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Scale: Support and Materialize Wall, Column, Slab, Roof

approx. 160 approx. 150 in color, 25 b/w, 200 Drawings 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-0040-8 English EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-1577-8 English EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-0346-1578-5 English

Available May 2013

Designing and constructing load-bearing building elements
Wall, support, ceiling, and roof make up the skeleton of nearly every building. This fourth volume in the series SCALE, Support and Materialize, takes an in-depth look at these load-bearing structures, covering the development and realization of appropriate constructions from idea and design intention all the way to constructional implementation. Following the traditional building methods of massive, cross-wall, and skeleton construction, it points the way toward a materialappropriate constructional approach to these defining structural elements – wall, support, ceiling, and roof. Special attention is given to how constructional and technical considerations can be harmonized with spatial and formal commitments. The loadbearing elements are organized, described, and explored in detail from a material as well as a formal and constructional perspective. Their practical implementation is illustrated by a series of international examples. Covers the development of constructional solutions from first design idea to call for bids Provides the necessary information for design, construction, and implementation Detail drawings highlight constructional solutions for design ideas International project examples illustrate practical implementation


Creating dynamics. Innovations PAGES ILLS.CONSTRUCTION | MATERIALS | BIRKHÄUSER | 3 Uta Pottgiesser. 200 in color.00 978-3-0346-0883-1 English Available March 2013 From idea to product In the construction sector. as well as implementing use-additive processes — all these processes are discussed in order to clarify the necessary collaboration between various actors in the construction industry. Case studies exemplify the transformation of ideas into prototypes or products.00 978-3-0346-0882-4 English EUR 69. Groundbreaking solutions clearly explain the role applied sciences play in the active collaboration between university and industry. as well as the interdisciplinary integration of disciplines and experts. developing and optimizing planning tools.) Product Development and Architecture Visions.0 cm. Methods. Documentation of groundbreaking interdisciplinary collaboration Presents case studies and research results from current practice English . Introductory essays comprehensively explain the thematic and methodological framework. demand is steadily increasing for innovative products. shifting boundaries. Holger Strauß (Ed. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN 176 approx. building and expanding networks. or the "Printed Envelope. conserving resources.95 / USD 63.” which resulted in the realization of a building with a bioreactor facade at the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg in 2012. 50 b/w. Product Development and Architecture presents selected examples that illustrate how the planning disciplines can contribute to such innovations in building. 150 drawings 22.95 / USD 98.” the result of a collaborative research project in which free forms for the facade design were generated from 3D computer-generated processes.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-0841-1 English EUR 44. Softcover EUR 44.0 × 28. This publication presents interdisciplinary collaborative projects such as the “Seaweed Facade.

The third chapter illustrates the various fields of application with a selection of some twenty-four international built projects. and interior design. A comprehensive and detailed presentation of what technical textiles can do Systematically presented.95 / USD 112.95 / USD 70. interior design. 300 in color. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN approx. 240 approx. Hardcover EUR 49. and design. solar protection. the emergence of innovative materials has created new opportunities to utilize this fascinating material in the fields of architecture. Textiles derive their fascination from the special forms these fabric structures make possible and from their unusual character as soft materials. with many international examples English French .95 / USD 70. In recent years and decades. textile facades. 200 Drawings 22.00 978-3-0346-1381-1 English 978-3-0346-1396-5 French Available March 2013 New uses for a protean building material Textile architecture has been captivating humanity for many centuries. they possess a range of capabilities equally suitable for spectacular and everyday building tasks. Together with their functional and structural properties. with special attention to finishing techniques and construction principles. Construction and Interiors PAGES ILLS.00 978-3-0346-1350-7 English 978-3-0346-1339-2 French EUR 79.0 cm. This book deals with technical textiles in three sections: in the first chapter.00 978-3-7643-8972-7 English 978-3-0346-0709-4French EUR 49. the second chapter deals with its uses in the areas of architecture.0 × 28. the material is introduced together with its specific properties.4 | BIRKHÄUSER | CONSTRUCTION | MATERIALS René Motro Flexible Composite Materials In Architecture.

in the final chapter. 120 b/w.0 cm. the Santa Maria Church in Porto by Álvaro Siza. he was also intensely interested in religion and faith.0 × 27. 50 Drawings 21. The first comprehensive presentation of Le Corbusier’s church architecture Sets Le Corbusier’s religious architecture in relationship to recent exemplary church buildings Makes detailed use of the latest research English . His work deeply influenced church architecture in the twentieth century. the Cloister of La Tourette. the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut de Ronchamp. Inge Linder-Gaillard Sacred Concrete: The Churches of Le Corbusier PAGES ILLS. as well as the Kapelle der Versöhnung (Church of Reconciliation) in Berlin by Reitermann & Sassenroth. FORMAT PRINT ISBN approx. examines his influence on church architecture in Europe in the twentieth century. and the Church of St. 224 approx.00 978-3-0346-0823-7 English Available March 2013 Architectural space and religious ritual Le Corbusier not only designed and built churches. presents his four designs for La SainteBaume. Tadao Ando’s Meditation Space in Paris. Pierre. 70 in color.95 / USD 84. Hardcover EUR 59. This book examines Le Corbusier’s relationship with religion in two introductory chapters. Inge Linder-Galliard also holds a PhD in architecture and has researched and written about Le Corbusier’s work in numerous essays. Flora Samuel holds a PhD in architecture and teaches design and architecture history at the University of Bath. and is the author of numerous publications. and. UK. the Chapel of Saint Ignatius in Seattle by Steven Holl.ARCHITECTS | BUILDINGS | BIRKHÄUSER | 5 Flora Samuel. Examples include the Jubilee Church near Rome by Richard Meier.

and from there via the Middle East to China.00 978-3-03821-424-3 English EUR 139. Thailand t ype A ir por t size 563. with the focus on Germany.00 978-3-03821-005-4 English Available Comprehensive monograph on a renowed architect Helmut Jahn is world-famous for buildings like Frankfurter Messeturm (1985-1991). Singapore. Japan and Korea. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN 448 approx.6 | BIRKHÄUSER | ARCHITECTS | BUILDINGS Helmut Jahn. Luxury edition Sketches by the architect give insight into the design process Large scale.) Photography by Rainer Viertlböck Helmut Jahn: Process – Progress PAGES ILLS. The photos are combined with a comprehensive collection of Helmut Jahn’s impressive design sketches.0 cm. the structural features. informative photographs Su var n abhumi I nter nat i onal A i r port English location Bangkok . the proportions and ideas on the materials. Las Vegas (2006-2010). Hardcover EUR 89.95 / USD 126. starting in Chicago and the United States in the 1980s and expanding initially to South Africa.00 978-3-03821-424-3 English EUR 89. 100 Drawings 26. not to forget just as clearly outlines of the engineering required for the facade technology and construction work. Albrecht Bangert (Ed. An text by Helmut Jahn himself comments the philosophy behind his buildings. In a luxury edition this book shows in large scale and high-quality photos by the well-known photographer Rainer Viertlböck the increasing international reach of Helmut Jahn’s oeuvre.95 / USD 196.95 / USD 126.0 × 35. airport Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (1995-2005) and the Veer Towers. They provide inspiring insights into the development of the buildings and the underlying design process. Berlin (1993-2000). The drawings present the buildings in their overall context of urban surroundings. Sony Center with the Bahntower. then to Europe. An essay by architecture historian Franz Schultz explains the meaning of Jahn’s oeuvre within the contemporary architecture.000 sm st at us design 1995 / completion 2005 . 250 in color.

