Water - and wastewater treatment – a growing market

Berit Gullbransson, Director of Swentec

Swentec.Swedish Environmental Technology Council map the Swedish environmental technology field compile analyses to reveal the opportunities and obstacles in the development and business within environmental technologies coordinate and mobilize create meeting places communicate Sweden’s competitive advantages .


Water .and wastewater treatment – a growing market • Over-exploited water resources • Population growth • Climate changes • Polluted water • Industrial growth • Inefficient irrigation within agriculture .

Water supply and sanitation in urban. peri-urban and rural areas .Water usage in Europe WSSTP.

Swedish water.and wastewater treatment is divided into: Water and sewage treatment Treatment of water from industry Surface water and leachate component contractor consultant customer .

which then gave Swedish companies competitive advantages Sweden has a comprehensive view of water and wastewater treatment. resource efficiency and purification of prioritised substances . which gives benefits within sludge handling.The Swedish resource base Swedish knowledge within water and waste water treatment is good within industrial area small and mid-size companies Swedish treatment technology within water and wastewater treatment is not unique it was expanded at an early stage. nitrogen purification.

has not been technology driven A few large companies account for the majority of exports within water technology within building contracting. in general. chemicals and separation technology often with secondary operations The market is more mature than many other environmental technology industries with fewer innovations and more large companies . where Sweden. pumps.The Swedish resource base Surface water and leachate is an area that is being developed the demands are dependent on population density and access to water use of technology differs between countries.

but in general. Sweden does not use technology that differs from what is used in the rest of Europe . the level of technical innovation is governed by these customers’ demands Public procurements There are good examples with good technology.High potential companies within water.and wastewater treatment for public sector The end customer is the most important factor for development of new technology The customer within water and sewage / surface water and leachate is mainly the public sector No economic incentives and the incentive to export water treatment technology for end customers is often low In those cases where companies have Sweden as the primary market.

iron and steel industry.High potential companies within water.and wastewater treatment for industry Implementation of environmental technology provides competitive benefits in the form of smaller resource and energy costs demand and advanced solutions have increased the degree of technology the forestry industry. engineering industry and pharmaceutical industry .

V.Companies with high potential within water and sewage component contractor consultant water & sewage plants* Borlänge Energi* Stockholm Vatten* Umeva* ABB ABS Group AquaTec Alfa Laval AnoxKaldnes H.R ITT Flygt JOSAB Kemira Kemi Läckeby Water Malmbergs Water Wapro Ifö Ecotrap Läckeby Water Malmbergs Water SEAB Skanska Umeva IVL SWECO Viak VAingenjörerna ÅF Process .

Companies with high potential within the industry sector component contractor consultant industry* ABB ABS Group Alfa Laval EKA Chemicals ITT Flygt Kemira Kemi Mercatus Sala Rollpump Wallenius Water Westmatic Mercatus Scanacon Skanska Westmatic ABB IVL SWECO Viak VAingenjörerna ÅF Process Astra Zeneca* Korsnäs* Sandvik* SAPA* Stora Enso* .

Companies with high potential within surface water and leachate component contractor consultant customer* ABS Group AquaTec ITT Flygt Eden Aquatech Westmatic Skanska Stockholm Vatten Umeva IVL SWECO Viak VAingenjörerna WRS WSP Borlänge Energi* GANSKA* Ragn-Sells* SITA Suez* Stockholm Vatten* Tekniska Verken Linköping* Vägverket* .

How to strengthen the export possibilities Different forms of financing demo plants both in Sweden and abroad Stimulate R&D within water technology area more climate efficient water use and technology The criteria for public procurement need to be improved Develop the system solution approach stimulate project for training in system approach .

Categorization and marketing of the companies .

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