अ अ a—the first letter and the first vowel of the Devna:gri: alphabet; a prefix signifying negation or absence

(of something) as असदर, असपष; see अन ्. ुं
अंक aṅk (nm) a number, numeral, figure, digit; marks; a mark; an act (of a drama or play); lap, embrace; ~क an accountant; a marker; ~गिणत (the science of) Arithmetic; — भरना, —लगाना to embrace. अंक/न aṅkān (nm) stamping; plotting; marking; ~नीय worth being marked/stamped. अंकपत aṅkpattr (nm) a mark-sheet. अँकाई āka:i: (nf) an evaluation, assessment or appraisal; remuneration paid for it; marking, valuation. अंकांतर aṅka:ntar (nm) act-interval. अंिकत aṅkit (a) marked; inscribed, written; endorsed; —करना to record; to mark. अंक/र aṅkur (nm) a sprout; an offshoot; a seed-bud; ~िरत sprouted, begun to shoot forth; ु grown; ~िरत-यौवना a female who has started showing signs of emergent youthfulness. अँकरना, अँकराना ākurnā:, ākura:nā: (v) to sprout. ु ु अंकश aṅkush (nm) a hook, elephant-driver's iron hook; hamulus; control;—रखना to ु exercise control, —रहना/होना to have control over. अँखु/आ, ~वा ākhua:, ~va: (nm) an eyelet; a paper-fastener. अंग aṅg (nm) a limb; member; body; part; component; organ; ~चछे द amputation; ~ताण an armour; -पतयंग each and every part of the body; -भंग mutilation of any part of the body; -भंिगमा/भंगी (fascinating or inviting) physical gesture or posture, graceful manner or carriage; ~भत component, constituent; ~रकक a bodyguard; protector of ू person; ~रका protection of person; -राग aromatic unguents and cosmetics; -िवकेप twisting of the parts of the body for emotive expression; -संसकार make-up; -सौषव physical charm; ~हीन maimed; limbless; disabled; अंगांिग संबंध organic relationship;-अंग िखल जाना/मसकराना to be beaming and buoyant; -अंग ढीले हो ु

जाना to be worn and wearied, to lose muscularity; -फले न समाना to be in a rapture; — ू in the form of physical fitness or health; —लगाना to embrace. अंगड़-खंगड़ (also अंगड़-भंगड़) angar khaṅgaṛ (nm) disorderly stuff; scraps; junk.

मे अंग न समाना to be in a fit of ecstasy; —लगना (for nourishment etc.) to be manifest

अँगड़ाई āgṛa:i: (nf) twistins up -- 002 -stretching of the body for relaxation; —लेना see अँगड़ाना. अँगड़ाना āgṛa:nā: (v) to twist or stretch the limbs or body for relaxation. अंगद aṅgad (nm) one of the generals in the army of Lord Ra:m and the son of monkeyking बािल, —का पाँव irrevocably firm, unflinching. अँगरखा āgarkha: (nm) a long loose upper garment for men. अँगरे ज āgrez (nm) an Englishman; अँगरे िज़यत Englishism, Anglicism. अँगरे जी āgrezi: (a) Anglican, English; (nf) the English language. अंगलेट aṅgleṭ (nm) build, physical frame. अंगांिग-भाव aṅga:ṅgi bha:v (nm) mutual relationship of the part and the whole organic relationship. अंगार, अंगारा aṅga:r, aṅga:ra: (nm) an ember, live coal, burning charcoal; —उगलना to be fierce and fiery in speech; —बनना/होना to be red with rage, to be in a fury; — बरसना to be excessively hot (said of the weather); अंगारो पर पैर रखना to jump into hot water, to invite trouble; अंगारो पर लोटना to be in flames from within, to burn within (on account of jealousy or rage). अंिगया āgiya: (nf) bodice. अंगी aṅgi: (a) primary, main, dominant; —रस dominant emotion. अंगीकार aṅgi:ka:r (nm) adoption; acceptance; undertaking; —करना to adopt, accept or undertake; hence अंगीकरण, अंगीकृत, अंगीकृित. अँगीठी āgi:ṭḥi: (nf) a grate, portable oven, fire-pot. अंगल aṅgul (nm) (measurement equal to) a finger's breadth. ु अँगुली āguli: (nf) see उँ गली. अंगुशत aṅgusht (nm) a finger. अंगशताना aṅgushta:nā: (nm) a metal cover for finger. ु अँगूठा āgu:ṭḥa: (nm) thumb; —चमना to flatter, to act the toady (to a person); — ू िदखाना to defy and deride; to evade in defiance. अंगूठी āgu:ṭḥi: (nf) a finger-ring. अंगूर aṅgu:r (nm) grape; अंगूरी vinous; —का बाग vineyard —की खेती viniculture; —की फ़सल vintage; —की बेल vine; —खटे होना to decry something that has proved inaccessible. अँगौछा āgauchha: (nm) a towel, any piece of cloth for wiping (the body) dry.

अँगौछना āgauchhnā: (v) to wipe (the body) dry with a towel or any other piece of cloth.

अँगेजी āgrezi: (nf) see अँगरे जी. अंचल aṇchal (nm) the outward fringe or portion of a sa:ri:, etc.; a region; frontier territory. अंजन aṇjan (nm) collyrium an eyesalve; ~हारी a sty. अंजर-पंजर aṇjar-paṇjar (nm) physical frame, skeleton; joints of the body; —ढीले होना to have the body reduced to a state of life lessness; slackening of the joints and parts of the body (on account of excessive physical strain or sudden heavy jerk or impact) अंजिल aṅjali (nf) the cup-shaped hollow formed by the joining of the two palms together; ~गत within one's grasp, acquired; —पुट the cup of one's palms; ~बद with the palms joined together. अंजाम aṇja:m (nm) the conclusion, end; result; completion; —दे ना to -- 003 -accomplish, to complete; —पाना to be accomplished/completed. अंजीर aṇji:r (nm) a fig-tree; its fruit. अंजुमन aṇjuman (nf) an association; a society. अंझा aṇjha: (nm) intermission of work; a holiday अँटना āṭnā: (v) to be contained in; to suffice (for containment). अंट-शंट aṉṭ-shaṉṭ (a) absurd; incoherent, irrelevant, inconsistent; meaningless. अंटा aṉṭa: (nm) a ball; pill (as of opium or bhang); small shell or kauri:; spool of thread; चढ़ना to fall into the clutches (of.). (somebody's) clutches; turn; ~गड़गड़, ~िचत dead-drunk, excessively intoxicated; अंटे पर ु ु अंटी aṉṭi: (nf) fold of the loin cloth on the waist; space between any two fingers of a hand; a spool; knot; ~बाज a swindler, cheat; —पर चढ़ना to fall into hostile clutches; — मारना to swindle. अंड aṉḍ (nm) an egg; ~कोष testicles; ~ज born out of an egg; ~विद hydrocele. ृ अंड-बंड aṉḍ-bāṉḍ (a) see अंट-शंट. अंडा aṉḍa: (nm) an egg; अंड-बचचे the offspring; अंडे की खाितर मगी हलाल करना to kill े ु the hen that lays the golden eggs; अंडे सेना to hatch, to incubate; to sit idle. अंडाकार (अंडाकृित) aṉḍa:ka:r (aṉḍa: kriti) (a) oval (shaped), egg-shaped. अंडाणु aṉḍā:ṉu (nm) the ovum. अंडाशय aṇḍa:shay (nm) the ovary. अंडी aṉḍi: (nf) /castor; /—का तेल castor oil. अँडुआ ārua: (a) uncastrated; —बैल an uncastrated bull.

अंतःकथा antahkatha: (nf) an episode or event alluded to in a text. अंतःकरण antahkarāṉ (nm) the conscience, inner self अंतःकलह antahkalah (nm) internecine quarrel or warfare. अंतःकालीन antahka:li:n (a) provisional. अंतःपटल antahpaṭal (nm) plerome. अंतःपुर antahpur (nm) the women's apartment in a royal household, harem; a thalamus. अंतःपजा antahpraggya: (nf) intuition; ~बाद intuitionism; ~िशत intuitional; intuitionistic, intuition-based. अंतःपवेश antahpravesh (nm) ingression. अंतःपेरणा antahprerṉā: (nf) intuition; inspiration, inner urge. अंतःशिक antahshakti (nf) potency; inherent strength. अंतःसथ antasth (a) intermediate, situated in between; (nm) the semi-vowels य ्, र्, ल , ् and व ्. अंतःसथा antastha: (nf) the medulla. अंतःसाव antahssra:v (nm) internal secretion. अंत ant (nm) the end, termination; result, conclusion; mystery, secret; ~हीन unending, endless; —पाना to discover the secret of; —बनना to have a good end; —िबगड़ना to have a tragic finale; —भला सो भला all is well that ends well; —लेना to extort the secret. अँतड़ी ātṛi: (nf) intestines; —की बात जानना to delve into the innermost secrets; —मे बल पड़ना (हँसते-हँ सते) to laugh into convulsions. अंततः antatah (adv) lastly, finally, at last; eventually. अंततोगतवा antatogattva: (adv) at long last, lastly; eventually. अंतरं ग antaraṅg (a) internal, -- 004 -interior; intimate; private; ~ता intimacy, intimate relationship; interiority; —वत the ृ inner circle; the inside story; —सिचव private secretary; —सभा the high command, executive. अंतर antar (nm) difference; distance; interval; spacing; interior; heart; margin; — अंतरक antarak (nm) a spacer. अंतरण antarāṉ (nm) spacing; shifting; devolution; handing over. अंतरतम antartam (nm) the core of the heart, heart of hearts. अँतरा ātra: (a) alternative. खोलना to open one's cards; to divulge one's secrets; to give vent to one's inner feelings.

अंतरा antara: (nm) any verse of a song etc. excepting the first अंतरातमा antara:tmā: (nf) the soul, inner self, spirit. अंतराय antara:y (nm) an impediment, obstacle; ~क an interruptor. अंतराल antara:l (nm) an interval, intervening time or space, gap; inner space; —राजय a buffer state. अंतिरक antariksh (nm) space, sky; ~गामी, ~चारी moving in the skies; —याती an astronaut, a space traveller; —िवजान meteorology. अंतिरम antarim (a) interim. अंतरीप antari:p (nm) a cape, headland, promontory. अंतरीय antari:y (nm) the lower garment. अंतर् antar—an allomorph of Sanskrit अंतः meaning internal, interior, inherent (as in अंतकथा, अंतगरत); inter—, between two or more (as in अंतरारषीय, अंतपांतीय). र अंतकथा antarkatha: (nf) see अंतः कथा र अंतकारल antarka:l (nm) inter-regnum. अंतगरत antargat (ind.) under, within; (a) included. अंतगरह antargrah (nm) a planet; interior. अंतगरहण antargrahāṉ (nm) ingestion. अंतजारत antarja:t (a) innate, inherent. अंतजारतीय antarja:ti:y (a) inter-caste. अंतजारन antargya:n (nm) intuition; spiritual enlightenment, self-realisation; ~वाद intuitionalism. अंतजयोित antarjyoti (nf) the inner light, inner flame. अंतजवारला antarjwa:la: (nm) worry, languish. अंतदर शा antardasha: (nf) in Astrology, an intermediate period. अंतदर शन antardarshan (nm) introspection. र अंतदर शी antardarshi: (a) introspective; (nm) one who can see within oneself. अंतदरशय antardrishshy (a) intervisible; ~ता intervisibility. अंतदरिष antardrishṭi (nf) insight. अंतदे शीय antardeshi:y (a) interstate; inland. अंतदर नद antardvandv (nm) inner/mental conflict. अंतधारन antardha:n (nm) disappearance, reduction to invisibility. अंतधाररा antardha:ra: (nf) undercurrent. अंत/धवरस antardhvans (nm) sabotage; ~धवरसक, ~धवरसी saboteur.

अंतनरली antarnali: (nf) a spool. अंतिनरयम antarnīyam (nm) articles (of association, etc. of a company). अंतिनरिवष antarnivishṭ (a) included; permeating within. अंतिनरिहत antarnihit (a) implied; understood; included. अंतपरयाण antarprayāṉ (nm) inward travel/march. अंतपारतीय antarpra:nti:y (a) inter-provincial -- 005 -(correct form अंतः पांतीय). अंतपारदेिशक antarpra:deshik (a) inter-regional, interstate. अंतबोध antarbodh (nm) see अंतजारन. अंतभारव antarbha:v (nm) inclusion; permeation. अंतभारवना antarbha:vnā: (nf) inner feeling; conscience. अंतभूत antarbhu:t (a) included, involved; permeated. र अंतभूिम antarbhu:mī (nf) sub-soil. र अंतभेदन antarbhedān (nm) intrusion; probe. अंतभेदी antarbhedi: (a) intrusive; probing. अंतमरना antarmanā: (a) introvertive. अंतमुख antarmukh (a) introvertive; ~ता introversion. र अंतमुखी antarmukhi: (a) introversive, introvertive. र अंतयारमी antarya:mī: (a) pervading the interior or inner self; (nm) the Supreme Spirit. अंतरारषीय antarra:shṭri:y (a) international; ~करण internationalisation. अंतरारषीयता antarra:shṭri:yta: (nf) internationalism; ~वाद internationalism; ~वादी (an) internationalist(ic). अंतलरयन antarlayān (nm) absorption. अंतलीन antarli:n (a) self-engrossed, absorbed; latent. अंतवरती antarvati; (a) pregnant. अंतवरती antarvarti: (a) buffer; pervading/permeating, located within, overlapping. अंतवरसतु antarvastu (nm) the content. अंतवरस antarvastr (nm) an underwear. अंतवारसी antarva:si: (a) instaying; indoor; —रोगी indoor patient. अंतिवरकार antarvika:r (nm) mental aberration, mental perversion. अंतिवरराम antarvira:m (nm) intermission, intermittence. अंतिवररोध antarvirodh (nm) self-contradiction, inner contradiction.

अंतिवरवाह antarviva:h (nm) intermarriage. अंतिवरवेक antarvivek (nm) the conscience, intuition. अंतिवरषय antarvishay (nm) the content. अंतवेग antarveg (nm) perturbation, mental disquiet. अंतवेदना antarvedhā: (nf) mental anguish, agony. अंतवेश antarvesh (nm) insertion. अंतवयारिध antarvya:dhi (nf) psychological/inner ailment. अंतिहरत antarhit (a) latent, concealed; rendered invisible. अंतस ् antas (nm) the conscience, mind, psycne. अंतसतल antastal (nm) the heart of hearts; mind. अंतसताप antasta:p (nm) mental agony, inner distress. अंतससिलला antassalila: (nf) the river Saraswati: —a stream that flows unperceived. अंतससार antassa:r (nm) the real content. अंताकरी anta:kshari: (nf) see अतयाकरी. अंितम antim (a) last, final, ultimate, concluding/conclusive; —चेतावनी ultimatum, the verge of death, to be breathing one's last; —साँस लेना to breathe one's last. अंितमता antimta: (nf) finality; conclusiveness. अंितमेतथम antimettham (nm) ultima tum. -- 006 -अंतेवासी anteva:si: (nm) a resident pupil, pupil who stays in his guru's ashram. अंतय anty (a) the last; final; lowermost; ~कमर/िकया the last rites; ~ज belonging to the lowest class/caste. अंतयलोप antylop (nm) apocope. अंतयाकरी antya:kshari: (nf) a verse-reciting competition in which the following contestant recites a couplet beginning with the last letter of the couplet recited by the foregoing contestant and which may be carried on between competing individuals or rival teams. अंतयानुपास antya:nuppra:s (nm) rhyming of the terminal portions of the ultimate words in a couplet, stanza etc. अंतयेिष antyeshṭi (nf) last/funeral rites. अंत antr (nm) see अँतड़ी अंतपदाह antrprada:h (nm) intestinal inflammation. अंतविद antrvriddhi (nf) hernia. ृ ultimate warning; —घिड़याँ/साँसे िगनना lit. to count the last moments —i.e., to be on

अंदर andar (adv) in, inside, within, —कर दे ना to send behind the bars; hence —हो जाना. अँदरसा ādarsa: (nm) a kind of sweet cake. अंदरी andari: (a) internal; intrinsic; inherent. अंदरनी andaru:ni: (a) internal, internecine; inward. अंदाज anda:z (nm) an estimate, a guess; mode, style; gesture; characteristic manner; ~न roughly, approximately; —लगाना to make an estimate; to surmise. अदाजा anda:za: (nm) an estimate, a guess. अंदेशा andesha: (nm) misgiving, misapprehension; suspicion. अंध andh—an allomorph of अंधा used as the first or subsequent member in a compound word (as अंधिवशासी; कामांध); see अंधा. अंधकार andhka:r (nm) darkness; gloom; —युग age of darkness. अंधकप andhku:p (nm) a blind well. ू अंधड़ andhaṛ (nm) a violent dust-storm. अंधमित andhmati (a) stupid, foolish, irrational. अंधिवशा/स andhvishshva:s (nm) superstition, blind trust; ~सी superstitious; having blind faith. अंधशदा andhshraddha: (nf) blind faith. अंधा andha: (a and nm) blind; irrational, unenlightened; unthinking; —कआँ see अंधकप; ु ू ~कपप pitch dark; black out; —शीशा a blind glass; —करना to strike blind, to turn ु incapable to view the realities; —कया चाहे दो आँखे a blind person requires but his eyes; —बनना to allow oneself to be hoodwinked or cheated; to be blindfolded; —होना to be blinded, to be lost to realities; अंधे की लकड़ी/लाठी a helpless man's only support; अंधे क े आगे रोये, अपने दीदा खोये throwing pearls before the swine; अंधे क हाथ बटे र लगना a े prize kill by a blind man; अंधो मे काना राजा a figure among ciphers. wild, reckless, rash; —गोली चलाना to fire into the brown. अंधाधंध andha:dhundh (adv and a) indiscreetly; indiscriminately, recklessly, at random; ु अंधानुकरण andha:nukarāṉ (nm) blind/mechanical imitation or emulation. अंधानुयाियता andha:nuya:ita: (nf) bigotry, blind following. अंधानुयायी andha:nuya:i: (nm) a blind follower; (a) blindly following. -- 007 -अंधापन andha:pan (nm) blindness, recklessness; folly. अँिधयारा ādhiya:ra: (nm) see अंधकार.

अँिधयारी ādhiya:ri: (a) see अंधकार; (nf) blinkers. अंधी andhi: (a) feminine form of अंधा (see);—खाई a deep dark gulf; —खोपड़ी a blockhead, stupid. अंधेर andher (nm) outrage; wrong; anarchy, complete lawlessness or mismanagement; ~खाता/गदी pretty kettle of fish, anarchical state of affairs, complete lawlessness or mismanagement; —नगरी a maladministered and lawless state or town etc.; •चौपट राजा a confused ruler, a chaotic state. अँधेरा ādhera: (nm and a) darkness; dark; —गपप/घुपप pitch dark; black out; —पाख the ु dark half of the month; —उजाला prosperity and adversity;—गहराये तो सवेरा हो the darkest hour is that before the dawn; —छा जाना darkness to be thickened, to be enveloped in darkness; to be overwhelmed by gloom (due to some terrible emotional shock etc.); अँधेरे घर का उजाला an only son; a very handsome child; अँधेरे मँुह at the

first dawn of the day; अँधेरे मे छलाँग लगाना to leap into the dark; अँधेरे मे टटोलना to grope in the dark; अँधेरे मे तीर मारना to strike in the dark, to strike without taking an aim; अँधेरे मे रखना to keep in dark. अँधेरी ādheri: (nf) dust-storm; blinkers;—कोठरी a dark cell; the womb. अँधौटी ādhauṭi: (nf) blinkers. अंबर ambar (nm) the sky; cloth/clothes, garment; umber;—डंबर the crimson tinge acquired by the sky at sunset; the sky so tinged; ~बेल see आकाश बेल. अंबार amba:r (nm) heap, pile, bulk; ~खाना a junk-house, godown. अँिबया ābiya: (nf) a small unripe mango. अंबु ambu (nm) water; ~ज a lotus flower; ~द/धर a cloud; ~िध/~िनिध the ocean. अंश ansh (nm) part; share; division; fragment; ingredient; contribution; numerator (of a fraction); degree; in Linguistics, an element; ~कािलक part-time; ~दाता a contributor; ~दान contribution; ~दायी contributory; contributor: ~भागी a shareholder; अंशािशभाव the relationship of the part and the whole. अंशतः: anshtah (adv) partly; partially. अंशांक ansha:hk (nm) a degree. अंशावतार ansha:vta:r (nm) a partial incarnation. अंशी anshi: (nm) the whole—having a number of parts or members. अंशु anshu (nf) a ray, sunbeam; ~माली the sun. अकटक akaṉṭak (a) smooth; unobstructed; unchallenged. ं अकप akamp (a) unwavering, firm; hence अकिपत, अकपय. ं ं ं अकठोर akaṭḥor (a) not hard or rigid soft; weak, infirm.

inert. to assume airs. improper. अकसर aksar (adv) see अकसर. अकथनीय akath. haughtiness. indolence. to be nonplussed. rigid. अकरकरा akarkara: (nm) a medicinal plant.). arrogant behaviour. ~बाज haughty. unthinkable. arrogance. अकरण akarān (nm) omission. intractable. to be affected. अकड़ कर चलना to walk with an affected air. to speak irrelevantly/nonsense. unuttered. not fit for utterance (for reasons of obscenity etc. inertia. affectation. unwarranted fuss. unsullied. अकसमात ् akasma:t (adv) lit. ~फ airs. untold. to be at one's wit's end. —भलना/मारी जाना to be nonplussed. unfit to be done. all of a sudden. show.008 -stiff-necked without any capability. अकबक akbak (nf) wish-wash. inertness. nonsense. अकमरक akarmāk (a) intransitive (verb). disconnected utterances. rigidity. —करना to indulge in wish-wash. to make disconnected utterances. अकरणीय akarṉi:y (a) not worth doing. ~खाँ one who is on one's high horse. अकतरवय akartavvy (nm) an improper act. अकलयाण akalyā:ṉ (nm) misfortune. अकड़ना akaṛnā: (v) to be stiff. disaster. conceit. ँू hence ~बाजी (nf). अकथय akatthy (a) see अकथनीय. thinking too much of oneself and showing off. अकथ. अकलपनीय akalpanī:y (a) unimaginable. to be ू flabbergasted. haughty. अकलुष akalush (a) flawless. accidentally. अकसीर aksi:r (a) see अकसीर. unexpressed. akathnī:y (a) ineffable. ~ hence ~कर/~कारी (a). unworthy (act) अकमर akarm (nm) inactivity. अकमरणय akarmāṉṉy (a) idle. . अकमरणयता akarmaṉyata: (nf) idleness. अकिलपत akalpit (a) unimagined. (a) improper or unfit to be done. strut. to be haughty or conceited. intractability.अकड़ akaṛ (nf) stiffness. to walk arrogantly. अकड़ू akaṛu: (a) stiff-necked. अकांड तांडव akā:ṉḍ tā:ṉḍav (nm) much ado about nothing. unthought of. arrogant. airs. too -. blemishless. inconceivable. अकबकाना akbaka:nā: (v) to be flabbergasted. hence ~ता (nf). from nowhere—unexpectedly. अकिथत akathit (a) unsaid. self-conceited. indescribable. indolent.

infamy: -.009 -~कर disgraceful. amateurish. unaffected. ~रांत (a word) ending in a (अ). अकाम akā:m (a) without a wish. unhaunted by desires. premature. —चना भाड़ नहीं फोड़ सकता a lone soldier. inexperienced. keen. अकाटय akā:ṭṭy (a) irrefutable.— मतयु untimely demise.अकांड पात aka:ṉḍ pa:t (nm) bathos.—जरा progeria. अकाल aka:l (nm) famine. ु े अकला akela: (a) single. अकारािद कम aka:ra:di kram (nm) alphabetical order. to be fidgety. singly. lonely. inopportune. ~ता/तव poverty. lonesome. solitary. अकारथ aka:rath (a and adv) futile. ineffectual. a follower of this sect. अकृतीकरण akkriti:karāṉ (nm) nullification. ू अकृत akkrit (a) null. अिकं चन akiṇchan (a) poor.—विष untimely rains.—पुरष the Ageless One —the Supreme Being as worshipped by the Sikhs. —वधद prematurely aged. unsophisticated. (nm) a novice. ृ ृ ृ अकािलक aka:lik (a) untimely. destitution. pauper. अकृतज akkritagy (a) ungrateful. ु अकशल akushal (a) unskilled. nullified. novice. undone. untimely. अका/र /akā:r (nm) the letter a (अ) and its sound.—कसम lit an out-of-season ु ु flower—an untimely thing. needlessly. अकिठत akuntḥit (a) sharp.—पसव premature delivery. thankless. causelessly. ु अकलाहट akula:haṭ (nf) restlessness uneasiness. (a) premature. causeless. groundless. अकादे मी akā:demi: (nf) an academy. अकीित aki:rti: (nf) disgrace. unrestricted. अकाली aka:li: (nm) a sect of the Sikhs. unstunted. ~पकव precocious. useless. alone. wanton. unprovoked. ंु अकलाना akulā:nā: (v) to feel uneasy/restless. hence ~ता (nf). दकला alone or with one or two more. indisputable. genuine. (adv) by oneself. unfathomable. अकृती akkriti: (a) unskilled. ु अकत aku:t (a) immeasurable. destitute. invalidation. mean. uncramped. in vain. अकारण aka:rāṉ (adv and a) without any reason or cause. hence ~ता (nf). hence ~ता (nf).— े . belief. incontrovertible. अक़ीदा aqi:da: (nm) faith. hence ~ता (nf). hence ~ता (nf). without any pretext. pauperism. ु अकलीन akuli:n (a) low-born. अकृितम akrittrim (a) natural. scarcity. hence ~ता (nf). resulting in infamy.

headstrongness.—गुम होनाto be out of one's head. ~नामा a marriage agreement. —िठकाने होना to have learnt a lesson. ू अक़द aqd (nm) agreement. to suffer from mental paralyses. अिकलष akklishṭ (a) not intricate— easy. —काम न करना. अकम akkram (a) disorderly. haughtiness. intelligence. sagacious. to lose wits.—िठकाने लगाना to set (one) right. ु अककल दाढ़ akkal da:ṛḥ (nf) dens serotinus. with े े none to support. solitariness. intelligent. —चककर मे the faculty of reasoning. े े े solitary. to lose one's wits. to be out of one's head. अकला दम अकली जान all alone. sagacity. -अकले all by oneself. wits.—चकराना. wisdom. -.—का िचराग़ गल होना. to learn a lesson. अक़लमंदी aqqlmandi: (nf) prudence.010 -directions. ~पन/~पना contumacy. —का दशमन a stupid fellow.—पर पतथर/परदा पड़ना. —का पतला intellect ु ु personified. easily intelligible. to be fixed in one's proper place. to fix one in one's proper place. wisdom. —से कोई वासता न होना to have nothing to do with common sense. contumacious. to put to senses. wisdom tooth. अकलापन akela:pan (nm) a feeling of loneliness. sensibility. —सिठयाना to suffer senile decay.—क घोडे दौड़ना to cudgel one's brains.—मारी जाना to be in a fix or dilemma.—कद होना to be at ंु one's wit's end. lonesomeness. devoid of grey matter. —बड़ी (या) िक भैस knowledge predominates over mere strength. sensible.— मे (तुम) उसक पासंग भी नहीं there is more wit in his little finger than in your whole े body. —का घास खाना/चरना/चरना to be bereft of wits.cannot win a war. to be bereft of senses or intellect. to indulge in mental gymnasium.—जाती रहना to lose ु अक़लमंद aqqlmānd (a) prudent.—का अंधा a dotard. intellect. अकौशल akaushal (nm) see अकशल. all alone. haughty.—सौ क बराबर a host in oneself. to lose power of discrimination. chaotic. wise. solitude. अक़ल aql (nf) common sense.—चरने जाना. by oneself. . to demand a tribute to the dead. without a companion. rude and rough. े अकले akele (adv) alone. to exercise one's mind in all े in stupidity all the time. to cut to size. अक aksh (nm) an axis.— क पीछे डंडा/लाठी िलए िफरना to indulge े आना/पड़ना to be non-plussed.—आना to see reason. अकबर aktu:bar (nm) (the month of) October. marriage. अकखड़ akkhaṛ (a) headstrong.

it signified a division of army consisting of 21. hence— सौभागयवती (a).870 chariots. अिक akshi (nf) an eye. अकमय akshammy (a) unpardonable. —योजना (Printing) composition. inexcusable. the time taken in the twinkling of the eye. अकरी akshari: (nf) spelling. (nm) whole grain of rice. —उतारना to photograph. अकरश aksharshah (adv) literally. complete. hence ~ता (nf). perennial. . अकम aksham (a) incompetent. a celebate. —सौभागय the happy state of a woman survived by her husband.— िवनयास spelling. reflection. अकयय akshayy (a) imperishable. usually. अकस aks (nm) a shadow. अखंड akhaṉḍ (a) the whole.610 horses and 109. ~ता incompetence. undivided. ~गिणत Algebra. ~योिन a virgin. syllable. intact.—पाठ non-stop recitation. undecaying. अकसर aksar (adv) often. unbroken. ~यी imperishable. अक/य akshay (a) imperishable. handicapped. undecaying. अकोभ akshobh (nm) absence of perturbation. perennial. calmness. अकरिवशेषण aksharvishleshān (nm) syllabism.350 footsoldiers. अकसीर aksi:r (a) unfailing. अकांक akshā:ṅk (nm) indices. (a) imperishable.—तारक the pupil. handicap. indivisible. undecaying.—पटल the retina. a free-lance writer. reflected image. —दवा a sure/sovereign remedy.—से भे ट न होना to be absolutely illiterate. complete.—गोलक the eye-ball.—िवकेप a side-long glance. the state of being unimpaired. quiet. quiet. अकरचारी aksharcha:ri: (a) literalist (ic). in toto.—िनमेष a moment. ~वीयर having unimpaired virility.870 elephants. ~ता virginity. अकुणण akshūṉṉ (a) unimpaired. undecaying. अकांतर akshā:ntar (nm) latitude.—योजक compositor. entire. ~माला the alphabet. intact. generally. character.अकत akshat (a) unimpaired. incapable. ~जीवी a professional author. incapability. perennial. to reproduce an exact image. 21. अकर akshar (nm) any letter of the alphabet. intact. sure. अकाश akshā:nsh (nm) latitude. verbatim. अकुबध akshubdh (a) unperturbed.—करना/लेना to trace. 65. अकौिहणी akshauhiṉi: (nf) in ancient military terminology.

incohabitable. अगमयागामी (an) incestuous (person). incomprehensible. authority. hence ~की (a). irrefutable. unimpaired. अगित agati (nf) stagnation. to pick up the gauntlet. irrepudiated. unaccounted. अगणय agaṉṉy (a) see अगणनीय. अखाद akha:ddy (a) inedible. a disorderly heap of scraps. a congregation of sadhus or their abode. pan—. integrity. अखािड़या akha:ṛiya: (nm and a) a master fighter. •काग़ज newsprint अखबारी भाषाjournalese. अखबारी pertaining to news or newspaper(s). unbreakable. unattainable. hence ~ता (nf). hence ~क (a). unintelligible.अखंडता akhāṉḍata: (nf) indivisibility. . अखंिडत akhāṉḍit (a) unbroken. अख़ख़ाह aḳḥḳḥa:h (int) oh ! (an exclamation of surprise or wonder in case of an unexpected appearance or meeting etc. अखलाक़ akhla:q (nm) manners. the Master of the universe. —गरम होना to have the bouts going. skilled manoeuvrer. अगमय agāmmy (a) see अगम. all. अगिणत agāṉit (a) unnumbered. अग ag (a) immovable. अगणनीय agāṇani:y (a) innumerable. wrestling arena. entire. to be disagreeable or unpleasant. अखंडनीय akhāṉḍanī:y (a) indivisible. अखाड़ा akha:ṛa: (nm) an arena. ~नवीसी journalism. अिखल akhil (a) whole. अगमयागमन incest. place for exercise.बाज़ see अखािड़या. uneatable.—जमना an assembly to be active and enlivened.011 -manners. अखाड़े. completeness. hence ~ता (nf). undivided. good -. right. अगड़म-बगड़म agṛām-bagṛām (nm) junk. irresolvable. अखरोट akhroṭ (nm) a walnut. अखरना akharnā: (v) to make one feel sore. अगम agām (a) inaccessible. hence ~ता (nf). ~नवीस a journalist. अखाड़े मे आना/उतरना to step into the arena (for a bout). numberless. अिखलेश akhilesh (nm) the Supreme Master. to have an assembly in full swing. the whole universe. inertia. strategist.) अिख़तयार aḳḥtiya:r (nm) power. infrangible. अखबार aḳhba:r (nm) a newspaper. countless. अग-जग ag-jag (nm) the movable and immovable taken together.

अगल-बग़ल agal-bagal (adv) on both sides. dilly-dallying. deep. in future. one extended to a marriage party or a distinguished guest). -िपछाड़ी see आगा-पीछा. uncondemned.. ~ता (nf). अगाऊ aga:u: (a) forward. incohabitability. facing. ~परीकाordeal. अिगनबोट aginboṭ (nf) a steam-boat.अगमयता agammyāta: (nf) inaccessibility. अगहन agahān (nm) the ninth month of the Hindu calendar. steamer. appetite. in case. अिगयारी agiya:ri: (nf) throwing or burning incense etc.—मंद होना to suffer from dyspepsia. welcome (esp. front portion. ~बाण a fire-emitting/incendiary arrow. unintelligibility. the other (person). अगर agar (ind) if. अिगन agnī (nf) fire. अिगनगोला agingola: (nm) an incendiary bomb. •करना to play first fiddle. -पूजक fireworshipper. अगोचर agochar (a) imperceptible. -. ~तकीड़ा firework. guidance. profound. —करना to dillydally. though. अगुआ agua: (nm) a leader. ~ई leadership. ुर अगूढ़ agu:ṛḥ (a) intelligible. अगर agaru (nm) aloe (wood). अगवाड़ा agwa:ṛa (nm) the frontage. following. digestive faculty. —सौदे forward trading. ~चे although.—जल deep/unfathomable water. immolation. pioneer. simple. ~बती an incense stick. अगसत agast (nm) (the month of) August. अगुणी having no quality/merit. ~कण a spark. to resort to ifs and buts. conflagration. (nm) aloe (wood). severe trial. nearby. ~कांड arson. the god of fire. hence . —पवेश entry into fire. side by side. (adv) in front of. coming. to lose appetite अगाध aga:dh (a) unfathomable. into the fire. ~दाह cremating. cremation. पितषा summoning and worshipping the god of fire (in order to commence a religious function). अगला agla: (a) next. guide. (nm) see अवगुण. से गुजरा हुआ tried in the furnace. -पूजा fire-worship. अगिहरत agarhit (a) uncensured. advance. अगाड़ी aga:ṛi: (nf) the front part. to vacillate. apparent. the rope used for tying a horse's neck.012 -forerunner. अगर-मगर agar-magar (nf) if and but. hence ~ता (nf). hitch. approaching. अगण agūṉ (a) see िनगण. अगवानी agwā:nī: (nf) reception. wavering.

unworthy. foremost. वषार shelling. civic. अघिटत aghaṭit (a) unoccurred. अिगम aggrīm (a) first. inadmissible. अघोष aghosh (a) unvoiced (sound). अगणी aggraṉi: (a) leading. surprised. forward. invalid. ~ज/जनमा an elder brother. not having happened.013 -अचकचा/ना achkacha:nā: (v) to be taken aback or astonished.—करना to forward. ~लेख an editorial. अघट aghaṭ (a) untoward. chief. अगीकृत agri:kkrit (a) fronted (in Linguistics). —भाग front portion. foremost. outstanding. leader. pioneer. leading. अगह aggra:hy (a) unacceptable. अचंचल achaṇchal (a) unwavering. अगामय aggra:my (a) civil. precedence. an aggressor. अगनयस agnyastr (nm) firearms. located or situated ahead. ~दत herald. pre-eminent. the head. ू fore-runner. अगपाव aggrpa:d (nm) fore-limb. a member of the order of mendicants called 'aghor panth'. uncouth and unclean (man). अघ agh (nm) a sin. (nm) an advance.—होना to proceed. to be . a leading article. steady. improbable. stable. front part. ~जा an elder sister. अचंभा achambha: (nm) wonder. misdeed: ~मषरण purification. ~धषी aggressive. bombing. surfeited or satisfied (with). (adv) in advance. अगसारण forwarding. firing. to move ahead. -संसकार cremation. confounded/dumbfounded. ~ता priority. ~गणय leading. अघोरी aghori: (a and nm) filthy. अग aggr (a) first. chief. urbane. ू अगवती aggrvarti: (a) advance. ~हट -. (nm) the fore-part of anything. अघाना agha:nā: (v) to be satiated. primarily. detestable. ineligible. refined. to go ahead. —पित an advance copy. अगभिम aggrbhu:mi (nf) fore-land. ~यायी pioneering. prominent. purifying. surprise. astonishment. to have abundance (of something). अग/धषरण aggrdharshāṉ (nm) (act of) aggression. अगसर aggrsar (a). ~सात ् consumed by or consigned to fire. leader.~वधरक digestive. ~त: firstly. ~गामी pioneering. a bolt from the blue. expiation/expiatory. अचंिभत wonder-struck. one who indulges in indiscriminate eating.

so long. —बुरा good and bad. inanimate. without delay. a sense or state of being taken by surprise.(nf) astonishment. good and bad. अचानक acha:nāk (adv) all of a sudden. inanimation. —लगना to have a liking (for): अचछी कटना/गजतना/बीतना to have good time. अिचत ् achit (a) devoid of consciousness. अचलता achalata: (nf) immovability. ु पाला पड़ना to encounter a difficult/unmanageable person. inanimation. righteous. invariable. अचारी acha:ri: (nf) typical pickles prepared from mango parings. अचछे -अचछे big guns. said while aiming scoffs at unwarranted preservation or saving of a thing. astonishment. unpremeditated. unconscious. to prepare pickles. अचूक achu:k (a) infallible. —बराई merit and demerit. —ख़ासा fairly good. firmness. invisible.अचछे से अचछाई achchha:i: (nf) goodness. sound. (int) all right. अचेतन achetān (a) unconscious. virtue and ु vice. suddenly. significant people. (nm) an invariant. incomprehensible. —दवा sure cure. अचला achala: (nf) the earth. unexpected.—तो यह माजरा है that accounts for the milk in the cocoanut. (a) see अचल. unfailing. unerring. अचरज acharaj (nm) surprise. invariable. virtue. genuine. अिचंतय achinty (a) see अिचंतनीय. sessile. granted. those who matter. अचल achal (a) immovable/immobile. . constant. well done. hence ~ता (nf). pleasant. motionless. excellent. unidentified.—करना to cure (of an ailment). अचार acha:r (nm) pickles: —डालना lit. अचछे -बुरे की तमीज़ होना to know a hawk from a handsaw. अचाकुष acha:kshush (a) non-visual. fine. अिचर achir (a) prompt. merit. stationary. wonder. अचछा achchha: (a) good. (adv) well. अिचंतनीय achintāni:y (a) unthinkable. unworried. inertia. senseless. unexpectedly. अचर achar (a) immovable. sure.— संपित immovable property. अचेत achet (a) devoid of consciousness. अचीनहा achi:nhā: (a) unknown. correctly. अचैतनय achaitanny (a) unconscious. —आ/जा लेना to take a person at advantage/by surprise. अचकन achkān (nf) a kind of tight-fitting long coat. unthought(of). still. firm. adequate. अचेतना achetṉa: (nf) unconsciousness. अिचंितत achintit (a) unplanned. (nm) absence of consciousness.

too much. . unwittingly. -सरे -नौ de र ु novo. अजनबी ajnabi: (a) unknown. peculiar. ~शतु one who has no enemy.014 -अज़ az (ind) from. अज aj (a) unborn. anew. wonder. pertaining to the python. अजेय ajey (a) invincible. अज़ीज़ azi:z (a) dear. अजान aja:n (a) ignorant. ~खद on one's own. अिचछनन achchhinn (a) uninterrupted. positive excellence. ृ अज़दहा azdaha: (nm) see अजगर. अजग/र ajgar (nm) a python. अजायब/घर. hence ~ित (nf). अजीब aji:b (a) strange. peculiar. unerring.अचछापन achchha:pān (nm) goodness. अजीणर aji:rṉ: (nm) indigestion (caused by overeating) अजूबा aju:ba: (nm) a curio. अछोर achhor (a) without a beginning or end. eternal. (nm) a stranger. ~री phythonic. peculiar. अज़मत azmat (nf) greatness. unfamiliar. curio-collection centre. by oneself. dignity. अजात aja:t (a) unborn. —पवाह uninterrupted flow. innocent. undecaying. अछतोदार uplift of the ू ू untouchables. undivided. ~खाना aja:yabghar. alien. indivisible. अिजत ajit (a) unconquered. a huge snake. अछता achhu:ta: (a) fresh. unconquerable. —मे unknowingly. -. अचयु/त achchyut (a) infallible. ू अछे द achheddy (a) impenetrable. अजीबोग़रीब unique. continuous. अजर ajar (a) ever-young. अजस ajasr (a) uninterrupted. baffling. undefeated. kith and kin. ~हद very much. ~तफ़ from. unending. अज़ान aza:n (nf) prayer-call (by a muazzin) in a mosque. ~ḳḥā:nā: (nm) a museum. a sense of inertia. अछत achhu:t (a) untouchable. (nm) an untouchable. untouched: unpolluted. अजब ajab (a) strange. unbroken. अजनमा ajanmā: (a) see अज. •वित leisurely attitude. immutable. amazing. (nm) a near relative. arousing a sense of wonder. ~ग़ैबी divine. अजवाइन ajwa:in (nf) a kind of aromatic seed — Carum copticum.

~नाम/~नामा of unknown name. अट-सट aṭṭsaṭṭ (a) see अंड-बंड. अटूट aṭu:ṭ (a) unbreakable. an attic. अटहास aṭṭha:s (nm) a horse-laugh. roaming. अटपटा aṭpaṭa: (a) odd. uncertain. ~ता unknowability. ~नी ignorant. अजा/न aggyā:n (nm) ignorance. roaming. catch-up. ~पवर unknown (before). immeasurable. incessant. अटे रन aṭerān (nf) a reel or skein of thread. अटकाव aṭka:v (nm) hitch. irrevocable. stupid. unwise. hence ~पन (nm). obstruction. stupidity. absurd. ~ता ignorance. paucity of knowledge. steadfast.015 -bond. ~वाद agnosticism. dwelling in an unknown ू place. lag. going round. अटपटाना aṭpaṭa:nā (v) to wobble. अटारी aṭa:ri (nf) a small garret. अटन aṭan (nm) roving. (nm) the number fifty-eight. अटना aṭnā: (v) to suffice. अटानवे aṭṭḥa:nve (a) ninety-eight. hitch. to be contained in. ु anonymous. to be held up. imaginary. अटाईस aṭṭḥai:s (a) twenty-eight. an attic. अटकलपचचू aṭkalpachchu: (a) random. (nm) a random guess. अटकना aṭaknā: (v) to get stuck up. (nm) the number twenty-eight. hence ~बाज़ी (nf). to become incongruous/unsteady. immense. an ignoramus. अटकल aṭkal (nf) conjecture. अटा aṭa: (nm) a garret.अज aggy (a) ignorant. ~यौवना (a girl) unaware of the emergence of youth (within her). fanciful. अजात aggya:t (a) unknown. incongruous. unwavering. resolute. अटल aṭal (a) firm. given to wandering. . ~शील (a) roving. guess. unbreakable -. ~कल of unknown lineage. (nm) the number ninety-eight. peal of loud laughter. अटािलका aṭṭa:lika: (nf) a high palatial mansion. an attic. अजेय aggyey (a) unknowable. ~बाज़ one who is given to making conjectures or guesses. अटाटूट aṭa:ṭu:ṭ (a) immense. hence~नता (nf). अटक aṭak (nf) obstacle. ~वास secret dwelling. crammed full. ~वादी agnostic. mere conjecture. hindrance. अटावन aṭṭḥa:vān (a) fifty-eight.—संबंध unbreakable/firm relationship. firm.

—टटटू fig. ~मा(वाँ)सा a ceremony performed in or about the eighth month of a woman's pregnancy. अठननी aṭḥannī: (nf) an eight-anna coin. अठ aṭḥ (a)an allomorph of आठ used as the first member of a compound word. अड़ंगा aṛaṅga: (nm) an obstacle. अड़ू सा aṛu:sa: (nm) a medicinal plant — Justicia ganderussa. —िवशास unflinching/firm faith/belief. a premature child born in the eighth month of pregnancy. अिडग a ig (a) unflinching. mulish. obstructionis n-डालना/लगाना to create an obstacle. . obstruction. —जमाना to stay long. (nm) the number thirty-eight. अठखेली aṭḥkheli: (nf) (usu. to press forward. अड़ो(ड़ौ)सी-पड़ो(ड़ अडडा aḍḍa: (nm) a stand. अठखेिलयाँ करना to romp and rollick. perch. to be playful. vicinity. to halt. —पकड़ना to assume a pertinacious/stubborn attitude. merriment. firm. अठहतर aṭḥhattar (a) seventy-eight. base. अड़ो(ड़ौ)स-पड़ो(ड़ौ)स aṛo(au)s-paṛo (au)s (nm) neighbourhood. अड़सठ aṛsaṭḥ (a) sixty-eight. (nm) the number eighteen. pertinacity. अड़ाना aṛa:nā: (v) to put an obstruction. chopping block. अड़ाअड़ी aṛa:aṛi: (nf) vying. used in plural अठखेिलयाँ) playfulness. impediment. अड़ंगेबाज़ an obstructionist. अिड़यल aṛiyal (a) inflexible. अठारह atha:rah (a) eighteen. ~दार unflinching. ~वाड़ा (रा) a span of eight days. steady. to try to topple up. to provoke into the forefront. meeting place. अड़ aṛ (nf) obstinacy. stupidly obstinate. to make a haunting place of.अटासी aṭṭḥa:si: (a) eighty-eight. hot-bed. frolic. difficulty. ौौ)स neighbours. अड़ंगेबाज़ी obstructing tactics. to be restive (as a horse). अड़चन aṛchān (nf) hindrance. resort. stubborn. to insist. hitch. (nm) the number sixty-eight. —मारना to place an impediment. अड़हुल aṛhul (nm) a typical reddish flower. अड़ना aṛnā: (v) to stick (to a position) . rivalry. (nm) the number eighty-eight. अड़तीस aṛti:s (a) thirty-eight. अड़तालीस aṛta:li:s (a) forty-eight. (nm) the number forty-eight. stubborn. haunt. —बनाना to turn into a frequent rendezvous/meeting place. अढ़ै या aṛḥaiya: (nf) a weight of two and half seers. (nm) the number seventy-eight.

अित ati—a prefix expressive of extremity. imparts the capacity to assume infinitesimal form. ~चारी a trespasser. gigantic. अतल atal (a) bottomless. fathomless. transgressing (prescribed) limits. cool. ~परम ् now onwards.—धमर duty towards ृ a guest. अता ata: (nm) a gift. ~कथन aggrandizement. infinitesimal. extra.016 -atomic. surpassing. अतप atapt (a) unheated. profound.. अितकाल atika:l (nm) delay. ~सपशी fathoming the depths. on this account. (a) molecular. ~गह guest-house. अितपायी atipa:i: (nm) an addict. honourable treatment to a guest.अिणमा aṉīmā: (nf) atomism. ~कामक (a). violation. unplanned. who can see through to the bottom. obstacle. ~िदक the (eight) siddhis अिणमा. hereafter. the first of the eight siddhis (see) which अणु aṉū (nm) a molecule. अितिथक atithic (a) unhistoric. (nf) excess.— सतकार/सेवा hospitality. hence ~कांत (a). ~परायणता hospitality. ~kkramāṉ (nm) infringement. incontrovertible. lapse. अतिकत atarkit (a) unthought of. -. rights of hospitality. atomistic. intense. अत: atah (ind) hence. ~परायण hospitable. अितपात atipa:t (nm) breach. therefore. ~वकण (यंत) a microscope. अित/चार aticha:r (nm) transgression. beyond. ~दशी having deep insight. —करना/फ़रमाना (to be so kind as) to give away. profanation. etc. trespass. —कलाकार guest artist. sudden. so therefore. a drunkard. अितनैितक atināītik (a) supermoral. ~वादी an atomist. —करना to commit an excess. अितिथ atithi (nm) a guest. अितकाय atika:y (a) huge. thus. to bestow. अतलांतक atlā:ntak (nm) the Atlantic (ocean). minute particle. violation. outrage. excessive etc. contravention. ~कमण atikkram. अितपाियता atip:yita: (nf) alcoholism. an atom. अितकम. र अतकयर atarky (a) indisputable. ॣ अतएव at-ev (ind) hence. violation. अितपरवलय atiparvalay (nm) a hyperbola. over. irrefutable. outrageous. to cross the limit. . ~ौ्वाद atomism. to go too far. अतरसो atarsō (adv) the day prior to day-before-yesterday or next to day-after-tomorrow.

अितसावधानता atisa:vdhā:nta: (nf) meticulousness. ~सापेक retrospective. अितशयोिक atishayokti: (nm) exaggeration (a figure of speech). overstatement. अितरे क atirek (nm) plenty. -. (state of being in) excess. unusually heavy downpour. over-extensive.). अितराषीयता atira:shṭri:yata: (nf) chauvinism. chauvinist. too common. hence ~वािदता (nf) ~वादी(a. अितलंघन atilānghān (nm) infringement. ~ता plenty. अित/मानव atimā:nav (nm) a superman. अतींिदय ati:ndriy: (a) transcendental. अित/वाद ativa:d (nm) extremism.अितपुरातन atipura:tan (a). ~पाकृ ितक atipra:kkrit. ostentatious. अितरं जना atiraṇjanā: (nf) exaggeration. अितशय atishay (a and adv) exceeding/exceedingly. अितराष‍टीय atira:shṭri:y (a) chauvinistic. अितसामानय atisa:mā:nny: (a) super-normal. boastful. too much. अितिरक atirikt (a) additional. ~ता transsensuous/transcendental state. super-sensuous. अतीत ati:t: (a and nm) (the) past. exaggeration. अितसूकमदतशी atisu:kshmadarshi: (nm and a) ultramicrsocope. ~मानवीय superhuman.017 -extremistic. surplus. अितविष ativrishṭi: (nf) excessive rains. auxiliary (e. nm). ~वािदता extremism. abundance. ~वाद transcendentalism. over-permeation. ~पंथी ultra conservative. अितवयािप ativvya:pti: (nf) over-extension (of a rule. spare. ृ अितवयाप ativvya:pt: (a) over-extended. excess. excessivism. ~वादी an extremist. excessive/excessively. अितपकृत atiprakrit (a) see अितपाकृत अित/पाकृत. redundancy. abundance. transgression. . besides. ू अितमूलयन atimu:lyān (nm) over-valuation. ~pra:kkritik (a) supernatural. post). अितसावधान atisa:vdhā:n: (a) meticulous. ~पुरगर exaggerated. ~पूणर exaggerated. boastfulness. ~रं िजत exaggerated. excess. (adv) beyond. ultramicroscopic. trans-sensuous. extra. अित/रं जन atirāṇjāṉ (nm) exaggeration. extra-cautious. etc. overlapping. अतीव ati:v: (a) very much. over-assessment. ostentation.g. अितमतता atimu:trata: (nf) polyuria. extra-cautiousness. अितसार atisa:r (nm) dysentery.

excessively. (a) gluttonous. अथवा athva: (ind) or. lots of. tyrannous. अदब adab (nm) respect. ~च besides. —से इित तक from beginning to end. bottomless. अतयिधक atyadhik (a and adv) very much. non-gratification. pharmaceutical chemist. low. not gifted. ृ अतिप atripti: (nf) non-fulfilment. अदद adad (nm) a piece. unfulfilled. whole number. unpenalised. an auspicious and inceptive particle. —शासक a tyrant. अतयाचारी attya:cha:ri: (a) atrocious. . ृ अतार atta:r: (nm) a perfumer. immense. —पिरशम untiring efforts. trifling. abundant. too much. अतयिक attyukti (nf) a hyperbole. अतयाजय attya:jjy (a) unabandonable. then. not fit to be punished. अदक adaksh (a) inefficient. अथई atha:i: (nf) a centrally-located platform (used as a meeting place). without fail. Your Highness. number. अथ ath (nm) the beginning. urbanity. that is. अदना adnā: (a) insignificant. not presented. exceedingly. अथक athak (a) untiring. courtesy and consideration. etc. moreover.—क़ायदा/िलहाज़ etiquette.018 -अदं डय adaṉḍy (a) see अदं डनीय. ु ू अत attr (ind) here. despot. अथाह atha:h (a) unfathomable. अदं डनीय adaṇḍnī:y (a) unpunishable. politeness. unceasing. excessive. deliberately. ~लय (a) out and away.अतु/ल atul: (a) unparalleled. अतयाचार attya:cha:r (nm) atrocity. अतप atript: (a) unsatisfied. Your Excellency. -. good manners. outrage. pardonable. inferior. excess. pertaining to literature. literature. अदं िडत adaṉḍit (a) unpunished. ~िलत (a). अतयाहारी attya:hā:ri: (nm) a glutton. also ~लनीय (a). unforsakable. ~वेद (nm) the fourth and the last of the Vedas. unequalled. अदत adatt (a) not given. outrageous. very deep. अदबी adabi: (a) literary. अथवर atharv . tyranny. incapable. (nm) a tyrant. druggist. respectfulness. अतयंत attyānt: (adv and a) very much. embodying overstatement. now. अदबदाकर adbada:kar (ind) positively. frustration. ~भवान Your Honour. much. frustrated. ~परगर hyperbolic. commencement. not fit to be renounced.

modification. अदालती judicial. hence ~कृ त (a). determinist. ~वादी a fatalist. अदायगी ada:igi: (nf) payment. ~बाज़ीlitigation. अदले का बदला eye for an eye. अदमय adāmmy (a) irrepressible. अदरक adrak (nf) ginger. अदशरनीय (a) not fit to be seen. imperceptible. to fulfil. अदालत ada:lat (nf) a court of law. —करना to pay. irresistible. interchange. deterministie. untainted. अदवान advā:n (nm) a thin rope used to keep a cot flat and firm. performance. determinism. अदाह ada:hy (a) non-combustible. ू अदिषत adu:shit (a) spotless. litigiousness. अदा ada: (nf) coquetry. अदे शी(य)/करण adeshi:(y)karāṉ (nm) denaturalization. ू अदषण adu:shāṉ (nm) absence of blemish. interchange. hence ~ता (nf). graceful manner or carriage. hostility. —. non-transferable. mutual transfer. अदहन adahān (nm) water set to boil for the purpose of cooking food. फ़ौजदारी criminal court. estrangement. अदष adrishṭ (nm) fate.—मौजदगी in the absence of. ~कार an actor. enmity. uncontaminated. pure. hence अदावती (a). not to be handed over. unwise. ~बाज़ a litigant. non-rigid. ू अदढ़ addriṛḥ (a) loose. fatalistic. fulfilment. अदा addha: (nm) one half (of anything). अदरद/शी adu:rdarshi: (a) not far-sighted. —पैरवी ex parte. performer. अदीिकत adi:kshit (a) uninitiated. ~वाद fatalism.—. . ugly. fortune. अदह adah (nm) asbestos. hence~िशरता (nf). ~कारी performance. अदशरन adarshān (nm) . pure. अदशयता adrishyata: (nf) invisibility. to perform. — ू सबूत absence of proof. दीवानी civil court. infirm. •जाँच judicial enquiry. counterfoil. अदल-बदल adal-badal (nf) exchange. ~वािदता see ~वाद. (a) unforeseen. mien. a half-pint bottle. ~पूवर unique.अदम adām (nm) absence. imperceptibility. half-brick. fire-proof. unprecedented. अदे य adey (a) inalienable. —उतसाह irresistible enthusiasm. litigious. blandishment. to discharge. अदावत ada:wat (nf) animosity. अदला-बदली adala:badli: (nf) exchange. not worth seeing. not worth or fit for handing over. (a) blemishless. अदशय adrishy (a) invisible. hence ~ता (nf).

अधकहा adhkaha: (a) half-expressed. ~मी sinful. अधजल adhjal (a) half-full of water. sinful act. negation of duality/difference.अदी addhi: (nf) a kind of fine muslin-like cloth. अधमरा adhmara: (a) half-dead. immorality. ~वादी a monist. lip. unparalleled. till now. अध/मर adharm (nm) vice. fantastic. अधपनना adhpannā: (nm) a counter-foil. अधमुआ adhmua: (a) half-dead. degradation. unity. near-dead. unique. अधनना adhannā: (nm) a half-anna coin (now out of currency). अदै त addvait (nm) absence of duality/difference. ु अदतन addyatān (a) up-to-date. modern. अधम adhām (a) mean. अधखुला adhkhula: (a) half-open. half-baked. show much. supernatural. ू अधरोष adharoshṭḥ (nm) the lower lip. wrong. ु ु अधािमरक adha:rmik (a) irreligious. believer in monism. . —मे without support underneath. hence ~ता (nf). अधगदराया adhgadra:ya: (a) half-ripe. hence ~ता (nf). near-dead. profane. अधःपतन adhahpatān (nm) downfall. अिदतीय addviti:y (a) sui generis. underlip. space between earth and sky. propless. borrower. half-bloom. hence ~ता (nf).019 -अदत adbhut (a) marvellous. singular. to be without a prop. अधकचरा adhkachra: (a) immature. sin. hence ~पन (nm). unrighteousness. —गगरी छलकत जाय know little. half-baked. अधमणर adhmārṉ (nm) a debtor. at the threshold of bloom. अधाधंध adha:dhundh (a and adv) see अंधाधंध. half-cooked. vile. empty space. vicious. half-uncovered. a sinner. unassimilated. अधजला adhjala: (a) half-burnt. base. incomplete. an evildoer. -. अधपका adhpaka: (a) half-ripe. semi-explicit. ~वाद monism. unrighteous. degeneration. अधर adhar (nm) underlip. अदावािध addya:vadhi (ind) up-to-date. mid-air. empty vessel makes much noise. fall. —मे झलना/लटकना to hang in mid-air. अधिखला adhkhila: (a) semi-bloomed. monistic. — पान sucking/kissing of the lips.

much. ~तम maximum. अिधनहन adhinahān (nm) annexation.अिधक adhik (a) more. possession. abundant. organization (as नयायािधकरण). •चरता absolute variability. अिघकारी adhika:ri: (nm) an officer. अिधिनयम/म adhiniyām (nm) an act (of legislation). plenty. ~ati (nm) a ruler. ~णीत adjudicated. entitlement. पितिनिध). अिधपत adhipattr (nm) a warrant.~ित adhip. . agency. ~मन enactment. authority. -तंत dictatorship. tableland. command. plenty. ~तव dictatorship. surplus. अिधकार adhika:r (nm) right. vested with authority (as— •सेना army of occupation. king. अिधकािधक adhika:dhik (a) more and more. —मे mostly. mostly. occupation. occupying. occupation. utmost. a title-holder. ~िमत enacted. ~ता excess. chief. (nm) a major portion.020 -अिधकािरता adhika:rita: (nf) locus standi. occupation. many. pleonastic. progressively increasing. अिध/कृत adhikkrit (a) occupied (as -केत). an owner. ~कृ त-सचना authoritative information/report. abundance. —मास a leap month. ~तर most. अिधप. ु अिधकद adhikēndr (nm) epicentrum. अिधकार-पत adhika:rpatr (nm) a letter of authority. अिधकाई adhika:i: (nf) excess. े अिधतयका adhittyaka: (nf) upland. अिधकपद adhikpad (a and nm). charter. authorised. ~वािद dictatorial. pleonasm. generally. authoritative. ~तव pleonasm. अिधतयाग adhittya:g (nm) abdication. —दोष pleonasm. (a) vested with or possessing authority. instrumental. अिधकांश adhikā:nsn (a) more than half. अिधपािप adhipra:pti (nf) procurement. -केत jurisdiction. master. an authority. epicentre. अिधभोका adhibhokta: (nm) an occupant. ~वाद dictatorship. अिधनायक adhina:yak (nm) a dictator. अिधभार adhibha:r (nm) surcharge. ~त:. -. ~कृ ित possession. most. अिधकरण adhikarāṉ (nm) locative (case). supreme leader. अिधमान adhimā:n (nm) preference. अिधिन/णरयन adhinirṉāyān (nm) adjudication. an organ.

अधोगित adhogati (nf) fall. ू अधीकक adhi:kshak (nm) a superintendent. subservient. degradation. suzerainty. अधीन adhī:n (a) dependent. अधीनता adhi:nta: (nf) subordination. at present.021 -imperfection. verging on old age. unfinished. domicile. subjugation. hence ~षाती (nf). nervous. अिधमास adhimā:s (nm) a leap month. hence ~िषत (a). अधो/गमन adhogamān (nm) downfall. preferential treatment. अधेड़ adheṛ (a) middle-aged. अिध/षान addhisṭḥā:n (nm) an establishment. to divide into two halves. petulant. अिधराजय adhirajjy (nm) a suzerain power. fidgety. supreme ruler. अधीर adhi:r (a) restive. under. अिधशोषण adhishoshāṉ (nm) absorption. . up-to-date. अिध/षाता adhishṭḥa:ta: (nm) a chief. abode.अिधमानय adhimā:nny (a) preferable. subordinate. अिधयाना adhiyā:nā: (v) to bifurcate. अिधसचना adhisu:chnā: (nf) a notification. (a) domiciled. ~सथ subordinate. impatient. climbing up. अिधराजतव adhira:jattv (nm) suzerainty. preferential: ~ता preference. ~गामी falling down. —करना to absorb. dependence. presiding. subjection. degrading. अिधवेशन adhiveshān (nm) session. erudite. under. अधनातन adhunā:tān (a) modern. अिधवास adhiva:s (nm) domicile. subject to the authority of. अिधवका adhivakta: (nm) an advocate. अधीत adhi:t (a) well-read. अिधराज adhira:j (nm) a sovereign. -. अिधरोही adhirohi: (a) ascending. अधुना adhunā: (ind) now. अिधवासी adhiva:si: (nm) a settler. settled. petulance. meeting. ~पन incompleteness. ascending. (a) superintending. degradation. अिधरोहन adhirohāṉ (nm) ascendance. ु अधुरा adhu:ra: (a) incomplete. —कम an ascending order. dwelling. descending. अधेला adhela: (nm) a half-pice coin (now out of currency). nervousness. downfall. ~ता impatience.

head. अनंग anāṅg (nm) see कामदे व. infinite. ~पकी वती teaching profession. अधयादे श addhya:desh (nm) an ordinance. अनंत anānt (a) endless. अधयास addhya:s (nm) misimposition.—करना to acquire. speakership. diligent. अन ān—a Hindi prefix used to impart a negative sense. ~वाद spiritualism. etc. अधयाय addhya:y (nm) a chapter. volition. अनंितम anāntim (a) provisional. situated or existing below or downwards. an educator. अधयाहार addhya:ha:r (nm) an ellipsis. . अधयक addhyaksh (a) president. celebrated on the fourteenth day of the bright fortnight of the month of भादपद(भादो). —जान spiritual knowledge. अधयवसा/य addhyavasa:y (nm) perseverance. headship. ृ अधयािप addhya:pti (nf) acquisition. misperception.). —चतदरशी a festival ु hence ~ता (nf). अधया/पक addhyapa:k (nm) a teacher. अधयातम addhya:tm (nm) spiritual contemplation. अनंतय ananty (a) see अनंत. ~होनी. industrious. chairmanship. -कक study. misprojection.—अधयापन studying and teaching. ~िपका (nf). speaker.अधोमुख adhomukh (a) face downwards. diligence. hence ~पण (nm). given to reading. inexplicit. ~िपत (a). अनकहा ankaha: (a) untold. अनक़रीब anqari:b (adv) forthwith. hence ~परकता (nf). ~पन teaching. enterprising. unending. (nf) infinity. scholar. studyroom. implicit. -िवदा/शास metaphysics. very soon. eternal. अनंतर anāntar (ind) after. अधयारो/प addhya:rop (nm) erroneous transference of an attribute. afterwards. ~यी perseverant. अधयेता addhyeta: (nm) a student. instruction. अधययन addhyayān (nm) study. in the wake of. ~परक spiritual. अधयाप addhya:pt (a) acquired (property. ~ता presidentship.—योग the discipline involved in withdrawal of senses from mundane objects and their concentration on the Supreme Being. chairman. अधोवती adhovarti: (a) inferior. master. ~शील studious. as ~मेल. enterprise.

undesired. ु ू अनननास anānnā:s (nm) pine-apple tree or its fruit. unacquainted. inexposed. अननयसंकामय anānnyāsānkrā:mmy (a) inalienable. absence of chiselling/polish. somebody's game. exclusiveness. non-transferable. ignorant. अननय ananny (a) identical. not kindly/well disposed. sameness. — भाव sole or exclusive loyalty/devotion. closed. अनधयवसाय anaddhyavsa:y (nm) akrasia. अनखुला ankhula: (a) not open. ineligible. natural. ~ता identity. अनचीनहा anchi:nhā: (a) unknown. inactivity. unrightful. अनिगनत anginat (a) innumerable. unwittingly. acerbity. -काल vacation. unfit. ु अनिगन angin (a) see अनिगनत. unwanted. countless. unauthorised. अननयािधकार anānnyā:dhika:r (nm) sole/unchallenged right. अनखाना ankhānā: (v) to express a sense of acerbity/petulance/dudgeon. अनगढ़ angaṛḥ: (a) crude. undesirable. अनिधकृत anadhikkrit (a) unauthorised. अनिधकार anadhika:r (a) unauthorised. unpolished. —मे (िकसी का) िहत साधना to play अनदे खा andekha: (a) unseen. ~परायण being exclusively devoted to one. unfamiliar. exclusive. —पाषाण यग crude stone age. cessation of work. अनचाहा ancha:ha: (a) unwanted.022 -अनिगना anginā: (a) unaccounted for. ~परता complete loyalty. अनिधकारी anadhika:ri: (a) rightless. unwrought. completely devoted (to). strange.—गती sole support. ~सामानय unique.day. unique. •क having no other way out.अनख anākh (nm) dudgeon. intimate (as-िमत). not subordinate. अनधयाय anaddhya:y (nm) an off. typical. ~िचत/मनसक/मना/having full concentration (in). completely loyal. covered. अनिधकािरक anadhika:rik (a) non-official. -. uniqueness. अननकल ananūku:l (a) unfavourable. to express resentment (by words or gestures). unchiselled. अनजान anjā:n (a) unknown. अनचीता anchi:ta: (a) unthought of. . numberless. —चेषा unauthorised attempt. undesired. unoccupied. naturalness. अनजाने anja:ne (adv) unknowingly. hostile. petulance. intermission. (nm) want of right. uncounted. opposed. —मे िकसी महापुरष की सेवा करना to entertain an angel unawares. close. unforeseen. अननयािशत anānnyā:shshrit (a) independent. unnumbered. ~पन crudity. slothfulness. unauthorised.

अन/भयास anabbhya:s (nm) want of practice. अनपढ़ anpaṛḥ (a) illiterate.अननवय anannvay (nm) a meaning-based figure of speech involving comparison of an object with its own ideal (राम क सम राम ही है ). absent-minded. ineligibility. अनपराधी anapra:dhi: (a and nm) (a) non-criminal. not required or desired. े अनपच anpach (nm) see अपच. ~ता absurdity. out of sorts. rain without a ृ cloud—unexpected gains. अनलहक़ analhaq—an Arabic phrase given currency by the Sufi:s in mediaeval India— meaning 'I am God. impudent. hence ~पन (nm). अनल anal (nm) fire. अनिभज anabhiggy (a) ignorant. -. irrelevant. incoherent prate. . estrangement. absurdity. hence ~भयासी (nm). raving. devastating. unawareness. dissimilar. अनमना anmanā: (a) indisposed. discordant. अनमोल anmol (a) invaluable. precious. ~ता disqualification. unmixed. implicit. ू अनबयाहा anbya:ha: (a) unmarried. अनगरल anargal (a) unrestrained. in low spirits. absurd. अनिभपेत anabhippret (a) not intended/designed/implied. ~ता ignorance. hence ~ता (nf).—विष lit.023 -अनिमल anmil (a) discordant. अनिबंधा anbīdha: (a) unpierced. अनिभवयक anabhivyakt (a) unexpressed. unapprised. अनिजरत anarjit (a) unearned. अनपचा anpacha: (a) undigested. absolutely contrary meaning. अनथर anarth (nm) calamity. अनबन anbān (nm) discord. अनम anāmmr (a) disrespectful. —पलाप unrestrained prattle. ~कर/कारी calamitous. impertinent. priceless. unaware. अनबूझ anbu:jh (a) see अबझ. अनहर anarh (a) unqualified. अनभ anabbhr (a) cloudless.—वजपात a bolt from the blue. unlettered. I am Truth'.—आय unearned income. rift. अनपेिकत anapekshit (a) unwanted. अनमेल anmel (a) inharmonious. unbarred. heterogeneous. grievous wrong. having no practice. ~भयसत unaccustomed. out of practice. ineligible.

(a) distracted. (a) unusual. licentious. अनाकमण anā:kkramāṉ (nm) non-aggression. ~लंबन (nm). —बखरी a corn-bin. अनव/लंब anavlāmb (a) without a support. imperishable. inadvertence. corn. अनविधक anavadhik (a) aperiodic. tyro. improbable. अनवद anavaddy (a) flawelss. hence ~चरण (nm). अनविहत anavhit (a) inadvertent. ~लंिबत (a). अनवरद anavruddh (a) unobstructed. distraction. not attained. unremitting. अनशर anashshvar (a) immortal. barn. hence ~पन (nm). lonely. hence. ~चारी lascivious.024 -अनाड़ी ana:ṛi: (a) inexperienced. negligent. अना/चार anā:cha:r (nm) misconduct. immoral. अनाकांत ana:kkrā:nt (a) unassaulted. immorality. bumpkin. incessant. negligence. hence ~ता (nf). wrong doing. unskilful. lasciviousness. hence~ता (nf). without a blemish. negligent: ~ता inadvertence. an ignoramus. अनशन anshān (nm) fast. malpractice. smooth. . hence~ता (nf) अनवट anvaṭ (nf) see अँधौटी. अनागत ana:gat (a) (the) future. अनवरोध anavrodh (nm) absence of obstruction. defiant. unknown. unattacked.अनविचछनन anvachchhinn (a) unbroken. अनवधान anavdhā:n (nm) absence of concentration. -. अनाज ana:j (nm) grain. heedlessness. unsupported. —संिध a non-aggression pact. अनिसतव anastittv (nm) non-existence. अनाकार anā:ka:r (a) amorphous. impossible. —करना. malpractitioner. not to pay any attention (to). a mysterious sound born within (without any impact between objects) and audible only to the Yogi:. inattention. wrong-doer. non-attack. अन(ना)हदनाद ana(a:)hadna:d —In Indian terminology pertaining to Yog. hence~िरता (nf). सुना-अनसुना करना to ignore (deliberately). अनसुना ansunā: (a) unheard (of). अनहोनी anhōni: (nf) the improbable. unhampered. अनाजाका/री anā:gya:ka:ri: (a) disobedient. unobstructed. smooth. (a) free. shapeless. the impossible. not come. immutable. licentiousness. continuous. inadvertent. अनवरत anavarat (a) continuous. (nm) a novice.

अनार anā:r (nm) a pomegranate. suddenly. inferior. अनावती anā:varti: (a) non-recurring (as expenditure). अनादर anā:dar (nm) insult. अनादत anā:ddrit (a) insulted. अनािद anā:di (a) having no beginning. अनािधकािरक anā:dhika:rik (a) unofficial. ~वाद/~वािदता materialism. अनावरण anā:varāṉ (nm) exposure. clean. अनािवल anā:vil (a) clear. aperiodic (as a circuit). with ease. अनास/क anā:sakt (a) detached. ृ ~वित (nf). self-sufficient. nonsense. ~वान faithless. अनावत anā:vvrit (a) open. non-spiritual. helpless. ~भोजी a vegetarian. अनास anā:s (a) snub-nosed. ृ अनािशत anā:shshrit (a) independent. disregard. अनाथालय. materialistic. (a) corporeal. (a) not noble. babble. eternal. want of rain. ~क-भाव sense of detachment/nonattachment. अनावशयक anā:vashshyak (a) unnecessary.अनातम ana:tm (nm) non-self. unrecurred. अनािदष anā:dishṭ (a) non-commissioned. humiliated. अनािमका anā:mika: (nf) the ring finger. अनायास anā:ya:s (adv) without effort. anonymous. ~वादी a materialist. (something) different from spirit or soul. अनाहार ana:ha:r (a) without food. अनाप-शनाप ana:p-shanā:p (a and nm) slipslop. ~क anonymous. healthy. अनाम anā:m (a) nameless. prattle. without any protector. ever-existent. hence ृ अनाविष anā:vrishṭi (nf) drought. अनाथाशम anā:tha:lay. unrepeated. uncovered. अनायर anā:ry (nm and a) a non-Aryan. unattached. undirected. not respectable. ृ अना/वत anā:vritt (a) not returned. अनाथ anā:th (nm) an orphan. . anā:tha:shshram (nm) an orphanage. non-recurring. absurd (talk). absence of attachment. ~िक detachment. (a) orphan. unimportant. ~दाना dried seeds of pomegranate. अनािमष anā:mish (a) vegetarian. neglected. अनासथा anā:stha: (nf) absence/want of faith or devotedness. unauthorised. spontaneously. disrespect. faithlessness.—करना to insult. अनाहत नाद anā:hat na:d—see अनहद नाद. to disrespect.

flawless. अिनयिमत anīyamit (a) irregular. -. unwillingness. vague. hence~ता (nf). disorderly. unsolicited. अिनवायरता aniva:ryta: (nf) inevitability. mandatory. . inefficient. ु अिनतय anitty (a) transient. occasional. अिनमेष animish. arbitrary. अिनयत anīyat (a) indefinite. ~कर. अिनवास aniva:s (nm) non-residence.अनाहूत anā:hu:t (a) uninvited. unavoidable. erratic. अिनचछा anīchchha: (nf) reluctance. essential. unrestrained. अिनदा aniddra: (nf) insomnia. अिनधारयर anirdha:ry (a) non-assessable. unsettled. ineffable.025 -hence~ता (nf). casual. without a wink. अिनवरचनीय anirvachnī:y (a) indescribable. ~कािलक aperiodic. sudden. hence अिनद (a). अिनिमत animitt (a) without a cause. अिनणरय anirṉāy (nm) indecision. obligatory. अिनिदर ष anirdishṭ (a) unspecified. ~ता indefiniteness. अिनष anishṭ (nm) harm. fleeting. अिनंिदत anīndit (a) uncensured. undecided. harmful. hence~ता (nf). unwilling. अिनमंितत animāntrit (a) uninvited. transitory. calamitous. vagueness. unreproached. unallotted./~कारी । (a) evil. calamity. uncertainty. अिनवायर anīva:ry (a) inevitable. अिनपुण anipūṉ (a) unskilled. अिनिशत anishchit (a) uncertain. uncertainty. अिनल anil (nm) air. uncertainty. अिनशय anishchay (nm) indecision. अिनिमष. अिनंदनीय anīndani:y (a) see अिनंद. animesh (a) unwinking. irresistible. unprescribed. unrestricted. अिनयम anīyam (nm) lawlessness. ominous. disorder. sleeplessness. casual. unsummoned. variable.— शासन absolute or arbitrary government. compulsory. अिनयंितत aniyāntrit (a) uncontrolled. non-prescribable. अिनचछक anichchhuk (a) reluctant. indefinite. अिनंद anīndy (a) irreproachable.

~करणीय exemplary. अनीित anī:ti (nf) impropriety. ु अनिकया anūkkriya: (nf) response.अनकमणी anūkkramāṉīka:. अनकृत anūkkrit (a) imitated. ु following. imitable. description. ु अनकायर anūka:ry (nf) imitation. towards. ु ु अनकिमक anūkkramīk (a) successive. well-disposed. self-immolation by a widow. prone to obey or follow. grateful. forepeak. ~न conditioning. succession. emulation. ु ृ . mimicry. along with. exact. ु अनकृती anūkkriti (nf) an imitation. introgression. ु ू अनगहीत anūggrihi:t (a) obliged. ु अन/करण anūkarāṉ (nm) imitation. ु अन/गत anūgat (a) obedient. ु अनकम anukkrām (nm) sequence. ु ू ~तम optimum. agnostic. अनु anū—a prefix meaning after. agnosticism. conformable. an index. emulation. agreeability. ~गामी a follower. ु अनकमण anukkramāṉ (nm) sequence. ु ु ु अनगँज anugū:j (nf) re-echo. agreeable. emulator. point. obedient. befittingness. sharp. afterwards. emulative.adaptation. emulation. ~शील responsive. अनुकरण). atheistic. hence •ता (nf). अनकमिणका. high-handedness. like. ~गणता exactness. hence ~कतार (nf). anūkkramāṉī: (nf) a list of contents.026 -succession. ु अनकारी anūka:ri: (a) imitating. also ~वािदता. ु ं अनकथन anūkathan (nm) post-statement. ु अनकल anūku:l (a) favourable. ु worth emulating or imitating. emulation. agnosticist. (as अनुयायी. emulating. befitting. अन/गमन anūgamān (nm) following. अनकलप anūkalp (nm) substitute. अनीिकनी ani:kinī: (nf) corps (a body of troops). ~दार pointed.अनी anī: (nf) eye. अनकपा anūkāmpa: (nf) kindness. hence ु ~गित obedience. compassion. अनीशर/वाद anī:shshvarva:d (nm) atheism. significance. •तमक imitative. ~कतार imitator. emulated. ~नीयता adaptability. consecutive. conformability. ~ता favourableness. following. imitative shape or form. ~तमक. repeatedly. ~वादी an atheist. अन/गण anūguṉ (a) significant. ु -. befitting. (nm) a follower. etc. ~िकया imitation. conformity. inequity.

wooing and propitiation. an article. follower. ु ू अनतरदायी anūttarda:i: (a) irresponsible. ु अनतरदाियतव anūttarda:ittv (nm) irresponsibility: ~पणर irresponsible.अनगह anūggrah (nm) obligation. ु अनजीवी anūji:vi: (nm) an underling. ु अनतिरत anūttarit (a) unreplied unanswered. hence ~नयी (nm and a). hence ~ता (nf). ~नय-िवनय persuasion and ु prayer. ु अनतट anūtaṭ (a and adv) coastwise. composed. ~जा (nf). parsimonious. ु अनदान anūdā:n (nm) a grant. ु अनिचत anūchit (a) improper. ु अनताप anūta:p (nm) remorse. trace. unbecoming. propitiation. lacking loftiness. ु अनदशी anūdarshi: (a) retrospective. ु अनदशरन anūdarshān (nm) retrospection. hence ~ता (nf). ु अनदेग anūddveg (nm) absence of perturbation/flurry. ु अन/ज anūj (nm) a younger brother. ु अनचछे द anūchchhed (nm) a paragraph. ु अनतप anūtapt (a) remorseful. ु अन/चर anūchar (nm) an attendant. repentant. ~तमक permissive. अनिदन anūdin (adv) every day. also ~चारी (nm). ु अनतान anuta:n (nf) intonation. stingy. ु अनदेश anūdesh (nm) instruction. favour. conservative. ु अनतीणर anūtti:rṉ (a) failed. continuous thinking. repentance. ु अनतपादक anūtpa:dak (a) unproductive. ु अनदार anūda:r (a) not liberal. ु अनिदगन anūddvign (a) unperturbed. —संबध illicit relations. unsuccessful. ignoble. ~धारी a permitholder. unresponded. . kindness. parochial. coastal. ं ु अनिचनह anuchinh (nm) a trail. ु अनिचंतन anūchīntān (nm) sympathy. hence ु ~ता (nf). composure. barren. unseemly. along the coast/bank. a hanger-on. ु अनजा anūggya: (nf) permission. ु अन/नय anūnāy (nf) persuasion. ु अनजिप anūggyapti (nf) a licence. ु अनदतािधकार anūdatta:dhika:r (nm) franchise. wrong. a dependant. mollification. daily. ~क instructor. ु अनदात anūda:tt (a) not sublime.

