J. Olavarria-Fullerton, S. Wells, M. J. Sepaniak, M. A.

De Jesus

F. B. Ono, R. V. Tappero, L. Guilherme, S. Carter, D. L. Sparks K. J. Howard, R. Kathikeyan

R. O. Juskelis, K. Banaszewski, J. Nelson, J. Cappozzo CHOSEN FOR SCI-MIX

J. Driscoll, J. Maclachlan, J. B. Foley, T. B. Schroeder ORAL SESSION PRESENTER 4/11 on analytical method for arsenic in apple juice

Z. Brown, A. Apblett ORAL SESSION PRESENTER 4/11 Water remediation as a
method to reduce exposure to arsenic

J. E. Creswell, M. Briscoe, T. Ugrai, C. Escarez, T. Rankin, A. Carter

E. M. Torres Pérez, J. Olavarría Fullerton, M. A. De Jesús Ruíz Arsenic Contamination in Food and Water~a two day symposium at #ACSNOLA
Organized & sponsored by: AGFD, AGRO, ENVR & SCHB Financially support provided by:

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