clients and future users as well as the diversity of their aesthetically refined and finely detailed designs. 30 b/w. Mark Kingwell. developed with leading climate engineers Transsolar of Stuttgart. Hardcover EUR 49.00 978-3-0346-1429-0 English Available April 2013 Canada’s foremost architectural office Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects.95 / USD 112. is one of most innovative architectural offices in North America today. Ontario. Rotman School of Management in Toronto. KPMB is part of Toronto’s recent fame as a major architectural destination Documentation of 30 attractive projects Authors of international renown English .95 / USD 70. and the Joseph L.95 / USD 70. Mirko Zardini Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects PAGES ILLS. founded in 1987 in Toronto. The work ranges from cultural institutions such as the Toronto International Film Festival and Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis to ecologically innovative concepts such as Manitoba Hydro Place in Winnipeg. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN 240 approx.50 cm. 80 Drawings 21.00 978-3-0346-1428-3 English EUR 79. 300 in color. Thomas Fisher. They have made a name for themselves both for their integrated design process embodying collaboration with experts. as well as future projects for the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) and Princeton University in the United States.0 × 29. educational and research facilities are also a strong focus in KPMB’s work exemplified by the Centre for Innovation and Governance Campus in Waterloo. illustrated by the designs for the Royal Conservatory and the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. A respectful approach toward the integration of heritage buildings is also a characteristic feature.00 978-3-0346-0828-2 English EUR 49. Finally.ARCHITECTS | BUILDINGS | BIRKHÄUSER | 7 George Baird.

Minneapolis Central Library.8 | BIRKHÄUSER | ARCHITECTS | BUILDINGS Michael J. Xiao Bai Lo Tower in Tianjin and Torre Cajasol in Sevilla. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN 304 aporox. Pelli Clarke Pelli are one of the world‘s leading architectural offices Elegant facade solutions informed by advanced building technology More than 70 attractive international projects English . Many projects also fulfil urbanistic roles: They create urban spaces or act as iconic landmarks within the city fabric. These are usually characterized by taut.00 978-3-0346-0825-1 English EUR 59. 80 drawings 25.0 cm.95 / USD 84. They are known in particular for their elegant and technically advanced tower designs. Crosbie Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects PAGES ILLS. The publication encompasses a selection of works from the past eight years.0 × 29. National Museum of Art in Osaka. founded in 1977 by Cesar Pelli. Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco. 37 b/w. A model-making workshop within the office helps to find the appropriate form. The unusual office structure of Pelli Clarke Pelli informs the work: an almost craft-like perception of architectural design and a close personal relation with the client are typical for their approach. Hardcover EUR 59. seamless envelopes without exposed profiles – their visual structure is achieved by subtly staggered forms or variations in the color or materiality of the façade glazing. 397 in color.95 / USD 126. is an architectural office of worldwide renown.00 978-3-0346-0870-1 English EUR 89.00 978-3-0348-0871-8 English Available May 2013 Visions for the contemporary city Pelli Clarke Pelli.95 / USD 84. Amongst the documented projects are Bloomberg Tower in New York.

clear. Long the domain of mechanical engineering and automotive design. 150 in color. shows how it works. parametric models can now be used as innovative tools for creative and efficient design work. The author. Written by a leading expert and teacher Systematic. Methods. Hardcover EUR 49.00 978-3-0346-1298-2 English EUR 49.0 × 28. Barrios. is an architect with a background in computer science and fine arts. illustrated with international built examples and instructive drawings by the author. Barrios Parametric Design in Architecture Fundamentals. and applications of parametric design for architects Parametric design is a form of computeraided design. and focuses on its functional advantages and practical applications. are defined and interconnected by variable attributes known as parameters.95 / USD 112. Applications PAGES ILLS. Carlos R. and is quickly becoming a standard in day-to-day architectural practice. This book explains parametric design.95 / USD 70.ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN | BIRKHÄUSER | 9 Carlos R. this book provides a thorough point of reference on a complex subject. and Foster + Partners. He has accompanied the development of parametric design at MIT in Cambridge and in cooperation with large practices such as SOM. and has conveyed the principles and applications for many years in teaching. 100 b/w. such as architectural components. Systematically structured.0 cm.00 978-3-0346-1430-6 English EUR 79.95 / USD 70. It counts as one of the most advanced methods in schools of architecture. then explored by international avant-garde architecture. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN approx. in which geometrical elements. 216 approx. and applicationoriented With numerous drawings by the author English . methods.00 978-3-0346-1431-3 English Available May 2013 Fundamentals. 100 Drawings 22. KPF.

10 | BIRKHÄUSER | ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Ivana Wingham (Ed. Explores the many dimensions of line as a fundamental design element Fascinating and inspirational image material from architecture. design. The editor Ivana Wingham is an architect and a member of the Architectural Association in London. and art With contributions by Ricardo Scofidio. It cannot be reduced to a purely linear system. interrupted. both consciously and suggestively. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN approx. Hardcover EUR 49.00 978-3-0346-0875-6 English EUR 79. UK. 240 approx. zigzagging. but rather takes on complex and dynamic forms that attract the viewer in various ways.95 / USD 70. Whether analogue or digital. or design in general.0 cm. 60 Drawings 23. using fascinating examples from architecture. line is mobile because it unfolds on the surface: as a straight. and art. or even invisible force. The book is a page for page celebration of the manifold aspects of line. urban design. Monika Grzymala and Marco Frascari English . 180 in color.00 978-3-0346-0879-4 English Available April 2013 Line: A fascinating element of design Line is the constitutive moment of every drawing and forms the core element of any design — for architecture.) The Mobility of the Line Art Architecture Design PAGES ILLS. bent. as well as interviews with designers and essays by various authors. snaking. Athony McCall.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-0824-4 English EUR 49. art. Diana Agrest. design.0 × 30. She is Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader of Master in Architectural Studies at the University of Brighton.95 / USD 70.

FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN approx.00 978-3-0346-0893-0 English Available June 2013 Dictionary of architectural experience — the vocabulary of space Architecture is an experience — with the intellect and with all our senses.” “readability. 130 Drawings 16. Hardcover EUR 39. a clarification of terms is essential in order to avoid the vagueness that often prevails when talking about architecture.STUDIES | PROFFESIONAL PRACTICE | BIRKHÄUSER | 11 Alban Janson Fundamental Concepts of Architecture The Vocabluary of Spatial Situations PAGES ILLS. and in use.0 cm.” “wall. But in order to actually discuss and assess it with relevance.” and “axis” or “proportion”.95 / USD 84. or the layout and visitor routes through a museum.” “patina.0 × 24. Accurate sketches by the author illustrate the text and form a visual counterweight to explain a total of 134 keywords Complex architectural concepts are explained in detail Architectural theory translated into clear concept Easy to understand for the interested non-professional English .00 978-3-0346-1261-6 English EUR 39.” the most important terms in architectural language are explained precisely and in detail. in motion. the staging of an entrance situation.” “spatial structure.” “symmetry” and “tectonics. From “context. This dictionary provides a vocabulary that allows the architecture discourse to go beyond the declaration of constructive relationships or the description of architectonic forms in familiar terms like “roof.” to “width” (and “narrowness”) or “window.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-0346-0892-3 English EUR 59.95 / USD 56.” through “guidance. The point is to describe the experience of architecture: how exactly does it contribute to the experience of a situation? For instance. 400 approx.” “base.