अनबंिधत anubāndhit (a) contracted. ु अनपािजरत anūpa:rjit (a) unearned. unfit. maintenance. ~िगता uselessness. addendum. to ु inform. echoed. to enter into a contract ु (with). ु अनपोषण anūposhāṉ (nm) support. unsuitable. ु अनपूरक anūpu:rak (a) supplementary. अननािसक anūnā:sik (a) nasal. unparalleled. ु अनप/म anūpam (a) matchless. hence ~ता (nf). suffix. subsidy. unacquired. informed. ~मेय unparalleled. ु अनपयो/गी anūpyogi: (a) useless. ~पाती proportional. out and away. harm.अन/नाद anūna:d (nm) resonance. ~नादी resonant. unavailing. to inspire. appendage. adherence. ु अनपालन anūpa:lan (nm) observance. ~नादक resonator. ु ू अनपूवी anūpu:rvi: (a) successive. ु ~नािदत resounded. nasal. not prosperous. ु -. अनपास anūppra:s (nm) alliteration. maintenance. ु अनपयक anūpprayukt (a) applied. ु अनपिसथित anūpasthiti (nf) absence. ु अनपिसथत anūpasthit (a) absent. ु अनबध anūbāndh (nm) contract. hence ~री (nm and a). अनप/लबध anūplabdh (a) unachieved. stipulated. stipulation. ु अनपािणत anūpprā:ṉit (a) imbued. . ु ु अनपयोग anūpprayog (nm) application. ु अन/पात anūpa:t (nm) proportion. ु matchless. ु ं ~कारी contracting. ु अनपान anūpā:n (nm) fluid vehicle in medicine.027 -not high. •पक contracting parties. inspired. —करना to imbue. ु अनपसथ anūpprasth (a) transverse. hence ~लिबध (nf). अनपयुक anūpyukt (a) inexpedient. hence~ता (nf). agnomination. (nm) a nasal sound. signed (for a contract). ु अनननत anūnnat (a) undeveloped. -िवजान applied science. the state of being of no ु utility. consecutive. ु अनबद anūbaddh (a) contracted. —करना to annex. compensation. echo. अनपका/र anūpka:r (nm) evil turn. ु अनपितर anūpu:rti (nf) supplementation.

an adherent. reverberation. amusement. ~भावन (nm). agreeable. ु अनिमत anūmit (a) inferred. ु ू अनभित anūbhu:ti (nf) emotional experience. established by ु experience or perception. ु अनरागी anūra:gi: (a) affectionate. ु ू अन/मत anūmāt (a) assented (to). ु अनमो/दन anūmodān (nm) approval. estimated/guessed. ु अनमोिदत anūmodit (a) approved. hence ~रं िजत (a). attachment. अनमान anūmā:n (nm) guess. hence~ता (nf). hence ु ~भावक (nm). seasoned. ~रिक attachment. fond. suggestion (by look or gesture). ~िसद empirical. ु •पत a permit. approval. ु अनरकण anūrakshāṉ (nm) maintenance. dotage. estimate. अनुभवािशत empirical. ु -. ु अनभाग anūbha:g (nm) section (of an office. अनरकक anūrakshak (nm) escort. approved. ु अन/रं जन anūrāṇjan (nm) recreation. hence ~दक (nm). surmise. inferable. ु अनयायी anūya:i: (nm) a follower. अनभत anūbhu:t (a) tried: experienced. ~मित assent. ु अनराग anūra:g (nm) love. veteran.अनभव anūbhav (nm) experience. realisation. affection. ु . about. ~भावी (a). अनुभवातीतवाद transcendentalism. sensibility. loving. to experience. transcendental. —करना to feel. tinnitus. in love (with). inference. अनयान anūyā:n (nm) a trailer. ु अन/रक anūrakt (a) attached. etc. fondness. pass. ु अन/रणन anūraṉān (nm) echoism.) ु अन/भाव anūbha:v (nm) ensuant response. ु अनमद anūmuddr (nm) off-print. hence ~रिणत (a). leave. अनुभवातीत beyond or transcending experience. ु अनरकी anūrakshi: (a and nm) escort. concluded. fond (of). conclusion. अनभवी anūbhavi: (a) experienced. escort. estimated. ~वाद empiricism. approbation. अनमािनत anūmā:nit (a) approximate.028 -approbated. ~त: ु approximately. ु अनिमित anūmiti (nf) inference. ु fondness. supposition. ु ु अनमेय anūmey (a) fit to be inferred/concluded.

barren. similitude. ु अनलोम anūlom (nm) descending series. following. sterile. ु अनसार anūsa:r (post). trace. copy. hence ~रोधी (a). ु अनषंग anushaṅg (nm) association. ु ू अनवादी anūva:di: (a) musical note. ~शासी disciplinarian. ~शुित tradition. undertaking. ु अन/शुत anushshrut (a) traditional. ~धाता a researcher. (a) resembling. ु . ~वािदत (correct ु form अनिदत) translated. ~करण duplicating. sterility. one who ु is performing an अनषान. direct (in Mathematics). beseeming. ~ता infertility. having similitude. to correspond/conform. ~शासक a disciplinarian. repetition. ु अनसरण anūsarāṉ (nm) (the act or process of) following. follow-up. ु ू अनसेवी anūsevi: (a) subservient. -िववाह marriage of a ु man of higher caste with a woman of lower caste. ु अनसं/धान anūsāndhā:n (nm) research. tradition. ु र अनिलिप anūlipi (nf) duplicate. ु अनषान anūshṭḥā:n (nm) ritual. entreaty. ु अन/वती anūvarti: (a) subsequent. ु अनवर anūrvar (a) infertile. ~शोता monitor. ु अन/रोध anūrodh (nm) solicitation. ~िखत traced. etc). exercise. pursuance. अनरपक anūru:pak (nm) counter. copying. contingency. following. ु अनषंगी anūshāṅgi: (a) contingent. ~कतार a solemniser. hence ~वितरनी (nf). ~बद scheduled. conformity. to be befitting. religious performance.—होना to be in accord. according to. analogous. —.क according to. ु अनरे/खण anūrekhāṉ (nm) tracing. ceremony. barrenness. ु solemnisation. disciplinary. conformable. ु अनशीलन anūshi:lan (nm) constant study or practice. ु अन/वाद anūva:d (nm) translation. pertaining to discipline. े ु अनसची anūsu:chi: (nf) a schedule.अनरप anūru:p (a) like. अनवतरन anūvartān (nm) subsequence. in conformity with. ु अन/शवण anūshshravāṉ (nm) monitoring. ~वादक a translator. investigation. fittingness. fit. ~शासनबद disciplined. अनसमथरन anūsamarthān (nm) ratification (of a treaty. connection. अनषाता a performer of a ceremony/ritual. other than va:di: and samva:di:. ु ~ता accordance. ~शासनीय disciplinary.part. ~वाद (correct form अनद) translatable. ~िधतसु an ु aspirant for research. investigation. ु ~शासिनक. अनशािसत anūsha:sit (a) disciplined. ु अन/शासन anusha:sān (nm) discipline. ancillary. analogy.

(usu. rift. . ू अनद anū:ddy (a) translatable. interwoven. mimicry. unprecedented. lie. polysemant. versatility (as पितभा). depraved. अनैकय anaiky (nm) discord. अनन-जल ann-jal (nm) bread and butter.) अनिभज. अनेकाथरक anēka:ṛthak (a) polysemous. varied. several.g. after-sound—the nasal sound (in some of the Indian scripts) ु which is marked by a dot above the line and always follows the preceding vowel. fit for/worthy of translation. अनाचार. singular. अनन ann (nm) corn. unique. ु अनहारी anūha:ri: (a) mimetic.-. अनौदोिगक anāūdyogik (a) non-industrial. depravity. ू अनप anū:p (a) unequalled. ~ता/तव diversity.029 -servile. of numerous types. अनोखा anōkha: (a) peculiar. अनैितक anaitik (a) immoral. unparalleled. queerness. अनंत. notd eliberate. ~िवध multifarious. ु अनहतार anūharta: (nm) a mimic. indeeency. cooked). novelty. person skilled in ludicrous imitation. falsehood. ू अनिदत anū:dit (a) translated. ~वाद pluralism. novel. pertaining to mimesis. अनहरण anūharāṉ (nm) mimesis. hence ~ता (nf). legendary. varied character. ~ता immorality. ु अनठा anū:ṭḥa: (a) unique. —उठना/छटना (obliged) to be ू uprooted. ~पन peculiarity. unofficial way. ृ अनेक anēk (a) many. unceremonious. friction. ~ता informality. unparalleled. food. unofficial. ू अनढ़ा anū:ṛḥa: (nf) an unmarried woman. subsistence. ~दे व spirit corn. ू अनत anrit (nm) untruth. अनौपचािरक anāūpcha:rik (a) informal. अन ् an—a Sanskrit prefix to words beginning with vowels. ु अनसवार anūssva:r (nm) lit. to be forced to move away (from a particular place). (the act or process of) mimicking. अनसयूत anūssyu:t (a) intertwined. अनैकांितक anaika:ntik (a) non-exclusive. polysemousness. queer. ambiguous. ~ता ambiguity. signifying negation (e. out and away. numerous. अनौिचतय anāūchity (nm) impropriety. अनैिचछक anaichchhik (a) involuntary. अनैितहािसक anaitiha:sik (a) unhistorical.

giver of food. wrong. ू अनयोिक annyokti (nf) an allegory. अननपाशन annpra:shān (nm) a ceremony marking the occasion when a child is administered non-liquid food (esp. ~शयवाद mutualism. —लेखक ghost writer. ~मनसकता absent-mindedness. अनयायय annya:yy (a) unjust. ~पूणर unjust. best. patron. अनयायी annya:yī: (a) unjust. mentally elsewhere. ~िकया interaction. खीर) for the first time. reciprocity. -. अनयदे शीय annydeshi:y (a) alien. ~ता reciprocity. —रपक an allegory. अनय anny (a) other. inequitable. inequitable. (imparting) a different meaning. subservient (to). — करना to give a raw deal. अनयथा annyātha: (adv) otherwise. much. अनयन annyū:n (a) not less. ~परक allegorical. wrongful. different. ~िशत interdependent. अनयत: annytah (ind) from another. अनयाय annya:y (nm) injustice. allegorical. . ~कथन misrepresentation. (nm) a wrong-doer. hence ~ता (nf). inequity. अनयसंकामण annysāṅkra:māṉ (nm) (act or process of) alienation. ~मना annymānāsk.अननदाता annda:ta: (nm) master. —पुरष third person (in Grammar). reciprocal. depending on somebody else. wrong. अनयत annyāttr (ind) elsewhere. अनयोनय/शय annyōnnya:shshray (nm) interdependence. —संबंध reciprocal relationship. अनयािशत annya:shshrit (a) dependent. otherwise. ~वादी an allegorist. indisposed. indisposition. अनय/मनसक. a form of address used by subjugated and subordinated people for their masters and patrons.persecutor. benefactor. अनयाथर annya:rth (nm and a) (having) another meaning. (a) interdependent.030 -foreign. to do a wrong. अनयकामण annykrā:māṉ (nm) (act or process of) alienation. from elsewhere. against. ~mānā: (a) out of sorts. (a) contrary. —करना to alienate. the state of being mentally elsewhere. absent-minded. ~शयी. false statement. reciprocal. अनयतम annytām (a) foremost. अनयोनय annyōny (a) reciprocal. ~िकयता interactionism. another. one who provides subsistence. reciprocity. अनयसंकामयता annysānkra:myāta: (nf) alienability. ~कार an allegorist.

031 -harmer. े . ill-turn. degradation. अप ap—a Sanskrit prefix denoting—away. hence ~ता (nf). down. misdoer. connected with. as an allomorph of आप in Hindi. enquiry. degeneration. understood. hence ~िषरत (a). degradation. hence ~क (nm. wrong. damage. maimed. one who does an evil turn. अनवेिषत annveshit (a) explored. अनवेषय annveshy (a) explorable. enquirer. अपकतार apkarta: (nm) an injurer. hence ~का (nf). through/microscopic examination. अपक/मर apkarm (nm) wrong doing. अिनवित annviti (nf) unity (esp. अनवालोप annva:lop (nm) an envelope. conformable to the meaning. enquired/investigated (into). transgression. ~षी (a). अपकषर apkarsh (nm) downfall. syntactical sequence (of words). अनवथर annvarth (a) significant. -. disservice.अनव/य annvay (nm) the natural order or sequence of words in a sentence. ~िदक centrifugal. debasement. अिनवत annvit (a) possessed of. logical connection of cause and effect or proposition and conclusion. ~कण-यंत a microscope. अिनवताथर anvita:rth (a and nm) possessing a meaning intelligible through an orderly sequence of words. deterioration or inferiority. अपकरण apkarāṉ (nm) misfeasance. one who does damage or inflicts harm. अनवेषी annveshi: (nm) see अनवेषक. अपक/द apkēndr (a) centrifugal. forming an orderly sequence. अपंग apaṅg (a) cripple(d). damaging. (nm) one who inflicts harm. hence ~क (a).~āṉ (nm) exploration. possessing. ~िदकता centrifugality. अपकारी apka:ri: (a) detrimental. अपकीितर apki:rti (nf) infamy. dramatic). hurtful/harmful. logical syntactical concordance of words in a sentence. attended. a researcher. अनवी/कण annvi:kshāṉ (nm) investigation. ~मार a wrong doer. a). disgrace. ~ित see अपकार. ~सवाथी selfish. lineage. base. off. it also denotes 'self' as ~काजी selfish. misdeed. hence ~यी (a). investigation. अनवेश-अनवेष/ण annvesh. an evil-doer. अपकार apka:r (nm) harm. degeneration. accompanied by. अनवेषक anveshak (nm) an explorer. अपक/षरण apkarshāṉ (nm) extortion. evil deed. subject or liable to enquiry/investigation. अपकृ/त apakkrit (a) (one who has been) harmed. joined. intelligible.

—सब-कछ एक ही दाँव पर ु . अप/धमर apdharm (nm) heresy. अपदाथर apada:rth (a) insignificant. raw.032 -- must stand on one's own legs. illiterate. अपने पाँव पर काटना as you sow so shall you reap. hence ~ता (nf). अपच apach (nm) indigestion. child.—घर बदनाम करना to foul one's own nest. —पेट काटना to tighten one's belt. —बोया आप pot. अपगित apgati (nf) downfall. to look for position. अपघषरण apgharshāṉ (nm) abrasion. अपचार apcha:r (nm) evil deed. —मकान कोट समान every man's house is his castle. पराया-पराया blood is thicker than water. hence ~िचत (a). ~धमी heretic. —उललू िसधा करनाto have an axe to grind. a parochial outlook. (nm) insalubrious food/diet. lacking skill. pertaining to oneself. अप/चय apchay (nm) reduction. —दही खटा बताना to cry stinking fish. अपटु apaṭu (a) inefficient. dyspepsia. -अपना. अपघटन apghaṭān (nm) decomposition. —िदल खोल दे ना to put (all) one's cards on the table. unhealthy. (a feeling of) ownness. catabolism. अपचयन apchayān (nm) reduction.—पूत सबको पयारा every potter praises his own लगा दे ना to have all the eggs in one basket.अपकव apakkw (a) unripe. —घर भरना to feather one's own nest. अपिठत apaṭḥit (a) unread. अपचारी apcha:ri: (a) delinquent.—तोसा अपना भरोसा everyone own endeavours. -परायाkindred and alien. affinity. ~पन cordiality. catabolism. immature. petty. -सा मँुह लेकर रह जाना to cut a sorry figure. degeneration. अपथय apatthy (a) insalubrious. unwholesome. अपना apnā: (a) one's own. aberrant. अपकय apakshay (nm) atrophy. -तेरी (a feeling of) thine and mine. अपदसथ apadasth (a) deposed. uneducated. misfortune. अपढ़ apaṛḥ (a) unlettered. to condemn one's खड़े होना to stand on one's own bottom. अपतण apattriṉ (nm) weed. dismissed/relieved of one's post. incompetent. अपतुिष aptushṭi (nf) appeasement. to -. to serve one's own end. aberration. ृ अपतय apatty (nm) an offspring.

अपने मँह िमयाँ िमटू बनना self-praise is no recommendation. ृ अपयश apyash (nm) ill-repute. to keep (some secret. to stew in one's juice. different. अपनी िबसात मे रहना to keep one's head. debased. to adopt. disgraced. -वचन slander. —का घूट पीना. corruption. खुले आम to offer an affront (to). to appropriate. अपनी लगाई आग मे आप जलना to be hoist with on'e own stand one's ground. to be chagrined. —करना to adulterate. following. infinite. अपनी गली मे कता भी शेर a cock on his own ु dunghill. state of being later/after. अपरता aparta: (nf) distinction. अपरं च aprāṇch (ind) moreover. अपिनवरचन apnirvachān (nm) misinterpretation. अपने रं ग मे होना to be in one's element. latter. अपरदे शीयता apardeshi:yta: (nf) exterritoriality. अपने मे मसत रहना to keep oneself to oneself. अपने हक क िलए े लड़ना to fight for one's own hand. अपनी मौत मरना to die petard.face discomfiture. अपनी जगह डटे रहना to stick to one's guns. •. disrepute. affront. -लेख libel. अपनी-अपनी ढपली अपना-अपना राग each one blowing one's own trumpet. another. अपने आप by oneself. अपरदे शीय apardeshi:y (a) ex-territorial. अपभंश apbhrānsh (nm) corrupt form of a word. later. अपने आप को लाट साहब समझने वाला Jack in office. अपने तक रखना to one's own check. अपनी बात पर जमे रहना to in one's own bed. अपनाना apnā:nā: (v) to (treat as one's) own. अपिमशण apmishrāṉ (nm) adulteration. —सहना to pocket/swallow ँ an insult.) to oneself. on one's own. furthermore. infamy. अपने तराजू मे दसरो को तोलना to measure other's corn by one's own ू bushel. —करना to insult. etc. sense of difference. corrupted. अपमतयु apmrittyu (nf) accidental/unnatural death. अपभष apbhrashṭ (a) fallen. to eat dirt. अपमािनत apmā:nit (a) insulted. inferior. अपरं पार aparampa:r (a) boundless. one of the middle IndoAryan languages. अपर apar (a) other. hence ~ता (nf). extra-territorial. अपमान apmā:n (nm) insult. to indulge in ु self-praise. besides. disgrace. अपनी करनी का फल पाना/अपनी करनी पार उतरनी to lie in the bed one has made. (a) adulterant. अपने माल को सोना कहना all his geese are swans. extra-territoriality. . अपनी-अपनी पड़ना to be keen each after his own interests or affairs. degenerated. अपरदन apradān (nm) erosion.

-िवजान criminology. अपिरहार apariha:r (nm) indispensation. अपरादर apara:rddh (nm) latter half. अपरािधता criminality. enormous. hence ~ता (nf). invariable. hence ~ित (nf). अपराजेय apara:jey (a) invincible. indeterminate. . — िवदा materialistic knowledge. steady. crude. guilt. अपरप apru:p (a) ugly. अपरोक aparoksh (a) direct. —रप से directly. अपिरषकार aparishka:r (nm) non-refinement. unwinking. अपवचन apvachān (nm) slander. calumny. post-midday. infinite. insufficient. lack of means to dispense. hence ~ता (nf). (nm) a stranger. unaltered. hence ~ता (nf). unmodified. guilty. अपिरगह apariggrah (nm) renunciation. अपिरमेय aparimēy (a) immeasurable. अपिरवतरनीय aparivartanī:y (a) unchangeable. अपिरपकव aparipakkv (a) immature. अपिरवितरत aparivartit (a) unchanged. offending/offender.अपरा apra: (nm) mundane or materialistic knowledge. the state of being without any belongings. unavoidable. अपराधी apra:dhi: (a and nm) (a) criminal. अपराध apra:dh (nm) crime. irrational. unparalleled. -. अपिरिकत apari:kshit (a) unexamined. hence ~ता (nf). अपिरचय aparichay (nm) non-introduction. अपिरिमत aparimit (a) measureless. worldly wisdom. non-acquaintance. offence. limitless. possessionlessness. अपरािजत apara:jit (a) unconquered. untried. visible. hence ~ता (nf). fault. inevitable. tangible. crudeness. अपराग apra:g (nm) disaffection. ~िवज criminologist. hence ~ता (nf). unconquerable. अपिरपुष aparipushṭ (a) uncorroborated. अपिरहायर apariha:ry (a) indispensible. (a) destitute of all possessions (beyond the basic minimum). unripened. invariable. unblinking.033 -अपिरह apra:nh (nm) afternoon. hence ~ता (nf). unmatured. unconfirmed. hence ~ता (nf). untested. अपयारप aparya:pt (a) inadequate. अपलक apalak (adv and a) without a wink/blink. अपिरव/ती aparivarti: (a) steady. infinite. अपिरिचत aparichit (a) unacquainted. grotesque. obviously. unchanging. अपिरषकृ/त aparishkrit (a) unrefined. unvanquished. hence ~ितरता (nf). hence ~ता (nf).

regression. desecrated. slander. अपिववित apvivriti (nf) misinterpretation. outflow. ~वजीता exclusiveness. ~ता profanity. ~ता discordance. inauspicious omen. varicosity. wasteful. profane. repeal. अपवादी (nm). ~सैदांितक heretic. अपवहन apvahān (nm) drift. eclampsia. extravagant. rescind. अपसामानय apsa:mā:nny (a) abnormal. ~वययी a -. extravagant expenditure. अपसवाथी apswa:rthi: (a) selfish. regressiveness. अपिवकास apvika:s (nm) devolution. अपसूत apsu:tr (nm) apophysis. hence ~रक (nm). hence ~क. impure. अपशबद apshabd (nm) an abuse. divisor. degeneration. abductivity.034 -squanderer. ~िरत (a). an occurrence or event ु portending evil. अपिशष apshishṭ (nm and a) worthless residue. a vulgar word. concerned about own ends. अपसित apsriti (nf) divergence. अपवाद apva:d (nm) exception. अपवतरक apvartak (nm) common divisor. अपशकन apshakūn (nm) ill/bad omen. —करना to exclude. calumny. . ृ अपविधद apvriddhi (nf) excrescence. waste. residual. unholiness. (the act or process of) drifting. अपवा/रण apva:rāṉ (nm) repelling. अपसरण apsarāṉ (nm) divergence. अपवाह apva:h (nm) drainage. अपवतयर apvarty (nm) factor. -तंत drainage (system). squandering. अपिवचार apvicha:r (nm) mistrial. अप/िसदांत apsiddhā:nt (nm) heresy. -केत drainage area. अपिवत apavittr (a) unholy. अपसवार apassvar (nm) a discordant note.अप/वजरन apvarjān (nm) exclusion. अपसमार apasma:r (nm) epilepsy. drift. ~ता abnormality. अपविजरत apvarjit (a) excluded. ~वजी exclusive. अपवतीता apvartita: (nf) regression. अपवतरन apvartān (nm) abduction. ृ अप/वयय apavvyay (nm) wastefulness. a mischievous/bad idea. abusive language or word. अपवािहका apva:hika: (nf) a sink. ृ अपसफीित apsphi:ti (nf) deflation.

not achieved by or belonging to human being(s). (a) crippled. novel. अपवर apu:rv (a) unprecedented. kidnapping. and. comparatively speaking. unfinished. अपाठय apa:ṭṭḥy (a) illegible. hence ~ता (nf). ू अपेका apeksha: (ind) (generally preceded by की or the relative case) in comparison with. . अपष apushṭ (a) unconfirmed. अपारदिशरता apa:rdarshita: (nf) opacity. usurped. अपादान apā:dā:n (nm) the ablative case. अपांग apā:ṅg (nm) the outer corner of the eye. अपा/वरण apa:varāṉ (nm) exposure. अपहुित apahnuti (nf) concealment (a figure of speech). unique. ineligible. although. hence ~ता (nf). -अदालत the court of appeal. ~भत past ू imperfect (tense). crippled. ~हतार abductor. ~हरण करना to abduct. अपहत aphrit (a) abducted. अपेिकत apekshit (a) expected. unnourished. अपार apa:r (a) boundless. hence ~ता (nf). undeserving. requisite. kidnapped. अपील api:l (nf) an appeal. hence ~ता (nf). unprovoked and boisterous laughter. अपौरषेय apaurushey (a) divine. usurper. अपानवायु apā:nva:yu (nf) flatus. spiritual. deficient. अपाचय apa:chchy (a) indigestible. foul wind emitted from the anus. अपकट apprakat (a) latent. celestial. अपात apa:ttr (a) unworthy. shoreless. on the other hand. अपािथरव apa:rthiv (a) unearthly. disabled. imperfect. to kidnap. अपारदशी apa:rdarshi: (a) opaque.035 -अपहिसत aphasit (nm) a guffaw. maimed. ~ता unworthiness.अप/हरण apaharāṉ (nm) abduction. immense. ृ ृ अपािहज apa:hij (nm and a) a cripple. worthless. hence~ता (nf). अपोषण aposhāṉ (nm) malnutrition. stunted. -. अपी api (ind) also. ~ता impermeability. not worthy of or fit for cooking. hidden. kidnapper. अपारगमय apa:rgammy (a) impermeable. unreadable. though. ~कृ त comparatively. (nf) expectation. ~वत exposed. to usurp. hence ~वित (nf). ु अपूणर apu:rṉ (a) incomplete. usurpation. requirement. —दषी a sideglance. ineligibility. अपानदार apā:ndva:r (nm) the anus. hence~ता (nf). ~तु but.

not being the main subject matter. unused. अपचिलत apprachlit (a) obsolete. out of sorts. hence ~अपधान (nf). अपिस/द apprasiddh (a) not celebrated. undisclosed. ineffectual. in Rhetorics. disrepute. अपकाशय appraka:shshy (a) unworthy of or unfit for publication/disclosure. अपितष appratishṭḥ (a) see अपितिषत. अपभावी apprabha:vi: (a) ineffective. —गित smooth movement. अपतयक apprattyaksh (a) inapparent. unnatural. अपधान appradhā:n (a) secondary. subsidiary. अपितभ appratibh (a) bewildered. antiquated. अपतयय apprattyay (nm) lack of conviction/faith. hence ~ता (nf). hence ~ता (nf). अपितबंध appratibāndh (a) unconditional. unexposed. अपितम appratim (a) matchless. out of date. अपसतुित apprastuti (nf) indirectness. (gone) out of currency. indirect. अपतयािशत apprattya:shit (a) unexpected.invisible. invisible. ignominy. little known. obscure. unresisted. (a) without suffix. the state or circumstance of being out of currency. unhampered. rendered witless. hence ~िद (nf). . obsolete (word). irrelevant. अपचलन apprachalān (nm) obsolescence. unique. unhampered movement. अपकािशत appraka:shit (a) unpublished. अपजेय appraggyey (a) non-cognizable. — पशंसा indirect description (a figure of speech). minor. —िवधान trope. ु अपयोग apprayog (nm) disuse. अपितहत appratihat (a) unhindered. accidental or extraneous. non-committed. (nm) the object of comparison (in Rhetorics). अपितबद appratibaddh (a) uncommitted. hence~ता (nf). disreputed. sudden. अपसनन apprasann (a) unhappy. displeased. not principal. displeasure. ignominious. अपसननता apprasannata: (nf) unhappiness. अपकृत apprakrit (a) abnormal. अपितषा appratishṭḥa: (nf) disgrace. the device of indirect description. अपयक apprayukt (a) out of use. out and away. unestablished. thrown out of wits. अपितिषत appratishṭḥit (a) disgraced. non-committed. अपसतुत apprastut (a) indirect. अपजान appraggyā:n (nm) non-cognizance. hence ~ता (nf).

~गो a story-teller. abnormal. grief.036 -offensiveness. अफरना apharna: (v) see अघाना. ~री the post. of disputed origin. अफ़साना afsa:nā: (nm) a story. hence ~ता (nf). —का नाती. अपासंिगक appra:sāṅgik (a) irrelevant. -नवीस/िनगार a story-writer. अफ़सोस afsos (nm) sorrow. अफरा aphra: (nm) swelling of stomach due to over-eating. -. tale. an awesome person. अफ़लातून afla:tū:n (nm) a person of overweening pride.अपाकृ/त. . अफारा apha:ra: (nm) tympanitis. unobtainable. a boaster. अफ़ीम afi:m (nf) opium. अपसरा apsara: (nf) a celestial damsel. boaster (based on the corrupt —की दम a high-hat. अपापय appra:ppy (a) unattainable. —चचार irrelevant discussion/talk. disagreeable offensive. ~वय minor. officialism. panic.ability. अपामािणक appra:mā:ṉik (a) unauthoritative. ~tik (a) unnatural. ु अफ़वा/ह afva:h (nm) a rumour. अपािप appra:pti (nf) non-attainment. officialdom. inauthentic. —खाये होना to be stupidly incoherent. form of the name of one of the earliest and greatest Greek thinkers—Plato). अफ़रा-तफ़री afra:tafri: (nf) confusion. commotion. ~ह फलाना to give currency to a rumour. hurry-skurry. indigestion or accumulation of wind. ~वादी ill-tongued. lack/absence of authenticity or genuineness. hence ~ितकता (nf). अपामािणकता appra:mā:ṉikta: (nf) unauthoritativeness. unacquired. grievous. अिपय appriy (a) unpleasant. rare. ~हे उड़ाना to indulge in rumour-mongering. ै अफ़स/र afsar (nm) an officer. function or air of an officer. unachieved. अपैल aprail (nm) (the month of) April. ~ता unpleasantness. out of context. अपाप appra:pt (a) unobtained. nymph. inauthenticity. अबंध-नीित abāndh-nī:ti (nf) laissez faire. (int) alas!. fairy. hence~ता (nf). uncommon. ~नाक sorrowful. to be foolishly irrelevant. of a tender age. अफ़ीमची afi:mchi: (nm) an opium-addict.~ितक appra:kkrit. ~ह गमर होना the air to be thick with rumours. harsh-spoken. disagree. non-acquisition.

to waste one's regrets. अभािगनी abha:ginī: (a) see अभािगन. —पछताये होत कया जब िचिड़या चग गई खेत to cry over spilt ु milk. —जाकर at long े onwards. -तब करना to evade. -तबे करना to use contemptuous or rude language. अभय abhay (nm) an assurance of safety or protection. hence ~पन (nm). insane. ~गमय unintelligible. accursed. अभद abhaddr (a) indecent. अबाबील aba:bi:l (nf) a swallow. free. of the colour of अबीर. to dilly-dally. अबद abd (nm) an year. last. (a) fearless. अभंग abhaṅg (a) unbroken. अबोध abodh (a) innocent. insolvable. अबोला abola: (nm) absence of speaking terms (between one person and another). —जान father (a respectful term for address or for otherwise mention). -. अभकय abhakshy (a) uneatable. अबद abaddh (a) varied. (a) variegated. —की/क this time. अभािगन abha:gin (a) accursed. -दान/वचन an assurance/pledge of safety or protection. ू अबे abe (ind) an address expressive of disrespect or intimate relationship. not in bondage. (nm) forbidden/uneatable food. अबझ abu:jh (a) unintelligible. unlucky/unfortunate (woman).037 -अबाहण abbra:hmāṉ (nm) a non-Brahmaṉ. fearlessness. —का recent. next time. —गित unrestrained movement. ill-starred. inconceivable. indecorous. inedible. smooth. ~री blackish red.अब ab (adv) now. अभागा abha:ga: (a) unfortunate. अिबध abdhi (nm) a sea. smooth pace. safe. modern. -तब होना to be on the verge of death. अबबा abba: (nm) father. —से now अबाध aba:dh (a) without restraint. अबी/र abi:r (nm) a special kind of red powder sprinkled by the Hindus on one another during the Holi festival. अबरक abrak (nm) mica. ignorant. ~ता indecency. ~कोश a year book. unimpaired. अबरी abri: (nf) marble paper. inauspicious. free. . hence ~ता (nf). अबला abla: (nf) a member of the weaker sex—a woman. an ocean. smooth. unlucky. in future. अबािधत aba:dhit (a) unrestricted. undaunted. unrestrained. you fellow!.

shortage. ~दन-समारोह a reception. well-born. अिभन/ित abhināti (nf) bias. a conjurer. above. अिभचा/र abhicha:r (nm) incantation. inclination. अिभजान abhiggyā:n (nm) recognition. noun. applauded. अभा/व abha:v (nm) want. -वगर aristocracy. repeated. classic. •ता reactivity. unthought of. अिभजातय abhija:tty (a) aristocratic. अिभिकयािरया abhikkriya: (nf) reaction. अिभधान abhidhā:n (nm) a name. अिभधावन abhidha:vān (nm) expedition. recollection. over. अिभकथन abhikathān (nm) an allegation. reception. ~वादी a classicist. a conjurer.अभागय abha:ggy (nm) misfortune. anagnorisis. . knowing all (about something). ~क a designer. -कृ ित a classic (work). अिभनं/दन abhināndān (nm) greeting. अिभकतार abhikarta: (nm) an agent. अिभकलप abhikalp (nm) a design. ~तंत aristocracy. अिभतास abhittra:s (nm) intimidation. aristocrat. near. nobility. deficiency. ~िदत greeted. ~ता conversance. ~रक one who practises incantation. अिभजात abhiggya:t (a) recognised. -. dearth. अभािवत abha:vit (a) uncontemplated. ~दनीय laudable. nomenclature. अिभजात abhija:t (a) aristocratic. employment of spells for a malevolent purpose. the literal power or sense of a word. aristocracy. excessive. ill luck. ~दन -पत an address of welcome. familiarity.038 --अिभनय classic acting. applause. ~वातमक negative. charge. ~री incantational. अिभधेय abhidhey (nm) literal meaning. knowledge. अिभगहण abhiggrahāṉ (nm) requisition. praiseworthy. sorcery. अिभज abhiggy (a) well-conversant (with). noble. incantatory. a ceremonious welcome. ~वाद classicism. etc. black magic. ~शील reactive. ~दन-गंथ a commemoration volume. praised. fit to be greeted or welcomed. अिभधा abhidha: (nf) denotation. (nm) an aristocrat. ~रिकयाwitchcraft. अिभधारणा abhidha:rṉā: (nf) a postulate. अिभ abhi—a Sanskrit prefix denoting towards. ~दन -भाषण an address of welcome. lack. identification. classic. sorcery.

~यंत(।) engineering. new. purport. indictment. design. अिभ/नेता abhinēta: (nm) an actor. अिभभत abhibhu:t (a) overwhelmed. stageable. अिभमख abhimūkh (ind) directed towards. ~ता identity. recent. enacted. ु अिभ/यंता abhiyānta: (nm) an engineer. अिभनीत abhini:t (a) staged. अिभपेत abhippret (a) intended. -दल an expedition. oneness. arrogant. अिभनव abhināv (a) novel. अिभयोग abhiyog (nm) accusation. अिभभाषण abhibha:shāṉ (nm) an address (speech delivered by a dignitary). अिभिनवेश abhinivesh (nm) concentration. अिभमानी abhimā:nī: (a) proud. facing. implied. ~पोषण affirmation. charge. attack. अिभनयास abhinnyā:s (nm) lay-out. ~ता stageability. onslaught. vainglorious. implication. an expedition. अिभयान abhiyā:n (nm) a campaign. अिभनेय abhiney (a) actable. अिभपेरण abhipprerāṉ (nm) motivation. अिभभावक abhibha:vak (nm) a guardian. ू अिभमंितत abhimāntrit (a) consecrated by a मंत (see). disposed to. purpose. also अिभपेरणा (nf). अिभयोगी abhiyogi: (nm) an accuser. law suit. अिभयक abhiyukt (nm and a) (an) accused. deliberation. ु अिभयोका abhiyokta: (nm) an accuser. arrogance. अिभनन abhinn (a) identical. ~पिष affirmance. अिभयोजन abhiyojān (nm) prosecution. —अंग integral part. अिभ/पष abhipushṭ (a) affirmed. अिभभव abhibhav (nm) defeat. case. (nm) an opinion. ~पोषक affirmant. performing (on the stage). intimate. अिभमधय abhimaddhy (a) medial. अिभनय abhināy (nm) acting. perseverance. . sameness. integral. close. desired. intending to. अिभयाचना abhiya:chnā: (nf) a demand. ~नेित an actress. अिभमान abhimā:n (nm) pride. not different. very intimate. vanity. -हदय one/united at heart. अिभमत abhimāt (a) favourite.~त biased. inclined. import. overpowered. ु ु अिभपाय abhippra:y (nm) intention. designed. ~ता/~तव guardianship. overawed.

अिभवका abhivakta: (nm) a pleader. manifestation. hence ~शंसन (nm). royal function. अिभ/शंसा abhishānsa: (nf) incrimination. अिभशंसी abhishānsi: (nm and a) an incriminator. अिभिषक abhishikt (a) consecrated. transcription. manifested. ~दना ~nā: (nf) respectful salutation. making a record of. plot. अिभषेक abhishek (nm) inaugurating or consecrating (by sprinkling water). liking. placed on record. manifestation. progress. aptitude. अिभवित abhivritti (nf) attitude. hence ~ता (nf). ~वयक ~vyakt (a) expressed. ~क expressive. अिभशप abhishapt (a) cursed. delightful. a wisher. अिभला/षा abhila:sha: (nf) desire. wish. अिभ/वयिक abhivyakti (nf) expression. longed for. अिभसमय abhisamāy (nm) a convention (written agreement). desiring. अिभलिषत abhilashit (a) cherished. ~कता expressiveness. अिभवादन abhiva:dān (nm) deferential salutation. ृ अिभवेचन abhivechan (nm) censorship. अिभसरण abhisarāṉ (nm) going towards a point for meeting. -. ~द deserving respectful salutation. अिभलकण abhilakshāṉ (nm) characteristic. -गंथ a record book. convergence. अिभिलिखत abhilikhit (a) recorded. greeting. enthroned. lovely. incriminatory. अिभवं/दन abhivāndān (nm). अिभरिच abhiruchi (nf) taste. ~रका custody. reverend. desired.039 -अिभवचन abhivachān (nm) plea. अिभशाप abhisha:p (nm) a curse. ~वयक see अिभवयंजीत. ृ अिभविद abhivriddhi (nf) prosperity. ~वाद expressionism. ~षी wishing. yearning. inauguration of a king. craving. development. ~न placing on record. longing. अिभवयंज/न abhivyāṇjān (nm) expression. affirmation. accursed. rendezvous (of lovers). crimination. incriminating. अिभवयंजना abhivyāṇjanā: (nf) expression. also ~ष (nf).अिभ/रकक abhirakshak (nm) a custodian. अिभलेख abhilekh (nm) a record. ~दनीय. transcript. अिभराम abhirā:m (a) beautiful. अिभसंिध abhisāndhi (nf) a conspiracy. अिभ/वयंिजत abhi/vyāṇjit. .

cherished. supplicated. indistinguishable. अभोगय abhoggy (a) forbidden. अिभसारी abhisa:ri: (a) convergent. habitual. impregnable.अिभसाकय abhisa:kshy (nm) deposition. अभी abhi: (adv) just now. ~rthanā: (nf) welcome. candidate. visitor. cherished. अभौितक abhautik (a) unearthly. not related to or produced by the gross elements. hence ~ता (nf). to have at one's finger tips. unused. unenjoyed. ~थरना abbhya/rthān (nm). a statement on oath. अभयथी abbhyarthi: (nm) a welcomer. suppliant. not material or mundane. oneness. skilled. ungratified. cherished aim. called. अभयपरण abbhyarpāṉ (nm) surrender. unworthy of being enjoyed or used. rendezvous (of lovers). अिभसािरका abhisa:rika: (nf) a woman who goes to meet her lover or keeps an assignation. अभक abhukt (a) unfulfilled. wished for. habituated. —सार abstract of indictment. अभीष abhi:shṭ (a) desired. worth supplication. —होना to be used to. worth requesting (for). ~थरनीय deserving welcome or reception. अिभसार abhisa:r (nm) meeting. —लकय desired goal. —िसिद attainment of the desired objective/ thing. अभीिपसत abhi:psit (a) desired. ~िथरत welcomed. impenetrable. अभयागत abbhya:gat (nm) a guest. अभयसत abbhyast (a) accustomed. inside. ु ू अभय/थरन. request. . अभयनकलन abbhyanuku:lān (nm) (the act or process of) adaptation. designated. ु अभूतपूवर abhu:tpu:rv (a) unprecedented. assailing. hence ~ता (nf). supplication. reception. अभयंतर abbhyantar (nm and a) interior. —संिध gentlemen's agreement. hence ~ता (nf). has fight (in him) yet. this moment. अभेद abheddy (a) indivisible. अभयारोप(ण) abbhya:rop(āṉ) (nm) indictment. (that has) never existed before. अभयाकमण abbhya:kkramāṉ (nm) assailance. ~कारी assailant. celestial. ू अिभिहत abhihit (a) named.—करना to assail.040 -requested (for). trained. अभेद abhed (nm) identity. —दम मे दम है to show fight. अिभसचक abhisu:chak (nm) an index. — लाभ attainment of what is desired. -.

hence ~ितथत (a). practising. ~दारी reign. habituation. unassailed. अमलदारी amalda:ri: (nf) see अमल (~दारी). happiness. अमला amla: (nm) staff. authority. immodest. carrying on practice/training. अमराई amra:i: (nf) a mango-grove. exercise. rising (of luminaries). undaunted. अमतयर amartty (a) immortal. -अमान peace and order. (nm) a god. deathless. eternal. अमाँ āmā: (ind) man ! O ! अमांगिलक amā:ṅgalik (a) inauspicious. ill-foreboding. अभक abbhrak (nm) see अबरक. addiction. execution.—मे लाना to execute.). ~सी well-up. -पानी करना to take some intoxicating drink. to implement. ~लोक the heaven— abode of gods. ु etc. अमरद amru:d (nm) guava. अमंद amānd (a) not slow. ~दा intemperance. quick. improper. rule. अमंगल amāṅgal (nm) inauspiciousness. trained. indignity. अमिदर त amardit (a) unvanquished. ~भेदी sky-high. deity. अमर amar (a) immortal. ~िदत intemperate. अमन amān (nm) peace. अमली amli: (a) practical. pacific. peace-loving. evil. अमरता amarta: (nf) immortality. eternal. application. affront. ~बेल parasite creeper (Cuscuta reflexa). अभ abbhr (nm) cloud.—जामा पहनाना to translate into action.अभया/स abbhya:s (nm) practice. (nm) an addict. peace-lovingness. the sky. अमल amal (nm) action. bright. अमलतास amalta:s (nm) Cassia fistula —an Indian medicinal plant used as a purgative. -दरामद formal proceedings. sway. ~की (an) American. -चैन peace and happiness. tranquillity. jurisdiction. paraphernalia. disaster. undying. the state or mental attitude of liking peace. ~पसंद peaceful. undignified. intemperate. hence ~िदत (a). aggrandizement. अमचूर amchu:r (nm) dried mango parings (used as spice). elevation. अमयार/द amarya:d (a) violating defined limits (of propriety). rising. to put into practice. . ु अभय/दय abbhyuday (nm) rise. also ~तव (nm). ~पसंदी pacifism. violating defined limits (of propriety). अमरी/का amri:ka: (nm) (the United States of) America. ominous. rising (to prosperity. अभय/तथान abbhyutthā:n (nm) rise. to have a drinking session. advent.

so and so. hence ~ता (nf). अमीर ami:r (a) rich. अमावट amā:vaṭ (nf) dried juice of ripe mango formed into thin cakes. अमक amuk (a) such and such. अमान ama:n (nf) assurance of protection/security. pure. अमाव/स. intangible. अमानिषक ama:nūshik (a) inhuman. immense. boundless.~सया amā:vas. an aristocrat by birth. a chieftain. ineffaceable. अमीट amiṭ (a) indelible. —दशय-िवधान/िवनयास abstract ु setting. अमानत amā:nāt (nf) something given in trust. ु अमूतर amu:rt (a) abstract. अमानती amā:nati: (a) deposited or given in trust. not conforming -. ~ता invalidity. wealthiness. अिमिशत amishshrit (a) unmixed. अमीन amī:n (nm) a junior officer appointed for land survey and revenue collection. unadulterated. enormous. hence ~ता (nf). —गण abstract quality. ~वादी abstractionist. abstraction. hence ~ज़ादी (nf). ृ अमतबान ammritbā:n (nm) a jar.अमातय ama:tty (nm) a minister. prideless. without arrogance. princely. the last day of the dark fortnight. -वाणी life-giving words. ृ . अमीत amit (a) unmeasured. —किवता abstract poem. —कला abstract art. nonacceptability. —ततव inhuman element. अिमताभ amita:bh (a) possessing unlimited brilliance. अमानवीय amā:navi:y (a) inhuman.041 -to the prescribed standard. ु अमानय amā:nny (a) unacceptable. अमीरी ami:ri: (nf) richness. ~दार a trustee. valuable. ~sya: (nf). ~ज़ादा son of a rich man. —छाप indelible imprint. —ततव/~ता abstraction. अिमश amishshr (a) unmixed. time/daily wages. pure. अमत ammrit (nm) nectar. cruel. beastly. wealthy. अमानी amā:nī: (a) casual labour. precious. incorporeal. (nm) a rich man. a deposit. cruel. ~वाद abstractionism. invalid. अमानक amā:nāk (a) non-standard. hence ~ता (nf). indestructible. not respectable. unadulterated. (ic) अमूलय amu:lly (a) priceless. अमीरानाlordly. (nm) a name of Lord Buddha. below standard. non-recognition. —मे ख़यानत करना to commit breach of trust (by grabbing the thing entrusted). अमालनामा amā:lnā:mā: (nm) a dossier. -ग़रीब haves and have-nots. reviving/inspiring speech.

ु अयिगमता ayugmīta: (nf) agamy. not as it should be. sourness. unjointed. अमल aml (nm) acid. false. अयोिनज ayonij (a) non-placental. अयत ayat (a) uncontrolled. अयाल aya:l (nf) mane. अमौिलक amaulik (a) not original. unseemly. ~ता acidity. ray. . र अरिकत arakshit (a) insecure. ु अयोगय ayoggy (a) incompetent. hence ~ता (nf). ~रोदन crying in wilderness (which attracts no one). अयािचत aya:chit (a) unsolicited. a rope wire or bamboo used for hanging clothes on. bright. ~ता unfitness. uncontrolled. अरगनी arganī: (nf) clothesline. अरक़ araq (nm) see अक़. अयसक ayask (nm) an ore. अयथा ayatha: (ind) otherwise. elemental. अमलान amlā:n (a) unwithered. अयोधदा ayoddha: (nm) non-combatant. infamy. अयौिगक ayaugik (a) non-compound. incompatibility. unfit. -. absurdity. अयथाथर ayatha:rth (a) unreal. ~ता unreality. hence ~ता (nf). अयंितत ayāntrit (a) unrestricted. hence ~ता (nf). wilderness. ु ~ता incompatibility. secondary. limitless. अमोघ amogh (a) unfailing. अयोधी ayodhi: (a) non-combatant. अममाँ ammā: (nf) mother. अरं डी arāṉḍi: (nf) castor oil or plant. अयश ayash (nm) disgrace. unworthy. immoderate. unqualified. unerring. (a) sour. crude. अरणय araṉṉy (nm) forest. unprotected. inability. the state of being free or unjointed. absurd. infallible.अमेय amey (a) immeasurable. fresh. अयिक ayukti (nf) irrationality. not defended. unasked for.042 -अयक ayukt (a) incompatible. अमहौरी amhauri: (nf) prickly heat. अर ar (nm) a spoke. virtual. not fundamental. disqualification. absence of any logic or relevance. an unavailing exercise. free. illogical.

अरावल ara:val (nm) the vanguard. अराजकता ara:jakta: (nf) anarchy. to make explicit. chaos. ~वादी (an) anarchist. prosaic. अराल ara:l (a) bent. अरसठ arsaṭḥ (a and nm) see अड़सठ. अरिणमा aruṉīmā: (nf) reddish brown tinge/colour.043 -early dawn. having a reddish tinge. अरब arab (a) a thousand million. ~चड़/िशखा a cock. distaste. a kind of cereal or pulse—Cajanus Indicus. to have one's fulfilment. disastrous. अरबी arbi: (nf) the Arabic language. अरमानो की होली जलाना to blast one's aspirations. अरीय ari:y (a) radial. disaster. —रह जाना not to have one's aspirations materialised. —धल मे िमलना to lay one's aspirations in the ू dust. to have it out. longing. —िनकालना to have one's fling. अरमान armā:n (nm) aspiration. duration. अिर ari (nm) an enemy. aversion. अरिसक arasik (a) dry. अरारोट ara:roṭ (nm) arrow-root. अरवी arvi: (nf) a kind of taro. अरा ara: (nf) see अर. अरमानो पर पाला पड़ना one's aspirations to be shattered. chaotic. (a) Arabian. अरिच aruchi (nf) dislike. अरणाभ arūṉa:bh (a) ruddy. interval. . ~वािदता anarchism. अराजक ara:jak (a) destitute/bereft of a ruler. अरण arūṉ (a) reddish-brown. ू अरणाचल aruṉa:chal (nm) the newly created (1972) eastern State of the Indian Union. crooked. anarchical. misfortune. inaesthetic. अरसा arsa: (nm) period. ruddy. अरिवंद arvīnd (nm) a lotus flower.अरथाना arthā:nā: (v) to explain (the meaning of). a hostile person. hence ~ता (nf). slanting. अरना arnā: (nm) a wild buffallo. ~वाद anarchism. ~कर disgusting. अरहर arhar (nf) pigeon pea. pertaining to the land of Arabs. (nm) an Arab. (nm) the dawn (personified as the charioteer of the Sun). loathing. अरणोदय arūṉōday (nm) day-break. unpalatable. अिरष arishṭ (a and nm) embodying misfortune. -. the Arab country.

अथर arth (nm) meaning.अरढ़ aru:ṛḥ (a) not established. अणरव arṉāv (nm) a sea. ~ला argal (nm). अरप aru:p (a) formless. an ocean. ~पात a small vessel used for offering libation. ~कर/करी profitable. earned. अज़ी arzi: (nf) an application. boring. for the sake of. a petition submitted by the plaintiff in a court of law. ~दाशत see अदारस. swallow wart (Ascelpias gigantia). a form of address (used for inferiors or juniors). अज़र arz (nf) request. what is that !. -गौरव profoundity of meaning. अघयर arghy (nm) things worth offering (to a deity. अजरन arjān (nm) acquisition. earning. pertaining to meaning. अरे are (int) O !. अजरक acquirer. ~िसिद fulfilment of a purpose. अज़ीनवीस arzi:navi:s (nm) a petition-writer. width. अघर argh (nm) libation (in honour of a deity). अथरनीित arthanī:ti (nf) economic policy. ~दार an applicant. अिचरत worshipped. ~त: actually. pragmatic. अथरिकया/वाद arthkriya:va:d (nm) pragmatism. adored. sense. ~la: (nf) a log for fastening a door. अथर-मानव arth-mā:nav (nm) the economic man. ना archā/n (nm). ~वता significance. pregnant with meaning. -संबंधी economic. अिजरत acquired. obscure. -पबनध financial arrangement/management. price. adoration. earner. —करना to acquire/earn. र अक़ arq (nm) essence. ~गिभरत significant. from the point of view of meaning. ~हाल submission. a petitioner. ~nā: (nf) worship. -िपशाच a money-grabber. etc. wealth. one making a submission/request. अचार archa: (nf) see अचरन. . ~मंद supplicant. अचर/न.) as argh (see above). -अरे stop this !. ~शील acquisitive. अज़ीदावा arzi:da:va: (nm) a plaint. अक ark (nm) the sun. penalty. र अगर/ल. import. -चछिव/~चछाया nuance. ~गत semantic. ~वादी a pragmatist. अथरदंड arthadāṉḍ (nm) a fine. economic. money. fit to be worshipped. value. petition. why are you doing that ? अरोचक arochak (a) uninteresting. ~नीय adorable. (ind) for. अजरनीय worth earning or acquiring. draw. ~दान offering of libation. earning. appeal. supplication.bar. hence ~ता (nf). extract.

economic set-up/system. अपरण arpāṉ (nm) an offering. eulogist. अधर/वत ardhvritt (nm) semi-circle.— दे ना to push/throw out by the neck. attendant. अदारस arda:s (nf) a representation.044 -अथारलंकार artha:lāṅka:r (nm) meaning-based figure of speech. अथारत artha:t (ind) that is. (a) desirous. biweekly. . cession. suppliant. अधरनारीशर ardhna:ri:shshwar (nm) Lord Shiv as envisaged in fusion with Goddess Pa:rvati:. अथर/शास arthsha:str (nm) Economics. assignment. surrender(ing). demi-. -. namely (viz. अरर -बरर arr-barr (nf) see अंड-बंड.अथरिमित arthmiti (nf) econometrics. semantic variation. economics. अधारिगनी ardhā:ṅginī: (nf) wife. अथरवयवसथा arthvyavastha: (nf) economy. ~वताकार semi-circular. अथर/िवजान arthviggyā:n (nm) semantics. ~िवराम semi-colon. absurd. अथेतर arthetar (a) non-pecuniary. अधारली ardha:li: (nf) two successive feet of a चौपाई. अथरवाद arthva:d (nm) eulogium. half. अधारग ardhā:ṅg (nm) hemiplegia. ~सापािहक semi-weekly. ~शासी an economist. moiety. praise. ृ ृ अधरवयास ardhvya:s (nm) radius. request. ुर अभरक arbhak (nm) a young one.). अथरहीन arthhī:n (a) meaningless. an infant. अथी arthi: (nf) a bier. अथरवादी arthva:di: (a and nm) epideictic. अधर ardh (a) semi-. (nm) a petitioner. अथारतर artha:ntar (nm) a different meaning. an entreaty. that is to say. better half. and Chhatti:sgaṛḥi: dialects. semi-weekly. अधरचंदाकार crescent-shaped. explanation of the meaning of a precept. semilunar. moneyless. अधरसापािहक ardhsa:pta:hik (a) biweekly. अदरली ardali: (nm) an orderly. non-semantic. अधरचंद ardhchāndr (nm) crescent. अधरमागधी ardhma:gadhi: (nf) the form of Pra:krit (language) once current in that part of India which is now roughly covered by Awadhi:. अबद arbud (nm) the number thousand million. ~वैजािनक semantic. ~शासीय economic. Bagheli:. half-moon.

अलिकत alakshit (a) unperceived. sky. अलंघय alāṅghnī:y. competent. secession. अलं/करण alaṅkarāṉ (nm) ornamentation. अलकय alakshy (a) imperceptible. distinct. -शीसी a rhetorician. अहरता arhata: (nf) qualification. अलता alta: (nm) a lack-dye used by Hindu women for staining their feet red. to fall down with a violent noise. alāṅgghy (a) insurmountable. अवारचीन arva:chī:n (a) modern. to tumble down.045 -~ग़रज़ी carelessness. —िनरं जन The Invisible. अहरत arhānt (a) qualified. new. ~शासीय rhetoric.अरारना arra:nā: (v) to crash down. breach. -अलग individually. adornment. अलगोज़ा algoza: (nm) a kind of flute. a lock of hair. अलकोहल alkohal (nm) alcohol. अलग alag (a and adv) separate. negligence. unattached. to isolate. peremptory. अलगन alagn (a) loose. embellishment. -थलग aloof. Buddha & Shiv.r (nm) embellishment. to disunite. unnoticeable. distinctly. ~कृ त (a). to segregate. division. flageolet. isolated. (nm) The Invisible. . inviolable. to separate. insuperable. अशर arsh (nm) haemorrhoids. अलकतरा alkatra: (nm) coal-tar. untagged. hair-do. unmarked. -शास Rhetorics. ~कृ ित (nf). tar. अलक alak (nf) a curl. अलंकार alāṅka. अलगाना algā:nā: (v) to set apart. —जगाना to rise oneself and to arouse others in the name of The Invisible. separately. separation. separation. recent. figure of speech. aloof. hence ~ता (nf). competent. ornament. to disengage. heaven. negligent. -. latent. अहर arh (a) qualified. अलकक alaktak (nm) see अलता. अलगौझा algaujha: (nm) partition. अलंघनीय. अलख alakh (a) see अलकय. hence. unnoticed. apart. ~कतार (nm). (nm) names of Lords Jin. अलगनी alganī: (nf) see अरगनी. —से फ़शर तक from heaven to earth. अलकीवली locks of hair. competence. —होना to be in menses. to be away. अलगाव alga:v (nm) isolation. अल/ग़रज़ algaraz (a) careless. segregation.

अलमारी alma:ri: (nf) an almirah. अिलंगी aliṅgi: (a) asexual. अलात ala:t (nm) a fire-brand. अलम/बरदार alāmbarda:r (nm) a standard-bearer. अलभय alabbhy (a) rare.—रोग rabies. to get restive. अलाभ ala:bh (nm) disadvantage. अलामर ala:rm (nm) alarm (of an alarm clock). —डालना to create an obstruction. अलापना ala:pnā: (v) to tune the voice. sprightly. अलाप ala:p (nm) see आलाप. अलसी alsi: (nf) linseed. . of course. अलावा ala:va: (ind) besides. an adolescent stepping into youth. अलस alas (a) slothful. aloof. —का तेल linseed oil. frivolous. to tune the voice (for singing). अलबम albām (nm) an album. -चक a circle caused by whirling fire-brand. gay. slackened. dilatory tactics. to feel lazy. अिलंद alind (nm) a terrace. apart from. to be overtaken by inertia. aloofness. (a) dandy.—जनन asexual reproduction. a cupboard. hence ~ता (nf). अलाव ala:v (nm) a bonfire for warming up the body. अलम ् alām (ind) enough!. अलामत ala:māt (nf) sign. harm. ~बरदारी standard-bearing. that will do ! अलक alark (nm) a rabid dog. harmful. in addition to. to sing (on). alarm-watch. symptom. sluggish. unattainable. ~कर disadvantageous. foppish. अलबता albatta: (ind) nevertheless. to be wrathful. hence ~पन (nm). day-break. अिल ali (nm) see भौरा. अलससुबह alassubah (nf) early morning. अलमूिनयम almū:nīyām (nm) aluminium. —होना said of a horse standing upright on hind legs. अलसाना alsā:nā: (v) to be slack or sluggish. अलमसत almāst (a) carefree. to pitch or raise the voice. अलबेला albela: (nm) a dandy. र अललटपपू alalṭappu: (a) see अटकलपचचू. अलह/दा alehda: (a) separate. अलसेट alseṭ (nf) (deliberate) obstruction. except. अलवान alvā:n (nf) a kind of woollen shawl. ~दगी separation. hydrophobia. unobtainable. lazy. अललबछे ड़ा alalbachheṛa: (nm) a young colt. camp-fire. beau. —घड़ी an alarm-clock. —लेना.अलफ़ alaf.

~दिष shortsighted. edibles and inedibles. अवकािशक spatial. ~पाण unaspirated. unrecorded. hence ~ता (nf). supernatural. ~ता smallness. अलप alp (a) a little. ~जीवी short-lived. अिलप alipt (a) unattached. ू ~वय underage. ~मत minority. in small quantities. party. shortlived. minute. —गहण करना to retire. •वगर minority group. अिलफ़ alif (nm) the first letter of the -. space. ~श: by bits. etc. term. —को पयारा होना to kick the bucket. ~तम minimum. lacking vitality. अललाह alla:h (nm) God. ~जनतंत oligarchy. -िवराम comma. recess. temporary. unbiased.अिलिखत alikhit (a) unwritten. celestial. अलील ali:l (a) indisposed. अलकाश avka:sh (nm) leisure. अलपायु of young age. leave of absence. insignificance. अवकलन avkalān (nm) differentiation.—की गाय simple. —गिणत differential calculus. tasteless. ु silly. —अवसथा neither hay nor grass. abstinent (in respect of food) अललम-गललम allām-gallām (nm) odds and ends. to expire. -पाप retired. indifferent. अलीन alī:n (nf) a side pillar. . heavenly. not far-sighted. ephemeral. unscripted. अललाहो अकबर God is great ! अलहड़ alhaṛ (a) carefree. ether. ~मलयन under-valuation. अलपाहार abstemiousness. vanished. decay. fugacious. a simpleton. vigourless. downwards. ~तंत oligarchy. determination. ~संखयक minority (group. Godspeed !. abstinence (in respect of food). ~ताला God. ailing. minuteness. phenomenal. shortminimal. reserved. Adieu!. all kinds of trash. to go into retirement.046 -Persian alphabet. the Great. short. idiot. अवकरण avkarāṉ (nm) reduction. ~बिद a nitwit. (—चीज़े) cheese parings. ~संखया minority. अलपाहारी abstemious. अलोना alonā: (a) without salt.—बे न जानना not to know the ABC of.). transcendental. ~दशयता obscurity. अव av—a Sanskrit prefix denoting after. smallness or diminution. community. etc. innocent and artless man. ~बेली God preserve you!. insipid. small. ~भाषी taciturn. अलोप alop (a) disappeared. few. ~पन carefree and innocent nature. अलौिकक alaukik (a) unearthly. having carefreeness reinforced by child-like simplicity and a touch of innocence. ~कािलक short-lived. —दशय feast/sight for the gods. hence ~ता (nf).

depression. demotion. अवगुं/ठन avgūṉṭḥān (nm) veiling. insubordination. informed. quotation. hence अवजेय (a). अवनयन avnāyān (nm) bringing down. अवगुण avgūṉ (nm) defect. अवचछे द avachchhed (nm) cutting off. ~ना sub-conscious mind. become incarnate. the source of incarnation. profound study. अवगुणी demeritorious. अवद avaddy (a) faulty. incarnated. vice. —करना/रखना/होना to apprise or inform/to keep apprised or informed/to be apprised or informed. अवचेत/न avchetān (nm and a) (the) subconscious. screened. bending. having blemishes. hence अवगित (nf). अवधा/रण avdha:rāṉ (nm) conception. separated. bowing down. hence ~ता (nf). of vicious disposition. अवचार avcha:r (nm) misconduct. अवधूत avdhu:t (nm) a (peculiar type of) religious mendicant. depressed. hence ~िरत (a). a part/portion. recession. fault. अवनमन avnāmān (nm) depression. अवतारी avta:ri: (a) incarnate. alertness. a veil. limit. causing fall or decline. defiance. ~वाद the theory of incarnation. hiding. also अवगाह (nm). ~िठत veiled. अव/नत avnāt (a) bent. अवतिरत avtarit (a) descended. ornament. ~रणा concept. falling. hence ~न (nm). superhuman. अवतीणर avti:rṉ (a) descended. ~ता concavity. —िनधारिरत करना/बदना to set a deadline. अवतार avta:r (nm) an incarnation. bathing. अवधी avdhi: (nf) a dialect of Hindi spoken in parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. separation. recessed. अवतल avtal (a) concave. concentration.अवगत avgat (a) apprised. term. covered with a veil. अवजा avaggya: (nf) contempt. quoted. अवगाहन avga:hān (nm) immersion. deterioration. -िचह quotation marks (" "). अवधान avdhā:n (nm) attention. अवतरण avtarāṉ (nm) descent.047 -अवतंस avtāns (nm) crown. (a) rough and rugged (man). अविध avadhi (nf) period. determination. ~क (a). demerit. -. ~नित bending. deep delve. worthless. . अविचछनन avachchhinn (a) cut off. a passage. ~यर (a). duration. deteriorated. —धरना/लेना to become incarnate. disregard. fallen. time.

अविशष avshishṭ (a) left. hence ~ता (nf). ~ता minority. अवश avash (a) helpless. ~kān (nm) seeing. अविल. अवरोहण avrohāṉ (nm) descending. restraint. stay. . ~पित a king. range. hence ~ता (nf). impeded. under. ~न (nm). portion. dependence. अवलो/क. indignity. अवरोध avrodh (nm) an obstruction. ruler. beholding. hindrance. continuous line. forlorn. अवमान. defying description. ~ता juniority. contempt. duress. hence अवमािनत (a). depended. a member or component part of logical argument of syllogism. prop. casteless. अवपात avpa:t (nm) slump. अवणयर avarṉani:y. ~िकत seen. remnant. confection. अवपीड़न avpi:ṛān (nm) coercion. remaining. disrespect. ingredient. inferior. (nm) residue. अवली avali. act of descending. hence ~क (a). component. support. scanning. अवपेरण avprerāṉ (nm) abetment. impounded. taboo.048 -set. अवरद avruddh (a) obstructed. ~कन avlo/k. residual. member. hence ~बी (a). अवलंिबत avalambit (a) supported. अवयवी the whole consisting of members/limbs/organs. series. अवलं/ब avlāmb (nm) support. residuary. ~ना avmā:n (nm). hence ~क (a). perusal. -. inferiority. restrained. falling.अविन avāni (nf) the earth. अवरोह avroh (nm) a descent. ~कनीय. -कम descending order. avarṉy (a) indescribable. for being seen. अवबोध avbodh (nm) understanding. ~न (nm). viewing. ~बन dependence. अवलोकनाथर avalokana:rth (ind) for perusal. ~कय worth seeing. अवणर avarṉ (a) colourless. arrested. अवयसक avayask (a) minor. avli: (nf) a row. अवरोही avrohi: (a) descending. अवणरनीय. hindered. the state of being a minor. अवलेह avleh (nm) jelly. limb. depression. puisne. perused. junior. अवर avar (a) low. ~anā (nf) humiliation. impediment. ineffable. beholded. अवयव avayav (nm) a part.

अवशीत avshi:t (a) chilly. अिवकच avikach (a) unbloomed. अवशेष avshesh (nm) remnant. occasion. relics. disdain. definitely. state. ~ता (nf). ~वािदता opportunism. inevitable. prostration. contempt. hence ~जनक (a). intermediary. —भेद secondary classification. अवांतर avā:ntar (a) secondary. langour. अवशोषक avshoshak (nm) absorbant. ~वादी opportunist(ic). अवाप avavpt (a) acquired. अवसफी/ित avasphi:ti (nf) deflation. hence ~िसथत (a). age. ended. vestige. false. necessarily. unwelcome. unwelcome. despondency. अवांिछत avā:ṇchhit (a) unwanted. unblossomed. अविहत avhit (a) alert. अवसान avsā:n (nm) end. the mentality of time-serving. languid. inevitability. अवसनन avsann (a) despondent. . concentrative. dismayed. अवासतिवक ava:stavik (a) unrealistic. hence ~ता (nf). अव/सथान avsthā:n (nm) phase. ~िवता certainty. phase. अिवकल avikal (a) intact. residual. chance. ू —न चकना/-हाथ से न जाने दे ना to take time by the forelock. termination. the tendency to put expediency before principle. (a) remaining. undoubtedly. ~त deflated. despondency. अवशयंभा/वी avashshyāmbha:vi: (a) certain. undesired. अवहे /लना. stage. certain. अवसर avsar (nm) opportunity. subdivision. dejection. ~la: (nf) neglect. residum. अिवकलप avikalp (a) without an alternative. ~िसथित (nf). hence ~िलत (a). attentive. dejected. अवाचय ava:chchy (a) unworthy of utterance. अवाम ava:m (nm) the people. certainly. अवसाद avsa:d (nm) lassitude. scope. stunned. अविसत terminated. remains. intermediate. death. terminal. अवांछनीय avā:ṇchhanī:y (a) undesirable. false. ~न (the process of) chilling. अवसथा avastha: (nf) condition. unabridged (as—रपांतर). अवाक् ava:k (a) speechless. common man. ~वाद. —ताकना to seek an opportunity. unreal. अवशय avashshy (adv) certainly. residue. —चकना to miss an opportunity. ~मेव without fail. hence ~ता (nf). absorbing. —हाथ आना to get a ू chance. अवासतव ava:stav (a) unreal. ~ला avhelnā:. अवसननता avsannāta: (nf) languor.

profuse. अिवदमान aviddyamā:n (a) not. अिवलंब avilā:mb (adv) at once. precise. hence ~ता (nf). indestructible. incessant. also अिवभािजत (a). hence ~ता (nf). अिविजत avijit (a) unconquered. अिविदत avidit (a) unknown. indeformity. अिवकृ/त avikkrit (a) unimpaired. not well considered. direct (form). forthwith. immodest. precision. eternal.049 -of growth or development. अिवनीत (a). hence ~ता (nf). intact. hence ~ता (nf). indeclinable. unsplit. pert. indivisible. indestructible. without a pause. unreal. not liable to change/mutation. अिवनाशी avinā:shi: (a) immortal.अिवकार avika:r (a) immutable. steadiness. impolite. अिवचछे द avichchhed (nm) absence of interruption. अिवराम avirā:m (a) non-stop. superficial/mundane knowledge. hence ~ता (nf). unswerving. not subject to mutation or variation. अिवकास avika:s (nm) aplasia. ~ित immutation. incessant. inseparable. absence -. impertinence. अिवरत avirat (a) incessant. अिवगत avigat (a) not past. not mutilated. अिवतथ avitath (a) exact. hence ~ता (nf). continuous. intact. injudicious. अिवभक avibhakt (a) undivided. continuous. अिवचल avichal (a) steady. ~ता exactitude. अिवचलन avichalān (nm) non-deviation. present. invariable. stupid. hence अिवनयी. अिवभाजय avibha:jjy (a) inseparable. अिवरल aviral (a) dense. अिवनीत avini:t (a) impertinent. firm. hence ~ता (nf). continuous. ~कायर immutable. unvanquished. hence ~ता (nf).existent. not deformed. अिवदा aviddya: (nf) nescience. imperishable. अिवतानय avitā:nny (a) inextensible. continuous. अिविचछनन avichchhinn (a) uninterrupted. अिव/कारी avika:ri: (a) immutable. अिवचा/री avicha:ri: (a) thoughtless. uninterrupted. uninterrupted. अिवनय avinay (nf) immodesty. . puerile. अिवदगध avidagdh (a) amateurish. without delay. अिवनशर avināshshvar (a) imperishable. ~िरत not well thought out. hence ~ता (nf). indeclinable. motionless. continuity. compact.

-पसताव no-confidence motion. bachelor. injudiciousness. अवयिक (nf). —संपादक honorary editor. indistinct. suspicious. hence ~की (a). अिवशास avishshva:s (nm) distrust. ~िसथत disorderly. अवयवहत avvyavhrit (a) unused. unlawful. not apparent. unimplied. imprudence. ~जात illicit. without a break/pause/gap. non-professional.g. अवयिकवादी impersonalist. impersonal(istic). hence ~ता (nf). अिववािह/त aviva:hit (a and nm) unmarried. imperceptible. hence. hence ~ता. impracticable.—रं गमंच amateur theatre or stage. of inadequate pervasion or extent. अवयक avvyakt (a) not manifest. chaos. disarray. . invalid. doubt. अिववे/क avivek (nm) absence of reason.050 -अवैध avaidh (a) illegal. अवयवसायी avvyavsa:i: (a) amateur. अविष avrishṭi (nf) see अनाविष. unsystematic. untrustworthy. unactionable. incontrovertible. अवयविहत avyavahit (a) contiguous. effectual. अनुरप). -. hence ~ता (nf). यथाशिक. disbelief. uninformed (by). indiscretion. chaotic. ~ता illegality. unusable. अिवविकत avivakshit (a) intended to be stated or expressed. not pervaded or permeated by. hence ~ता (nf). (nm) an unbeliever. illicit. अवयाप avvya:pt (a) incomprehensive. अिवशसनीय avishshvasni:y (a) unreliable. disorder. अिवशासी avishshva:si: (a) distrustful. अवयव/सथा avvyavastha: (nf) lawlessness. अवयिकवाद impersonalism. ~ता (a and nf). ृ ृ अवैजािनक avaiggya:nīk (a) unscientific. not prescribed. suspicion. unsystematic. अवयय avvyay (nm) an indeclinable (generally used in grammatical context). अवयथर avvyarth (a) unfailing. hence ~ता (nf). untrustworthy. अिविहत avihit (a) forbidden (by law). अिववाह aviva:h (nm) agamy. sure.अिवलेय aviley (a) insoluble. अिवशसत avishshvast (a) unreliable. अवैतिनक avaitnīk (a) honorary. illegitimate. अवययीभाव avvyai:bha:v (nm) a compound word wherein the first member is an indeclinable (e. अिववाद aviva:ddy (a) indisputable.—सलाहकार honorary adviser. not tried or put into use/practice. अवयवहायर avvyavha:ry (a) unsociable. hence ~ता (nf). non-confidence. celibate.

अिशष ashishṭ (a) ill-mannered. baleful. ~ता indecency. अशांित ashā:nti (nf) unrest. (a) without grief. agitated. . want of tranquillity. अशकय ashakky (a) impossible. irreverence. unscientific. inadequate pervasion or extent (as of a definition). not feasible.051 -अशोक ashok (nm) Jonesia asoka (a tree). unquiet. अशोभन ashobhan (a) unseemly. perturbed. अिशिकत ashikshit (a) uneducated. private. indefatigable. rudeness. अशु/द ashuddh (a) incorrect. disabled. अशेष ashesh (a) all. ~री ashari:r. अशक़ ashq (nm) a tear. अशरी/र. pernicious. (nm) the evil. अशफ़ी asharfi: (nf) a gold coin. अवयावसाियक avvya:vsa:ik (a) non-professional. amateur(ish). hence ~ता (nf). impoliteness. complete. impure. अिशव ashiv (a) inauspicious. wrong. unintelligent. ~िद an error. अशिफ़र याँ लटे कोयलो पर मोहर penny wise pound ु foolish. one lacking in reverence/veneration. ु अववल avval (a) the first. hence ~ित (nf). अवयतपनन avvyutpānn (a) witless. hence ~ता (nf). invincible. indecent. unmanageable. indecorous. अशकन ashakun (nm) see अपशकन. entire. unearthly. impurity. unbecoming. अवयावहािरक avvya:vha:rik (a) impractical. disturbed. •पत errata. an unbeliever. —आना/रहना to secure or obtain the first position.अवयािप avvya:pti (nf) non-comprehensiveness. unable. freed from grief. impolite. ~दता incorrectness. -. अश/दा ashraddha: (nf) want of reverence. hence ~ता (nf). ~देय unworthy of faith/reverence/veneration. impracticable. unlettered. अशासकीय asha:ski:y (a) non-official/non-governmental. irregular. (nm) the evil. अशां/त ashshrā:nt (a) untired. bad. incompetent. ~ता disability. अशांत ashā:nt (a) restless. invalid. अशुभ ashubh (a) inauspicious. lack of faith. ill manners. disturbance. non-technical. evil. feeble. ill-omened. infirmity. hence~ता (nf). unprescribed. rude. agitation. a mistake. hence ~ता (nf). erroneous. ~दालु faithless. ~ri: (a) incorporeal. not (grammatically) derived. indecent. ु ु अशक ashakt (a) weak. ~न firstly. illiterate. nonclassical. evil. immaterial. the foremost. अशासीय asha:stri:y (a) contrary to the sha:stra(s). disquietitude.

असंकामय asaṅkra:mmy (a) inalienable. —रोग non-infectious disease. non-infectious. irrational. — अिधकार inalienable rights. ~तता. असंग/त asaṅgat (a) incoherent. अशारढ़ ashshva:ru:ṛḥ (a) mounted on horse-back. अशारोही ashshva:rohi: (nm) a cavalier. Su:rda:s. praka:my. horseman. Govindswa:mi:. mahima:. ु असंकामक asaṅkra:māk (a) non-infectious. vulgar. असंकल asaṅkul (a) uncrowded. unorganised. uncommitted. irrationality. ~पणर tearful. अषिसिद ashṭasiddhi (nf) the eight supernatural powers or faculties acquirable by the practice of yog (the eight usually enumerated are anima:. pra:pti. Chaturbhuj Da:s and Nand Da:s). अशुतपूवर ashshrutpu:rv (a) unheard of (before). anomaly. असंगिठत asaṅgaṭḥit (a) loose. ~पात shedding of tears. . i:shitv and vashitv). अषछाप ashṭchha:p —a group of eight luminaries amongst the medieval Krishna cult poets of Hindi literature (viz. Chhi:tswa:mī:. non-transferable. disconnected. absurdity. not worth listening (to). riding (a horse). anomalous. wide open. अिशष ashshlishṭ (a) having no pun. ~ता obscenity. Kumbhan Da:s. novel. (nm) the number eight. ू अशुत ashshrut (a) unheard (of). irrelevant. अषकोण ashṭkōṉ (nm) an octagonal. Parma:nand Da:s. असंखय asankkhy (a) innumerable. अशशाला ashshvsha:la: (nf) a stable. अश ashshv (nm) a horse. absurd. laghima:. direct. irrelevance. ~मेध (यज) the horse sacrifice—a celebrated ceremony dating back to the Vedic period. असंग asaṅg (a) detached. अष ashṭ (a) eight. incompatibility.अशावय ashshra:vy (a) inaudible. ~ित incoherence. performed by a monarch desirous of becoming a चकवती. loose. incompatible. unique. also ~क (a). garima:. अशु ashshru (nm) a tear. अषमी ashṭamī: (nf) the eighth day of the lunar fortnight according to the Hindu calendar. inconsistent. vulgarity. Krishna Da:s. disunited. indecent. hence~ता (nf). discordant. अशील ashshli:l (a) obscene. (a) riding (a horse). अशसन ashshvasān (nm) apnoea. countless. अशतथ ashshvatth (a) the Pipal tree. अशारोहण ashshva:rohaṉ (nm) horse-ride.

असतव asattv (nm) vice. असतीतव asati:ttv (nm) unchastity. ु ~दाव non-existence. ~ता incoherence. bad. immoral conduct. aggrieved.—पलाप irrelevant and disconnected prattle/prate. ~दाचार misconduct. असंतो/ष asantosh (nm) dissatisfaction. incongruous. also ~वनीय (a). hence ~ता (nf). not concise. . ~ता failure. absence of moderation. (a) weak. disequilibrium. false. ृ असफल asaphal (a) unsuccessful. raving. unlikely. discontentment. non-existent. malcontent. असंभािवत asambha:vit (a) unexpected. असती asati: (a) unchaste. अस/द asad (a) an allomorph of असत ् (see) as it obtains in certain compounds. devoid of virtue. ~दिद vicious. असंसकृत asanskrit (a) uncultured. misdeed. disgruntled. असंपूणर asampu:rṉ (a) incomplete. hence ~ता (nf). fast. loose. greedy. non-composite. certain. ~वादी a liar. असगंध asgandh (nm) a medicinal plant—Physalis flexussa. raw. ~िमत unrestrained.052 -असंतुष asantushṭ (a) dissatisfied. hence ~ता (nf). ~कायर evil deed. impracticable. असतय asatty (nm) a lie. -. hence ~ित (nf). unrestrained. vicious(ness). ~षी insatiable.असंत asant (a) wicked. falsehood. असंह/त asanhat (a) diffused. (a) untrue. intemperance. असंयत asanyat (a) unrestrained. discontented. evil genius. ~ता falsehood. imperfect. unconnected. immoderate. immoderate. असंिशष asanshlishṭ (a) non-synthetic. असंतलन asantulān (nm) imbalance. ु असंतुिलत asantulit (a) unbalanced. असंिदगध asandigdh (a) indubitable. infidel (to one's husband). ~पथ immoral path/way. definite. असंिहत asanhit (a) incompact. untruth. असंभव asambhav (a) impossible. erratic. evil (person). malafide. absence of chastity. intemperate. unrefined. untrue (person). untruth. illusory. irrelevancy. discontent. not comprehended. असत ् asat (a) evil. vicious. ~दवित wicked(ness). not concentrated. one who is temperamentally discontented. असंबद asambaddh (a) disconnected. असंय/म asanyām (nm) unrestraint. ~मी devoid of moderation or temperance. irrelevant. असंभा/वय asambha:vvy (a) improbable. evil-minded.

असममेय asāmmey (a) incommensurable. ~का born of (one's) real father. असल asal (a) real. dissimilar. influence. unseasonableness. uncha ste. absence of coordination. disparity. असमनवय asamānvay (nm) incoordination. unequal. असमीचीन asamī:chī:n (a) improper. incompetent.असबाब asba:b (nm) luggage. असिमया asamiyā: (nf and a) Assamese—the language and people of Assam (असम). inappropriate. unevenness. uncivil. ~ता disparity. uncoordinated. असिलयत asliyat (nf) reality. hence ~फ़रोशी (nf). undue. ~ता incommensurability. disagreement. ill-bred. original. असमता asāmta: (nf) inequality. pure. as a matter of fact. true. ~ित asymmetry. असर asar (nm) effect.053 -असमथर asamarth (a) incapable. (nm) time of adversity. असम asām (a) uneven. unadjusted. true. unmatching. असमाप asamā:pt (a) incomplete. flickering. असमान asamā:n (a) see असम. असभय asabbhy (a) uncivilized. rustic. असमम/ित asāmmāti (nf) non-consent. indecent. vulgarity. chastity. in reality. indecency. . असवणर asavarṉ (a) not belonging to a high caste. असली asli: (a) real. (nm) the north-eastern Indian state of Assam. wavering. ~ता incapability. incompetence. असमंिजत asmāṇjit (a) maladjusted. unfinished. hence ~त (a). impression. -. discourteous. immoral. fix. —रप ु िदखाना to show one's horns. ~योिचत inopportune. inability. of low caste.—मे in fact. suspense. ~फ़रोश a chastity-monger. incapacity. not homogeneous (as sounds). असमतल asāmtal (a) uneven. out of season. goods and chattles. hence ~ता (nf). rough and rugged. truth. dissimilarity. unadulterated. inequality. ~ता uncivility. असमािहत asamā:hit (a) unconcentrated. असमत asmāt (nf) sanctity. असमिम/त asāmamit (a) asymmetrical. असममान asāmmā:n (nm) disrespect. insult. —धड़े की छट actual tare. rusticity. baggage. असमंजस asmāṇjas (nm) a dilemma. असम/य asamāy (adv and a) untimely. untimely.

anti-social. special. असाधारण asa:dha:rāṉ (a) extra-ordinary. uncautious. unenduring. असीम asi:m (a) limitless. ~ता the state of being unsocial/anti-social. असावधान asa:vdhā:n (a) careless. victim. ~ढ़ी pertaining to असाढ. unusualness. inopportune. असह asahhy (a) intolerable. असा/ढ़ asa:ṛḥ (nm) the fourth month of the Hindu calendar. not public. absence of caution. not standard. unrighteous. unaccomplished. uncommon. achieving a miracle. असांपदाियक asā:mprada:ik (a) non-communal. असहनशील asahānshi:l (a) intolerant. असिहषणु asahisṉū (a) intolerant. pertaining to the doctrine of non-cooperation. impracticable. discordance. ~वाद the doctrine of non-cooperation. hence ~िद (nf). -साधन performing the impracticable. short-tempered. ~ता extra-ordinary quality. inendurance. dissent. unsocial/anti-social attitude. particular. ~वादी a follower of non-cooperative doctrine. असाधय asa:ddhy (a) incurable. incomplete. असामी asa:mi: (nm. non-sectarian. असामानय asa:mā:nny (a) uncommon. hence ~ता (nf). ~ता non-communalism. असार asa:r (a) worthless. असामय asa:mmy (nm) inequality. unfeasible. boundless. ~ता intolerance. lonesome. असहयोग asahyog (nm) non-cooperation. illusory. -. client. असहकार asahka:r (nm) non-cooperation. uniqueness. hence ~ता (nf). unsubstantial. hence ~ता (nf). hence ~ता (nf). not general. non-sectarianism. imbalance. असहाय asaha:y (a) helpless. inoperative. असाधु asa:dhu (a) wicked. unbearable. hence ~ता (nf). unusual. असावधानी asa:vdhā:nī: (nf) carelessness. अिस/द asiddh (a) unproved. unreal. ~ता see असावधानी. hence ~ता (nf). unenduring. असामािजक asa:ma:jik (a) unsocial. negligence. unendurable. abnormal. sometimes nf) a tenant. hence ~ता (nf). असामथयर asa:mārtthy (nf) see असमथरता. hence ~ता (nf).054 -disparity. असहनीय asahni:y (a) see असह (a). —ततव anti-social elements. disequilibrium. immaterial.असह asah (a) unbearable. असहमित asahmāti (nf) disagreement. असामियक asa:māik (a) untimely. negligent. . असावरजिनक asa:rvjānik (a) private.

