legal requirement
It is a legal requirement to download data from both the vehicles Digital Tachograph Unit and the drivers card. This can prove to be a logistical nightmare when drivers and vehicles are spread across the country.

warehouses and transport o ces.

Simple to set up and easy to use

With digipostpro you can choose between the GPRS (mobile network) or local area network (LAN) versions. digipostpro can be mounted to the wall using the xings provided and is relatively simple to con gure.

digivu - download key

The digipostpro comes with its own dedicated Download Key, the digivu. The digivu is one of the fastest Download Keys on the market, is simple to use and is highly con gurable. The digipostpro also supports the digifobpro.

Full EU Drivers Hours Law Rules built in

The display keeps drivers informed of progress throughout the brief upload process and in turn informs them of any recent drivers hours infringements. The unit can even provide company messages to the driver when required.

Some of the technical bits

The digipostpro uses the Internet to communicate to a central server. You can choose to host your own central server or use in conjunction with the services of any of the supported software vendors. Data is sent using secure authentication methods.

From depot to head office or to your software provider automatically

compliance....driver safety....maximising performance....simplifying processess

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Centralising your Digital Tachograph Data

Drivers upload their own card data without fuss Driver managers can upload VU data for remote sites
Straightforward on screen feedback
The built in display provides useful feedback at each stage of the upload process (see adjacent screen shots).

Typical uses for digipostpro

digipostpro was speci cally designed for remote sites with limited IT infrastructure. digipostpro can be totally standalone and placed in any position. Drivers can have constant access and can therefore upload their own data without fuss. For organisations with a large single site or fully networked locations there is a LAN version of the digipostpro.

The informative display provides the user with useful feedback on the progress of data uploads. The built in EU Rules engine allows drivers to be informed of Drivers Hours infringements.
DigiPostPro Insert Card....


DigiPostPro Sending... 4096 / 26502 O2 UK


Software & Management options

Fully managed web service Server software for in-house management Managed via approved reseller
N.B. Each option is subject to an appropriate annual fee.

Technical features
LCD display (70mm X 40mm) Serial connection for digifobpro Automatic built in driver card reader Robust plastic casing Dimensions; H:120mm, W:210mm, D:40mm 12 volt power supply Internal GPRS modem or TCPIP network module Wall mounting with four concealed xing points 1 year return to base warranty MANUFACTURER:
Prosys Development Mill House 44 - 46 Mill Green Road Mitcham Surrey CR4 4HY UK Tel: 020 8687 3900 Email: www.

Infringement Insufficient daily rest (0h00). 9 hours were required by 25/04/2009 17:36 12/24

DigiPostPro Please contact the transport office on 020 8721 9874 O2 UK


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