and hands-on suggestions. Described in this manner. It explores basic aspects of interior design (ceilings. wall paint. But for students of architecture. the staging potential of light. space-defining shrubs. the form requires a particular material. Axel Müller-Schöll is an architect and interior designer. the design process seems simple and straightforward. 80 b/w. doors. 100 in color.) Basics Architectural Design PAGES ILLS. and notebook. But how are rooms structured. The idea is formulated into the concept. it is in most cases a difficult learning process. It also focuses on means of recording and communicating designs: methods of representation. But designing can be learned! What are the conceptual possibilities for finding the first step towards a design idea? What methods can be used to develop the idea and to arrive at an architectural concept? Furthermore. practical tables. Hardcover with elastic band EUR 34. 200 drawings 15.95 / USD 42.5 × 21.50 cm. and on site The Japanese-bound pages can be cut open for customized personal additions Axel Müller-Schöll Manuscript Essentials for the Everyday Use of Interior Architects and Designers 2nd Edition PAGES ILLS. and also lists key terms in a multilingual table. Architecture is created.95 / USD 49. There are also stimulating statements on design-related issues from prominent architects. the space is given shape. Good ideas are one thing. observations. and designers. glass. wood products. An additional special feature of this publication are the pages with space for personal additions.00 978-3-0346-1319-4 English Available April 2013 English .0 × 15. “Design Methods”. 120 b/w and 130 drawings 22. stairs) and the relevant materials used (rugs. FORMAT PRINT ISBN approx. rules of thumb. He teaches at Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle (Germany).00 978-3-03821-560-8 English Available February 2013 English An indispensable tool for the design practice. concrete). discusses how to use plants in green facades. floors. interior designers. and notes. walls. guide. 144 in Japanese binding approx. The study companion from the first semester onwards All other established textbooks assume a basic knowledge: the BASICS start from zero Consistent didactic concept Student-friendly price Bert Bielefeld (Ed. FORMAT PRINT ISBN 304. the concept is expressed in the formal language. architecture is first and foremost the designing of (indoor) spaces. “Materials” and “Spatial Design” in the successful student series Basics now gathers the fundamental topics of architectural design together in one book and thus in one context answers crucial questions concerning the hows and whys of the design process. 336 approx.0 cm. stone. This updated and expanded second edition addresses new and important topics in day-to-day design practice.12 | BIRKHÄUSER | STUDIES | PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE From idea to materiality: The basics of architectural design The fundamental idea is the starting point of every design. This book helps users to successfully communicate those ideas A compendium of practical tools and advice for studies. Softcover EUR 29. for the office. rather than merely decorated? What role does the use of materials and materiality play? This compilation of the volumes “Design Ideas”. now in the 2nd edition MANUscript is a reference book sui generis: a combination of inspiration.

00 978-3-03821-002-3 English EUR 89.00 978-3-03821-476-2 English EUR 59.95 / USD 84. Numerous new products have been introduced to the market and designers’ thirst for knowledge about the sustainability of new material is as strong as ever. as well as to innovative projects by designers and architects that work with new materials and technologies.95 / USD 126. There is a chapter dedicated solely to the criteria and factors of sustainable product design.3 × 28. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN approx.0 cm. making a sequel to Material Revolution necessary. 220 approx. The significance of sustainable and intelligent materials in design and architecture has increased enormously over the last two years. Current overview of sustainable materials available today The focus on lightweight building materials addresses the importance of material efficiency Brand new information on functional materials and intelligent surfaces English .95 / USD 84.DESIGN | INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE | BIRKHÄUSER | 13 Sascha Peters Material Revolution 2 New Sustainable and Multi-purpose Materials for Design and Architecture PAGES ILLS. The new volume contains a similar system of classification but covers a completely different range of materials. Hardcover EUR 59.00 978-3-03821-003-0 English Available June 2013 Sequel to the bestselling Material Revolution Following the huge success of Material Revolution. 500 in color 22. this second volume addresses the rapid development of material research and presents materials new to the market since 2010.

) Designing Interior Architecture Concept. Typology.14 | BIRKHÄUSER | DESIGN | INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE Sylvia Leydecker (Ed. All in all. The appendix contains information for further research.95 / USD 196.7 cm. Softcover EUR 89.00 Softcover 978-3-0346-0680-6 English.95 / USD 126.95 / USD 126.95 / USD 70.00 ISBN 978-3-0346-1583-9 English Available April 2013 Comprehensive compendium on interior architecture and design Designing interior spaces is a task that is equally relevant as architecture. In this comprehensive work. Hardcover and Softcover EUR 89. Hardcover 978-3-0346-1302-6 English. “Designing Interior Architecture” is a fundamental reference work for all those professionally engaged with the design. and urban design for those working professionally in the built environment.5 × 29. Material. an international and interdisciplinary team of authors presents the essential aspects of the various fields of contemporary interior architecture and design. They have been selected according to consistent criteria for all chapters of the book and represent the essential building types. 368 approx. Construction PAGES ILLS.00 978-3-0346-1580-8 English EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK EUR 139. Comprehensive reference work for the field of interior design in the footsteps of Constructing Architecture and Constructing Landscape Written by an international. Softcover . including exhibition stand design. Hardcover English. landscape architecture. FORMAT PRINT ISBN approx. The authors place the collaboration between the various design disciplines at the center of focus. The project examples are illustrated with brilliant photographs and plans. 700 in color. as well as a broad range of today’s design approaches.00 Hardcover EUR 49. interdisciplinary team of authors High-quality. consistent illustration English. 100 drawings 23.

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design Information technology by Lars Grau. Graz. Managing director of the Association of German Architects (BDA) and formerly in charge of the Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX) Working internationally 2: How international do we work? by Simon Hamilton. art and science as design inspiration by Marina-Elena Wachs. Cologne. Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences Quality of life by Michael Catoir.DESIGN | INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE | BIRKHÄUSER | 15 Content Inbetween – Interior architecture between architecture and design by Sylvia Leydecker. air and acoustics by Peter Ippolito. Design consultant Working internationally 1: Interior design without frontiers by Thomas Welter. Studio Catoir. University of South Australia Sustainability: industry standards and innovation by Liliane Wong. Rhode Island School of Design. and Professor for Architectural Design and Housing. Associate Professor of Interior Architecture. 100 % interior. freelance architect. London Nano materials in interior design by Sylvia Leydecker The aesthetic qualities of light. ippolito fleitz group. and voluntary Vice President of the Union of German Interior Architects/Designers BDIA Developing a discipline: interior design education and research by Joanne Cys. USA Fashion. SPLITTERWERK. Stuttgart Technical systems and fire safety by Johannes Stumpf. Professor of Design Theory. Head of Department Interior Architecture. Berlin Building in existing fabric: access for all and conservation by Johannes Stumpf Media by Mark Blaschitz. Simon Hamilton & Associates and International Director. Chris Lefteri Design. music. British Institute of Interior Design . Paris and Milan Materials and surfaces by Chris Lefteri.

digital media.95 / USD 63. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN approx. corporate design.95 / USD 98. This book invites comparison. Up-to-date overview of prizewinning design from German-speaking countries Covers all disciplines Designs are judged by a jury consisting of experts in the field Publication by the respected Deutscher Designer Clubs Extensive list of prizewinning projects English / German . product design. photo.00 978-3-03821-008-5 English / German EUR 69. both within and between the various categories. graphic fine arts. Whether architecture. or film. 645 in color 14. Hardcover EUR 44. They document the high level of quality maintained by the contributing designers and firms. making it a valuable and handy compendium of project assignments and creative solutions.0 cm.00 978-3-03821-565-3 English / German EUR 44. 540 approx.00 978-3-03821-009-2 English / German Available May 2013 Prizewinning Design Gute Gestaltung 13 presents prizewinning designs from all disciplines.0 × 19. the works awarded prizes by the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) in its annual Gute Gestaltung (Good design) competition demonstrate design excellence and skillful use of form.16 | BIRKHÄUSER | DESIGN | INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE Edited by Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) Gute Gestaltung / Good Design 13 PAGES ILLS.95 / USD 63.