असतबल astabal (nm) a stable. ~वादी an existentialist. unwholesomeness. non-military. (nm) a civilian. असतंगत astāṅgat (a) set (as the sun). ~शाला an arsenal. helter-skelter. अस-शस astr-shastr (nm) armament. well. to be cluttered up with. sunk. असौदयर asāūdary (nm) absence of beauty. ~वाद existentialism. ugliness.असीिमत asi:mit (a) unbounded. unlimited. not beautiful. the art of using weapons. अिसत asti (nf) existence. ~ता ugliness. असया asu:ya (nf) envy. ~जीवी a professional soldier. being. अिसततव astittv (nm) existence. असताचल asta:chal (nm) the western mountain (behind which the sun is supposed to set). to disappear or vanish. ~पाय almost set or sunk. scattered. harsh. impolite. armoury. असौमय asaummy (a) not amiable or gentle. असीस asi:s (nf) see आिशष. असौषव asaushṭḥav (nm) want of quality. असतु astu (ind) however. weapons. entity. armoury. where nothing can be seen or sighted. असूझ asu:jh (a) invisible. hence ~ता (nf). ~कार an armourer. असुिवधा asuvidha: (nf) inconvenience. giving no pleasure. dying. extentialistic. to tousle. be it so ! असतेय astey (nm) not stealing. असुख asukh (nm) non-happiness. असुंदर asūndar (a) ugly. now. ~वान existent. sunk. असागार astra:ga:r (nm) an arsenal. to scatter. base (in painting). —होना to set or sink. impudent.—होना to be scattered. being. unnotified. unpleasant. ~िवदा the military science. absence of beauty. ु असुर asur (nm) a demon. unwholesome. inner coating of colour or varnish.—करना to confuse. असतर astar (nm) the lining of a garment. असत ast (a) set (as the sun). ugliness. absence of pleasure. ू असैिनक asainīk (a) civil. अस astr (nm) a weapon (esp. descended. ~कर conducive of nonhappiness. असुिचत asu:chit (a) unadvised. असतवयसत astavvyast (a) confused. a missile). awake. weaponry. असप asupt (a) not asleep. arms. to be confused. .

vainglory. significance. fickle. rejection. obscure. ृ असफट asphuṭ (a) indistinct. lazy. असवसथ asswasth (a) unhealthy. pride. ~ता ill-health. variable. ambiguous. labile. unsteadiness. ~वाद/~वािदता egoism.055 -अिसथ asthi (nf) a bone. an idiot. egotism. -वित ego-instinct. असपष aspashṭ (a) not clear. hence ~पन (nm). ~नामा an agreement. ृ असपष asprishṭ (a) untouched. artificial. ~ता (the system and practice of) untouchability. also असथैयर (nm). ~शेष reduced to a skeleton. असपताल aspata:l (nm) a hospital. अहदी ehdi: (a) slothful.glorious. rejected. ु अिसमता asmita: (nf) ego. the state of being provisional/tentative. stupid. hence ~ता (nf). vanity. -पंजर a skeleton. impalpable. ~कार assvi:karaṉ. morbidity. (nm) the number eighty. refusal. dear ones (used only as the second member of the compound दोसत-अहबाब). denied. vacillating. अहम ahām (a) important. foolish. अहद ehad (nm) a pledge. असवाभािवक asswa:bha:vik (a) unnatural. egoism. assertion. refusal. denial. —वयवसथा modus vivendi. stupid. refused. rejection. unstable. unsteady. ~भाव ego. •हरकते करना to play the giddy goat. significant. असथायी astha:i: (a) temporary. stop-gap arrangement. अहं ahām (nm) ego. not clear. अहं ता ahānta: (nf) ego. wavering. hence ~ता (nf). असवीकृ/त assvi:krit (a) unaccepted. ~वादी egoist(ic). vague. most foolish. . अससी assi: (a) eighty. ~ka:r (nm) non-acceptance. hence ~ता (nf). ~ता inconstancy. indolent. अहबाब ahba:b (nm) friends and companions. अिसथर asthir (a) unstable. blurred.असथाियतव astha:itv (nm) unstability. unstability. ~ित non-acceptance. vain. अहिमयत ehmiyāt (nf) importance. blurred. ~क़ाना idiotic. असपशय asprishshy (a) untouchable. temporariness. provisional. denial. असवी/करण. ृ अहं का/र ahāṅka:r (nm) vanity. skeletonised. indistinct. a fool. vacillation. morbid. ~री egotist. egoism. dim. अहम/क़ ehmāq (nm and a) a blockhead. -. commitment.

अहीर ahi:r (nm) a Hindu sub-caste. अिह ahi (nm) a serpent. अहे तु ahetu (a) without a cause or reason. conceit. pretentiousness. overweeningness. े अिहवात ahiva:t (nm) state of a married woman ever continuing to enjoy her husband's coverture. अहरणीय aharṉi:y (a) inviolable. malevolent intention. अहाता aha:ta: (nm) a compound. evil. ~केप-नीित laissez faire. overweening. ~वाद the creed of non-violence. ~री see िशकारी. अिहत ahit (nm) harm. sorrow. ~ki: (a) see अहे तक.अहममनय ahammānny (a)vainglorious pretentious. aha:ha: (int) an exclamation expressing surprise or delight. ~कर harmful. अहा हा aha:. ~केपय noncognizable: which cannot be interfered with. अिहतेचछा ahitechchha: (nf) malevolence. a stalker. अहसत/केप ahastakshep (nm) non-interference. अहे तु/क. not injurious. detrimental. countrymen. अहह ahah (int) oh !. not fierce. -. अिहफन ahiphēn (nm) opium. etc). how excellent ! well done ! wonderful ! etc. injurious. अिहंसक ahīnsak (a) non-violent (person). without motive. अिहंसातमक ahinsa:tmak (a) non-violent (act.) Oh ! O ! आ . —अिधकार unprescriptible right. etc. अहा. non-violent. enclosure. injury. अहािनकर ahā:nikar (a) non-detrimental. an exclamation expressive of surprise. अहलकार ehalka:r (nm) a clerk. ~की ahetuk. अहै त/क. unharmful. snake. unprovoked. precincts. damage. an official (in a court of law). ~चछतक a mushroom. अिहंसा ahīnsa: (nf) non-violence. अहे /र aher (nm) see िशकार. ~ki: (a) without any reason or cause. अहलेवतन ahalevatan—compatriots. ~की ahaituk. ~िनमोक slough. agony. अिहंस ahīnsr (a) non-violent. harmless. ु ु अहो aho (int. अहलमद ehalmad (nm) a record keeper (in a court of law). ~ता vainglory. conceited.056 -~वादी a follower of the principle of non-violence. unprescriptible.

not to sleep a wink. (Imperative verb intended for youngers or juniors. to ask for trouble. also ~िमचोली. —ऊपर न उठाना to be unable to raise the eyes through shame. out of mind. statistics. —क अंधे नाम नयनसुख to name a dunce Plato. —पथराना to have the eyes petrified. — उठाकर न दे खना not to take notice. आँकड़े ā:kṛe (nm) data. etc. to evaluate. -का तारा/—की पतली the apple of ु agile. —चढना to have heavy or drowsy eyes. —झपकना lit. . the eye of a needle: the sprout at the joint of a sugarcane. to refresh. to avoid catching one's eye. —उठाना to cast a hostile look. —की िकरिकरी an eye-sore.) come. to have a reddish tinge in the eyes (through anger. come on. better the eye out than suffer persistent pain. or have the vision blurred and dimmed through constant gazing. to have sore eyes.). to have the eyes upturned (as in death). etc. आँकना ā:knā: (v) to assess. to avoid being sighted by. —फटी पीर गई the eye lost. blindman's buff. to look amorously.— बैल मुझे मार to ask for it. —का काँटा an eye-sore. to look with angry eyes. to be unable to fix the gaze (on).—ओट ँ पहाड़ ओट out of sight. ~िमचौनी (the game of) hide and seek. to be heavy with sleep.—उठाकर दे खना. beloved. intoxication. —कान खले रखना to be on the alert. to be lost to shame. —का परदा उठना to be disillusioned. throughout.057 -his intimate ones. —पड़ना to sight per chance. —का काजल चुराना to steal eyesalve out of one's eye. —आना to suffer from ophthalmia. figures. to feel ashamed or abashed..—चुराना/िछपाना to cut indirect. —पसारना/फलना to stare all round. —न ठहरना to be dazzled (by the sight of). to cut sublime. along with etc. fever. up. to be alert and ु पानी उतर/ढल/मर जानाblush like a dog/blue on black. come forth. to blink—meaning. to become shameless. etc. —क तीर चलाना to े े make eyes at.आ a: the second letter and the second vowel of the Devna:gri: alphabet. —की बदी भौ क आगे to narrate somebody's े vice only to -. to mark. —का one's eye. —फड़कना to feel a pulsation in the eye (according to Indian tradition pulsation in the right eye of a man and left of a woman is regarded as auspicious while the contrary is taken as a bad omen). —तरे रना to look/speak daggers.—गमर करना/सेकना to gloat. to feast the eyes with animate beauty. from. —डबडबाना to be on the verge of tears.—िदखाना to fly in the face of.—न लगना not to bat an eyelid. darling. to cast a hostile/wrathful look. to begin to fall asleep. iris.til. a Sanskrit prefix used to denote the senses of upto. — ऊची न होना. —टे ढ़ी करना to frown. to reckon. to have one's illusions shed away. ै to cast searchful glances all round. rejoice and feast the eyes. to treat with disdain. to appraise. —िनकालना to cast a wrathful glance. to be an expert thief. —बचाना to avoid being sighted. lack of sleep. the ू pain gone. pet. आँख ā:kh (nf) an eye. to have the eyes filled with tears.

to be lost to shame. आँखे िदखाना/िनकालना to look (at) angrily or menacingly. to become aware or cognizant (of). etc. to slink away. आँखो मे चबी छाना to be blinded by pride. आँखे बचाना to avoid being ु noticed.—बदलना. आँखे फरना or फर लेना to adopt an attitude े े of indifference towards someone dearly loved. etc. आँखे िबछाना to give a very cordial welcome. to cast a threatening look. to exchange glances.—लड़ाना to meet stare with stare. to learn a lesson. to ruin the sight (by strenuous study. to elude the observation of. आँखो क आगे अँधेरा छाना to faint (on account of a sudden fit of े have the eyes filled with tears.058 -- with bewildered eagerness or astonishment. to avoid an exchange of looks. to put somebody on the alert. आँखे चार होना to look into each other's eyes.—मँदकर सौदा करना to buy a ू ू pig in a poke. to be careless the gaze fixed at something. lust etc. etc.-बदल लेना to bring about a sudden change in one's favourable attitude. आँखो पर िबठाना/बैठना to extend a hearty welcome. आँखो पर परदा . —मँदकर िवशास करना to pin one's faith upon. to be almost in tears.change glances. to make a sign with one's eye. आँखो दे खा हाल running commentary. not to see the obvious.).). आँखे जमाना to stare steadily.—लगना to fall half asleep. to look straight into somebody's eyes:—मँूदकर कद पड़ना a leap in ू the dark. —मे खून उतरना to have one's blood up. (out of shame. pass away. to have things.—मारना to cock one's eye.. to give a cold shoulder. •माना कानो सुना न माना seeing is believing and hearsay is no evidence.—िमलना. —भर कर दे खना to fill the eyes with the sight of. आँखे बनद होना or मँदना to have the eyes shut. arrogance. आँखो मे खटकना to be an eye-sore. to cast amorous glances. to arouse unpleasant feelings. to die. आँखो दे खा self-witnessed. —मे आँख डालना to look squarely in the face. to have the eyes reddened with extreme rage. आँखे ठणडी करना to gratify the eyes. आँखे भर आना or डबडबाना to livid with anger. to bring cool comfort to the eyes (by seeing a pleasant object).). to wink one of the eyes (as a sign of amorous intention or cofirmation of a conspiracy. आँखो मे धल झोकना/डालना to pull wool over a ु लेना to become cold-livered. आँखे खलना to make conscious of and negligent. आँखे चराना to avoid ु taking notice of. to withdraw favour or regard all of a sudden. आँखे फाड़कर or फाड़-फाड़कर दे खना to stare (at) -. आँखे लाल-पीली करना to become weakness etc.). आँखे चार करना to meet stare with stare.आँखे फोड़ना to render blind. to inter. to interchange glances. modesty. to cast affectionate or amorous looks to one's satisfaction. आँखो पर ठीकरी रख पड़ना to be under an illusion. to withdraw one's affection. आँखे खुल जाना to be aroused from sleep. आँखे बदल जाना to withdraw affection. आँखे नीची करना to look/cast eyes downward. to doze off. to receive and treat with utmost affection and reverence. आँखे चरने जाना not to be watchful.

आंतर ā:ntar (a) intra.059 -आँव ā:v (nf. ~त: internally. आँगन ā:gān (nm) a courtyard. fractional. आंतराियक ā:ntara:ik (a) intermittent. आंत ā:ntr (nm) intestine. —उतरना to suffer from hernia. also ~िमक (a). . आंतिरक ā:ntarik (a) internal. —से लहू बरसना the blood to be up. (a) intestinal. —क आम a े windfall. आँय-बाँय ā:y-bā:y (nf) irrelevant/ridiculous talk. region. आंदोिलत ā:ndolit (a) moved. आँजना ā:jnā: (v) to apply collyrium (into the eyes. —वयापार physical action. to create havoc. आंतभौ/म ā:ntarbhāūm (a) underground. (fig. subterranean. to be ever present in one's mind's eye. आंिशक ā:nshik (a) partial. (a) an inhabitant of the Andhra Pradesh. —अिभनय acting through physical gestures or movement.—खाना to be overheated. —उठाना to raise a storm. campaign. to dust the eyes of. आँवाँ ā:wā: (nm) the potter's kiln. intra. performed by gesture or through physical features (a category of abhinay). to be heated. pottery. ~ता the state or quality of being fractional.) आँत ā:t (nf) see अँतड़ी. campaigner. hence ~ता (nf). आंिगक ā:ṅgik (a) pertaining to the body or parts thereof. -. agitation. आँधी ā:dhi: (nf) a dust-storm. used by some as nm) mucus. to throw dust in the eyes (of). to cheat. agitated. आँच ā:ch (nf) the heat of flame. —आना to come to harm. also-शाँय. आँचल ā:chal (nm) the extreme part of a sa:ri: enveloping the upper part of a woman's body. —का आँवाँ ही खराब होना to have a disgusting lot as a whole. innate.—होना to be moved by intense emotion or feeling. आंदोलन ā:ndolān (nm) a movement. आँखो मे समाना to fill the mind's eye. आँवला ā:vla: (nm) the tree Emblic myrobalan and its fruit. not to have a wink throughout the night.person's eyes. आँखो मे रात काटना to pass the night awake. आँते कलकलाना/कलबुलाना to be ु ु ु extremely hungry.) harm. ~कतार ~कारी an agitator. आँध a:ndhr (nm) the Telugu-speaking Southern state of the Indian Union —also known as आँध पदे श. fire.

shape. ~िलत reckoned. ~गंगा the milky way. आक़ा a:ka: (nm) master. impossibility. the space. ~ता contingency. ~र-वैजािनक a morphologist. आकणरक a:kraṉāk (nm) a headphone. alluring. alluring. abrupt. आइसिकम a:iskri:m (nf) ice-cream. आई/न a:i:n (nm) law. ु आकांका a:kā:ṅksha: (nf) aspiration. mirror. attraction. morphology. legislation~नी legal. legislative. -शिक the power of gravitation. hence~ता (nf). ~साज़ a mirror-maker. आकषरण a:karshāṉ (nm) attraction. lord. आका/र a:ka:r (nm) form.—जमाना the future. the vowel आ (a:) and its sound. charm. आकषी a:karshi: (a) attractive. a flower of the sky. ~दीप a beacon light. accidental. आकां/की a:kā:ṅkshi: (a) aspirant. ~गािमता levitation.— िबगाड़ना to jeopardize one's transmundane existence. calculated. storehouse. ~भािषत/वचन (in theatrical language) speaking off the stage (to someone out of sight). ~र -पकार size and shape. आक/लन a:kalān (nm) reckoning. morphological. contingent. sky-faring. technically known as Catotropis gigantea. ensuing. (a) future. charmed. -गंथ a source book. source. ~र-िवजान.—पीकर रह जाना to suppress one's tears. to hide one's sorrow. आकरणर a:karṉ (a and adv) (stretching or stretched) up to the ear. आकर a:kar (nm) a mine. size. meaning an ु ~गािम/चारी sky-faring. आकिषरत a:karshit (a) attracted. allured.— पोछना to console. आइंदा a:inda: (adv) in future. ~कसुम lit. आकिसमक a:kasmik (a) sudden. allurement. ~िकत aspired (for). आइने मे मँुह दे खना to reflect on one's own capabilities and merits. fortuitious. ~मंडल the celestial sphere.— छटी casual leave. आइना a:inā: (nm) a looking glass. to know oneself.आँसू ā:su: (nm) tear. charming. आकाश a:ka:sh (nm) the sky. आक़बत a:qbat (nf) transmundane existence. casual. आकािरकी a:ka:riki: (nf) morphology. the other world. treasury. आक a:k (nm) the medicinal plant swallow wort. . times to come. ~रांत (a word) ending in a: (आ). the future state of life. ~य morphological. आकषरक a:karshak (a) attractive. calculation. a fanciful thing. —बहाना to shed tears.

आकाशी a:ka:shi: (nf) an aerial. (a) last. (ind) fie ! a condemnatory exclamation. —से बाते करना to be sky high. invective. to die game. structure. invasion. to put in Herculean efforts. morphological. acerbity. (a) -. ंु आकल a:kul (a) restless. आकाशवाणी a:ka:shvā:ṉī: (nf) an oracle. आकम/ण a:kkramāṉ (nm) attack. hostility. ु आकृित a:kkriti (nf) shape. form. distracted. to ु as the sky and the nether world. आकामक a:kkra:māk (nm) an invader. at long last. ~णातमक offensive. ultimate.—चाल in bottom of bag. ~ता aggressiveness. uneasy. leave no stone unturned. ~ता (mistakenly used to mean) invader. -पाताल का अंतर as wide asunder आिखर a:ḳḥir (nm) the end. -पाताल एक करना to move heaven and earth. आिखरी a:ḳḥiri. scattered. •होना to contract. aggressor/aggressive. ~कार/को eventually. wrath. after all. final. diffused. ~णकारी invader/ invading. charge. attacker. आक/चन a:kuṇchān (nm) contraction. ~िवजान morphology. आकां/त a:kkrā:nt (a) (one who is) attacked. incursion. आकृष a:krishṭ (a) see आकिषरत. the last card up one's ditch. figure. appearance. structural. आकोश a:kkrosh (nm) acrimony. invaded.—छना to be sky high. ु आकलता a:kulta: (nf) restlessness.060 -celestial. (adv) at last. heavenly. आकाशीय a:ka:shiy (a) pertaining to the sky. —दम तक जमे रहना to die in last . celestial. to be as lofty as the sky. aggressor. flexion. uneasiness. incursionist. ~वैजािनक a morphologist.—दम तक काम करते रहना to die in harness.—वक मे कया खाक sleeve.~यान aircraft. a proper name given to All India Radio. distressed. aggression. आकेप a:kshep (nm) allegation. aggressive. (a) aggressive. a tremendous difference.—दम तक लड़ते रहना to fight to the finish. ~िचत contracted. after all. full of diffusion. accusation. आकलांित a:kklā:nti (nf) boredom. features. contour~मूलक morphological. आकसीजन a:ksi:jān (nf) oxygen (gas). आखथू a:khthu: (nm) the sound produced during hemming and spitting. आकीणर a:ki:rṉ (a) crowded. mental distress.

proceeds.—मे पानी डालना to extinguish the fire. —लगे पर कआँ खोदना to shut the stable door after ु पर लोटना to be uneasy or restless. to be consumed with jealousy. आग a:g (nf) fire. occurred. (for something) to be scarcc and expensive. -शुित a tradition. to emit fumes. approaching. well-known. 'to run for water after setting fire to' —meaning. traditional doctrine or precept. आखया/त a:kkhya:t (a) uttered. -सवागत welcome (to a guest). envy etc. visitor. to pour oil on fire. happened. an extremely hottempered/hot-headed man. आगंतुक a:gāntuk (nm) a comer.—मे -. short episodic narrative. collection of such doctrines. आगम a:gām (nm) coming near. ~बबला ू scorching heat (also see—बरसना). —बरसना lit. wild with rage. shedding of fire. anything handed down and fixed by tradition.— का बैर innate mutual hostility.—लगाकर पानी को दौड़नाlit. an augment (in grammar). आगबबूला a:gbabu:la: (a) violently enraged.—दे ना to perform funeral rites.—का परकाला. fable. to cause a quarrel to end. to be in a rage. आगत a:gat (a) arrived. ~ता an exponent. to cannonate (also see—बरसना).—भड़ वाना to stir or blow the fire (of).—मे झोकना to thrust into the fire. .—मे कदना to jump into fire. come. warm/reception. —से खेलना to play with fire. आखेट a:kheṭ (nm) see िशकार. communication. fire brand.—से खेलना ख़तरे से ख़ाली नहीं it is dangerous to play with edged tools.. to make show of curing an evil caused by oneself. to make a policy change when it is too late to bear ु fruit. to put in trouble. —हो जाना to flare up.—का पुतला a fire-eater.—लगाकर तमाशा दे खना to excite a quarrel and then to enjoy it. a tale. to fly in to a rage. origin. hence~क (nm) (diminutive). to have one's blood up. आखयान a:kkhyā:n (nm) telling. description. to lie grossly.—खाना अंगार हगना to eat fire. to fah the flame (of).—फाँकना to boast enormously. expressed. legend. — बरसाना ṭo bombaīd. birth. to create ू troubles for oneself. induction.061 -घी डालना to fan the flame. to add fuel to the fire. आखेटक a:kheṭak (nm) see िशकारी. meaning to have the horse is stolen. आखयाियका a:kkhya:ika: (nf) a fable. to pour oil on fire. आगज़नी a:gzanī: (nf) arson. —पानी/फस ू होना to be inflamed. —होना to be furious. -पर पानी डालना to pacify/calm down (all infuriated persons).मसलमाँ होगे death bed repentance. scripture. interpreter.

in future.—तकशास inductive logic. degenerated. आचमन a:chmān (nm) sipping water -. to be with child. behaviour. ensuing. ethos. before. •कोई न होना to be without any kith or kin. coming. to be between the devil and the ु deep sea. to confront. to swallow (as a liquid). —बस न चलना to be at the end of one's tether. approach. behaviour. to hesitate. practice. -पीछा pros and cons. fire-bearing. ~ही insistent.062 -from the palm of the hand (for self purification). आगाह a:ga:h. ~वान of good conduct.-िवचार manners and morals.आगमन a:gamān (nm) arrival.arm. the morrow. in front of.—भारी होना (vulgar) to be in the family way. emulated. आच/रण a:charāṉ (nm) conduct. practice. आगार a:ga:r (nm) a store house treasury. to receive with fanfare. debased. आगा a:ga: (nm) front. pertinacious. to take cover (of). induction. आचारक a:cha:rak (nm) master of ceremonies. frontage. accent. impact. आगमनातमक a:gamāna:tmāk (a) inductive. . none ahead and none behind —to have no kith and kin. hence ~हीनता (nf). virtuous. to have none to look after. fire-emitting. the future. ethics. आचारशास a:cha:rsha:str (nm) ethology. ~भष fallen. depository.—कआँ पीछे खाई to be on the horns of a dilemma. to assimilate. shock. -वयवहार conduct and character. आग/ह a:ggrah (nm) insistence. front and rear sooner or later. —होकर लेना to step ahead to accord a special welcome. to gain ground. start. to apprise (as a warning). ~त smelt. —नाथ न पीछे पगहा lit. •करना to waver. to befall.—बढ़ना to make progress/headway. persistence. आगामी a:gā:mī: (a) next. आघात a:gha:t (nm) blow. in course of time. —से in future. आघा/ण a:gghrā:ṉ (nm) (the act or process of) smelling. आग़ाज़ a:ga:z (nm) beginning. आगनेय a:gnēy (a) fiery.— पीछे one behind the other. persistent. trauma. pertaining to fire. custom.—करना (v) to warn against or notify. future. the fore part of anything. pertinacity. commencement. performed.— आना to come forward. hit.—दौड़ पीछे छोड़ haste makes waste. immoral. आगे a:ge (adv) ahead. stroke. —को in future. ~हीन characterless. -आगे in future. आगनेयास a:gnēya:str (nm) a fire. आचार a:cha:r (nm) conduct. ~िरत practised. ~रणीय worth practising/emulating. र आगल a:gal (nf) a gato-bar (meant to hold its leaves shut). —करना to place at the front. fire-emitting missile. face. igneous.

professor. experimental. self-willed. cutting off. capricious. test. open-minded. to be fed up. for a whole life-time. आजकल a:jkal (adv) now-a-days. ~शी on trial. these days. lid. soon. founder or leader (of a school of thought). unpleasant memories do not last very long. आचछद a:chchhad (nm) a sheath. आटे -दाल की िफ़क anxiety regarding means of sustenance. -पालन obedience. (कगाली मे ) —गीला होना to be plunged into yet another ं complication when already afflicted. to (put to a) test. आजानबाहु a:ja:nūba:hu (a) blessed with long arms (extending to the knees). आचछे दन a:chchhedāṉ (nm) (the act or process of) amputation. hodiernal. आज़ादी a:za:di: (nf) independence freedom. आजीिवका a:ji:vika: (nf) livelihood. meek. आटा a:ṭa: (nm) flour. free. आज़माइ/श (nf) trial. cover. आटे मे नमक in reasonable/small -. आचायर a:cha:ry (nm) a teacher. ~िमज़ाज self-willed.—कारावास life imprisonment. आजीवन a:ji:wān (adv) throughout life. ~िरता obedience. आज a:j (adv and nm)today. आचछा/दन a:chchha:dān (nm) a covering. आजाका/री aggya:ka:ri: (a) obedient. आजा a:ggya: (nf) order. ~तिबयत of independent temperament. disobedience.—करना to put off from day to day. आज़माना a:zmā:nā: (v) to try. without delay. आजिप a:ggyapti (nf) a decree. cover. weary.—आना to be wearied. —का modern. आज़मूदा a:zmu:da: (a) tried and tested. आटे क साथ घन िपसना to undergo an े ु undeserved suffering on account of association. to dillydally. open-minded. आिज़जी helplessness. आटे -दाल का भाव मालूम होना to be confronted with unwelcome realities of practical life. preceptor. hence ~तव (nm). ~िदत covered. to defer. ु आिजज़ a:jiz (a) helpless. ~पसंद freedom-loving. आिचछनन a:chhinn (a) amputated. आज़ाद a:za:d (a) independent. cut off. meekness. ~ख़याल independent-minded. आजनम a:janm (adv) since birth. an initiator. calling. -पत a writ.—मे in a couple of days.063 -- . written order.—मरे -कल दसरा िदन mundane strains soon set off the ू blow of bereavement. -भंग breach of order.आचार-संिहता a:cha:rsānhita: (nf) moral code.

आितशी a:tishi: (a) pertaining to fire. आड़ा a:ṛa: (a) oblique. tinsel.—शीशा a magnifying glass. आतशक a:tshak (nm) syphilis. block. -आठ आँसू रोना to cry one's heart out.—लेना to take a cover. आडंब/र a: āmbaṛ (nm) ostentation. plenty.—वक trying or difficult time. shield. ~वाद/वािदता terrorism. tyrant. strut. brokerage. horizontal. आतत a:tat (a) tense. ~बाज़ी fireworks. आढ़/ितया. hypocrisy. panic. ~री ostentatious. आतंिकत terrorised. . hence ~री (nf). आितशयय a:tishayy (nm) abundance. (nm) the number eight. आत/प a:tap (nm) sunlight. ~ता tenseness. excess. आठै a:ṭḥāī (nf) the eighth day of a lunar fortnight. tinsel. to tick off. screen. hospitality. आितश a:tish (nm) fire. fiery. ~ti: (nm) a commission agent. आढ़त a:ṛḥat (nf) commission agency. to help one over stile. आततायी a:tata:i: (nm and a) an oppressor. आितथेय a:tithey (nm) a host. to put to shame by sarcasm. to shed floods of tears. commission. ~प scorched. आड़े हाथो लेना to rebuke. to do a good turn when one is in difficulty. display of fireworks. आतंक a:tāṅk (nm) terror. ऑिडट/र o iṭar (nm) an auditor.आड़े आना/पड़ना/होना to put impediments. —ितरछा होना to be provoked. affectation. आणिवक ā:ṉvik (a) molecular. गणाढय). pyrotechnic. plenty.proportions. one who extends hospitality. hypocrite. heated. आठो गाँठ कममैत every inch a crook. आठ a:ṭḥ (a) eight.आड़े वक़त पर काम आना to help some dog over stile. transverse. ~बाज़ a fireworks manufacturer. आड़ू a:ṛu: (nm) a peach. आड़ a:ṛ (nm) a cover. आितथय a:titthy (nm) hospitability. आढय a:ḍḍḥy—a Sanskrit suffix denoting prosperity. -सतकार hospitality. sun. showing off. showy. ~वादी terrorist. broker. ~तीं a:ṛḥatiya:. to be enraged. —पहर चौसठ घड़ीday in and ु day out. abundance (as धनाढय. a barricade. oppressive.

-िनयंतण self-restraint. ~तिप self-satisfaction. self-deceit. •करना to assimilate. belonging to or forming the nature of. ~जा a daughter. a self-murderer. -साकातकार self-realisation. hastiness. आतुरालय a:tura:lay (nm) a dispensary. the form of verb which implies an action belonging or reverting to self. restless. personal. restlessness. self- . -रका self-defence. ~िनवेदन offering oneself to a deity.064 -fulfilment. psychic force. ~तुिष selfsatisfaction. ~गौरव selfे autobiography. ~तयागी one who has made sacrifices. ~घात suicide. spiritualistic. ~भाव the self. -तयाग self-sacrifice. amour-propre. ~बोध see ~जान. self-control. -. ~जान self-realisation. self-reliant. ~ततव the true nature of the soul or Supreme Spirit. -िवजय self-conquest. -सवीकृ ित confession. •वाद self-realisationism. ~किदत self-centred. -समपरण surrender (of oneself). आतमक a:tmak—a Sanskrit suffix meaning imbued with. concerned with. ~चिरत an -िनणरय self-determination. self-defeating. -िहत self-interest. -शासन self-rule. -िवशास self-confidence. ~िनभरर self-sufficient.-साधना selfrealisation. respect. proper or peculiar nature. -िनरीकण introspection. ~चािलत automatic. -बिलदान selfsacrifice. -संतोष self-satisfaction. ु आतुरता a:turta: (nf) rashness. ~कलयाण one's own good. gratified. ~घातक/घाती suicidal. ~िनंदा selfcondemnation.पदशरन self-display. ~चिरतातमक autobiographical. introspection and analysis of one's inner self. -वंचना self-deception.-संघषर selfु -सममान self-respect. ~िनष subjective. -बल spiritual force. •ता self-reliance. self-killing. भावातमक) आतमनेपद a:tmanepad (nm) in Sanskrit grammar. आतम a:tm (nm) self. ~िचंतन selfcontemplation. self-possession. self- sufficiency. self-denial. ~दाह self-immolation. one's own.-मंथन a deep preservation. self-knowledge. ~िसिद self-realisation. ~कथा autobiography.आती-पाती a:ti:pa:ti: (nf) the game of hide and seek. ~िवशासीself-confident. (a) pertaining to self. steeped in. full of. hasty. selfृ ृ ~दान self-sacrifice. ~ज/जात a son. ~सात ् assimilated. ~मोह narcissism. inner. self-regard. -िवसमित selfृ conflict: -संयम self-control. self-satisfied. ~तुष self-gratified. blind man's buff. composed or consisting of (as रागातमक. ~हतया/हनन/िहंसा suicide. ~वादी spiritualist. ~गत subjective. -पशंसा self-praise. clinic. -रित self-love. -शाघा/सतित self-praise. ~वाद spiritualism. ~दोह revolt against self. -वध suicide. -िवदा metaphysics. ~तप fulfilled. आतर a:tur (a) rash. oblivion. -सममोह self-delusion. self-communication.

human being. pattern. आितमक a:tmīk (a) spiritual. ~नी self-respecting. beatitude. आतमीकरण a:tmī:karāṉ (nm) assimilation. self-elevation.065 -supposed to have been created on earth). —ठं डी होना to be gratified. born of man. . self-reliant. norm. आतमोतसगर a:tmotsarg (nm) self-sacrifice. आतमोदार a:tmoddha:r (nm) self-salvation. esteem. आदर a:dar (nm) respect. आतयंितक a:ttyāntik (a) extremistic.—को दःख पहुँचाना to ु make one turn in one's grave. आतमोपजीवी a:tmōpji:vi: (a) self-sustaining. idealistic. आतमानंद a:tmā:nānd (nm) the pleasure of self-realisation. आदमी a:dmī: (nm) a man. ~ता extremism. humanity. ~बी self-dependent. to be fulfilled. self-realisation. to cause grief (to). humaneness. आतमानभव a:tmā:nubhav (nm) self-experience. to be civil and well-mannered. ु आतमानभूित a:tma:nubhu:ti (nf) self-experience. intimate. esteem. ~ज़ाद human being. self-elevation. hence ~ता (nf). आतमोतकषर a:tmotkarsh (nm) eudaemonia. deference. a model. ~वाद/वािदता Idealism. ~क़द of human-size. self-server. excessive. आतमािभवयंजना a:tmā:bhivyāṇjanā: (nf) self-expression. आदिमयत a:dmiyāt (nf) gentlemanliness. reverend. आतमीय a:tmī:y (a) pertaining to self. बनना to become humane. to be humanised. आतमा a:tmā: (nf. (nm) kith and kin. ~न by force of habit. self-reliance. spirit. ~खोर man-eater. आदम a:dām (n) Adam (the first man -. intimate relationship. pertaining to self. close affinity. आदत a:dat (nf) habit. (a) ideal. ~वादी an idealist. also used as nm by Sanskritists) soul. ~णीय respectable. आतमावलं/बन a:tmā:vlāmbān (nf) self-dependence. ~ता cordiality. cannibal.आतमसेवी a:tmsevi: (nm and a) self-seeker. आतमािभवयिक a:tmā:bhivyakti (nf) self-expression. as a matter of habit. —भाव respect. model. आदशर a:darsh (nm) an ideal. proud of oneself. ु आतमािभमा/न a:tmā:bhimā:n (nm) self-respect. आतमोननित a:tmonnāti (nf) self-sublimation. one's own.

आदाता a:da:ta: (nm) recipient. taking. ~किव the firstever poet — Va:lmi:ki. ~कालीन primitive. (in Grammar) substitution of one letter for another. —बजा लाना to salute humbly. primordial.—रह जाना/हो . discordant objects jumbled together. आदकर a:ddyakshar (nm) initials. (ind) etcetera. आिदतय a:ditty (nm) the sun. expressing command. primitive. ~शातमक imperative. आदशोिक a:darshokti (nf) a motto. accustomed. habituated. आिदम a:dīm (a) primitive.आदशरक िवजान a:darshakviggya:n (nm) a normative science. respected. aborigines. ~कावय the Ra:ma:yaṉ of Va:lmi:ki —the first literary creation. (a) early.—तीतर आधा बटे र intermingling of heterogeneous elements. greeting. आदाब a:da:b (nm) manners. first. आिदल a:dil (a) just. जनजाित/जाित aboriginal tribe. to make obeissance. donee. आिदक a:dik (ind) etcetera. moiety. आदशीकरण a:darshi:karaṉ (nm) idealisation. archaic. payee.—सवरप archetype. precept. आदशरलोक a:darshlok (nm) Utopia. आदे य a:dey (a) worth-receiving or accepting. आधा a:dha: (a) half. आदी a:di: (a) habitual. the author of Sanskrit Ra:ma:yaṉ. salutation. early. equitable. —पुरष Brahma: —the creator of the Universe. (a) aboriginal. commissioned. de novo. आदोपांत a:ddyopā:nt (adv) from beginning to end. आदंत a:ddyānt (adv) from beginning to end. आद a:ddy (a) first. payee. receiver. initial. आदायी a:da:i: (a) recipient. आदे /श a:desh (nm) command. आदत a:ddrit (a) honoured. आदान a:dā:n (nm) receiving. -साझा equal partnership. आदे िशका a:deshika: (nf) precept. आिदत: a:ditah (adv) ab initio. ~रप prototype. आिद a:di (nm) beginning. ~वार Sunday. -अज़र salutation. donee. आिदष a:dishṭ (a) commanded. -पदान giving and taking exchange. आिदवासी a:diva:si: (nm) an aboriginal. initial.

contained. ~वादी a believer in he theory of आनंदवाद. excess. आधार a:dha:r (nm) base. आधी छोड़ सारी को धावे. आिधभौितक a:dhibhautik (a) material. pleasure. tension etc). आिध a:dhi (nf) mental agony/suffering.जाना to be reduced to half (due to illness. आधान a:dhā:n (nm) containing. आधुिन/क a:dhunīk (a) modern. आनत ā:nat (a) bent. आनंद a:nānd (nm) bliss.—की आन मे instantaneously. शािधराजय a:dhira:jjy (nm) suzerainty. power. made up or consisting of happiness. prestige. derived or produced from the primitive elements. आधयाितमक a:ddhya:tmik (a) spiritual. ~कता modernity. depositing. ~िशला foundation stone. plenty. ~रे खा base: -वाकय premise. happy. आधासीसी a:dha:si:si: (nf) hemicrania. happiness. आन ā:n (nf) honour. ~वाद the theory propounding the attainment of Eternal bliss as the summum bonum of life. adoption of modern techniques. -मंगल peace and happiness. -पात a container. आधी राहे न सारी पावे he who hunts two hares leaves one and loses the other/to repeat the story of the dog and the shadow/he who grasps all. -सामगी data. rejoiced. receptacle. -. delight. cheery. pertaining to the soul or the Supreme Spirit. hence ~ता (nf). ~कीकरण modernisation. -बान honour and dignity. आधािरत a:dha:rit (a) based (on). ृ आधेय a:dhey (nm and a) that which is contained.—तोड़ना to break one's pledge/honour. आिधपतय a:dhipatty (nm) supremacy.—रखना to keep one's pledge/honour. ू . pain affecting half of the forehead. grace. आधत a:ddhrit (a) based (on). the Supreme Spirit. joy. (nm) the main plot. basis.066 -data. आिधदै िवक a:dhidaivik (a) proceeding from divine or supernatural agencies. foundation. loses all.आनंदी cheerful. (nm) abundance. ~कता-बोध sense of modernity. biassed. आनंिदत delighted. ~मय blissful. pomp and show. -आधेय the relationship of the container and the contained. ~ता spirituality. आधीन a:dhi:n (a) see अधीन. -वयािध mental and physical suffering. आधीनता a:dhi:nta: (nf) see अधीनता. ~भत fundamental. आिधकय a:dhikky. authoritative. आिधकािरक a:dhika:rik (a) official.

pliable. —काज महाकाज achievement of one's own end is the greatest धमकना to appear unannounced/all of a sudden. pronoun used to express respect. good find. आ a bargain. आपित a:patti (nf) objection. आनमन a:nāmān (nm) flexure: bending. (to) make calls (at).—अपने दाँव मे आना to act as a boomerang.—ही आप alone. आनपूवयर a:nūpu:rvy (nm) succession. better do a thing than wish it to be done. आया-गया guest. -आपको each by himself. the deluge. ु -. आय गए की लाज a bargain is after all achievement. ु आनवियक a:nnvaik (a) orderly. pliant. flexibility. conformity. estimative. meaning sudden appearance of misfortune. evasion. hence ~ता (nf). flexible. आए िदन every day.—मरे जग परलो (परलै) after me. In compound. आपत ् a:pat—used as a constituent in Sanskrit-based compounds. accidental. ~ता heredity. ~ता pliability. आनी-जानी transitory. pliance. आनन-फ़ानन (मे ) ā:nān-fā:nān (mē) (adv) instantaneously. ~काले मयारदा नािसत necessity knows no law. pertaining to or related with अनवय.067 -आनवंिशक a:nuvānshik (a) hereditary. आनमय a:nāmmy (a) flexure. self-experiences. as distinct from तुम. आये सेर खाये सवा सेर to have a large mouth but a small girdle. आपतका/ल a:patka:l (nm) emergency. (nm) an anna (coin). systematic. ~रप your honour. by or within one's ownself. ~की सीख आपको मबारक keep your breath to cool your porridge. to carry towards. ु आनषंिगक a:nushāṅgik (a) contingent. ~बीती the story of one's own suffering.—भला तो जग भला good mind. ु आनमािनक a:nūmā:nik (a) conjectural. hence ~ता (nf). तू. the ultimate त ् changes into द if followed by a voiced sound. the death's day is the doomsday.आनन ā:nān (nm) face. आप a:p (pro) (deferential) you (second person). hour of distress. mouth. ~िलक emergent. -जाना to pay visits. . visitor. predicament. sequence. pertaining to emergency. prevarication. आना-कानी ā:nā:kā:nī: (nf) procrastination. incarnate. automatically. ~काजी selfish. automatically. ु आनभािवक a:nubhavik (a) empirical based on observation and experience. all ु individually. आनयन a:nayan (nm) to bring closer/nearer. shortlived. ऑनरे री o:nreri: (a) honorary. distress. ु आनरपय a:nuru:ppy (nm) consonance. at once. आना ā:nā: (v) to come.—से आप by itself.

vanity. आपेिकक a:pekshik (a) comparative. one another. आपादमसतक a:pa:dmastak (adv) from head to foot. relative. आपू/िरत. circle of friends. आप मे आना to attain normalcy. kindred. आपा/ितक. आपे से बाहर होना to be off one's chumb. mutual relationship. ~rṉ (a) full. immigration. आपाधापी a:pa:dha:pi: (nf) a mad race (for self-gratification). आपूितर a:pu:rti (nf) fulfilment. reciprocal. आपवास a:pprva:s (nm) settling in a foreign country. ु -. complete gratification. gratified. fallen on evil days. आपद a:pad (nf) see आपत ्. आपदमर a:paddharm (nm) a conduct permissible only in times of extreme distress. one's own entity. —का one's own. to become abnormal. umpire. आपात a:pa:t (nm) an emergency. —पमाण a trustworthy testimony. to attain consciousness. आपातत: a:pa:tatah (adv) emergently. आपा a:pa: (nm) consciousness. —वगर inner circle. respected.आपद a:pad (nf) see आपदा. (nm) authority. one whose wishes have all been fulfilled. to fly off the handle. ~ता relativity. mutual. of intimate circle. आपानगोषी a:pa:ngoshṭḥi: (nf) a drinking bout. to lose self-control. आपेषी a:ppreshi: (nm) an addressee. with one another.—गरतव relative density. आपदा a:pda: (nf) distress. ~tī: (a) emergent. आपे मे न रहना. ~तव authority. full to the brim. आपदापनन a:pda:pann (a) hazardous. to be overwhelmed by emotion. a credible or authoritative person. .—मे mutually. आपसदारी a:pasda:ri: (nf) reciprocity. ~न (the act or process) of immigration. adversity. आपेषक a:ppreshak (nm) an addressee. fulfilled. involving distress. ~काम fulfilled. state where each struggles for his own self-interest. seized by misfortune. आपस a:pas (pro) each other. as a matter of emergency. आपोिक a:ptokti (nf) a motto. ~ती a:pa:tik.068 -आप a:pt (a) trusted. ~वालेkith and kin. —वचन/वाकय authoritative statement.—खोना to forget or lose consciousness of real self. ~गसत in distress/distressed. pertaining to emergency. ~णर a:pu:rit. reciprocal. trustworthy. catastrophe. आपसी a:psi: (a) mutual. ego. (nm) fellowship.

brilliance. to invite trouble. to be humiliated. habitation. आिबदक a:bdik (a) yearly. आफ़ताब a:fta:b (nm) the sun. —करना to settle. honourable. आबेहयात a:behaya:t (nm) nectar. to violate one's chastity. -ताब splendour. tint. —बदलना go elsewhere for a change. a sharp astute fellow. —करना to bind. आबदाना a:bdā:nā: (nm) see अनन-जल. decoration. ऑिफ़स ofis (nm) an office. —उठाना to create havoc. —ढाना to work havoc. tied up.—िसर पर लेना to ask for trouble. tinge. an indecent assault to be committed upon. ~सी jet black (colour). trouble. ~दार respected. on a window).—उतारना to debauch.आपलावन a:ppla:vān (nm) inundation. आब/नस a:bnu:s (nm) ebony. complete submergence. splendour. annual. —महकमा excise department. आबालवद a:ba:lvriddh (ind) children and elders all. lustrous. आबदसत a:bdast (nm) the post-excrement wash. ृ आिबयाना a:biyā:nā: (nm) water-rate. . a servant who serves water. to populate. आभरण a:bharāṉ (nm) ornament. to own unnecessary botheration. आबहवा a:bhava: (nf) climate. आबाद a:ba:d (a) inhabited. ~मंडल a halo. —का टुकड़ा/परकाला a dare devil. —का मारा distress-stricken. bearer.mined. आपलािवत a:ppla:vit (a) immersed. आफ़ताबी a:fta:bi: (nf) a sun-shed (esp. immersion. —लटना to be put to disgrace. (signs of) prosperity. water. prosperous. ू आबपाशी a:bpa:shi: (nf) irrigation. आबकारी a:bka:ri: (nf) excise. आब a:b (nf) lustre. आफ़त a:fat (nf) distress.—मे बटा लगना one's honour to be under. ु (a woman's) chastity to be violated. आयेगी और भगतनी पड़ेगी there will be the device ु (devil) to pay. water-tax. to reclaim (barren land etc. आबर a:bru: (nf) honour. आभा a:bha: (nf) lustre. watering.—बरबाद कर दे ना to give one's honour or character to the winds. ~दार brilliant. —खाक मे िमलाना to lay one's honour in the dust. inundated. lustre.) आबादी a:ba:di: (nf) population. आबद a:baddh (a) bound. to create havoc. to suffer disgrace. —मचाना to make excessive haste. —मोल लेना. brilliance. chastity. completely submerged. populated.

—जलसा a public meeting.—अनशन fast unto death. (a) common. decoration. embellished. आभिषत a:bhu:shit (a) ornamented.आभार a:bha:r (nm) obligation. . unreal. interior. classicism. see अहीर. solicitation. burden. revenue. आमादा a:mā:da: (a) intent. embellishment. आमंतण a:māntrāṉ (nm) an invitation. confrontation. —आदमी the common man. आमंितत a:māntrit (a) invited.069 -आभास a:bha:s (nm) an inkling. decorated. grateful. semblance. आमलक a:mlak (nm) see आँवला. आमना-सामना a:mnā:-sa:mnā: (nm) an encounter. revenue. carnivorous. -. ू आभयंतर a:bbhyāntar (nm and a) the interior. indebtedness. an ancient tribe.— राय popular opinion. vis-a-vis. indebted. आमदनी a:madni: (nf) income. आमाशय a:mā:shay (nm) stomach. internal. आमीन ् a:mi:n (ind) amen ! Be it so ! so let it be ! आमुख a:mukh (nm) the preamble. आम ā:m (nf) a mango. आमद a:mād (nm) arrival. आभासी a:bha:si: (a) pseudo.—व-ख़चर revenue and expenditure. आिमष a:mish (nm) meat. apparent. fallacious appearance. visual. आभारी a:bha:ri: (a) obliged. आभीर a:bhi:r (nm) name of an ancient rural region of India and its inhabitants.—रस mango juice. ~भोजी meat-eating. coming and going.—व-ख़चर revenue/income and expenditure. opposite one another. solicited. general. gratitude. till the end. public opinion. a call. coming face to face. hence ~ता (nf). phenomenon. आभूषण a:bhu:shāṉ (nm) ornament. आमने-सामने a:mnē-sa:mnē (adv) face to face. flesh. आिभजातय a:bhija:tty (nm) aristocracy. inner. hence आमंतक (nm). common. ~फ़हम current. coming. आमवात a:mva:t (nm) rheumatism. head on.—क आम गठिलयो क दाम earth's joys and े े ु heaven's combined. पेड़ िगनने से नहीं to be concerned with the substance rather than the source. approach. आमरण a:mārāṉ (ind) till death. आभयंतिरक a:bbhyāntarik (a) internal. ~रफ़त traffic. —पदशरन expression of gratitude.—खाने से काम रखना. bent upon. a glimpse. effect.

movement. आयताकार a:yta:ka:r (a) rectangular. having big attractive eyes. (nm) a soldier. exertion. amplitude. आमोिदत a:modit (a) delighted. weapons. आयाितत a:ya:tit (a) imported. dimension. ू radicalistic. ु defectionist. sentence or verse of the Qoran. whether or not. . -. arsenal. arms. आयु a:yu (nf) age. ु ~शाला armoury. other-worldly. delight. (a) wide. आये िदन every (second) day. आयँत-पायँत ā:yāt-pā:yāt (nm) the upper and lower ends of a bedstead.—पिरवतरन radical changes. joy. fundamental. ु आयध a:yudh (nm) armament. ~कतार (an) importer. आयास a:ya:s (nm) effort. ृ आया a:ya: (nf) ayah. -गया (nm) a visitor. (ind) whether. arsenal. ~जीवी a professional soldier. rectangular shape. आयाम a:yā:m (nm) magnitude. hence ~ता (nf). आये थे हिर भजन को ओटन लगे कपास to set out for the church. आमेज़ a:mez—used generally as an ultimate or intermediate member in a compound. ~मंडल/वत ionosphere. meaning 'mixed'. आयत a:yat (nf) rectangle. tractable. importer. आयत a:yatt (a) dependent. •वादी a radicalist. receipt. आम a:mmr (nm) a mango. आयताकृित a:yta:kriti (nf) mesomorphy. -वयय income and expenditure. आमल a:mu:l (a) radical. आयकर a:ykar (nm) income-tax. -पमोद merriment. आयतन a:ytān (nm) bulk. आय a:y (nf) income. —राम गया राम a frequent strand in a lurch. to आयात a:ya:t (nm) import. regaling. goings. mesomorph. •क budget. stretched. (v) came. -याता a pleasure-trip. regulation (as in पाणायाम). a female attendant. ु आयिधक a:yudhik (a) pertaining to arms.आमुिषमक a:mushmik (a) transcendental. volume. full of joy. आयधागार a:yudha:ga:r (nm) an armoury. long.070 -आयन a:yān (nm) ion. orgy. revenue. आमोद a:mod (nm) pleasure. ~लोचन big-wide eyed. आयक a:yukt (nm) a commissioner. (v) forgiven and forgotten. ~कारी importing.

pertaining to or related with the beginning. sponsored. ु आयोग a:yog (nm) a commission (a body of persons having authority). आरभटी a:rbhaṭi: (nf) sense of adventure. planning. outset. preliminary. आरसी a:rsi: (nf) a mirror. life. आरज़ू a:rzu: (nf) keen desire. request. — उतारना to perform आरती. —आयोग planning commission. •करना to beseech. organising. आरकी a:rakshi: (nm) police (force).071 -adventurous man. शायबल a:yurbal (nm) longevity. ~मंद desirous. आयवेिदक a:yurvedic (a) of or pertaining to आयुवेद—the Indian medicinal system. आरक a:rakt (a) rosy. ु ~मान having long life. pertaining to ु Medical Science. beseeching. . to cajole. आरती a:rti: (nf) a ceremony performed in adoration of a deity or any outstanding personage or guest by circular movement of a lighted lamp before his person. ु र आय/िवरजान a:yurviggya:n (nm) Medical Science. astride. आयस ् a:yus (nm) age. hence ~ता (nf). आयोजक a:yojak (nm) convener. sponsoring. आरं िभक a:rāmbhik (a) initial. reddish. arranged. आयोिजत a:yojit (a) convened. आरभट a:rbhaṭ (nm) an adventurer. blessed with longevity (this word is prefixed to the names of youngers to denote a wish for the addressee to be blessed with longevity). yearning. the science of ु health and longevity). inception. -िमननत supplication. long life. planning. (nm) the two banks of a river. ~वैजािनक medical. ु आयष ् a:yush—an allomorph of आयुस ् used as the first member of compound words. आरकण a:rakshāṉ (nm) reservation.आयर ् a:yur—an allomorph of आयुस ् used as the first member of numerous compound ु words. आर-पार a:r-pa:r (adv) across. -. आरं भ a:rāmbh (nm) start. sponsor. pond etc. ~य age. Medical Science (lit. beginning. lifeforce. looking glass. commencement. guarding or protecting. आरकक a:rakshak (nm) police (man). police function. आयोजना a:yojanā: (nf) plan. आयोजन a:yojān (nm) convening. आयवेद a:yurved (nm) the Indian medicinal system.

(in music) modulation. transplantation. -िनवास sanitorium. projection. े आटर a:rṭ (nm) art. decoration. superimposition. projected. superimposition. persecuted. charge. worthy of worship. comfort. ascent. a rider. आराइश a:ra:ish (nf) dressing. adoration. ~ही ascending. —धविन/नाद/सवर cry of distress. distressed. आरा/धना a:ra:dhnā: (nf) worship. ~कश a sawyer. ~शाला a sanitorium. hence ~बी (nf). ~पसंद easy-going. आरामतल/ब a:rā:mtalab (a) indolent. also ~धन (nm). ~कसी an easy chair. —बुक करना to book an order. imposition. — . to cure (of an illness). ऑिडरनेस or inēns (nm) an ordinance. आिरज़ी a:rizi: (a) temporary. at leisure. drawing. charge. ~ह-अवरोह ascent and descent. relief. •करना to convalesce.—करना to rest. transplantation. आरढ़ a:ru:ṛḥ (a) mounted. easy-going. slothful. projection. climb. ~ण making a diagram. ~िधत worshipped. आरी a:ri: (nf) a small saw. salubrious. -गैलरी an art. imposed. a command. आतर a:rt (a) aggrieved. ascended. embellishment. आरोपण a:ropān (nm) imposition. imputation. आरे ख a:rekh (nm) a diagram. आराधक a:ra:dhak (nm) a worshipper. —से slowly. ~पद hygienic. —दे ना to place an order. station. a deity). आकसटा a:rkesṭra: (nm) an orchestra. आरोगय a:roggy (nm) freedom from disease. आरोहण a:rohaṉ (nm) ascension. adored. आराम a:rā:m (nm) rest. table saw. (nm) the adored one (esp.आरा a:ra: (nm) a saw. -लाभ convalescence. -शास Hygiene. rest ु फ़रमाना to be resting/taking rest (said deferentially). mount. transplanted. आरोप a:rop (nm) allegation. gently. nursing home. ~गाह resting place. health. an adorer. आरो/ह a:roh (nm) ascent. ~दे ह comfortable. ~ह-कम ascending order. —पेपर art paper. आरोिपत a:ropit (a) alleged. ornamental trees. afflicted. आरा/धनीय a:ra:dhanī:y (a) adorable.gallery. pain or affliction. ऑडरर or ar (nm) order (for supply of something). worthy of worship. flowers etc. आराधय a:ra:dhy (a) adorable.

आिथरक a:rthik (a) economic; —वयवसथा economy; economic set-up/organisation; — िसथित economic condition. आदर a:rdr (a) wet; damp; humid; moist; tender; full of feeling; ~ता dampness; wetness; humidity; feeling of compassion or a compassionate mental state; ~तामापीhygrometer; ~तािमित hygrometry; ~ता- लेखी hygrograph; ~ता-िवजान hygrology. आमेचर a:rmechar (nm) armature. आयर a:ry (nm) an Aryan; (a) noble, of noble stock. आयरपुत a:ry:puttr (nm) a classical form of address or reference to respectable personages, esp. from the wife to her husband. आयरसतय a:ry:satty (nm) the great truths in Buddhist Philosophy (four such truths are enumerated.) -- 072 -आयर/समाज a:rysama:j (nm) a religious order initiated by Swa:mi: Daya:nand in the latter half of the 19th century in India ~समाजी a follower of the principles of आयरसमाज. आयारवतर a:rya:vart (nm) the land of Aryans (extending from the eastern to western sea and bounded on north and south by the Himalayas and Vindhya mountain ranges respectively). आषर a:rsh (a) relating or belonging to, or derived from, the sages (ऋिष); ~कावय-युग the epic age;—गंथ books composed by the ancient sages; —पयोग sacred/authoritative usages (adopted because of their source though grammatically inaccurate); — वचन/वाकय a statement emanating from an authority. hence ~ता (nf). आलं/बन a:lāmbān (nm) foundation; base; (in Poetics) the object that arouses emotion; (in Rhetorics) the natural and necessary connection of a sensation which excites it; reason; cause; hence~िबत (a). आल-औलाद a:l-aula:d (nf) progeny. आलक/स a:lkas (nm) see आलस; ~सी; see आलसी. आलथी-पालथी a:lthi:pa:lthi: (nf) a typical sedentary posture (wherein the right ankle rests on the left thigh and the left on the right thigh). आलिपन a:lpin (nf) a pin. आलम a:lām (nm) the world; state; ~पनाह Protector or Master of the world; an address for kings and emperors. आलमारी a:lma:ri: (nf) see अलमारी. आलय a:lay (nm) an abode; a dwelling place; a receptacle; asylum. आलवाल a:lwa:l (nm) a basin (around a tree etc.).

आलंकािरक a:lāṅka:rik (a) rhetorical, pertaining to Rhetorics; ornamental; figurative,

आलस a:las (nm) laziness, lethargy. आलसी a:lsi: (a) lazy, lethargic; ~पन lethargic nature, lethargy, laziness. आलसय a:lassy (nm) same as आलस (see). आला a:la: (nm) a niche or recess; an instrument; (a) superior; excellent; wet, moist;— दजे का of the first order. आलाप a:la:p (nm) preliminary modulation of voice before singing; a prelude to singing; slow elaboration of राग with or without rhythm. आलारासी a:la:ra:si: (a) slow and slothful, indolent. आिलं/गन a:liṅgān (nm) an embrace, embracing; clasp, clasping; hence ~िगत (a). आिल/म a:lim (a) scholarly; learned; ~माना scholarly, learned. आली a:li: (nf) (a woman's) female friend; a row; range; (a) grand; excellent; ~जनाब/जाह your Exalted Highness!; one occupying a pre-eminent position. आलीशान a:li:shā:n (a) grand, magnificent. आलू a:lu: (nm) potato; ~दम see दम आलू. आलचा a:lu:cha: (nm) a kind of plum —Prunus ovalifolia. ू आलूबुख़ारा a:lu:buḳḥa:ra: (nm) dried आलचा (see). ू आलेख a:lekh (nm) a treatise; writing; plan; plot (of a graph); dictation; script; ~कार script writer. आले/खन a:lekhān (nm) writing; painting; plotting (of a graph); ~खन- कला graphic art; hence~खय (nm). आलेप a:lep (nm) an ointment, plaster; -- 073 -hence ~न (nm). आलोक a:lok (nm) light; lustre; enlightenment. आलोिकत a:lokit (a) lighted/lit; enlightened. आलोचक a:lochak (nm) a critic. आलोचन a:lochān (nm) criticism: observation. आलोचना a:lochnā: (nf) criticism. आलोिचत a:lochit (a) criticised; reviewed. आलोचय a:lochchy (a) worth criticising; fit to be criticised; under review. आलोड़न a:loṛān (nm) stirring, shaking, agitating; -िवलोड़न brooding; profound contemplation of pros and cons; आलोिड़त stirred; agitated; well-thought (over).

आलहा a:lha: (nm) verse narrative eulogising the exploits and chivalrous deeds of A:lha: and U:dal; a ballad composed in the traditional a:lha: metre;—गाना to narrate one's exploits and experiences at length. आवक a:vak (nm) arrivals, incoming (goods, things, etc). आविधक a:vdhik (a) periodical. आवभगत a:vbhagat (nf) hospitality. आवरक a:varak (nm) a covering; cover. आवरण a:varāṉ (nm) a cover, covering, shell; sheath; screen; lid; envelope; cladding; mask;-पिरचय blurb; -पष cover page, book jacket. ू आव/जरन a:varjān (nm) curb, restraint; ~जरना taboo; hence~िजरत (a) आवतर a:vart (nm) a whirlpool; densely populated place; recurrent; ~न rotation; revolution; recurrence; ~नी a rotator. आवती a:varti: (a) recurring; —वयय recurring expenditure. आवधरक a:vardhak (nm) augmentor; magnifier; (a) augmenting; magnifying. आवधरन a:vardhān (nm) magnification; augmentation. आवशय/क a:vashshyak (a) necessary; essential; binding, obligatory; also ~कीय (a). आवशयकता a:vashshyakta: (nf) necessity, need, requirement; ~एँ wants, needs. आवाँ a:vā: (nm) a potter's kiln; furnace; —का आवाँ िबगड़ना degeneration of the whole lot/clan. आवागमन a:va:gamān (nm) coming and going; transmigration. आवाज़ a:va:z (nf) sound, voice; report; —उठाना/ऊची करना to raise the voice; — ँ कसना to pass unwelcome remarks; —दे ना to call out, to hail; —बलंद करनाsame as — ु

उठाना;—फटना to have the voice rendered hoarse;—भरारना/भारी होना to have the voice choked with emotion. आवा-जाही a:va:ja:hi: (nf) see आना-जाना. आवारगी a:va:rgi: (nf) loafing; profligacy; reckless extravagance. आवारा a:va:ra: (nm) a vagabond, loafer; (a) vagrant, wandering, loitering; profligate. आवारागदर a:va:ra:gard (a) loafing, vagrant, loitering, (nm) loafer; vagabond. आवारागदी a:va:ra:gardi: (nf) loafing; loitering, vagrancy. आवा/स a:va:s (nm) residence; dwelling place; ~सी resident. आवाहन a:va:hān (nm) invocation (of a deity etc.); a call; summoning. आिवभारव a:virbha:v (nm) advent; emergence; manifestation; becoming visible. आिवभूत a:virbhu:t (a) emerged; manifested; become visible. र -- 074 --

आिवल a:vil (a) turbid; foul; polluted; not clear; confused: hence~ता (nf). आिवषकरण a:vishkarāṉ (nm) an invention. आिवषकतार a:vishkarta: (nm) an inventor. आिवषकार a:vishka:r (nm) an invention; ~क an inventor. आिवषकृत a:vishkrit (a) invented. आिवष a:vishṭ (a) possessed of an evil spirit etc.; filled by an intense emotional sentiment etc.; charged. आवत a:vrit (a) covered, enveloped, surrounded. ृ आवत a:vritt (a) turned round, whirled; repeated; reverted. ृ आवित a:vritti (nf) repetition; recurrence, reversion; turning round; reprint; frequency; ृ -सत recurrence formula. ू आवेग a:veg (nm) impulse; passion; wave; emotion; paroxysm; ~मलक impulsive; ू ~शील impulsive; impetuous; आवेगी paroxysmal; impulsive. आवेगातमक a:vega:tmak (a) impulsive, inspired by passion. आवेदक a:vedak (nm) an applicant, a petitioner. आवेदन a:vedān (nm) an application, petition; hence आवेदनीय (a); आवेिदत (a); -पत an application, petition. आवेश a:vesh (nm) charge; agitation; intense emotion; frenzy; wrath; hence ~न (nm). आवे/षन a:veshṭān (nm) enveloping, wrapping round; enclosure; ~िषत enveloped, wrapped; enclosed. आशं/का a:shāṅka: (nf) apprehension; scruple; ~िकत apprehensive; full of or filled with apprehension. आशना a:shnā: (a) intimate; (nm) lover, beloved. आशनाई a:shnā:i: (nf) intimacy; illicit love. आशय a:shay (nm) intention, intent, design; purport, import, meaning; receptacle. आशा a:sha: (nf) hope; ~जनक hopeful; promising; ~हीन disgusted, disappointed, hopeless; —टू टना to lose hope;—पूजना to have (one's) hope fulfilled; —बाँधना to have (one's) hope raised; —की िकरण फटना ray of hope to emerge; ~ओं पर तषारपात ू ु होना to have all hopes dashed to the ground; ~ओं पर पानी िफरना to dash one's hope; to have (one's) hopes shattered/dashed to the ground. आशा/तीत a:sha:ti:t (a) beyond hope, unexpected; ~वािदता optimistic attitude, optimism; आशा/वाद a:sha:va:d (nm) optimism; ~वादी an optimist; optimistic. आशावित a:sha:vritti (nf) optimistic disposition; optimism. ृ

आिशक़ a:shiq (nm) a lover, an inamorato; (a) enamoured; -माशूक़ the lover and beloved; ~िमज़ाज having the temper or disposition of a lover; given to lovemaking; आिशक़ाना befitting or peculiar to a lover; आिशक़ी love-making. आिशष a:shish (nf) blessings, benediction. आशीवरचन a:shi:rvachān (nm) blessings, words of benediction. आशीवारद a:shi:rva:d (nm) blessings, benediction. आशु a:shu (a) prompt, quick, speedy, swift; extempore; impromptu; — आिभनय extempore acting; ~किव an impromptu poet; ~कावय extempore poetic composition; ~गामी fast moving; ~तोष one who is easily pleased; easy to please; Lord Shiv; ~िलिप short hand, stenography; ~िलिपक a stenographer, -- 075 -आशयर a:shchary (nm) wonder, surprise; astonishment; ~चिकत surprised; bewildered, flabbergasted; •होना to be struck dumb. आशम a:shshrām (nm) hermitage; abode; one of the four stages in the life of caste Hindus (viz. brahmachary —as a student of the Vedas; Grihasth —as a householder; Va:nprasth —as abandoner of worldly things; Sannya:s —as an anchorite); ~वासी a hermit, inmate of an आशम. आशय a:shshray (nm) shelter, refuge; patronage; retreat; seat; hence ~दाता a patron. आिशत a:shshrit (a) depending or relying on; enjoying the support of; (nm) a dependent, refugee; protege; hence ~ता (nf). आश/सत a:shshvast (a) assured; convinced; composed; ~िसत composure, assurance; hence~सतता (nf). आशासन a:shshva:sān (nm) assurance; guarantee. आिशन a:shshvin (nm) the seventh month of the Hindu calendar; also called कवार. आषा/ढ़ a:sha:rh (nm) the fourth month of the Hindu calendar; ~ढ़ी pertaining to the month of ~ढ़; the full moon day in the month of ~ढ़. आसंग a:sāṅg (nm) attachment; association; adhesion. आसंजक a:sāṇjak (a) adhesive; ~ता adhesiveness, tack. आसंजन a:sāṇjān (nm) adhesion. आस a:s (nf) hope; expectations; support;—टू टना to lose hope, to be disappointed;— तकना to look forward hopefully;—तोड़ना to disappoint/despond;—बँधाना to extend assurances; to arouse hopes;—पूरना to have fulfilment of hope; to be gratified— लगाना to look hopefully (to). आस-औलाद a:s-aula:d (nf) progeny.

आसक a:sakt (a) attached; fond, addict; fascinated, charmed. आसिक a:sakti (nf) attachment; fascination; fondness, addiction. आस/जजा a:sajja: (nf) make-up; readiness; equipment; ~जजक make-up man. आसित a:satti (nf) uninterrupted sequence (of words in a sentence); proximity; juxtaposition. आसन a:sān (nm) a posture; seat; saddle; stage; a small square piece of mat, carpet, deer or tiger skin used for seating;—उखड़ना to be dislodged; to be thrown out of gear;— जमाना to entrench; to stick on; to be seated firmly;—िडगना/डोलना to be allured or tempted; to get panicky or nervous;—दे ना to offer a seat (respectfully);— मारना लगाना to sit firmly, to be firmly entrenched;—िहलना see—िडगना. आसनन a:sann (a) imminent, impending; ~भत present perfect tense (in Grammar); ू ~मतयु one whose death is imminent, under the shadow of death. ृ आस-पास a:s-pa:s (adv) near about, in the vicinity.

आसमान a:smā:n (nm) =the =sky;—का थका मँह पर पड़ता है puff not against the wind; ू ु —क तारे तोड़ना to realise an impossibility;—छना same as —से बाते करना;— े ू टूटना/फटना to be struck by a calamity; —िदखाना (esp. in wrestling or fighting) to dash to the ground with face up—to beat all ends up; —पर चढ़ना/उड़ना to be too vain or proud; —पर चढ़ाना to exalt to the skies; to spoil (somebody) by extravagant -- 076 -praise/flattery; —पर थूकना lit. to spit at the sky —to puff against the wind;—पर िदमाग़ होना to be too conceited or vain;—मे छे द करना to achieve the impossible; to be too crafty;—मे छे द होना to rain incessantly, to have a non-stop dowerpour;—मे िथगली noise or mischief;—से िगरना/टपकना to be attained without effort or exertion;—से

लगाना to be too skilful/crafty;—िसर पर उठा लेना to create havoc, to make excessive िगरकर खजूर पर (मे ) अटकना to fall from the frying pan into the fire;—से बाते करना to vie with the sky, to rise sky-high. आसमानी a:smā:nī: (a) azure; sky blue; pertaining to the sky. आसरा a:sra: (nm) reliance; shelter. आसव a:sav (nm) nourishing and intoxicating liquor prepared from yeast or ferment. आस/वन a:savān (nm) distillation; ~िवत distilled. आसाइश a:sa:ish (nf) comfort; ease. आसान a:sā:n (a) easy; simple; convenient.

आसानी a:s:ani: (nf) convenience, easiness; -से जीतना to win hands down, to win in a counter;—से पछाड़ना to knock a person's head off, to win hands down; —से मार िगरना to be at one in to fits. आसाम a:sā:m (nm) see असम. आसामी a:sa:mī: (nm) see असामी. आसार a:sa:r (nm) symptom, sign; breadth of a wall;—नज़र आना some signs to be visible. आसीन a:si:n (a) seated. आसीस a:si:s (nm) see आिशष. आसुत a:sut (a) distilled. आसुरी a:suri: (a) demonic, demon-like; -माया demonic spell/trickery; —िवदा demonic, spell/trickery; िौ demonic skill/craft. आसूचना a:su:chnā: (nf) intelligence (secret information). आिसत a:sti (nf) property, estate; asset. आिसतक a:stik (nm) a theist; (a) devout, having a religious disposition; ~ता theism, devoutness. आसतीन a:sti:n (nf) a sleeve;—का साँप a serpent in the bosom, a foe in the guise of a friend;—चढ़ाना to clear the docks for action, to get ready (for a fight); to be prepared; to menace/threaten; —चढ़ाये with (his) buckles up; —मे साँप पालना to cherish a serpent in the bosom. आसथगन a:sthagān (nm) deferment. आसथिगत a:sthagit (a) deferred. आसथा a:stha: (nf) faith, belief; -वान having faith (in). आसथान a:sthā:n (nm) a base. आसपद a:spad (nm) place, seat, abode; worthy (of), fit (for) (gen. used as the last member in a compound word such as िववादासपद, शधदासपद, घणासपद); surname. ृ आसय a:ssy (nm) fascia. आसवाद a:ssva:d (nm) flavour, relish. आसवाद/दन a:ssva:dān (nm) relishing, tasting; hence ~िदत (a); ~द (a). आह a:h (int) ah!; (nf) a sigh indicating deep agony;—पड़ना to be accursed; to be afflicted by curses; —भरना to heave a sigh;—लेना to provoke the curse of. आहट a:haṭ (nf) noise, sound (as of footsteps);—लेना to be on the qui vive (for the approaching sound of footsteps, etc). आहट a:hat (a) injured, wounded; offended.

आहरण a:harāṉ (nm) exaction; usurpation. आहतार a:harta: (nm) exactor; usurper. आहा a:ha: (int) aha !, well done, -- 077 -alas ! (an expression of astonishment, joy, sorrow, etc). आहार a:ha:r (nm) food. diet, victuals; ~िवजान dietetics;—वैजािनक a dietitian; -िवहार routine; physical activities and dealings; hence आहारी; —वयवहार मे लजजा कया ? fair exchange is no robbery; eat to your heart's content so as not to repent. आहायर a:ha:ry (a) consumable, eatables; artificial (as अिभनय). आिहसता a:hista: (adv) slowly, gently, softly; -आिहसता slowly; gradually, by degrees. आहुित a:huti (nf) an oblation or offering (esp. to a deity); a sacrifice. आहूत a:hu:t (a) invited, summoned. आहा/द a:hla:d (nm) delight, joy, mirth; ~िदत delighted, full of joy; ~दी delightful; cheerful. आहान a:hva:n (nm) a call, summons; invocation; citation;—करना to summon; to invoke.

i—the third letter and the third vowel of the Devna:gri: alphabet. इंगला iṅgla: (nf) one of the three (इड़ा i.e. इंगला, िपंगला, सषुमना) important nerves ु described by the Hathyogi:s, better known as 'इड़ा'. इँगिलश īglish (nf) the English language; (a) English. इँगिलसता/न īglista:n (nm) England; ~नी English. इंगलेरन īṅglerān (nm) angle iron. इंिगत iṅgit (nm) an indication, hint, sign; gesture; (a) indicated. इंच iṇch (nm) (an) inch. इंचाजर iṇcha:rj (a) in-charge. इंजन iṇjan (nm) an engine. इंजीिनय/र iṇji:niyar (nm) an engineer; ~री engineering. इंजील iṇji:l (nm) the New Testament. इंजेकशन iṇjekshan (nm) an injection. इंटरवयू iṉṭarvyu: (nm) an interview. इंडेट iṉḍeṉṭ (nm) an indent.

इंडकस iṉḍeks (nm) an index. े इंतक़ाम intqa:m (nm) revenge. इंतक़ाल intqa:l (nm) death. इंतखाब intḳḥa:b (nm) selection; extract (from some official record). इंतज़ाम intzā:m (nm) management arrangemt. इंतज़ार intza:r (nm) wait; —करना to wait (for). इंतहा intaha: (nf) limit, extremity; ~ई extreme, utmost; ~पसंद extremistic; an extremist. इंदराज indara:j (nm) an entry. इंदीवर indi:var (nm) a blue lotus. इंद ु indu (nm) see 'चंदमा'. इंद indr (nm) the king of the gods; the god of rains; ~जाल magic; trickery; ~जािलक a damsels abound;—की परी a fairy. इंदधनष indr:dhanush (nm) a rainbow. ु -- 078 -इंदवधु indr:vadhu: (nf) a scarlet-red velvety insect (also known as वीर- बहूटी). इंदाणी indra:ṉī: (nf) Lord Indra's spouse. इंदायन indra:yān (nm) a colocynth. इंिदय indriy (nf) sense, an organ of sense or action; the generative organ; ~गत sensual, sensuous; ~गोचर perceptible; capable of being ascertained through the senses; ~िजत lit. a master of the senses— one who is in full control of his senses; -जान knowledge acquired through the senses; -िनगह self-control; control over one's sensual pleasures or appetites; ~लोलुप one who is subserviant to sensual pleasures and appetites; -सख sensual pleasure; •वाद sensualism; इिनदयो को बस मे करना to restrain one's ु sensual impulses, to attain self-control. इंिदयातीत indriya:ti:t (a) transcending the senses; trans-sensual. इंिदयाथर indriya:rth (nm) an object of sense (as sound, smell etc.); anything that excites the senses. इंिदयास/िक indriya:sakti (nf) sensuality; attachment to sensual pleasures; hence ~क (a). इंधन īndhān (nm) fuel. इँधरौड़ा īndhrauṛa: (nm) a fuel-store. इंशयोरे स īnshyorens (nm) an insurance; -कपनी an insurance company. ं magician; trickster; —का अखाड़ा the court of Lord Indra; an assembly wherein beautiful

lean and thin. इकतालीस ikta:li:s (a) forty-one. hence ~पसंदी. bond. . इक़बा/ल iqba:l (nm) prosperity. इंसपेकटर inspekṭar (nm) an inspector. ~ली गवाह an approver.—इंसान न रहे तो उससे है वान अचछा the more I see of men. इकलला ikalla: (a) alone. sole. the more I love dogs. —िडगी exparte decree. ~रांत (a word) ending in i ( ). promise.इंसा/न insā:n (nm) a human being. इकसठ iksaṭḥ (a) sixty-one. consent. इकोतर ikotar (a) one more (than). prestige. इकहरा ikehra: (a) single. इंसाफ़ insa:f (nm) justice. good fortune. humane. ~तार monotonous. ~ले-जुमर pleading guilty. (adv) together. —ग़लती का पुतला है to err is human. इकतरफ़ा iktarfa: (a) ex parte. (nm) the number thirty-one. justness. single-folded. uniform. ~नी human. -. —का तकाज़ा the demand of humanity/humaneness. इकतारा ikta:ra: (nm) one-stringed musical instrument. (nm) the number sixty-one. (nm) the number forty-one. इकलाई ikla:i: (nf) a fine variety of cotton sa:ri:. इकतरा iktara: (nm) intermittent fever attacking the patient every alternate day. इकहतर ikhattar (a) seventy-one. (nm) the number seventy-one. इकसार iksa:r (a) uniform. इकमुहाँ ikmuhā: (a) unifacial. having one mouth. ~पसंद just and fair.079 -इका/र ika:r (nm) the vowel i ( ) an its sound. equity. इक ik—an allomorph of एक used as the first member in numerous compound words. man. human qualities. confession. gathered. इंसािनयत insā:niyat (nf) humanity. इकतीस ikatti:s (a) thiry-one. इक़रारनामा iqra:rnā:mā: (nm) an agreement (in writing). in one lot. इकटा ikaṭṭḥa: (a) collected. having a keen sense of justness. confession of crime. even. इक़रार iqra:r (nm) an agreement. the unit's place in numeration. इकननी ikannī: (nf) one-anna coin (no longer in currency). ~लौता only (son). इकाई ika:i: (nf) a unit. unilateral.

respect. the earth.इकका ikka: (nm) a small one-horse carriage. -पत a will. (nm) the number eighty-one. इज़ारबंद iza:rbānd (nm) a lace used as belt. —उतारना/िबगाड़ना/लेना to insult. addition. to ravish. honour. wish. to put to disgrace. (nm) the number twenty-one. reputed as honest and decent. इिचछत ichchhit (a) desired. इज़ाफ़ा iza:fa: (nm) augmentation. इख़राजात iḳḥra:ja:t (nm) expenses. ु इककी(िकक)स ikki:(i)s (a) twenty-one.—मे बटा लगना to have one's reputation or character sullied. hence ~री (a). इकका-दकका ikka:-dukka: (a) one or two. willed. rare. iṛa: (nf) see इंगला. (nm) the number ninety-one. इठलाना iṭḥla:nā: (v) to act affectedly. hence इककी (nf). bench. increase. ~रे दार a monopoly-holder.—ख़ाक/धल/िमटी मे िमला दे ना to lay one's honour in the dust. to lose honour. to humiliate.—लूटना to र make a criminal assault on. इकयावन ikkya:van (a) fiifty-one (nm) the number fifty-one. to excel. इजा/रा ija:ra: (nm) monopoly. monopoly holding. . speech. one who wishes (as शभेचछ). ु इजरा(य) ijra:(y) (nf) issue (of a decree). willing. इचछ ichchhu —a suffix denoting the sense of a wisher. इिख़तया/र iḳḥtiya:r (nm) see अिख़तयार. will. इजलास ijla:s (nm) court. ~रे दारी monopoly. —पर हाथ डालना to try to violate the chastity/honour of. —दे ना to confer dignity or honour (on). इजज़तदार izzatda:r (a) respectable. इचछा ichchha: (nf) desire.— ू खोना/गँवाना to be disgraced. इकयासी ikkya:si: (a) eighty-one. to lose one's honour or dignity. manifestation. to put to disgrace. animus. an ace (in the game of cards). —दबाना to ृ suppress a wish. to assume swaggering airs.— बेचना to barter/sell off one's honour. monopolist. इज़हार izha:r (nm) expression.—होना to be superior (to). -मतयु death at will. ु ु ु इचछक ichchhuk (a) desirous. इजज़त izzat (nf) prestige. इडा.—पर आँच आना one's honour to be in jeopardy. इकयानवे ikkya:nve (a) ninety-one. — मे फ़क आना. expenditure. इड़ा ida:. execution. very few. इजाज़त ija:zat (nf) permission.

इन in (pro) these. to create strife. chronicle. इितहास itiha:s (nm) history. so much. ~k (ind) etcetera. ~वतातमक narrative. ~क ittya:di. इनक़लाबी revolutionary. ~क़न by chance. (ind) a word denoting conclusion. to throw into disorder or confusion.E. assurance.— इतमीनान itmi:nā:n (nm) conviction. -उधर की random (fact etc. -उधर की हाँकना to beat about the bush. conclusion. ~दान scent-case. this way. •करना to shilly-shally. ~कार a historian.इतना itnā: (a) this much.—का trustworthy. ~वेता a scholar of history. union. इतसतत: itastatah (ind) here and there. chance. उधर खाई between the devil and the deep sea. इधर idhar (adv) this side. to displace. in the meanwhile. radical change. इतवार itva:r (nm) Sunday. इनक़लाब inqala:b (nm) revolution. to gossip. इतयािद. -टै कस income-tax. accidental. trust. —सा मँुह रह जाना to feel small —इतने मे in the meantime. abounding in ृ ृ narration.D.). इित iti (nf) end. ~को to these.biting.—इतथम ् it is like this. .080 -hence~वतातमकता (nf). between the Scylla and the Charybdis. इतला ittala: (nm) information. ~िक़या chance.F. —कआँ ु ु या उधर this way or that. —िज़नदाबाद long live revolution !.—से उधर करना to turn topy-turvy. here. -. इतर itar (a) other. इित/वत itivritt (nm) a narrative. इित/कृतम ् iti kritam —Q. इदम ् idām (pro) this. an annal. different. to disarrange. essence. —बुरा नहीं िजतना कहते है the devil is not so black as he is painted.—की उधर लगाना to indulge in back. इत ittr (nm) perfume. ~फ़रोश a perfumer. इनकम inkām (nf) income. इनकार inka:r (nm) refusal. ~साज़ a perfumer. so on and so forth. to behave in a self-conceited manner. इतफ़ा/क़ ittafa:q (nm) coincidence. scent. इतराना itra:nā: (v) to assume an air of exaltation. इतहाद ittaha:d (nm) unity. confidence..-उधर here and there. ~नामा notice. disavowal.—की दिनया उधर हो जाना to have an impossibility materialised.E. denial. ृ इित िसदम ् iti siddham—Q. notice.

about. inspiration. mosque. pertaining to the text. ं इनाम inā:m (nm) prize. accusation. remedy. zonewise. sphere. ~ती pertaining to construction. locality. इिबतदा ibtida: (nf) beginning. ~मी inspired. speech. obligation. इने-िगने ine-gine (a) very few. award.इनफ़लुएज़ा influenza: (nm) influenza. charge. ~दी aided. —िलखना to take dictation.—करना/फ़रमाना to favour. इमाम ima:m (nm) a religious leader. selected few. इबादत iba:dat (nf) adoration. इमतहान imtaha:n (nm) examination. zone.081 -इलहा/म ilha:m (nm) revelation. ~दतन wilfully. इला ila: (nf) see इंगला/इड़ा. district. इरा ira: (nf) the earth. word. ~क़ावार areawise. edifice. quantity. इला/क़ा ila:qa: (nm) area. इमरती imarti: (nf) a typical indian sweet. ~कदार an ilaqedar. to give up one's idea/plan. इफ़रात ifra:t (nf) abundance. boundary. idea. इनायत inā:yat (nf) favour. . gifts and presents. इलायची ila:yachi: (nf) cardamom. deliberately. region. reward. commencement. इमला imla: (nf) a dictation (matter written at somebody's instance). range. -इकराम tips. written. इमदा/द imda:d (nf) aid. इरा/दा ira:da: (nm) intention. plenty. ~दाना sweet and small round balls of sugar containing cardamom-seeds within. structure. ~ख़ाना/गाह a place of worship. cure. इमामदसता ima:mdasta: (nm) an iron mortar and pounder. worship. —छोड़ दे ना/तक कर र दे ना to throw up one's cards. े इलाज ila:j (nm) treatment. इलज़ाम ilza:m (nm) allegation. ~ती textual. test. nearby. territory. इमली imli: (nf) tamarind. writing. to distribute cardamoms—to invite to a marriage ceremony and feast (as per Muslim tradition). -. इमार/त ima:rat (nf) building.—बाँटना lit. इयता iyatta: (nf) limit. to grant. help. building. इदर-िगदर ird-gird (adv) around. इनहे inhē: (pro) see इनको. इबार/त iba:rat (nf) text.

इसतगा(ग़ा)सा istaga: (g̣a:)sa: (nm) prosecution. noun. -िसिद expediency.इलाही ila:hi: (int. hint. signal. —मज़ाज़ी mundane love. —हक़ीक़ी transcendental love. ~ती made of steel. amorously disposed. इलम ilm (nm) knowledge. please ? इह ih (ind) here. institution of criminal proceedings in a court of law. winking (at). इशक़ ishq (nm) love. •करना to tip a wink (to). God. mundane life. इसलाह isla:h (nm) reform. favourite. amour. ~मी Islamic. falling frequently in love. इिसतरी istiri: (nf) a smoothing iron. •आयु optimum age. application. poster. ~ती िडबबा all steel coach. इसला/म islā:m (nm) the religion of the Mohammedans. इसपा/त ispa:t (nm) steel.— लड़ाना to make love. hence~ बाज़ी (nf). इलली illi: (nf) a caterpillar. correction. ~रे बाज़ी gesticulation. it. insistence. in this world.—समाप होना to breathe one's last. इशा/रा isha:ra: (nm) sign. इसमे शरीफ़. ~तम optimum. indication. इशारो पर नाचना. िकसी क to dance to the े tune/pipe of. इसतेमाल istema:l (nm) use. . इस is (pro) this.). ~बाज़ a rake. solicitation. favoured. इशारे पर चलने वाला a horse going well up to bridles. to make amorous advances.—हाथ दे उस हाथ ले early sow. Almighty. इसे ise (pro) to this. -ए-शरीफ़ good name. इहलीला ihli:la: (nf) life in this world. —कान से सुनना उस कान से िनकाल दे ना in at one ear and out at the other. malady. to express through gestures or winks. इललत illat (nf) botheration. to pass away. आपका may I know your name. steel. -ए-अदब poetics. इसतमरारी istāmara:ri: (a) permanent. press. gesture. nm) O God !. addiction to vice. इलमी academic. इष ishṭ (a) adored. learning. इशतहार ishtaha:r (nm) advertisement. entreaty. ~दे व a household diety. इिलतजा iltija: (nf) a request. early mow.. इसतीफ़ा isti:fa: (nm) resignation.—पालना/-लगाना to be addicted to (vice etc. to own up a botheration. to it. इसरार isra:r (nm) entreaty. इसम ism (nm) name. —बंदोबसत permanent settlement. educational.

ईद i:d (nf) a Muslim festival. minium. —िबगड़ना. mundane. used to facilitate carrying of a burden on one's head or for placing vessels or pots upon. city etc. —का सौदा fair dealing. —लाना. ईदी pertaining to Id.). ईमान i:mā:n (nm) faith. ईका/र i:ka:r (nm) the vowel i: (ई) and its sound. ~लौिकक worldly. one of the six causes for crop-ruin. ईमानदार i:mā:nda:r (a) honest. —की कहना to speak out the truth. to bring to ruination. ु ईट ī:ṭ (nf) a brick. longing.—मे फ़क र आना to prove faithless.—का घर मीटी कर दे ना to reduce to poverty and misery from a state of affluence and plenty. —का जवाब पतथर से दे ना to pay back in the same coin with interest. distress. a present on the occasion of Id. ई/पसा i:psa: (nf) desire. having integrity. to go morally astray. belief. integrity. ईडुरी ī: uri: (nf) a roll or ring of cloth or straw etc. integrity. ~लता jealousness. faithfulness. -भीित dread and distress.—का चाँद होना to be seen once in a blue moon. —िडगना to have one's integrity shaken. to barter away one's integrity. डेढ़ या ढ़ाई (ironical) to blow one's own trumpet. ईधन ī:dhān (nm) fuel. गुड़ िदखाकर to cause injury after raising high hopes. —का खन करना to ू kill one's conscience. the present world. ईमानदारी i:mā:nda:ri: (nf) honesty.—करना to invent. (पर) to have faith in. ~रांत a word ending in i: (ई). ईित i:ti (nf) calamity. ु .—से ईट बजाना to raze (a building.work. —क पीछे टरर a े day after the fair. —िठकाने न रहना to allow one's scruples to be thrown to the wind. to kiss the hare's foot. ईषयार i:rshya: (nf) jealousy. ~गाह a place of assembly for offering Id-prayers. ~लु jealous.082 -ई ई i: —the fourth vowel and the fourth letter of the Devna:gri: alphabet. —मारना. —बेचना to sell one's conscience. hence ईपसु (a). to make a rare appearance. ईथर i:thar (nm) ether. ~कारी brick. ईगर ī:gur (nm) cinnabar.इह/लोक ihlok (nm) this world. faithful. longed for. ~िपसत desired. ईजाद i:ja:d (nf) an invention. ईख i:kh (nf) sugarcane. —खोना to lose integrity. -.—की मिसजद अलग बनाना. to have peculiar/uncommon ways. firewood.

उ उ u—the fifth letter and the fifth vowel of the Devna:gri: alphabet. —संदेश divine message. ईशराधीन resting on God's will. contempt. divine. उँ गली ūgli: (nf) a finger. to emerge. ~कोण the north-eastern corner. ईसा i:sa: (nm) Jesus Christ. उं चास uṇcha:s (a and nm) see उनंचास. ~वाद -. ~सपष partly ृ ृ ृ stopped. उकसना ukas:nā: (v) to rise. ~ताहट boredom. उकठना ukaṭḥnā: (v) to wither away. . mastership. to point a censuring finger. —पर नचाना to twist or turn around one's little finger. Master. ~संवत partly close. to provoke. ~ता/तव Godhood. Heaven forbid ! ईशरीय i:shvari:y (a) Godly. atheism. ~वादी theist. े -िनंदा blasphemy.—करना to harass. weariness.ईश i:sh (nm) God. —न करे God forbid !. —उठाना to reproach. ईशर i:shvar (nm) God. उकसाना uksa:nā: (v) to raise. ईषत ् i:shat (a) a little. —लगाना to render absolutely nominal help. —बैठना to squat. ईसाई i:sa:i: (nm) a Christian. rejection. उक/ताना ukta:nā: (v) to get bored or tired. to be quits.—कोण the north-eastern corner. to incite. theistic. to be sick (of).—सन ् Christian era. Christian. -िनषेध denial of God. agony etc. to dry up. pshaw ! उऋण urīṉ (a) debt-free. उँ ह ūh (ind) an extralinguistic sound expressing refusal.—होना to pay off a debt. to instigate. ~िनष a theist..—पकड़कर पहुँचा पकड़ना to aspire for more and more exploitation of some one. to make somebody dance to one's tune. —रखना to point out a flaw. ~िववत partly open. to endeavour to draw more and more benefit out of some one. ईशान i:shā:n (nm). ~कदवाद theocentricism. ईसवी i:svi: (a) pertaining to Christ.083 -- theism. —नचाना to jeer at (a person). to come up. partly. to fulfil an obligation. follower of the Christian faith. a semi-vowel (in Grammar). उँ डेलना ū elnā: (v) to pour (into). उकड़ूँ ukṛū: (nm) a squatting posture. ~तंतवाद theological determinism. ईसबगोल i:sabgol (nm) a medicinal plant and its seeds.

extremism. उिक ukti (nf) saying. to be exposed. to be struck off. उघाड़ना ugha:ṛnā: (v) to uncover.dictum. to be weary of. उचकका uchakkā: (v) a swindler. fierce. to feel dejected. उका/र uka:r (nm) the vowel u (उ) and its sound. reasonable.084 -disinterested and disjointed manner. ~रांत a word ending in u (उ). to eradicate. to be out of sorts. उिचत uchit (a) proper. उगाहना uga:hnā: (v) to realise. mentioned. indiscriminate wirepulling. advisable. radical. उचकना uchaknā: (v) to stand on tip. to disgorge. to be ennuied (as जी—). उचाट ucha:ṭ (a) affected by ennui. to dislodge. उगना ugnā: (v) to grow. उखड़ा-उखड़ा out of sorts. उखाड़/ना ukha:ṛnā: (v) to eradicate. wrathful. manoeuvrings. lofty. -पतयुक statement and counter-statement. े उकौना ukaunā: (nm) the longings of a pregnant woman. radical-minded. radicalist. appropriate. to strike off. उचंती uchānti: (a) in suspense. to eject.toe. sharp. उचच uchch (a) high. the amount realised or collected. to rise. to be interrupted (as नींद—). to be dislodged. not finally accounted for. tall. pulls and pushes. to collect. mentally wearied. to uproot. उखड़ी-उखड़ी बात करना to talk in a -. उघड़ना ughaṛnā: (v) to be uncovered. collection. mental weariness. loftiness. in low spirits. —फकना to dislodge. elevation. to exhibit a sense of diffidence in one's utterance. उगलना ugalnā: (v) to spit out. to expose. cessation of an eclipse. उचटना uchaṭnā: (v) to withdraw from. to dig out. उगह(ण) uggrah(āṉ) (nm) de-eclipse. to germinate. to rebound (as गोली—). to be denuded. (nm) ennui. . roguery. ~पन swindling. to carve. उकरना ukernā: (v) to engrave. to bare. उगाही uga:hi: (nf) realisation. a pilferer. fair. े उखाड़-पछाड़ ukha:ṛ-pachha:ṛ (nf) ado. to talk out. statement. elevated. to dislocate.—वैिचतय ingenuity of expression. suitable. ~ता altitude. to be extra-curious.—खाता suspense account. stated. to be out of spirits.उक़ाब uqa:b (nm) an eagle. to root out. to spring up. उगालदान uga:ldā:n (nm) a spittoon. उखड़ना ukhaṛnā: (v) to be uprooted. to be dislocated. ~वाद radicaism. उक ukt (a) said. ~वादी an extremist. उग uggr (a) violent. right.

cutting off. उचचाकांका uchcha:kā:ṅksha: (nf) noble/high ambition. ~ता licentiousness. . unrestrained. उचचै:शवा uchchaishrava: (nm) the mythological horse belonging to Indra—chief of the gods. -. impertinence. pronounced. frisk. residual. pronunciation.). उचचािरत uchcha:rit (a) spoken. aspiration. to jump. sigh. act of rebounding. remainder (esp. hence~िलत (a). throw. to spring. impertinent. उचछ/लन uchchhalān (nm) rebound. spoken.). utterable. ~ण-सथान place of articulation. to gambol. waste. indisciplined. उचचार/ण uchcha:rāṉ (nm) pronunciation. jumping about. toss. uttered. disorderly. उचछवा/स uchchhwa:s (nm) exhalation. उछीर uchhi:r (nf) scantiness of crowd or assembly. उछल-कद uchhal-ku:d (nf) gambol. a feeling like ू vomitting. uprooting. उछाह uchha:h (nm) enthusiasm. of food etc. ~भोजी one who sustains on leavings. ~सी (a). hopping and jumping. उछरना uchharnā: (v) to emerge (out of water or any other liquid). उिचछष uchchhishṭ (a) leaving. utterance. uprooting. chapter (of a book). ~णीय pronouncable. speech. exhalation. uprooted. उचचाटन uchcha:ṭān (nm) causing (a person) to quit his occupation by means of magical incantation. articulation. to be ruined or destroyed. to throw up. rebound. उचचार uchcha:r (nm) utterance. उछाल uchha:l (nf) jump. उछालना uchha:lnā: (v) to toss. उिचचत uchchitr (nm) a relief (a projected moulding or carving etc. also उचचायर (a).उचचिरत uchcharit (a) uttered. to rebound (as a ball). उचछ uchchhu: (nf) choking of the throat (by the stucking up of food etc. pronounced. hence ~िसत (a). leap. (a) hard of hearing. उचछंृ खल uchchhraṅkhal (a) licentious. उचछे द uchchhed (nm) deletion. aspiration. hence ~िसत (a). ू उछलना uchhalnā: (v) to leap. उचछे दन uchchhedān (nm) cutting off.085 -उचछव/सन uchchhwasan (nm) expiration.). उजड़ना ujaṛnā: (v) to be deserted or devastated. rooting out. उिचछनन uchchhinn (a) cut off.

उझकना ujhaknā: (v) to peep down. उजजव/ल ujjval (a) bright. उठान uṭḥā:n (nm) build. shining. ~िलत (a). splendour.उजडड ujaḍḍ (a) boorish. well-known. splendid. luminous. to remove. hence~पन (nm). to rent out. (without bolting). उजला ujla: (a) clean: bright. clear. trickery. black gram. -. stupid. ascent. उठती जवानीblossoming youth. उजरत ujrat (nf) wages. all the time. . उठा रखना to postpone.086 -उड़न uṛān—an allomorph of उड़ना used as the first member in compound words. to pass away. the fifteen days of a moon's increase. to lean an object against something. coming up. बात/पयत (आिद) to leave no stone unturned. उज ujjr (nm) objection. to wake up. उजाड़ना uja:ṛnā: (v) to ruin. —मँुह करना to add a feather to one's cap. (a) bright. rudeness. parapet etc. ~ना-बैठना close association intimate relationship. to have a view across a wall. to be rented out. उठँ गाना uṭḥāgā:nā: (v) to shut the leaves of a door etc. उजरती काम job work. renowned. उठँ गना uṭḥāgnā: (v) to recline against something. devastated. उजबक ujbak (a) foolish. ~री pilferage. ~रा uṭḥa:i:gi:r. उठा न रखना. ~दारी an objection filed in a court of law. to get up. white. उजाला uja:la: (nm) light. radiant. to put off.—पाख the bright half of a month. ~दसता a flying squad. to come to an end. blossoming youth. brightness. barren. —जाना to die. ~छ होना to disappear all of a sudden. hence~लता (nf). ~पन/~पना boorishness. उठती उम the age of emergent youth. elevation. uncivil. desolate. to destroy or devastate. उजागर uja:gar (a) brilliant. piece work. to free from slander/blot or infamy. ~लन (nm). to raise oneself on tip-toe. उजाड़ uja:ṛ (a) deserted. remuneration. rude. to lift up. to spare no effort. ruffian. ~दार one who files an objection in a court of law. incivility. ू ~झाई dodge. rise. ~खटोला a legendary flying cot. उड़द uṛad (nf) horse-bean. a petty thief. to vanish. उठते-बैठते each and every moment. to expire. उठ/ना uṭḥnā: (v) to raise. to assume a recumbent posture. ~ra: (nm) a pilferer. उठाना uṭḥā:nā: (v) to raise. idiotic. उठाईगी/र. to render desolate. manifest. -दर piece rate. to bear.

depreciation. उतारन uta:rān (nf) see उतरन. to blow away. —चलना to go flying or at a terrific speed. उतना utnā: (a) that much. उड़ाना uṛa:nā: (v) to fly. ebb-tide. ferriage. to disembark. upright. cast-off clothing. squandering. such offerings. -िवभाग department of aviation. —आना to come at a fast pace. variation. on the verge of a take off. sortie. —मारना to put forth excuses. fluctuation. उतराना utra:nā: (v) to float. to explode. rise and fall. vicissitude. ~ती िचिड़या क पंख िगनना/पहचानना to know the rook as he is seen. उतरन utrān (nf) second hand/old/worn-out clothes.उड़/ना uṛnā: (v) to fly. to land. to go down (as बुखार—). air-borne. a rumour. उतारना uta:rnā: (v) to bring down. ready for. -खाऊ a squanderer. intent. on the verge of a take-off. to cause to disembark.dodge. squanderous. ू उड़ान uṛā:n (nf) a flight. squandering. उतार-चढ़ाव uta:r-chaṛḥa:v (nm) ups and downs. to be off colour (as चेहरा—). उतारा uta:ra: (nm) the process of moving certain offerings overhead for delivering somebody possessed of an evil spirit. . to make a flight of imagination. also -पुतरन (nf). उडडीन uḍḍi:n (a) in flight. fall. उतार uta:ru: (a) bent upon. unloading. उड़ाक uṛa:ku: (a) flying. (nf) the language of the state of Orissa (India). to that extent. flier. to dislocate. dismount or descend. to hoodwink. उड़ा दे ना to blow the expense. to unload. उिड़या uṛiya: (nm) the people of Orissa. to be dislocated (as बाँह—). to blow. उतराई utra:i: (nf) tax for crossing a river. falling gradient. to squander. उतरना utarnā: (v) to get down. उड़ीसा uṛi:sa: (nm) an eastern state of the Indian Union (also called उतकल). to fade. —भरना to make a flight. उढ़काना uṛḥka:nā: (v) to shut (the leaves of a door etc. to alight. dead set. air-borne. to explode. उडडीयमान uḍḍi:ymā:n (a) flying. to take across. to vanish. to come off or decay. to copy. capable of flying. sky-going. sortie. उडडयन uḍḍayān (nm) aviation. to get dim. down-gradient. उतान utā:n (a) supine. flight. उतार uta:r (nm) descent. ~पन extravagance. ~ती खबर an unconfirmed news. उड़ाका uṛa:ka: (nm) an aviator. to steal or kidnap. ~घाई fraud. उड़ौहाँ uṛāūhā: (a) ready to fly. े उड़ाऊ uṛa:u: (a) extravagant. without bolting).

obligation. surviving. उतम uttam (a) the best. bequeathing. ु ~जीिवत survived. survivor. ~ण utkrām. north.उतावला uta:vla: (a) rash. excellent. answerable. lying between Delhi. richly endowed with. fermented. Haryana. predominence etc. surviving. उतकषी (a). elevation. longing. े उतकोच utkoch (nm) bribe. reply. intense. hence ~ता (nf). उतकषर utkarsh (nm) exaltation. keenly desirous. engraving. ~ता excellence. . above. superiority. excavation. उतावलापन uta:vla:pān (nm) rashness.087 -उतकठा utkāṉṭḥa: (nf) curiosities. ~न inscribing in relief. जीिवतव survival. simmering. उतकीणर utki:rṉ (a) carved. harum scarum. उतरदान uttardā:n (nm) bequest. उतकद(क) utkendr(ak) (a) centrifugal. good. उतरदायी uttarda:yi: (a) responsible. eminence. prosperity. eminence. keen. impatience. ं उतकिठत utkāṉṭḥit (a) curious. accountable. outstanding. co-centric. eminent. ~जीिवता. ं उतकट utkaṭ (a) excessive. उतकृष utkrishṭ (a) excellent. उतकम. survived. intensely excited. craving. onus. -. ~जीवी. survivorship. vanality. उतरदाियतव uttarda:yitv (nm) responsibility. —पतयुतर reply and counter-reply. —कांसय यग late bronze age. superior. excellence. hence ~क. उतखनन utkhanān (nm) digging. thrown up or away. ~ aṉ (nm) reversal. throwing up. उत ् ut—a Sanskrit prefix denoting over. argument. उतरपदे श uttarpradesh (nm) the biggest Indian state in terms of population. —पुरष first person. worked out in relief. उतकेप(ण) utkshep(āṉ) (nm) ejection. death. उतप uttapt (a) burning. ardour. उतावली uta:vli: (nf) haste. transgression. eager. —पाषाण युग neolithic age. ~ता excellence. उतकांित utkrā:nti (nf) reversal. उतर uttar (nm) answer. impatient. उतमणर uttamarṉ (nm) a creditor. उितकप utkshipt (a) ejected. longing (for). Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. situated in the northern part of the country. gigantic. impatience. hastiness. accountability. उतकल utkal (nm) ancient name of उड़ीसा (see). later.

successively. elevation. उतीणर utti:rṉ (a) passed. exciting. उतेजनीयता uttejni:yta: (nf) excitability. full of provocation. excitement.उतरभोगी uttarbhogi: (nm) a reversioner. heir. उतराधर uttara:rdh (a) the latter half. exciting. successor. act of raising. उितथत risen (up). -पतन rise and fall. lofty. •करना to provoke: to excite. उतेजना uttejnā: (nf) provocation. ु उतरीय uttari:y (a) northern. (nm) an elevator. to procreate. उतग uttuṅg (a) high. stimulation. ~री inheritor. elevating. ुं उतेजक uttejak (a) provocative. progressively. उतरी uttari: (a) northern. distress. -. plentiful. upright. right of succession. ferment. excitement. उताप utta:p (nm) excessive heat. hence ~ता (nf). stimulating. birth.088 -hence ~ता (nf). उतेिजत provoked. उतपल utpal (nm) a (blue) lotus. act of rising. provocability. ~जनक/पद provocative. —धव the north pole. stimulating. excited. — पदाथर excitant. ु . उतरायण uttara:yāṉ (nm) the summer soltice when the sun is on the north of equator. उतरािधका/र uttara:dhika:r (nm) inheritance. northern. got through (an examination). arctic. violent. उतेजन uttejan (nm) provocation. ~ता convexity. उताल utta:l (a) high. उतपित utpatti (nf) production. born. उतल uttal (a) convex. produce. affliction. ~क (a) elevating. उतोलन uttolān (nm) weighing. succession. उतथान utthā:n (nm) rise (up). to stimulate. stimulation. originated. उतराखंड uttara:khāṉḍ (nm) the northern part of India lying in proximity with the Himalayas. stimulant. —करना to produce. ~पणर provocative. later. origin. successive. उतपनन utpann (a) produced. (nm) the upper or outer garment. उतरवती uttarvarti: (a) subsequent. a lever. stimulated. उतान utta:n (a) supine. उतरोतर uttarottar (a and adv) progressive. उतथाप/न uttha:pān (nm) raising up.

—की लहर दौड़ना a wave of enthusiasm to spread out.089 -उदं त udānt (nm) news. to be infected by a sense of enthusiasm. reproduction. harassed. activation. output. miscreant. sea. product. ~ता curiosity. celebration. zeal. उतसाही utsa:hi: (a) enthusiastic. turmoil. fecundity. eagerness. उतपादक utpa:dak (nm) producer. उतपीड़न utpi:ṛān (nm) oppression. emission. abandonment. (a) oppressive. उतपा/दन utpa:dān (nm) production. ~ती mischievous. persecuted. उदिध udadhi (nm) ocean. harassment. exterpating. emergence. fertility. originator. उथल-पथल uthal-puthal (nf) upheaval. in high spirits. ~िदता productivity. delighted. spring. उतपका utpreksha: (nf) poetical fancy (a figure of speech). उतपवास utprava:s (nm) emigration. उतसाह utsa:h (nm) enthusiasm. hence ~ता (nf). ~पणर full of beans. naughty. उतस uts (nm) a fountain. nuisance. -. उतपीड़क utpi:ṛak (nm) oppressor. उतपलावक utpla:vak (nm) a floater. ascent. ु उतसंबोधन utsambodhāṉ (nm) apostrophe. उतपीिड़त utpi:ṛit (a) oppressed. उतपा/त utpa:t (nf) mischief. ~वधरक encouraging. उतसजरन utsarjān (nm) excretion. (fig. —मचाना to cause an upheaval. उतसगर utsarg (nm) sacrifice. report. catalytic agent. confusion. rise. out-turn. ~वधरन encouragement. ~ता productivity. also ~द (nm). in high spirits. anxiousness. . festivity. —भंग करना to demoralise. उतपा/द utpa:d (nm) product(s). उतसव utsav (nm) festival. as keen as ू mustard.) prosperity. उदय uday (nm) rising. (nm) an enthusiast. ु उथला uthla: (a) shallow. उदयाचल udaya:chal (nm) the mythological mountain from behind which the sun is supposed to rise. persecution. उतसुक utsuk (a) curious. produce. ~पन shallowness. abandoning. produce. उतपेरण utpreraṉ (nm) catalysis. ~िदत produced.उतपाटन utpa:ṭān (nm) uprooting. keen. source. उतफलल utphull (a) blossomed. eager. उपपेरक utprerak (nm) a catalyser. yield.

उदासीन uda:si:n (a) indifferent. उदा/हरण uda:harāṉ (nm) an example. swallowed. lofty. उदार udga:r (nm) (expression of) inner feelings/sentiments. उदाहरणाथर uda:harāṉa:rth (ind) for instance. unbound. hence ~िटत (a). ~सथ devoured. ृ abdominal. ~ता indifference. bedsheet. उदार uda:r (a) generous. for example. उदासी uda:si: (nf) sadness. उदम udgām (nm) origin.). उदा/टन udgha:ṭān (nm) inauguration. liberality. ~वादी liberal. -वदी dropsy. northern. उदाम uddā:m (a) unrestrained. a liberalist. uncovering. instance. उदंड uddāṉd. उदरीय abdominal. ~मना noble-minded. release. stomach.head. insolent. hence ~हदयता (nf). illustration. rising. dejected. etc. ~हदय liberal. magnificent. open-minded. an inhabitant of the north. acute (accent). (a) stimulating. open-minded. magnanimous. fountain. उदर udar (nm) abdomen. hence ~ता (nf). directed. rising and setting. ~चेता. hence ~ता (nf). exciting. उदात uda:tt (a) sublime. ascended. impertinent. ~ मनसक. उदीत udgi:t (nm) an anthem. disinterested. उिदष uddishṭ (a) aimed at. . उदोष udghosh (nm) proclamation. ~हत illustrated. rude. desired. उदासना uda:snā: (v) to wrinkle up (the bedding. ascent and descent. coming up. illustrative. e. ~न rising. announcer. exemplified.उदयासत udaya:st (nm) rise and fall. emerged. ~वाद liberalism. dejection. उदाहरणातमक uda:harāṉa:tmāk (a) exemplary. rebellious. melancholy. उदास uda:s (a) sad. hence ~ता (nf). उदीयमान udi:ymā:n (a) rising. ~णा ṉa: (nf) proclamation. ~चय belonging to the north. उदोषक udghoshak (nm) a proclaimer. eaten. impetuous. source. coming up. उदीपक uddi:pak (nm) stimulant. intended for. (a) contumelious. उदारता uda:rta: (nf) magnanimity. herald. noble-minded. उिदत udit (a) risen. generosity. ascending. announcement. non-chalant. disinterestedness. liberal. violent. non-chalance. gloomy. उदी/ची udi:chi: (nf) the north (direction). उदोषण udghoshaṉ (nm).g.

haughty. conception. origin. imagination. उदट udbhaṭ (a) powerful. उदान uddyā:n (a) a garden. subject(in Grammar). one who awakens (through one's teachings). effort. impudent. उदार uddha:r (nm) deliverance. incandescence. motive.090 -उदरण uddharāṉ (nm) quotation. उदमी uddyamī: (nm) an entrepreneur. concept. restoration. imagination. coming into existence. extract. citation. उदृत uddhrit (a) quoted. redemption. उदारक uddha:rak (nm) deliverer. impudent. उदावना udbha:vanā: (nf) idea. उदद udbuddh (a) awakened. redeemer. appearance. उदीिप uddi:pti (nf) incandescence. ~कतार an entrepreneur. come forth. purpose. उदावक udbha:vak (nm) an originator. hence ~ता (nf). stimulation. haughty. उदोगी/करण uddyogi:karāṉ (nm) industrialisation. salvation. cited. ill-behaved. inventor. ~वाद industrialism. gardening. invention. uplift. ~िवदा horticulture. alerted. उदम uddyām (nm) enterprise. उदािसत udbha:sit (a) appeared. eminent. vision. hence ~कृ त (a). incandescent. उदत udbhu:t (a) produced. labour. ~मना contumacious. uplifter. exertion. .उदी/पन uddi:pān (nm) stimulus. ु उदबोधन udbodhān (nm) awakening. (nm) vegetation. saviour. diligent. उदेशय uddeshy (nm) object. उदोगी industrious. —धंधा industry. illuminated. ~पित an industrialist. boorish. provocation. उदापन uddya:pān (nm) closing ceremony (of a religious performance). -. born. prepared. stimulation. उदोग uddyog (nm) industry. riddance. end. provoked. one who conceives an idea. उदव udbhav (nm) birth. उदत uddyat (a) ready. उदावन udbha:vān (nm) origination. उदत uddhat (a) contumacious. उदोधक udbodhak (nm) a teacher. bewildered. diligence. extra-ordinary. venture. (a) enterprising. lustre. ~वाद teleology. उिदजज udbhijj (a) sprouting from beneath the ground. extraction. उदीप uddi:pt (a) stimulated. emerged. उदास udbha:s (nm) illumination. ू उदभांत udbhrā:nt (a) wandering. hence ~ता (nf). ~िपत see ~प.

development. to untwist. (nm) the number sixty-nine. to be untwisted. उनतीस unti:(ti)s. unquiet. credit. . (nm) the number fifty-nine. unquiet. from that side. उन un (pvo) those. उननयन unnayān (nm) progress. developed. उननत unnāt (a) elevated. elevation. promotion. उधेड़बुन udheṛbun (nf) lit. उननतोदर unnātodar (a) convex. ~दाता a lender. unpicking and weaving—hence. lifting up. उनताली(िल)स unta:li:(li)s (a) thirty-nine. उनती(ित)स. to be ripped/opened out. to excoriate. —ही उधर keeping away. to unroll. —खाए िफरना bent on something. high. to expose thoroughly. title. —खाता credit account. उनवान unvā:n (nm) heading. that way. to unravel. उदे /ग uddveg (nm) restlessness. hence ~गी (a). to open up. improvement. उनमना unmānā: (a) see अनमना. उदे /लन uddvelān (nm) turmoil. उनसठ unsaṭḥ (a) fifty-nine. preponderance. loan. (nm) the number forty-nine. उनचास uncha:s (a) see उनंचास. betterment. worked up. उधार udha:r (nm) borrowing.091 -उनंचास unāṇcha:s (a) forty-nine. उनासी una:si: (a) see उनयासी. troubled. lofty. to be only too ready for something. उनहतर unhattar (a) sixty-nine. (nm) the number twenty-nine. ~िलत agitated. uneasiness. to be unrolled. उधड़ना udhaṛnā: (v) to be unsewn. excess. debt. the oblique plural form of वह (see). abundance. (nm) the number thirty-nine. excluding the speaker. uneasy and constant reflection. —कर रख दे ना to excoriate thoroughly. —से from the other side. उननमन unnamān (nm) (the act of) bending upwards. to uncover each and every secret.उदे क uddrek (nm) overflow. unatti:s (a) twenty-nine. to be unravelled. increase. dozing. improved. उननित unnāti (nf) progress. rise. uplift. ~वाद meliorism. agitation. उिदगन uddvign (a) restless. hence ~ता (nf). drowsy. a process of indecisive. to be excoriated. उधेड़/ना udheṛnā: (v) to unsew. उनहीं पैरो लौट जाना (said of person) to return without a stop/even a moment's pause. उधर udhar (adv) on that side. development. -. —खाना to subsist on borrowings. to inflict a thorough beating. raising. उनींदा unī:da: (a) sleepy.

hence ~कता (nf). उपकारी upka:ri: (a) beneficial. to be lower in rank. commencement. to be almost equal. —होना to be inferior. उनयासी unnyā:si: (a) seventy-nine. beneficient.उननाब unna:b (nm) the jujube tree and its fruit—Rhamnus zizyphus. liberation. उनम/क unmukt (a) liberated. raving. rooting out. —पलाप mad/delirious utterances. उपकर upkar (nm) a cess. open. secondary character. उननीस unni:s (a) nineteen. blooming. उनमत unmātt (a) intoxicated. उनमलन unmu:lān (nm) uprooting. side plot. उनमेष unmesh (nm) opening. insanity. liberation. abolition. frenzy. उप up—a Sanskrit prefix denoting proximity. disjointed and irrelevant talk. उननायक unnā:yak (nm) champion (of a cause). favourable. intoxication. helping. (nm) the number nineteen. (a) beneficial. blooming. absence of restriction. frenzied. उपकथा upkatha: (nf) a sub-plot. उपकरण upkarāṉ (nm) appliance. —बीस होना to be slightly better or worse/more or less/superior or inferior. cause or institution etc.092 -—one who does a good turn to a person. extirpation. favourable. exponent. उनमादी insane. uplifter. quality etc. उिननद unnidr (a) insomnolent. hence ~ता (nf). —मानना to feel grateful. hence ~क (a). (nm) a benefactor. intent. to root out. उपकारक upka:rak (nm) benefactor. benefaction. equipment. crazy. उनमजजन unmajjān (nm) emergence. hence ~िलत (a). उनमोचन unmochān (nm) discharge. good. hysterical. free. उनमी/लन unmī:lān (nm) opening (of eyes). etc. — ू करना to abolish. subordination. to be hysterical. (nm) the number seventy-nine. mania. extermination. . उनमद unmad (a) see उनमत. rabidity. disposed (towards). apparatus. obliging. to run amuck. lunacy. उनमुख unmukh (a) inclined. to exterminate. —रोग insomnia. —होना to be in a frenzy. wild. unrestricted unrestrained. उनमाद unma:d (nm) hysteria. ु ~िक immunity. उपकतार upkarta: (nm) a benefactor -. ~गसत (a). diminution. उपकार upka:r (nm) beneficence. ~न (nm). intense passion. to express gratitude.

ु उपकृत upakkrit (a) obliged. ~वाद didacticism. उपजाना upja:nā: (v) to (cause to) grow. productive. to produce. hence उपिदष (a). naughty. उपिजहा upjihwa: (nf) epiglottis. ~िरका a nurse. to grow. preaching. mischievous. increase. उपजना upajnā: (v) to be produced. उपजाऊ upja:u: (a) fertile. उपखंड upkhāṉḍ (nm) sub-clause. उपदं श updānsh (nm) syphilis. attending (upon). उपचा/र upcha:r (nm) treatment. teaching. . yield. —करना to undertake. out-turn. उपतयका upattyaka: (nf) a valley.rowdy. उपदे व(ता) updev(ta:) (nm) a demi-god. to fall off. to be born. crop. disturbance: mischief. access. उपदे शक updeshak (nm) a preceptor.उपकलपित upkulpati (nm) (formerly used to mean) Vice-Chancellor (now the ु word कलपित is used to mean Vice-Chancellor). productivity. formality. seasoning. didactic. ~रक a male nurse. उपज upaj (nf) produce. harvest. उपदान updā:n (nm) a subsidy. उपदे श updesh (nm) precept. उपचय upchay (nm) accumulation. उपदवी upaddravi: (a) riotous. prelude. उपदे शातमक didactic. grateful. that on which one rests or depends. to be torn off. product. kick-up. उपजाित upja:ti (nf) a sub-caste. (nm) a rioter. उपचयार upcharya: (nf) nursing. उपकम upakkram (nm) preparation. उपदे षा updeshṭa: (nm) see उपदे शक. उपजीिवका upji:vika: (nf) an occupation. उपटना upaṭnā: (v) to be uprooted. उपजीवय upji:vvy (a) affording or serving for livelihood/subsistence. उपगम upgām (nm) approach. to spring up. secondary planet. tumult. ~पन fertility. a beginning. उपगह upaggrah (nm) satellite. sermon. remedy. rowdy. sub-part. ~वादी didactician. low-lying land. sermoniser. उपदव upaddrav (nm) riot. उपजात upja:t (nm) a bye-product. to set about (doing something).

. उपभोजय upbhojjy (a and nm) consumable(s).093 -(a) colonial. settlement. उपनगर upnagar (nm) a suburb. उपभवन upbhavān (nm) an annexe. ~वादी colonialist (ic). hetaera. उपपती upapatni: (nf) a mistress. उपभोका upbhokta: (nm) a consumer. ~सकार a novelist. उपपमेय upappramey (nm) a corollary. उपिनवेशी upniveshi: (nm) a coloniser. consumptible(s). ~य colonial. ~वाद colonialism. उपिनयम upniyām (nm) a bye-law. dialect. उपिनषद upnishad (nm) sacred ancient books of the Hindus. nickname. sub-rule.enjoying. nom de plume. -. उपधान updhā:n (nm) a pillow. उपिनवेिशक colonial. keep. उपनया/स upānnyā:s (nm) a novel. उपधारा updha:ra: (nf) a sub-clause. उपमहादीप upmaha:dvi:p (nm) a sub-continent. उपबनध upbāndh (nm) a provision. उपनदी upnadi: (nf) a rivulet. उपभुक upbhukt (a) consumed. उपमंती upmāntri: (nm) a Deputy Minister. उपभेद upbhed (nm) a sub-division. उपभो/ग upbhog (nm) enjoyment/enjoying. ~ियका a side-heroine. alias. hence ~गी (nm). a supplementary building. consuming/consumption. evidence. उपमित upmāti (nf) acquiescence. ~िसका a novelette. proviso. bolster. उपनयन upnayān (nm) a ceremony marking the investiture of the sacred thread (यजोपवीत or जनेऊ). उपपित upapati (nm) a paramour. उपनाम upnā:m (nm) pen name. उपपित upapatti (nf) proof. using. उपभाषा upbha:sha: (nf) a sub-language. उपना/यक upna:yak (nm) a side-hero.उपदीप upaddvi:p (nm) an islet. worth. isle. used. user. उपिनवेश upnivesh (nm) a colony. ~गया (a). sub-classification.

suitability. उपयक upyukt (a) proper. attainment. ~ता expediency. consumer. exploitation. metonymy. उपरांत uprā:nt (adv) after. utilisation/utility. उपरोक uprokt (a) see उपयुक. disinterested. ~कतार a usufructuary. ~वाद utilitarianism. ~ता availability. उपराषपित upra:shṭrapati (nm) Vice-President. acquired. above-mentioned.094 -उपलभय uplabbhy (a) available. उपयोग upyog (nm) use. —मे on account of. उपलबध uplabdh (a) available. to celebrate. उपलकय uplakshy (nm). उपमान upmā:n (nm) the object of comparison as 'कमल' in मखकमल —lotus like face. that which is compared (with). ु appropriateness. ~णा implication. उपिर upari (int) above. utility. conveyed through implication. उपरपक upru:pak (nm) a secondary or lower category of ru:pak (see) which has eighteen different types. comparison. उपला upla: (nm) a cow-dung cake. उपमेय). उपिरिलिखत uparilikhit (a) above-given. appropriate. hence ~ता (nf). said above. उपमेय upmey (nm) the subject of comparison. used. ु (cf.उपमा upmā: (nf) a simile. suitable. . र उपल upal (nm) hail. र उपयुक uparyukt (a) aforesaid above-mentioned. utilitarianist (ic). उपरत uprat (a) detached. उपलक/ण uplakshāṉ (nm) a characteristic. the act of implying something that has not been expressed or made explicit. उपरप upru:p (nm) an allomorph. उपयोगी upyogi: (a) useful. rendering serviceable. ~करण processing. helpful. -. serviceable. illustrated by comparison. afterwards. उपलिबध uplabdhi (nf) achievement. उपयोिगता upyogita: (nf) usefulness. accomplishment. ~वादी utilitarian. उपलिकत uplakshit (a) implied. (a) comparable (with). उपिमत upmit (a) compared. उपयोका upyokta: (nm) a user.

attendance. fit to be laughed at. उपहा/र upha:r (nm) a present. उपशीषरक upshi:rshak (nm) a sub-heading. auxiliary. representation (on the stage etc. उपसंपादक upsāmpā:dak (nm) a sub-editor. उपसथ upasth (nm) buttock (s). उपशाखा upsha:kha. . उपसी upastri: (nf) a keep. roll-call. उपश/मन upshamān (nm) abatement.उपललला upalla: (nm) the upper portion or fold. उपवन upvān (nm) a garden. उपवाकय upvā:kky (nm) a clause. उपसंहार upsānha:r (nm) an epilogue. parkland. Vice-Chairman. to say by way of conclusion. to attend. apparatus. उपसभापित upsabha:pati (nm) Vice-President. उपसकर upaskar (nm) equipment. conclusion. उपिसथित upasthiti (nf) presence. ~री one who presents (a gift). subdivision. उपांग upā:ṅg (nm) an accessory organ. concluding chapter (of a book). उपसंगी upsāṅgi: (a) subsidiary. उपवयवसाय upvyavsa:y (nm) an avocation. mistress. उपवा/स upvā:s (nm) fast. ridicule. उपहिसत uphasit (nm) a loud derisive laughter. -िचत a caricature. उपसगर upsarg (nm) a prefix. hence ~िमत (a). उपिवभाग upvibhā:g (nm) sub-division. उपसिमित upsamiti (nf) a sub-committee. mockery. hence ~ता (nf).—करना to deride. उपिसथत upasthit (a) present. (a) upper. उपहासय upha:ssy (a) ridiculous. — खंड apodosis. park. worth being laughed at. sub-title. —करना to conclude. absurd. उपसाधक upsa:dhak (a) accessory. gift.—होना to be present. male or female genitals. subsidence. उपहास upha:s (nm) derision. a minor limb or member of the body. to ridicule.). cation. उपिशकक/d> upshikshak (nm) a tutor. subsidiary branch. उपहासासपद upha:sa:spad (a) ridiculous. a subordinate department. (nf) sub-branch. उपसथापन upastha:pān (nm) presentation. ~सी one who observes a fast.

acquisition. उपाकमर upa:karm (nm) a ritual performed on pu:rṉima: in the month of Shra:vaṉ as a pre-requisite to the commencement of the recitation of the Vedas. उपेकणीय upekshṉī:y (a) negligible. cure. उपाटना upa:ṭnā: (v) to uproot. neglect. measure. ृ hence~ता (nf). worshipped. to brush aside. —करना to ignore. उपाधयक upa:ddhyaksh (nm) Vice-President. ~तय upā:ntim. उपासय upa:ssy (a) adorable. near. edge or margin. a degree-holder. discarded. उपेिकत upekshit (a) neglected. device. उपादे य upa:dey (a) useful. उपािसथ upa:sthi (nf) cartilage. उपास upa:s (nm) see उपवास. proximity to the end. उपा/जरन upa:rjān (nm) earning. anecdote. ~tty (a) last but one. to tear off. penultimate. उपालंभ upa:lambh (nm) complaint. technique of worship. उपािसत upa:sit (a) a dored. उपासना upa:snā: (nf) worship. ~ān (nm) metabolism.—कारण the material cause. acquirement. fit to be revered or honoured. botheration. margin. Deputy Speaker. •रिच acquired interest. उपोदात upodgha:t (nm) exordium. attribute. to fell. ~िजरत earned. to cause to fall off. worthy of worship. vicinity. उपाखयान upa:kkhyā:n (nm) an episode. qualification. acquired. of utility. उपाय upa:y (nm) way. -कक/गह refreshment room/house. to disregard. disregard.095 -~धारी a title-holder. उपाहार upa:ha:r (nm) refreshment. ignored. ~न upa:pchay. ingredient. marginal. prolegomenon. beneficial. Vice-Chairman. उपांितक upā:ntik (a) proximate/proximal. उपेका upeksha: (nf) negligence. reproach. उपाचय. fit to be ignored/neglected/discarded. adoration. hence~ता (nf). उपासक upa:sak (nm) a worshipper. edge. —पदित cult. ~कारी negligent. an adorer.उपांत upā:nt (nm) a border. उपायोजन upa:yojān (nm) attachment. -. . proximity. उपां/ितम. उपािध upa:dhi (nf) degree. remedy. a subordinate tale or story. title. disregarded. उपादान upa:dā:n (nm) material (cause).

to heat till a liquid boils. ~िनष common to both. उबरना ubarnā: (v) to be liberated. to get rid of. the two. to (cause to) protrude. (nm) incitement. उभयातमक made up of the two. ृ उभरना ubharnā: (v) to emerge. sultry weather. to be free. ~त: on both sides. to concentrate. उफान uphā:n (nm) effervescence. projection or protrusion. a feeling of vomitting. fineness.—िलंग common gender. simmering. to bulge out. to cause to be fed up. ~दगी/~दापन excellence. zeal. to give unrestrained vent to one's rage. doublefaced. hence ~पकता (nf). to emancipate. उबकाई ubka:i: (nf) nausea. to cause to simmer. to rid. stuffy. to salvage. ~िविध of both types. उमस umās (nf) sultriness.उफ़ uf (int) ah!. -भरा sultry. -घमड़ना to gather thick (as बादल). to be in a gusto. पक the two •ता ambiversion. उबाल uba:l (nm) boiling. sides/parties/aspects. ebullience. ebullition. loyal to both. उबल/ना ubalnā: (v) to boil. hence~ना (v). उमा umā: (nf) the goddess Pa:rvati: —Lord Shiv's spouse. gusto. उफनना uphannā: (v) to boil over. to provoke. उभय ubhay (a) both. ~तोमुख having a face at each of the two sides. hence~िनषता (nf). to burst with. seething. to feel an inner upsurge. not to utter a sigh or syllable (in face of unbearable agony). to protrude or project. —पड़ना to infuriate into a torrent of invectives. to gather thick. fine. ~चर an amphibian. उबारना uba:rnā: (v) to liberate. as keen as mustard. excellent. उमंग umāṅg: (nf) aspiration. to gust. nicety. amphibious. ~मुख ambivert. bulging. उबासी uba:si: (nf) a yawn. उभार ubha:r (nm) a bulge. to fume or froth. . —भरा in high spirits.—न करना to endure quietly. to flood. to effervesce.—आना (nf) to yawn. उबालना uba:lnā: (v) to boil. to be salvaged. to overflow. to raise. covering both. ~वित ambivalence. in both cases. to simmer. ु उम/दा umda: (a) nice. उभारना ubha:rnā: (v) to incite or instigate. उबट/न ubṭān (nm) a cosmetic paste rubbed over the body for cleaning and softening of the skin. ~भावी ambivalent. in both manners. उबाना uba:nā: (v) to bore. protruding. bossing. उमॅगना umāgnā: (v) to be ebullient. उमड़ना umaṛnā: (v) to surge. -.096 -~दार bulging.

to become complicated. उवररक urvarak (nm) fertiliser. vicissitudes. to involve. entanglement. उलझाना uljha:nā: (v) to entangle. —बर आना to have a wish fulfilled. to catch a crab. ~दाँ a scholar of Urdu. in disarray. undulating. उम ummr (nf) age. to paint. black gram. to complicate. उदर ू urdu: (nf) the Urdu language. productive. to complete the days of one's life. —पर होना to be in the ascendancy. —क़द life imprisonment. (a) ु topsy-turvy. उलट-फर ulaṭ-pher (nm) shuffling. उलटना ulaṭnā: (v) to overturn or be overturned. fecundity. ~ता fertility. उवरर urvar (a) fertile. to capsize. to be entwined (as रससी). lifetime. उमदा umda: (a) see उमदा. to be on the wane.—भर throughout life. उरज uru:j (nm) ascendancy. to be in a fix. उममीद ummī:d (nf) hope. Dolichos pilosus. . उलझन uljhān (nf) complication. to entwine. उलछारना ulchha:rnā: (v) to throw up. ripple. to be involved or ravelled up. to turn over. —क़दी prisoner for life. (nm) etching. to reverse or be reversed. to wind. उवररा (a and nf) fertile. to wring. involvement. उर ur (nm) see हदय. changes. ~ल wavy. े ढलना to age. to subvert. उफ़ urf (ind) alias. ~दराज़ होना to have a long life. उसर urs (nm) the celebration organised to observe the day of a muslim saint's demise. complication. to have a wish realised. उममीदो पर पानी फरना to lash all hopes to the ground. upsetting. disarray. — ै ै —भर का life-long. —का पैमाना/पयाला भर जाना to approach one's end. उलट-पलट/पलट ulaṭ-palaṭ/pulaṭ (nm) shuffling. disarrangement. to cross swords with. र उिमर urmi (nf) a wave. over-turned. perplexity. े उममीदवा/र ummī:dva:r (nm) a candidate. rise. उरद urad (nf) a kind of pulse. ~री candidature.उमेठना umeṭḥnā: (v) to twist. hence ~लता (nf). (as कान). उलझना ulajhnā: (v) to be entangled. उरोज uroj (nm) the female breast. उलझाव uljha:v (nm) entanglement. to pull. reversal. expectation.—मे होना to be in the cart. उर uru (nm) thigh. उरे हना urehnā: (v) to draw (as िचत). productivity.

elation. —चलाना to back-drive. —बात करना to put the cart before the horse. topsy-turvy. to transgress. to mislead. deranged. —चोर कोतवाल को डाँटे the case of a thief threatening the policeman. written. —हवा बहना the setting in of contrary wind. mentioned. ु higgledy piggledy. hurriedly performed. backwards. —तवा jet black. one who contravenes. full of delight and joy. उलटे बाँस बरे ली को carrying coal to New Castle. उलटा ulṭa: (a) reverse/reversed. to drive backward. ू र उिललिखत ullikhit (a) referred. ~पात the falling of a meteor. see उलटा. — खोपड़ी का a block-head. उलटी ulṭi: (nf) vomit.) उलाहना ula:hnā: (nm) complaint. irrelevant. उललास ulla:s (nm) joy. attachment. उललिसत ullasit (a) joyous. to strip somebody of money by befooling him. to act contrary to customary practices. —गंगा बहाना to put the cart before the horse. contrary. -पलटा topsy-tuvy. contravention. उलटवाँसी ulaṭvā:si: (nf) a form of expression which abounds in apparently -. -सीधा absurd. perversion. opposite. flame. —माला जपना/फरनाto invoke a curse upon. meteor. उलफ़त ulfat (nf) love. inverted. — े समझ perverted/erroneous understanding.097 -curious. untenable and abnormal statements and incidents. उलीचना uli:chnā: (v) to drain out. inscribed. ू ू उलका ulka: (nf) a falling star. उलाँघना ulā:ghnā: (v) to cross over. ~धारी a torch-bearer. —ज़माना strange/preposterous times. topsy-turvy. interpretation. a free translation. ~कतार a violator. delight. confused. उलार ula:r (a) too weighty at the back (used for a carriage etc. a pervert. hence ~पण/~मय (a). उलटे पैरो लौटना to return without a (moment's) pause. उलटे छरे से ु मडना/हलाल करना to fleece. -सीधी हरकते करना to cut papers. to disobey. -सीधी सुनाना to scold roundly. revelry. devastation. a chapter (of a book). reproach. उलक ulu:k (nm) see उलल. to . उललंघन ullāṅghān (nm) violation. to mislead.उलटवाँ ualṭvā: (a) reversible. firebrand. to empty (something full of water or other liquid) with the help of some device (or with the palms of the two hands put together). —पाठ पढ़ाना to misguide. disaster. twitting. merriment. coalblack. —ढँ ग से ँू कामकरना to skin an eel by the tail. vomitting. (a) upside down. to put contrary customs and manners into practice. उलथा ultha: (nm) rendering into another language. revile.—पटी पढ़ाना to poison the mind of. overturned.

—सीधा करना to serve one's own ends. ~ली pertaining to principles. —बनाना to befool. -. ऊची दकान फीका पकवान great cry. उललो/खनीय ullekhnī:y (a) remarkable. —बोलनाto be deserted/ruined. also ~खय. -नीचा uneven. (a) cunning. —बोल arrogant ँ utterance. उषणीष ushṉī:sh (nm) a turban. ऊची उड़ान far-fetched imagination. to make a fool of. quotation. ऊचा ū:cha: (a) high. warm. high and low. उललेख ullekh (nm) mention. little roast. crown. —किटबंध tropical region or belt. to boil. a fool. cleverness. ँ ऊच-नीच ū:ch-nī:ch (nm) pros and cons. उस us (pro) oblique singular form of वह. pros and cons.ऊचे इरादे होना flying ँ ँ . उसाँस usā:s (nf) a sigh. worthy of being mentioned. lofty. ~द होना to be skilled/crafty. उसता/द usta:d (nm) a teacher. to dupe. —का पठा an absolute dullard. tall talk. ups and downs. verandah. —से वािकफ़ होना to know the ropes. ~दी िदखाना(to try) to be clever/cunning. उसारा usa:ra: (nm) a shed. उसू/ल usu:l (nm) a principle. —करना to refer. उसनना usannā: (v) to knead (into a dough).tail. cunningness. ऊघ ū:gh (nf) drowsiness. theoretical. —लेना to have a nap. उसलन usu:lan—as a matter of principle. reference. elevated. ~दी tutorship. उषा usha: (nf) the dawn. in principle. master. to nap. to jockey for position. tropics. an idiot. ू उसतरा ustara: (nm) a razor (blade). उषण ushṉ (a) hot. teaching. ऊ ऊ u:—the sixth vowel and the sixth letter of the Devna:gri: alphabet. tricky. to cite. hence ~खनीयता (nf). as a matter of principle. sleepiness. good and evil. ँ ू too high a flight. उसे/~को to him. — सनना to be hard of hearing. ~ता warmth. ऊचे दाम exorbitant/high price.098 -उषमा ushma: (nf) see ऊषमा. heat. to be sleepy/drowsy. to be an expert. ँ ऊघना ū:ghnā: (v) to doze.उललू ullu: (nm) an owl. ऊची जगह high office/position. citation. •तौर पर in principle. to mention. to give one a flap with a fox. ँ ँ ु little wool/great boast. an ँ untoward incident.

doltish. elevation. (a) less (than). ऊबना u:bnā: (v) to be bored. ~मी mischievous. showy. hence~भीपन (nm). superficially. tedium. desolate. —की कोई कल सीधी नहीं होती to be unsymmetrical through and through/all round. —की दन मारना to exaggerate no end. -. to feel irked. ऊजड़ u:jaṛ (a) deserted. —होना to be senior in status or office. ँ ऊख u:kh (nm) see ईख. mischief. artificial. —चढ़े कता काटे misfortune has long arms for the unlucky. that won't be !. rough and rugged. upward. —िनगल जाये दम से परहे ज़ ु ु . incoherent. ऊब u:b (nf) boredom. ऊदिबलाव u:dbila:w (nm) an otter. — की superficial से externally. ridiculous. loftiness. ~वान a camel driver. to go astray. ऊतक u:tak (nm) a tissue. over. ऊचे-नीचे पाँव ँ ँ पड़ना to stumble. ऊखल u:khal (nm) see ओखली. not at all !. absurd. ~गाडी a camel-driven cart. (दे िखए) —िकस ँ करवट बैठता है (let's) wait and watch/see how things turn out. naughty. upon. ऊपर u:par (adv) on. —की आमदनी extra income. ऊदा u:da: (a) violet. ऊपरी u:pari: (a) upper.—की चोरी और झकु े ऊचाई ū:cha:i: (nf) height. ऊन u:n (nf. a kick-up. ऊबड़-खाबड़ u:baṛ-kha:baṛ (a) uneven. altitude. ऊत u:t (a) idiotic. —मकका को ही भगाता है water finds its own level. woolly. ऊचे दजे का belonging to the high class. never !. to make mistakes. ू ऊनी u:nī: (a) woollen.099 -ऊटपटाँग u:ṭpaṭā:g (a) slipslop. of a high order. superficial. small. ऊध/म u:dham (nm) hurly-burly. े ु ु े करे to challenge a lion and fear a lamb. —क मँह मे ज़ीरा a drop in the ocean. ऊछना ū:chhnā: (v) see ऐछना. doltishness. uproar. monotony. ऊहूँ ū:hū: (ind) no.in u: (ऊ). —वाला the Almighty. ऊका/र u:ka:r (nm) the letter u: (ऊ) and its sound. ँ झक/िनहु रे-िनहुरे to try to conceal the conspicuous. ँ ऊट ū:ṭ (nm) a camel. above.at a higher game. also nm) wool. ~रांत (a word) end. ~पन/~पना stupidity.

prolonged ू indecisive deliberation. irrelevant. other world. In Hindi. submerging and emerging. ~रांत (a word) ending in ऋ (ri). ridiculous. ऊलजलल u:l-jalu:l (a) slob. ऋकथ rikth (nm) inheritance. salvation. ऊषमाधािरता u:shmā:dha:rita: (nf) thermal capacity. warmth. ऊधवर u:rdhw (a) vertical. vigorous. ऊषमा u:shmā: (nf) heat. ऊिमरमाला u:rmīma:la: (nf) undulation. ~िसवत (a). ~दिष ambitious. ~गामी moving vertically. indecisive reflection. (a series of) waves. full of vigour and vitality. looking beyond the world. ऊजर/सवी u:rjasswi: (a) energetic. vitality. emancipation. vigour and vitality. slipslop. ऊषमसह u:shmāsah (a) heatproof. ऊिमर u:rmī (nf) see उिमर. ~भागी an inheritor. —की खेती literally. ू ऊषमक u:shmāk (nm) a heater. —गित vertical/upward movement. and acting according to. undertaking an impossible task. ऋका/र rika:r (nm) the letter ऋ (ri) and its sound. tilling a barren land —wasting one's industry.100 -ऋ ऋ ri—the seventh vowel and the seventh letter of the Devna:gri: alphabet. the Rigved. and is not accepted as a vowel within the Hindi phonetic set-up. ~पोह reflection on pros and cons (of a problem). full of energy. ऊहा u:ha: (nf) flight of imagination. ~लोक the heaven. —िबंद ु the zenith. ऊधवारधर u:rdhva:dhar (a) vertical. ~िवजान energetics. ऊसर u:sar (a and nm) barren or fallow (land). ऊणरनाभ u:rṉna:bh (nm) a spider. attaining salvation.ऊभ-चभ u:bh-chu:bh (nf) floating and sinking. ऊिजरत u:rjit (a) energetic. legacy. undulating/undulatory. . ऊषमीय u:shmi:y (a) thermal. ऋगवेद rigved (nm) the earliest of the four Vedas . ऋ is used in writing only ततसम words. ~दी well-versed in. ऊजार u:rja: (nf) energy. absurd. energy. upward. hence ~पन (nm). however. far-fetched imagination. ऊिमरल u:rmil (a) wavy. ~िसवता (nf) vigorousness. -. exaggerative comprehension.

the period of menses. ~मक debt-free. the preceptor and the parents). ~मुशत in one lot. ऋण riṉ (nm) a debt. -आध one or two. security. ~रप uniform.e. simplicity.ऋचा richa: (nf) a Vedic hymn. ~तंतीय शासनपणाली autocratic system of government. (just) listen ! एँडा-मे डा ēṛa:-bēṛa: (a) topsy-turvy. ु ~मिक/शुिद/शोध repayment of a debt. harmony. ~रस monotonous. ~ता straightness. [If ऋ (ri). righteousness. ु एक ek (a) one. (nm) a debtor. free from debt. single. constant. ~मंिज़ला see ~तलला. ~तान intent. एंबलेस embulens (nf) an ambulance. those of the gods. -एक each and every. ऋिद riddhi (nf) prosperity. simple. ~सह weather-proof. having complete concord. ~दाता a creditor. ~ऋय the three debts (दे वऋण ऋिषऋण. ु ऋणाधार riṉa:dha:r (nm) a security. ऋणी riṉī: (a) indebted. •ता indebtedness. िपत?ौृऋण i. -ब. . unsystematic. ऋजु riju (a) straight. •ताuniformity. ~ताल having perfect rhythm. ~बारगी all at once. determined. -िसिद wealth and prosperity. o!. •करक one े -. harmonic. •राजय autocratic rule. ~िवजान meteorology. divine law. ऋतु ritu (nf) season. ~मित/मना unanimous. in a lump sum. one-stringed instrument. ~पकीय unilateral. and also ल ृ (Iri). ~जान completely identified (with one another). in complete union. are taken into account ए becomes theninth]. minus. ~तानता harmoniousness. ~तंतीय autocratic. ए ए e—the seventh vowel and the seventh letter of the present day Devna:gri: alphabet. accomplishment. ~गसत indebted. ~काल the period of menstrual discharge. ~धमार/धमी having common attribute or characteristic. incoherent. ~तलला one-storeyed. loan. seer. pertaining to or concerning a debt. ऋत rit (nm) truth. ~कलप saintly. hence ~िनषता.एक all of a sudden. a few. a vocative particle. a. preceptor. ~मती a woman in her menses. one at a time. like-minded. alone. ~तंत autocracy. ~िवध uniform. ऋिष rishi (nm) a sage. ~चछत having absolute authority.101 -by one. autocratic. ~तारा a monochord. sincerity. ऋणातमक riṉa:tmāk (a) negative. •ता monotony. hence ~पकीयता. (nm) the number one. ~िनष devoted to or having faith in one. ~िचत resolute. ~पत bond. not crooked.

synchronizing. —न सुनना/मानना to turn a deaf ear. —ओर कआँ. autocratic. —से दो भले two heads are better than one. — सवर से unanimously. —की चार खाई between the devil and the deep sea. एक/तंत ektāntr (nm) autocracy. —पाँव से खड़े रहना to be ever ready to serve. ~तंतवादी an autocrat. एकड़ ekaṛ (nf) an acre. to be excessively stingy/parsimonious. cast in the same mould. —तवे की रोटी.—चप सौ को हराये patient men ु win the day. between Scylla and the Charybdis. to carry out commands. —परहे ज़ सौ इलाज diet cures more than doctors. —मयान मे दो तलवारे two of a trade seldom agree. without a wink. ~तंतीय autocratic. one and one make eleven' —strength lies in union. —ही राग अलापना to harp on the same string. —थैली क चटे -बटे birds of the same े feather/flock.—जान एक िजगर united in soul and heart. homogeneity. —लाठी से हाँकना to rule all men with the same rod. -. कया मोटी कया छोटी those cast in the same mould are almost equal in all respects. —पंथ दो काज to kill two birds with one stone. —चना ु भाड़ नहीं फोड़ सकता a lone soldier cannot win a battle. एककािलक ekka:lik (a) synchronic. •ता uniformity. a hundred candidates. —न चलना all efforts to prove in vain/ of no avail. —अनार सौ बीमार one post. —फक मे उड़ा दे ना to brush aside. sincere and in complete mutual harmony. —हाथ से ताली नहींबजती it takes two to make a quarrel. —मछली पूरे/सारे तालाब को गनदा कर दे ती है one dirty fish infects the whole mass of water.102 -- . —आँख से सबको दे खना to treat one and all alike. to multiply accusations. एकक ekak (nm) a unit. to have extreme/complete aversion (to).homogeneous. to blow up ँू into thin air. -एक पल भारी/पहाड़ होना each moment to weigh heavily on the mind. to reap a bumper harvest of profits. -न-एक one or the other. —नज़र सौ नसीहत a lone example is better than a hundred precepts. —की दस सनाना to pay back with interest. —और एक गयारह होते है lit. ~तंतातमक. —क दसे लगाना to level exaggerated charges (against somebody). —तीर से दो िशक़ार to kill two birds with one stone. -एक कौड़ी दाँत से पकड़ना lit.—आँख न भाना to have absolutely no liking (for somebody or something) . to pay back ten to one in the same coin. members of the same family enjoy equal status. दसरी ओर ू ु दस करना to earn enormous profits. true. —ही रट लगाये रहना. एकटक ekṭak (adv) without blinking. to hold each shell with one's teeth —his money comes from him like drops of blood.

एकमत ekmāt (a) having complete accord. —िडगी an exparte decree. completely. gathered. एकल ekal (a) single. एकभािषक ekbha:shik (a) monolingual (for a dictionary. (a) perfect. एक/वाद ekva:d (nm) monism. unanimous. एकसर eksar (a) even. collected. localized. one way. an ex-parte judgment. एकपािशरक ekpa:rshvik (a) unilateral. not diverse. एकपती/तव ekpatnī:ttv (mn) monogamy. ~वाद monogamy. एकरं गा ekraṅga: (a) monochrome. एकवचन ekvachān (a) singular (number). solitary. unity. smooth. एकिलंगी eklingi: (a) unisexual. एकरप ekru:p (a) uniform. ै एकता ekta: (nf) oneness. ex-parte. restricted in extent or scope. in a lump. ~वादी monist(ic). एकतव ekattv (nm) see एकता. एकरपता ekru:pta (nf) uniformity. one-sided. एकत ekattr (a) together. uniform. solidarity. एकदे शीय ekdeshi:y (a) belonging to one and the same country. एकसार eksa:r (a) even. ~वादी monist (ic). fully stretched/unfolded. . एकमुशत ekmusht (a and adv) lump (sum). एकसदनी eksadni: (a) unicameral. एकदम ekdām (ind) suddenly. एकिलंिगता eklingita: (nf) unisexualism. एकतीकरण ekatri:karaṉ (nm) collections. एकितत ekattrit (a) collected. accumulated. one-sided. — फ़सला a unilateral decision. in one breath. ~वाद monism. collecting together. एकसम eksām (a) uniform. the only one. etc. एकमात ekmā:ttr (a) sole. hence ~ता (nf). books. solitary. ~वादी a monogamist. lot. एकबारगी ekba:rgi: (adv) all at once. accumulation. एकिववाह ekviva:h (nm) monogamy. all of a sudden.). in one place. एकपकीय ekpakshi:y (a) unilateral.एकतरफ़ा ektarfa: (a) unilateral. -पथा monogamy. एकभाषी ekbha:shi: (a) monolingual (for men). alone. even.

एकागता eka:ggrata: (nf) concentration (of mind). the state of having one voice. एका eka: (nm) oneness. resoluteness. private. ~िचत closely attentive. एकाकी eka:ki: (a) lonely. एकािधपतय eka:dhipatty (nm) exclusive sway. autocracy. ~कार a one-act play. एकसवी ekassvi: (nm) a patentee. एकांितक ekā:ntik (a) exclusive. एकांत ekā:nt (a) exclusive. absolute. hence ~पना (nf). absolute mastery. एकसवरता ekassvarta: (nf) monotony. fused. also~एकी.psychism. एकांतर ekā:ntar (a) alternate. एकाध eka:dh (a) one or two.wright. ~री a monopolist. seclusion. एकांतरण ekā:ntarāṉ (nm) alternation. ~वाद mono. a few.103 -recluse. the state of being well-knit. एकाग eka:ggr (a) concentrated on the same point. एकसूतता eksu:ttrata: (nf) coordination. secludedness.एकसूत eksu:ttr (a) coordinated. एकांकी ekā:ṅki: (a and nm) one act (play). one-sided. exclusive master. एकांगी ekā:ṅgi: (a) partial. several. merged (into one). unexpectedly. all at once. biassed. एकसवदाता ekassvada:ta: (mn) a patentor. single. एकातम eka:tm (a) forming one identity. to unify. well-knit. ~रांत (a word) ending in e (ए). ~पन (a feeling of) loneliness. एकाकार eka:ka:r (a) identical. —करना to string together. solidarity. एकािधपित eka:dhipati (nm) an absolute ruler. एकािधका/र eka:dhika:r (nm) monopoly. ~वासी a -. एका/र eka:r (nm) the vowel e (ए) and its sound. एकािधक eka:dhik (a) more than one. to harmonise into a whole. एका/एक eka:ek (adv) suddenly. solitary. एकांतता ekā:ntata: (nf) privacy. resolute. having full concentration. unity. . integrated (into one). ~वास residing in solitude/seclusion. ~क monistic. identical. (mn) solitude. एकसव ekassv (nm) patent. one who resides in seclusion. एकादशी eka:dashi: (nf) the eleventh day of either fortnight of a lunar month. intent. seclusion.

also ~भवन (nm). एतदथर etadarth (ind) ad hoc. to put in all possible efforts. एरं ड erāṉḍ (nm) castor. this much. एकी/करण eki:karāṉ (nm) integration. faith. एिफ़डेिवट efi eviṭ (nm) an affidavit. . -चोटी का ज़ोर लगाना/पसीना एक करना to leave no stone unturned. एजेट ejeṉṭ (nm) an agent. एड़ eṛ (nf) spur. stroke of the heel. एड़ी eṛi: (nf) heel. एड़शन e ishān (nm) an edition. एिडट/र e iṭar (nm) an editor. एतबा/र etba:r (nm) confidence. ~री trustworthy. ~कृ त integrated. एटनी eṭarnī: (nm) an attorney. ~भत (a). ~दी a monotheist. एतमाद etmā:d (nm) trust. an editor's work or office. एटलस eṭlas (nm) an atlas. exception. united. —जनरल attorney general. monotheistic. —िवभाग x-ray department. —मात only this much. एतावत eta:vat (a) so much. एकका ekka: (nm) see इकका. —सिमित an ad hoc committee. trust.—फल regma. एजेसी ejensi (nf) an agency. belief. एकाशमक eka:shmāk (a) monolithic. एतराज़ etra:z (nm) objection.एकाथरक eka:rthak (a) univocal. thus far and no more. एडवोकट e े vokeṭ (nm) an advocate. ू एकडमी eke े amī: (nf) an academy. —से चोटी तक from head to foot. एकशरवा/द ekeshshvarva:d (nm) monotheism. ~री editorship. एनेमल enemal (nm) enamel. to urge. एिड़याँ रगड़ना to run about under the stress of circumstances. एकसरे eksre (nm) an x-ray. amalgamation. —लगाना to strike with the heel or apply the spur. े एकोनमाद ekonmā:d (nm) monomania.

hence —होना. to fleece. to extort. —असतु (एवमसत) Be it so!. beneficence. एिसड esi (nm) an acid. torque. conceit. as also. एषणा eshṉā: (nf) wish. to snatch. to burden a person with obligation. —चेन an alarm chain. obliged. एहसानमंद ehsā:nmānd (a) grateful. twist. stiffness. tugging and pulling. it becomes the tenth). to stiffen. in exchange of. ऐ ऐ ai—the eighth vowel and the eighth letter of modern Devna:gri: alphabet. torsion. a vocative. ~न by way of precaution. (a) officiating. O!. a declaration. —मानना to feel obliged. to drag. ऐंचाताना āīcha:ta:nā: (a) squint-eyed. एलबम elbām (nm) an album. contortion. ऐंठना āīṭḥnā: (v) to twist.104 -एलची elchi: (nm) an envoy. —जताना to remind (one) of the favours conferred. to be conceited/perky. एहसान ehsā:n (nm) obligation. conceited. to do a good turn and to make it a burden for the obliged. (If ऋ (ri) and ल ृ (lri) are also to be taken into account. Thus may it be! ु एवज़ evaz (nm) substitution. struggle inspired by selfish motives. just listen ! ऐंचना āīchna: (v) to pull. —िदखाना to continue one's emotional upsurge within one self. एषणीय eshaṉi:y (a) covetable. to draw. convolution. एवज़ी evzi: (nm) substitute. एलान elā:n (nm) an announcement. ऐंचातानी āīcha:ta:ni: (nf) manipulation and manoeuvring. ~फ़रामोश ungrateful. to cramp. perk. एसेबली esembli: (nf) an assembly. •कायरवाही precautionary measure. to contort. ply. ऐंठन āīṭḥān (nf) convolution. ऐंठ āīṭḥ (nf) twist. एहितयाती precautionary. emissary. —घड़ी an alarm clock. hence ~ता (nf). ऐंछना āīchhnā: (v) to comb (hair). एहसास ehsa:s (nm) feeling. एहितयात ehtiya:t (nm) precaution. to warp. stiff/perky. strong desire. worth-desiring (for). एलामर ela:rm (nm) alarm. —मे in lieu of. twine. relieving. . एवं evām (ind) and. acting.-.

(a) pertaining to sorcery.105 -complete accord. ऐन āīn (a) exact. without exception. ऐकट aikṭ (nm) an act (of a legislature or of a play). voluntary. ऐकातमय aika:tmy (nm) identity. ऐडवोकट ai े vokeṭ (nm) an advocate. ऐयाश aiya:sh (a and nm) (a) debauch. . ऐयाशी aiya:shi: (nf) debauchery. ~ता historicity. hypnotist. ~रांत (a word) ending in ai (ऐ). ऐनक aināk (nf) spectacles. -. just then. pertaining to senses. (nm) a shrewd person. ऐडिमरल ai miral (nm) an admiral. lewd. ऐकय aikky (nm) unity. just in time. ऐब aib (nm) defect. ऐितहािसक aitiha:sik (a) historic. also ~क (a). ऐयार aiya:r (a) shrewd. historical genuineness. vicious. ऐबी aibi: (a) defective. job or profession of an ऐयार. living in luxury. lechery. —वक पर in the nick of time.ऐंठू āīṭḥu: (a) perky. oneness. ऐकमतय aikmāty (nm) unanimity. — यग historic age. shrewdness. ऐंड़ाना āīṛa:nā: (v) to stretch one's limbs to relax. to have it easy. conceited. ऐडवांस ai vā:ns (nm) an advance. magician. faulty. oneness. lewdness. —िवषय an optional subject. ऐंदजािलक aindrja:lik (nm) a sorcerer. wily. ~दार defective. historical. sly. skilled manipulator having the requisites of a gifted detective. ऐकटै स aikṭres (nf) an actress. having lapses or demerits. at the eleventh hour. just. ऐका/र aika:r (nm) the vowel ai (ऐ) and its sound. having defective limbs. ु ऐितह aitihy (nm) tradition. ऐिचछक aichchhik (a) optional. ऐकांितक aikā:ntik (a) exclusive. one addicted to luxurious life. ऐकटर aikṭar (nm) an actor. vice. ऐयारी aiya:ri: (nf) wiliness. hence ~ता (nf). magical. arrogant. identity. hence ~दारी (nf). ऐंिदय āīndriy (a) sensual.

let it go to hell. luxury-loving. terrestrial. ~रांत (a word) ending in ओ (O). •परक secular. —उड़ाना/लटना to revel in pleasure/with sensual enjoyment. luxury-loving. secular. to take up a difficult challenge. ~वान/शाली opulent. alien. (a) such. •होना to follow in the crowd of nobodies. collection. of this type. (If ऋ & ल ृ are to be taken into account. ~पसनद luxurious. Chief of gods. prosperity. ऐसी (की) तैसी an abusive expression (directed towards something or someone). ~ता mundaneness. secularity.106 -ओ ओ o—the ninth vowel and the ninth letter of modern Devna:gri: alphabet. insignificant. feeling of vomitting. worldly.ऐरा-ग़ैरा aira:-g̣aira: (a) inferior. worldliness. hence ~परसती. having no status. Dick and Harry. —मे िसर . ऐश aish (nm) sensuous pleasure. luxury and comfort. ऐहलौिकक aihlaukik (a) mundane. ऐसे aise (adv and a) in this way. ू ओघ ogh (nm) aggregate. ँ ओक ok (nm) the hollow of a palm/the two palms formed into a cup (as for drinking water). ओकना oknā: (v) to vomit. earthly. secular. ~ता mundaneness. down (with him). multitude. it becomes the eleventh). worldly. prosperous. -ओ-आराम luxury. of this type. O !. undertake risks and face ordeals deliberately. enjoyment. ू ऐशयर aishvary (nm) opulence. ऐलान ailā:n (nm) see एलान. of no consequence. ~परसत wedded/given to sensual enjoyment/pleasure. —पँच कलयानी Tom. —• करना/• मे जाने दे ना damn it. to damn with feint praise. -. mundane. ओकाई oka:ī: (nf) nausea. ओका/र oka:r (nm) the vowel and the sound O (ओ). —नतथू ख़ैरा. ऐरावत aira:vat (nm) the mythological elephant of Indra. luxury. -वैसा trifling. worldliness. —मे िसर दे ना to be ready to िदया तो मसलो से कया डरना over shoes over boots. ओंकार oṅka:r (nm) the sacred and mystical syllable om (ऊ). ओखली okhli: (nf) a mortar (for pounding grain in). a vocative particle. -ओ-इशरत luxury and sensual pleasure/enjoyment. trifling. glory and grandeur. thus. ऐिहक aihik (a) mundane. ऐसा aisa: (a) such. Tag-rag and bobtail.

brilliant. ओठ oṭḥ (nm) a lip. ओढ़े िक िबछाये (said of a thing when it is) utterly insufficient. ओवरकोट ovarkoṭ (nm) an overcoat. ओषिध oshadhi (nf) a medicinal herb. ओष oshṭḥ (nm) see ओठ. —फड़कना throbbing of the lips signifying suppressed rage. -िबछौना covering and bedding. hence ~िसवता (nf. ओर-छोर or-chhor (nm) the beginning and the end. —होना to get out of sight. of no avail. medicine. ओठो पर on the verge of being uttered. ओला ola: (nm) a hailstone. shallowness. —चबाना to be in fury/rage. one who cures by the magic of charms. hail. projecting edges of a thatching. ओढ़ना oṛḥnā: (v) to cover (the body) with.107 -to have neither a beginning nor an end. —न होना -. —वणर a labial letter. —वार करना to hit below the belt. evanescent. shelter. ओत-पोत otapprot (a) full of. Ah me !. lustre. stretched endlessly. small. —बदलना (for women) to become intimate friends. ओवरिसय/र ovarsiyar (nm) an overseer. an expression of pain. direction. ओर or (nm) side. ओट oṭ (nm) a cover.ओछा ochha: (a) petty. meanness. smallness. shallow. to boil (a liquid) for long.).. ins pired/permeated by/infused with. splendour. —लेना to take shelter/cover. total belongings/possessions. ओफ़ of (ind) Oh !. ओषठय oshṭḥy (a) labial. mean. etc. beginning. the two ends. ओढ़नी oṛḥnī: (nf) a woman's mantle. ~सवी vigorous and virile. ~पन pettiness. ओझा ojha: (nm) an exorcist.. ~री and overseer's position or job. ओटना oṭnā: (v) to gin. ओटा oṭa: (nm) a small raised chair-like platform. wonder. trifling. ओरी ori: (nf) eaves. ओम ् ōm (nm) the sacred word prefixed and suffixed to the Veda mantras symbolising God Almighty. to have an immeasurable expanse. (nm) covering. ओलती olti: (nf) eaves. grief. etc. ओझल ojhal (a) out of sight. ओज oj (nm) vigour and virility. . covering sheet. to own up. low.