150 Drawings 17. Systems. Hardcover EUR 49. the repertoire is now expanding by means of new. and OMA. At the core of the publication is the question of how the projects were designed and what methods and tools were available to the designer. for the most part. the basic compositional principles are. KCAP Architects & Planners. 276 approx. In addition to the classic design that evolves in the mind of the designer. 100 b/w. 300 in color. in which variable parameters automatically influence the design and provide a range of possible solutions. Rolo Fütterer and Markus Neppl Designing Cities Basics. computer-based methods. and Spaces Urban design is based on planning and design principles that need to meet functional demands on the one hand. the HafenCity Hamburg. Principles. FORMAT PRINT ISBN approx. Designing Cities examines the most important design and presentation principles of urban design. Although designs are almost always dominated by the spirit of the times.95 / USD 70.0 × 24. but on the other hand bring the design elements together into a distinctive whole. such as parametric design. Components.0 cm.LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE | URBANISM | BIRKHÄUSER | 17 Leonhard Schenk with Constributions by Oliver Fritz. Tools for urban design Current projects and award-winning competition entries by renowned international practices A textbook for students and a practical design aid for practicing architects and planners English . timeless. MVRDV. Three “Best Practice” examples. using selected historical examples and contemporary international competition entries designed by practices including Foster + Partners.00 978-3-0346-1325-5 English Available May 2013 Urban Design: The Arrangement of Structures. Projects PAGES ILLS. and in the southern part of the city of Tübingen illustrate in the final chapter how awardwinning urban planning concepts and designs can be realized successfully. Belval-Ouest in Luxembourg.

Other projects develop smart re-use concepts for railroad tracks that no longer serve their original purpose. architects and planners to fully realize the benefits to our cultural and natural systems. Hardcover EUR 49. This book examines the potential of landscape as infrastructure via essays by notable authors and supporting case studies by SWA landscape architects and urban designers. and discusses controversial topics – since the professional world needs a forum for spirited debate.0 × 30. no longer belongs in the exclusive realm of engineers and transportation planners. landscape architects and urban planners Landscape Architecture Europe Foundation (Ed. and everyone in the public and private sectors who wishes to participate in the debates surrounding architecture and city planning. portraits of outstanding personalities.95 / USD 35. 60 drawings 30. and several master plans for ecological corridors in China and Korea. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 192 approx. Sections : • News • Columns • Dossier.18 | BIRKHÄUSER | LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE | URBANISM Now available as revised edition: The successful title on integrated ecological landscape planning Infrastructure. ’scape puts planners under the microscope. Softcover EUR 24. geographers.95 / USD 70. such as KyungChun railway in Seoul or Katy Trail in Dallas. 140 in color. the restoration of the Buffalo Bayou in Houston. FORMAT PRINT ISBN ’scape approx.00 978-3-0346-1272-2 English EUR 49.00 978-3-0346-1585-3 English EUR 79. probes deeply into topics of current interest. 168 approx. and urban design.0 cm. and habitat. Lively.95 / USD 70. with international voices and a critical eye. city planning. architects.0 × 24. engineers.00 978-3-0346-1586-0 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available March 2013 English The international magazine of landscape architecure and urbanism ’scape is the international magazine for landscape architecture. as we know it. Landscape Architecture Europe Compiled in cooperation with internationally active specialized journalists. performance. artists.0 cm. All case studies are described extensively with technical diagrams and plans for repositioning infrastructure as a viable medium for addressing issues of ecology. city planners. concise essays.) Landscape Infrastructure Case Studies by SWA – second and revised edition PAGES ILLS. Defining contemporary infrastructure requires a multi-disciplinary team of landscape architects. project developers. infrastructure is experiencing a paradigm shift where multiple-use programming and the integration of latent ecologies is a primary consideration. among them the technologically innovative roof domes for Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Science in San Francisco. and information Produced by the editorial of the Dutch landscape journal Blauwe Kamer and the experts of the book series Fieldwork.95 / USD 112.depth feature articles. ecologists. transit. Pioneering examples from the United States. and reviews of new literature. ’scape is aimed at landscape architects. with feature articles • Essay • Portrait • Project critique • Plan critique • Reviews Contains comprehensive background material. explanations. urbanism. 30 b/w 23. In the context of rapidly changing cities and towns. 340 in color.00 978-3-0346-0781-0 English Available English . China and Korea With a new essay by Pierre Bélanger Publication was recipient of 2012 ASLA Honor Award The Infrastructure Research Initiative at SWA (Ed. it presents selected news items. solidly based and informative project critiques.) The International Magazine of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism PAGES ILLS. in .

in einem zusammenhängenden Gebäudekomplex bündeln. Das Sockelgeschoss. sowohl den Ansprüchen des Bauherrn nach einem repräsentativen. rhythmisieren die Fassaden der Büroetagen. die die Büroräume der Versicherung aufnehmen und ein fünftes Gebäude.90 / USD 154. accessibility for the disabled and the important task of light planning. Düsseldorf 2– 4 Neubauten kadawittfeldarchi-tektur. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 176 numerous illustrations and colour photos 23.0 × 29. Teile der Garage.DETAIL | 19 Christian Schittich (Ed. eine Bürolandschaft mit 30 000 m2 in ein bestehendes städtisches Gefüge unter Berücksichtigung des vorhandenen Bestands einzubinden. in dem fremdvermietet Funktionen des täglichen Bedarfs wie Post. steering of visitor flows. Staged paths and exciting communication spaces Innovative concepts for providing infrastructure and new space strategies Spectacular lifts and escalators Typological spectrum of project examples AachenMünchener Direktionsgebäude in Aachen Architekten: kadawittfeldarchitektur. ist vorwiegend geschlossen und durch die goldfarbenen Paneele horizontal gegliedert. Es entstanden vier Häuser. Die Herausforderung bestand darin. The separation between circulation areas and space dissolves. Sprinkler und Rauchmelder sind hinter einer abgehängten Decke aus weiß lackiertem Streckmetall verborgen. unusual floor plan arrangements or stairway sculptures that define the space provide staging for the required pathways.7 cm. they often create compelling yet surprising room constellations: Spectacular lifts and escalators. Alle notwendigen haustechnischen Einbauten wie z. Betonwerksteinplatten im Empfangsbereich und anthrazitfarbener Terrazzo als Bodenbelag für den Boulevard erzeugen eine städtische Atmosphäre. orientation in space.00 978-3-95553-140-9 English EUR 109. Für großzügige Ausblicke in die urbane Umgebung sorgt die geschosshohe Verglasung des Stegs. die lange Zeit durch die beiden zehngeschossigen Büroscheiben der Versicherung aus den 1970er-Jahren und diverse Anbauten verbaut war. When architects make it into the pivotal element of their concepts. Diese wünschten sich eine Anbindung des umgestalteten Bahnhofs mit der Aachener Altstadt. Hardcover EUR 69. wurde Raumhohe Fensterelemente. die über einen verglasten Steg. route guidance.und Seminarräume. B. 3 1 English 2 5 4 6 . miteinander verbunden. ohne das Areal von der Öffentlichkeit abzuschirmen. Aachen 5 Haupteingang am AachenMünchener-Platz 6 2.00 978-3-920034-89-8 English EUR 69. die über die Dachränder weitergeführt wird. because circulation areas become a space of sojourn and communication.90 m (Boulevard) 122 100 m3 34 900 m2 16 850 m2 2010 35 Monate 3 2 4 1 Bestandsgebäude und Neubauten fügen sich durch einen zentralen Boulevard zu einer Einheit und sind in die gewachsene Stadt eingebunden. die sich mit goldfarben eloxierten Aluminiumpaneelen abwechseln.00 978-3-95553-151-5 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available June 2013 Pleasant and Inviting Circulation Areas A necessary evil or a fascinating design task? Designing circulation areas is about making building components and spaces accessible in the horizontal and vertical direction while taking into account a wide variety of requirements. Bauabschnitt. Im Inneren der Bauten wird diese Verbindung zu einem Boulevard. Konferenz-. der den Nutzern mit seinen Aufweitungen und Verengungen als Raum für zufällige Begegnungen und Kommunikation zur Verfügung steht. So werden unterschiedliche Nutzungen in der Fassade ablesbar. Circulation areas take on the characteristics of an amenity and become an exciting spatial experience as well as a crucial criterion of a successful design. fremdvermietet 7 Pocketpark 1 AachenMünchenerPlatz 2 Haupteingang 3 Foyer Projektdaten: Nutzung: Konstruktion: lichte Raumhöhe: Bruttorauminhalt: Bruttogrundfläche: Fläche Büros: Baujahr: Bauzeit: Büro Stahlbeton 2. Werkhof und Technikräume befinden. Das Versicherungsunternehmen wollte seine Geschäftsbereiche. den sogenannten Boulevard. Transparenz und Durchlässigkeit zu entsprechen. Am neu entstandenen AachenMünchener Platz ist der Boulevard über eine ausladende 20 m breite Freitreppe an das Straßenniveau angebunden und öffnet sich mit einem repräsentativen Foyer zum Stadtraum. in dem sich Lagerflächen. Alongside extensive project documentations that provide a great deal of inspiration and stimulate new ideas.) Designing circulation areas Staged paths and innovative floorplan concepts PAGES ILLS. zentralen Firmensitz zu entsprechen als auch die Belange der Stadt und ihrer Bürger zu erfüllen. während sich das großzügige. die bisher über verschiedene Standorte in der Stadt verteilt waren. Aachen Lageplan Maßstab 1:4000 1 Bestandsgebäude HPP Architekten. Hier befinden sich alle Gemeinschaftsbereiche wie Mitarbeiterrestaurant. Läden und Gastronomie untergebracht sind. Fassaden Boulevard Um dem Wunsch nach einem kommunikativen Viertel. Schulungs. zweigeschossige Foyer mit einer Ganzglasfassade über die gesamte Raumhöhe absetzt. theoretical contributions of renowned specialist authors illuminate the topic in regard to planning basics.75 m (Büro) 2. Deshalb wurde das an sich private Grundstück an den entscheidenden Stellen öffentlich durchwegbar gemacht und so die fußläufige Verbindung zwischen Hauptbahnhof und Innenstadt ermöglicht. das Volumen auf unterschiedlich geknickten Baukörper verteilt.90 / USD 98.90 / USD 98. Den Architekten gelang es. Cafeteria.