—. ँु . status. ओहो oho (ind) alas ! an expression of regret. ~धे मह procumbent. औिचतय auchitty (nm) propriety. (a) carefree. designation. an uncouth person. naughty (person). औटना auṭnā: (v) to continue to boil (for a long time) with a slow fire. appropriateness. blockhead. also ~री (nf). overturned. औक़ात auqa:t (nf) status. औज़ार auza:r (nm) an instrument. ~रांत (a word) ending in au (औ). औंठ āūth (nf) border. खोपड़ी perverted. an office-bearer. etc. ~ई depth.108 -of the propriety (of). ओह/दा ohda: (nm) post. mischievous activity. ~धी औंधाना āūdha:nā: (v) to turn upside down. औचक auchak (ind) all of a sudden. औ औ au—the tenth vowel and the tenth letter of the Devna:gri: alphabet (exclusive of ऋ and ल ृ which are not accepted as Hindi vowels by modern phoneticians). औं/धा āūdha: (a) upside down.बाज़ at times. ~दे क एतबार से ex-officio. to overturn. ~पाई mischievous. rank. अपनी to be aware of one's status. difficult (to deal with). abruptly. औका/र auka:r (nm) the letter au (औ) and its sound. e. औंड़ा āūṛa: (a) deep. a pearl of dew. औघड़ aughaṛ (nm) a carefree and unsophisticated man. i. ओहदे दा/र ohdeda:r (nm) an officer. ओह oh (int) oh! an exclamation of sorrow or wonder. ओसाना osā:nā: (v) to winnow. —पड़नाto lose luster/brilliance. by virtue े of an office.ओस os (nf) dew. औंस auns (nm) (an) ounce. ~री an office. prostrate. ओसर osar (nf) a young cow or buffalo yet to reproduce. something very shortlived. face downwards. —का धयान होना. validity. with the face downwards. —चाटने से पयास नहीं बुझती dew drops can scarcely quench one's thirst. capability. —का मोती lit. stupid. rim (of a utensil). ओसा/रा osa:ra: (nm) a verandah or shed. official position. औट/पाय auṭpa:y (nm) mischief. —उठाना to reclaim waste land. inverted. औिचतय-सथापन auchitty-stha:pān (nm) rationalisation. establishment -.

else.109 -क . ~ता industrialism. औपचािरक aupcha:rik (a) formal. to put in a quandry. —युग industrial age. औदोिगक auddyogik (a) industrial. to lose wits. औषधीय aushadhi:y (a) medicinal. leaving other things. easy to please. also nm) the average. ~कृ त industrialised. haughtiness. (nf. ceremoniality. a novel. or of the nature of. drug. औसान ausā:n (nm) wits. औने-पौने āūnē-pāūnē (a) at a discount. at a lesser price. औदायर auda:ry (nm) see उदारता. let alone other considerations. medical. और aur (conj) and. other. —राज a dominion. —खता होना to be like a duck in thunderstorm. wife. rudeness. —का और something other than. औढर auḍḥar (a) easily propitiated. — दजार dominion status. to be demoralised. presence of mind. impertinence. औदतय auddhatty (nm) incivility. औपिनवेिशक aupniveshik (a) colonial. औरत aurat (nf) a woman. -. औपनयािसक aupannyā:sik (a) pertaining to. —करना to sell out at a discount. औिजरकी aurjiki: (nf) energetics. औषधालय aushadha:lay (nm) a dispensary. pertaining to a dominion. औषध aushadh (nm) a medicine. औदोगी/करण auddyogi:karāṉ (nm) industrialisation. one who gives away with a free hand. औलाद aula:d (nf) a progeny. ~ता formality. औिलया auliya: (nm) a muslim saint or sage. (adv) more. something entirely different. —तो और other things apart. औरस auras (a) legitimate (child) . ~ता legitimacy. औसत ausat (a) average. औतसुकय autsukky (nm) see उतसुकता. ~न on an average. —भलाना to unnerve. below par. an offspring. औषधोपचार aushadhopcha:r (nm) medical treatment. (nm) a novelist. —दानी a bountiful giver.औटाना auṭa:nā: (v) to (cause to) boil (with a slow fire) for a long time. औदीचय audi:chchy (a) pertaining to or belonging to the north. ु औसाना ausa:nā: (v) to winnow. ceremonial. mean.

a sentinel of the royal household. —.घोर poor as a church-mouse. ं कज़ kaṇj (nm) lotus. ककड़ी a small piece of gravel. कगाली kāṅga:li: (nf) penury.born.up. ं कजर kāṇjar (nm) a nomadic tribe (or a member thereof). —मे आटा गीला yet ं another misery for an already miserable man. ककरीला kākri:la: (a) strewn with gravels. armour. miser. ABC. -पतथर lit. bare physical frame. ~घी a small comb. ं ँ कगन kāṅgān (nm) see ककण. ं कचुकी kāṇchuki (nf) brassieres. ककड़ kāṅkaṛ (nm) a gravel. ँ कगार kāṅga:ru: (nm) a kangaroo. •जाननाto know the ABC (of any subject). pauperdom. pebble. poverty. poor man. niggardly. beautiful figure. gravelly. dressing up. ं कजूस kāṇju:s (a) miserly. ं ककरीट kāṅkri:ṭ (nm) concrete—a mixture of gravel. ~जी greyish blue. a door-keeper. shabby. ं कगाल kāṅga:l (nm) a pauper. ं कखवारी kākhva:ri: (nf) an armpit-boil. — ं का strong. ं कचुक kāṇchuk (nm) brassieres. कचन kāṇchān (nm) gold.e. —काया golden (physical) frame. turreted. also कगना. small piece of stone. (a) low. rudiments of any subject. parsimonious. turret. ं . an ornamental cornice.क ka—the first consonant and the first member of the first pentad (i. cement and sand. hence ं ~पन/पना (nm). ं ककण kāṅkāṉ (nm) a bracelet. क/जा kāṇja: (a) having greyish blue eyes. ँ ~रे दार having niched battlement. lime. unbreakable. horizontal moulded projection crowning a building. ककािलनी kāṅka:lini: (a and nf) (a) quarrelsome (woman).e. —बाँका a penniless ं dandy. pauperism. ~शेष reduced to/turned into a ं skeleton. कगू/रा kāgu:ra: (nm) niched battlement (of a castle). yet another stroke for the stricken. trash. impecunious. कवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet: —ख ग alphabet. pebble and stone — ं i. comb-shaped appliance for weaving. (a) penniless. ँ कखौरी kākhauri: (nf) see कखवारी. •चोटी make. etc. ं ं ँ कगनी kāgnī: (nf) cornice. ँ ककाल kāṅka:l (nm) a skeleton. -मकखीचूस होना to skin a ं flint. rubbish. क/घा kaṅgha: (nm) a comb.

to become hard and stiff. voice-box.कजूसी kāṇju:si: (nf) miserliness. ं कठी kaṉṭḥi: (nf) a string of small beads (of तलसी etc. by Vaishṉavas as a ं ु matter of faith. to be demoralised. कठ kāṉṭḥ (nm) the throat. ँ कटीला kāṭi:la: (a) thorny. an edible root (radish. —होना to become very lean and thin. to lend ं ं renounce the वैषणव faith (and take to wine and meat etc. —होना to be memorised. to start speaking. ं कदील kandi:l (nf) see कडील. —धविन/—वणर a guttural sound. —छना to swear by the कठी. larynx. cavern. — खुलनाto become vocal. ~हार a necklace.) ं कदरा kāndara: (nf) a cave. ं कडकट/र kāṉḍakṭar (nm) a conductor. etc. —बाँधना/लेना to be initiated . ँ -. किडका kāṉḍika: (nf) a para/paragraph. ं कडील kāṉḍi:l (nf) a lamp (made of paper clay or mica). ~री the post or job of a conductor. ~धारी one who dons a कठी. —करना to memorize. ं कथा kāntha: (nm) a patch-work garment. parsimony. the body to be ं stiffened—to die. to be committed to memory. (with). to become a वैषणव.). prickly. ं ~सथ memorised. —बैठना to ू develop a sore throat. -संगीत vocal music. sugar candy.110 -hence~पन (nm). on the tip of tongue.—दे ना to be a coffin-bearer (of). ं कद kānd (nm) an esculent tuber-root. in tune. —तोड़ना to ं ं ू in the वैषणव faith. ं कडरा kāṉḍara: (nm) a tendon. कठय kāṉṭḥy (a) guttural. ~धारी an ascetic. niggardliness. ं किटया kāṭīya: (nf) a fishing hook. —सींचना to take in a few drops of water. —डाल दे ना to lose heart. कधे से कधा िछलना to be over-crowded (so as to have shoulders rubbing with ं ं one another). —िमलाकर in one voice. ं ं कधा kāndha: (nm) a shoulder. कठाग kaṉṭḥa:gr (a) committed to memory. the voice to turn hoarse. to be troublesome. ं कटक kāṉṭak (nm) see काँटा.) donned esp. to shun ं responsibilities. ं कडा kāṉḍa: (nm) a cowdung cake. to lend a shoulder in carrying a dead body. ं कडी kāṉḍi: (nf) a basket. committed to memory. neck.—होना to be an obstacle. a small nail. कधे से कधा िमलाना to stand shoulder to shoulder with somebody. —फटना to make an utterance.

कचनार kachna:r (nm) the tree Bauhinia variegata (its buds are used as vegetable and its flowers in medical prescriptions). ै ककका kakka: (nm) uncle. -. sweepings. vibration. कधो पर उठाना to shoulder (responsibility etc. rubbish. to make clattering noise. court of law. ABC (of something). ककया kakaiya: (nf) a kind of small and strong brick. कचहरी kachehri: (nf) a court of justice. कक kaksh (nm) a room. कचक/च kachkach (nf) an altercation.) to devolve on.). ं ं कपन kāmpān (nm) tremor. ं ककहरा kakehra: (nm) alphabet. ं कपाउं ड/र kāmpa:ūṉḍar (nm) a compounder. कचायँध kachā:yādh (nf) (the smell or touch of) rawness. chamber. ं कप kāmp (nm) see कपन.111 -orbit. —करना/िनकालना to make mincemeat of a person. class-room. inexperience. कचरा kachra: (nm) refuse. कखौरी kakhauri: (nf) an armpit-boil. ं किपत kampit (a) trembled. कका/र kaka:r (nm) the consonant क् (k) and its sound. quivering. to pound thoroughly. to crush. breezing. a chattering/clattering noise. कधो पर आना (responsibility etc. trembling. quivered. armpit. कचाई kacha:i: (nf) rawness. . scarp. shivering. ककड़ी kakṛi: (nf) a kind of cucumber. ं कबल kāmbal (nm) a blanket.—मे जाना to take recourse to legal processes. wavered. कचूमर kachu:mar (nm) anything well-crushed. shivering. ँ ँ कगार kaga:r (nm) a precipice. कचरी kachri: (nf) Cucumis madraspatanus (a small fruit of the melon family). ~रांत (a word) ending in क् (k). to chatter. side. कका kaksha: (nf) class. to give a rousing welcome. ~चाना to altercate. also कखवारी. flank. imperfection. ं कपायमान kāmpa:ymā:n (a) tremulous/trembling. shivered.full cooperation. to be shouldered ं by. —की कली a bud of कचनार. hence~री (nf). कचालू kacha:lu: (nm) the esculent root Arum colocasia. ं कपनी kāmpanī: (nf) a company. debris. to render (something) unserviceable by careless handling. wavering. कखौरी. —करना/बनाना to give a sound thrashing. rug. quivering.

unboiled. कचचा kachcha: (a) uncooked. कचची गोली खेलना lit. of aggressive disposition. कचची रसोई articles of food not prepared or fried in ghee (as rice.कचची गोली नहीं खेलना to be nobody's fool. —हाथ an untrained hand. etc. —करना to put to shame. prone to bite. flaw. to 'play with mud marbles'—to act in an inexperienced manner. incomplete. —खा जाना lit. imperfect. —माल raw material. कचची कली a budding beauty. unconfirmed report. abuse. unripe. कज kaj (nf) a defect. immature. कचची नींद मे जगाना to awaken when one has not had full sleep. inside story. -. ु to be averse to external contact. wrangle. —काग़ज़ a provisional document. turtle. also कजरी. unfinished. to produce a snapping or cracking sound. crude. pulses. fried in ghee or oil. one who is not sincere in one's dealings. कटक kaṭak (nm) a cantonment. . smarting pain. कजली kajli: (nf) a typical folk-song (sung during the rainy season). an impressionable mind. -पकका half-cooked. an army.—िखलाड़ी an inexperienced strategist. कचची-पककी unconfirmed. green.112 -कछया kachhua: (nm) a turtle. provisional. —अ (आ)सामी. कचची ज़बान loose talk. impressionable age. क़िज़या qazia: (nm) quarrel. a temporary cultivator.कचोट kachoṭ (nf) a lingering agony. to have learnt the tricks of the trade. colour). not to hold all strings under control. — िचटा bonafide detailed account. tortoise. कचछप kachchhap (nm) tortoise. -धमर tortoise-like conduct— to keep to oneself.—रं ग not fast colour. 'slander. to baste. to swallow up unroasted—it denotes an angry outburst. built of mud-bricks. —पड़ना to prove unavailing/ineffective. कचौरी kachauri: (nf) a cake made of flour stuffed with bruised pulse or boiled potato etc. —अवतार the second incarnation of Lord Vishṉū. doubtful. an unsteady man. reviling utterance. कछा/र kachha:r (nm) alluvial land. to be smarted. to take to task. क़ज़ा qaza: (nf) death. — घड़ा unbaked earthen pot. real tale. moist low-lying land by a river. —आना to fall under the shadow of death. not fast (as sleep. rough. a black-eyed cow. weak. half-baked. कटकटाना kaṭkaṭa:nā: (v) to gnash. कटखना kaṭkhanā: (a) snappish. ~ना to experience a lingering agony.—चबा जाना see—खा जाना. to abash. ~री भूिम alluvion. कचची बही a rough account book. vague. कचची बात loose talk. inauthentic. कचची- पककी कहना to scold roundly. destiny. colour that will wash out.). raw. कचची उम immature age.

कटाक kaṭa:ksh (nf) a side-glance. discount. cut. ~बंध a girdle. reduction. कटर kaṭṭar (a) strict. to avoid contact or coming face to face (with). trimming. bloodshed.). कटवाँ kaṭwā: (a) cut or ripped up. कटरा kaṭra: (nm) an enclosed yard (for residential purposes or turned into a market place). dock. fanatic. कटा-फटा kaṭa:phaṭa: (a) cut and torn. trim. a buffalo calf. कटाकटी kaṭa:kaṭi: (nf) bloodshed. कटूिक kaṭu:kti (nf) a bitter utterance. bigot. कटे पर नमक िछड़कना to add insult to injury. taunt. dogmatic. ready. कटना kaṭna: (v) to be cut. bigotry. deducted. ogling. violent hostilities. resolved. erosion. कटाव kaṭa:w (nm) erosion. poniard. ~पन(nm) see कटरता. ~बद girt up. कटहरा kaṭehra: (nm) see कठघरा. cutting.कटन kaṭān (nf) incision. to complete (a journey. dogmatism. कटहल kaṭhal (nm) the jack tree or its fruit. कठपतली kaṭḥputli: (nf) a puppet. deduction. rabid. dogmatic. hostilities. कटो/रा kaṭora: (nm) a big bowl. कटोरदान kaṭordā:n (nm) a tiffin-carrier. ~ता obduracy. कट मरना to battle to death. fanaticism.—करना to make a taunting/oblique remark. —बयाज simple interest (on actual capital). to be ashamed.). to keep a distance. to bring befoṛe the bar. an underling. small dagger. recess. कटनी harvesting. ~री a stiletto. vitriolic. to die in battle. to be deprived of. to pass away time. cutting charges. किट kaṭi (nf) loin. taunting remark. lumbar. off-cut. mutilated. कटु kaṭu (a) bitter. leer. कटा-कटा रहना to keep away (from). split up. religioner. to be destroyed. to be disconnected. etc. belt. to be wounded (by a blade etc. कटपीस kaṭpi:s (nm) cutpiece (cloth). कठघ/रा kaṭḥghara: (nm) a bar. caustic/unpleasant remark. —होना.113 -- . to be made to part with. ~री a small bowl. कटौती kaṭauti: (nf) rebate. fanatic. ~ता bitterness. bloody encounter. ~पंथी a diehard. कटाई kaṭa:i: (nf) harvesting. wooden enclosure/palisade. unpleasant. कटा/र kaṭa:r (nf) a dagger. unpleasantness. zone. waist. ~रे मे खड़ा करना to bring into the dock. ~बंधीय zonal. obdurate. िकसी क हाथ मे े ु -. marks of cutting. कटा-कटी/कटा-मरी quarrelling.—पसताव a cut-motion.

rafter. metal ring. severity. े कडुआ kaṛua: (a) see कड़वा. stiff. ~ई/~पन stiffness. dahi:). rigidity. to become averse. कड़वा kaṛwa: (a) bitter. (िकसी क िख़लाफ़) to crack down upon. sharpness. कठबैद kaṭḥbaid (nm) a quack. harshness. (nm) a bangle. hard. hard-hearted.e. ~नता/नाई difficulty. कठमुलला kaṭḥmulla: (nm) a bigot.to be a puppet in somebody's hand. severe. sudden sharp noise. cruel. link. कड़कड़ाना kaṛkaṛa:nā: (v) to crack/crackle (as oil etc. strictness. unpleasant. fanatic. rigour/rigorousness. arduous. —तेल mustard oil. cruelty. •वाद rigourism. granule. cruel. a preparation consisting of gram flour dressed with spices and sour milk (i. strong. harsh. a particle (as of sand). joist. ~ना to get bitter. the process or act of embroidering. rigorous. vigorousness. कड़ा/का kaṛa:ka: (nm) a loud crack. a rigid fast. —कण मे in each and every particle. decrepitation. कड़क kaṛak (nf) crack. to have a burning sensation (as in the eyes). unpleasantness. rigidity. poverty. (a) strong. to dance to the tune of. —पड़ना to adopt a stiff attitude. stringent. कढ़ाई kaṛḥa:i: (nf) embroidery. rough. when boiling). to decrepitate. hence कड़ी (fem. grain. cauldron. stiff.). hence ~पन (nm). —कायरवाही करना. hardness. granule. कड़ा/ह kaṛa:h (nm) a big boiling pan. extreme scarcity. severe. stringency. sharp. sharp. nf). rigid. कड़ी kaṛi: (nf) a small beam. कढ़ी kaṛḥi: (nf) curry. —मे ककड़ी/कोयलाa pebble ं in the pudding. thunder. to break with a cracking sound. कड़कना kaṛaknā: (v) to crackle. hence~पन(nm). . strict. —का ज़माना hard days. ~क का severe े (as जाड़ा). कठोर kaṭḥor (a) hard. arduous. — िमज़ाज stiff/harsh/stern nature. to become stern. vigorous. quack religious leader. cruel. किणका kāṉīka: (nf) an atom. stern. tough. ~ही (diminutive. —मे होना to be hard up. —तेल mustard oil. कण kāṉ (nm) a particle. (a) see कड़ा. to thunder. going without food. very small quantity. ~हट bitterness. rigid. कड़की kaṛaki: (nm) indigence. to break up with a crack. an iota. to be tight. a huge frying pan. line of a song. —का उबाल momentary excitement. कड़वी ज़बान bitter vitriolic speech/tongue. frying pan. to feel sore. कड़कड़ाहट kaṛkaṛa:haṭ (nf) crackling sound. ~हदय heartless. hence ~हदयता (nf). everywhere. thundering sound. grain. ~ता hardness. to take strong action (against). कड़ा kaṛa: (a) hard. किठ/न kaṭḥin (a) difficult.

entirely. fable. chipping/cutting. tale. क़तल qatl (nm) murder. speech. fragment. series. कताई kata:i: (nf) (the act of or wages paid for) spinning. hence ~ता (nf). कतवार katwa:r (nm) sweepings. . to be too gabby. to avoid an encounter or coming face to face. कथांतर kathā:ntar (nm) a side-story. religious discourse. to cut. —करना to manipulate. —बाँधना to make / stand in a row.114 -and readjustment. introductory part of the story. —ए-आम general massacre. piece. कतल kattal (nf) a chip. one who recites old traditional tales. scrim. to contrive. कतथक katthak (nm) a Hindu tribe specialising in dancing and singing. कथ(था)कली kath(tha:)kali: (nf) a typical classical Indian dance style. nippers. ~सार a synopsis. कतर-बयोत katar-byōt (nf) contrivance. —और करनी profession and practice. क़तार qata:r (nf) a line. कथनीय kathnī:y (a) worth saying or narrating. row. कतराना katra:nā: (v) to slink away (from). ~ताललुक़ breaking off relation (with). off-cut. speech. a spinner. ~मुख lead. describable. finally. —नतय a typical classical dance. ृ कतथा kattha: (nm) catechu Terra japonica. a portion. कतरन katran (nf) cutting. narrative. final. main character. कथा katha: (nf) a story. refuse. statement. subsidiary plot. dregs. —चलाना to wag one's tongue. a kind of classical system of dancing. cutting. कथरी kathri: (nf) a patch-work bedding. कतरना katarnā: (v) to clip. क़ता qata: (nm) breaking. कतरनी katarnī: (nf) scissors. —िचत a feature film.क़तई qatai: (adv and a) wholly. —वातार religious discourse and discussion. certainly. कतथई katthai: (a) catechu-coloured. ~ख़ाना a refuse-bin. slaughter. adjustment -. manipulation. to chip. conversation on a variety of topics. conclusive. कथककड़ kathakkaṛ (nm) a professional story-teller. several. कितपय katipay (a) some. ~वसतु the plot. to scrim. क़तरा qatra: (nm) a drop. cutting. to pare. rubbish. utterance. कथन kathān (nm) saying. to go out of the way (of). —से करनी भली brag is a good dog but holdfast is better. कथनी kathni: (nf) anything said or uttered. a few. parings. ~नायक the hero.

absurd. ~कटा ear-cropt. ~कौवा a big kite. possessing an imposing stature. कदाचा/र kada:cha:r (nm) misbehaviour. ancient. —बढ़ाना to march forward. ugly (in form). किथत kathit (a) said. —उखड़ना to be swept off one's feet. ~कश an implement for turning a gourd. ~मी qadi:/m. —उठाना to march apace. ~खजूरा a centipede. told. ~दानी just appreciation of somebody's merits. ~पेड़ा glandular swelling at the root of the ear. patronage. subject. कदािप kada:pi (adv) ever. to make progress. ~चा foot-rest in a latrine. merit. misconduct. (a) worthsaying. क़द qad (nm) size. कदू kaddu: (nm) pumpkin. see क़द. ~दान a connoisseur. क़दोक़ामत stature. see धतूरा. क़दी/म. कनक kanāk (nm) see गेहूँ. ~बोसी kissing the feet (as a mark of deep respect or for flattering). —ब-क़दम step by step. ~दाँ.steps of.कथानक katha:nāk (nm) the plot. mentioned. कथय katthy (nm) content. foot. etc. in the foot. estimation. whispering talk. ~मैिलया one whose profession is to remove wax from the ears. (a) malafide. may be. height. wicked. into parings. corrupt. ~mī: (a) old. slowly. ~री delinquent. pace. क़दम qadām (nm) step. just appreciator. -. कदाशय kada:shay (nm) malafide intent. gourd. see सोना. words. figure and frame. —चमना see ~बोसी (करना). कन kān (nm) see कण. an allomorph of कान used as the first member of compound covers the ears. ~टोप a cap which ~बितयाँ whispering into the ears.step. corruption.matter. earless. pumpkin. ~पटी temple. hood. कदथरना kadarthanā: (nf) harassment. ू क़दर qadar (nf) extreme. कदाकार kada:ka:r (a) ludicrous. क़दावर qadda:var (a) tall and towering. कदं ब kadāmb (nm) the tree Nauclea cadamba. patron. possibly. figure and frame. absolute. ill-meaning. appreciation. narrated. क़द qaddr (nf) worth. —काठी stature. see क़दम.115 -humiliation. कदािचत ् kada:chit (adv) perhaps. कथोपकथन kathopkathān (nm) dialogue (in a literary work). कदनन kadānn (nm) coarse grain. to step up one's pace. . —नहीं never. कदम kadām (nm) see कदं ब.

कनौड़ा kanauṛa: (a) obliged. ~छन thoroughly strained or sifted (through a piece of cloth). hence ~िसया (nm). artifice. —साकय spurious testimony. to fight shy of. to be thoroughly beaten. करना to defraud. to beguile. border. an ardent love for sweet talks. grateful. hand. कनेर kaner (nf) oleander—the plant or the flower. ~दान giving away a daughter in marriage. —चाटना to commit suicide by an intake of diamond dust. edge. to look in an oblique manner. ruse. कनीज़ kanī:z (nf) a slave girl. hypocritical. कनहै या kanhaiya: (nm) a corrupt form of कृषण (see). curtain. crafty. to evade. कनने से उड़ना/कटना to come clean out from.कनखी kankhi: (nf) an ogle. broken piece of rice. to be clean-swept. — ~पूणर fraudulent. कनना kannā: (nm) edge. -. a sign with an eye. क़नात qana:t (nf) awning. hence ~ता (nf). trickery. कनसतर kanāstar (nm) a canister. guile. कनौती kanauti: (nf) the pointed end of a beast's ear. dissimulation. the ends of a kite. —काटना to slink away. कपटाचार dissimulation. daughter. कपड़ kapaṛ —an allomorph of कपड़ा used as the first member in compound words. कनया kannyā: (nf) a virgin. side-glance. -ढीला होना to get demoralised. to cast a side glance. कननी kanni: (nf) border. किनष kanishṭḥ (a) the youngest. to ogle. trowel. किनिषका kanishṭḥika: (nf) the little finger. to fall into disarray. कनिखयो से दे खना to cast a side glance. artificial/hypocritical behaviour or conduct. that part of the kite to which the string is tied. कनर/स kānras (nm) a taste for musical or melodious voice. drop. to assume a cautious posture. a charming child or boy.116 -girl. a leer. junior most. (nm) a slave. —बदलना to prick up the ears (said of a horse). to be cut off at the parts where it is tied (said of a kite). कनगुिरया kānguria: (nf) the little finger. person under extreme obligation. कनी kanī: (nf) a particle. fraudulent. weakling. to sign with an eye. ~रासी possessing an effeminate disposition or temper. trickery. कपट kapaṭ (nm) fraud. diamond dust. hypocrisy.maid. . —चाल fraudulent act. —मारना to eye amorously. hypocritic idea. can screen. कपटी dissimulator. ashamed. disgraced. (रािश) virgo.

—को िचललाना to shriek out unexpectedly. scrap. —लता clothings. —िकया the ceremony of breaking the skull of a corpse before setting fire to the funeral pyre (a son or one of the nearest relatives performs the ceremony). any disorderly stuff. a harmless person. cranium. mucus. —होना to be spoiled. रँगना or रँगाना (figuratively) to take to an ascetic's attire. कपाल kapa:l (nm) the skull. कबाड़ kaba:ṛ (nm) junk.store. ~किलपत false. to rain. कपान kaptā:n (nm) a captain. a begging bowl. कफ kaph (nm) phlegm. किपला kapila: (nf) a white or grey-coloured cow. to undo. textile. junk-house. (a) feminine variant of कबरा (see). sluice. at what time. कबडडी kabaḍḍi: (nf) a typical outdoor Indian game. shutter. fabric.कपड़ा kapṛa: (nm) cloth. ~खाना a junk. —संिध a treaty on equal terms. fabricated. clothes. to be undone. —का since long. mottled. कबाड़ा kaba:ṛa: (nm). harmless cow. कब kab (adv) when. (a) degenerate. —फाड़कर cheese-paring. fantastic. कपत kapu:t (nm) an unworthy or wicked son. कौड़ी न होना to be penniless. cotton-plant. कपड़े कपाट kapa:ṭ (nm) (the leaves of) a door. fantastic imagination. . to fleece. —िसर से बाँधना to be ready to risk life or court death. ~कर phlegmatic. pall. कपोल kapol (nm) cheek. —करना to spoil. ~नाशक anti. कपड़े उतार लेना to deprive of all belongings. an undutiful son. कफ़न kafān (nm) shroud. clothing. to renounce the world. —संशय a buffer state. to be ruined. —कब how often. long back. gentle woman.phlegmatic. rarely. ~खसोट/चोर penny-pincher. fancy. कपूर kapu:r (nm) camphor. tale of a tube. head. penny pinching. stingy. कबंध kabāndh (nm) a torso. कपास kapa:s (nf) cotton. valve. कपािटका kapa:ṭika: (nf) a valve. —को कौड़ी न रखना to spend every penny (of one's earnings). to engage in a perilous venture. ू disobedient. कफ़ kaf (nm) a cuff. कबरी kabri: (nf) entwined hair formed into a braid. —कलपना a cock and bull story. कबरा kabra: (a) spotted. destiny. किप kapi (nm) a monkey. —फाड़ कर उठना to rise from the grave. articles of apparel.

to have one foot in the grave. frugal. econony. occasionally. hybrid. ~ख़वाब brocade. collops or small pieces of meat. one engaged in a low occupation. roasted on a skewer or spit. young in age. to admit. —मे हडडी होना to be a skeleton at the feast. to be like a fly in the ointment. —उम young. a handle. prevalent in U. to get a fresh lease of life. to be an unpalatable ingredient in a delicious dish. क़बज़ा qabza: (nm) possession. seldom. क़बल qabbl (ind) prior to. कबीला kabi:la (nm) a tribe. मे पाँव लटकाए होना to be on the brink of the grave. one who is in occupation (of). unwise. क़िबज़यत. scanty. short. to be enraged. साफ़-साफ़ to make a clean breast of.कबािड़या. confession. ~दार hinged. ू . कबाब kaba:b (nm) roasted meat.P. कम kām (a) little. (जल-भनकर) to burn with rage.yard. (adv) rarely. grip. foolish. —कभी sometimes. क़िबसतान qabrista:n (nm) a grave. क़बज़ qabz (nm) constipation. hinge. low. silk wrought with gold and silver flowers. ~बाज़ one ू who rears sporting pigeons. kaba:ṛi: -. —करना to admit. क़बज़े पर हाथ रखना to get ready to strike/hit. now and then. to concede. small. ever. and Bihar) abounding in obscene language. कबतर kabu:tar (nm) a pigeon. —खोदना to devise ways and means for ruination/destruction. pigeon hole. कबाड़ी kaba:ṛia:. to confess. क़बज़ी qabziyat.priced. ~अक़ल stupid. economical. ~असल cross. ~ख़ची thrift. क़बल qabu:l (nm) agreement. — on the verge of death. a noose for entangling wild animals etc. ~बाज़ी rearing of sporting pigeons. कमंडल kamān al (nm) the pot used by mendicants. dovecot. कबीर kabi:r (nm) a great mediaeval Hindi poet. less. कभी kabhi: (ind) sometime. roast. cemetery. to be क़बलना qabu:lnā: (v) to agree. occupation. —क़ीमत cheap. a type of peculiar folk songs (sp. ~खाना a pigeon house. few. deficient. —कर लेना. —से उठ आना to escape death. ु क़बाला qaba:la: (nm) a transfer/sale deed. to be an unwelcome intruder. base. कमंद kamānd (nf) a rope-ladder used for scaling a building. admission. frugality. one who holds possession. before. occupying. —होना. क़ब qabbr (nf) a grave. qabzi: (nf) constipation.breed.consent. ~ख़चर thrifty.117 -(nm) a junk dealer. to ू confess.

c. wonder. to resolve. कमबख़त kāmbaḳḥt (a) unfortunate. that which breaks the back—arduous. hence ~ता (nf). deficiency. beautiful. a curve. adversity. of tender age. ~तोड़ lit. to brace oneself up. कमाना kamā:nā: (v) to earn. unbearable. —करना to work wonders. unlucky. (nf) lack.~तर smaller. excellence. कमनीय kāmnī:y (a) lovely. demoralised. miraculous perfection. hence —नी (nf). lesser. कमाल kama:l (nm) a miracle.). to process (leather etc. the middle part of something. कमची kamchi: (nf) a strip of wood or bamboo. ~तरीन smallest. hence ~नसीबी.). कमज़ोरी kāmzori: (nf) weakness.) कमानी kamā:nī: (nf) a spring. the truss worn by people suffering from hernia. girdle. कमर kamar (nf) waist. —ख़चर बाला नशीन economical and yet of a superior quality. कमाई kama:i: (nf) earnings. ~कोट a parapet. chamber. —झकना to become old/feeble. to clean (w. great show. protection wall. कमली kamli: (nf) a small blanket. —का मारा fallen -. ~गटा the seed of lotus. ill-fated. —ककड़ी the root of lotus. कमिलनी kamalinī: (nf) a small lotus. ~नसीब unfortunate. low cost. to merit. कमान kamā:n (nf) a bow. —बाँधना to get . ineffectual. —हु ई (दे ह) built up (body-through exercise etc. deficiency. ill-fated. ~पटी a belt. fruit of Averrhoa carambola. —कसना to gird up one's loins. strong and muscular. ill-luck. accursed. etc. stringent. कमासुत kama:sut (a) earning.118 -in adversity. pretty. to perform a miracle. debility. scarcity. an arch. worthy. scanty. feebleness. ~बंद a girdle. कमरख kāmrakh (nm) a sour and pungently tasty fruit. command. —सीधी करना to relax for a while. कमाऊ kama:u: (a) earning (a livelihood). ~दार fitted with a spring. कमल kamal (nm) a lotus flower and its plant. least. —तोड़ना to break one's back. कमरा kamra: (nm) a room. slender stick कमज़ोर kāmzor (a) weak. to be all set for action. feeble. ~नाल the lotus-stalk. loins. to be ु ready for. to lose all self-confidence. कमिस/न kamsin (a) tenderly young. —टू टना to be rendered hopeless. कमबख़ती kāmbaḳḥti: (nf) misfortune. कमती kāmti: (a) less.

g. halt. ~पना (nm). want. tax-paying or taxpayer. hence ~पन. —संपुट open palms placed side by side in a hollowed position. the day of resurrection. custom. lack.119 -- palm (of a hand). exploits. to raise a commotion. karchhul. to produce an itch (as when some alien matter falls into the eye). performance. failing. jugglery. ~दे य taxable. ~तल -. क़यास qaya:s (nm) guess. as a suffix it imparts the sense of an agency (e. कमीशन kamī:shān (nm) commission (body of persons having authority or warrant conferring authority in the army etc. कमेटी kameṭi: (nf) a committee. articulator. instrument. sweepings. worker. ~पन meanness. tribute. कमीना kamī:nā: (a) mean. करकट karkaṭ (nm) used as the second member in the compound कड़ा. defect. . करछल. discount.किमश/र kamīshnar (nm) a commissioner. क़यामत qayā:māt (nf) the day of judgment. करघा kargha: (nm) a weaver's loom. abatement. करछी. करत/ब kartab (nm) a feat. the trunk of an elephant. कमीनदार kamīnda:r (nm) a sniper. vile. scarcity. doing. करणीय karṉī:y (a) worth doing. •धविन clapping. karchhuli: (nf) a ladle. क़याम qayā:m (nm) stay. scantiness. कमीज़ kamī:z (nf) a shirt. —बरपा करना to bring about a devastating crisis. —िनधाररण tax-assessment. also करताल. paucity. skill. सुखकर— that which gives pleasure). ~री a territory administered by a commissioner. ~दाता tributory. कर kar (nm) a hand. tax. destruction. कमीन kamī:n (a) mean. करं /ड karāṉḍ (nm) hive. ~बी manoeuverer. annihilation. —की घड़ी a moment of extreme crisis. skilful.meaning—dregs. dexterous. करकना karaknā: (v) to produce a painful sensation. ~द. halting. wicked. a bamboo basket. ~मुक tax-free. to create a stir. shortage. करछली karchhi:. ray. instrumental case. an organ. ~डी a kind of pseudo-silken cloth. wickedness. acrobatics.). low-born. office of a commissioner. कमेरा kamera: (nm) a workman. ू rubbish. reduction. ु ु करण karāṉ (nm) articulation. function. conjecture. कमी kamī: (nf) deficiency. duty.

ill-famed. to cohabit. magic. miraculous. करार kara:r (nm) a river-bank. to practise (as वकालत—). to complete. क़रार qara:r (nm) an agreement. action. thaumaturgy. to perform. to act. कराल kara:l (a) terrifying.करता karta: (nm) see कतार. hence ~पन (nm). करधनी kardhanī: (nf) a girdle (of gold. . किरशमा karishmā: (nm) a miracle. methodical. see क़रार. to run or set up (as दकान—).120 -method. करतूत kartu:t (nf) misdeed. destiny. mercy. formidable. करमहाँ karmūhā: (a) a word of abuse meaning one having a blackened face. कराहना kara:hnā: (v) to groan. a mason's trowel. to adopt a new course. करनफल karānphu:l (nm) see कणरफल. moan. hence ~ता (nf). ~नेदार orderly.). to have as man or wife. miraculous feat. commitment. to be widowed. कराधान kara:dhā:n (nm) taxation. क़री/ना qari:nā: (nm) orderliness. कराह kara:h (nf) a groan. a bank. act. to commit. ~जली an abusive term for a woman or girl meaning luckless/of ill-luck/unfortunate. to execute. ु infamous. (nm) thaumaturgist. करवट karwaṭ (nf) lying on one side. करामात kara:mā:t (nf) a miracle. doings. करनी karnī: (nf) doing. work. ~बी karab. करम karām (nm) deed. —बदलते रात बीतना to spend a restless night. कर/ब. a contract. karbi: (nf) the stalk of jua:r and ba:jra: used as fodder. deed. sturdy. —ठोकनाto lament over one's lot. feat. —बदलना/लेना to turn from one side to the other or to change sides while lying. to solve ु (as सवाल—). ू करमकलला karāmkalla: (nm) cabbage. करामाती kara:mā:ti: (a) working wonders. hard. ~नामा a written agreement. ू ू करना karnā: (v) to do. fate. to hire. precipice. stout.taking. strong. करारा kara:ra: (a) crisp. to moan. evil deed. करै कोई भरै कोई to bark up a wrong tree. -. करतार karta:r (nm) the Creator. the Master. symmetrical techniques. to fall into adversity. to cry in pain. silver or yarn etc. under. —फटना to have a stroke of ill luck. forceful. the position of lying or sleeping on the side. article (as of an association). doing.

करण karūṉ (a) touching. hoarse. almost. कक kark (nm). approximately. cutting. ~दारी indebtedness. tragic. head of a joint Hindu family. करणा karūṉā: (nf) pity. the Creator. र ककशा karkasha: (a) termagant. the active or the managing member of a social. कतरवय kartavvy (nm) duty. ~चयत fallen/deviated from duty. harsh. ु ~मढ़/िवमूढ़ perplexed as to the proper course of action. ू कणारतीत karṉā:ti:t (a) ultrasonic. ~पित a multi-millionaire. ~कर/ ~िनधान/ ~िनिध attributes of God—The Merciful. debt. author. pathetic. र कज़र karz (nm) loan. a small acid fruit. rudder (of a boat). close by. ~िनष/परायण dutiful. benignity. compassionate. करोड़ karoṛ (a and nm) ten million. harsh (sound). nf). ~न approximately. करौदा karāūda: (nm) the corinda— Carissa carandas. ~शल ear-ache.क़रीब qari:b (adv) near. क़रीबी close. hypotenuse. —रे खा tropic of cancer. placed in a dilemmatic state. कणर karṉ (nm) an ear. hence करे ली (diminutive. trimming. near. —रािश cancer—the sign of zodiac. करौली karauli: (nf) a poniard. hence ~ता (nf). to be indebted. करै ला karaila: (nm) see करे ला. कणरफल karṉphu:l (nm) an ornament worn in the ear. pathos. almost. shrew. कज़ार karza: (nm) see कज़र. compassion. —खाना to live on loans. nf). what ought to be done. ~गोचर audible. helm. करै त karait (nm) a venomous black snake. ~हदय merciful. discharge of ichorous ू matter from the ear. -क़रीब almost. screechy. small dagger. about. hence ~िनषता/परायणता (nf). ू कतार karta: (nm) doer. ~कटु discordant. chopping. ~साव running of the ear. करे ला karela: (nm) bitter gourd— Momordica charantia. ~दार a debtor. ~मूल the root of the ear. र ककश karkash (a) hard. —और नीम चढ़ा a bad man in a bad company. disagreeable. (a) proper/fit to be done. कतरन kartan (nm). tenderness of feelings. hence ~ली (diminutive. subject (in Grammar). —धतार all in all. ~धार helmsman. ~मय tender-hearted. parotitis. one who steers (a boat). shoot of a bamboo. a disease resulting in swelling at the root of the ear. (nf) quarrelsome/shrewish woman. quarrelsome. करील kari:l (nm) a thorny leafless shrub—Capparis aphylla. political or any other unit. ~पाली the lobe of the ear. abounding in compassion. .

कतरृ kartri—an allomorph of the word कतार used as the first member in compound denotes the subject. doing. ~कार a wage earner. •वंद staff. कमरणयतावाद karmāṉṉyata:va:d (nm) activism. active. a hero whose actions are marked by deep enthusiasm. ~िनष dutiful. hard working. ~कांड the body of religious ceremonies commanded by Hindu law or convention. spotted. ~फल the outcome of one's deeds. कमेिदय karmēndriy (nf) an organ of action (the hand. an official. -का टीका a blot. ~ता diligence. -. unfortunate. ~शाला a workshop. worker. कमरठ karmāṭḥ (a) diligent. assiduousness. action. कलंिकत kalāṅkit (a) disgraced. र कमर karm (nm) deed. ~योग the philosophy of the discipline of detached action. ~कांडी a ritualist. worker. disgrace. . object. assiduous. stigma. ~भोग experiencing or facing the consequences of action. a worker. to cause a stigma to be attached with. कमी karmrī: (nm) a member of a crew. by action. industriousness. fate. workman. -कौशाल workmanship. कमरणय karmāṉṉy (a) industrious.). ~वाद the theory that one has to face the consequences of one's action— good or bad. etc.121 -~कर a worker. ~चारी an employee. one who performs such rituals. ~बंधन the bondage resulting from one's deeds. ~वाचय the passive voice. achievement. the cult of religious rituals. sin. ~वाचय the active voice. ~ता activity. -लगाना to stigmatize. -धोना to wash off a stigma. active and energetic (person). कनरल karnāl (nm) a colonel. hard work. blemished. agency. ~कारक the objective case. कबुर karbur (a) variegated. member of the staff. ~चािरवगर retinue. any religious action or rites. extraction. ~पधान (वाकय) (a sentence) wherein the object dominates. servant. ~वाचक a term that कततव kartrittv (nm) the act or property of being an agent. one who performs rituals as a matter of duty. mark of disgrace. specialist in the field of religious rituals. ~शील industrious. slime. the bond of birth and death. कलंक kalāṅk (nm) blemish. ृ ~चारय a kind of compound word. ~हीन unlucky. रृ कदरम kardām (nm) mud. unmindful of results. कषरण karshān (nm) traction. ~पधान वाकय (a sentence) wherein the subject dominates. कमरणा karmāṉā: (adv) by deed. slur. hence ~वादी. hence ~योगी (nm). the foot. ~वीर one who fulfils one's duties enthusiastically. words. body of employees.

—का धनी a master of the art of writing. to have full sway (over).122 -physical or mental normalcy. -दबाना to े . show. a school or style of painting. meaning black. pertaining to the future (as कल की कल पर है ). कलन kalān (nm) calculus. क़लम kalām. कलछी kalchhi: (nf) a long-handed ladle. to prune. tinner of pots and pans. the comb (of a cock). (nf) peace. the growth of hair on man's temples. chopping. —घसीटना to scrible. tin plating. ~दान a pen and ink case. having a pleasing tone or note. tin. कलक kalak (nm) keen regret. ~कारी engraving. tranquillity. stigmatic. —उघड़ना/खुलना to be exposed. ~कठ one blessed with ं sweet and soft voice. कलकटर kalakṭar (nm) a collector. soft and tender. ~बंद penned. कलम. कल kal (a) sweet. ~क़साई a hack-writer. painting with a brush. of recent origin. a kind of Mohammedan recluse. to lose -. ~कल sweet and soft sound (of a flowing stream or spring). क़लई qalai: (nf) whitewash. a machine or its parts. कलपना kalapnā: (v) to lament. reduced to writing. gentle. to cause to act. penstand. —हाथ मे होना to exercise complete control. remorse. one who practises butchery through one's pen. to cut. -बेकल होना to be ill at ease. put into black and white. ~मुहाँ lit. comfort. —िघसना to to give a sudden turn to one's line of thinking. —करना to chop off. कलफ़ kalaf (nm) starch. (nm and adv) tomorrow. written. yesterday. coating. कल—used as a first member of compound words. कलगी kalagi: (nf) a plume. qalām (nf) a pen.कलंकी kalāṅki: (nm) (one who is) disgraced. penitence. -का too small (as लड़का). calculation. ~दार tin-plated. to bemoan or bewail. ~दार a rupee coin: -उमे ठना/एंठना/घुमाना to incite a person to perform or to desist from an act. of recent past. -क छोकरे babes and sucklings. black-faced —disgraced. external grandeur. graft. stone lime. aigrette. •धवनी sweet and gentle sound. a carefree type of man. a gem-studded ornament fixed in the turban. branded with a stigma. क़लंदर qalāndar (nm) a monkey or bear dancer. one who misdirects or propagates ignorance through one's writings. a painter's brush. crest. pentray. make somebody act. cutting. •करना to write down. hence कलमबंदी (nf). low and weak (tone). कलंगी kalāgi: (nf) see कलगी. to be disturbed or disquieted. to be unmasked. ~गर a tinman. to record in writing. ~दार starched.

a trick in the art of wrestling. skill. acrobatic feat. —कौशल artistic skill. किल kali. gold or silver thread: कलार kala:r (nm) see कलवार. —तोड़ना to work wonders in (one's) writing. ~िनिध the moon. —घड़ी a wrist watch. ~वादी aesthetic. ~yug (nm) the kali age. possessed of artistic skill. artifice. कलावा kala:va: (nm) a red thread (tied on the wrist by the Hindus on auspicious occasions). larger. dispute. —आम grafted mango.write insignificant things/ineffectively. a digit or one sixteenth of the moon's diameter. ~कृ ित a work of art. a believer in art for art's sake.) the age of vice. to embrace Islam. कलाकद kala:kānd (nm) a kind of sweetmeat. pinnacle. elder. -. —शोरा saltpetre. ु according to the Hindu mythology. a dome.123 -~बाज़ an acrobat. sport. to kiss one's pen — ू to immensely like an expression. a wine merchant. कलाँ kalā: (a) large. to write amazingly well. कलश kalash (nm) a pitcher. चमना lit. ~बाज़ी acrobatics. कलसा kalsa: (nm) a metal pitcher. क़लमी qalamī: (a) grafted. scramble. कलाई kala:i: (nm) wrist. कलमा kalmā: (nm) the basic statement or confession of Mohammedan faith. कलही quarrelsome. an artistic creation. very minute division of time. —चलाना to write. strife. a portion. कलवार kalwa:r (nm) a caste amongst the Hindus who formerly used to deal in liquor. कला kala: (nf) art. taking a somersault. ~धर. big. ~िवलासी a dilettante. crystallised. to be all praise for (one's writing). bigger. ~युग. ~वंत an artiste. hence कलसी (diminutive. —फरना to strike out or delete what े is written. ~जंग a somersault. hence ~युगी of or belonging किलका kalika: (nf) a bud. division. degree. ं कलाबतू kala:battu: (nm) silk thread covered with gold or silver. कलह kaleh (nm) quarrel. ~कार an artist.—मे ज़ोर होना to wield the pen effectively. silk and silver or gold thread twisted together. ~िपय quarrelsome. the fourth and the last age of the universe to किलयग. nf). ~परक artistic. an urn. broil. •ता quarrelsomeness. craft. . —मे जाद ू होना to work wonders with the pen. play. (fig. —पढ़ाना to initiate (somebody) into Islam. —पढ़ना to repeat the Muslim confession of faith.

किलया qalia: (nm) meat-curry. कली kali: (nf) a bud; gusset, a piece put in a garment; a maiden who has yet to attain youth, an unblossomed maiden. कलीसा kali:sa: (nm) a Christian church. कलुष kalush (nm) turbidity, impurity; sin; (a) turbid, impure; sinful, wicked. कलुिषत kalushit (a) sinful, profane; filthy. कलटा kalu:ṭa: (a) blacky, dark-complexioned. ू कले डर kalēṉḍar (nm) a calendar. कलेजा kaleja: (nm) liver; heart; courage; —उछलना to have the heart throb out of excitement; —कड़ा करना to pull oneself together; to steel one's heart; to prepare oneself for a shock/hardship, etc; —काँपना to be terrified; to be struck with extreme terror; — छलनी होना to be afflicted by taunts and sarcastic remarks; —जलनाto suffer extreme

agony, to be heart-sore; —जलाना to put to agony, to torment; —टू टना to lose all hope, to be completely demoralised; —ठं डा/तर होना to be fulfilled or gratified, to be assuaged जाना to repress grief, not to let one's grief be manifested; —धक-धक करना to have a violent heart-throb (on account of fear, apprehension, etc.); —धक से हो जाना to be dumbfounded; to receive a violent shock; —धड़कना the heart to palpitate (through anxiety, fear, apprehension); —िनकाल कर रख दे ना to express one's inner hurt feelings; to express/expose oneself without reservation; to surrender one's all; to give away what is best or dearest; —पकना to be deeply wounded; to be fed up of enduring affliction; — पतथर का करना to become stone-hearted; to get ready to face the worst eventuality; — फटना to have the heart rent by deep sorrow; —बिललयो/बाँसो उछलना to be full of excitement through joy; —मँुह को आना to have one's heart in one's mouth, to be restless on account of grief; कलेजे का टुकड़ा core of one's heart; something or (on account of an adversary's distress); —थाम कर रोना to weep bitterly; —थाम क रह े

somebody dearest to one's heart; कलेजे पर चोट लगना suffer a heavy emotional shock or blow; कलेजे पर छरी चलाना to experience a deep emotional shock;कलेजे पर साँप ु लोटना to be struck with jealousy, -- 124 -to be under a sense of deep grief (on recollection of some unwelcome event): to repine; कलेजे पर हाथ रखना to have a statement endorsed by one's conscience;कलेजे मे आग लगना the heart to burn through jealousy; to have a sense of love aroused in the wounded emotionally; कलेजे से लगाना to embrace fondly, to caress. कलेवर kalevar (nm) physical structure, external build-up; size. heart; कलेजे मे खटकना to prick, to keep on pinching; कलेजे मे तीर लगना to be deeply

कलेवा kalewa: (nm) breakfast. कलोल kalol (nm) fun and frolic, sport. कलौजी kalāūji: (nf) nigclla; stuffed vegetable. कलप kalp (nm) era; having the manner or form of, similar to, resembling, almost like (ऋिषकलप like a sage; िपतकलप like father). ृ कलपतर kalptaru (nm) a mythological tree or plant that is supposed to grant all desires. कलपना kalpanā: (nf) imagination; fiction; supposition, assumption; —िचत imaginary picture; ~पवण imaginative; hence ~पवणता (nf); ~पसूत imaginary, fictional; invented; world of phaṉtasy; —शिक imagination, imaginative faculty; —सिषa mental creation, ृ imaginative creation. कलपनातीत kalpanā:ti:t (a) unimaginable, beyond imagination; incomprehensible. कलपनीय kalpnī:y (a) imaginable; worth imagining; hence ~ता (nf). कलपलता kalplata: (nf) a mythological creeper supposed to possess the power to grant all wishes. कलपवक kalpvriksh (nm) see कलप-तर. ृ किलपत kalpit (a) imaginary; virtual; fictitious; —नाम nom de plume; — सवगर cockaigne, cl Doredo. कलमष kalmāsh (nm) sin; impurity, filth. कलयाण kallyā:ṉ (nm) welfare, benediction; ~कारी propitious, auspicious; good, beneficial; —राजय welfare state. कलला kalla: (nm) a sprout; interior part of the cheek; —फटना to sprout. ू कललोल kallol (nf) play, sport, frolic. कवक kavak (nm) fungus. कवच (nm) armour, amulet; shell; ~धर/धारी armoured; कविचत armoured. कवियती kavaitri: (nf) a poetess. कवरी kavari: (nf) a fillet or braid of hair. कव/गर kavarg (nm) the ka-pentad of five soft-palatal consonants in the Devna:gri: script, viz. क, ख, ग, घ, ङ; ~गीय belonging to the ka- pentad. कव/ल (nm) a morsel, mouthful; ~िलत devoured, swallowed, eaten. क़वायद qava:yad (nf) exercise, drill.

—लोक in an imaginary/phantastic world; —लोक मे होना to be in the clouds, to be in a

किव kavi (nm) a poet; —कमर poetic function, composition/creation; -पिसिद poetic convention; ~राज a physician; a king of poets; ~वर a leading poet, an excellent poet; — समय age-old traditional description. किवता kavita: (nf) poetry; a poem. किवत kavitt (nm) a class of a particular meter in Hindi poetry, esp. Braj; poetry, in general (arch.). किवतव kavittv (nm) poetic content or quality; —शिक poetic faculty/power. -- 125 -क़ववाली qavva:li: (nf) a form of group vocal music and song. कश kash (nm) a whip, lash; drawing, pulling; whiff, puff, inhalation; a suffix used to denote one who pulls or lifts, e.g., मेहनतकश; ~मकश struggle; divergent pulling, wrangling; -खींचना/लगाना/लेना to have a puff. किशश kashish (nf) attraction. कशीदा kashi:da: (nm) ornamental needlework, embroidery; ~कारी embroidery. कशेरक kasheruk (nm) vertebral column, spine; (a) vertebrate. कशाय (a) ruddle-coloured; astringent. कष kashṭ (nm) suffering, pain; hardship; distress; ~कर/कारक troublesome, painful, distressing; -कलपना far-fetched imagination; ~दायक/~पद see कषकर; ~साधय difficult; troublesome; onerous. कस kas (nm) assay, test; strength, power; ~दार strong, sturdy; —बल strength, power. कस kas—an allomorph of काँसा used as the first member in compound words; ~कट an ु alloy of copper and zinc; ~हँड़ी (कसेड़ी) a huge bronze pitcher. कसक kasak (nf) smarting pain, aching sensation; internal pain; lingering agony; — िनकालना/िमटाना to assuage pain; to derive relief by retaliation. कसकना kasaknā: (v) to have an aching sensation/lingering agony. कसना kasnā: (v) to tighten, to frap; to fasten; to bind; to gird up, to brace; to test (on a touch- stone), to assay; to reduce to thin shreds (with the help of an implement, e.g. pumpkin, cucumber, etc.). क़सबा qasba: (nm) a township, small town. कसबी kasbi: (nf) a prostitute, harlot adulterous woman. क़सम qasām (nf) an oath, swearing; —उतारना to set free of the bonds of oath; to perform an act nominally; —खाना to swear, to take an oath; —खाने कोnominally; — under an oath; —दे ना to put on oath; —लेना to swear, to take an oath. तोड़ना to violate an oath; —िदलाना to administer an oath (to); to make one swear; to put

कसमसाना kasmasā:nā: (v) to fidget, to be restless; to wriggle; to bestir oneself. कसमसाहट kasmasa:haṭ (nf) fidgeting, restlessness, uneasiness; wriggling; bestirring. क़सिमया qasamīyā: (adv) on oath, bound by oath. कसर kasar (nf) deficiency; loss; drawback; lacuna, shortcoming; (in Mathematics) a fraction;—करना/रखना to be wanting (in), to fail (to); —खाना/उठाना to suffer loss or damage; —दे ना to inflict loss (on); —न उठा रखना to leave no avenue unexplored, to leave no stone unturned; —िनकलना to be compensated; to be avenged; —िनकालना to make up the loss; to avenge, to be quits (with). कसर/त kasrat (nf physical exercise; abundance, plenty; ~ती athletic, built-up by physical exercise (as body). क़साई qasa:i: (nm) a butcher; (a) cruel, pitiless; ~खाना/घर butchery, slaughter house; — क खूटे(से) बँधना to get wedded to a merciless man; to be entrusted to a cruel fellow; -क े े ँ खूटे(से) बाँधना to hand over to a merciless person/butcher. ँ कसा-कसाया kasa:kasa:ya: (a) -- 126 -ready-packed; ready; saddled; muscular. कसाकसी kasa:kasi: (nf) tension; antagonism. कसार kasa:r (nm) wheat flour fried in ghee and mixed with sugar. कसा/ला kasa:la: (nm) toil, labour; ~ले का requiring great toil and pains; oppressive and laborious (business). कसाव kasa:v (nm) tightness; stiffness; the quality of being well-knit; terse (language style); muscularity; hence ~दार (a). कसावट kasa:vaṭ (nf) tightness; terseness; muscularity. क़सीदा qasi:da: (nm) a special variety of eulogical poetic composition in Urdu/Persian. क़सूर qasu:r (nm) fault; guilt; ~वार a guilty person. कसेरा kasera: (nm) a particular Hindu community manufacturing and dealing in bronzeware. कसैला kasaila: (a) astringent; hence ~पन (nm). कसौटी kasauṭi: (nf) a touchstone; test, criterion;—पर कसना, िकसी को to put a person through his facings. कसतूरी kastu:ri: (nf) musk; —मग a musk-deer. ृ क़सद qasd (nm) resolution, will; ~न deliberately, wilfully. क़ससाब qassa:b (nm) a butcher; ~खाना butchery. क़हक़हा qahqaha: (nm) a burst/peal of laughter; —लगाना to laugh boisterously. क़हत qahat (nm) famine; utter scarcity; ~ज़दा famine-struck.

कहना kehnā: (v) to say, to state, to tell, to utter; (nm) saying, utterance, order;

advice; कहते न बनना to be beyond description, not to be able to narrate/describe; — कछ करना कछ double dealing; —सनना persuasion, inducement; wrangling; कहने ु ु ु मे होना to be under (somebody's) commands, to be under the spell (of); —कहने से को virtually, nominally; कहने मे आना to be misled, to be induced; to veer round; कहने कमहार/धोबी गधे पर नहीं चढ़ता you can take a horse to the water but you cannot make ु की to talk of chalk and to hear of cheese. कहनावत kehnā:vat (nf) saying. कहनी-अनकहनी kehnī: ānkehnī: (nf) vituperation, unpleasant utterance. क़हर qahar (nm) calamity; divine wrath/affliction; —ढाना/—बरपा करना to cause a devastation/calamity. क़हवा qehwa: (nm) coffee; ~खाना/घर coffee house. कहाँ kahā: (adv) where; —अमुक, कहाँ अमक the one being no match to the other, a ु राजा भोज कहाँ गंगू तेली the one not fit even to hold a candle to the other. कहा kaha: (nm) saying; advice, order; —सना verbal impropriety, harsh words; — ु सनीaltercation, verbal duel. ु कहानी kaha:nī: (nf) a (short) story; tale; —कला the art of story-telling; ~कार a storywriter, story teller; —गढ़ना to fabricate tales, to telltales. कहार kaha:r (nm) a Hindu community earning its livelihood by supplying/carrying water, bearing palanquin and washing utensils, etc.; a member of this community; utensil cleaner. कहावत kaha:vat (nf) a saying, proverb. कहीं kahī: (ind) somewhere; any where; lest; —कहीं in some -- 127 -cases/places; —का of some unknown origin; excessive; extreme; —का न रखना to cause one's undoing; to cause one's devastation; —का न रहना to be undone; to suffer a total devastation; —की ईट कहीं का रोड़ा, भानुमती ने कनबा जोड़ा queer combination of ु heterogeneous elements; the creation of a whole with heterogeneous parts; —बूढ़े तोते भी पढ़ते है? Can you teach an old woman to dance? काँख kā:kh (nf) an armpit. काँखना kā:khnā: (v) to grunt, to groan; to cough. world of difference between the two; —का कहाँ carried afar; stretched too remote; —

him drink; कह- बदकर with explicit resolution, challengingly; कहे खेत की, सने खिलहान ु

काँच kā:ch (nm) glass; intestinum rectum; the end of the lower garment (dhoti:) which is tucked to the waist at the back; —िनकलना a disorder in which the intestinum rectum is prolapsed. काँजी kā:ji: (nf) a kind of sour gruel vinegar made by steeping mustard seed, etc. in water and letting the liquor ferment. काँजी हाउस kā:ji:ha:us (nm) a cattle pond. काँटा kā:ṭa: (nm) a thorn, spicule; fork; hook; fishing hook; prong; balance; the tongue of a balance; hands of a watch; the process of testing the correctness of a multiplication sum; bone of fish; obstacle; —िनकलना to have an obstacle removed; to be relieved of a lingering agony; —होना to be reduced to a skeleton, to wither away; to act as an obstacle; काँटे की तौल exact in weight; काँटे िबछाना to pave somebody's way with thorns; काँटे बोना to sow seeds of distress or misfortune; काँटो का ताज lit. a crown studded with thorns —an authority difficult to wield; काँटो की सेज a bed of घसीटना to embarrass (by undue exaltation/praise/respect). काँटी kā:ṭi: (nf) a bait. कांटेदार kā:ṭeda:r (a) thorny; prickly, spiky. कांड kā:ṉḍ (nm) untoward or unseemly/incident; even sectional division; chapter; shaft; —करना to cause an untoward or unseemly/incident. कांत kā:nt (nm) husband; (a) lovely, pleasant; pleasing. कांता kā:nta: (nf) wife; sweetheart; (a) beloved; lovely; —सिममत उपदे श a curtain lecture. कांतार kā:nta:r (nm) a dense forest. कांित kā:nti (nf) brightness, lustre, splendour, gloss; loveliness; ~मय/मान bright, lustrous, glossy. काँपना kā:pnā: (v) to tremble; to quiver; to shiver. कांफस kā:nfrens (nf) a conference. े काँव-काँव kā:v-kā:v (nf) crowing; unpleasant sound/words. काँसा kā:sa: (nm) bronze; ~गर bronzesmith. कांसटे बल kā:nsṭebal (nm) a constable. कांसय kā:nsy (nm) see काँसा; —पदक a bronze medal; —युग the bronze age. का ka:—a post-position expressive of genitive case—of, belonging to, pertaining to, —बरखा जब कृषी सुखाने after meat, mustard; after death, the doctor. काइयाँ kā:īyā: (a) cunning, shrewd, crafty (man); hence ~पन (nm). related with; in some dialects of Hindi 'का' is interrogative pronoun standing for कया?; thorns; काँटो पर लोटना to writhe in pain; to be overawed by jealousy; काटो मे

काई ka:i: (nf) moss; algae; —छड़ाना to rub out the moss, filth, etc; —सी फटना to be ु scattered, to go -- 128 -helter-skelter. काउं टर ka:uṉṭar (nm) a counter. काक ka:k (nm) a crow; cunning fellow; ~तालीय chance; •नयाय a chance happening; ~पद a caret. काका ka:ka: (nm) a paternal uncle. hence काकी (nf). काक ka:ku: (nm) a peculiar tone; (resulting from distress or fear or anger etc.); sarcasm; ु an oblique unwelcome remark. काग ka:g: (nm) a crow; cork. काग़ज़ ka:g̣az (nm) paper; —पत documents; papers; —काला करना to waste both paper and ink, —की नाव a house of cards, a transitory thing; —क घोड़े दौड़ानाto indulge in a े vain and unproductive effort काग़ज़ात ka:g̣za:t (nm) papers, documents. काग़जी kag̣zi: (a) made of paper; documentary, written; (e.g. —सबूत); having a thin rind (e.g.) —बादाम); academic action limited merely to paper; delicate; (nm) a paper merchant; —कायरवाही action in writing; —सबूत documentary/written evidence; —घोड़े दौड़ाना to indulge in mere paper transactions, to confine to sheer paper/academic actions; to accomplish projects on paper alone.

काज ka:j (nm) a button hole; work; ceremony; —सरना to have a work accomplished. काजल ka:jal (nm) collyrium; soot; —की कोठरी an abode of evil: a place or affair which imparts a stain on one's character by association. क़ाज़ी qa:zi: (nm) a Muslim judge or magistrate; one who performs the ceremony standi ? How dare you interfere ? What business have you to intrude? -जी दबले (कयो), शहर क अँदेशे to be worried about affairs that are not one's concern. े ु काजू ka:ju: (nm) cashewnut. काट ka:ṭ (nm) a cut, (act of) cutting; section; rebuttal; counter; erosion; incision; dissection; —करना to rebut; to counter; —छाँट cropping, trimming, pruning; abridgement; additions and alterations; —पीट cutting and over-writing, mutilation (of writing etc.). काट/ना ka:ṭnā: (v) to cut; to chip; to chop; to bite; to trim; to prune; to shear; to reap; to mow; to interrupt (e.g.> बात~ना); to fell (e.g. पेड़~ना); to pass/mark (e.g.)वक~ना); to while away; to fleece; to divide a number leaving no remainder; —खाना to bite; to sting; काटने दौड़ना to snap/bite one's nose up, to answer snappishly, to fly into a rage, to of nika:h in a Muslim marriage; —िक मलला ?, (आप कौन है ?) What is your locus ु

fret and fume; काटे खाना to be snappish, to look spark daggers; arouse a feeling of

desolation; काटो तो खून नहीं to be in a blue funk, to be stupefied, to be paralysed by sudden fear/apprehension etc. काठ ka:ṭḥ (nm) wood; timber; a block; (fig.) wooden, feelingless person; — कबाड़ lumber, useless or cumberous material; —का कलेजा होना to be hard-hearted, to be heartless; —का उललू a beetle-brain; an absolute blockhead; —की हँ िडया दबारा नहीं ु चढ़ती it is a silly fish that is caught with the same bait; —की हाँडी a means for dupery; —मार जाना to be stunned; —मे पाँव दे ना to put one's legs in the stocks, to take to a troublesome course; —होना to be petrified. -- 129 -काठी ka:ṭḥi: (nf) a saddle; frame; structure. काढ़ना kaṛḥnā: (v) to embroider; to extricate; to draw; to comb (hair). काढ़ा ka:ṛḥa: (nm) a decoction. कातना ka:tnā: (v) to spin. काितक ka:tik (nm) the eighth month of the Hindu calendar; also काितरक. काितब ka:tib (nm) a scribe; calligraphist. क़ाित/ल qa:til (nm) a murderer; ~लाना murderous. कान kā:n (nm) an ear; —उमेठना/ऐंठना to twist somebody's ear/ears by way of punishment; —कतरना/काटना to outwit, to prove more than a match; to excel, to surpass; —का कचचा easily misguided; too credulous; —खड़े करना to prick up the ears; to get alert; —खड़े होना to be alarmed; —खाना to, pester, to dig into the ears (of); दबाना not to protest; —दे ना, —दे कर —सुनना to incline one's ear to, to heed -खोलकर (सनना) to listen attentively, to pay heed to; —खोलना to put on the alert; — ु (somebody's words); —धरना to lend ear, to listen attentively; —न दे ना to turn a deaf ear; —न िहलाना not to budge in protest; —पकड़कर िनकाल दे नाto force out with disdain, to turn out disrespectfully; —पकड़ना to cry 'enough', to vow never to do a thing again, to express contrition (for); —पकना the ears to become sore (through persistent unwelcome talk etc.); -पर जँू न रे गना to turn a deaf ear to, to be utterly heedless, to be —फटना to be inflicted by a deafening noise; —फकना to initiate; to tutor; —फटना to ँू ू very negligent or careless; —पर हाथ धरनाto express ignorance; to pretend not to hear; become deaf; to be deafened; —फोड़ना to deafen (by excessive noise); —बंद/बहरे कर —बहना to have pus oozing/flowing out of the ear; —भरना to poison the ear (of), to excite dissension by talebearing; —मरोड़ना/मलना to twist the ear (by way of warning or

लेना to turn a deaf ear (to); —बजना to fancy that one hears a sound when there is none;

punishment); —मे उँ गली िदए रहना to refuse to be attentive, to be heedless; -मे (कोई negligent; —लगाकर सुनना to listen attentively, to pay heed to (what somebody is

बात) डाल दे ना to apprise somebody (of something);—मे तेल डालना to be inattentive or saying); कानो-कान ख़बर न होना to have a veil of absolute secrecy, not to allow a secret to be divulged. काना ka:nā: (a) one-eyed; (a fruit) partly eaten away by insects; having slight obliquity (as कपड़ा); hence कानी; कानी उँ गली the little finger; कानी क बयाह मे सौ-सौ े जोिखम/जोखो a one-eyed girl's way to matrimonial bliss is strewn with a hundred hazards, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip; कानी कौड़ी भी पास न होना to be extremely indigent, to be without a penny; काने को काना कहना to call a blind as blind (to utter an unwelcome truth). कानाफसी ka:na:phu:si: (nf) whisper, below one's breath; —करना to speak in whispers, ू to whisper. क़ानन qa:nū:n (nm) law; —और वयवसथा law and order; -छाँटना/~दाँ a legalist, jurist, ू one who knows law; —बघारना to be too much of a legalist, to talk law and nothing but law; to impose one's own interpretations on everything. क़ाननन qa:nū:nān (adv) legally, ू -- 130 -lawfully, by law. क़ाननगो qa:nū:ngo (nm) a land- record officer. ू क़ानिनयत qa:nū:niat (nf) legality. ू क़ाननी qa:nū:nī: (a) legal, lawful; —कायरवाही/चाराजोई legal proceedings. ू कापािलक ka:pa:lik (nm) a follower of the va:m-ma:rgi: shaiv sect, who carries human skull (kapa:l) in his hand, eats meat and drinks all sorts of intoxicants. कापी, काँपी ka:pi:, kopi: (nf) an exercise book; a copy ; ~राइट copyright. क़ािफ़या qa:fiya: (nm) rhyme; —तंग करना to harass, to put into a tight corner, to persecute. कािफ़र ka:fir (nm) a disbeliever (in the tenets of Islam); an atheist; (a) infidel; merciless. क़ािफ़ला qa:fila: (nm) a caravan, convoy. काफ़ी ka:fi: (a) enough; sufficient, adequate; (nf) coffee. काफ़र ka:fu:r (nm) camphor, —होना to vanish, to disappear. ू काबला ka:bla: (nm) a bolt. क़ाबिलयत qa:bliyat (nf) ability, capability, competence. काबा ka:ba: (nm) a square building at Mecca where Mohammedans from all over the world go for pilgrimage. क़ािबज़ qa:biz (a) possessing, occupying; constipative; (nm) a possessor.

worthy. —वित sexual instinct. serviceable. —मे आलसी भोजन मे हुिशयार the cats love fish but fear to wet -. to have business with. to put a spoke in one's wheel. to get employed. to destroy. कामदे व ka:mdev (nm) Cupid-the god of love. कामदानी kā:mdā:nī: (nf) embroidered work. — ंु किल/कीड़ा amorous sport. —होना to have one's purpose served. active. to kill. काम/चोर kā:mchor (a) malingerer. —मद oestrus. क़ाबू qa:bu: (nm) control. the flowery arrows of Cupid. hold. ~चारी capricious. to do with. desire. to help. ~मूढ़ overwhelmed by passion. to bring into play. . ~कार a comedy writer. (answering as a) makeshift stop-gap. —िबगाड़ना to make a mess of a business. sexual craving. farcical dramatic representation. —को काम िसखाता है it is work that makes a workman. lust. industrious. ~चार a caprice. to do the trick. —से बाहर होना to take bit between teeth. employment. —से काम रखना to mind one's (own) business. —लगना to get busy. काबल ka:bul (nm) the capital of Afghanistan. to ृ come to one's rescue.क़ािबल qa:bil (a) able. ~दे व Cupid—god े of love. to undo. कामकाजी kā:mka:ji: (a) busy. —मे जुटे रहना to be busy as a bee. कामदी kā:madi: (nf) a comedy. to succeed. to foil. embroidery. — बनना to have a purpose served. function. hence ~चोरी (nf). ~बाण the fire of passion. to have a pressing engagement. कामचलाऊ kā:mchala:u: (a) workable. —कठा sex complex. —दे खो. labour. caretaker (government). —मे भी गधे होते है even paradise has its ु share of fools. work. passion. capable. to have to do a job. —भावना amoristic sentiment. dalliance. to come into use. कामगार kā:mga:r (nm) a worker. competent. —मे लाना to turn to account. —ए —तारीफ़ praiseworthy. needle. labourer. काम kā:m (nm) work. performance. employee. चाम नही handsome is that handsome does. —पयारा होता है . —कला the art of love. to be killed or slain (in battle). अपना mind your own business. job. to get out of hand. कामदार kā:mda:r (a) embroidered. —तमाम करना to put an end to. —पड़ना to have to do with. task. —आना to be of avail or of servive. —िनकालना to have the work accomplished. —करना to prove effective.131 -their paws. to keep the work going. (nm) an agent. —वासना libido. practice makes a man perfect. —चलाना to manage. shirker.work. कामकाज ka:m ka:j (nm) business.

practice. libidinous. to silence. lust. ु कामातर ka:ma:rt (a) love-lorn. aphrodisiac. obssessed by love. hence ~ता (nf). कामया/ब kā:mya:b (a) successful. ~नतरण metamorphosis. हािनकारक. useful. —होना to be convinced. person. blinded by lust. hence ~ता (nf). to be silenced. कामातर ka:ma:tur (a) passion-blind. amorous. कारआमद ka:r—a:mad (a) effective. ु कामोतकठा ka:motkāṉṭḥa: (nf) sexual craving. कार ka:r —a suffix denoting a doer. factor. ~पलट metamorphosis. ~दीपक ka:mottejak. कारकन ka:rkūn (nm) an agent. ~कलप rejuvenation. to convince (by argument). amorousness. ु कायर ka:yar (a) coward. primer. located. overwhelmed by lust. कामी ka:mī: (a) sexually crazy. ~नमादी sex-crazy. मकार. occupation. business. libidinousness. —क़ानून rules and regulations. performer. क़ायल qa:yal (a) acknowledging. (nf) a motor car. libidinous. hence ~ता (nf). कामक ka:mūk (a) amorous. sensual. कामना kā:mnā: (nf) desire. िचतकार. कारक ka:rak (nm) a case (in Grammar). e. worthy. soma. exciting. timidity. a suffix denoting the factor responsible for a result. ~िमज़ाज composed. salacious. or a particular sound as भकार. क़ायदा qa:yda: (nm) a rule. calm and composed. sex-craze.g. salaciousness. —करना to establish. metamorphism. कामय ka:mmy (a) desirable. ु . sexual urge. occupation. काम-धाम kā:mdhā:m (nm) work. physical. hence ~ता (nf). ं कामो/तेजक. ~ता cowardice. कामांध kā:mā:ndh (a) passion. गथंकार. —वयापार physical action. established. कामो/नमाद ka:monmā:d (nm) erotomania. ~मकाम officiating. business. ~ ddi:pak (a) passion-arousing. beautiful lady. काया ka:ya: (nf) the body.g. covetable.blind.काम-धंधा kā:mdhāndha: (nm) work. excessive passion. convinced. to yield. passion. bodily. कामािगन ka:ma:gnī (nf) the fire of passion. क़ायम qa:yām (a) firm. काियक ka:yik (a) somatic. ु कामकता ka:mūkta: (nf) sexuality. consenting. extending recognition (to). timid. — करना to bring home to. e. कािमनी ka:mīnī: (nf) a (lustful) woman. कायिचिकतसा ka:ychikitsa: (nf) medicine. medical science. ~बी success.

कािरंदा ka:rīnda: (nm) a work agent. कािरका ka:rika: (nf) versified interpretation. कारगुज़ारी ka:rguza:ri: (nf) an achievement. कार ka:rū: (nm) a cousin of Moses who was very rich and niggardly. commentary in verse. dexterous. —का ँ ख़ज़ाना immense wealth. misdeed. doing. कारगर ka:rgar (a) effective.132 -employee. workman. craftiness. mill. trickery. captivity.g. कारख़ा/ना ka:rḳḥa:nā: (nm) a factory. ~नेदार owner of a factory/workshop/mill. काडर ka:r (nm) a card. कारण ka:rāṉ (nm) reason. deed. workshop. ृ कारावास ka:ra:va:s (nm) imprisonment. agency. . owning or having a business. कािरसतानी ka:rista:nī: (nf) doing. ~कार a cartoonist. ~ता causation. ~ज़ी working of wonders. laudable deed. काटूरन ka:rṭū:n (nm) a cartoon. craftsman. pertaining to business. workmanship. an agent. कारणातमक causal. ~री craftsmanship. कलयाणकारी. कारचोबी ka:rchobi: (nf) embroidery. instrument. कारसा/ज़ ka:rsa:z (a) working wonders. adroitness. immearsurable treasure. tradesman. trickery. dexterousness. jail. कारीग/र ka:ri:gar (nm) an artisan. कारा/गार. ~गह ka:ra:ga:r. attainment. efficient. ~री busy. cause. कारी ka:ri: —a suffix denoting performance of an act or a doer. trickster. e.-. ~सी carrrying firing cartridges. occupation. ~grih (nm) a prison. causality. कारतू/स ka:rtu:s (nm) a cartridge. कारोबा/र ka:roba:r (nm) business. कारबार ka:rba:r (nm) see कारोबार. कारिनस ka:rnīs (nf) cornice. कारवाँ ka:rvā: (nm) a caravan. कारपोरे शन ka:rporeshān (nm) corporation. कारा ka:ra: (nf) a prison. — शरीर causal body —the original embryo or source of the body existing with the Universal Impersonal Spirit. कारनामा ka:rna:ma: (nm) a feat. adroit. mechanic.

े े ँु . —िसिद success. —करना to execute. ~यीय official. ~ण programming. scheduling. action. कायारल/य ka:rya:lay (nm) an office. the relationship of cause and effect. fulfilment of a job. ु कायरकम ka:rykkram (nm) programme. ~भारी incharge. bureau. season. — ू पुरष time personified. काबरन ka:rbān (nm) carbon. to give up the ghost. role. religious function. कायारिनवित ka:rya:nviti (nf) execution. period. age. implemented. an employee. ू कायारग ka:ryā:ṅg (nm) the executive (wing). ~ता expediency. —कविलत होना/क गाल मे समाना/क मह मे जाना to be devoured by Death. death. proceedings. —कोठरी a death cell. era. competence. function. कायोतर ka:ryottar (a) post facto. calamity. कायर ka:ry (nm) job. ~ता potentiality. —दे वता the death-God. end. ceremony. काल ka:l (nm) time. कायरकशल ka:rykushal (a) efficient. कायारिनवत ka:rya:nnvit (a) executed. कायरकतार ka:rykarta: (nm) a worker.down. ex post facto. denouement (in a drama). task. ~भार workload. -.काितरक ka:rtik (nm) see काितक. कायरसची ka:rysu:chi: (nf) the agenda (of a meeting). कायारवली ka:rya:vali: (nf) the agenda. effect. famine.). कायरकम ka:rykkshām (a) potential. कायर-भंग ka:rybhāṅg (nm) break. —बली all-powerful Death. officiating. कािमरक ka:rmīk (nm) workman. कायरपािलका ka:rypa:lika: (nf) the executive. ~ता efficiency.133 -कायरवाहक ka:ryva:hak (a) acting. कायरवाही ka:ryva:hi: (nf) action. implementation. personnel. ~कट a very deadly poison. कायरवत ka:ryvritt (nm) minutes (of a meeting etc. tense (in Grammar). —काल term (of office). competent. charge (of office). कायरत: ka:rytah (ind) de facto. कायर-पणाली ka:rypraṉa:li: (nf) modus operandi. —कारण भाव causality. transaction. schedule. कायारनवय ka:rya:nnvay (nm) execution. expedient. —वयापार action. ृ कायरसाधक ka:rysa:dhak (a) effective. implementation. work. labour. —िववरण details of business/transaction. —आना the end to come.

dark. seasonal. काल-दोष ka:ldosh (nm) anachronism. —ज़ीरा carum. —चोर unknown/untraced person. (nf) an epithet of goddess Durga:. —िमचर pepper. —पुतना/लगना to be stigmatised. —बाज़ार black market. stigma. कालचक ka:lchakkr (nm) the wheel of time. कािलमा ka:limā: (nf) blackness. काले कोसो very far. काली ka:li: (a) black. immortal. कालधमर ka:ldharm (nm) death. —कलूटा jet black. क़ालीन qa:li:n (nm) a carpet. ु कालाविध kala:vadhi (nf) period (of time). —पानी life imprisonment. कालानकमण ka:la:nūkkramāṉ (nm) seriation. —भजंग pitch dark. the Andamans where Indians sentenced for life were deported during the British regime. काला ka:la: (a) black. a venomous/wicked person. ~िवजान chronology. का(कॉ)लर ka:(o)lar (nm) a collar. काले क े ू आगे िचराग़ नहीं जलता nothing sustains in an encounter with the devil. —मे (adv) in course of time. an ill-omened tongue. कालकोठरी ka:lkoṭḥri: (nf) a death cell. with the passage of time. काली करतत evil doings. timeless. —क़ानून black law. कािलख ka:likh (nf) soot. कािलका ka:lika: (nf) see काली. prophet of ill. —धन black money. े कालीन ka:lī:n —a suffix denoting relationship in time e. blemish. कालातीत ka:la:ti:t (a) not bound by time. blackness. कालजयी ka:ljayi: (a) that which transcends time.g.—सा लगना to be as unwelcome as Death. to have one's reputation sullied. कािलक ka:lik (a) periodical. —ज़बान Cassandra. कालांतर ka:lā:ntar (nm) time interval. —माँ क गोरे बचचे a black hen laying white eggs. कालतय ka:lttray (nm) the three times —past. काले कारनामे evil deeds. —छाया an ominous shadow (foreboding ill). time-barred. strain: ed. —नाग a cobra. stain. dark complexioned. —िसर पर खड़ा होना/नाचना to be at Death's door. —कौआ as black as a crow. —मँह करना to be gone. समकालीन ततकालीन. -. present and future taken together. timely duty. कालकम ka:lkkrām (nm) chronology.काली खाँसी whooping cough. passage of time.134 -stigma. —नमक a kind of rock-salt. solitary cell. to come to disgrace. to ु ु acquire a bad name. . blackhole.

kolij (nm) a college. कावयातमक poetic. -ममरज/ —ममी a connoisseur of poetry. —कला the art of poetry. useless prattling. brewing. िकं िचत ् kiṇchit (a) little. slight. —परं तु ifs and buts. to produce a gritty sound. िकटिकटाना kiṭkiṭa:nā: (v) to gnash in anger. indolence. िकं वदं ती kīmvadānti: (nf) rumour. indolent. —कला woodcraft. tenant. utopian. motionless. काश ka:sh (ind) Had God willed thus ! काशीफल ka:shi:phal (nm) squash gourd. to screech. ~कार a cultivator. holding. ~ली laziness. िकतना kitnā: (a) how much. somewhat. (आप) where you stand. hence ~िवमूढ़ता (nf). for. placed on the horns of a dilemma. lethargy. accordance with the times. sootiness. of the colour of moss. काष ka:shṭḥ (nm) wood. कावय ka:vvy (nm) poetry. कालपिनक ka:lpanīk (a) imaginary. िकिकयाना kikia:nā: (v) to scream. •करना to dilly-dally. िकं वा kīmva: (ind) or. hence —ममरजता. in accordance with the times. कालौच ka:lāūch (nf) blackness. fictitious. otherwise. —िवमूढ़ in a fog. hearsay. कािह/ल ka:hil (a) slothful. िकचिकच kichkich (nf) altercation. िकतने पानी मे है. िक़ता qita: (nm) a plot of land. काही ka:hi: (a) blackish green. िकं कतरवय kinkartavvy: —मीमांसक causist. number. िकं तु kīntu (ind) but. jealous. piece. —मीमांसा causistry. farming. to shriek. to be evasive. caught in a dilemma. farmer. —पाठ recitation. कालोिचत ka:lochit (a) expedient. tradition. to shout in angry tones. िकणवन kiṉvān (nm) fermentation. कॉिलज ka:lej. िकचिकचाना kichkicha:nā: (v) to gnash in anger.कालेज. quarrel. ~ता expediency. lazy. hence कावयातमकता (nf). ~वत ् as dead as wood. िकचिपच kichpich (nf) crowdedness. काशत ka:sht (nf) cultivation. ~कारी cultivation. िक ki (ind) that. excessive throng. —कृ ित a poetic work. िकतने kitnē (a) how many. hence ~ता (nf). farming. . ~कार a poet.

िकताबी bookish. beam. singular) of the verb करना. frugal. िकनारा kina:ra: (nm) bank. —होना to have one's pleasure (out of something) marred. िकरिकरा kirkira: (a) impaired. a race celebrated as musicians. disgrace. humiliation. gritty. िकया — what has been achieved/accomplished. िकनका kīnka: (nm) a small particle. मज़ा to mar the pleasure (of). िकरिकरी kirkiri: (nf) a particle of foreign matter fallen in the eye. िकया kiya: (v) did —past-participle form (mas. िकफ़ायत kifa:yat (nf) economy. —चाटना to read through/assimilate a book thoroughly. to undo what has been े achieved. to be gritty. a voracious reader. whither.िकताब kita:b (nf) a book. िकनारी kina:ri: (nf) border. ~ख़ाना a library. िकधर kidhar (adv) where. ~दार having a border. —करना/कसना to draw afar. िकताबी जान bookish knowledge. —फटना a ray to shoot forth. ~कशी the act of drawing away. thrift. sandy. ू िकरिमच kirmīch (nf) canvas. ~शारी thrift. bordered. frugality. border. िकरण kirāṉ (nf) a ray. िकये कराये/धरे पर पानी फरना to mar all one's efforts. िकरच kirach (nf) a bayonet. spoilt.िकनारे होना to step aside.135 -िकनार kinā:r (nf) see िकनारी. pertaining to books. —करना. िकरचा kircha: (nm) small particles. •कीड़ा a bookworm. . edge. verge. economy. िकये का फल भोगना to drink as one has कराया/धरा taken to a successful conclusion. frugality. thrifty. िकननर kīnnar (nm) a mythical being with human figures and a head of horse or with a horse's body and the head of a man. •िमटी मे िमलानाto undo brewed. िकन kīn (pro) an oblique plural form of कौन (see). िकनारे लगना to arrive at the destination. to dissociate. thrifty. िकयता kiyatta: (nf) quorum. splinters. edge. िकफ़ायती economical. shore. िकरं टा kirāṉṭa: (nm) (used derogatorily for) a Christian. accomplished. ~शार spendthrift. िकरिकराना kirkira:nā: (v) to grate. granule. to have an itching sensation in the eye caused by a foreign matter. िकरिकराहट kirkira:haṭ (nf) a grating noise. —होना to suffer humiliation/disgrace. extent. (pro) of whom ? -. having an edge. marred.

. िकस kis (pro) oblique singular form of कौन (see). िकशोर kishor (a) adolescent. key. botheration. ~री tenancy. िकलकारी kilka:ri: (nf) joyful shriek/outcry. of or pertaining to a peasant. to beguile. ~नी farming. िकिरच kirich (nf) see िकरच. ~शी raisin-coloured. िकरात kira:ṭ (nm) an ancient Indian tribe. paucity. youthful. of raisin. िक़ललत qillat (nf) difficulty. fare. िक़लेदारी the charge of a fort. िकशिम/श kishmish (nf) raisin. िकरायेदा/र kira:yeda:r (nm) a tenant. to manoeuvre.136 -िकलली killi: (nf) a small peg. िकराना kira:nā: (nm) grocery. —खेत की मूली हो. ~न चाहे वषार कमहार चाहे सखा donkey means one thing and the driver another. िकवाड़ kiva:r (nf) door leaf. िकलकारना kilka:rnā: (v) to shriek joyfully. िकशती kishti: (nf) a boat. hence िकशोरी (nf). िकसा/न kisa:n (nm) a farmer. —अवसथा adolescent age. िकराया kira:ya: (nm) rent. shutter. dearth. youthfulness. िकलकना kilaknā: (v) to produce a joyful outcry. ~लीटर a kilolitre. hire. —घुमाना to direct an operation. peasant. (िकसी की) —हाथ मे होना to have sway or control (over someone). to wriggle. िकलिबलाना kilbila:na: (v) to crawl. ferry. ~मीटर a kilometre. िक़/ला qila: (nm) a fort. to achieve a victory. ~ता adolescence. —पालना to own up a botheration.) What ु are you worth ? What do I care for you ? —िगनती मे हो ? What do you count for ? Who reckons with you ? —चिड़या का नाम है ? Who the hell is that ? —मँुह से to have ॢ the cheek to. castle. िक़लेदार garrison commander. ू ु िकशत kisht (nf) a checkmate (in the game of chess). िकलक kilak (nf) a joyful outcry. ~गाम a kilogram. ~लेबंदी fortification. scarcity. (तम etc. -.िकरिमजी kirmīji: (a) crimson (colour). ~ला फ़तह/सर करना to conquer an enemy. —मारना see िकलकारना. िकराये पर चलाना to hire out. िकरानी kira:nī: (nm) a clerk. िकराये पर चढ़ाना/दे ना to rent out. —दे ना to shut the door. िकलो kilo (nm) kilo (gram). the position of a िक़लेदार. to accomplish a gigantic task.

to have a sudden change in the course of one's luck. —पलटना/उलटना to have a turn of fortune. mattery discharge which collects in the corner of the eye. िक़ससे/बाज़ qisseba:z (nm) a tale-teller. —बाँधना fixation of instalments. variety. —का खेल irony of fate. —मे फसना to get involved in a mess. िक़समत qismat (nf) fate. —का धनी lucky. fortunate. ~वर lucky. kind. — ू लड़ना to have a run of good luck. िक़सत qist (nf) an instalment. dispute. not a favourite of Dame Luck. —से िनपटना to have bone to pick with someone. ~बंदी fixation of instalments. sewage. —िक़सम का of different kinds/types/varieties/qualities. quarrel. ~वार by/in instalments. lot. —उछालना to fling dirt. to chance one's arm. to indulge in character assassination. slime. की kī: (v) did — feminine plural form of िकया. —कोताह करना to present in short. खुलना/चमकना/जागना/िफरना to have a favourable turn of fortune. ँ कीिजए ki:jie (v) please do. िक़सम qism (nf) type. —खतम/तमाम करनाto put a stop to the quarrel. —सो जाना fortune to turn its back upon. —तीसरे को भेद न दे ना between assurance double sure. fortune. ू कीच ki:ch (nf) mud. िक़ससा qissa: (nm) a story. ~गो a tale-teller. की /ki:— feminine form of का and िकया. an idle talker. to indulge in denunciatory remarks -. to another is stepmother. to put an end to. tales. —बात को पकका करनाto make चककर/फर (a stroke of) ill luck. complication. to have a stroke of ill luck. dictates of destiny. to have an advent of . —िकसी को तखत दे ती है . ~बाज़ी mess. fortunate. —फटना to fall into adversity.— good luck. —पर जाना to resemble. —अपने हाथ मे होती है every man is the architect of his own fate.िकसी kisi: (pro) oblique singular form of कोई (see). to say in brief. luck. —कहानी fiction. —का हे ठा one who is humbled by fortune. sewage. to try one's luck.137 -(about). —लड़ानाto test/try one's luck. —िक़सतो मे in instalments. sludge. कीचड़ ki:chaṛ (nm) mud. quality. slime. िकसी को तख़ता fortune to one is mother. — you and me and the bedpost. to cast aspersions on one's character. to get embroiled in a fussy affair. imbroglio. —आज़माना to take one's chance. tale. to wind up (the matter). ~गा same as कीिजए but relating to the future. honorofic imperative form of the verb 'करना'. —का िलखा the decree of े fate. कीकर ki:kar (nm) see बबल.

self-dignity. कीड़ा ki:ṛa: (nm) an insect. to get rot. ~नाशक insecticide. कीितर ki:rti (nf) reputation. spline. कीश ki:sh (nm) a monkey.warfare. spike. entomological. to charm. कीना ki:nā: (nm) rancour. to spell-bind. costly. ~शेष surviving by virtue of glory.top. to render ineffective. ~शाली reputed. ु . glory. to suffer physical disintegration. record. dead. to suffer consequences of sins. -काँटे से लैस/दरसत tip. pin. toggle. to breathe a spell or incantation over. unmarried (girl). green-grocer. ~सतंभ a column built to commemorate a triumphal event. कीप ki:p (nf) a funnel. —काँटा tools and accoutrements. ~कार the performer of कीतरन. कीिमया ki:mia: (nf) alchemy. कीड़े पड़ना worms to breed (in). a gold or silver pin worn by women on one side of the nose. ~मान enjoying reputation. to quarrel over trifles. curly. unmarried. late. renowned. कीलना ki:lnā: (v) to drive a nail into. bower. in complete readiness. कीतरन ki:rtān (nm) devotional singing/song. cuneus. —लगना to be eaten up by worms. —करना to mince. ंु कजड़ा kūjṛa: (nm) a vegetable vendor. a worm. to be fully equipped. value. in full attire. क़ीमती qi:mti: (a) precious. valuable. a pillar. renowned. ंु ु किचत kuṇchit (a) curved. also कीतरिनया. कीलक ki:lak (nm) a pivot. ंु कज kuṇj (nf) a grove. ~री virgin. कआ/रा kūa:ra: (a) bachelor. rouge. core (of a boil). ~िवजान entomology. famous. ~गर/~साज़ an alchemist. ुँ ककम kūṅkum (nf) saffron. a worm. a pillar/tower of triumph. कीली ki:li: (nf) an axis. क़ीमा qi:ma: (nm) minced meat. fame.कीट ki:ṭ (nm) an insect. —काटना to get restless. —युद germ. rancorous. कीटाणु ki:ṭā:ṉū (nm) a germ. ~गरी/ ~साज़ी (the practice of) alchemy. ~वैजािनक entomologist. renown. peg. grudge. कजड़ो की तरह लड़ना to quarrel ंु ुँ like low-bred people. rivet. क़ीमत qi:mat (nf) price. •सथािपत करना to establish a record. ~वर/कीनेवाला one who is meticulous in preserving (one's) self-dignity. कील ki:l (nf) a nail. curled. wedge. arbour. cost.

(a) obtuse. ंु कड kūṉḍ (nm) a reservoir. addiction. . ~बुिद not of sharp intellect. ~पंथ/यश immoral/evil course. guilt. pot (of clay).138 -force of the hathyogi:. state of affliction. slow. handle (of an instrument). ंु complexed. hindrance. ugly. ~धातु a base metal. iron. block of wood. ~िदन unfavourable times. कद kūnd (nm) a kind of flower. ~गसत frustrated. ु adverse circumstance. ring-like. son. ु littleness. कठा kūṉṭḥa: (nf) frustration. ंु कड/ल kūṉḍal (nm) a large-sized ear-ring. depreciation. horoscope. कदा kūnda: (nm) the butt (end of a gun). pool.chain fixed in a door (for locking purposes). ंु कदन kundan (nm) purified and glittering gold. ~खयाित notoriety. a glance resulting in ill-luck. ~लाकार circular. a bad habit. an iron. possessing unsymmetrical physical frame. ंु कभ kumbh (nm) a pitcher. to ruin. blunt. ंु ंू —खटखटाना/खड़खड़ाना to rattle the chain (signifying a request to open the door). कडली kūṉḍli: (nf) a coil. spiral. ~गित bad plight. ~दशरन ominous. —की तरह दमकना to shine like purified ंु gold. ~खयात notorious. ~टे क obduracy. grotesque. circular. ंु कडिलनी kūṉḍalinī: (nf) the serpent ंु -. serpentine. ~धानय illearned foodgrains. lacking proportion or symmetry. inappropriate. log. ~डौल ugly. obtuse. to fasten the door-chain. ुँ क ku—a Sanskrit perfix meaning deterioration. —करना to devastate. कवर kūwar (nm) a prince.कजी kūṇji: (nf) a key (for a lock/for a difficult text or book etc. ~ज़ेहन dull. see कडी. filthy (used only as the latter member of the compound मैला-कचैला). ~नाम infamy. comlex. reproach. stunted. —हाथ मे होना to ंु possess the key to. ~कार a potter. ~चैला dirty. ill luck. Aquarius. ंु ंु कडा kun ंु a: (nm) a large earthen bowl/pot. sign of the zodiac. infamy. having disproportionate physical build. किठत kūṉṭḥit (a) blunt. disrepute. evil way. ु infamous. dullard. want. ~जोग mischance. frustrated. ~ढब undesirable manner/ill practice. ~कृ तय see ककमर. to undo. notorious. the phase of stopping the breath by shutting the mouth and closing the nostrils with the fingers of the right hand. ~ढं गा absurd. — लगाना to bolt. contempt. a sacred festival ंु of the Hindus which falls after every twelve years. cistern. ~दिष ominous glance. obsessed by frustration. कडिलत coiled. कडी kūṉḍi: (nf) a hasp. ~क in pra:ṉa:ya:m. adversity. deficiency.).

misleading advise: ~योग see ~जोग. (esp. ~ली corrupt. —एक some. ु कगित kugati (nf) bad plight. misdeed. evil ृ calling. something. of ill repute. —कछ somewhat. evil course. ~पत an undutiful son. कछ सुनार to have some deficiency at either end. morally degenerate. कएँ पर से पयासा आना to reach the destination and yet return ु पयासा कएँ पर जाता है the mountain will not come to Mahomet. bad mentality. the path of sin.•गामी following an immoral/evil course. aberrant. —गड़ ढीला कछ ु ु ु take a wrong step. —कर दे ना to overwhelm by magical or demonological charm. कआँ kuā: (nm) a well. a sinner. —खोदना to dig a well. ु कच/क kuchakkr (nm) a conspiracy. a few. Mahomet will go to ु frustrated. something just the contrary. कएँ का मे ढक frog of a well—one having too ु limited experience or a narrow outlook. ~मता a mushroom. plot. ~की conspirator. (fig. ु कचला kuchla: (nm) strychnine. —कहना to say harsh/unpleasant words. — बिनया. ~बेला late hour. to do something wrong. ~मी evil doer. ~वित evil tendency. ु कक/मर kukarm (nm) evil deed. ~भाव ill-will. state of affliction. —पालन poultry-farming. -सोना खोटा. uneven path.139 -कएँ मे भाँग पड़ना all (in a family etc. ~मंत evil counsel. to some ु ु degree. ु ु . ~राही one who follows the path of degeneration. ु कचेषा kucheshṭa: (nf) misdemeanour. —कर बैठना to का कछ something altogether different. ill-disposition. sin. कएँ मे बाँस डालना to make a ु frantic search.) to endeavour to harm somebody. infamy. ~राह evil course. ु ककरे kukre (nm) (used in plu. —पयासे क पास नहीं जाता.) trachoma. ु कचलना kuchalna: (v) to crush. to trample (over). plotter. —खाँसी whooping cough. to ु make an effort for one's own needs. too late. aberration. ु कछ kuchh (pro and a) some. sinner. ु कचा/ल kucha:l (nm) misconduct. condemnable activity. bad ु son. jealousy. े the mountain. ु ु ु ककृतय kukritty (nm) see ककमर. a know-little. infamous.) used for a girl when she is married े ु off to an undeserving person or in an undesirable family. rancour. ~मंडल the female breasts. ु ककर kukur (nm) a dog. कएँ मे धकलना to ruin the life of. ु कखया/त kukkhya:t (a) notorious.) to go off their heads. -न चलना to have ु कककट kukkuṭ (nm) a cock. ु ु किक kukshi (nf) the womb. ~ित notoiety. -. ु कच kuch (nm) the female breast.

kinsman: a ु householder. ~बी a member of the family. कितया kutia: (nf) a bitch. cut grass and weeds. aberrant. thrashing. to run a household. to begrudge. pounding. grudge. —उदोग cottage industry. something unusual to be imminent. some. an abusive term for a woman. कछे क kuchhek (pro. — कठाँव kuṭḥa:v (nm) wrong or forbidden place or point. hermitage. curvature. ु कजाित kuja:ti (nf) an inferior or low caste. ु -. to repine. to be at a loss.) a few. कढ़न kuṛḥan (nf) fretting. inquisitive. ु ु कढं /ग kuḍḥaṅg (nm) ill manner. र ु perverse argumentation. ु कतबनमा qutubnumā: (nm) a compass. ु कटी kutṭi: (nf) see खटी. procuress. to make an unbearable stroke. ~ता crookedness. ~ली curious. ु किटल kuṭil (a) crooked. to count for nothing. fallacious/false reasoning. ु ु ु कतूह/ल kutu:hal (nm) curiosity inquisitiveness. ु . — समझना to assume airs. ु कटनी kuṭnī: (nf) bawd. ु कटाई kuṭa:i: (nf) ramming. argument for argument's sake. tortuosity. ु perversity. ु कटुं/ब kuṭumb (nm) a family. perverse. one who indulges in perverse argumentation. ु कठौर kuṭḥaur (nm) see कठाँव. ु utterly insignificant. ~राघात a violent stroke. कतरना kutarna: (v) to nibble. ु कटीर kuṭi:r (nm) cottage. ~गी ill-mannered. —भी हो come what may!. repining. curved. barn. कटे व kuṭev (nf) evil/bad habit. household. — होना to be significant. ~ब चलाना/पालना to maintain a family. —न सूझना to be in a fog. ु कढ़/ना kuṛḥnā: (v) to fret or grieve.no say. —कढ़ कर मरना to fret out ु ु one's life. —होकर रहना something unusual to be bound to happen. ~की sophistical. hut. —मारना to hit below the belt. to gnaw. undesirable or delicate place or ु point. —न पूिछए to be simply indescribable. कटी kuti: (nf) a cottage. low breed. —न िगनना/न समझना to consider as पलले न पड़ना not to be able to make head or tail of.140 -evil way. कठा/र kuṭḥa:r (nm) a kind of axe or hatchet. addiction. tortuous. ु ु कठला kuṭḥla: (nm) a small earthen granary. wonder. cut grass and weeds (for cattle to eat). several. ु कत/क kutark (nm) sophistry.

spontaneous. ु किपत kupit (a) enraged. small flask. कते तक को नहीं दतकार ु ु कतसा kutsa: (nf) vileness. indigestion. to go berserk. ु ु कनबा kunba: (nm) family. (in mechanics) detent. ु कदकना kudaknā: (a) to hop. कपपी kuppi: (nf) a funnel. hence ~पन (nm). ु ~परसती nepotism. small metallic lamp. ~गामी one who takes to an evil/immoral course. ~थी immoral. ु aberrant. ~ते का ु काटना. ु कपोषण kuposhaṉ (nm) malnutrition. कते की िज़ंदगी जीना to live a dog's life. devotion to the family. vile. —भरना to take a jump. ु कपं/थ kupanth (nm) evil/immoral course. kinsfolk. कपात kupa:tr (a and nm) (an) undeserving (person). ु कनकना kunkunā: (a) lukewarm. ु कपढ़ kupaṛḥ (a) illiterate. ु . कते की मौत मरना to die a dog's miserable death. to become plump. uneducated. tepid. कते की ु ु पँूछ टे ढ़ी की टे ढ़ी natural characteristics persist forever. ु क़दरती qudrati: (a) natural. कते क भौकने से े ु ु सकता not to be able to say go to a goose. ~परसत nepotist. evil/vile feeling. unworthy (fellow). हाथी नहीं डरता the dog barks while the elephant passes by. consuming unwholesome or ु unsalubrious food. a leopard never changes its stripes. curst cows have short horns. original. ु कदान kuda:n (nf) a jump. ु कपशासन kupprasha:san (nm) maladministration. ु कपथय kupatthy (nf) unwholesome/unsalubrious food. maladministration. irate.क/ता kutta: (nm) a dog. ु कपबंध kupprabandh (nm) mismanagement. to begrudge. —का खेल the feats of nature. angry. ु कदा/ल kuda:l (nm) a pick-axe: ~ली a small pick-axe.कते की ु ु नींद dog-sleep. devoted to the family. ु कपथ kupath (nm) evil/immoral course. पागल to run amuck. ु क़दरत qudrat (nf) (the) nature. कते की दम कभी सीधी नहीं होती. despicable. कपच kupach (nm) dyspepsia. one who takes to an evil course. कनैन kunāīn (nf) quinine. ु कपपा kuppa: (nm) a big flask. —सा मह करना/फलाना to get sulky. a worthless fellow. flunkey. — ँु ु ु होना to be inflated (with joy). ु कितसत kutsit (a) contemptible.

kumudinī (nf) a lily (flower). disunity. कमह/ड़ा kumhṛa: (nm) field pumpkin. —अमीन a baillif. ु क़रान qurā:n (nf) the sacred book of the Mohammedans (said to be inspired by God). ु कमहार kumha:r (nm) a potter. heresy. . ~ड़े को लात a blessing in disguise.कफ़् kufr (nm) blasphemy. bay. relief. (nm) a bay horse. ु कमक kumāk (nf) reinforcement. a ु र court-official empowered to attach property of the person against whom a decree has to be executed.141 -to break the resolution (of). to shrivel. कब/ड़ा kubṛa: (a) hunch-backed. ु करती kurti: (nf) a blouse (for women). (nf) wickedness. ु क़क़ qurq (a) attached. to lose lustre. ~ड़े की बितया a feeble and fragile ु person. —वत celibacy. —तोड़ना ु -. jacket. करीित kuri:ti (nf) condemnable/evil practice or custom. unsightly. hence ~ता (nf). —होना to sacrifice oneself over ु (somebody). ~गामी taking an evil course. distraint. (nf) a virgin/maiden. —भेजना to send reinforcement. ु ु करचना kurachna: (nf) malformation.आठ गाँठ guileful through ु and through. jerkin. viciousness. ु कमित kumāti (nf) perversity. — ु उठाना. ु ु कबोल kubol (nm) unpleasant/ominous words. ु कमािरका kuma:rika: (a) see कमारी. distrained. ु कमार kuma:r (a) bachelor. to scoop. —करना to attach. to wither. vicious. ु करे दना kurednā: (v) to rake. unmarried. base intellect. —जाना to be sacrificed. hideous. कमहलाना kumhla:nā: (v) to fade. bent. ु कबिद kubuddhi (a) wicked. ु ु कममैत kummāīt (a) bay-coloured. to overcome the obstinacy (of). कमुिदनी kumud (nm). ु कमुद. क़की qurqi: (nf) attachment. ु करता kurta: (nm) a lose-fitting upper garment. ु करकरा kurkura: (a) crisp. maiden. a belief that defies Islam. कमागर kuma:rg (nm) evil/undesirable course. depraved. —पर हाथ रखना to swear by the Qoran. —कनया a ु virgin girl. cape. —वती a celibate. —. ु ु कमारी kuma:ri: (a) virgin. to get to veer round. ु क़बारन qurbā:n (a) sacrificed. ash gourd. ु करप kuru:p (a) ugly. depravity. to distrain.

ु कलाधयक kula:dhyakksh (nm) Visitor (of a University). belonging to a noble family. hence ु ~पन (nm). a trollop. a son who brings honour to the family. ु to hop. somersault. —परमपरा a family tradition. pedigree. not to let others have even an inkling of one's doings. —कलंक a slur on the fair ु name of a family. restlessness. ु कसी kursi: (nf) a chair. creeping. कल kul (a) total. ~बे िमलाना. —मे गड़ फोड़ना to perform a task very ु ु secretly. ु कलफ़ी kulfi: (nf) ice-cream frozen in a conical mould. ु कलबुलाना kulbula:nā: (v) to wriggle. ~नाम surname: ~पित Vice-chancellor (of a University). कलाँट kulā:ṭ (nf) see कलाँच. bound. to build castles in the air. —वधू woman of a dignified family. ~भरना to take a leap/jump. to be restless. genteel. authority. chaste and faithful (woman). a position of authority. —पर बैठना to occupy a chair/position. —पुरष man of a respectable family. woman of evil disposition. —कबाड़ी a rag-tag. aggregate. ~वंती of noble ु descent. person commanding no respect. —दे ना to make a sacrifice. ु कला/बा kula:ba: (nm) a hinge. कलफा kulpha: (nm) a kind of green leafy vegetable. entire. ~गुर the family priest.क़बारनी qurbā:nī: (nf) sacrifice. respect. to occupy a chair idly. — ु तोड़ना to idle away time on a chair. ~दे व/दे वता Penates. the family-deity. family. to creep. (a) lewd (woman). light of the family. —का दीपक lit. hook. ु कलबलाहट kulbula:haṭ (nf) wriggling.142 -—का नाम डुबाना to bring disgrace to the family. to cause a slur on the family. किलया kulia: (nf) a small earthen crucible. ु ु कलािधपित kula:dhipati (nm) Chancellor (of a University). to indulge in fantastic planning. —मे कलंक/दाग़ लगाना to cause the family to be stigmatised. low-born ु (person). plinth (of a building). — मयारदा dignity of a family. कलकणी kulakshāṉī: (nf) an ominous woman. ज़मीन-आसमाम क to try to bring े ु heaven and earth together. —पुरोिहत family priest. ु कलटा kulṭa: (nf and a) (an) unchaste (woman). ु ु कल/वंत kulvānt (a) well-born. —िमलना to get a portion of authority. to honour (by offering a chair). —दे ना to receive with power/authority. head of a family. to wield . कलाँच kulā:ch (nf) a leap. hence ~ना (v). क़ली quli: (nm) a coolie. -. lineage.

ु कसमय kusamay (nm) inopportune time. pointed. ु कवासना kuva:snā: (nf) sinful/immoral desire. happiness. —खाना to lose a wrestling bout. skill. sprout. ु कसंसका/र kusānska:r (nm) unwholesome or evil mental impression/ways. —लड़ना to wrestle. period of adversity. ु कसुम kusum (nm) a flower. —पश inquiry after the health and welfare (of a person). default. misbehaviour. ~ता nobility. rinsing the mouth. well-being. noble descent. ~ित kusāṅg (nm). कशती kushti: (nf) wrestling. also कलली (nf). hence ~री (a). ~ti (nf) bad company. (nf) well-being. —िनवारण eradication of leprosy. to have a wrestling bout. dexterous. ~बुिद sharp. —मंगल welfare. of noble descent. ु किवचा/र kuvicha:r (nm) a bad/evil idea. vitality. ु कलहा/ड़ा kulha:ṛa: (nm) a large axe. ~मंद/वार defaulter.कलीन kuli:n (a) belonging to higher castes. at fault. sharpness. ु ु कशता kushta: (nm) nutritive and retentive calx prepared by chemical ु -. proficient. imprudent. maladministration. ु कसमंजन kusamaṇjan (nm) maladjustment. ु कशक kushk (nm) a kiosk. deftness. ~ता perspicacity. कशासन kusha:san (nm) bad government. leprous. omission. power. evil mental impression. कसंग. abusive language.143 -processes. ु कशतमकशता kushtāmkushta: (nm) juxtaposed wrestling. ु कवयवहार kuvvyavaha:r (nm) bad behaviour. an indiscreet idea. warbling. well-being. noble. ु क़सूर qusu:r (nm) fault. of keen ु intelligence perspicacious. deft. ु कशल kushal (a) skilful. happiness. कष kushṭ (nm) leprosy. ~ड़ी a small axe. caste aristocracy. ु . aristocratic. ु ु कलहड़ kulhaṛ (nm) a small earthen bowl. energy. twittering (of a cuckoo). ु कहक kuhak (nf) cooing. कलला kulla: (nm) gargle. melodious notes. skilled. —मारना to win a wrestling ु bout. interlocking encounter. evil association. ~री indiscreet. कशलता kushalta: (nf) dexterity. ु कवचन kuvachān (nm) filthy/unpleasant words. —पीिड़त suffering from ु leprosy. ु कशाग kusha:ggr (a) sharp. — ु तंत (caste) aristocracy. ु कश kush (nm) a sort of sacrificial grass—Doa cynosuroides. ु क़ववत quvvat (nf) strength. ु —केम well-being.

dull-headed. ु कहरा kuhra: (nm) fog. ु कहनी kuhnī: (nf) an elbow. —बोलना to (order a) march. to wind (a watch etc. sweepings. —करना to march. — ु साकी perjury. to be imbued with. forged. forgery. ~दार furrowed.कहकना kuhaknā: (v) to coo. —मचना an ु uproar/tumult to be raised. basin. ू कच ku:ch (nm) march. to pestle. ु कचा kū:cha: (nm) a broom. warbling. forger. ू ~कमर deceptive act. havoc. to thrash. midden. forged testimony. false. ू . a small broom. codifier. false witness. twittering. forged document. waste materials. underhand manoeuvring. to warble. trash. —फरना to undo. an intrigue. — कावय enigmatical poetry. pseudo. tumult. a hanger. ~नीितज a diplomat. (a) counterfeit. hence ~नीितजता. ु कहर kuhr (nm) a meatus. manoeuvrer. to warble. havoc to be created/caused. to twitter. bylane. —योजना a plot. ~मग‍ज़ a dullard. ू rubbish. कड़ेदान a dust-bin. to reduce to naught. ु कहािसया kuha:siya: (nm) fogman. to beat. — यद deceptive warfare. to depart. loud lamentation.~an (nm) warbling. कड़े ू ू क भी िदन िफरते है every dog has his day. refuge. hence ~ड़ी fem. ू कढ़ ku:ṛḥ (a) stupid. ~न ku:j (nf). ~कार a fraudulent person. assessment. ु कहुक kuhuk (nf) cooing. to mar. —साकय false evidence. a channel or passage (in the body). ू कजना ku:jnā: (v) to warble. —लेख code-writing. े कत ku:t (nf) estimate. े ूँ कड़ kū:ṛ: (nf) a furrow. होना to be full of. —करना to spoil. ू कज. कटना ku:ṭnā: (v) to pound. nincompoop. ु कहराम kuhrā:m (nm) uproar. enigmatical verse. —का डंका बजाना to ू commence a march. —करकट scourings. —िलिप code-script. ूँ कची kū:chi: (nf) a brush. fog. mist. ँू क/ड़ा kū:ṛa: (nm) a large shallow earthen bowl. कचा ku:cha: (nm) a lane. ~ख़ाना rubbish dump. diplomatist. ू ककना ku:knā: (v) to coo. ूँ कक ku:k (nf) cooing. कट-कट कर भरा ू ू ू कड़ा ku:ṛa: (nm) rubbish. to crush. bewailing.). ू कट ku:ṭ (nm) a hill-top. warbling. (diminutive). departure. ~नीित diplomacy. कहासा kuha:sa: (nm) mist.

कृतज kritaggy (a) grateful. achievement. partially complete. कृतय kritty (nm) performance. ~ता gratefulness. कप ku:p (nm) a well. —मंडूक lit. parsimoniousness. कृित kriti (nf) a work (esp. composition. niggardliness. one who has accomplished his assignment. creation. कृिततव kritittv (nm) accomplishment. ~ता ungratefulness. ू -. affectedness. indebted. कृती kriti: (a and nm) creative. acts of commission and omission. कलहे मटकाना to make a flirtatious swinging of the hips. कृपया kripaya: (ind) kindly. ू ु कृतकायर kritaka:ryy (a) successful. hunch. . hence ~ता (nf). stingy. कृतकृतय kritkritty (a) fulfilled. the creator. pseudo. sham. of art or literature). fictitious. function.कतना ku:tnā: (v) to appraise. thanklessness. please. synthetical. affected. hence ~ता (nf). ~ता artificiality. ू कलहा ku:lha: (nm) haunch. ू कबड़ ku:baṛ (nm) a hump. accomplished. ू कद ku:d (nf) a leap. ू कदना ku:dnā: (v) to jump. or related with. indebtedness. niggardly. कृताकृत krita:krit (a) complete as well as incomplete. gratified. deed. to estimate. कृितम krittṛim (a) artificial. hence ~ता (nf). कदं /त kridānt (nm) participle. obliged. कृताथर krita:rth (a) gratified. a deep pit. thankfulness. ~तज derived or created from a participle. hip. ~ता stinginess. ~ती pertaining ु to. ू ू क़वत qu:vat (nf) see 'क़ववत'. ~कार the author. ू कल ku:l (nm) a bank. one confined ू within narrow limits of experience and knowledge. a participle. कृपण kripāṉ (a) miser. to skip. obliged. jump. कपन ku:pān (nm) a coupon. thankless.144 -to leap. sham. कृतघन kritaghn (a) ungrateful. duty. fulfilled. —फाँद gambols. one who has laudable achievements to his credit. frog of a well—a know-little. —गभारधान artificial insemination . spurious. to assess. parsimonious. performance. laboured.

feeble. the fortnight of the waning moon. ~ता leanness. कदीभत kendri:bhu:t (a) centralised. —छोड़ना to cast off the slough. कृपाण kripā:ṉ (nm) a dagger. े कतली ketli: (nf) a kettle. slenderness. centroid. dark. to metamorphose. — कटाक kindly/favourable look or disposition. कृिम krimī (nm) a worm. cultivator. ~कृ त centralised. े कनदी/करण kendri:karāṉ (nm) centralisation. compassion. े े े ु ~कार farmer. कृशांग lean and thin. to assume े ु one's true colours. कृश krish (a) lean. centred. for the sake of.145 -कचुआ kēchua: (nm) an earthworm. े कतकी ketki: (nf) pandanus. screw pine. hence ~ता (nf). concentrated. sword. feeble. कदािभमख/कदािभसारीcentripetal. ocean of kindness —an epithet of God. —िसंधु lit. favourable attitude. े कद/क kendrak (nm) a nucleus. े कचली kēchuli: (nf) the slough (of a snake). emaciated. ~जीवी a professional farmer. —दास a serf. an insect. ु ककड़ा kekṛa: (nm) a crab. —अनुरप as per. one who earns his livelihood . ~गामी centripetal. to assume new colours. •पथा serfdom. central. े किदत kendrit (a) concentrated. thin. —पक the dark half of the month. compassionate. ~काय lean and thin.कृपा kripa: (nf) kindness. कदापसारी centrifugal. cultivation. ~कांकी seeking favour. benignity. cultivation. —रोग helminthiasis. कृषक krishak (nm) a farmer. (nm) Lord Krishṉā. े ~सथ centrally located. hence कृशांगी (nf and a). कद kendr (nm) (the) centre. concentration. -दिष see —कटाक. ~ता kindness. —बदलना to take on a new slough. ~कीय nuclear. —िलए for. —िवजान/शास (science of) Agriculture. directed towards the centre. favour. thinness. ~मूितर His/Your Grace. grace. peasant. कृषण krishṉ (a) black. according to. through farming. farming. -. कृपालु kripa:lu (a) kind. favourite. ~िवजान helminthology. े क ke—plural and oblique form of का (see). ~नाशक an insecticide. benign. cultivator. — े अनसार according to. kindly disposition. —पात deserving favour. कृिष krishi (nf) agriculture. े ू कदीय kendri:y (a) central. े concentrated. —कमर farming.

merely. े कस/र kesar (nf) saffron. jail. scale.सखत rigorous imprisonment. किशका keshika: (nf) capillary. amorous dalliance. क़ qai (nf) vomit. ै —. —. a trick applied in wrestling. —रचना/िवनयास hair-do. ै . कसरी kesri: (nm) a lion. कै टीन kāīṉṭi:n: (nf) a canteen. simply. कै /ड़ा kāīṛa: (nm) established standard or size. े कश kesh (nm) the hair. े कला kela: (nm) a banana. sexual intercourse.146 -क़दी qaidi: (nm) a prisoner. to be in jail. े कवड़ा kevaṛa: (nm) pandanus. े क़ै ची qāīchi: (nf) scissors. norm. े किल keli (nf) amorous sport. mere. —करना to cancel. कै िसल kainsil (a) cancelled. ~तव capillarity. कै सर kainsar (nm) cancer. ै क़द qaid (nf) imprisonment. कवल keval (a and ind) only. ~ड़े का आदमी a man of certain standard. a mythological demon whose head े (Ra:hu) was severed by Lord Vishṇu and the torso was later known as कतु. ~बंध the hairे ribbon. ~िरया saffron (coloured). a plantain tree.सादा simple imprisonment.कतु ketu (nm) the descending node of moon. vomitting. —काटना/भोगना to suffer imprisonment. fragrant pandanus water. ~कलाप hair-do. ै कथी kaithi: (nf) an earlier offshoot of the Devna:gri: alphabet. ~ली Keralite. •बाना donning of saffron robes (for े sacrifice). —बाँधना to apply the trick called क़ै ची. ~खाना a prison. ै क kai (pro. shears. —जल fragrant े pandanus water. ~ड़ेबाज़ cunning. —करना to cut or clip with scissors. कै प kaimp (nm) a camp. screw.) colloquial variant of िकतने (see). confinement.pine. ै कथ kaith (nm) the wood apple— Feronia elephantum. a banner. —करना to vomit. incarceration. fun and frolic. ~पाश the ringlets of the hair. -सी ज़बान चलना to talk nineteen to the dozen. े कवट kevaṭ (nm) a boatman. े कर/ल keral (nm) Kerala —a southern state of the Indian Union. bondage. -. comet.

quality. anybody. ~शः ten million times. ै कसे kaise (adv) how. कमरा kaimra: (nm) a camera. —का खाना the remarks column. the region lying west of Sahya:dri. ten million. ै कोक/ण koṅkāṉ (nm) in the Indian Union. hollow of a tree. category. — बंद होना. in what way. ै करट kairaṭ (nm) carat. कोख kokh (nf) womb. closet. the end of a bow. what type of. rank. कोिक/ल. ~कठ/~कठी sweet-spoken as a cuckoo. . कोचीन kochi:n (nm) a former princely state in South India. the science of sex. cell. कोपल kōpal (nf) a new and tender leaf (just sprouting). ~जली a barren woman. citadel. —मारी जाना to become barren. ~मैन a cameraman. —कोई some. —कसर उठा न रखना to ring the changes. —उजड़ना a woman's only child to die. —दे ना to explain. कोचा-काँची prodding. कोिट koṭi (nf) degree. to. administratively a part of Maha:ra:shṭra. to give/submit an explanation. कोचवान kochva:n (nm) a buggy-driver. cavity. कोठरी koṭḥri: (nf) a cabin. some one. ~पाल the governor of a citadel. to coax. towards. कोटर koṭar (nm) a cavitation. Eternal Emancipation. ं ं ~बैनी same is ~कठी. कोटा koṭa: (nm) quota. कोचना kōchnā: (v) to prod. (adv) how. ं कोकीन koki:n (nf) cocaine. kokila: (nf) see कोयल. remarks. coaxing. को ko—a postposition denoting accusitive and dative case. to goad. ~णी the language spoken in Koṅkāṉ. a person belonging to कोकण. what sort of. — ै तलब करना to call for an explanation. ~ला kokil (nm). goading. •धनयवाद many many thanks. —न कोई someone or the other. castle. ै कसा kaisa: (a) of what condition or kind. कोई koi: (pro) any. small room. Perfect Liberation. ~क same as कोिट. ै कवलय kaivally (nm) the Ultimate Realisation. a few. to leave no stone unturned. —सरत ू नज़र नहीं आती bad is the best. कोक kok (nm) see चकवा. cinus.किफ़यत kaifiyat (nf) description: account. for. कोट koṭ (nm) a coat. कोकशास koksha:str (nm) a treatise on sex by an ancient Indian sexologist Koka:. ~बाज़ a cocaine addict. on the point of.

—कोना छान मारना to search high and low. victim of wrath. delicacy. कोर kor (nf) edge. a flat note in music. delicate. defect.147 -- कोढ़ी koṛḥi: (nm) a leper. ripe pulp of a jackfruit.) heinous evil. in the upper storey). dearth. कोठी koṭḥi: (nf) a bungalow. ~िणक/ ~णीय angular. warehouse. want. tenderness. decrease. कोदो kodō (nm) a kind of cheap coarse grain. an extensive chamber. tedium. flange. slender. कोफ़ता kofta: (nm) pounded meat or grated and boiled vegetable made into balls and cooked in soup. कोमल komal (a) soft. —साफ़ होना to have clearance of the bowels. leprosis. thoroughly indolent man. —िबगड़ना to suffer from indigestion. कोतल kotal (nm) a majestic horse. border. charcoal. barn. कोना konā: (nf) a corner. कोढ़ koṛḥ (nm) leprosy. कोतवाली kotwa:li: (nf) city's main police-station. -पात/भाजन target of anger. square (of a chess-board etc. कोठे पर बैठना to turn into a prostitute. -. anger. को/ण kōṉ (nm) an angle. कोने झाँकना to feel abashed. कोने-कोने से from every nook and corner. draw. कोय/ला koyla: (nm) coal. —दबना to be under the pressure of. the stomach. from all the length and breadth of. to remain illiterate. —दे कर पढ़ना to have free and (by implication) unavailing education. कोतवाल kotwa:l (nm) the police officer-in-charge of a कोतवाली. कोप kop (nm) fury. (a) spare and saddled (horse). —मे खाज aggravation of a calamity (by the onslaught of another). an aggregate of twenty. a warehouse.कोठा koṭḥa: (nm) a big room (esp. कोताही kota:hi: (nf) deficiency. a corner. कोड़ी koṛi: (nf) a score.back. scourge. कोफ़त koft (nf) ennui. nook. to see every nook and corner. cocoon. —चूना/टपकना oozing out of leprous matter. mansion. —कसर deficiency. कोठे वाली a prostitute. कोठा/र koṭḥa:r (nm) a store-house. —मरे संगाती चाहे a drowning man seeks a companion. ~दार flanged. कोयल koyal (nf) a cuckoo. a banking firm. कोया koya: (nm) the eye-ball or its corner. (fig. wrath.). ~ता softness. tender. . कोड़ा koṛa: (nm) a whip lash. flaw. ~ले की दलाली मे हाथ काले evil association must leave its impress. ~री the keeper of a store-house. —अँतरा corners and recesses.

कोरक korak (nm) a bud. कोरिनश kornish (nf) salutation with the head and body bowing down; —बजाना to make deferential salutation. कोरम korām (nm) quorum. कोरस koras (nm) chorus. कोरा kora: (a) blank; unused, untouched; unwashed; brand new; fresh; unlettered; ~पन freshness; newness; virginity; -आदशरवादी a don Quixote; —जवाब flat refusal; — मखर thoroughly stupid; —लौटना to return empty-handed; कोरी कलपना cock and bull ू story; कोरी बाते empty talks. कोरी kori: (nm) a Hindu weaver; (a) feminine form of कोरा (see). कोटर माशरल korṭ ma:rshal (nm) court martial. कोसर kors (nm) course. कोलाहल kola:hal (nm) noise, uproar, clamour, tumult. कोलहू kolhu: (nm) a crusher; —काटकर मँगली (री) बनाना to suffer a greater loss for ु smaller gain; —का बैल a galley slave, drudge. कोश kosh (nm) a dictionary; lexicon; a sheath; covering; shell; ball; testicles; —कला the art of lexicography; ~कार a lexicographer; ~िवजान lexicology, the science of lexicography; —विद hydrocele. ृ कोिशका koshika: (nf) (in Biology) a cell. कोिशश koshish (nf) effort, endeavour. को/ष kosh (nm) a treasure, fund; ~षागार treasury; ~षाधयक treasurer. कोष koshṭḥ (nm) an apartment, a chamber; stomach; bracket; ~बदता constipation; ~शिद purgation. ु कोषक koshṭḥak (nm) a bracket; -- 148 -~बद bracketed. को/स kos (nm) a measurement of distance equivalent to two miles; ~सो miles away; ~सो, काले very far. कोसना kosnā: (v) to curse, to impricate; —,पानी पी-पीकर to indulge in utter damnation, to shower curses upon. कोहनी kohni: (nf) an elbow; —मारना to elbow. कोहे नूर kohenu:r (nm) lit. mountain of light—world famous historical diamond which was cut into two; still adorning the crown of the British kings and queens. कौध kāūdh (nf) a flash; sudden trail of brilliant light.

कौधना kāūdhnā: (v) to flash; to glitter. कौधा kāūndha: (nm) a flash; momentary glitter. कौआ kau:a: (nm) a crow; harsh-spoken or cunning fellow; jet black man; uvula; —जब बोले तब काँव lit. a crow would always be harsh-spoken—a harsh spoken man would with the king's horses; —धोने से बगला नहीं होता a crow is never the whiter for washing herself often. कौटुंिबक kauṭumbik (a) familial, pertaining to the household. कौड़ी kauṛi: (nf) a cowrie, —small shell; —कफ़न को न होना to be too indigent, to be penniless; —का, दो not worth a farthing, utterly unworthy; —,कानी/फटी a bad cowrie, a ू disfigured cowrie; —भी न होना not to have even a farthing, to have no money whatever; —काम का नहीं of absolutely no avail; utterly insignificant; —क तीने always utter harsh words; —चला हं स की चाल every ass thinks himself worthy to stand

तीन dirt/damn cheap; —क मोल dirt/damn cheap, almost free; —क मोल न पूछना to े े consider as worthless/as of no avail; —क मोल िबकना to go very cheap; to lose all े mark; —कौड़ी चकाना to pay off every farthing; —कौड़ी जोड़ना to save up every ु respect; —कौड़ी को महताज utterly indigent; —ग़लत पड़ना to misfire, to hit off the ु farthing; to be very miserly; —कौड़ी दाँत से पकड़ना to be a stickler for every penny, to look twice at a penny; —कौड़ी भरना to repay to the last farthing; —कौड़ी से माया जड़ती ु है penny and penny laid up will be many; —भर very little, very meagre in quantity. कौतु/क kautuk (nm) curiosity; amazement; fun, fun and frolic; spectacle; ~की frolicsome. कौतहल kautu:hal (nm) see कतहल. ू ु ू कौन kāūn (pr.) who; —सा what, which; •मँुह िदखाना not to be in a position to show up through shame, to keep away for shame; -सा मँुह लेकर (how) to muster courage to. क़ौम quam (nf) a nation; community; caste; ~परसत national, nationalistic; ~परसती nationalism; क़ौिमयत nationality; nationalism. क़ौमी qaumi: (a) national; —तराना national song. कौमायर kauma:ry (nm) virginity; bachelorhood; —भंग करना to break the virginity, to have first sexual intercourse; —वत vow to ever remain a bachelor/virgin, celibacy; ~वती committed to be a celibate. कौर kaur (nm) morsel; —छीनना, मँुह का to rob somebody of his share, -- 149 -to deprive somebody of his subsistence. कौपीन kaupi:n (nm) a privity cover, piece of cloth worn by ascetics over the privities.

कौरव kaurav (nm) the descendants of king Kuru, representing the vanquished party amongst the belligerents in the great Indian war —Maha:bha:rat. क़ौल qual (nm) promise; agreement; contract; statement, dictum; —करार mutual promise; —का पकका true to one's word; —दे ना to make a firm promise; —हारनाto pledge (one's) word (to). कौशल kaushal (nm) skill, dexterity, adroitness. कौशेय kaushey (a) silky; silken. कया kya: (pro) what; —कहने/खब excellent! well-done! Bravo!;—खाकर/मँह लेकर how ू ु dare ! how can (you) muster courage to. कयारी kya:ri: (nf) bed (of a garden or field). कयो kyō (ind) why; ~कर how; ~ िक because; since; —न हो! why not; excellent ! it's but natural!. कदन krāndān (nm) lamentation, weeping and wailing, bewailing. ं कम kram (nm) order; system; method; rank; sequence; ~गुिणत factorial; ~बंधन marshalling; putting into order; ~बद orderly; systematic; hence ~बदता; — catalogue; —से respectively; ~हीन irregular; unsystematic; disorderly. कमशः kramshah (adv) respectively; in order; by degrees. कमांक kramā:ṅk (nm) roll number. कमानसार kramā:nusa:r (adv) respectively, in order, turn by turn. ु किमक kramīk: (a) serial, successive, turn by turn; hence ~ता (nf). कय kray (nm) purchase, buying; —िवकय purchase and sale, buying and selling. कांत/दशी krā:ntdarshi: (a) a seer, visionary, gifted with preternatural vision; hence ~दिशरता (nf). कांित krā:nti (nf) a revolution; ~कारी revolutionary; ~दत (one) heralding a revolution. ू िककट krikeṭ (nf) (the game of) cricket. े िकयमाण kriyamā:ṉ (a) being performed/done, in progress. िकया kriya: (nf) action, act; function; a religious performance; verb; last rites; —,अकमरक intransitive verb; —कमर last rites, funeral rites; ~कलाप activity; ~कलप technique; —कौशल manipulation; ~तमक functional, operative, practical; verbal; ~पद a verb; ~वाची verbal; ~वाद activism; ~िवशेषण adverb; —सकमरक transitive verb; —,करना to perform the last rites. िकयातमक kriya:tmāk (a) functional, active; verbal; hence ~ता (nf). िकयािनव/ित kriya:nviti (nf) implementation, translation into action; ~त implemented.

भंग disarrangement, disarray, disorder; ~िवकास evolution, steady growth; —सची a ू

िकयािविध kriya:vidhi (nf) procedure, methodology. िकयाशील kriya:shi:l (a) active, functional; hence ~ता (nf). िकसता/न kristā:n (nm) a christian; ~नी christian. कीड़ा kri:ṛa: (nf) play, game, sport, dalliance; fun; —कौतुक fun and frolic. कीत kri:t (a) bought, purchased; —दास a paid-for slave. कद kruddh (a) angry, infuriated, enraged, wrathful. ु कर kru:r (a) cruel, unkind, merciless, ruthless; ~कमार cruel, ruthless. ू करता kru:rta: (nf) cruelty, ruthlessness, ू -- 150 -mercilessness. कय krey (a) purchaseable; worth- buying. े कोध krodh (nm) anger, wrath, fury, rage; ~वश out of anger, possessed by fury; —पी जाना to subdue (one's) anger. कोिधत krodhit (a) angry, rageful, wrathful, enraged. कोधी krodhi: (a) short-tempered, hot-tempered; irascible. कौच krāūnch (nm) a kind of curlew. कलब klab (nm) a club. कल/क klark (nm) a clerk; ~की a clerical job; position of a clerk. र कलांत klā:nt (a) weary, tired; exhausted; languid. कलांित klā:nti (nf) weariness, tiredness; exhaustion; languor. कलास kla:s (nf) a class (of students). िकलष klishṭ (a) difficult, incomprehensible; far-fetched; —कलपना far-fetched imagination; hence ~ता (nf). कलीव kli:v (a) impotent, unmanly; timid; ~ता impotency, unmanliness; timidness. कलेश klesh (nm) anguish; affliction; pain; misery; ~कर painful, irk- some; ~दायक/दायी painful, troublesome, imparting misery. कलैवय klaivvy (nm) कलीवता. कविचत kvachit (ind) rare, rarely. कवथ/न kvathan (nm) boiling; ~नांक boiling point. कवार kva:r (nm) the seventh month of the Hindu calendar (आिशन). कवाटर र kva:rṭar (nm) a quarter. कण kshāṉ (nm) a moment, an instant; —कण each and every moment; ~जीवी evanescent, transient; ~भंगुर momentary, transitory; hence ~भंगुरता (nf).

किणक kshāṉik (a) momentary, transient, fleeting, transitory; ~जीवी ephemeral; ~वाद momentaryism, the Buddhist philosophy which lays down that things die, i.e. change, every moment. कत kshat (a) injured, wounded, hurt;—िवकत wounded/torn all over. कित kshati (nf) loss; harm; injury, detriment; wastage, damage; ~गसत put to loss/harm; injured; ~परक compensatory. ू कितपूितर kshatipu:rti (nf) compensasation; reparation; indemnity; —बंध indemnity bond. कतप kshattrap (nm) a satrap. कताणी kshattrā:ṉī: (nf) a woman of the kshattriy caste; brave woman. कितय kshattriy (nm) the second i.e. the warrior or the regal caste in the traditional Hindu caste-hierarchy; ~तव the attribute of the kshattriy caste, heroism. कमता kshamta: (nf) efficiency, competence, capacity; power. कमा kshamā: (nf) condonation; remission; forgiveness, pardon; —याचना begging pardon, seeking forgiveness; ~शील tolerant, readily forgiving; hence ~शीलता (nf). कमय kshammy (a) pardonable, forgiveable. कय kshay (nm) decay, decadence, loss; waste; tuberculosis; —रोग tuberculosis; ~शील decadent prone to wane away, dwindling. कयी kshayi: (a) decadent, waning, dwindling. कात ksha:ttr (a) pertaining to or typical of a kshattriy (see); —तेज the brilliance or heroism typical of a kshattriy, martialling acumen; —धमर the duty or function of a kshattriy; martialling duty. कार ksha:r (nm) an alkali; —गुण alkaline property; —भिम barren land. ू -- 151 -का/लन ksha:lān (nm) washing, cleaning; ~िलत washed, cleaned. िकित kshiti (nf) the earth; land. िकितज kshitij (nm) the horizon. िक/प kshipt (a) thrown, projected; interpolated; ~पांश interpolation, interpolated text. िकप kshippr (a) quick, nimble; ~ता quickness, nimbleness. कीण kshī:ṉ (a) feeble, weak, slender; delicate; languid; impaired; emaciated; ~काय lean and thin, attenuated, emaciated, languid; ~ता impairment; emaciation; leanness, thinness; langour; ~रक anaemic; ~वीयर enfeebled, impaired, exhausted, dissipated. कीयमाण kshi:yma:ṉ (a) waning, dwindling, declining. कुद kshuddr (a) small; mean, base, petty; wicked; contemptible.

कुदता kshuddrata: (nf) smallness; meanness, baseness, pettiness, wickedness; contemptibility. कुधा kshudha: (nf) appetite, hunger; ~तर/—पीिड़त hungry, famished. कुबध kshubdh (a) agitated; excited, unquiet. केत kshettr (nm) field, ground, range; region, area; ~िमित mensuration. केतफल kshettrphal (nm) area. केतािधकार kshettra:dhika:r (nm) jurisdiction. केितक kshettrik (a) territorial, zonal, regional. केतीय kshettri:y (a) territorial, zonal, regional. केप/क kshepak (nm) interpolation; ~कांश interpolation, interpolated passages. केपण kshepāṉ (nm) interpolation; projection. केम kshēm (nf) welfare, well-being. कैितज kshaitij (a) horizontal; ~तः horizontally. कोभ kshobh (nm) agitation; excitement, commotion; fret. कौर kshaur (nm) hair-cutting, shaving; —कमर hair-cutting, shaving. ख ख kha—the second consonant and the second member of the first pentad (i.e. कवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet; (nm) used in Sanskrit compound words to mean the sky (as खग, खगोल, etc). खँखार khākha:r (nm) expectoration, hawking. खँखारना khākha:rnā: (v) to expectorate, to hawk. खँगाলনা khāga:lnā: (v) to rinse, to clean out; to probe (as परी िकताब खँगालने पर दो ु चार नए शबद िमलेगे). खँजड़ी, खंजड़ी khājṛi:, khaṇjṛi: (nf) a timbrel. खंजन khaṇjan (nm) a wagtail— Motacilla alba; in literature, it is frequently used as an उपमान for playful gay eyes (खंजन-नयन). ख़ंजर ḳḥaṇjar (nm) a dagger, poniard. खंड khaṉḍ (nm) a portion, part, fragment, piece, bit; scrap; lump; -- 152 -chunk; section; clause; block; segment; canto; volume; factor; region; division; —कथा a small narrative/tale; ~कावय a long episodic poem (not fulfilling the requirements of an epic), a near-epic poem, epicoid;—खंड broken/turned into pieces; fragmented; — पलय partial deluge; —वाकय a clause.

खंडन khaṉḍān (nm) refutation, rebuttal, repudiation; denial, —मंडन repudiation and

vindication; discussion for and against; खंडनातमक repudiative, causing or embodying refutation/rebuttal/denial. खंडशः khaṉḍshah (adv) sectionwise; clausewise; portion-wise; division-wise; piecemeal. खँड(ड़)सारी khā (ṛ)sa:ri: (nf) an indigenous form of sugar, unprocessed sugar. खँडहर khā har (nm) ruins; a dilapidated building; —कर/बना दे ना to cause ruin/devasation, to dilapidate. खंडीत khaṉḍit (a) broken; fragmented; split; repudiated; —वयिकतव split infidelity; also •नाियका. खंदक khandak (nm) a moat, ditch, trench. खंबा khamba: (nm) see खंभा. खंभा khambha: (nm) a pillar, column; post, pole. खखार khakha:r (nm) see खँखार. खखारना khakha:rna (v) see खँखारना. खग khag (nm) a bird. खगो/ल khagol (nm) Astronomy; ~ल—िवजान Astronomy; astronomical science; ~लीय astronomical; celestial. खगास khaggra:s (nm) complete/whole eclipse. खचाखच khacha:khach (a and adv) overcrowded, packed to full; absolutely (full); —भरा होना to be packed to full. खिचत khachit (a) studded; inlaid, engraved. ख़चचर ḳḥacchar (nm) a mule. ख़चचरी ḳḥachchari: (nf) a janet. ख़ज़ांची ḳḥaza:ṇchi: (nm) a treasurer, cashier. ख़ज़ाना ḳḥaza:nā: (nm) treasure; treasury; repository; —अफ़सर treasury officer. खजूर khaju:r (nf) date, date-palm; a kind of sweetmeat. खट khaṭ (nf) sound produced by the impact of one object on another, sound of knocking, rap; —खट rapping, rap-trap; knocking;broil, quarrel. खटक khaṭak (nf) an apprehension, misgiving; a lurking hitch (in the mind); pinch. personality; खंडीता a woman whose husband or lover has let her down/been guilty of

खटकना khaṭaknā: (v) to click; to pinch, to offend; to raise apprehensions or misgivings; to be an eye-sore (to); to have a wrangling, to become estranged (with). खटका khaṭkā: (nm) an apprehension, doubt; click; catch. खटकाना khaṭka:nā: (v) to knock, to rap; to cause to wrangle, to cause estrangement. खटखटाना khaṭkhaṭa:nā: (v) to tap; to keep on reminding. खटना khaṭnā: (v) to toil, to labour hard. खटपट khaṭpaṭ (nf) wrangling, squabbling, estrangement. खटपाटी khaṭpa:ṭi: (nf) one side of a bedstead; —लेना to become sulky, to lie repining in bed. खटमल khaṭmal (nm) a bed-bug. खटिमटा, खटमीठा khaṭmiṭṭḥa:, khaṭmi:ṭḥa: (a) having a mixed taste -- 153 -of sour and sweet. खटराग khaṭra:g (nm) mess, ado; entanglement; botheration. खटाई khaṭa:i: (nf) a powder prepared from dried up (raw) mango parings [used as spice]; sourness, tartness; —मे डालना to throw cold water on; to keep in a state of suspense, to shilly-shally; —मे पड़ना to be kept in abeyance; to keep on dragging (some job or assignment). खटाखट khaṭa:khaṭ (nf) rap, constant clicking; tapping noise; (adv) quickly, briskly. खटाना khaṭa:nā: (v) to get sour. खटास khaṭa:s (nf) a touch of sourness/tartness, rancidity. खटीक khaṭi:k (nm) a low caste in the Hindu caste-hierarchy (whose main occupation is fruit-selling, pig-keeping and poultry farming etc.) खटोला khaṭola: (nm) a small cot (meant for children). खटा khaṭṭa: (a) sour, tart; —चक very sour; —िमटा sorrel. ू खिटक khaṭṭik (nm) see खटीक. खड़कना khaṛaknā: (v) to rattle; to clatter; to click; to tingle. खड़खड़ाना khaṛkhaṛa:nā: (v) to rustle; to clatter, to rattle. खड़खड़ाहट khaṛkhaṛa:haṭ (nf) rustling; clattering, rattling, cluttering. खड़ा khaṛa: (a) standing, erect; upright, straight; vertical; steep, high; stationary; unreaped (as खड़ा खेत); whole, entire; खड़े-खड़े at once, there and then, instantly; standing a long while; —होना to stand (for election etc.) खड़ाऊ khaṛa:ū: (nf) a wooden sandal. ँ ख़िड़या khaṛiya: (nf) chalk, gypsum.

खड़ी khaṛi: (a) feminine form of खड़ा; —चढ़ाई steep ascent; —तैराकी upright swimming; —पाई sign of full stop; a small vertical straight line which forms a part of a number of Devna:gri: characters (e.g. प, त, श, स); —बोली standard modern form of Hindi which has been adopted as the official language of the Indian Union and which has become synonymous with Hindi; —हुं डी an outstanding bill of exchange. खडग kha g (nm) a sword; —कोश a sheath; ~हसत with a sword in hand, ready to strike. खडड khaḍḍ (nm) a deep pit, gorge. ख़त ḳḥat (nm) a letter; line; hand- writing; ख़तो-िकताबत correspondence; —खींचना to draw a line; —करना a line to be drawn; —होना a breach/ crack to develop. खतना ḳḥatnā: (nm) circumcision (of the foreskin of male organ); —करना to circumcise (the foreskin of the male organ); to convert to Islam. ख़तरनाक ḳḥatarnā:k (a) dangerous, hazardous, risky. ख़त/रा ḳḥatra: (nm) danger, hazard, risk; ~रे की घंटी a danger signal; ~रे से खेलना to play with fire, to risk hazards. ख़ता ḳḥata: (nf) fault; guilt; error; ~वार guilty; —करना to commit a mistake/fault. खितयाना khatiya:na: (v) to enter into the ledger, to make an entry, to post; to draw a line of demarcation. खतौनी khataunī: (nf) a patwari's register containing details of tenants' holdings. खता khatta: (nm) a barn; ditch, pit. खती khatti: (nf) a barn, subterranean grain store. ख़तम ḳḥatm (a) ended; completed; concluded; —करना to do away with; -- 154 -to complete/conclude. खती khattri: (nm) a caste among the Hindus. खदान khada:n (nf) a quarry; mine; deep ditch formed by mining operations. खदीर khadir (nm) catechu; cutch. खदे ड़/ना khadeṛnā: (v) to rout; to drive away, to chase out; —दे ना to put to flight. खदर khaddar (nm) hand-spun coarse cloth; ~धारी one who dons clothes made of खदर. खन khān (nm) a storey; moment; jingling sound (as produced by a coin by its impact on hard surface). खनक khanāk (nf) a jingle/clink, jingling or clinking sound. खनकना khanaknā: (v) to jingle/clink, to produce a jingling/clinking sound. खनकार khanka:r (nf) a jingle/clink, jingling/clinking sound; hence ~ना (v). खनखनाना khankhanā:nā: (v) see खनकना.

—लेना to call/haul over the coals.155 -ill-temper. to give it hot. vertically rent piece of bamboo. खरपतवार kharpatwa:r (nm) weed. ख़मीर ḳḥami:r (nm) yeast. . ख़फ़ीफा ḳḥafi:fa: (nm) a court of small causes. खपरा khapra: (nm) a cupel. fad. angry. an earthen roofing tile. loss. to be destroyed/ruined. ख़बर/दार ḳḥabarda:r (a) cautious. ख़बती ḳḥabti: (nf) a maniac. undignified. filthy (fellow). hare. —पदाथर minerals. round broken earthenware piece. watchful. sale. खिनज khanij (a) mineral. —कायर mining/digging operations. cranial bowl. begging bowl. to be vanquished. खपचची khapachchi: (nf) a bamboo-sliver. (a) crazy. ~ग़ी hot-headedness. mania. to impart a curve. ख़बीस ḳḥabi:s (a) stingy. खिनक khanik (nm) a miner. trivial. ख़िमयाज़ा ḳḥamiya:za: (nm) retribution. faddish. eccentric (person). ख़बर ḳḥabar (nf) news. to suffer retribution. mine worker.खनन khanān (nm) mining. perfidy. —ख़ाना to get curved. information. ख़रगोश ḳḥargosh (nm) a rabbit. breach of trust. ख़फ़ा ḳḥafa: (a) displeased. —सवार होना to be crazy (about). —उड़ना news to be in the air/afloat. ख़यानत ḳḥaya:nat (nf) defalcation. खपपर khappar (nm) a cupel. curly. —उठाना to leaven. ~दारी cautiousness. -. —उठाना to reap the fruit (of). ख़बत ḳḥabt (nm) craze. ख़बतुलबवास ḳḥabtulhava:s (a) absent-minded. ill-tempered. ~दार curved. —दे ना to joggle. ख़रिदमा/ग़ ḳḥardima:g̣ (a) hot-headed. to enquire (about). to settle accounts (with). anger. leaven. खपरै ल khaprail (nf) a tiled shed. to take to task. —ठोकना lit. an eccentric. curve. watchfulness. to ferment. bend. —का िदल a timid heart. eccentricity. खपना knapnā: (v) to be consumed. ख़फ़गी ḳḥafgi: (nf) displeasure. to slap the arms—to assume a challenging posture. खपत khapat (nf) consumption. to challenge to a dual. ख़म ḳḥam (nm) a kink. —िवजान Mineralogy. खिनकमर khanikarm (nm) mining (work or operation). —गमर होना news to go allround. digging. ख़फ़ीफ ḳḥafi:f (a) petty. small. splinter. curl. to be sold. punishment.

—पर चढ़ाना to turn on a lathe. खरोचना kharōchnā: (v) to scratch. ख़राब ḳḥara:b (a) bad. खरा khara: (a) pure. — करना to purchase. —उतरना to hold water. ख़रीदा/र ḳḥari:da:r (nm) a buyer. to give a bit of one's mind. defect. genuine. g. खराश ḳḥara:sh (nm) scratch. ख़रादना ḳḥara:dṅā: (v) to turn on a lathe. to bruise. खरा तवा. calling a spade a spade. —खेल फ़रख़ाबादीstraightforward undaunted र dealings/conduct. खरहा kharha: (nm) a hare. ख़रीता ḳḥari:ta: (nm) a pouch. with (graceful) ease. upright. ~री buying. to take to tasks. to bear examination. चोखा काम good wages. ख़राबी ḳḥara:bi: (nf) badness. ~ज़े को दे खकर ख़रबज़ा रं ग बदलता ू ू है association inevitably breeds affinity. vendee. —मजूरी. small silk bag (in which letters for important men were enclosed). demerit. spoiled. —दाम अचछा काम good wages good work. to discriminate between good and bad. oil cake. — खेल genuine straightforward dealings. irritation (esp. to tell one some home-truths. wickedness. —खोटा good and bad. fault. bruise. ख़रीदना ḳḥari:dnā: (v) to buy. ~िदया a turner. good work. buying and selling. to make purchases. खरल kharal (nm) a mortar. miserable.खरपात kharpa:t (nm) see खरपतवार. ख़रामा-ख़रामा ḳḥara:ma:-ḳḥara:ma: (adv) slowly. wicked. —कहै या a plain-speaking man. buying. खरी khari: (a) feminine form of खरा (see). —करना to pestle. —फ़रोख़त purchase and sale. plain-speaking. purchasing. to spoil. —खोटी सनाना to send one away with a ू flea in one's ear. overhot (e. —िसकका a good coin. relentless (words). honest. —आसामी a good paymaster. depraved. . straightforward. —खरी सुनाना to call a spade a spade. defective. to purchase. ख़रब/ज़ा ḳḥarbu:za: (nm) a musk melon. खरहरा kharehra: (nm) a currycomb. —परखना to distinguish good from bad. rabbit. — करना to cause the fall of. खरोच kharōch (nf) scratch. genuine and spurious. crisp. ख़रा/द ḳḥara:d (nm) a lathe. a straightforward person. ख़रीद ḳḥari:d (nf) purchase. to speak out unpalatable truths. chalk. —खोटी harsh and unpalatable. faulty. खरी आँच). to deprave. in the throat). ख़रीफ़ ḳḥari:f (nf) the kharif crop. to reform.

villain. expensive. costly. expense. to take ill. to be displeasing. to snore while asleep. —बाँधना to cause recurring expeniture. a malediction meaning may you be widowed. ~खानी/पीटी widowed. porter. ~वे से खवा छ?िौलना to have a jumbling and jostling crowd. to be fast asleep. खलवाट khalva:ṭ (a) bald. veteran wrestler. खली khali: (nf) oil cake. threshing floor. ख/वा khava: (nm) the end of the shoulder (farther from the neck). cost.156 -the market. world. khallasi. obstruction. खरार kharra: (nm) a long sheet. खिलहान khaliha:n (nm) a barn. mischievous.D. cost. master. the root of the arm.ख़रोषी kharoshṭḥi: (nf) an ancient script which was prevalent in north-west frontier of India roughly between 4th century B. —पड़ना to cost. ~नाियका a vamp. and 3rd century A. खसरा khasra: (nm) measles. —उठाना to bear the expenses.C. ख़चार ḳḥarcha: (nm) expenditure. released. ख़लासी ḳḥala:si: (nm) a seaman. expense. ~ता baldness. ख़लास ḳḥala:s (a) discharged. outlay. its essence. खरार/टा kharra:ṭa: (nm) snore. ख़चर ḳḥarch (nm) expenditure. disturbance. roll (of paper). to have to spend. ख़लल ḳḥalal (nm) interruption. ~ओं क कान काटना to prove more े than a match to veterans. ख़लीफ़ा ḳḥali:fa: (nm) a caliph. —िनकलना expenditure to be (re) covered. . to have shoulders rubbing with one another. ख़चीला ḳḥarchi:la: (a) spendthrift. commotion. खलबली khalbali: (nf) agitation. ~टे भरना/मारना/लेना to drive pigs to -. खल khal (a) wicked. — की टटी a screen made of the fragrant roots of ख़स and used for cooling purposes during the summers. uneconomdical. ख़स ḳḥas (nm) fragrant root of a typical grass used for cooling purposes. ख़लक ḳḥalq (nm) creation. extravagant.—करना to take a husband. lengthy account. ~नायक a villian. to outdo the veterans. vile. emptied. —पैदा होना/मचना a commotion to be caused. to be overcrowded. ख़सम ḳḥasam (nm) husband. (nm) a mortar. खलना khalnā: (v) to feel offended/bad. —तोड़ना to reduce expenditure (on).

a big basket. to be reduced to dust or ashes. (this) humble petitioner (used with reference to oneself while talking in humble terms). to wander al round. to conceal (an affair or anything disgraceful). ~सार lowest of the low. खाँसी khā:si: (nf) cough. entrenchment. disposition. —डालना to bury. dirt and dust. —बजना fighting to ensue/commence. self-serving. खाऊ kha:u: (a) voracious. ~हाल afflicted.157 -little. coop. humble. to bury the hatchet. map. seizing quickly or unexpectedly. anything trivial. —मे िमलना to fall to the ground. to be in doldrums. ख़ाक ḳḥa:k (nf) ashes. outline. —हो जाना/~हाल हो जाना to go to grass. — करना to reduce to ashes. खसोट khasoṭ (nf) snatching. in distress. precious -. (nm) a (castrated) hegoat. recess. area etc. brittle. trench. —करना to castrate. gluttonous. —उड़ाऊ extravagant. . — छानना to beat the air. खसोटना khasoṭnā: (v) to snatch. ~a: (nm) a groove. —का पुतला a mortal being made of dust. moat. squanderer. to seize quickly or unexpectedly. खाँचेदार khā:cheda:r (a) vallecular. of each field or plot of land). —खींचना to make a fun (of) to pull one's leg. खाँड़ khā:ṛ (nf) unrefined sugar. having slit(s). —होना to have a gulf/distance between. ख़सख़स ḳḥasḳḥas (nm) poppy seed. brittle. —बरसना to be in ruins. ख़सी (खससी) ḳḥasi: (khassi:) (a) castrated. rendered impotent. to become brittle. खाँप khā:p (nf) a slice (of some fruits). fragile. —कचौड़ी a kind of crisp कचौड़ी. nothing whatever. —वीर gluttonous. ख़ाका ḳḥa:ka: (nm) sketch. ख़सता ḳḥasta: (a) crisp. slitting. vallecula. worn out. to devastate. ~चा khā:ch (nf). slit. —िसर पर उड़ाना to mourn. खाँ/च. —उड़ना to be ruined. खाँसना khāsnā: (v) to cough. —मीत/यार selfish.ख़सरा ḳḥasra: (nm) a patwari's survey-book (containing an account of the number. wasteful. hence ~हाली (nf). —पाटना to bridge a gulf (between two or more parties). layout. to be in mourning. खाँडा/(ड़ा) khā: (ṛ)a: (nm) a big broad sword. ragged. bribee. खाई kha:i: (nf) ditch. ख़सलत ḳḥaslat (nf) nature.