20 | DETAIL Beate Kling. Softcover EUR 59. an interdisciplinary planning and design process would make more sense. workflows English .7 cm.00 978-3-920034-94-2 English EUR 59. Overview of relevant standards – from graphical requirements to accessibility Design of orientation systems and orientation aids Guidelines. and what impact does this have on the design? By studying the publication’s comprehensive fundamentals and illustrative practical examples. only dealt with after the main design and planning work has already been completed. more often than not.00 / USD 83.0 × 29.00 978-3-95553-145-4 English EUR 89. “orientation systems” are equated with “signs” – and. What does the architect have to consider? Or the graphic designer? How can the hierarchy of traffic flows and thus the systematic routing throughout a building be taken into account at an early stage. However.00 / USD 83. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 168 approx. 320 in color and illustrations 23. Using successful projects completed over the past few years. Frequently.00 / USD 125. this volume presents a wide selection of different implementation possibilities – ranging from the smallest construction project up to complex structures. the architectural requirements are the only thing remaining for the information architect to work with.00 978-3-95553-156-0 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available June 2013 Interdisciplinary work at the gateway to design All too often. the designer will become familiar with the complexities of guidance system design. decision criteria. Torsten Krüger Signage Spatial Orientation PAGES ILLS.

to its pathways.90 / USD 53.DETAIL | 21 Andreas Keil Pedestrian Bridges Ramps. Fundamental knowledge ranging from design to structural support systems. 170 in color.00 978-3-95553-147-8 English EUR 57. from spatial installations to hanging rope constructions Materials for the various design principles provide inspiration and guidance when you put them into practice Successful project examples in urban and natural environments English . FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 112 approx. of fundamental structural and functional requirements. Softcover EUR 39. of application areas of the various materials and of important economic aspects. To draft a good pedestrian bridge.00 / USD 80. particularly when the bridge is being built in an inner-city area or in a sensitive landscape. a great deal of design sensitivity is required. Through their presence in the public realm. but also of giving a place its own identity. The book at hand provides an overview of current tendencies in pedestrian bridge construction. approx.0 × 29.7 cm. structures PAGES ILLS. walkways. topography and context.00 978-3-95553-158-4 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available February 2013 Creating integrated connections Pedestrian bridges need to be above all functional. Successful real-life examples round out the volume and are meant to provide motivation to make fascinating designs a reality in interdisciplinary collaboration. of the various loadbearing systems.00 978-3-920034-91-1 English EUR 39. but beyond this they should also relate to that which makes a location special.90 / USD 53. they offer the opportunity of not only connecting areas separated from each other. 75 drawings 21.

Taking the selected projects as an example. This catalogue comes complete with a look at the phenomenon of so-called “supertall” structures – buildings with heights of 300 metres or more – as well as commentary on the contemporary construction systems and supporting structures for these new skyscraper New typologies and constructions for the high-rises of tomorrow Sustainability for high-rises High-rises and the urban context Peter Cachola Schmal. Trends. and a shift towards residential use are becoming determining factors in the building of high-rises all over the world. Softcover EUR 30. it becomes clear that .00 / USD 42. Softcover EUR 36.5 cm. while issues concerning energy and design are discussed along with advanced manufacturing processes. builders and companies are already defining future building parameters today – to meet the developments and challenges of tomorrow. 120 in color. the DAM introduces the world’s best high-rises as part of the International Highrise Award. culminating in a colourful kaleidoscope and a vision of the future. which. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 152 approx.besides record heights and construction .00 978-3-95553-161-4 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available English »Das Sequentielle Tragwerk« 12 | 1 realisierter Pavillon 12 13 |  1 vom Roboter vorgefertigt .00 978-3-95553-150-8 English EUR 54. 200 in color. developments and predictions for the architecture of tomorrow Results of extensive research projects and how they relate. from the perspective of experts and researchers. or serves as an identifying icon for contemporary metropolitan centres. each author presents scientific research and experience. FORMAT PRINT ISBN 128 approx. 25 drawings and charts 19 × 23. including the resulting implications for the future Opportunities for research into trends in architecture divers The Future of Building: Perspectives Mehods. In their essays. That’s why architects and professional planners.00 / USD 51. Michaela Busenkell Best Highrises 2012/2013 The International Highrise Award 2012 PAGES ILLS.00 / USD 76.0 × 27.0 cm.00 / USD 51. Prospects PAGES ILLS. political and demographic developments are also taken into consideration. This publication brings together different voices about the future of construction.a growing number of current topics such as sustainability.22 | DETAIL The world’s best high-rises Every two years. largely determines discourse on the subject.00 978-3-920034-70-6 bilingual German/English Available English A Discourse on the Future of Construction Almost no other discipline defines the world of tomorrow more than architecture. Economic. 50 charts and drawings 21. As always. the architectural typology of the high-rise stands for the vertical superlative.00 978-3-920034-74-4 English EUR 36. approx. Objectives. structural engineering developments.

Comparisons of the different ways in which the goal is achieved reveal strategies that promise real success: “zero energy is feasible!” Explanation and usage contexts of crucial terminology Typology-oriented cross-sectional views of international projects English . The building-related documentation of architecture and energy concepts is augmented by the various lessons learned along the path towards climate neutral living and working. This publication discusses 23 selected projects ranging across different functional typologies and sizes to illustrate implementation at different scales and in different climates. or carbon neutral cities: in the discussion on the right energy policy for the future.00 978-3-95553-043-3 English EUR 75.90 / USD 70.0 × 21. equilibrium buildings. are still far too rarely employed.90 / USD 70.0 cm. format print ISBN EBOOK ISBN PRINT + EBOOK ISBN 192 approx. 90 in color.00 978-3-95553-172-0 English Available Living and working with an equalised energy balance Net zero energy buildings. the details are complex and there are many unanswered questions. the measures that can reduce the energy consumption and emissions that result from the construction and maintenance of buildings. and above all from operating them. our built environment is a central focus. Although already tried and tested. EIKE MUSALL Net zero energy buildings International projects of carbon neutrality in buildings P AGES Ills. at first glance.00 978-3-920034-80-5 English EUR 49. Although. the procedure for drawing up an energy balance may seem simple.DETAIL | 23 KARSTEN VOSS.00 / USD 105. 190 charts and drawings 26. Softcover EUR 49.