— सेना to be confined to bed through prolonged illness. to misappropriate. quarry. account. (a) eatable. खा prosperous. खाना kha:na (v) to eat. —डालना to commence dealings (with). ~जमा assurance. —तोड़ना to keep on lying idle. पैसा खाना). to destroy. fossa. to take bribe. खाद kha:d (nf) manure. खाद kha:ddy (nm) food. खाता-पीता well-to-do. खाट kha:ṭ (nf) a cot. an abridged form of खाना used as the first member in compound words (खान-पान).g. खान-पान kha:n-pā:n (nm) (mode and manner of) eating and drinking. ख़ाितर ḳḥa:tir (nf) hospitality. head of the kitchen and pantry. store-house. (nm) food. —रखना to rest assured. —खटोला household effects. ख़ातून ḳḥā:tu:n (nf) a lady. kinsfolk. खाड़ी kha:ṛi: (nf) a bay. ख़ानसामा ḳḥa:nsa:mā: (nm) a house-steward.g. to squander. ख़ान/दान ḳḥa:ndā:n (nm) family. bedstead. to misappropriate (e. —पीना to enjoy. social relationship. ~दार hospitable. खान kha:n (nf) mine. खादर kha:dar (nm) alluvial land. to corrode. to be emaciated. ~दारी hospitality. ~दानी familial. traditional. —से उतारा जाना to be on the verge of death. खाते मे डालना to debit to the account (of). the sake of. to take a bribe. meal. dust-coloured. खात kha:t (nm) fovea. खाते-खाते पेट फट जाना to burst buttons with food. खाने क लाले पड़ना े जाना to devour. ख़ाितरी ḳḥa:tiri: (nf) hospitality. खाओ तो ठे गे से न खाओ तो ठे गे से Hobson's choice. साँप हवा खाता है ). one who extends hospitality. (ind) for. to ruin. to live on (e. belonging to a high or noble family. —खोलना to open an account. warm reception. also a form of address to them.ख़ाकी ḳḥa:ki: (a) dull yellow-coloured. —से लगना to be reduced to skeleton. ~धारी see खदरधारी. —अखाद eatable and non-eatable. good and/or bad food. moor. living. edible and inedible. खादी kha:di: (nf) see ~खदर. —पर पड़ना to be bed-ridden. fertilizer. mange. ख़ान ḳḥa:n (nm) a chieftain muslim chief. to sting (as by a venomous insect). खाज kha:j (nf) scabbies. •आदमी descendant of a noble family. fairly . for. receptacle. an honorific used with Afghan Muslim names. खाता kha:ta: (nm) ledger. to squander. —कमाना to exert to earn one's livelihood.

salty. —दौड़ना to react violently/offensively. chest or case.158 -to be hard up for each meal. to flay. also ~जी का घर. —करना to dismiss.-. ख़ामोशी ḳḥa:moshi: (nf) silence. compartment. prosperous. —दीवान a religious assembly of the sikhs. hide. draw. house-search. खाने-पीने से सुखी well-to-do. —का घर an easy undertaking. state of being homeless. ख़ाला ḳḥa:la: (nf) mother's sister. —बात). —खींचना to peel off the ू skin. to give one gyp. rancour. to empty. blank. ख़ानाबदो/श ḳḥa:na:badosh (nm) a nomad. —खाना to nurse a spirit of rancour (against). ~ख़राब ruined. wandering. penniless. only. column. to flay. ~पन salinity. one who ruins one's own home. to reject. to have a sense of animosity. unoccupied. brakishness. unmixed. well-off. itch. —पेट empty stomach. hence खारी. —बैठना to be idle. a simple job. hence ~पन (nm). —जाना (वार) to miss the mark. saline. mange. खारा kha:ra: (a) brackish. —उड़ाना to flay bare. mere (e. खाल kha:l (nf) skin. ~बबारदी ruination. to be . ख़ािरश ḳḥa:rish (nm) scabbies. to be easily irritated. ख़ार ḳḥa:r (nm) a thorn. to be in readiness to take revenge. to strike off (a name). animosity. —करना to vacate. flaw.back. unemployed. rejected. —आबाद(रहो) may you prosper.g. ख़ािलक़ ḳḥa:liq (nm) the creator. —उधेड़ना to beat black and blue. abode. only. flourishing as a householder. ख़ालसा ḳḥa:lsa: (nm) the sikh community. vacant. — जेब empty pocket. ख़ानापूरी ḳḥa:nā:pu:ri: (nf) to complete the formalities. —उतारना to desquamate. —आबादी prosperity. to evacuate. — खींचकर भसा भर दे ना to inflict severe physical punishment. ~तलाशी search.g. ineffective (e. —जगह vacancy. to cause grief (by raking up past memories). ~बबारद squandered. ख़ािरज ḳḥa:rij (a) dismissed. ~शी nomadism. ख़ाना ḳḥa:nā: (nm) a shelf. ~ख़राबी ruination. to give a good thrashing. खार kha:r (nm) a rainy rivulet. ख़ामोश ḳḥa:mosh (a) silent. ख़ािलस ḳḥa:lis (a) pure. to skin. without home and hearth. वार—जाना) fallow. unaccented beat (in music). an idle wanderer. unadulterated. ख़ामी ḳḥa:mī: (nf) defect. a sikh. ख़ाली ḳḥa:li: (a) empty.

to be drawn (apart). िख़ज़ाब ḳḥiza:b (nm) a hair-dye. अपनी to खाते पहुँचा उतरना to be incredibly delicate.159 -to be extracted. —हाथ empty-handed. important. very intimate. to keep aloof.unemployed. medley. िख़ता ḳḥi:tta: (nm) a tract of land. ख़ास ḳḥa:s (a) special. to go one's own queer way. —पकाना to hatch a plot. to be removed. मेरा ख़ास आदमी). —अलग पकाना. िख़ज़ाँ ḳḥizā: (nf) the autumn. to be attracted towards (—. ~गार a servant. the festival known as मकर संकांित. ख़ासमख़ास very special. िखचड़ी khichṛi: (nf) a preparation of rice and pulse boiled together. characteristic.). leg-pulling. to be at the service of. िखंचाई khicha:i: (nf) the act or process of pulling/drawing/tightening/expanding/extracting/removing. (a) mixed. to vex. to fail in one's mission. proper (e. ~दार having window(s). peculiar. ख़ािसयत ḳha:siyat (nf) characteristic. िखझाना khijha:na: (v) to tease. very dear one. ख़ािसयत speciality. blow one's own trumpet. िखंडना khī nā: (v) to spill. िखंचना khīchnā: (v) to be pulled. lackey. man. िखंचे-िखंचे रहना to keep a distance (mentally/physically).g. —भाषा a hotch-potch language. speciality. —ख़ास selected (few). िखंचाव khīcha:v (nm) strain. ~कर particularly. adversity. ख़ासोआम all people. to be repelled. to return empty-handed. ख़ासलख़ास very intimate. attraction. distinctive quality. peculiarity. to be tightened. —बीवी man and wife. to be expanded. ख़ास िदलली का रहने वाला). — होना. िखड़की khiṛki: (nf) a window. unarmed. —दे ना to confer a title (on). —खोलना (िदमाग़ की) lit. ventilated. to conspire. ample. particular. (fig. to open the window—to let in fresh air (of ideas etc. lackeying. िख़ताब ḳḥita:b (nm) a title. ~गारी service. hotch-potch. -. a mixture. —बजाना to serve. ख़ासा ḳḥa:sa: (a) fairly good. natural disposition. to assail playfully or maliciously. —हाथ लौटना to draw a blank. draught. lackeying. ~गी private. to be spilled. — .g. stretch. की ओर). chief: own (e. the big and ु the small. fall. िख़दमत ḳḥidmat (nf) service.) period of decay. (बालो का) to have a sprinkling of grey hair amongst black. ख़ािवंद ḳḥa:vind (nm) husband.

to administer (as medicine etc. ~ता glumness. frolicsome. to laugh heartily. made to blossom/bloom/blow up/play. fret. खींचना khī:chnā: (v) to pull. —करना to play with. to deride. adversely disposed. meaning of a word or statement). twisting (e. िखिसया/ना khisiya:nā: (v) to feel piqued/disparaged/embarrassed. —उड़ाना to make fun/game of. transgression. (a) playful. खींचा-तानी manipulation. to be irritated/vexed.िखनन khinn (a) gloomy. ~वजी defiance. sportsman. farfetching. खीझ(ज)ना khi:jh (j)nā: (v) to grouch to fret.g. to bloom. vexation. ridiculing: ~बाज़ a wag. tugging. burst of laughter. twisting and distorting. to ridicule. to poke fun at. to be in an impotent rage. िखलवाड़ khilwa:ṛ (nm) frolic. depressed. to tighten. to drag. impotent rage. opposition (a wrongly coined equivalent for मखािलफ़त see). ु िखलौना khilaunā: (nm) a toy. to be adversely disposed. िखलिखलाना khilkhila:nā: (v) to burst into laughter. tussel and tugging. to attract. to expand. depression. to draw. िखलंदरा khilandra: (a) playful. opposed. to entertain to a meal. a typical sweet Indian dish. fun and frolic. making fun. derider. खींच-तान tussel. one who holds others to ridicule. to extract. िख़लाफ़ ḳḥila:f (a) against.). िख़लाफ़त ḳḥila:fat (nf) pertaining to a calif. —होना to be opposed (to). glum.कचचा inexperienced player. to split up. िखलाड़ी khila:ṛi: (nm) a player. िख़राज ḳḥira:j (nm) a tribute. खीर khi:r (nf) a sweetened preparation of rice and milk boiled together. to pull one's leg.पकका/सधा हुआ experienced/balanced player. buoyant. —होना to be a plaything in the hands of. खीझ (खीज) khi:jh (khi:j) (nf) grouch. sad. िखलना khilnā: (v) to blossom.160 -िखसकना khisaḳnā: (v) to move slowly. to move farther. िखलिखलाहट khilkhila:haṭ (nf) a guffaw. sadness. . playfulness. िखिसयाहट khisiya:haṭ (nf) a sense or feeling of pique. to blow. ~पन sportsmanship. to slip away. —. plaything. —. ~नी िबलली खंभा नोचे a thrashed army resorts to rampage. to be rent asunder. violation. िखलाना khila:nā: (v) to feed. pastime. to be delighted. -. to befit. —बनाना to make a plaything of. to treat lightly. िखलली khilli: (nf) derision.

excavation. ~काशत direct cultivation. ~परसत self-centred. ~मुख़तारी autonomy. —ख़ुदा करक at long last. खुजाना khuja:nā: (v) to itch. abandon friendly relation. so long! ख़ुदाई khuda:i: (nf) engraving. to sing. to scratch. —गंजे को नाख़न नहीं दे ता those who would ू . by itself. to nurse a feeling of ill-will/rancour. —को पयारा होना to kick the bucket to expire. ~मख़तार autonomous. —खैर करे ! May God secure !. खदरा khudra: (a) retail (goods). ~कशी suicide. hollow space or the foot-rest improvised for the purpose. —खील होना to be shattered (to pieces). ख़ुदा/र ḳḥudda:r (a) self-respecting. itching sensation. self-seeking. find themselves disarmed. the Lord. खटी khuṭṭi: (nf) severance of mutual cordial terms (amongst children). ~वंदा God Almighty. खील khi:l (nm) parched paddy. खुजली khujli: (nf) itch. ~परसती self-aggrandisement. Godhood. God-worshipping.खीरा khi:ra: (nm) a cucumber. ु ख़ुदा ḳḥuda: (nm) God. खुडडी khuḍḍi: (nf) an improvised structure (of bricks etc. itchiness. -. ख़ुद ḳḥud (pro) self. ~ज़ी selfishness. ु self-aggrandising. with immense े destroy. Creation. ु खुजलाहट khujla:haṭ (nf) itch. —करना to severe speaking terms. to split up. self. ~ई Providence. ~इिख़तयारी independence. difficulty. खुंदक khundak (nf) a feeling of rancour/ill-will. —हािफ़ज़! good-bye ! adieu. —ब-ख़ुद on one's own. to scratch. ~से काढ़ना/िनकालना/िनपोरना to wear a grin. self-seeking ु temperament. ु ख़दग़र/ज़ ḳḥudgaraz (a) selfish. —न करे ! God forbid!. small coins. ख़ुदी ḳḥudi: (nf) ego. vanity. itching sensation. —खाना to take offence. scabbies. खी/स khi:s (nf) grinning. ~या Oh God. O Master. voluntarily. खुटकना (v) to tap. offence. खुंभी khumbhi: (nf) mushroom. ~वंद. itchiness. —की मार Divine vangeance. O Lord.) to sit on for the discharge of faeces.161 -carving.) of one's own accord. to itch. (adv. ~परसत devout. ~इिख़तयार independent. hollow between two teeth. charges in respect thereof. cutting off the ु bond of friendship. खजलाना khujla:nā: (v) to experience an itching sensation. ~परसती devoutness. digging. — का ग़ज़ब Divine wrath. —की राह मे in the name of God. ~री self-respect.

ख़ुनकी ḳḥunki (nf) a touch of cold. a kind of sweetened milk-product. dry incrustation formed over a healing wound. खुलकर openly. ख़रमा ḳḥurma: (nm) a date-fruit. खुरपी khurpi: (nf) a kind of small scraping instrument. खुरजी khurji: (nf) a long double haversack. one who indulges in smutty talk. hearty. ख़ुमा/र ḳḥuma:r (nm) hang-over (of a drink). — हुआ exposed. ु ख़ुिफ़या ḳḥufiya: (a) detective. ख़राफ़ा/त ḳḥurā:fa:t (nf) smut.). to be uncovered. spiteful. indecent act or smutty speech. drying up of a wound. frank. ु खुरपा khurpa: (nm) a big scraping instrument. extent. खुले आम/ख़ज़ाने/बाज़ार/मैदान openly. to be laid aside (as पाबंदीetc. to be dispersed (as बादल). frankly. spite. scabrous. spending profusely/liberally.). खुरचन khurchan (nf) scrape. overt. a kind of sweetmeat. mischief. fair (as मौसम). खुरंट khuraṉṭ (nm) scale. ~सी rancorous. to become ु खुलना). to be unravelled. खन/स khuna:s (nf) rancour. (as गाड़ी etc. खुरचना khurachnā: (v) to scrape. खली तिबयत hearty. खली मटी ु ू ु ु ु होना to be open-handed. ख़ुदरबीन ḳḥurdbi:n (nf) a microscope. खुलता खला khula: (a) open. to be set up (as दकान etc. exposed. ख़ुदर ḳḥurd (a) mirco—. to erase. खली छट दे ना to give a free hand. खरारट khurrā:ṭ (a) cunning. —पड़ना a scale to be formed. clever. to be generous. ~र उतरना hang-over to be on the decline. —हाथ bounteous. (nm) a detective spy: —पुिलस secret police. drowsiness (resulting from inadequate sleep etc. खुर khur (nm) hoof. publicly. ख़ुबा(मा)नी ḳḥub(m)a:nī: (nf) an apricot. to start favourable (as भागय खुलना). खरदरा khurdara: (a) rough. secret. etc. uncovered.). slight intoxication. ु ~ती mischievous. to be exposed. open. slight cold. unrestricted. to be restored (as भूख खुलना). hence ~पन (nm). untied. to acquire fullness or depth (as रं ग रं ग light appealing colour. to be unfolded (as भेद). lose. ration. disgraceful deed. small (in size. coarse. scrapings. ु खुलना khulnā: (v) to be untied. खुलकर खेलना to indulge in misdeeds openly. nutritive diet.). evildoer. also~री (nf).). ु spacious. diet. . ु ख़ुराक ḳḥura:q (nf) dose.

(a) clear. े ू ज़मीन पर न पड़ना to tread on air. ु खशहा/ल ḳḥushha:l (a) prosperous. cheerfully. cheerful. scent. sycophant. good luck. to fix one's tether. ु ख़शख़बरी ḳḥushḳḥabri: (nf) good news. essence. •टटू a ु professional flatterer/sycophant. ु ख़शनसी/ब ḳḥushnasi:b (a) fortunate. ख़िशयाँ rejoicing. gay. —गाड़ना to establish oneself. to dance with joy. ~नुमा pleasant. ~ख़त good hand-writing. to be in exultation. खुले दरवाज़े न शमारना open door invites a saint. ख़ख़वा/र ḳḥū:ḳḥa:r (a) ferocious. (nm) a flatterer. खुले िदल से heartily. ख़शिमज़ाज ḳḥushmiza:j (a) cheerful. in very low tones. खुले िदल का openhearted. —का सौदा a matter ु ु of choice. one who possesses a ु good handwriting. ख़श ḳḥush (a) happy.stone. openness. murderous. — . ~ज़ायका tasty. lucky. ~बी good fortune. good-tempered. good luck. ख़ुिशयाँ मनाना to kick up one's ु heels. ~दी flattering. ँ खूटा khū:ṭa: (nm) a stake. (adv) in whispers. drought.whelmed with joy. ु ख़ुलासा ḳḥula:sa: (nm) summary. ~गपपी (exchange of) pleasantries. joviality. perfume. ु ख़शबू ḳḥushbu: (nf) fragrance. aromatic. a matter of free will. ख़शी ḳḥushi: (nf) joy. unreservedly. hence ~िमज़ाजी (nf). corner. ~िदल jovial.162 -~िदली cheerfulness. peg. dandruff. ू ू ख़ुशक ḳḥushk (a) dry. scented. ~नवीस calligraphist. gaiety. ~नवीसी calligraphy. pleasant chat. gist. -से नाच उठना/-से पाँव ु से फल उठना/—से फले न समाना to exult. खुसुर-फसुर khusur-phusur (nf) whispering.unhesitatingly. delight. ख़ूटे क े ँ ँ बल कदना/—क बल बंदर नाचे to venture beyond one's tether on extraneous strength. pleasant-looking. liberally. direction. delicious. abstract. —ख़शी happily. good. खुललमखुलला khullām:khulla: (adv) publicly. (dry) land. well-to-do. withered. ख़ुशकी ḳḥushki: (nf) dryness. lucky. ~ती good fortune. brief. ~ली prosperity. well-being. good-looking. ~दार fragrant. happiness. expanse. flourishing. —की राह/से by land. hearty. to be over. खलाव khula:v (nm) exposure. -. ु ख़शाम/द ḳḥusha:mad (nf) flattery. aroma. ु ख़ुसूिसयत ḳḥusu:siyat (nf) plural form of ख़ािसयत (see). ख़शिकसम/त ḳḥushkismat (a) fortunate. hence ~री (nf). ूँ खूट khū:ṭ (nm) a corner. ~गवार pleasant. ख़शामदीद welcome. pleased. to tread on air. merṛy. openly. ु perfumed.

pretty. —का बदला blood for blood. to be unnerved. speciality.मँह (को) लगना to get ु to run in the blood. to run amuck. characteristic quality. —बहाना to shed blood. affection. sworn enemy. ू ू ख़ूबी ḳḥu:bi: (nf) merit. haggard. massacre. —पानी होना to lose all sense of selfrespect. to cause bloodshed. — दौरा blood-circulation. root of the hair. to be a family trait. —से हाथ ू रँगना to stain one's hands with blood. beautiful. —खौलना the blood to boil. handsome. to be lost to the sense of self-respect. to kill. involving bloodshed. —का पयासा blood-thirsty. —उतरना. murder. prettiness. (inter) excellent! very good !. खूसट khu:saṭ (a) decrepit. to be in a bloody rage. (adv) very (as ख़ूब अचछा). —क घट पीना to े े ूँ जमना one's blood to freeze. —पसीना एक करना to toil in the sweat of one's brow. खेड़ा kheṛa: (nm) a hamlet. —का मे to be filled with fury. an assassin. ख़बसरती ḳḥu:bsu:rti: (nf) beauty. खूदना khū:dnā: (v) to trample (over). spike. to be in a frenzied thirst for blood. ferocious. to be bereft of passion. —िसर पर सवार होना to be in a murderous mood. to exploit. —की होली a suppress one's fury. to be in a bloody rage.). to squander lavishly. आँखो करना to murder.163 -harassment. -खचचर/ख़राबा bloodshed. —पीना to cause non-stop -. —की नदी बहाना to shed a stream of blood. —सख़ना to be mortally scared.खूटी khū:ṭi: (nf) a small peg. good. to become inhumane. — ू carnival of bloodshed. —पसीने की कमाई hard-earned money. —का जोश blood-affection. —चसनाto suck the blood of. —ठं डा होना the blood to freeze. ख़ूबसूरत ḳḥu:bsu:rat (a) beautiful. —उबलना/खौलना the blood to boil. ँ ख़ून ḳḥu:n (nm) blood. comely. —िसर पर चढ़कर बोलता है murderous hands must one . —गदर न पर होना to be blood-guilty/blood-stained. ख़ूनी ḳḥu:nī: (nm) a murderer. —सफ़द होना to lack natural े day be exposed. -मे होना (कोई गुण या अवगुण आिद) होना to feign sacrifice. (a) blood-thirsty. handsomeness. etc. ख़ूब ḳḥu:b (a) very much. ँ ख़ूरेज़ी ḳḥū:rezi: (nf) bloodshed. in plenty/abundance. to cultivate a taste for the unsavoury. —क आँसू बहाना/रोना to be in a terrible throe. ear of a ँ stringed musical instrument. small village. —लगाकर शहीद बनना/शहीदो मे दािख़ल addicted to. revenge for blood. to manage to be lauded as a martyr. stump (of a tree. —.

wellतो ठीक नही तो ख़ैरसलला). —खेलना to make a crafty move.—बदना to fix a bout. land-record of shares. काम हो जाये . खेल khel (nm) play. खेप khep (nf) a trip. खेलने-खाने क िदन the age to eat. खेमे मे होना. ~सलला does not matter (e. drink and be merry. agricultural undertaking. game. all-right. benevolence. —बनाना to have a business accomplished. -आना see —खेत रहना. —रहना to be killed in action. —भी दे ना और बह भी जाना to foot the bill and get nil. a rower. fun and frolic. ferrying. dirt and dust. —डालना to encamp. खेली-खाई having diverse experiences of life. -. —खाना to be in a miserable plight. expression of regret. खेला-खाया well-versed in े the ways of life. —समझना to consider damn easy. boatman. ~ख़वाही well-wishing. —. —पर चढ़े िकसानी it is the harvest that proves the farmer. नाटक). खेद khed (nm) regret. to have it out. ~ख़वाह a well-wisher. sport. wishing. खेवट khevaṭ (nm) the register of mutations. ferry-trip खेवाई kheva:i: (nf) ferry-toll. —बारी(ड़ी) agriculture. without any effort. drink and be merry. खेती kheti: (nf) farming. —ख़तम होना the े game to be up. show.g. —करना to frolic. to stage (e. sorrow. to knock about from pole to post. — ू क िदन age of merriment. well-up in sexual experiences. cultivator. quantity or number transported in one lot. खैर ḳḥair (nf) well-being. to bite the dust. cultivation. — िबगाड़ना to upset a person's apple-cart. boyhood. (ind) well. खैर khair (nm) catechu.164 -खेह kheh (nf) ash. camp. -कद sports.बना बनाया near-accomplished job. —िखलाना to give a long rope. welfare. खेस khes (nm) a thick cotton sheet. farm. खेमा ḳḥemā: (nm) a tent. to look through one's game. —खाना to eat. to have a game or business spoilt. ~जनक regrettable.ख़ेत khet (nm) a field. — िबगड़ना a person's apple-cart to be upset.g. खेलना khelnā: (v) to play. —खेल मे in a trice. agriculture. िकसी क to be in the े camp of. ~पकाश apology. boatman. खेना khenā: (v) to row. खेवनहार khevanha:r (nm) a rower. खेवा kheva: (nm) ferry-toll. खेितहर khetihar (nm) a farmer.

adulterated.ख़ैरात ḳḥaira:t (nf) charity. to discover. one employed to be in attendance in a royal harem). खोचा khoṇcha: (nm) see खोमचा. without mincing words. exploration.). safety. flaw. to search. . खोसना khōsnā: (v) to tuck in. a trading Muslim community. faulty. खोजना khojnā: (v) to seek. counterfeit. shell (casting). खैिरयत ḳḥairiyat (nf) welfare. to excavate. alms. —िसकका a counterfeit coin. a cocoanut kernel. alloy. to unfasten. खो जाना to be lost (lit. खोट khoṭ (nf) a defect. —माल inferior goods. to explore. to unravel. holster.—खोलना to break the skull open. खोपड़ा khopṛa: (nm) the skull. •चलाना to chant horses: खोटी-खरी सुनाना to heap reproaches on. खोद-खोदकर पूछना to make a searching enquiry.g. to untie. to investigate. —फोड़ना to break the skull (of). to squander. spurious. to chide. quest. to efface the footprints (of). खोमचा ḳḥōmcha: (nm) a vendor's or pedlar's selling basket. खोल khol (nm) a cover. blemish. — चाटना see भेजा खाना/चाटना. to cause blood to ooze. false. खोया khoya: (nm) a typical milk-product thickened and dehydrated by boiling. •असपताल/दवाख़ाना charitable hospital/dispensary. as well as fig. to detach. to break one's skull. —िमटाना to wipe out all traces (of). (v) past participle of the verb 'खोना'. खोखा khokha: (nm) a stall. lost in thinking etc. खोटा khoṭa: (a) defective. to unroll. खोलना kholnā: (v) to open. to engrave. malicious. ~पन hollowness. to thrust (into). खोपड़ी khopṛi: (nf) the skull. to be absent-minded. -खरा good and bad. खोना khonā: (v) to lose. investigation. inferior and superior. —ख़बर लेना to enquire about one's welfare. ख़ैराती charitable. ~खाना alms-house. —रँगना/लाल करना to strike one's skull. to look lost. —पर सवार होना to hang on. genuine and spurious. discovery. खोखला khokhla: (a) hollow. ख़ोजा ḳḥoja: (nm) a eunuch (esp. खोसना khosnā: (v) to snatch. sheath. ख़ोदना khodnā: (v) to dig. खोज khoj (nf) search. to insert. kiosk. —खुजलाना to be bent on getting a thrashing. खोलकर frankly. to unfold. खोया-खोया रहना या खोया-खोया-सा रहना to be in the dumps.—e.

) uselessly. ख़वािहश ḳḥa:hish (nf) wish. खयात khya:t (a) reputed.e. ~जल sacred water of . ~बी pertaining to or existing in dreams. to become indifferent (to). -. an abyss. ख़ौफ़ ḳḥauf (nm) fear. —पाप reputed. ख़ीषाबद khri:shṭa:bd (nm) the Christian era. गंजा gaṇja: (a) bald. thought. famous. to look after. fear-stricken. ग ग ga —the third consonant and the third member of the first pentad (i. without any purpose. celebrated. hence ~पन (nm). infamous.कवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. गंगा gaṅga: (nm) the Ganges (considered to be the most sacred river by the Hindus). ख़ीषीय khri:shṭi:y (a) Christian. —रखना to attend to. historical. scared. ~गिहरत notorious. reputation. a Sanskirt suffix denoting a mover (as खग). imaginary world. to achieve a destination. ~ज़दा terrorized. —खाना to be scared of. जमुनी made up of two colours or two metals (like gold and silver). dread. to forget. ~मंद desirous. ख़वा/ब ḳḥa:b (nm) a dream. —से उतरना to slip out of memory/mind. strong desire. cavern. ख़ीष khri:shṭ (nm) (Jesus) Christ.खोह khoh (nf) a cave. famous. —मे न लाना not to take into account. imaginary. — the Ganges. —मे समाना to be ever present in memory. ~बो की or ~बी दिनया world of dreams. —पुलाव पकाना to build castles in the air. ख़याल ḳḥya:l (nm) an idea. solicitous. गंज gaṇj (nf) baldness. one of the principal forms of modern Hindustani classical vocal music. view. •उठाना to swear by the water of the Ganges. खौलना khaulnā: (v) to boil: to effervesce. खयाित khya:ti (nf) fame. ख़याली ḳḥya:li: (a) imaginary. assumed. गंजफ़ा gaṇjfa: (nm) see गंजीफ़ा. —नहाना to accomplish a difficult task.165 -renown. ~जली a metal goblet to preserve the holy water of the Ganges. to indulge in absurd fancies. (nm) a market place. ु ख़वारी ḳḥwa:ri: (nf) insult. embarassment. fancied. ख़वाहमख़वाह ḳḥā:mḳḥā (ind. baldheaded. for no rhyme or reason. terrible. pertaining to Christ. ~नाक dreadful. opinion. to fear.

profound. गंदा gānda: (a) dirty. -िवदा music. गंभीर gambhi:r (a) serious. ~क का तेज़ाब/~कामल sulphuric acid. to waste. ~यक odoriferous/odorous. filthiness. ~की sulphury. गंजीफ़ा gaṇji:fa: (nm) a pack or game of cards. to squander. गँठ gāṭḥ—an allomorph of गाँठ used as the first member of a number of compound words. sober. odour. गंडा gāṉḍa: (nm) a knotted black string (tied round the neck as a charm). गंधी gāndhi: (nm) a perfumer. intimate relationship. filthy. गंदगी gāndgi: (nf) dirtiness. sulphurous. depth. perfume-manufacturer. ~हीन odourless. गँदला gādla: (a) muddy (as water). ~जोड़ alliance. line-up. गँड़ा(डा)सा gāṛa:(da:)sa: (nm) a chopper (with a broad blade). गँवाऊ gāva:u: (a) squandering. profundity. गंधवर gandharv (nm) mythological community of celestial musicians. wasteful.addict. गंभीरता gambhi:rta: (nf) seriousness. ~वह/~वाह air. filth. reservedness. entailing mutual pledge between the lover and the beloved in the ु presence of respectable people.गंजी gaṇji: (nf) a male under-garment for the upper part. •करनाsecuring against evil spirits or charms. —तावीज conjuring. morbidity. sobriety.166 -गँडरी gā े eri: (nf) a small horizontally cut segment/piece of a peeled sugarcane. grim. ~बंधन wedding. गँड़त/रा gāṛtara: (nm). grave. to suffer a (total) loss. . ~हर deodorant. —िववाह one of the eight recognized types of marriages prescribed by the Hindu law-giver मन. morbid. ~मी wheatish (colour). -. गँजेड़ी gājeṛi: (a) a gā:ja:. reserved. deep. ु गंध/क gandhak (nm) sulphur. morbidity. गंद ु/म gāndum (nm) wheat. a caste of singers. alliance. a coloured ring on the neck of certain birds like parrot. गँवा/ना gāva:nā: (v) to lose. गंध gandh (nf) smell. gravity. ~री (nf) a thick baby diaper. —बैठना to let slip through one's fingers. ~कटा a pickpocket. गंद gānd (nf) filth. गंतवय gāntavvy (nm) the destination.

ु गगरी gagri: (nf) a small earthen pot. ~कारी stucco. rusticity. ग़ज़ब g̣azab (nf) a calamity. ~चंबी/सपशी sky-high. to be in deep distress. गजर gajar (nm) the chimes (generally -. ~नाक amazing. all at once. —टू टना to be shattered by a calamity. -िनमीिलका looking through one's fingers. ~गित a graceful carefree gait (like that of an elephant). ~सनान unavailing activity. गचचा gachcha: (nm) a pitfall. गँवार gāva:ru: (a) rustic. गजरा gajra: (nm) a thick flower-garland. (a) meek.fall. गऊ gau: (nf) a cow. stucco. plaster.गँवार gāva:r (a) uncivilised. गटकना gaṭaknā: (v) to swallow. ~गट same as गट. —खाना to be hoodwinked/defrauded. rude. गगन gagan (nm) the sky. —. ग़ज़ल g̣azal (nf) a popular poetic form of Urdu. etc. wonderful. ~पन/~पना uncivilised manners. yardstick. गज gaj (nm) an elephant. to defraud. hence ~गोई (nf). गज़ट gazaṭ (nm) a gazette. गज़ेिटयर g̣azeṭiar (nm) a gazetteer. to be subjected to a pit. —गनना न दे ँु भेली दे penny wise pound foolish. bracelet. outrage. to hoodwink.ख़ुदा का divine wrath/fury. heaviness (in the stomach). quikly. slang (language.). -से quickly. — बैठना the stomach to be heavy and constipative. wonderful. all at once. —दे ना or गचचे मे डालना to deceive.167 -rung after every four hours). गच gach (nf) mortar. moving in the sky. stupid. ~गािमनी (a woman) blessed with a graceful carefree gait (like that of an elephant). wrath. connivance. vulgar. ~गो a composed of gazals. to give away the finished product in a bid to save the raw material. vulgarity. गज़क gazak (nm) a sweetmeat prepared from sesame seed and sugar. to gulp. feigned ignorance. —ढाना to commit an outrage/atrocity. . —को अतर सघाना pearls before the swine. tyranny. gentle. a bird. ~चर sky-going. morning-bells. hazard. firmament. ~दम very early in the morning. गज़ gaz (nm) a yard. skyscraping. rudeness. to be outrageous/atrocious. fury. गट gaṭ (nf) the sound produced while swallowing or gulping a liquid. —का extremely amazing. rustic. stupidity.

muscular (body). ~पन knottiness. mass. bulb (of onion or garlic etc. nodose. to be intimate. rumbling or thundering sound गड़ना gaṛnā: (v) to be buried. to produce a thundering sound. package. गड़ा धन buried/underground treasure. composition. with a splashing sound. गठज़ gaṭḥan (nf) build. well-built. to be swallowed by the waves. package.गटागट gaṭa:gaṭ adv. to rake up the long lost past. to usurp. disorder. गड़ारी gaṛa:ri: (nf) a pulley. swallowing. to stick into. गठना gaṭḥnā: (v) to be tied/closed together. knotty. a jumbled mass. to be compact in texture. disorder. गटापारचा gaṭa:pa:rcha: (nm) guttapercha. . to spoil. to rumble. medley. गड़पना gaṛapnā: (v) to swallow. गड़गड़ाना gaṛgaṛa:nā: (v) to gurgle. to stumble. गटर gaṭṭḥar (nm) a large bundle. bundle. reel. medley. गठरी gaṭḥri: (nf) a bundle. गड़े मदे ु गड़प gaṛap (nf) a plashing sound. rheumatism. गडडी gaḍḍi: (nf) a pack. गड़बड़ gaṛbaṛ (nf) muddle. —होना to be drowned. गटा gaṭṭḥa: (nm) a bundle. जाना. गड़िरया gaṛariya: (nm) a shepherd. ankle.joint. package. to be spoilt. structure. sprag. medley. construction. गड़ उख़ाड़ना to dig up things buried deep. गटा gaṭṭa: (nm) plug. गड़बड़ाना gaṛbaṛa:nā: (v) to be confused/confounded. a joint or knot. ~झाला a pretty kettle of fish. गठबंधन gaṭḥbandhan nm) see गँठ (~बंधन). spool. गड़गड़ाहट gaṛgaṛa:haṭ (nf) gurgling. गडड gaḍḍ (nm) a heap. —से all at once. to penetrate. to confuse. गठीला gaṭḥi:la: (a) compact. scramble. ~मडड see गडमड. disquiet. wrist. confusion. —करना to swallow. गिठया gaṭḥiya: (nf) gout. ~दार having circlets or rings. गठा बदन well-built/muscular body. गड़बड़ी gaṛbaṛi: (nf) see गड़बड़. compactness. to be fixed. nodosity. jumble. bale. confusion.) see गटगट. गडमड ga ma (nf) confusion. to be pierced.) गठजोड़ gaṭḥjoṛ (nm) see गँठ (~जोड़). शमर से to be thoroughly ashamed. mess.

~पित a fort-commander. गणपूितर gāṉpu:rti (nf) quorum. appearance. malleating. loss. agent. गढ़ं त gaṛḥānt (a) imaginary. of outstanding merit. गण gāṉ (nm) a community. figure and features. fancied. गिणका gāṉika: (nf) a prostitute. a tune. calculation. gone. —िवदा mathematical science. as सदसय~). गणतंत gāṉtāntr (nm) a Republic. see गणेश. hollow. ditch. गणतंतातमक gāṉtāntra:tmak (a) republican. pertaining or belonging to गणतंत. a body (signifiying collectivity. गणनीय gāṉanī:y (a) worth reckoning/counting. गढ़ gaṛḥ (nm) a fort. stronghold. ~ज a mathematician. harlot. to form. castle. —िदवस republic day.गडढा gaḍḍḥa: (nm) a pit. group.168 -गढ़ना gaṛḥnā: (v) to forge. गिणतीय mathematical. — जोतना/तोड़ना to achieve a resounding victory. गढ़ी gaṛḥi: (nf) a keep. reckoning. गत gat (a) past. reckoner. गण-िचनह gāṉchinh (nm) a totem. •सांिखयकी mathematical Statistics. condition. (nf) forging. pertaining or belonging to गणतंनत. —का worthwhile. fortress. a reckoner. mould. —भरना to make up (the loss). to fashion. to accomplish a difficult job. conforming to . a musical time or measure. गढ़त gaṛḥat (nf) structure. devoid of. dressing. pertaining or belonging to गणतंत. गिणत gāṉit (nm) Mathematics. to fabricate. to suffer a grievous loss. गणेश gāṉesh (nm) a popular Hindu deity believed to be the god of wisdom symbolising auspiciousness. in respect of. to mould. ~मानय distinguished. गडढे मे िगरना to be in distress. totem. citadel. union. republican system of government. गणना gāṉnā: (nf) counting. pertaining to. गढ़ा gaṛḥa: (nm) see गडढा. गणतंतीय gāṉta:ntri:y (a) Republican. build. ~पित chief of a गण (community). ~कार an enumerator. plight. गणराजय gāṉra:jjy (nm) a republic. गणक gāṉak (nm) a scorer. dead. republican state. an air. गढ़ाई gaṛḥa:i: (nf) moulding. to carve (as a statue). -. malleating/dressing charges. an attendant. गणतांितक gāṉta:ntrik (a) republican. fashioning. गणय gāṉṉy (a) see गणनीय. —खोदना to create pitfalls.

salvation. hence ~ता (nf). —बनाना to reduce to a miserable plight. गदा gada: (nf) a club. ~शीलता dynamism. lifeless. गदे ला gadela: (nm) a thick cushion. activity. ु unquestioning adherence to tradition. appearance.169 -—मचाना to create a havoc/row. unquestioning follower. pack saddle. ~ता traditionality. in ecstasy. ~भंश abasia. magazine. to have been initiated into. -सवर (emotionally) chocked voice. ु गतानगितक gata:nugatik (a) tradition-bound. ~िवजान dynamics. to give a thorough beating. ~संवेदना kinesthesis. गदा/र g̣adda:r (nm and a) (a) traitor. active. plight. गतांक gata:ṅk (nm) the last issue (of a paper. ~पाय almost past. गदागद gada:gad (ind) in quick succession. pad. treachery. गितशील gatishi:l (a) dynamic. one quickly after the other.board. kinesis. access. ~धारी one who wields a गदा (club). dynamic. ~काल past. movement. activity. ~बोधक kinesthetic. गदहा gadaha: (nm) see गधा. ~पाण dead. -. ~ता dynamism. pass. गित/मान gatimā:n (a) active. goings. ग़दर g̣adar (nm) a rebellion. गदे ली gadeli: (nm) the palm (of the hand). ू developments. गतयातमक gattya:tmāk (a) dynamic.a standard. गता gatta: (nm) strawboard. ~िविध activity. pertaining to activity or movement. ataxia.) गतानगत gata:nugat (nm) an adherent to a custom or tradition. ~हीनता inertness. गदा gadda: (nm) a bed-cushion. गदर gaddar (a) half-ripe. •ऊजार kinetic energy. to attain the state of youthful bloom. cushion. etc. state. to have knowledge of. statism. ~मता dynamism. mutiny. condition. ~कठ (emotionally) ं choked throat. —मास ultimo: — बजाना to play an air/a musical tune. card. — होना to have a go. static. ~िवभम ataxia. inactivity. speed. treacherous. गदराना gadra:nā: (v) to be half-ripe. ~ज kinetic. . destiny. traitorous. inactive. ~माता momentum. ~भंग being out of tune/rhythm. ~शील dynamic. activity. ~री traitorousness. hence ~पन (nf). shape. traditional. approach. kinesis. moving. ~मलक kinetic. गदद gadgad (a) overwhelmed (by ecstatic emotion). गित gati (nf) motion. ~हीन inert.

tolerance. (a) boastful. to gulp. गपप gapp (nf) see गप. carefree sleep. chatterer. full of sorrow.170 -(nm) bridegroom. ~नशीनी coronation. to commit follies. to be enthroned. —की नींद deep/sound sleep. ~ज़दा grieved. to raze to the ground. chit-chat. गधे से हल े ु चलवाना to cause complete ruination (of). unconscious state. •करना to make an ass of oneself. गनना gannā: (nm) a sugarcane. confusion and disorder. consoling factor. ~ज़दा unconscious.tree. caused by unconsciousness. to gobble. —कावय prose-poetry. —पर बैठना to ascend the throne. swoon. confoundedness. coronated. ~बाज़ a gossiper. sorrow-stricken. indulging in gossips. गपोड़ gapoṛ (nm) a gossiper. गदातमक prosaic. carelessness. ~ख़ोरी tolerance. to brag and boast. quickly. chattering. pad. afflicted. to set afloat a rumour. ~नाक sorrowful. न पाप न पुणय kindness is lost upon an ungrateful man. ~गीन gloomy. endurance. —मारना to indulge in boastful gossip. ~बाज़ी gossiping. गधे को िखलाया. गधे पर चढ़ाना to humiliate. गद gaddy (nm) prose. woeful. —उड़ाना to rumour. young. to catch (as a ball). a damn fool. गपकना gapaknā: (v) to swallow hastily. hearsay. woe. गबर gabru: (a) youthful. —ग़लत करना to comfort/solace oneself. गपपी gappi: (nm) a gossiper. throne. . to insult. stupid fellow. careless. ग़म g̣am (nm) grief. —करना to embezzle. ग़धा gadha: (nm) an ass.गधे पर बस न चला कभहारी क कान उमेठ िदये to bark up a wrong. seat. lay. —पीटने से घोड़ा नहीं होताthe Etheopian never changes his skin. chatterer. गपड़चौथ gapaṛchauth (nf) mess and medley. —खाना to be tolerant. गधे गप gap (nf) a gossip. ~शप gossip. गफ़ g̣af (a) compact. to endure. dense. densely woven. ~नशीन installed on the throne. enduring. tall-talker. —से उतारना to be dethroned/deposed. को बाप बनाना flatter a fool for expediency. गफ़लत g̣aflat (nf) negligence. to drown (one's) sorrows in an intoxicant. negligent. tittle-tattle. ग़नीमत g̣ani:māt (nf) a redeeming feature. ग़बन g̣abān (nm) embezzlement. ~पन folly. a donkey. -.गदी gaddi: (nf) a cushion. गधे को अंगूरी बाग honey is not for donkey's mouth. गपागप gapa:gap (ind) (eating) hastily. गबरन gabrū:n (nf) a kind of coarse chequered cloth. pack-saddle. stupidity. ~ख़ोर tolerant.

गमया gammyā: (a) fit for coition. to cut the throat (of). to be in somebody's grip. to subjugate (somebody). approachable. गमनागमन gamna:gamān (nm) coming and going. —गज़रा बीता good for ु nothing. —का आशना a self seeker. need. to chop off one's head. —पर छरी ु catch hold of one's neck. desirous (of). —नीची होना the head to hang down through shame. —पर जआ े ु रखना to assign a difficult job. to roar. to cut the throat. ~मंद needy. to be involved in ँ a difficulty. गया gaya: (v) went—past participle form of the verb 'जाना'. ग़मी g̣amī: (nf) death. inferior. to insult. ग़रज़े िक in brief. fulmination. — का बावला a slave to one's purpose. to resound. गमन gamān (nm) the act of going. attainable. purpose-server. the state of being needy/concerned. interested motive. —मे हाथ दे ना to hold by the neck. to insult. a kind of musical ornamentation. गरदन gardān (nf) the neck. ग़रक़ g̣araq (a) immersed. the sound of a drum. away go the े े guests. traffic. —झुकाना to yield. to fulminate. —नापना to —पकड़ना to catch hold of the neck. गमतख़ाना gamatḳḥa:nā: (nm) a bilge. to decollate. —उड़ाना/काटना to behead. —न उठाना not to utter a word in protest. cohabitable (woman). even though. interestedness. गमकना gamaknā: (v) to emit fragrance.गमक gamāk (nf) fragrance. roar. mourning. गरज garaj (nf) thunder. गरगज gargaj (nm) battlement. गरचे garche—though. the period of mourning. दम लगाई िखसक the dinner over. —मरोड़ना to throttle. to twist or wring the neck (of). to endure everything. —बावली होती है a self-seeker has no moral code. . locomotion. sexual intercourse. to speak loudly. to keep on pestering. गरजी यार िकसक. to hold by the neck. to humiliate. briefly speaking. in a nut-shell. गमतरी gamtari: (nf) a bilge. having an interested motive (in). insignificant. ~मंदीinterestedness. गमय gammy (a) accessible. चलाना/फरना to submit (somebody) to grave injustice. गमला gamla: (nm) a flower-pot. —फसना to be embroiled in a mess. to be ashamed. गरजना garajnā: (v) to thunder. ग़रज़ g̣araz (nf) concern. —मारना to behead. hence ~ता (nf). —पर सवार होना to have complete sway. submerged. to put to tremendous harm. (adv) in short.

171 -fiery. to fly into a rage. humble. grace. —दे ना to hold the neck for forcing out. गरमी garmī: (nf) heat. anger. गरे बान garebā:n (nm) part of the garment resting on the fore-par of the neck. — िनकलना to be relieved of one's passion. ~परवर sustaining the poor. गिरष garishṭḥ (a) heavy (esp. ~ख़ाना humble dwelling (i. ardour. —व सदर उठाना/दे खना/सहना to go through all sorts of prosperity and adversity in life. hence ~ता (nf). passion. गिरमा garimā: (nf) dignity. merciful to the poor. —चाक करना to go crazy. also गमारव. ग़रीबी g̣ari:bi: (nf) poverty. haughtiness. my humble home— said out of modesty). penury. in a humble/meek fashion. —मे मँह डालना to ु introspect. food). to push by the neck. —बाज़ारी boom. pride. —ख़बर hot news. to have one's vanity struck out. heated exchange. ~मय (a). woollen (cloth). loose female pyjamas. your exalted self !. —की हाय a poor man's curses. —ग़रबा the poor. —िमज़ाज hottempered. गरदान gardā:n (nf) declension and conjugation. गरड़ garuṛ (nm) aquila. ग़रारा g̣ara:ra: (nm) gargle. —होना to fly into a rage. warm. hence ~मंिडत. गरम garām (a) hot. fiery. huge and hefty. the poverty-stricken (class). ardent. syphilis. violence. summer. गरमागरमी garmā:garmī: (nf) excitement. ग़रीबाना g̣ari:ba:nā: (a) befitting a poor man. गरांडील garā:ṉḍi:l (a) robust. of imposing stature. to be excited. गरमाना garma:nā: (v) to warm up. —की जोर सब की भाभी a poor beauty finds more lovers than husbands. to get infuriated. burning. gravity. गरारी gara:ri: (nf) a pulley.e. ~िनवाज़ kind to the ु poor. supporting the poor. -. गरमाहट garma:haṭ (nf) warmth. to be knocked down.गरदिनयाँ gardanivā: (nf) a hold by the neck to push out. ग़रर g̣aru:r (nm) vanity. to go through a chequered coarse of good and bad experiences. to have a realisation of one's sins/deeds. fresh (as news). heated. indigestible. zealous. meek. . to have had a chequered career. a large mythological eagle-like bird believed to be the vehicle of Lord Vishṉū. warmth. गरमागरम garmā:garām (a) hot. to tear one's collar to pieces (out of craziness). गरे री gareri: (nf) a pulley. ग़रीब g̣ari:b (a) poor. heat.

thunderous sound. ~कय abortion.172 -गभारशय garbha:shay (nm) the womb. गमी garmī: (nf) see गरमी. recess. गदर भ gardabh (nm) see गधा. contemptible. -धारण conception. ~बिहयाँembracement with . ~पातक abortifacient. गभर garbh (nm) the womb. गितरका gartika: (nf) a fovea. गवीला garvi:la: (a) see गिवरत. गदर न gardān (nf) the neck. a loud rebuke. reproach. गमारना garma:nā: (v) see गरमाना. ~तोड़ बुख़ार cerebrospinal fever. गजरना garjanā: (nf) a roar. -िनरोधक a contraceptive. condemnable. foetus. elation. —बैठ जाना the dust ु to be settled. proud. cordiality. गदर gard (nf) dirt. -. revolution. गभारधान garbha:dhā:n (nm) impregnation. —से िमलना to greet with cordiality. गिजरत garjit (a) roared. roaring.गजरन garjān (nm) a roar. गवर garv (nm) pride. गिवर/त garvit (a) elated. dust. गमर garm (a) see गरम. गिहरत garhit (a) wicked. hence ~ता feminine form. गल gal—an allomorph of 'गला' and 'गाल' used as the first member in compound words. vicissitudes (of fortune). bellowing. to receive warmly. circulation. the interior. insemination. vile. ृ ~पात miscarriage. pregnancy. —ग़बार dust and dirt. गिदरश gardish (nf) distress. ~सावक abortifacient. thunderous sound. condemnation. bellowing. गतर gart (nm) a pit. ~साव abortion. गहरणा garhaṉā: (nf) censure. ~सथ inside the womb. गिभरणी garbhiṉī: (a) pregnant. ~वती pregnant. गिभरत garbhit (a) impregnated. —तजरन a loud rebuke. trouble. fretting and fuming. ~गह naos. involved (as a sentence). गहरणीय garhāṉi:y (a) censurable. ~गंड a disease resulting in the inflammation of throat-glands. गमरजोशी garmjoshi: (nf) warmth. ~ख़ोर dust-absorbing. conceited. -कोश the womb.

to suffer a heavy loss. untrue. etc. —हो जाना to have no descendant. गले तक डूबना to ँ be submerged chin deep. — रधना see —भर आना. false statement. ग़लतुल-आम g̣alatul-a:m (nm) a wrong usage adopted in a language by virtue of its wide currency. collar (of a garment). erroneous. —घोटना to throttle. —दबाना to throttle. ु गलतंस galtans (nm) childless deceased. neck of a pot. —भर आना to have the throat choked through emotion. to (get) rid of.173 -swallowed. गले िमलनाto embrace. —रे तना to slaughter. to bellow. a constant companion. to harass. to be boiled or cooked till softened. ग़लतबयानी g̣alatbaya:nī: (nf) misstatement. to inflict grave injury. to impose.). —तर करना to moisten the throat (by a few drops of cold water. to enforce acceptance. liberated.गलेबाज़ी exploitation of one's vocal gifts. to be obliged to endure. to torture to slow death.गले े ु बाँधना या मढ़ना to pass the baby. ग़लत g̣alat (a) wrong: incorrect. गलेबाज़ one gifted with a sweet voice. to get into a mess. ु ~सआ a disease resulting in the inflammation of jaw-gums and consequest fever. voice. gullet. to be ebulliently loud. to pass the buck to. —भरारना see —भर आना. गले पर छरी फरना to put to gross injustice. long curled whiskers. ~मचछ hooked moustache. to assume an undesired responsibility. to be deprived of one's due.). to be frostbitten. improper. —मोहरे पर हाथ रखना to back the wrong horse. to decay. गला gala: (nm) neck. to exercise undue pressure. to choke. —खुलना to re-attain normalcy of voice. —िकससे नहीं होती Homer sometimes nods. in an awkward position. fault. गले न उतरना to stick in one's gizard. गले पड़ा ढोल बजाना to hold the baby. to be more than one can stomach. error. —गले का हार extremely dear and intimate. to rot. to strangle. to be noisily boastful. गलना galnā: (v) to melt. —फाड़ना to vociferate. one who constantly hangs upon. गले पड़ना to become an encumbrance. misgiving.— पड़ना/बैठना to develop a sore throat/hoarse voice. one who exploits one's vocal gifts (poet etc. —पकड़ना to catch hold by the neck. —छड़ाना to liberate or to be ु गलगाजना galga:jnā: (v) to vociferate. —फसना to get entangled or ँ embroiled (in an untoward affair). —कटना to be beheaded. —जगह पर in the wrong box.arms thrown around each other's neck. to hang to somebody's neck. to . ग़लती g̣alati: (nf) mistake. (some eatable) to produce irritation in the throat. ग़लतफ़हमी g̣alatfehmī: (nf) misunderstanding. to comprehend and be convinced. to make a dupe of (person). गले क नीचे उतरना to be े -. throat. also ग़लतुल-आमफ़हम. indulgence in vocal feats.

गिलयारा galiya:ra: (nm) a gallery. महगडड gehgaḍḍ (a) very strong (intoxicating beverage. mysterious. intricacy. गशती gashti: (a) patrol. fainting fit. as भाँग). obscurity. impregnable.hug. dense. गससा gassa: (nm) a morsel. corridor. over-ripened. गले लगाना to embrace. story. ु —यौवना a woman whose youth has decayed. गवाही gava:hi: (nf) evidence. bull's eye.hole. गहरा gehra: (a) deep. to stand. deponent. herd. गवरमे ट gavarmeṉṭ (nf) the government. गवाँना gavā:nā: (v) to lose. (v) to catch. to mortgage. गवेषणा gaveshṉā: (nf) research. investigation. profound. inaccesible. sound (as गहरी नींद) intricate. ग़लला g̣alla: (nm) grain. gubernatorial. mysteriousness. to waste. गहमागहमी gehmā:gehmī: (nf) hustle and bustle. गवनर/र gavarnar (nm) governor. intense activity. grave (as—संकट). गले मे अटकना not to be swallowed or gulped. गवैया gavaiya: (nm) a singer. density. spy. —आना/खाना to faint. close (as गहरी दे सती). ~ता depth. filthy. गवाक gava:ksh (nm) an oriel. गहकना geheknā: (v) to be exhilarated. decayed. a shopkeeper's sale proceeds for the day the cash box. intimate. गली gali: (nf) a lane. —करना to tolerate. गहना gehnā: (nm) ornament. गहगहाना gehgaha:nā: (v) to be exultant. acceptable. ग़श g̣ash (nm) swoon. गशत gasht (nf) patrol. tolerable. flock. patrolling. गहने jewellery. —िचटी circular letter. to hug. not to be palatable or welcome. impregnability. fanfare. beat. inaccessiblity. bold (as—रं ग) secretive. testimony. •रखना to pawn. to be buoyant. ~री the office or function of a governor. alley. to be buoyant. to swoon. गलप galp (nf) a tale. —लगाना to patrol. unintelligible (as गहरी . —कचा lanes and bylanes. alley. गिलत galit (a) melted. ग़लीज़ g̣ali:z (a) dirty. —कष oozing leprosy. oozing. to suffer detriment. worne out. intricate. गवारा gava:ra: (a) agreeable. ू ग़लीचा g̣ali:cha: (nm) a carpet. obscure.ways. गहन gahan (a) deep. गवाह gava:h (nm) a witness. circular. corn.

—हाथ मारना to reap a rich harvest. to be over. passive partner in sodomy. गहाई gaha:i: (nf) threshing. —कटना to have one's pocket picked. to splice. ~डू catamite. ~दार knotty. — का belonging to oneself. गाँजा gā:jā: (nm) the hemp plant or its leaves. गाँठना gāṭḥanā: (v) to cobble. timid. father of the Indian Nation. cowardly. to harbour ill feeling towards. —जोड़ना to tie the nuptial knot. गाँठ gā:ṭḥ (nf) a knot. node. a . गांधी gā:ndhi: (nm) the great Indian leader Mohanda:s Karamchand Ga:ndhi:. profundity. profundity. ~कट a pick. solemnity. •पूराbeforehand with the world. गांधवर gā:ndharv (a) pertaining to or related with the gandharv community or country. गहराई gehra:i: (nf) depth. गहरी पैठ profound understanding (of). —बाँधना to make a note of. to suffer loss or detriment. rancour. —पड़ना to create bad blood. गांभीयर gā:mbhi:ry (nm) depth. —कतरना/काटना to pick pocket. nitwit with a fat purse. गाँ/ड gā: (nf) the anus. strong (as गहरी भाँग). bale. cave. bulb. to bring (somebody) to one's side. to win over. to have complete sway.twine. bundle. a follower of Gandhian ideology. knob. an obstruction. to keep in mind. ~वादी a Gandhite. a rich prey. hardened or enlarged gland. गाँस gā:s (nf) a loop. chasm. —करना to pocket. gravity. —का पूरा आँख का अंधा having a full purse and an empty head. to have estranged relation. गहराना gehra:nā: (v) to deepen.174 -extremely intimate/friendly. Gandhian. to interlock. —खोलना to remove misunderstanding or prejudice. ~वाद Gandhism. गाँसना gā:snā: (v) to chinse. —अ(ौा)सामी a well-to-do guy. गहरी साँस भरना to heave a deep sigh. —से जाना to be lost.cast (with). complex.चाल). to inflict a severe stroke. to open one's purse. tie. गहरे पानी पैठना to delve deep (into). to stitch. — पेट undivulging nature/disposition. to assess the depth. popularly so known because of his membership of the Gujarati Vaishya community called Ga:ndhi:). — दशरन the Gandhian philosophy. to be -. गहर gahvar (nm) a recess. गाँव gā:v (nm) a village. —नापना to sound. having a full purse. गहरी छनना to take a strong dose of bhā:g. to fathom. गहरी चाल चलना to play a deep game. to inter. being exclusively one's own. joint. to misappropriate. to become more dense. —टोपी a typical khaddar boat-shaped cap. secretive temperament.pocket.

~क -वंद chorus. —मे सागर भरना to express too much in too few words. ballad. narrative. trying times. person.175 -गाड़ी ga:ṛi: (nf) a cart. singing. close as (गाढ़ी दोसती). ग़ािफ़ल g̣a:fil (a) negligent. vehicle. to pitch (as तंबू-). lees. (as भाँग). to be afflicted by a calamity. to chant. to fix. ू ग़ाज़ी g̣a:zi: (nm) a crusader (amongst the Muslims). cab. difficult days. to lay. गाइड ga:i (nm) a guide. गाउन ga:ūn (nm) a gown. —बजाना singing and playing of musical instruments. unaware. carriage. गाथा ga:tha: (nf) a tale. concentrated (as —दव).struck. गाद ga:d (nf) sediment. —िगरना/पड़ना to be thunder. गान gā:n (nm) a song. musician. गा/ढ़ा ga:ṛha: (a) thick. vocalist. to kiss the hare's foot. गाना gā:nā: (v) to sing. गाय/क ga:yak (nm) a singer. गाजर ga:jar (nf) carrot. traditional style (in music). गाय ga:y (nf) a cow.गाँसी gā:si: (nf) an intertwined knot. unconscious. celebration. ~ढ़े पसीने की कमाई hard-earned money •करना to earn an honest penny. festivity. strong (as गाढ़ी चाय). to cover. person. dense. coach. to drive (as कील-). गागर ga:gar (nf) an earthen pitcher. गाज ga:j (nf) a thunder-bolt. गाटर ga:ṭar (nm) a girder. गािभन ga:bhin (a) pregnant (used for animals). fathomable. (nm) a thick coarse cloth. ~ढ़ा वक times of crisis. ~की singing. —वाद music —vocal and instrumental. ~ढ़ी छनना to be very thick. (nm) a song. गाध ga:dh (a) shallow. to sink. ~िवदा music. गात ga:ttr (nm) body. ृ ~ढ़ी कमाई hard-earned money. -. harmless. ~ढ़े मे in a crisis. deep. frugal in words fathomless in meaning. train. ~ढ़े िदन times of crisis. dregs. गाड़ना gaṛ:na: (v) to bury. ~कार author of a narrative tale. गात ga:t (nm) body. the head of an arrow or any other pointed weapon. vocal music. to take a strong intoxicant . ~वान a cart/coach-driver. lightning. —मली petty things. (a) meek and humble. to implant. —मरी खर कौने काम a day after the fair. cabman.

to brag. large stuffed pillow.176 -crowded. िगटी giṭṭi: (nf) grit. overpowering. to chinse.गायन ga:yan (nm) singing. pit. to grovel in the dust. (nf) crowding. doltish. गारा ga:ra: (nm) mud. watch. ु गाह/क ga:hak (nm) a customer. lost. —दे ना to abuse. गावदी ga:vdi: (a) stupid. गारद ga:rad (nf) a guard (of soldiers). to implore humbly. —िपचकाना to become emaciated. -. to vanish. to call names. गाल ga:l (nm) cheek. ग़ायब g̣a:yab (a) vanished. —होना to disappear. vocal music. to beseech. गाहना ga:hnā: (v) to thresh. ~की buying. blockheaded. —करना. —िबठाना to deploy a guard. िगचिपच gichpich (a) clumsy. गाली ga:li: (nf) an abuse. िगटिपट giṭpiṭ (nf) unintelligible chattering. ग़ार g̣:ar (nm) ditch. disappeared. overwhelm. (nm) a nitwit. िगटक giṭṭak (nf) a wedge. गाहरसथय ga:rhasthy (nm) the phase of the householder in life. to get into a ु sullky mood. dolt. prevail over. client. purchaser. गावदम ga:vdum (a) tapering. —करना to make off (with). ग़ािलब g̣a:lib (a) predominant. mortar. abusive songs sung by women as part of (marriage) celebrations. conical. — गािलयो पर उतरना to stoop to the use of abusive language. destroyed. roadstone. गाला ga:la: (nm) a ball of carded cotton. रौब to dominate. —बजाना to boast. cave. to cause to disappear. — करना to speak in English/unintelligible language. गावतिकया ga:vtakiya: (nm) a bolster. —धमर the duties enjoined upon a householder. . ग़ारत g̣a:rat (a) devastated. —खाना to endure abusive/foul language. —गलौज/गफ़तार billingsgate. probably. —फलाना to sulk. िगटार giṭa:r (nm) guitar (a musical instrument). —बोली/भाषा the English language. invective. violent invectives. िगड़िगड़ाना giṛgiṛa:nā: (v) to entreat. overwhelming. ग़ािलबन g̣a:libān (ind.) perhaps. (exchange of) abusive ु terms.

िगिर giri (nm) a mountain. ू िगरना girnā: (v) to fall. िगरफ़तार girafta:r (a) arrested. •क़दम रखना to proceed very cautiously. to enumerate. to stumble. captured. downfall. to pull down. beseeching. to tumble. िगरजा(घर) girja:(ghar) (nm) a church. to cause to fall. pawn(ed). to spill. िगनना ginnā: (v) to count. ~कट a pick-pocket. reckoning. ~दार knotted. to be degraded. िगरह is synonymous with गाँठ (which please see)]. to degrade. hill. िगरिगट girgiṭ: (nm) chameleon. to collapse. to count (so as to satisfy somebody). to be significant. —मे े with.िगड़िगड़ाहट giṛgiṛa:haṭ (nf) humble entreaty. apprehension. to be afflicted by a disease. calculation. —होना to be reckoned. to lower. to drop. सौदा करना to strike a bargain at a discount. िगरसती girasti: (nf) see गहसथी. to decrease. capture. to change colours. capability to view from a great distance. decrease. िगरिमिटया girmiṭiya: (nm) contracted native labour (during the British regime). . िगन-िगनकर गािलयाँ दे ना to let loose a volley of abuses. to walk gracefully. ृ िगरह girah (nf) a knot. िगरावट gira:vaṭ (nf) fall. slump.g.िगरकर हालत worsening condition. —दिष long-sighted. ु selected few. िगराव gira:v (nm) see िगरावट. िगरफ़तारी girafta:ri: (nf) arrest. apprehended. ~राज the Himalayas. cathedral. िगरती आना to be of some significance or worth. िगननी ginnī (nf) a guinea (a British gold coin). to drop. िगरता-पड़ता in a tottering manner. to abuse. [for other usages ू and idioms. to count over. िगरवी girvi: (nf and a) mortgage(d). pledge(d). to be spilt. िगराना gira:nā: (v) to fell. to be reckoned िगनाना ginā:nā: (v) to enumerate. to decrease (e. to demolish. ~बाज़ (कबतर) a somersault pigeon. िगरदावर ġirda:var (nm) a petty land revenue official (also called (िग़रदावर क़ाननगो). degradation. भाव—). िगनती ginti: (nf) counting. िगरे हुए को उठाना to set a man on his feet. —काटना to pick pocket. to make frequent somersaults. —की तरह रं ग बदलना to turn cat in pan. —क counted few. िगने-चने a few. िगने-िगनाये exact(ly). ~दार mortgagee. knotty. number. a turn-coat. joint. to come down. a measure —one sixteenth part of a yard. िगद giddh: (nm) a vulture. िगन-िगनकर making a through count. fold in the loin-cloth used for safe keeping of money. somersault. in a limited number. —मे होना to be recognised. —रखना to pawn/pledge/mortgage. ~नामा a deed of mortage.

गीला gi:la: (a) moist. िगरोह giroh (nm) a gang.) a timid man. िगलट gilaṭ (nf) nickel. ुं गड/ई gūṉḍai: (nf) scoundrelism. also ~पन (nm). the stupefied hero of the Maha:bha:rat. —गाना to sing a song. — भभकी a mere/false threat. to play away one's time. —डंडा the game of tip-cat. (fig. reproach. to become habituated or used to undue advantages. ुं गजाइश gūṇja:ish (nf) scope. गीदड़ gi:daṛ (nm) a jackal. ुं गठन gūṉṭḥan (nm) a veil. accommodation. गीता gi:ta: (nf) the Bhagwadgi:ta: which contains the celebrated discourse of Lord Krishṉā directed to Arjun. िगलहरी gilehri: (nf) a squirrel. roguery. rascality. ुं गजन gūṇjan (nm) buzzing.177 -िगरी giri: (nf) kernel. ुं गजारना gūṇja:rnā: (v) to buzz. to eulogize. िगदर gird (ind) around. all round. bluff(ing). ~कावय lyrical poetry. िगलली gilli: (nf) a toggle. humming (sound). nickel-coat. buzzing. ंु गजायमान gūṇja:ymā:n (a) humming. िगलौरी gilauri: (nf) a stuffed and folded betel-leaf. —िशकवा informal complaint and reproach. hence ~पन timidness. hooliganism. ~कावय lyrical poetry. िगलाफ़ gila:f (nm) cover. pillow-cover. hard grandular swelling. ~नाटय/रपक a lyrical play. ंु . a lyrical poem. buzzing as of a blck bee). capacity. wet. to shower praises upon. गजक gūṇjak (nm) a buzzer. गीत gi:t (nm) a song. िगलास gila:s (nm) a tumbler. िगलोय giloy (nf) a medicinal creeper (very bitter in taste). ~ततव lyrical element.िगिरपीठ giripi:ṭḥ (nm) foothill. group. cowardice. to hum. गीधना gi:dhnā: (v) to acquire a predatory habit. band. ुं गजार gūṇja:r (nm) humming. गीित gi:ti (nf) a lyric. —बनाना/बाँधना to form a band/group. -. case. िगला gila: (nm) complaint. ~पन wetness. •खेलना to play the game of tip-cat. िगलटी gilṭi: (nf) gland.

stony. pill.178 -गजजी gujji: (nf) a dowel. tuft. ु गटी guṭṭḥi: (nf) the stone (of a fruit. ~गदी hooliganism. ु गज़ारा guza:ra: (nm) subsistence. hand. one who forms a clique. puncheon. scoundrel. livelihood. ~बाज़ी see ~बंदी. ~बाज़ a ु factionalist. to make ु both ends meet. faction.) having a stone within. ~चछे दार tufty. to maintain (oneself). close friend. to cross over. should sweet stuff serve the purpose ? गटका guṭka: (nm) a manual. —न दे गड़ जैसी बात करे /कह दे a good word costs nothing. ~दार stony. hence ~पन (nm). —करना/बसर करना to subsist. ुं गइयाँ guīyā: (nm) a chum. scotch. — गज़रना guzarnā: (v) to pass. cluster. ु गज़र guzar (nf) maintenance. —गोबर करना to make a hash of. etc. गज़ािरश guza:rish (nf) submission. to pass away. to be interlocked. ु ग/चछा guchchha: (nm) a bunch. ु गँधना gūdhnā: (v) to be kneaded. ु गिटका guṭika: (nf) a tablet. vault. ुं rowdyism. supplication. to sustain. ु होना to subsist. cluster.). ~बंदी groupism. ु गट guṭṭ (nm) see गट.). ु गज़ारना guza:rnā: (v) to pass time. passing of time. ु गट guṭ (nm) a block. livelihood. —से मरे तो ज़हर कयो दे ? why administer quinine. blunt. to be plaited. —भरा हँ िसया a sugarु coated quinine pill. ुं गबद gūmbad (nm) a dome. —जाना to pass away. ु गठली guṭḥli: (nf) the stone (of a fruit etc. ु गड़ guṛ (nm) jaggery. hooligan. गँथना gūthnā: (v) to be threaded. partner (in a game). ुं गफन gūmphān (nm) stringing. group. ु ु गटल guṭṭḥal (a) (a fruit. —िदखाकर ढे ला मारना to commence with a caress and conclude with a stab. ु गफ gūmph (nm) a string (of words). to undo all that has been done.book. ु -. hoodlum. factionalism.गडा gūṉḍa: (nm and a) (a) rogue. to mar a happy occasion. ु . to cross. गटरगँू guṭargū: (nf) cooing of (a pigeon). living.—खाना गलगले से परहे ज़ करना/बैर to swallow a camel. to strain ु ु ु at a gnat. etc. to be stitched. clique. —करना to keep the pot boiling. —बसर maintenance. skid.

•ताappreciation. quality of a connoisseur. ु गणावसथा guṉa:vastha: (nf) quality. virtuous. possessing merits. ु -. possessing many virtues. ु गणातीत guṉa:ti:t (a) transcendental. beating.गड़गुड़ guṛguṛ (nm) a bubbling noise (such as produced while smoking a hooqah or by ु movement of air through the intestines). merit. गणन guṉān (nm) multiplication. ु गड़हल guṛhal (nm) the plant Bassia catifolia and its flower. ु गणी guṉi: (a) meritorious. रजस . adept in (some) art. ~वाचक/वाची attributive. ु गतथमगुतथा gutthamguttha: (nf) a scuffle. ~गान a panegyric. hence ~हीनता (nf). ~कारक/कारी effective ् (as ओषिध). close combat. merits. ु गणानवाद guṉā:nuva:d (nm) encomium. गड़गुड़ाना guṛguṛā:nā: (v) to produce bubbling nose. ु गड़गुड़ी guṛguṛi: (nf) a hubble-bubble. to narrate the virtues of. —करना to multiply. virtue. . ु गड़ाई guṛa:i: (nf) hoeing. ु गिड़/या guṛiya: (nf) a doll. chief quality of all existing ु beings (viz. beneficial. ~क a multiplier. ~वान meritorious. ु गणातमक guṉā:tmāk (a) qualitative. •करना/गाना to chant the praises of. रजस ् and तमस ्). charges therefor. तमस ्). गडडी guḍḍi: (nf) a kite. property. ~धमर property. ु गणय guṉṉy (nm) multiplicand. —तय the three guṉas (सतव. ु गणाढय guṉa:ḍḍḥy (a) gifted. thrashing. ु गडडा guḍḍa: (nm) a big doll (in male attire). a cord. —दोष merits and demerits.गुिडयो का खेल a ु ु childish affair. ु ु गणािनवत guṉā:nvit (a) meritorious. eulogy. possessing good qualities. encomium. (a) multiplied by. ~फल product of ु multiplication. ु ~भेदक qualitative. to eulogize. —िचनह sign of multiplication. सतव. appreciator of merit. ु गड़गुड़ाहट guṛguṛa:haṭ (nf) a bubbling noise. attribute. गणा guṉā: (nm) multiplication. गडडे. ~ज a connoisseur. ु गण gūṉ (nm) quality. ~यो का खेल a childish/non-serious affair. a large kite. singing praises (of). of many gifts. freed from or beyond all properties. ~गाहक a connoisseur.179 -गिणत guṉit (nm) multiple. brawl. ~हीन devoid of merit or quality. a female child. to extol. times.

(led) ु astray. to plait. pulpy. ु . hence ~पन (nm). ु गफ़तगू guftgu: (nf) talk. missing. ु ग़बार g̣uba:r (nm) dirt. ु गना gunā:—a suffix denoting times or fold (as ितगना—three times or threefold). mute. ु गनगुनाना gūngūnā:nā: (v) to hum. affliction. ु गदगुदा gudguda: (a) soft. dust. to entwine. ु गमड़ीदार gumṛi:da:r (a) muricate. to interlock. to assimilate. ु ु गमटी gumṭi: (nf) a watch tower. ु गदकार gudka:r (a) fleshy. enigma. fleshy. to give vent ु to one's sense of affliction/wrath. ु ु गदड़ी gudṛi: (nf) pallet. secret. —सुलझाना to cut the gordian ु knot. (v) to be tattooed. ु गदगदाहट gudguda:haṭ (nf) titillation. गप/चर guptachar (nm) detective. ु ~ता secrecy. —और बेलज़ज़त game not worth ु the candle. ु गम gum (a) lost. ु गप gupt (a) hidden. ~नाम anonymous. taciturn.गतथी gutthi: (nf) a knot. sinful. tepid. —का लाल a diamond in rags (a precious ु thing in most shabby quarters).) undoing. ~घाती an assassin. ु गबरै ला g̣ubraila: (nm) a beetle. ु ु गनाह gunā:h (nm) sin. spite. caveman. spy. scarab. —धन hidden treasure. (fig. ~शदा missing. ~भंजन/मैथन act of sodomy. ु गनना gunnā: (v) to ponder (over). ु गनहगार gunehga:r (a) guilty. to sing to oneself in subdued tones. guilt. ~राह misled. (nm) sinner. ~सम quiet. ु गफा gupha: (nf) a cave. to titillate. गदना gudnā: (nm) tattoo. गिनया guniyā: (nf) a try-square. tattered garment. ग़बबारा g̣ubba:ra: (nm) a balloon. hence ~पन (nm). conversation. ~चयार espionage. rags. —िनकालना to blow off steam. cavern. plump. entanglement. ~घात assassination. fault. ु ु गनगुना gūngūnā: (a) lukewarm. ु गदा guda: (nf) the anus. ु गदगुदाना gudguda:nā: (v) to tickle. —चोट inner injury. chit-chat. tickling (sensation). ु गपी gupti: (nf) a sword-stick. गथना guthnā: (v) to interweave. confidential. monkey island. —दान anonymous donation. latent. ~गार see गुनहगार. riddle. ु ु गदगुदी gudgudi: (nf) see गुदगदाहट. ~वासी cave-dwelling. plump. to braid.

vanity. ~भाई brother by virtue of preceptorial affinity. —िनयम law of gravitation. guess. ु गरतव guruttv (nm) see गुरता. device. गरता guruta: (nf) the office or position of a guru. mentor. ु गरआनी gurua:nī: (nf) guru's wife. ु गरमुखी gurumukhi: (nf) a differently developed form of ancient Devna:gri: script. a residential ु teaching institution. ु गमाशता gumā:shta: (nm) an agent. eminence. an agent. difficult. (a) -. spiritual guide. preceptor. heaviness. surmise.180 -grave. representative. ु गरडम guru ु ām (nf) gurudom—effort to create an intellectual dominion by self-aggrandisement. —युद guerilla warfare. गर gur (nm) formula. (ironically) a knave ु fellow. astute. ु गरदारा gurudva:ra: (nm) a sikh temple. a fellow disciple. ु गिरया guriya: (nf) a small bead (of a rosary). heavy. —कद the centre of gravity. ु . ~घंटाल knave and cunning (fellow). hence ~पन (nm). गरआई gurua:i: (nf) the profession or function of a guru (preceptor). ु ु गरारना gurra:nā: (v) to growl. ~गीरी office or function of ु an agent/representative. —दसता a guerilla squad.गमान gumā:n (nm) pride. run by an outstanding scholar. ु गरघंटाल guru:ghaṉṭa:l (a and nm) knave. ु गदार gurda: (nm) see गरदा. gravity. jupiter. ~मंत an initiatory mantr from a spiritual guide. to snarl. ु गज़र gurz (nm) a mace. े ु गरतवाकषरण guruttva:karshāṉ (nm) gravitation. manager. ु गिरलला gurilla: (nm) guerilla. गरवार guruva:r (nm) Thursday. ु गरारहट gurra:haṭ (nf) a snarl. ~कल in olden times in India. club. —समझ लेना to get the hang/knack of. ु गरगा gurga: (nm) see गगार. courage. ~दिकणा the fee or honorarium voluntarily paid by the disciple to his preceptor at the conclusion of his studies. heaviness. gnarl. ~गनथ साहब the sacred book of the Sikhs. crafty (fellow). to gnarl. ु गगार gurga: (nm) a henchman. ु गर guru (nm) a teacher. long (syllable). ु ु गरदा gurda: (nm) kidney. ~जन elderly people. ु which is now used for writing Punja:bi:.

stone bowman. ु ग़ला/म g̣ulā:m (nm) a slave. ु ग़सल g̣usal (nm) a bath. —उड़ाना to live like fighing cocks. bondage. —डंडा see िगलली-डंडा. the ashy substance on the front of a ु lighted cigarette etc.181 -गलाल gula:l (nf) coloured farinaceous powder which the Hindus apply on one another's ु face and/or forehead during the Holi: festival. —होना to be snuffed out. ~दान a flower vase. —िखलना to have strange or funny things to happen or come to light. ु ु गलमे हदी gulmēhdi: (nf) touch-me-not. an earthen cash-box. tumult. a kind of shrub. -. ~मी slavery. ~बदन soft and delicate (like a flower). गलज़ार gulza:r (nm and a) see गल (~ज़ार). to indulge in riotous merry-making. ~जल rose water. to put out. servility. hence causative —िखलाना. mild (as जाड़ा). ~ज़ार a garden. ु ग़सलख़ाना g̣usalḳḥa:nā: (nm) a bath. ु गलम gulm (nm) a cluster of plants. ु ु गलगलाना gulgula:nā: (v) see गदगदाना. ु गलेल gulel: (nf) a stone bow pellet bow. gay. ु गलली gulli: (nf) see िगलली. •खेलना see िगलली-डंडा खेलना. the balsam plant and its flower. ु गलगपाड़ा gulgapa:ṛa: (nm) an uproar. bustling with life. गललक gullak (nm) a till. गलकद gulkand (nm) a conserve prepared from rose-leaves. ु ु ु गलचा gulcha: (nm) a light stroke of the fist (on the cheek). ु गलाब gula:b (nm) rose. गलूबंद gulu:band (nm) a muffler. print. bath-room. ~कारी embroidery. an ornament worn around the neck. ~दसता a bouquet. —होना to eat out of one's ु hand. ~जामन a delicious sweetmeat preparation. revelry. to ु enjoy freely. ु गलगला gulgula: (a) soft.). din. ु गलफ gulph (nm) an ankle. ~ची a pellet bowman. ु ु ु ु गलगली gulguli: (nf) see गदगुदी. ु ं गलखैरा gulkhaira: (nm) a hollyhock. ु गलछरे gulchharre (nm) merry-making. (nm) a kind of sweet preparation. ु . ~शन a small garden.गल gul (nm) a flower. hence ~पन (nm). (in olden times) division of an ु army. गलाबी gula:bi: (a) rosy. to be put out. —करना to snuff out. to revel with abandon. ु ु ~पाश a vase for sprinkling rose-water. snuff (of a candle etc.

abstruseness. to weave. — ृ पबंध household management: —पवेश house-warming ceremony. —भड़क उठना to blaze up. गह grih (nm) a residence. choleric. . pulpy. —पी जाना to restrain oneself. mysterious. ु गसताख़ी gusta:ḳḥi: (a) impertinence. ु गहार guha:r (nf) an humble appeal (for justice protection. ~गे का गड़ an experience that defies ु ु expression. a reverberation.) pulp. obscurity. choleric. ग़ससेबाज़ irascible. to forgive and forget. mysteriousness. to string. ू गलर gu:lar (nm) a kind of wild fig tree. (a) greedy. ु गह guhy (a) occult. —कलह internecine quarrels. ू ू गध griddhr (nm) a vulture. impudence.). back up. ू गँधना gū:dhnā: (v) to knead. ु गहा guha: (nf) cave. —उदोग cottage industry. rare find. impudent. ू गँथना gū:thnā: (v) to braid. —मे ढे ला गगल gu:gal (nm) Indian bdellium. ू गँजना gū:jnā: (v) to echo. ु गहना guhnā: (v) to thread. abstruse. ~मानव the caveman. a fragrant gum resin used as a perfume and ु medicament. ु ग़ससा g̣ussa: (nm) anger. ग़ससैल g̣ussail (a) irascible. गँज gū:j (nf) an echo. a subtle remark. to plait. cavity. —का फल a non-existent object. (nm) a dumb person. to burst out in anger. secret. —िदलाना to set a person's —हवा हो जाना one's anger to evaporate/disappear. ु गँ/गा gū:ga: (a) dumb. fury. —मे ू फकना to provoke a wily tongue. —ठं डा होनाone's anger to subside. —उतारना/िनकालना to ु ु give vent to one's rage. —मत human excreta. ू गू gu: (nm) faeces. ू गढ़ता gu:ṛḥta: (nf) occultation. ू ग/दा gu:da: (nm) flesh (of fruits and vegetables. etc. etc. गढ़ gu:ṛḥ (a) occult. —थूक दे ना to be pacified. —दिष long-sighted. rage. ू गदड़ gu:daṛ (nm) rags. mute. obscure. to braid.गसताख़ gusta:ḳḥ (a) impertinent. cavitation. to plait. ू गढ़ोिक gu:ṛḥokti (nf) equivocation. —करना to put a person's back up. ~दे दार fleshy. े घसीटना to subject (somebody) to grave humiliation and embarrassment. tattered clothes. one gifted with a capability ृ to see remote things. ~युद civil war. —का चोथ (चोत) an ugly inert man. to resound. hot-headed.

~सवामी master of -. acquired. ृ गहसथाशम grihastha:shshram (nm) the position or phase of the householder (the second ृ of the four phases of life viz. े ु ग़ैती g̣āīti: (nf) a pick. unreasonable. गेर geru: (nm) red ochre. unimportant. ू -वािजब unreasonable. improper.182 -the household. —क साथ घन भी िपस जाता है when bulls fight. cloth. ृ गिहणी grihiṉī: (nf) wife. गेिटस geṭis (nf) garter. .~लकमी (a deferential term for) a housewife. other. गेहुँअन gehūān (nm) see गोहुअन. -िज़ममेदार irresponsible. —बलला ball and bat. family. ग़ैबी g̣aibi: (a) divine. of the colour of red ochre. —बाना ochre-coloured dress. selfrespecting. ृ गे डली gen li: (nf) coil. wheatish. गहसथ grihasth (nm) a householder. injustice. गेहूँ gēhū: (nm) wheat. -मनािसब unfair. housewife. -हािज़र absent. coiled rope. गेहुँआ gehūā: (a) wheat-coloured. pick-axe. for carrying heavy utensils on the head. unknown. ग़ैर g̣air (nm and a) stranger. -हािज़री absence. -मामूली extraordinary. —मरना to lose all sense of self-respect. ruddle. -इंसाफ़ी inequity. -ज़ररी unnecessary. russet. unofficial. etc. गे द gēd (nf) a ball. गेरआ gerua: (a) ochrous. private. -क़ानूनी illegal. crops suffer.अदायगी non-payment. गहसथी grihasthi: (nf) household. (prefix) non-. गे दा gēda: (nm) marigold (plant and its flower). unlawful. un-. गैडा gāī a: (nm) a rhinoceros. ृ गहीत grihi:t (nm) postulate. -मौरसी non-inherited. things arranged in concentric circles. -ममिकन impossible. the dress of a Hindu Sannyā:si:. (a) assumed. ochre. in-. -मनक़ला immovable (property). Brahmachary. -सरकारी non-governmental. ग़ैरत g̣airat (nf) sense of honour. va:nprasth andSannya:s prescribed by the ancient Hindu savants). other-worldly. ~मंद having a sense of honour. ु ु . ~सवािमनी mistress of the household. grihasth. self-respect. accepted.

~प a cowherd. submarine. ~मार diver. ग़ोता g̣ota: (nm) dive. गोद gōd (nm) gum. to dig. edging.). ~हतया cowslaughter. गोदीला gummy. experienced through the senses. ~घात cow-slaughter. to encircle. killer of the cow. गोड़ goṛ (nm) a leg. to suffer at somebody's hand. a sense (of perception etc. ~धन cattle wealth. गोट goṭ (nm) gold or silver lace. of the colour of red ochre. —खाना to suffer a dip. to cause a dip. •कावय pastoral poetry. ~दानी a gum bottle. ~पद hoof of a cow. गैस gais (nf) a gas. evening. buttermilk. गैलरी gailari: (nf) a gallery. although. गैलन gailan (nm) gallon (a measure). गोठ gōṭḥ: (nm) everted rim. ु गोत got (nm) see गोत. गोचर gochar (a) perceptible. ~वध cow-slaughter. though. ~दान the gifting away of a cow. corn (on one's feet). evening. गोदा gōda: (nm) pise. गोड़ना goṛnā: (v) to hoe. small round stone or pebble. गो/टा goṭa: (nm) gold or silver lace.गैिरक gairik (a) ochrous. dip. ~धूिल dusk. ~संवधरन cow-breeding. any tapering structure. to skirt the edges. ~पुचछ cow's tail. fitted with gold or silver lace. गोडा gōṛa: (nm) a cattle pen (an enclosure meant for domestic animals). —जमना/बैठना see गोट (जमना/बैठना). etc. ~पालन tending the cows. गोखर gokhru: (nm) a medicinal plant and its thorny fruit. a piece (in games like chaupar. to . ~घाती a butcher. ~मांस beef. गोटी goṭi: (nf) a piece (in games like chaupaṛ etc. गोठना gōṭḥnā: (v) to stitch in a rather crude manner.). to upturn (the soil). caltrop. wood gum. a picnic party. —दे ना to enforce a dip. ~रस cow-milk. ~चारण tending the cows (at a pasture). ~टे दार brocaded.) —see गोट.183 -though. गो go (ind) although. ~ख़ोर a diver. —जमना/बैठना to achieve success in (one's) manipulation. brocade. the imprint of a cow-hoof. गो go (nf) a cow. गोड़ाई goṛa:i: (nf) see गड़ाई. ~िक -. etc. russet. hence ~ता (nf). to be deceived. •वेला dusk. ~रका cow-protection.