24 | DETAIL Clemens Richarz. Energy efficiency refurbishments. Christina Schulz Energy efficiency refurbishments New strategies for old buildings PAGES ILLS. construction and systems engineering carried out during the renovation of diverse types of buildings fit together. they discuss issues such as thermal insulation and the proper use of daylight as well as heating and ventilation.0 × 29. The economics and ecology of energyefficient renovations Structural and system engineering measures Analysis of completed projects and Energy balancing according to DIN V 18599 English . Aided by countless illustrations of design details. ecology and economic viability.00 978-3-95553-143-0 English EUR 75. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 144 numerous illustrations. energy-efficient balancing. The authors present the basics of indoor and outdoor environments. was written by architects for architects.90 / USD 70.90 / USD 70.00 978-3-95553-154-6 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available May 2013 The guide to energy-conscious and sustainable renovations The sustainable renovation of older buildings involves more than just an improvement of their energy footprint – and it is due to the complexity of the issue why architects are destined to take on this task. Detailed analyses of a residential building and a non-residential building help illustrate how individual issues are integrated into the overall architectural context. The book. tabels and color photos 21.00 / USD 105.00 978-3-920034-90-4 English EUR 49. Hardcover EUR 49.7 cm. It shows how design.

FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 48 numerous drawings in comic format 21.0 × 21. modern methods of energy conservation and renewable energy.0 cm.00 / USD 69.0 cm. carbon dioxide and architecture PAGES ILLS.DETAIL | 25 Building a home for the future Holistic Housing. Environmental protection: Why save energy? What can I do to help? The energy-saving house: How does it work? Choosing materials: The life cycle concept Find out for yourself what it all means: demonstrative experiments with a ‘wow’ factor Andreas Ernstberger A green home for Sophie and Henry A short story about energy.00 / USD 26.00 / USD 26. The building's significance as a lived environment is also not neglected here: sustainability develops in a dialogue between a building and its users.00 978-3-920034-79-9 English EUR 18. The book deals with the issue of sustainability in a planning context but also analyses a building's usage and ageing over its 'life cycle'. Design Strategies and Processes is a fundamental reference work on housing construction. 15 practical examples explain the ways in which these criteria and other aspects of sustainable building can be implemented in sophisticated architecture and how these can then be experienced.00 978-3-95553-016-7 English EUR 27.00 978-3-95553-157-7 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available English Exploring and understanding architecture and sustainability A green home for Sophie and Henry aims to sensitize children to the topics of energy and environmental protection in the narrow context of architecture and construction. but as instruments for evaluating finished buildings and completed planning. By contrast.00 978-3-920034-78-2 English EUR 49. Softcover EUR 49. Concepts. Sophie and Henry. Design Strategies and Processes PAGES ILLS. and what the life cycle concept of construction materials is about. Hardcover EUR 18. In colourful and humorous drawings.00 978-3-95553-146-1 English EUR 74. It can also be used as a tool for optimising the sustainability of buildings in development during the planning process. It is intended help them develop an appreciation for nature while awakening their interest in actively engaging in sustainable behaviour. since construction and maintenance of buildings still accounts for roughly 40% of energy consumption. lead a brave journey through time across the earth. the young heroes of the story. children learn something about the causes of climate change and resource depletion. and how they are connected to our man-made environment: how energy efficiency and sustainability are linked.0 × 33. most existing sustainability systems are conceived not as design and planning tools. Anchoring sustainability in the design and planning process Specially developed system for direct comparisons and easy evaluation of buildings Sustainability in a dialogue between a home and its residents Hans Drexler.00 / USD 38.00 978-3-95553-072-3 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available English . Simple experiments awaken scientific curiosity and an enthusiasm the whole family can share regarding the latest developments in architecture and construction.00 / USD 69. with an emphasis on residential usage.00 / USD 104. A system developed from analysing the examples is used to classify and compare the buildings. Sebastian El khouli Holistic Housing Concepts. A system of criteria specially developed in an accompanying research project can be used to compare and evaluate buildings. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 290 numerous illustrations and colour photos 24.

FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 144 approx. This examination of interdisciplinary topics.00 978-3-95553-153-9 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available June 2013 Potential for optimisation by integral planning approach For the engineers of Bollinger + Grohmann.) engineering 3: Bollinger + Grohmann PAGES ILLS.0 × 29.26 | DETAIL Christian Schittich.7 cm. it is of central importance to understand design and construction in the planning process as a unit. but is instead the product of experience with materials.00 978-3-920034-88-1 English EUR 39. and common structures are newly interpreted. led to the development of an integral planning approach that allows the office to react to the wide range of requirements of worldwide projects. their genesis cannot be based just on structural and mechanical principles. Softcover EUR 39. as well as an open and interested consideration of adjacent disciplines. That is why they see their task as further development and reinforcement of the respective design: in dialogue with the architects and other technical planners – and not least through their knowledge of how to design load-bearing structures. numerous drawings 23. 250 in color.00 / USD 55. The building envelope as a load-bearing structure: Possibilities of modern façade planning Building to last: Engineering for preservation of historical monuments Presentation of the construction process in its different planning phases based on selected projects English . The many spectacular constructions of recent years speak for themselves: The limits of feasibility seem to no longer apply.00 / USD 55.00 / USD 83. construction methods and technologies.00 978-3-95553-142-3 English EUR 59. mathematical laws are assigned a new dynamism. In order for innovative structures to be created. Peter Cachola Schmal (Ed.

00 978-3-95553-010-5 English EUR 59.00 978-3-920034-75-1 English EUR 39. The focus is placed on the different processes that have accompanied the presented construction projects. Christian Brensing DETAIL engineering 2: Arup Building Design PAGES ILLS.00 / USD 55.00 / USD 55.00 / USD 83. continues to serve as the maxim for the globally operating engineering firm ARUP and its Building Engineering Department. Connections are shown between the individual buildings whose synergies are pursued in an exemplary fashion. planning and building as an inseparable process The idea of »Total Architecture«. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 160 approx.7 cm. this second volume in the new DETAIL engineering series shows how future-oriented and sustainable civil engineering can be combined with this ideal of a holistic design process – always with the aim of achieving perfect unity of strength and elegance in every structure.). 250 in color. from the initial designs right through to construction English . Softcover EUR 39.DETAIL | 27 Christian Schittich (Ed. Drawing on selected projects from recent years.0 × 29. as described by Ove Arup in his vision of design.00 978-3-95553-066-2 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available Designing. The remarkable building projects reveal what continues to drive and inspire the engineers at ARUP to this day: a passion for pioneering work From supporting structures to light design and building services to future-oriented civil engineering Interdisciplinary thinking. 50 drawings 23. planning and realization Comprehensive management of building projects.

The publication addresses discussions of principles and offers a theoretical basis with an extensive index of works as well as a great deal of inspiration and constructive examples of solutions.00 978-3-920034-84-3 bilingual German / English EUR 39.28 | DETAIL divers best of BÜRO / best of OFFICE Selected office highlights from DETAIL PAGES ILLS.0 × 29. group or cubicle office – the range of different office workspaces is increasing with the growing percentage of office work in our modern service society. group and open-space offices Planning fundamentals. building technology. Work is taking up an ever larger part of our lives.00 / USD 55. and work and the workplace are attaining an entirely new status in the life of each individual and in society. Due to the rapid pace of development in communication technologies.00 978-3-95553-114-0 bilingual German / English EUR 59.7 cm. floorplan concepts and technical building strategies German / English . Paperback EUR 39. business club or open-space. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 200 numerous drawings and colour photos 21. How will we work in the future? Sources of inspiration for modern working worlds Living and working: Theories on cubicle. How does architecture react to these developments? Does it need to react at all? What role do façades. That’s why the topic of working worlds and workplace design is being assigned an ever more important role in our society. and more and more people are defining themselves through their work.00 / USD 55.00 / USD 83. interior design and furniture play? How will we work in the future? Will fixed workplaces become obsolete – or quite the opposite? What effect do modern methods and means of communication have? To what extent does sustainability play a role in day-to-day office life? Best of OFFICE bundles the highlights from DETAIL and DETAILgreen on the topic of office and administrative architecture.00 978-3-95553-128-7 bilingual German / English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available February 2013 Inspirations for a promising work environment Working café. the private and working spheres are merging into each other more and more.

24 in color 17.00 978-3-11-030082-6 English EUR 39.00 978-3-11-030086-4 English EUR 59.0 cm. It gives a rapid and though deep overview of the history of the making of an Image of the Prophet Muhammad in Europe and thus reflects the whole history of the making of the image of Islam in the Latin West.ART | DE GRUYTER | 29 Avinoam Shalem (Ed.95 / CHF 84. from the early medieval times till the 19th century.95 / CHF 56.) Constructing the Image of Muhammad in Europe PAGES ILLS.0 × 24. The book also provides the reader with ready access to the most recent scholarship concerning the image of Muhammad in Europe. Softcover EUR 39.00 978-3-11-030087-1 English PRINT+EBOOK ISBN Available February 2013 A comprehensive survey of the portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad in Europe The volume represents a significant contribution to the complex history of the conceptualization and pictorialization of the Prophet Muhammad in the West. FORMAT PRINT ISBN EBOOK ISBN 168 approx. in the form of comprehensive footnotes provided throughout the text and an extensive bibliography.95 / CHF 56. First chronological overview of the historical trajectory of the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad Contribution to a better understanding of the tensions surrounding contemporary images of Muhammad Reflection of the whole history of the making of the image of Islam in the Latin West English .

ISBN 978-3-11-023179-3 VOLUME 75: HORNUNG .00/US$ 4.925.000 new articles added each year  Online First: new articles from A to Z are published online immediately – independent of the print edition  Continual updates: details. 608 pages.HORNSTEIN June 2012. 512 pages.00/US$ 377.000 extensive.590. ISBN 978-3-11-023182-3 Supplementary Volume 5: CASSINI – CZWARTOS November 2012. Hc. 592 pages. Bénédicte Savoy.degruyter. Hc. per vol. signed biographical articles. searchable in full text – 6.00 ISBN 978-3-11-025100-5 Artistic Professions Dezember 2011. sources are continually supplemented and updated  Links to the database Paintings in Museums – Germany.466. RRP per volume € 279.00 ISSN 1865-0511 Edited by Andreas Beyer. 433 pages. Wolf Tegethoff Founded and co-ed. up-to-date biographical information on more than 1 million artists – more than any other database in the world! LANGUAGE German USER INTERFACE English. ISBN 978-3-11-025443-3 Register to Volume 61-70 Countries Dezember 2011. ISBN 978-3-11-023180-9 VOLUME 76: HUNZIKER . It contains authoritative.IZA November 2012. Austria.190.com/akl  More than 1 million artists from A to Z  More than 500.HUNZIKER June 2012.00 Available on a standing order basis only VOLUME 74: HOELSCHER . 110 vols. ISBN 978-3-11-023181-6 VOLUME 77: IZAGUIRRE . € 269. 590 pages.degruyter. reliable and extensive reference work on artists. € 269.00 ISBN 978-3-598-22819-3 Individual Subscription Online only € 249.00 ISBN 978-3-11-025101-2 For further information.00/US$ 374.00/US$ 348. please visit our website at www. Approx.Unrivaled and Unique: ARTISTS OF THE WORLD Online Print ALLGMEINES KÜNSTLERLEXIKON ONLINE [Artists of the World Online] ALLGEMEINES KÜNSTLERLEXIKON (AKL) [Artists of the World] The database Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online/Artists of the World Online is the world’s most contemporary.com .JERACE November 2012. 432 pages. Hc. 540 pp. German UPDATE FREQUENCY Continuously updated Annual subscription prices 2013 Institutions Online only € 2. Switzerland (for purchasers of this database): learn more about where the works are located with a single click  Multiple search criteria for professional and scholarly searches  Explanations of the used abbreviations www. exhibitions.00 /US$ 377. by Günter Meißner SPRACHE German 1991-2020. 591 pages.00 ISSN 1865-0511 Print + Online € 3.00/US$ 3.

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7643 . 480 pp. 112 pp.0346 . Friedemann Zeitler 2007. Examples Oliver Heiss.0 English Detail Practice: Translucent Materials Glass. Kristina Härth 2009. 23. Softcover EUR 42. Rowe 2011. Softcover EUR 42.0 English Detail Practice: Photovoltaics Technology.95 / USD 105. 112 pp.8815 .95 / USD 147.0 × 28. Refurbishment Klaus Sedlbauer 2010. 328 pp.1 English 978 .95 978 . Rüdiger Karzel 2011.7 English Adrian Frutiger .3 .7 cm.2 English Detail Practice: Concrete Design.2 × 27.0 × 33.3 . 110 pp.0083 .3 .8830 . Matthias Fuchs.7643 .) 2012.0346 .3 .3 .00 978 .8582 .Typefaces The Complete Works Swiss Foundation Type and Typography. 24.4 English Antoine Picon 2010.5 German Softcover: EUR 94. 30. revised and expanded edition 2011.00 978 . Applications.0 × 29.0 × 29.6 English Digital Culture in Architecture An Introduction for the Design Professions Digital Processes Planning. 23.0 cm. 264 pp. Martin Zeumer 2007. Oliver Heckmann 4th. 15.8 French Glass Construction Manual Christian Schittich et al.3 .9 German / English Detail Practice: Barrier .0577 . Johann Ebe (Ed.95 / USD 60.8122 .8386 .95 / USD 60.9 English Detail Practice: Building with Steel Details.0 × 29.95 / USD 60.3 . 16.7 cm. Designers and Museum Professionals Aurelia Bertron.95 / USD 60.95 / USD 60.7643 . 21.7 cm.00 978 . Hardcover EUR 104.00 / USD 149.7643 .4 English Detail Practice: Energy .7643 . 21.00 978 .0 cm. Hardcover EUR 42. EUR 104.95 / USD 89. 21.7643 . 21.3 .00 978 .0658 . Softcover EUR 42.00 978 .00 978 .00 978 .) 2010. Silke Tasche.8581 . Supporting Structure. Principles.0 cm.95 978 .8121. 224 pp.7033 .0 × 22.95 978 .3 .0346 .8 English Emergent Architectural Territories in East Asian Cities Peter G.0 × 33. Construction Bernhard Weller.7643 .0132 .32 | DETAIL | BACKLIST | SELECTED TITELS Designing Exhibitions / Ausstellungen entwerfen A Compendium for Architects.3 . Designing. 568 pp.2 English . Christina Schulz. Till Beckmann 2009. Hardcover EUR 69.5 English Top Façades Building Envelopes for the 21st Century Dirk U.0 × 23.5 cm.3 . Hardcover: EUR 120. Examples Bernhard Weller. Hardcover EUR 74.7 cm. Examples Alexander Reichel et al. 21.3 . Softcover EUR 42.00 978 . Stefan Unnewehr.0 × 29.7643 .0259 .95 / USD 84. Cl.3 .0346 .3 . Hardcover EUR 84.0 cm. 21.5 English Ecological Urban Architecture Concepts and Applications of Qualitative Approaches to Sustainability Thomas Schröpfer 2012.7643 .7 English Energy Manual Sustainable Architecture Manfred Hegger.8 × 14.0346 .3 .0717. Softcover EUR 42.8290 .9959 . Production Moritz Hauschild. Examples Martin Peck (Ed. 110 pp. Design.00 978 . 22.Free Design Principles.) 2008.6 English Softcover EUR 94.7 German / English Flat Roof Construction Manual Roofing Systems. Sven Jakubetz. 112 pp. 23.0708 .0 × 29. 200 pp. Plastics.95 / USD 39.00 978 .0346 . Hardcover EUR 59. Philipp Stamm (Eds.3 .95 / USD 60. 21.8 cm.95 / USD 60.7643 .00 978 .00 978 . Hardcover EUR (D) 29.7 cm.0799 . 112 pp.7 cm. Burger.0346 . Stefan Unnewehr 2010. 112 pp.95 / USD 60. 224 pp.7 cm.0 cm.0346 .95 978 .0 × 29. Claudia Hemerle. Heidrun Osterer. Hardcover EUR 44.0 × 29. 216 pp. 112 pp.3 .) 2006.95 / USD 119.95 / USD 84. 336 pp.7643 .7 cm Hardcover with dust jacket EUR 120. 272 pp.95 / USD 60. Construction.0346 .0346 . Softcover EUR 42. Christine Degenhardt.8385 . Metals Edward B. 21.8 English 978 . 28. Softcover EUR 59.5 English Floor Plan Manual Housing Friederike Schneider.7631 . Softcover EUR 42.3 .7 cm.0725 . Ulrich Schwarz 2012.0346 .95 978 .00 978 .0 English extra Encyclopaedia of Experimental Print Finishing Franziska Morlok.5 × 31.0800 . 2007.3 . Softcover EUR 42. 25.3 .95 978 .Efficiency Upgrades Clemens Richartz. 176 pp.0369 .) 2010.5 × 24.95 / USD 147.7643 .3 . 280 pp. Winfried Heusler (Ed.3 .8764 .00 / USD 169.0 × 29. 2007.3 .00 978 .00 978 .0 × 29.95 / USD 59.95 / USD 133.7643 . 24.7 cm. Frank Kaltenbach 2004. Planning.0 cm.0 × 29. Thomas Stark.95 / USD 133. 21.0 × 29.0 cm. Hindrichs.3 .4 English Digital Workflows in Architecture Design – Assembly – Industry Scott Marble (Ed.9 English Detail Practice: Glass in Building Principles.7 cm.

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Softcover EUR 36.9986 .0 × 30.95 / USD 69. 17. 176 pp.3 English Plastics In Architecture and Construction Stephan Engelsmann.0 cm.) 2009.0 × 24.7643 . Softcover EUR 32.0346 .95 / USD 105.95 978 . Products.4 English Top Material Revolution—Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture Sascha Peters 2011. Hardcover EUR 52.0322 . Rolf Fehlbaum (Eds.0 cm.8644 .0 cm.7 English Mapping Design Research Positions and Perspectives Simon Grand.3 . 22.0 cm. 288 pp.95 / USD 39. Hardcover EUR 49.0 × 29.95 / USD 105.0821 .0525 .0 French Mies van der Rohe Jean .0346 .2 English Material Design Informing Architecture by Materiality Thomas Schröpfer 2010. Hardcover EUR 74.0 cm.00 978 . Signs.0 cm. Art and Architecture Barbara Glasner. 28. Glossary Cornel Windlin. 26. 21.0734 . Hardcover EUR 74.34 | DETAIL | BACKLIST | SELECTED TITELS Living Systems Innovative Materials and Technologies for Landscape Architecture Liat Margolis.0 cm.95 / USD 46.00 978 .00 978 . Architecture in Motion – Dynamic Components and Elements Michael Schumacher.) 2007. Museum.0 × 28.0346 .) 2012.95 / USD 54.0346 . 208 pp. Valerie Spalding. 136 pp. Hardcover EUR 59. Collections.4 × 16.95 978-3-0346-0775-9 English / German Project Vitra Sites.95 978 . 23. 24. Hardcover EUR 39.3 .5 English 978 -3.7643 . 20.7700 .0670-7 French Prefabricated Systems Principals of Construction Ulrich Knaack. ) 2010.0346 . 17.Louis Cohen 2nd edition 2011. 24. the Villa and the Landscape Gerrit Smienk.3 .95 / USD 84.95 / USD 60.00 978 . 22.3 .3 English Old & New Design Manual for Revitalizing Existing Buildings Frank Peter Jäger ( Ed.9 English Materiology Matériaux et Technologies: l'essentiel a l'usage des createurs Daniela Kula.3 .3 .00 978 . 144 pp.7 cm.0 English Operative Landscapes Building Communities Through Public Space Alissa North 2012.0 × 29.0346 .0 × 30. 22. 240 pp.8420 .95 / USD 52.0346 .0346 . 192 pp.95/ USD 64.95 / USD 84.0716 .3 . 191 pp. 24.0 × 30.7750 .00 / USD 550. ) 2010. Reinhard Hasselbach 2012.) 2008. 4 volume set EUR 392.8 cm.5 cm. 176 pp. 256 pp.2 English Patterns 2.00 978 .3 .0 cm.3 .3 .0346 .7 cm. Hardcover with dust jacket EUR 42.95 978 .3 .95 978 .0 French Made in Norway Norwegian Architecture Today Ingerid Helsing Almaas ( Ed. Softcover EUR 29.3 .7 cm.95 978 .0089 . 396 pp.0 × 16. Art and Architecture Petra Schmidt. Stefan Peters 2010. 22. Annette Tietenberg. Hardcover EUR 74. 192 pp.0 × 22.00 978 .95 978 . 192 pp.95 978-3-7643. 23.0 cm.0 cm. 376 pp.95 978 .95/ USD 88.0819 .0809 -1 English Palladio.0663 .5 × 24.7643 . 332 pp.8593 .6 English MOVE. Authors.7643 .95 / USD 89. Softcover EUR 49.3 .8747-1 English Projektfeld Ausstellung / Project Scope: Exhibition Design A Typology for Architects. Hardcover EUR 49.95 / USD 69.7643 .0 × 25. Petra Schmidt. 480 pp. Alexander Robinson 2007. Softcover EUR 42. Softcover EUR 39.0 × 30.00 978 .5 cm. 24.00 978 .3 English Palimpsests Biographies of 50 City Districts Paul Knox 2012. Sharon ChungKlatte. Design.95 / USD 74. Ralf Wollheim (Eds.0 cm. 160 pp.3 . Wolfgang Jonas (Eds. 1360 pp.0346. Johannes Niemeijer 2011.4 English Jean Prouvé Complete Works Set Peter Sulzer 2007.0 × 24.8674 . Hardcover EUR 59. Softcover EUR 69.) 2007.0559 . 208 pp.3 .95 / USD 105. 335 pp.0 cm.00 978 .4 English Patterns in Design.00 978 .0 × 29.95 / USD 74.0712 .0 × 29. Chronology.95 / USD 60.3 English / French . matériO 2012.0346 .5 English The Making of Design From the First Model to the Final Product Gerrit Terstiege (Ed. 22.0 cm.7 English 978 .0 × 28.0346 .3 .0035 .3 . 24.0 × 28. 23.Marcus Voigt 2010. Hardcover EUR 52. 24. Hardcover EUR 62.0 × 27. Michael . Designers and Museum Professionals Aurelia Bertron.0 cm. Oliver Schaeffer.0346 .7643 .0 × 30.3 .3 .95 / USD 54.7643 . Elodie Ternaux. Ulrich Schwarz 2012. Ursula Schöndeling (Ed.

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