गोलंदा/ज़ golānda:z (nm) a gunner. गोल gol (a) round. —सनी होना to lose the only child. circular. confusion. cupola. —. labyrinthine affair. to goad. misappropriation.बंद cabbage. fair-skinned. to pick. ू गोदना godnā: (v) to tattoo. mess. globular. hence ~पन (nm). —मारना to dip. vague.deceive. a Gorkha. ~मापी spherometer. to prick. गोलंबर golāmbar (nm) a dome-like structure. etc. an European. ~गपपा a small cake-like Indian preparation taken with spiced water. gang. cannonading. marksman. —गणेश a beetle-brain. confidential. hiding. —का चोथ (चोत) a good-for-nothing fellow. ~मोल vague. गोरखाली gorkha:li: (nf) Gorkhali— the language of Nepal. •ता secrecy. round. fat. गोरखधंधा gorakhdhandha: (nm) a labyrinth. ambiguous. गोपन gopān (nm) concealment. fat. a plump fool. ~शील secretive. ~ज़ी gunnery. to dive. गोदी godi: (nf) lap. nitwit. to puncture. —दे ना to give away for adoption. to give a slip. hotch-potch. an utterly ineffective man. गोदाम godā:m (nm) a godown. corpulent. (nm) a goal (in games). ~मटोल -. गोबर gobar (nm) cow-dung. a dock. गोरा gora: (a) white. गोया goya: (ind) as if. corpulent. marksmanship. गोत gottr (nm) lineage. —िक as if. —लेना to adopt (a child). to have a plunge. गोद god (nf) lap. — (like cocoanut. गोरी gori: (a) fair-comple (nf) a beautiful damsel. of undivulging nature. ~माल mess. an inert blockhead. (nm) a whiteman. dockyard.). dung. very young. ware-house. —का in the lap. भरना to be blessed with motherhood. confusion. गोपी gopi: (nf) a cowherd's wife. complicated riddle. to fill the lap of a woman with auspicious articles . ~शीलता secretiveness. गोिरलला gorilla: (nm) a gorilla. गोपनीय secret. गोिपका gopika: (nf) see गोपी. गोभी gobhi: (nf) cauliflower.184 -equivocal. गोरखा gorkha: (nm) an inhabitant of Nepal. —लगाना to have a dip (in a river). •उतर दे ना to fence with question/questioner. an indolent fool. (nm) a tattoo-mark. chubby. —गोल equivocal.

~शंकर the Mount Everest. to avoid. गौशाला gausha:la: (nf) a cowshed. —खाना to be hit by a bullet. a large round beam (of wood). rotundity. glorified. globe. close attention. गोशत gosht (nm) flesh. globular. to think attentively. kernel of a cocoanut. गौ gau (nf) see गो. ~बारी shelling. गोलफ़ golf (nm) golf. bombardment. to deliberate. white. cow-tending centre. sphericity. cow-tending centre.—करना to take note of. गोलक golak (nm) see गललक. hen. to damn. minor. गोहअन gohuān (nm) a (wheatish complexioned) deadly snake. glory. colic. subsidiary. गोलाकार gola:ka:r (a) round. to ignore. ~तलब worth considering/reflecting on. — बाँधना to form into a gang. consideration. ~मय glorious. —गंथ a classic (work). —.sparrow. . गोली goli: (nf) a bullet. hence ~ता (nf). a bomb shell.सुअर का pork. habitat for cows. ball. (nm) the number eleven. गोशाला gosha:la: (nf) a cow-shed. sphere. discussion. to ponder. rotund. गौरवािनवत gaurava:nvit (a) filled/crowned with glory.—. —मारना to shoot. ~ख़ोर a meat-eater. hence ~मयी feminine form of ~मय. tablet.—. circular. not to implement. curvature. गोषी goshṭḥi: (nf) a seminar. ~शाली glorious. —करना to evade. गाय का beef. —होना to be thought of attentively. to let go. ball (as eye-ball नेत~). (nm) goalkeeper. गोलीय goli:y (a) spherical. meat. fair. requiring close attention. —. गौर gaur (a) fair-skinned. ग़ौर g̣aur (nm) reflection. ~ई roundness. गयारह gya:rah (a) eleven. heaviness. गोलाधर gola:rdh (nm) hemisphere. to be pondered over. deliberation. गोह goh (nf) iguana. auxiliary. ~वणर fair-complexioned. गौना gāūnā: (nm) the ceremony of the bride's going to her husband's home after a postmarriage interval. cannon-ball. िहरन का venison. ु गोला gola: (nm) a ball.भेड़ /बकरी का mutton. honour.•बाते करना to double and twist. गौरव gaurav (nm) pride. —बारद ammunition. —चलना firing to take place. गौण gāūṉ (a) secondary. गौरै या gauraiya: (nf) a sparrow. गौरी gauri: (nf) the goddess Pa:rvati:—Shiv's spouse. pill. dignified.

~सची bibliography. victim. —टू टना a customer to be veered away/to be alienated. ~मीण rural. •कार a bibliographer. गास gra:s (nm) a morsel. —िवमोचन formal releasing of a book. गसना grasnā: (v) to swallow. to make a morsel of. गहण grahāṉ (nm) eclipse. gramme (a weight). ~िलन a milkwoman. collection. ~मय rural. गवा/ला gwa:la: (nm) a milkman. ~ह-शांित countering of evil planetary effects. hence ~ता (nf). गाही gra:hi: —a suffix denoting one who catches/takes/seizes. ~हीय planetary. गंिथका granthika: (nf) a booklet. गलािन gla:nī (nf) remorse. eclipsed part (of Sun or Moon). uncivil. hence ~णीय (a). ~मयतव vulgarity. घ . possessed -. repentance. गीक gri:k (nf) Greek (language). as a suffix it means multitude. ~ल knotty. गीवा gri:va: (nf) the neck. cow-keeper. complicated. gamut. —रचना writing of a book. to capture.185 -by. -वगर clientele. summer. गाहक gra:hak (nm) a customer. ~मयता. complex. ग/ह grah (nm) a planet. ~ह-गसत planet-stricken. गेजुएट grejueṭ (nm) a graduate. to seize. involved in. ~माला a series of books. hence ~मीणता. गाह gra:h (nm) a crocodile. seizing. गाह gra:hy (a) worth taking. ~कार a writer. गीषम gri:shm (nm) the summer. uncivil. —काल summer season. गसत grast (a) caught (into).गांडील gra:n i:l (a) see गरांडील. ~िवजान (the science of) bibliography. गंिथ granthi (nf) a knot. client. ~िवजानी a bibliographer. catching. गा/म gra:m (nm) a village. voluminous book. author (of a book). taking. ~कालीन pertaining to or of the summer season. गंथ grānth (nm) a book. acceptable. a ू list of books. eclipsed.

to lessen. thunder. mass of dark clouds. घँघोलना ghāgholnā: (v) to mash. घटवार ghaṭva:r (nm) a wharf-owner. to make turbid (by mixing). घ/ड़ा ghaṛa: (nm) a pitcher. —उठना emergence of thick dark clouds. diminution. event. घटाटोप ghaṭa:ṭop (nm) gathering of dense clouds in the sky.186 -wharfinger. a covering used for carriage etc. descent. to deduct. घंटी ghaṉṭi: (nf) a small bell. घटक ghaṭak (nm) a factor. to lessen/decrease. tintinnabulum. diminution. decrease. of low quality or standard. plug. clock. घटनावली ghaṭnā:vāli: (nf) a series of incidents. incidence. to be slightly more or less. callosity. कवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. to decrease. —कम series of events. cheap. घटा ghaṭa: (nf) a dark cloud. घिटत ghaṭit (a) happened. to be subtracted. to diminish. pot. —बढ़ना to fluctuate. phenomenon. घंटा ghaṉṭa: (nm) a bell. घटना ghaṭnā: (nf) an incident. घटाना ghaṭa:nā: (v) to reduce.e. घटती ghaṭti: (nf) decline. to thunder. occurrence. घ/टा ~टठा ghaṭṭa:. —चक march of events.घ gha—the fourth consonant and the fourth member of the first pentad (i. the ringing of a bell. (v) to happen. ~सथल the site/scene of an incident/occurrence. •होना to fluctuate. to rumble. nominal form of the verb घटना used vary. -. —िधरना/छाना gathering of thick dark clouds. component/constituent/ingredient. as the first member of the compound घटबढ़ fluctuation. applied. hence ~पन (nm). to apply. —घट मे समाना to permeate each and every body/through all and sundry. ~ṭṭḥa: (nm) corn. घिटया ghaṭiya: (a) inferior. ~घर a clock-tower. घड़ीयाल ghaṛiya:l (nm) an alligator. to mix by stirring. rumble. ovula. ~हट rattle. to subtract. shoddy. घड़घड़ा/ना ghaṛghaṛa:nā: (v) to rattle. घटाव ghata:w (nm) reduction. घट ghaṭ (nm) a pitcher. decrease. घड़ीया ghaṛiya: (nf) a crucible. gong. variation. ~ड़ो पानी पड़ना to be flushed with shame. an hour. घिटका ghaṭika: (nf) a time-interval of 24 minutes. the physical frame/body. cork. a crocodile. to . to suffer extreme humiliation. also called घड़ी. to vary.

~पन denseness. ~घोर very dense. घनाभ ghanā:bh (nm) a cuboid. —भर को for a while. homeland. to miss the opportune moment. apartment. residence. घर ghar (nm) home. repeatedly. —की ू चोट a heavy shattering stroke. vanity. घनतव ghanatv (nm) see घनता. intensive (as cultivation). home and घबड़ा(रा)/ना ghabṛa:(ra:)nā: (v) to be nervous. घप/ला ghapla: (nm) bungling. watch maker's work/profession. square or -. confusion. watch-maker. intimacy. and is subordinated to. an effeminate man. profound. vain. —मे in a trice. to await keenly. ~चककर a blockhead. ~फल cube. —घर each and every house. to get घनघना/ना ghānghanā:nā: (v) to produce a deep ringing sound (as of a gong). —युद/लड़ाई fierce fight or battle. डाकघर). घना ghanā: (a) dense. family. solid. a time interval of 24 minutes. profound. compartment. most intimate. cloud. ~जँवाई one who lives with./ ~ला करना to make hay of. closest. compact. घमंड ghamāṉḍ (nm) conceit. ~ता closeness. घमासान ghamā:sā:n (a) fierce. terrible. house. —टलना the appointed time to pass away. time and again. one's in-laws: ~जोत self-cultivation. ~साज़ी horology. hence ~लेबाज़ी. panic. —दार household effects. rapport. cube. (a) dense. sledge-hammer. one who creates a mess. —घड़ी every moment. —का िसर नीचा pride goeth before a fall. घन ghān (nm) a hammer. panicky. घमंडी ghamāṉḍi: (a) conceited. pretty kettle of fish. घमौरी ghamāūri: (nf) prickly heat. ~मल cube-root. restlessness. native place. to be panicky/nervous. concentrated. mess.घड़ी ghaṛi: (nf) a watch. compactness. घनीभूत ghanī:bhu:t (a) condensed. —जाना to be in flap. ~हट (nf). time-piece. घिनष ghanishṭḥ (a) close. dolt. self-tillage.187 -cell (in a chess-board). घनता ghanata: (nf) density. office (as तारघर. घबड़ा(रा)हट ghabṛa:(ra:)haṭ (nf) nervousness. ~साज़ a horologist. घड़ीयाँ िगनना to count every passing moment restlessly. hence . to lose nerve. room. hammer stroke. compactness. moment. disorder. — ृ घाट hearth and home. solidified. —गहसथी household. to be non-plussed. घड़ौची ghaṛāūchi: (nf) a pitcher-stand. thick. solidity. ~घुसना/घुससू one who always keeps within the bounds of the female apartment. ~लेबाज़ a bungler.

—मे भँजी-भाँग ल होना to carry off meat from the ु लटा count not your chickens till they are hatched. —करना to create a room for oneself. to build up a family. household hero. —जमाना to establish a household. to become a habitual visitor. —का a near one. —का जोगी जोगना आन गाँव का िसद a prophet is not honoured in his own land.188 -the bridal party (in a marriage). easy to procure. —भरना to amass wealth. —चलाना to run a household. to kick up a row in the house. ~बारी a householder. —का काटे खाना the house to arouse a feeling of desolation and disgust. family-man. to gain divine visit without effort. —का उजाला beloved of the whole family. —आबाद करना to marry/remarry. to undermine the honour of the family. —बैठना to become a/(somebody's) mistress. to make profitable visits. the master of the household. hence ~हट (nf). —का नाम डुबोना to bring disgrace to the fair ढाए traitors prove to be the worst enemies. glamour of the family. ~वाला husband. ~बार househol d. •अचछा well-to-do. to achieve prosperity. to build up a household. —फोड़ना to spell internecine. —का काटने को दौड़ना. to snort. internal. —की आधी भली बाहर सारी नािहं dry bread at home is more welcome than sweetmeat elsewhere. —से बेघर घरघरा/ना gharghara:nā: (v) to produce a whirring sound. —की मगी दाल बराबर what is easy to procure. —की खेती easily procurable. to suffer ruination. —का मदर /शेर a hero within one's own fourwalls. the demise of one's wife. to be as poor as the church mouse. —फक तमाशा ँु दे खना to ruin one's household for the sake of an idle pleasure. —दे ख लेनाto get habituated. —का न name of the family. one's own. —उजड़ना ruination of a household/family. without a stroke of work. —से पाँव िनकालना to करना to turn a householder into a homeless being घराती ghara:ti: (nm) member of -. —का आँगन होना a house to be completely razed. —क घर रहना to be even in a े ु bargain. •लंका घाट का belonging neither here nor there. —िबगाड़ना to bring ruin on a household. the mistress of the household. does not score. the house to crash down.hearth: —पीछे per household. . —िसर पर उटाना to make a terrible noise or create a commotion. to be out of employment. —मे सत न कपास जलाहे से लटमू ु insterest is the first law of nature. —मे गंगा आना to achieve one's purpose without a stroke of work. —मे डा? लना to take as a mistress. to enter or re-enter the householder's stage. — बैठे without moving out. —का भेदी one who knows the secrets of the house. ~वाली wife. quarrel in a household. transcend the bounds of one's home. —मे िदया जला कर तब मिसजद मे िदया जलाना selfgraves. —भाँय-भाँय करना the house to be desolated. —का िचराग़ see —का उजाला. —का घर the entire family.

mountain pass. (a) cunning and crafty. पतथर a public property. scrawl. private. घाटे का सौदा a losing proposition. deficit. in clash. —लगना to reach ashore. घहराना ghehra:nā: (v) to thicken (as clouds). free. a inadept. घिसयारा ghasiya:ra: (nm) a grass-cutter. ~ते मे over and above what is paid for. skirt from waist to ankle. घािटया gha:ṭiya: (nm) a Bra:hmaṉ on a bathing bank who applies sandalwood paste on bathers' foreheads. familial. trickster. hay-trusser. quay. without effort or spending. ruinous. घाटे का बजट a deficit budget. by trickery. घा/ता gha:ta: (nm). power degree. घात gha:t (nf) ambush. घसखोदा ghaskhoda: (nm) a grass-cutter. घ/षरण gharshāṉ (nm) friction. घाट gha:ṭ (nm) wharf. killing. shrewd (person). to trail. to scribble. berth. घातक gha:tak (a) lethal. —का ु varied experience. ambuscade. fatal. घातांक gha:tā:ṅk (nm) index. घाती gha:ti: (nm) a killer. घलआ ghalua: (nm) that which a buyer gets over and above the quantity paid for. (nm) a killer. ~बंदी embargo. to thunder. —मे रहना to be upon the catch. a tip in ु kind to a buyer.घराना ghara:nā: (nm) a family. stroke. घाटा gha:ṭa: (nm) loss. घाघरा gha:ghra: (nm) a petticoat. घघरर gharghar (nf) rumble. to scrawl. clan. petty person. bank. to find a foothold. to look for a tactical opportunity to strike. murderer. to impart lessons in trickery. घसीट ghasi:ṭ (nf) scribble. घाते बताना to play tricks. slaughterer. —पर चढ़ना. —मे आना to fall into one's clutches. घरौदा gharāūda: (nm) a toy-house. gurgle. slaughter. ~िषरत clashed. ferry. —लगाना to lie in ambush. -खाना to suffer a loss. घाई gha:i: (nf) the intervening space in between two fingers. घर gharu: (a) domestic. private. ignoramus. घाटी gha:ṭi: (nf) a valley. —शलक ferriage. घसीटना ghasi:ṭnā: (v) to drag. assassin. घरे लू gharelu: (a) domestic. घाघ gha:gh (nm and a) cunning. —मे िफरना to mark time for an ambuscade: —मे बैठना to wait for an ambuscade. clash. to ambuscade. —घाट का पानी पीना to wander from pillar to post. to gather . to gurgle. snorting sound. in friction.

—काटना/खोदना/छीलना to undertake a petty/worthless ू job. िघरनी ghirnī: (nf) a pulley. dilatoriness. ~कश a grater. to falter in speech (due to fear or emotional upsurge). (a) idiotic. odiousness. िघिघयाना ghighiya:nā: (v) to grovel in the dust. —खाना said of one who betrays some sort of stupidity. िघरी ghirri: (nf) a sheave. odious. hence ~पन (nm).घान ghā:n (nm) a lot. to thrust. drudgery. •सािहतय gutter/trash literature. to pour(into). hurt.189 -—फस rubbish. the act of keeping a watch on grazing cattle. घामड़ ghā:maṛ (nm) an idiot. illegible. िघसटना ghisaṭnā: (v) intrasitive form of the verb घसीटना (see). घासले/ट gha:sleṭ (nm) vegetable oil. heat of the sun. घाम ghā:m (nm) sunshine. dullard. —आना one's gorge to rise at. घाव gha:w (nm) a wound. (nf) congestion: clumsiness. inferior. िघया ghiya: (nf) bottle gourd. loathsome. cheap literature. clumsy. —पुरना/भरना a wound to heal up. िघनौना ghināūnā: (a) abominable. ground or pressed in one lot. weed and straw. —पर नमक िछड़कना to add insult to injury. to beg for mercy. pulley. inferior stuff. to destroy. —पात rubbish. िघराव ghira:v (nm) gherao—the act of surrouding a person or persons in authority to press acceptance of certain demands. cheap. nauseating. िघगघी ghigghi: (nf). dilly-dallying. to be bereft of wits or senses. -. िघन ghīn (nf) abhorrence. nausea. घास gha:s (nf) grass. —हरा होना a wound to revive. weed and straw: worthless food. things cooked or fried in one lot. quantity of oilseed. —की गित घायल जाने its the sufferer alone who knows the pain. injured. to supplicate. to receive an injury. िघसिघस ghisghis (nf) higgling. to place. िघराई ghira:i: (nf) the act of surrounding or encircling. ~टी worthless. wheat. (a) trash. etc. dull routine work. to idle away one's time. िघसट-िघसट कर मरना to die by inches. घायल gha:yal (a) wounded. the fee or charge for so doing. —खाना to be wounded/injured. घालना gha:lnā: (v) to strike. trash. —बँधना to have the throat choked (out of fear or emotional upsurge). an injury. to show up the teeth. a blockhead. िघचिपच ghichpich (a) crowded. to be so stunned as to become tongue-tied. . dull.

to be in intimate association. ु ु -. a powerful hard rub (on the body). — िखचिड़/शककर होना to be hand in glove with. cleanshaven. ु घइयाँ ghuīyā: (nf) arum—a kind of Indian vegetable. ु . ~चढ़ी a ु ceremonial horse-riding of the bridegroom (to the bride's house) forming a part of the marriage celebrations. dodge. घड़कना ghuṛaknā: (v) to brow-beat.िघसना ghisnā: (v) to rub. one having a horse-like oblong face. घंडी ghūṉḍi: (nf) a knob. घटनना ghuṭannā: (nm) knickers.190 -- to be gradually suffocated to death. a cavalier. घुटने टे कना to knuckle down/under. ball-shaped button of cloth. (nm) a ु knee. to (administer a short and sharp) reprimand. half-pants. ु घटाई ghuṭa:i: (nf) levigation and its charges. to be clean-shaven. ु घगघू ghugghu: (nm) an owl. घुटनो क बल चलना to move on all fours (as a child). ~साल a horsestable. worn out. िघसाई ghisa:i: (nf) the work of or charges paid for rubbing or smoothening. ु घड़की ghuṛki: (nf) a hollow threat. to take lessons in dancing (from a guru). ~सवार a horse-rider. to experience suffocation. ू घघची ghūghchi: (nf) a small red and black seed of Abrus precatorius. to yield. िघससा ghissa: (nm) friction. घुटा हुआ cunning and clever. abrasion. esp. attrition. घड़ ghuṛ—an allomorph of घोड़ा used as the first member in compound words. —मे पड़ना to become ु habituated (to) from the very infancy. ु surfacing. ~मुहाँ horse-faced. a sharp reprimand/rebuff. —दध की नदी बहना to be very prosperous and affluent. work of and charges for levigation. —बाँधना to take to a dancing career. brow-beating. to infants. ुँ घघराले ghūghra:le (a) curly (plural form of घुघराला—the singular from is seldom used). घटी ghuṭṭi: (nf) digestive medicine or tonic given. bluff. to light up ghee lamps -to celebrate (the े fulfilment of some cherished desire) by fanfare/merry-making/festivity. cramming. ~दौड़ horse-race.घुटनो मे े िसर दे ना to be engrossed in some worry/thought. stupid fellow. घी ghi: (nm) ghee. something to become a part of one's nature. hard labour. घट-घट कर जान दे ना to fret out one's life. a ceremonial horse-riding. to be impaired/to impair. wear. to be worn out/to wear out. to become inseparably united. a fool. —क िचराग़/िदए जलाना lit. ँ ुँ घघर ghūghru: (nm) a set of small jingling bells (worn around the ankles. nipple. ु घटना ghuṭnā: (v) to be suffocated. switch. during a ुँ dance performance). to accept subordination. िघसािपटा hackneyed. ~दार knobby.

to eat one's heart ु out. to intrude. ु घमाव ghuma:v (nm) a turning. to pierce. to beguile. ु घमककड़ ghumākkaṛ (a) fond of/in the habit of wandering about. veil. curved.घणाकर नयाय ghuṉā:ksharnya:y (nm) fortuitous and unexpected manner. curvature. (nm) a rover. ~सो का कया उधार let not the revenge of fistblows be deferred until the morrow. to have a flow of soul. vertigo. घनना ghunnā: (v) to be eaten by wood-worm. ~सेबाज़ी fisticuffs. to circulate. ूँ . hence घुरघुर and घुरघुराहट (nf).191 -घूँ/सा ghū:sa: (nm) fist. घघट ghū:ghaṭ (nm) face-veil. have forthright dealings where you must. to penetrate. घुसपैिठया an intruder. to penetrate. —अँधेरा pitch dark. to be liquefied. to waste oneself away to death. to ु brandish (as a sword). to roll. ~ता solubility. — ूँ करना/काढ़ना/िनकालना to veil. — ु करना to intrude. -घलकर जान दे ना/मरना to fret out one's life. ~सेबाज़ a boxer. to remove the veil. to become lean and thin. ~दार winding. ूँ घट ghū:ṭ (nm) a draught. wood-worm. access. ु घमाना ghumā:nā: (v) to revolve. happy chance. to suffer ु decadence or to waste away. infiltration. twist. -घुलकर बाते करना to have a tete-tete. total black-out. ु घपप ghupp (a). to thrust into. to languish. ु घन ghūn (nm) a weevil. to spin. to turn. —घलकर काँटा होना to be ु reduced to a skeleton. infiltrator. to be mixed. घमा-िफरा कर बात ु करना to beat about the bush. boxing. —आना to feel giddy. to have a veil on. to rot. to suffer ु internal decay. ु wanderer. fist-blow. ु घलनशील ghulānshi:l (a) soluble. circuitous. ु घसपैठ ghuspaiṭḥ (nf) intrusion. roving. to infiltrate. ु घल/ना ghulnā: (v) to be dissolved. to give a twist. to converge and ु concentrate. घमेरी ghumēri: (nf) giddiness. rancorously secretive. sip. ु घनना ghūnnā: (a) perversely reticent. gulp. ~वाले curly. घमरी ghumri: (nf) see घुमेरी. —उलटना to unveil. घमड़ना ghumaṛnā: (v) to gather up (as clouds or sentiments). to pierce. घसना ghusnā: (v) to enter. to swirl round. घघर ghū:ghar (nm) curl (of hair). घसेड़ना ghuseṛnā: (v) to thrust into. ु घरघुराना ghurghura:nā: (v) to produce a snorting sound. to be weevilled. ु -. to take round. —लगना to be in the grip of canker.

hammer of a gun. ू र घस ghu:s (nf) bribe. to roll. abhorrent. to ू turn. having a wide circumference. घोघा ghōgha: (nm) shell. घोखना ghokhnā: (v) to cram up. encirclement. गला घोटना). —लगाना to cram up. . girth. skirt. ~गाड़ी a horse-carriage. —घार hemming in. —डालना to besiege. घूम-िफर कर वहीं पहुँचना to come full circle. to shave. rim. घोटा ghoṭa: (nm). scorn. घोटना ghoṭnā: (v) to cram up. an adept in the art of cramming up. घेरना ghernā: (v) to besiege. to levigate. —चढ़ाना to cock a gun. to surround. ृ घिणत ghriṉit (a) abominable. to commit to memory. to gloat. घोटाला ghoṭa:la (nm) bungling. to levigate thoroughly. despicable.घमना ghu:mnā: (v) to take a walk. rotation. ~ख़ोरी bribery. blockade. घेरा ghera: (nm) a siege. घोपना ghōpnā: (v) to pierce. to smoothen. ृ घणासपद ghriṉā:spad (a) hateful. घरना ghu:rnā: (v) to stare (at). घोटना ghōṭnā: (v) see घोटना. snail. —कसना to saddle a horse.— ू खाना to accept bribe. ~बसंत an idiot. to hem in. ~बंदी encirclement. घुिणरत rotated. to gyrate. illegal gratification. घोसला ghōsla: (nm) a nest. to waggle. couch.g. to strangle (e. cordon. to commit to memory. घूरे क भी िदन िफरते है every dog े ू has his day. to swim (as head). abhorred. to penetrate. to confine. to blockade. ू घरा ghu:ra: (nm) midden. to choke. घणा ghriṉā: (nf) hatred. ~दार skirted. घोटू ghoṭu: (nm) a crammer. to stroll. ृ घेटी ghēṭi: (nf) an unripe pod (of grain etc. —पालँ ू और पैदल चलँ ू what! keep a dog and bark myself. loose. fence. ृ ृ घत ghrit (nm) ghee. confusion. घणर ghu:rṉ (nm) moments. ू घणन ghu:rṉān (nm) rotation. to frown (at). abhorrence. to encircle. to spin.—दे ना to bribe. circumference. heap of refuse/sweepings. disorder. an encirclement. mess.) घेर gher (nm) circumference. घोड़ा ghoṛa: (nm) a horse. ~ख़ोर bribee. heinous. to wander. enclosure. ृ घणय ghriṉṉy (a) see घणासपद. to whirl. oyster. a nincompoop. a bandicoot rat. to return. loathsome. to revolve. loathing. siege.

to acquire expertise. ङ ङ ṅa—the fifth (and nasal) consonant and the ultimate member of the first pentad (i. to restore to normal health.e. —घोलकर भी जाना to assimilate -. what a pity! How sad! How bad! etc.. —करना to cure. to be in the cruel grasp (of). घोषणा ghoshṉa: (nf) a declaration. No word in use in Sanskrit or Hindi begins with this letter. च च cha—the first letter of the second pentad (i. घोल ghol (nm) a solution. thick. talon... घोिषत ghoshit (a) declared. चंगुल chāṅgul (nm) claw. कवगर) of the Devna:gri alphabet. recovered. a small swinging cot (for babies). —चढ़ना see घुड़ (~चड़ी). proclamation.. —बेचकर सोना to go into a deep carefree े sleep. घोलना gholnā: (v) to dissolve. —से बचना to be spared from the clutches of. to inflate (so as to veer somebody round to a particular course of action). disgust. (nm) sound. चंचरीक chāṇchari:k (nm) a buzzing bee. topuff up. -. etc.. to be restored to normal health. is the correct accepted form). . It is usually found as a first member of a conjunct consonant preceded by a vowel but in reformed Devana:gri: script.193 -- चंगे/र. —भला hale and hearty. घोर ghor (a) awful. good. also च ् .192 -thoroughly. formidable. clutch. it has been replaced by a dot even in such cases (as गंगा. —मे पड़ना/फसना to fall into the clutches ँ (of). grasp. घोसी ghosi: (nm) a milkman.च ्. proclaimed. —होना to recover. ~eri: (nf) a small shallow basket. dense. (nm) a musical instrument like a small timbrel. to gulp in. चवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. घोष ghosh (v) voiced. myrrh. to get out of the clutches of. deep. high wooden stand. ~री chāṅg/er. sharp. घोड़ी ghoṛi: (nf) a mare.. a click sound produced by the impact of the tongue on the hard palate as an expression of pity. a habitation. terrible. and not गनङा. —पर चढ़ाना to instigate. in good health. चंगा chāṅga: (a) healed. sound. चंग chāṅg (nf) a typical brand of paper kite. to mix.e. voiced sound.—फरना/सधाना to break a horse (to the rein).

~ख़ाना a place of assembly for chan u: smokers. (a) a few. चंडी chāṉḍi: (nf) the goddess दगार. चंचला chāṇchala: (nf) an epithet of Lakshmi: (the goddess of wealth). bill. to contribute. shakiness. the middle part of the skull. subscription. fickle. ~हार see चंदहार. transient. violent. ~ख़ाने की गप an unfounded rumour/gossip. wily. wiliness. to feign ignorance. powerful. चंदरोज़ा chandroza: (a) short-lived. contribution. a rumour-manufacturing centre. skittish. fickle. flickering. quivering. ~सार sandalwood paste. transient. perishable. flicker. depraved. (a) unsteady. clever. चंदा chānda: (nm) the moon. चंडूल chāṉḍu:l (nm) a kind of lark. used for face). to subscribe. wicked. transient. चंद chānd (nm) the moon.चंचल chāṇchal (a) unsteady. the last small bread prepared from remaining dough (insufficient for a full-size bread). —मामा moon—the maternal uncle (said to humour the children). cruel. (a) low-born. चंचु chāṇchu (nf) beak. rumour-monger. चंट chāṉṭ (a) cunning. playfulness. चँचोरना chāchornā: (v) see िचचोरना. nimbleness. restless (person). ~रोज़ा lasting only a few days. fidgety. furious. चँिदया chādiya: (nf) the cranium. shaking. ~बाज़ a chan u:-addict. चंडाल chāṉḍa:l (nm) a sub-caste amongst the shu:dras taken to be the lowest in the traditional Hindu caste hierarchy. —दे ना to subscribe. ~िचत unsteady. —करना to contribute. flckleness. some. चंडु chāṉḍu: (nf) an intoxicating drug made of opium. a quarrelsome defiant woman. sanders. nimble. चँदावल chāda:val (nm) rear guard. an ugly repulsive person. —सा as beautiful as the moon (esp. fickle. चंड chāṉḍ (a) fierce. transitory. चँदोवा chādova: (nm) a small canopy. fidgetiness. inconstant. ~पन cunningness. skittishness. . transience. wretched. mere elementary study. hence~ता (nf). चंचलता chāṇchalta: (nf) unsteadiness. coquettish. restlessness. fidgety. —इकटा करना to raise a fund by contribution/donation. donation. cleverness. चँदराना chādra:nā: (v) to make enquiry with a feigned air of ignorance. lightning. restless. ~पवेश smattering knowledge (of a subject). inconstancy. coquettishness. चंदन chāndān (nm) sandalwood. a woman of violent ु nature. playful. transient. frivolous talk.

to shampoo. ~डोरी the string of the toy discus. —करना to massage. shampoo. चंपत chāmpat (a) vanished. चंपा chāmpa: (nm) the tree Michelia champaca and its pleasant fragrant light yellow or yellowish white flower. soapcake. moonshine. ~िबंब the lunar disc. चंदोदय chāndroday (nm) rise of the moon. े circumambulation. ~वंश the lunar race—one of the two major kshatriyadynasties that flourished in ancient India. etc. ~कांत moonstone. ~कला lunar crescent. —बनना/होना to turn tails. ~वदनी a beauty blessed with a moon-like face. चक chak (nm) a holding. having a yellowish white or light yellow tinge. plot of land. ~कली buds of चंपा. चंपी chāmpi: (nf) massage. —डु लाना to wave a चँ वर to and fro (as a mark of respect to one who is attended upon). ~फरी round. चंिदका chāndrika: (nf) the moon. to run away. a female ruddy goose. चंपक chāmpak (nm) see चंपा. as distinct from अनुसवार represented by woman blessed with a moon-like face.light. ~शेखर Lord Shiv—whose head is said to be ever adorned by the presence of the lunar crescent. discus. crescent. a kind of a circular toy played with a . ~िबंद ुthe nasal sign a dot above the top (ौं). to serve deferentially. ~लोक the sphere or heaven of the moon. to try to propitiate. ~वदन blessed with a -. चकती chakti: (nf) a patch. ~वार Monday.). चंिदकोतसव chāndrikotsav (nm) the festival of the autumnal full moon.194 -moon-like face. चकई chakai: (nf) a discus-shaped whirling toy. string. ~हार a kind of broad necklace. चंदमा chāndramā: (nm) the moon. ~वंशी belonging to the lunar dynasty (चनदवंश). the discus and string. absconded. to take to one's heels.चंद chandr (nm) the moon. चंपु chāmpu: (nm) a literary composition with alternation of prose and verse. a necklace studded with stones resembling buds of the champa:. ~मुखी a represented by a crescent with a dot over it (ौँ). चंपई chāmpai: (a) having the tint of the champa: flower. a flapper made of the tale of a yak— Bos grunnieus (used for flapping away flies. ~गहण lunar eclipse. disappeared. ~िबंद ु see चंदिबंद ु. चँवर chāvar (nm) a whisk. a digit of the moon (sixteenth part of the circumference). ~ढार one who wields a चँवर. ~मंडल the halo of the moon.

चकमक chakmāk (nm) flint. drollery. to hoodwink. सपने—). fun. vertigo. trickster. to revolve. to have very intimate relationship. pastry. to the brim/full. चकरा/ना chakara:nā: (v) to feel dizzy. —खाना to go round. wearied. twirl. trick. hence —करना. fraud. dazzlement. —जाना to lose one's head/wits. fraudulent person. dodge. spiral. चककर chakkar (nm) circle. चकबंदी chakbāndi: (nf) consolidation of holdings. ring. revolution. broken into fragments. to revolve. . to be non-plussed. ~बाज़ one who -.चकता chakatta: (nm) rash. —दे ना to dodge. चिकत chakit (a) amazed. to lose one's head/wits. circumambulation. flabbergasted. a variety of lemon bigger than the usual size — Citrus decumana. to whirl. any round scar or mark (on the skin). stunt. चकला chakla: (nm) a brotnel. to feel giddy. to revolve. hence चकोरी (nf). used in Braj Bhasha poetry to denote the moghul Emperor Aurangzeb—a descendant of चगताई. चक/वा chakva: (nm) a ruddy goose. चकोर chakor (nm) the Indian red-legged partridge (fabled to subsist upon moon-beams and to eat embers). ~बाज़ी drollery. whirl. round. jocularity. circular wooden or stony board for spreading dough into a bread. चकोतरा chakotra: (nm) a shaddock. despirited. चकमे/बाज़ chakmēba:z (nm) a dodger. trick. to play a trick. चकलेदार the owner of a brothel: —चलाना to run/own a brothel. —घुटना to prepare/have a strong doze of भाँग. ~वी a female ruddy goose. giddiness. round about. चकनाचूर chaknā:chu:r (a) shattered (to pieces). —खाना to suffer a dodge. (adv) to the full. confusion. to the fullest satisfaction. to whirl. —करना to shatter. rotation. brilliant display. brilliance. a blotch on the skin. चकललस chakallas (nm) fun. to dash to the ground (as अरमान—. to swirl. चकामक chaka:chak (a) fully satisfied. surprised. ~दार circuitous. —आना to suffer from vertigo. hence ~बाज़ी (nf). to be confounded. son of Chengiz Khan. to take a circuitous route. wonder-struck. —दे कर ऐंठ लेना to do one down/brown.board. चकमा chakmā: (nm) hoodwinking. चकाचाँध chaka:chāūdh (nm) dazzle. to be confounded/astounded. to be tricked/hoodwinked. trickery. —काटना/लगाना to take rounds. dazzling effect. —चलाना to launch a tricky move. indulgence in fun. spin.195 -indulges in drollery/fun making.

~सार a nursery school. ~चख verbal altercation. mill. —सास aunt-in-law). ~वात a whirlwind. -. an epithet of Lord Vishṉū. disc. चचोड़ना chachoṛnā: (v) see िचचोरना. an orderly heap (of bricks. चककी chakki: (nf) a quern. —मे डालना to embroil/involve in a mess. ~शाला a nursery school. चकीय chakkri:y (a) rotational. paternal uncle. to surpass (in cleverness. —भाई first cousin (brother). chatter. (nf) snap/snapping. चकका chakka: (nm) a wheel. ~ण spin(ning). pertaining to. ~शवा a snake. sphere. stone slabs.). chunk. —पीसना to grind. cyclone. breaking or cracking sound. circle. चकाकार chakkra:ka:r (a) circular. kneepan. cycle. to put in rigorous work. to suffer harassment. whirling. चखना chakhnā: (v) to taste. ~वती universal. ~चट repeated cracking/snapping sounds. चकवाक chakrava:k (nm) see चकवा. चख़ chaḳḥ (nf) altercation. —चचेरी बहन first cousin (sister). noisy exchanges. —होना to excel. or related with. tangible. to wander about. soapcake). —ससुर uncle-inlaw. grinding mill. चट chaṭ (adv) instantly. —मे आना/पड़ना to be taken in (by). to cause an altercation. to be in a mess. to be under imprisonment. ~िरिनदय the eye—organ of seeing. —िवषय the object of vision. with utmost urgency. चचा chacha: (nm) paternal uncle. at once. noisy dispute. cake (e. to be dodged. ~गित circular motion. ~ज़ाद born of paternal uncle. discus. ~धर armed with a discus-shaped missile. ~विद compound (interest). instantaneously. etc. perceptible. to be ahead of. — चलाना see चककर (—चलाना).g. ~पट very promptly.). to relish. ~वयह a circular array of troops. discus-shaped missile. ू ृ impregnable battle-array (as practised in ancient Indian military strategy). tricks. circular. —मे िपसना to be constantly in harness. to dodge. चक chakkr (nm) a wheel. •करना/मचाना to create a row/havoc. —क पाटो क बीच पज़ना/िपसना to be sandwiched between two े े afflictions. crack.196 -चिचया chachiya: (a) pertaining to or related with paternal uncle (e. — . wheel-shaped.—मारना to whirl round. चकु chakshu (nm) an eye.g. immediately. to enter into a heated discussion. चचेरा chachera: (a) of. (an emperor) ruling over a vast empire. visible object. etc. discordant discussion. —का पाट mill-stone. ~गोचर visible.

loud. चटकारा chaṭka:ra: (nm) see चटख़ारा. spicy. चटाचट chaṭa:chaṭ (nf) a repeated crackle or smack. the act or process of licking. चटनी chaṭnī: (nf) sauce indigenous sauce: —करना/बनाना to transform into pulp. . चटप/टा chaṭpaṭa: (a) pungent. greediness for delicious dishes. to burn with a crackling noise. to beat up thoroughly. चटुल chaṭul (a) fickle. to crack with a report. (a) bright. loud. flippant. चटान chaṭṭā:n (nf) a rock. hence ~पन (nm). crackling report.). चटकना chaṭkanī: (nf) see चटखनी. sprain. glittering. चटोर/चटोरा chaṭor/chaṭora: (a) gastroume. चटखा/रा chaṭḳḥa:ra: (nm) a clack of the tongue with the palate (expressive of relishing experience). greedy of delicious dishes.धल to throw aground. चटकाना chaṭka:nā: (v) to snap. चटाई chaṭa:i: (nf) a mat. to crackle. चटचटाना chaṭchaṭa:nā: (v) to produce a cracking or snapping sound. swiftly. gaudy. ~टापन pungency spiciness. cliff. hence ~टी (fem. चटाना chaṭa:nā: (v) to cause to lick. a sparrow. splendour. brilliance. चटकना chaṭaknā: (v) to crack. loud (colour). swift moving. चटक chaṭak (nf) glitter. ू —. agility. tower bolt. —नाप two-dimensional measurement. to burst or open (as a bud). to cause to snap. —मँगनी पट बयाह to propose this moment. to bribe. ~रे भरना/लेना to express relishing of or desire for (delicious food or talk etc. चिटयल chaṭiyal (a) bare. चटखनी chaṭkhanī: (nf) a latch. bright. firm and resolute. hence~ता (nf). instantaneously.से instantly. to produce a snapping/cracking sound. (adv) with a repeated crackling or smacking report. चटाक chaṭa:k (nm) a crackling sound (comparatively louder and more lasting than चट). bolt. crack. ~दार brilliant. glitter. —मटक gaud/gaudiness. •बाते spicy talk. brilliant. —की तरह solid like a rock. to give monetary gratification. unsteady. to cause to crack or crackle. to marry the very next.रपया to bribe. चटकीला chaṭki:la: (a) brilliant. to consume hurriedly and entirely. चटाका chaṭa:ka: (nm) a smack. smack. —. ornamentation. to fell. coquetry. barren. —पटाक promptly. gaudy. ~पन gastroumy. —कर जाना to polish off. to implement a proposal without delay. form).

to offer. rise (in prices. etc. to put on. etc. चढ़ता chaṛḥta: (a) rising. to mount. to cover. upstream. to overpower. चडडी chaḍḍi: (nf) a scanty under. rise. blooming. to load. चटी chaṭṭi: (nf) slipper(s).). etc. to charge. एक ही थैली क chips of the same block. —लगना to suffer a loss/damage.ride. to be covered by something. चढ़ाव chaṛḥa:w (nm) ascent. in the prime of youth. damage. to ride. चढ़त chaṛḥat (nf) offering(s) to a deity. bank. to enjoy a lucky spell. ~ते सूयर to be on the winning side. to rise. चढ़ा-उतरी chaṛḥa:utri: (nf) fluctuation. to inject. wise. skilled. form). shrewd. for children). to be on the increase. to be offered (to a deity etc. को नमसकार/पणाम करना to climb on the bandwagon. —दौड़ना to launch an invasion. ु wisdom. —लेना to have a ride. to climb (an ascent). back. competitive bid(ding). to be ascendant. to overpower into sexual act. on hilly-routes). repeated ascents and descents. offering (to a deity. to trample down. to drink off/up. —करना to invade. acclivity. to be in a tide. to tighten. to take possession of (as by an evil spirit). to bow to the rising sun. चढ़ा-उपरी chaṛḥa:u:pari: (nf) see चढ़ा-चढ़ी. swelling (of a river. to launch an attack.चटा-बटा chaṭṭa:-baṭṭa: (nm) a set of toys or other implements (in a -. climb.). excelling. to ascend. — चढ़ती जवानी मे in the flower of one's age. to charge. loss. —गाँठना to have a back-ride. to be in spate. growing. —कर superior. hence चढ़ती (fem. to anoint. skill. to puff up (through exaggerated praise).wear (esp. (said of a man) to enter into sexual union. skilful.ride. चढ़ाना chaṛḥa:nā: (v) to cause to go up or rise.). to mount. चढ़ाई chaṛḥa:i: (nf) ascent. चढ़ा-चढ़ी chaṛḥa:chaṛḥi: (nf) (spirit of) rivalry. चढ़ावा chaṛḥa:wa: (nm) oblation. to fix (a bayonet). —चटे -बटे . —उतर कर बात करना to make a harsh and unwelcome utterance.groom's side). to increase. —बनना to have a run of good luck.). to record. ornamental gift for the bride (from the bride. to apply a paste or liquid (on the body). ornamental gift presented to the bride (from the bridegroom's side).197 -conjurer's bag). to be placed on fire for cooking. to string (a bow). to climb. etc. to be recorded. shrewdness. increasing. to ride on the back (of). a halting place (esp. to infuse. चतर chatur (a) clever. birds of the same े feather. to provoke/incite. —दे ना to inflict a loss/damage. to place on fire for cooking. चढ़/ना chaṛḥnā: (v) to go up. —बैठना to ride on. to talk arrogantly. ~ता/पन cleverness. to brace. —चढ़ते सयर को ू नमसकार/पणाम करना see चढ़ना. to strive . invasion. priest.

~ससती four-point(ed). -. सत. poor people's diet. quarter. ु ू चदर chaddar (nf) see चादर. quadrilateral. ~थी the fourth day of a lunar four sides. रामेशर). कितय. ~रं ग quadripartite. a subcaste of the Bra:hmāṉs. dexterity. चत/स ् chatus—used as the first member of Sanskirt compound words being an ु allomorph of चत: —meaning four. ~वेदी a scholar well-versed in the four Vedas. चपटा chapṭa: (a) flat. चतुषय chatushṭay (nm) an aggregate of four (things. the Creatorर god बहा. ~मारस the four months of the rainy season extending from the twelfth day of the moonlit half of आषाढ़ to that of काितरक. meaning four. पुरी.चतुराई chatura:i: (nf) cleverness. four-sided. one-fourth (part). fortnight. virtue (धमर). . ~वारद quartet. ~वरणर the four main castes of the Hindus (viz. ~िवरध of four types. ~राशम the four stages in a man's life (see आशम). viz. ~धारम the four sacred places of pilgrimage of the Hindus (viz. four-sided. ~िदरक्/िदरश all round. ~वरगर the four human pursuits [viz. ~मुखी all round. वैशय and शद). ~रं िगणी quadripartite. cavalry. to denote an army comprised of four arms or departments. चपटी chapṭi: (nf) homosexual act between two females.). fourू fold. बाहण. ~मुख four-faced. ~षपद/षपाद four-footed. दापर. an epithet of Lord Vishnu ुर having four arms. चना chanā: (nm) gram. (used esp. wisdom. four-stringed. ~युग the र र four yugas (viz. चत/र् chatur—used as the first member of Sanskrit compound words being an ु allomorph of चत:. चतु/ष ् chatush—an allomorph of चतु: used as the first member of Sanskrit compound words meaning four. ~थारश quadrant. ~थारशम the fourth आशम i. (viz. यजुर ् and अथरव). skill. all round. चपकन chapkān (nm) a peculiar long tight coat. साम. ~पन flatness. चनकाटा chankaṭa: (nm) a slap. comprised of four members or parts. दारका. ~भज a quadrangle. on all the बदिरकाशम. संनयास—the stage of the anchorite. ~वेद the four Vedas. consisting of four members or ु parts. wealth (अथर) sensual pleasures (काम) and salvation (मोक)]. etc. किल). -चबैना parched gram and allied grains. ~दर श the fourteenth day of a lunar fortnight. a complete army. चनार chana:r (nm) a kind of tall beautiful tree (generally found in the hills). persons. ~षकोण four-cornered. elephants. ~थर the fourth. a quadrangle. ~षकोणीय quadrangular.198 -chariots and the infantry). a quadruped. ऋक् . ~षपथ a road-crossing.e. तेता.

चपरासी chapra:si: (nm) a peon. tattle. unavailing and unending prattle. foolish. —मे आना to be embroiled in a blow or accident. to search every nook and corner. to slap. offensive sound made during chewing. (a) feminine form of चपल (sec). nimbleness. to damage. चपनी chapnī: (nf) a knee-cap. चपल chapal (a) unsteady. चपरकनाती chapārkana:ti: (a) stupid. चपपल chappal (nf) slipper(s) (open at the front). चपेटा chapeṭa: (nm) see चपेट. duffer. चपेट chapeṭ (nf) striking range. (nf) loss. to sustain a loss/damage. चपरास chapra:s (nf) a breast plate. a span. stroke (of misfortune etc. wavering. —दे ना/लगाना to inflict a loss. every inch of ground. . (in wrestling) a violent stroke of the left foot on the right of the adversary and viceversa. hoity-toity. quickness. चपती chapti: (nf) a fillet. a plate worn on belt (as a mark of office) by peons etc. चपला chapla: (nf) the goddess of wealth—Lakshmi:. lightning. चपपा chappa: (nm) a hand-breadth. every nook and corner.). to sustain injury/loss. to be struck. — रसीद करना to (give a) slap. damage. nincompoop. nimble. •छान मारना to make a thorough search. चपपू chappu: (nm) an oar. tremulousness. (nm) a riff-raff. —पड़ना/बैठना/लगना to be slapped. to scan every inch of land. involvement. ~गीरी a peon's function or office. -. चपरगटू chaparagaṭṭu: (a and nm) (a) blockhead.. quick. —करना to continue to prattle. चपाती chapa:ti: (nf) a thin bread of the Indian style. a sudden involving blow or accident. tremulous. a measure of four fingers. small piece of land: —चपपा every span of land. चपड़ा chapṛa: (nm) shellac. restless. चपलता chapalta: (nf) unsteadiness. चबाई chaba:i: (nm) a backbiter. of no consequence. restlessness.चपड़-चपड़ chapaṛ:chapaṛ (nf) lap. —झाड़ना to slap.199 -flippant. चपत chapat (nm) a slap. to get embroiled in an accident or a blow. flippancy. sandal. to suffer a stroke. —लगना to sustain injury or loss.

to flare. thaumaturgy. flunkey. bed of a garden. ~ड़े का िसकका a false coin. one who performs miracles. stoop. to munch. to be excessively stingy. glossy. चम/ड़ा chamṛa: (nm) leather. a place full of life and luxury. to sparkle. brilliant. —दमक glitter. ~गीरी cheap flattery. ~दार shining. to glitter. चमाचम chamā:chām (adv) with a shine/gloss.चबाना chaba:nā: (v) to chew. चमचमाना chamchamā:nā: (v) to shine. ~ित a miraculous performance. चबा/उ. चमर). brightly. चमतकृ/त chamatkrit (a) ast ounded.) one who manages to keep in two opposite camps. to save a penny. skin. to masticate. चमड़ी chamṛi: (nf) skin. see चँवर. to make a brilliant show. -. चमकीला chamki:la: (a) shining. चमगादड़ chamga:daṛ (nm) a bat. brilliance. चमटी chamṭi: (nf) a guide stick. चमरौधा chamraudha: (nm) an indigenous type of sturdy shoe. radiance. luminous. to flay. चमकना chamāknā: (v) to shine. brilliance. मोटीthickskinned. a yak (mas. parterre. to flash. lustre. thaumaturgy. spectacle. to flare up. wonder-struck. ~w (nm) back.200 -astonished. ~ड़ा कमाना to tan. a thaumaturge. spectacle. glittering. to glitter. चबा-चबाकर बोलना (to speak) haltingly and with a munching action. shine. glossy. miraculous. —. to be provoked all of a sudden. to cure. —जाये पर दमड़ी न जाये to suffer a flaying. hide. hence ~पन (nm). —पर मरना to fall for external beauty. brilliantly. miracle. indulgence in the act of talking ill of others. spectacular. radiant. bright. spectacular show. चमरी chamri: (nf) a chumrey. a localised flash of pain.biting. —उधेड़ना to beat bare. brilliant. चबूतरा chabu:tra: (nm) a raised platform. ~रीmiracuious. चमन chamān (nm) a small garden. wonder. flatterer. worthless article. . marvel. to be glossy. चबे(बै)ना chabe(ai)nā: (nm) miscellaneous parched grains (mixed together). to get angry. चमचा chamcha: (nm) a large spoon. —िचटा systematic and frequent backbiting. to flare up. sycophancy. lustrous. hence ~िरकता. to have a localised flash of pain. pomp and show. vampire. to cut a dash. (fig. चमक chamāk (nf) flash.गोरी fair-complexioned. ~िरक thaumaturgic. to sparkle. gloss. to skin. ~व chaba:u. glare. marvellous. —का. —उठना to shine forth. चमतका/र chamatka:r (nm) a marvel.

see चरख. painful sensation as by the drying up of a wound. चरचराना charchara:nā: (v) to crackle. चरणोदक charṉodak (nm) see चरणामत. . चरखा charkha: (nm) a spinning wheel. —लगना to be defrauded/swindled. to be extremely servile/submissive. चरचराहट charchara:haṭ (nf) crackle. revolving firework. to surrender with deference. picking up. unsteady. ृ चरता charta: (nf) variability. step. चयिनका chayanika: (nf) an anthology. चममच chammāch (nm) a spoon. hence ~ता see चरता. emissary. rigging. —दे ना to defraud. pulley. — चाँपना/चमना to press/lick the feet of. ~धिल/~रज dust of the feet (of). चरना charnā: (v) to graze. riff-raff. —सिमित selection committee. sputtering noise. a variable. चमेली chameli: (nf) (a kind of) jasmine (plant and its flower). चर char (nm) a spy. चरका charka: (nm) fraud. to swindle. shoe-maker. —धोकर पीना to ू be very reverential and respectful. to make a sputtering noise. compiling. -िचनह footprint. one who renders reverential service. mobility. an insignificant person. reverential ु service. —खाना to be swindled/defrauded. to be no match ू to. phase. ~तल sole of the foot. swindle.चमा/र chamā:r (nm) a cobbler. ~िरन/री feminine form of चमार. चरखी charkhi: (nf) a reel. to keep on ू flattering. चरकटा charkaṭa: (nm) a chaff-cutter. —का तेल jasmine oil. a catherine wheel. चरण charāṉ (nm) a foot (also of a verse). —छना to touch one's feet (as a traditional mark of respect). ~नायक/पित an army-commander. unsteadiness. (a) moving. -सशूषा/सेवा obsequious attendance. spool. ~सेवी an obsequious attendant. a general. to produce a painful sensation as by the drying up of a wound. sheave. चरणो मे अिपरत करना/चढ़ाना to make a respectful offering to. a lowly person. hyena. चरख charakh (nm) a large revolving wheel. चरणामत charṉā:mmrit (nm) foot ambrosia. a selection/collection of choicest or representative writings. variable. चमु chamū: (nf) a division of an army. tourbillion. -कमल/पद lotus-like feet. secret messenger. a scheduled caste amongst the Hindus traditionally living by shoe-making. the water in which the idol of a deity has ृ been bathed or the feet of a revered person have been washed (considered to be a sacred drink). quarter. चयन chayān (nm) selection. to be too inferior for comparison. (a) grazing.

fats and oils. -रपक biographical feature. graziery. to be neglectful (on account of arrogance. graziery. hot. grazier. —होना to attain one's object or end. चरीताथरता charita:rthata: (nf) significance. delineation. -. चिरत charit (nm) biography. final. to become arrogant. ~दार greasy. ~वान (a man) of sound character. pasture land. चरबी charbi: (nf) fat. . grease. चरमराना charmara:nā: (v) to creak. sketch. चरम charām (a) absolute. goings. -िचतण/िनमारण characterisation. to grow mad with passion. carelessness. gratified. to aquire a meaning. चरी chari: (nf) green plants used for cattle-fodder. to prove valid. ~कर/-लेखक a biographer. characterless. last. -दोष flaws of character. creak. proven correct. चखर charḳḥ (nm) see चरख. चरस charas (nm) an intoxicating drug prepared from the flowers of hemp. चिरतांकन charitrā:ṅkān (nm) characterisation. ~पन/~हट piquancy. success. animate and inanimate. meadow. चराचर chara:char (a) movable and immovable.201 -of pungent taste. tallow. extreme limit. portrayal. the rent or wages paid for grazing (one's cow. चिरतावली charita:vali: (nf) a collection of biographies. —चढ़ना to grow fat. squeak. चरवाहा charva:ha: (nm) a herdsman. (nm) the entire creation. -नायक the hero or the main character (of a literary work). आँखो मे . चराई chara:i: (nf) grazing. —छाना. to be vindicated. pungency/hotness (of taste).) of others. etc. fatty. etc). -हतया character assassination. portrayal. to squeak. a huge leather bucket. fulfilment. चिरत charitr (nm) character.चरपरा charpara: (a) piquant. biography. extreme: —लकय ultimate aim. validity. pasturage. चरमर charmar (nf) a creaking sound (as of new boots). चरबा charba: (nm) tracing paper. to befool. ultimate. squeak. चरागाह chara:ga:h (nm) pasture. copy. ~हीन profligate. — सीमा extreme. deprave. buffalo. चरमराहट charmara:haṭ (nf) a creaking or squeaking sound. चिरताथर charita:rth (a) validated/vindicated. चराना chara:nā: (v) to (cause to) graze. meaningfulness. चरसा charsa: (nm) a huge leather bucket. doings. to hoodwink.

202 -चवर/ण charvāṉ (nm) masticating. चचार charcha: (nf) mention. conduct. rumour. skin. unsteadiness. moving.g. —बनना to turn tails. चलतू chaltu: (a) workable. flourishing (as चलती दकान). ~कार a cobbler. चलन chalān (nm) vogue. ~िचत fickle-minded. to be moving off. —करना to dispose of. चल chal (a) unsteady. mentioned. chewed. moribund. tedious reiteration. —होना to take air. due to.चख़ार charḳḥa: (nm) see चरखा. custom. in शौक —). to be talked about. casual/temporary. transient. serviceable. —पुरज़ा cunning. -. to have an intense urge (esp. performance (of rites and ceremonies). . —डेरा being on the verge of death or departure. चबी charbi: (nf) see चरबी. ु temporary. —िफरना नज़र आना to be making a move. -चलाव the verge of departure/death. owing to. variable. चरारना charra:nā: (v) to crack/creak/crackle. चलतेचलाते by the way. light (as चलती चीज़) . casually. ~सार durable. clever. (a) mobile. inconstant. — समीकरण differential equation. inconstant. cursory (e. —कलन Differential Calculus. workable. चयार charya: (nf) routine. चलता chalata: (nm) mobility. चलती का नाम गाड़ी nothing succeeds like success. coraceous. cinema. to smart on account of tension (as of skin). conduct. movable. — संपित movable property. चमर charm (nm) leather. —िसकका a current coin. about to go or depart. ु —अथर currency. anointed. चचर charch (nm) a church. चलते usage typical to the Biharis— because of. cinematograph. masticational chewing. in passing. also ~णा (nf). cunning. hide. चलती सीढ़ी excalator. चख़ी charḳḥi: (nf) see चरखी. -चवरण chewing the chewed. चिचरत charchit (a) discussed. shoe-maker. goings. चलती िनगाह). ~िचत a movie. चलताऊ chalta:u: (a) workable. smeared. discussion. -िवचल unsteady. to tell off. motion picture. unsteady. ~मय leathery. usage.चलती रक़म a clever/cunning fellow. चलते चलते incidentally. चिवरत charvit (a)masticated. tanner. in use. mobile (as पसतकालय). —खाता current account. current. to send away. without prior deliberation. current. clever. to slip away. temporary. -िफरता mobile. चचरक charchak (nm) one who mentions or discusses. relishing. to make a cracking/creaking/crackling sound.

~पोशी connivance. time of departure. to blow (as हवा—). चिलत chalit (a) moved. wavered. to be merrily talkative. चलाना chala:nā: (v) to cause to walk. चशम chashm (nf) an eye. चसका chaska: (nm) proclivity. चलाचल chala:chal (a) mobile and immobile. to be ु operated (as मशीन—). warbling. •गवाह an eye. addiction. —धूप का/—. to move. transient. —. to be filed (as मक़दमा—). •दर may not an evil glance be cast ू upon you !. to expire. to drive. चसपाँ chaspā: (a) affixed. झ and त. चल िनकलना to ु be consolidated. चलायमान chala:ymā:n (a) moving. — संपित movable and immovable property. to initiate (as चचार—). to get going. चल बसना to pass away. चलाचली chala:chali: (nf) (verge of) departure. चलाऊ chala:u: (a) durable. चवालीस chava:li:s (a) forty-four. चलनी chalnī: (nf) a sieve. lasting. applicable. compelling habituation. to be effective.203 -of five palatal consonants in the Devna:gri: script viz. गोली—).धूपी goggles. stuck. to operate (as मशीन—).चलते घोड़े को एड़ लगाना to spur a willing horse. fickle. to proceed. unsteady. to make a progress. to manipulate (as कन—). चवगर chavarg (nm) the 'cha' pentad -. to flourish. to be in vogue/use/currency. readiness for departure.पड़ना/लगना (used in denunciatory sense) to get addicted/habituated/used to (some degenerating habit). glasses. चवननी chavannī: (nf) a twenty-five paisa (four anna) coin. . to be thrown (as तीर—). to go off (as बंदक—). to guile. to be pressed into. चल पड़ना (काम आिद) to catch on. to file (as मुक़दमा—).चलना chalnā: (v) to walk. to warble. to last. used (as लाठी—). to pass (as िसकका—). to be initiated/started (as बात-). seen. ~वाले low-class prople. avaunt malicious glances ! चशमा chashmā: (nm) spectacles. movable and immovable. wavering. छ. ~दीद witnessed. spring. fountain. (nm) the number forty-four. चलाथर chala:rth (nm) currency. च.witness. malicious glance. चहक chehak (nf) chirping. fitting. to flow. to pass (as िसकका—). -ए-बद evil eye. to throw/fire े (as गोला. चहकना chehaknā: (v) to chirp. unsteady. to develop an irresistible proclivity for.रं गीन coloured glasses. to move. —. ज. (a) durable.

चाँदा chāda: (nm) a protractor. commotion. चाँद chā:d (nm) the moon. —का जूता/की जूती monetary temptation. चांद cha:ndr (a) lunar. no one is without his faults. leisurely walk. चाक cha:k (nm) chalk. bedsheet. —करना to tear apart. the bull's eye. range. to have the daybreak. . the head. — िखलना/िछटकना moonlight to spread all over. a large white sheet of cloth. pertaining to the moon. split. —का टुकड़ा a beauty. ~मारीshooting practice. —कटना to be minting money. alert and agile. —पर थकना/धल उड़ाना to slander the ू ू unassailable (and have one's own image sullied). money in general. merriment. —वतसर/वषर lunar year.204 -चाँपना chā:pnā: (v) to press. •का मैदान shooting range. —बनाना to mint money. चांचलय chā:ṇchally (nm) see चंचलता. (a) torn. boundary. -. —मास lunar month. चहारदीवारी chaha:rdi:va:ri: (nf) the four-walls. —को गहन (गहन) लगना to have a blot in a beauty. चांडाल chā:ṉḍa:l (nm)see चंडाल. a kite bearing the figures of the crescent aud the star. चांदायण cha:ndra:yaṉ (nm) a typical fast observed by the Hindus and related to the waning and waxing of the moon. चहल-पहल chehalpehal (nf) hustle and bustle. to have all round gains. चहलक़दमी chehalqadmī: (nf) stroll. to be lighted. चाँदी chādi: (nf) silver. to thrash bald. (nf) the crown (of). gaiety. to dawn. to earn fabulously. —गंजी होना to become bald-headed. canopy. चाँदनी chādnī: (nf) the moonlight. चाँटा chāṭa: (nm) a slap. bribe. —क टुकड़े rupee coins. —क े े िदन pleasant/delightful days. subterranean store-pit. —जड़ना/दे ना/लगाना/रसीद करना to (give a) slap. —चौकड़ी a swindling/nuisance making quartet/foursome. —होना to have fabulous earnings. favourite. चाँदना chād:nā: (nm) light.चहकार chehka:r (nf) see चहक. the potter's wheel. चहे ता chaheta: (a) beloved. चहचहाना chehcheha:nā: (v) to chirp. —होना to have light. lovely face. -सा मुखड़ा a face as lovely as the moon. चाक़-चौबंद cha:q-chaubānd (a) smart. —गंजी करना to boot to baldness. चहबचचा chahbachcha: (nm) a catch-pit. ramble. ~तारा a kind of fine muslin. to warble. —मे भी दाग़ है every bean has its black.

ै चादरा cha:dra: (nm) a coverlet. adulation. off. —से काम ू िनकालना to coax thing out of a person. —घोपना/भोकना to stab with a knife. ~sik (a and nm) pertaining to the rainy season. चाप cha:p (nf) are. ~कािरता. ~िसक cha:turmā:s. बाहण. शूद). flattery. कितय. —वयवसथा the (four) caste-system (as practised in the Indian tradition. —क बाहर (पाँव फलाना) to go beyond one's े ै according to the cloth. चाट जाना to consume the whole. ingeniousness. चा/चा cha:cha: (nm) paternal uncle. adulatoring. to relish. चापलसी cha:plu:si: (nf) flattery. चातयर cha:tury (nm) cleverness. plate. चापलूस cha:plu:s (a) flattering. —पड़ना/लगना see चसका पड़ना/लगना. tact. menial atten ant. tact. to coax fire to light. a bow. to coax key in to lock. dexterity. चाकरी cha:kri: (nf) service. वैशय. means. sycophancy. —तानकर सोना to have a carefree sleep. an overall clothes-covering sheet (used by women). pertaining to the eye. false praise. धूप का to be sun-struck. sycophant. चाखना cha:khnā: (v) to taste. aunt. —दे खकर पाँव फलाना to cut one's coat ै . ू चाकुष cha:kshush (a) visual. चातूरी cha:turi: (nf) cleverness. to be inflicted चाटु cha:ṭu (nm) flattery. — ओढ़ाना/डालना to have a widow as wife. also ~सय (nm). चातुमार/स. comprised of four months. pressure. ingeniousness. dexterity. ~ची paternal uncle's wife. —बजाना to be in servile attendace.चाकर cha:kar (nm) a servant. irresistibile proclivity. चाटना cha:ṭnā: (v) to lick. ~बंदी sheeting. by.. चाक़ cha:qu: (nm) a knife. bedsheet. —उतारना to expose. habit. •. cover-let. the rainy season. चाटु/कार cha:tuka:r (a) a flatterer. an upper cover garment used by women. to put to shame. vegetables. sycophancy. चाट cha:ṭ (nf) a spicy preparation of cut fruits. to polish. —करना to fetch and carry. attendance. compelling habituation. —करना to butter up. चादर cha:dar (nf) a sheet. adulator. चाटूिक cha:ṭu:kti (nf) a flattering statement. चातक cha:tak (nm) an Indian bird —Cuculus melanoleucus. bed-cover. ु चातुवणय cha:turvarṉy (a) pertaining to the four castes as prescribed under the ancient र Indian social system (viz. sycophantic. —फलाना to send the cap/hat round. adulation. चापलय cha:pally (nm) see चपलता. ~कारी flattery. adulation. etc. (foot) sound/blow.

—पैसे कमाना to make some earning. मोक). चाबी cha:bi: (nf) a key. earnings through immoral traffic in women. चाम chā:m (nm) skin. —पर बुलाना to invite for tea. spying. —िदन की चाँदनी a fleeting existence. to lose one's wits. चार cha:r (a) four. bard. to perform the last े ं ं journey. representatives of the community. a few. —हाथ मे होना to be under the sway of. to become more charming than ever. several. bed. to be confined to bed. —सेना to suffer a prolonged illness. tea and snacks. धमर. —घमाना to tutor. to be bed-ridden for long. to be ahead of. —अकर पढ़ना to gain glances. faced with imminent death. canteen. —क़दम आगे होना to be superior to. ~दानी a tea-pot. —चाँद लगना to have a े transient. to be more than a match. ~सवार an ace horse-rider. a limited period of merry-making. to smattering Knowledge. cot. चारपाई cha:rpa:i: (nf) a bedstead. चारो चल बराबर all square. —से लगना to be reduced to a skeleton. —धाम see चतुधारम under चतुर ्. ~दीवारीboundary. to fall at full stretch— to be beaten all ends up. —आँखे करना to exchange see each other. to be dominated by. to meet eye with eye. —िदन का मेहमान having a fleeting existence. hide. —क दाम lit. ~कमर spying. ु चाबुक cha:buk (nm) a whip. चाय cha:y (nf) tea.205 -चाभी cha:bhi: (nf) see चाबी. to become known. a leather coin—meaning a coin having no े worth. —पदाथर the four achievements for which man aspires (viz. a sub-caste of Ra:jastha:n Bra:hmaṉs. intelligence work. to lose one's mental as well as physical vision. to learn a modicum of (something). -पानी breakfast. — -. ~घर a tea-house. a horse-trainer. चारो फटना to suffer ू ु total blindness. —आँखे होना to be face to face. lash. to set one's foot on the neck of. चारो ओर feather added to one's cap.चाबना cha:bnā: (v) see चबाना.). —क कध/कधो पर चढ़ना to be taken in a coffin. four walls. —िदन का short-lived. to be thoroughly vanquished. four walls. घमाना to threat to flog. to be taken ill. to be down and out. ~ख़ाना chequered cloth. ~दीवार fence walls. अँधेरा bad to be the best. अथर. —दे ना to wind (a watch etc. चारण cha:rāṉ (nm) a wandering minstrel. चारो ख़ाने िचत िगरना lit. tea. light refreshment. grazing. to excel. —क कान पड़ना to become public. spline. —आदमी people in general. fit all round. a nine days' wonder. to come face to face. —कावय bardic poetry. flog. (nm) the number four. destined to die shortly. . —पर पड़ना to be confined to bed. —क़दम a short distance. —पकड़ लेना to be bed-ridden. to make some body dance to one's ु tune. काम.

—चकना to miss the target. —करना to challan. चार cha:ru (a) beautiful. —मे ू आना to fall into one's trap. charming. march. -ढाल ways. gesture. etc. —न होना. a ritual observed on the fortieth day after demise.चार सौ बी/स cha:r sau bi:s (a) fraudulent. craftiness. cunningness. ~सा an aggregate of forty (verses. चारी cha:ri:—used as a suffix meaning 'faring'. चालन cha:lān (nm) operation.). a trick to misfire. to be a victim to one's trick. auspicious day or time (for commencing a journey). ~बाज़ी craftiness. tricky. — दे ना to hand over charge. prosecution. —कौआ (fig. day) to be inauspicious for undertaking a journey. —डालना/फकना to bait. hence ~ता (nf). —. feed. चाराजोई cha:ra joi: (nf) measures. और कोई to े have no other way out.क़ानूनी legal measures/proceedings. movement. crafty. move. 'going' (e. ~तव (nm). चारा cha:ra: (nm) fodder. to register a case (against). device. lure. proceedings. —करना to charge (in electricity). ~दार an invoice-holder. चाटर cha:rṭ (nm) a chart. hence ~हीनता (nf). a ritual observed on the fortieth day after death. invoice. bearing. trick. trickery. to entice through temptation. ~हीन having no character. cunning. a trickster. ~बाज़ crafty. conduction. ~शीट a charge-sheet. (nm) a fraud. criminal deception. forage. conductor. चालक cha:lak (a) a driver. motion. समदचारी seafaring). चाली/स cha:lī:s (a) forty. चािरतय cha:rittry (nm) character. cunning fellow. demeanour. to make a (deft) move. चाला cha:la: (nm) departure. ~सवाँ fortieth. ~सी fraud. bait. remedy. characterless. working. —न होना the occasion (time. (nm) the number forty. -चलन conduct. forgerer. a huge building inhabited by a large number of tenant families. —चलना to play a trick. चालान cha:lā:n (nm) a challan.) a crafty crow. चाल cha:l (nf) gait.206 -attractive. appealing. चाजर cha:rj (nm) a charge. speed. custom. चालाक cha:la:k (a) cunning. means. . चाटर र cha:rṭar (nm) a charter. -बही an invoice book. —और भसा fodder and ू forage. driving.g. deceitful. चालाकी cha:la:ki: (nf) cunningness. to make an unsuccessful move. -. hence ~ता (nf). (nf) a ु dance posture. —लेना to take charge. depraved. clever. forgery.

thinkable. thought. contemplation. used as a phrase.. or. it behoves.. ever worried. —मे डूबना/— . love. to require. िचंघाड़ chīṅgha:ṛ (nm) trumpet (of an elephant).. to crave for. causing anxiety/concern. contemplative. िचंतक chīntak (nm) thinker. —खाये जाना/मारे डालनाworry to be eating up. चाहे cha:he (ind) either.or. चाह/ना cha:hnā: (v) to wish. ~शील given to worrying. —करना to bring into play. thinking and deliberating. ~मक free of ु worry/anxiety. to like... चाहत cha:hat (nf) liking. in motion. meaning—is necessary. to reinforce with. to want. contemplator. to love. चािहए cha:hie—the precative form of the aorist of चाहना. िचंतना chīntanā: (nf) thinking. —हालत मे in running condition. doubtful. ु come what may. prevalent. will. worried. fondness. contemplatable.207 -(in rage).g. ~मगन engrossed in worry/anxiety. -जो हो for better for worse. —िकतना (भी) however great/much. चावल cha:val (nm) rice. चाशनी cha:shnī: (nf) treacle.. (मन मे ) to be happy (within). a well. िचंतन chīntān (nm) thinking: reflection. to be sweetened.चालू cha:lu: (a) current. —औरत a woman of easy virtue. —घुलना. िचंतनीय chīntanī:y (a) worth thinking of.yet/still.. care. ~जनक causing anxiety/concern. running. to desire. ~रिहत carefree. hence ~शीलता (nf). —से राह बनती है where there is a will. a viscous state of syrup. चाह cha:h (nf) liking. ~शील thoughtful. moving.. worry to be taking its toll. craving. —कछ भी/—कोई whichever. unscrupulous (e. ~ने वाला a lover. —दे ना to give a touch of. should or ought or must (be). to roar -. —आदमी). eagerness. even though/though. philosopher. contemplation. to bring into operation. —सीsweet like syrup. is needful or requisite. िचंता chīnta: (nf) worry. cunning. tenable. िचंघाड़ना chīṅgha:ṛnā: (v) to trumpet (as an elephant). having no worry. unscrupulous woman. love. is proper or right. concern. musing. ~धारा ideology. to be fond of. a roar (in rage). desire. musing.. whoever. -मनन contemplation and reflection. चाव chā:v (nm) fondness. anxiety. there is a way. whatever happens.or. commonplace.

िचिकतसीय chikitsi:y (a) therapeutic. fat. hence ू ~ता (nf). scrap. smoothness. greasiness. िचिकतसक chikitsak (nm) a physician. िचिकतसालय chikitsa:lay (nm) a hospital. questionable. िचंताकल chīnta:kul (a) perturbed/disturbed by anxiety. िचकारा chika:ra: (nm) a kind of violin. िचंया chīyā: (nm) see िचया. flattering (as िचकनी-चपड़ी बाते ). to tallow. medical. greasiness. therapy. concerned. glossy. to put on fat. worried. line of treatment. incorrigible. िचकनी िमटी marl. िचंतय chīnty (a) causing concern/anxiety/worry. -वयवसायी medical practitioner. िचंपाजी chīmpā:nzi: (nm) a chimpanzee. —काटना/भरना to pinch. िचककण chikkāṉ (a) see िचकना. िचंदी chīndi: (nf) shred. bamboo curtain. fattiness. िचकनाहट chikna:haṭ (nf) greasiness. िचकन chikān (nm) embroidered fine muslin. care killed the cat. —घड़ा like ु water off duck's back. remedy. —िचता समान grief is the canker of heart. worried. tweak. anxious. -चुपड़ा well made up. full of flattery. िचंतातूर chīnta:tur (a) see िचंताकल. slippery. looking smart and attractive. (a) medical therapeutic. glossiness. िचकनाई chiknā:i: (nf) smoothness. medical science. िचकर chikur (nm) the hair (on the head). -शास medicine. medication. medicinal. िचंितत chīntit (a) perturbed. —दे खकर िफसल पड़ना to fall for the slightest temptation. medical practitioner. unabashing (person). glossiness. shameless. dispensary.िचकनी-चुपड़ी बाते करना to curry favour. िचिकतसा chikitsa: (nf) treatment.उतराना to be engrossed in constant worry. concerned. hence . oily or greasy. ू िचंतामिण chinta:māṉī (nf) a fabulous mythological gem supposed to grant all desires. -वयवसाय medical practice. twitch. ु िचकोटी chikoṭi: (nf) pinch. िचक chik (nf) a screen of bamboo parings or reed. clay. िचकना chiknā: (a) smooth. doubtful. िचकनापन chiknā:pān (nm) smoothness. िचकनाना chiknā:nā: (v) to smoothen. -पदित system of medicine. to lubricate. lubricant. िचउड़ा chiuṛa: (nm) rice parched and beaten flat.

to fall on the back. —होना to be overpowered. he who steals away one's heart. to squeak. िचडचड़ापन chiṛchiṛa:pān (nm) irritability. — डालना to post a letter. —करना to throw flat on the back. huff. petulance. etc. head (of a coin). िचड़िचड़ा chiṛchiṛa: (a) grouch. an ू impossibility. —हाथ से िनकल जाना see —उड़ जाना. mottled. िचिचयाना chichiya:nā: (v) to scream. ॢ िचिड़या chiṛiya: (nf) a bird. िचट chiṭ (nf) a chit. day book. —मरी राजा को सवाद न आया it may be death to one and not even fun to another. to huff. piedness. ~ख़ाना/घर a zoo. detailed list. िचटकना chiṭaknā: (v) to crack.. िचतला chitla: (a) see िचतकबरा. peevish. a teasing nick. to vanquish. —उड़ जाना the bird to fly off. िचत chit (a) supine. petulant. to have a strong aversion. to mock. ~पन variegation. to overpower. िचककार chikka:r (nf) scream. ~हट see िचड़िचड़ापन. to jeer (at). िचिड़यो की मौत गँवारो की हँसी it may be fun to you but it is death to frogs. muster roll.name. .cock (in the game of Badminton). िचटा chiṭṭḥa: (nm) account book. —कर दे ना to bowl over. the club (in a suite of cards).) by holding between the teeth. the victim to get out of reach. िचटी chiṭṭḥi: (nf) a letter. (lying) flat on the back. tails you lose. िचटा chiṭṭa: (a) white. irritable. िचचोरना chichorṉa: (v) to suck (as bone etc. —फसाना to entrap a bird (a beauty or a man of ँ wealth). िचतकबरा chitkabra: (a) variegated.208 -~ता (nf). spottedness. ~रसाँ/~रसा a postman. piebald. —पट करना to decide this way or that (by throw of a coin). ~चोर alluring. irascible. account of doings.-. to crackle. to be vanquished. letter. िचढ़ना chiṛḥnā: (v) to be irritated. िचढ़ाना chiṛḥa:nā: (v) to tease. peevishness. to (take) huff. to shriek. fair. heart. spotted. hence ~ना (v). —का पूत भी न होना none at all to be present. bird-catcher. irascibility. to cause irritation. appealing (person). trumpet (as of an elephant). an aviary. िचढ़ chiṛḥ (nf) irritation. strong aversion. hence िचककारना (v). — भी मेरी पट भी मेरी (अंटा मेरे बाप का) heads I win. -पती correspondence. —का दध a non-existent commodity. to overpower. (nm) mind. to be teased. to vanquish. िचड़ीमार chiṛi:mā:r (nm) a fowler. shuttle.

variegated. heart. —उचटना to feel ennuied. —चराना to steal (away) one's heart. —पर चढ़ना to immolate oneself. —करना/कर दे ना see िचत करना /कर दे ना. -संगह an album. ~फलक canvas. hence ~ता (nf). ~लेख pictograph. figure. —चढ़ना to take to heart. िचत ् chit (nm) consciousness. ु ~चोर see िचत (~चोर). ~लेखन painting. —मे चुभना to prick. िचती chitti: (nf) a speck. (a) supine. (stated or described) in pictures. to be out of ु spirits/sorts. to be in love with.ितरछी oblique glance. ~दार spotted. —दे ना/—लगाना to pay heed to. place or thing). ~लेखक a painter. pictorial writing. —पर चढ़ना to be constantly present in the mind. picturelike. painting.—दे ना to heed. िचत chitt (nm) mind.—भी मेरी पट भी मेरी see under िचत. -. ogling. ~कािरता painting. drawing. िचतेरा chitera: (nm) a painter. िचतवत ् chittrvat (a) still. —. —मे बसना/समाना to be ever on. portrayal. ~कार a painter. to appeal. ~कारी (the profession or work of) painting. िचतांकन chitra:ṅkan (nm) delineation. िचतसारी chittrsa:ri: (nf) a picture gallery. alluring. an artist. ~शाला a picture-gallery. spot. charming. िचतवललरी chittrvallari: (nf) a frieze. illustrated. िचतातमक chitra:tmak (a) pictorial. -कला (art of) painting. ~वित mentality. flat on the back. specked. िचतण chittrāṉ (nm) portrayal. to enchant. -शिद mental purification. to concentrate . िचताकषरक chitta:karshak (a) attractive. (a) conscious. present in one's mind. -कमर painting. ~पट screen. hence ~ता (nf). delineation.209 -to develop a fondness/fascination (for). (fascinating) look. cinema film. to be impressed on the mind. an inner apartment for amorous enjoyment. illustration. िचताकर chittra:kshar (nm) an ideogram. to pay attention. picturesque. —से उतरना to lose favour with. pictorial script.िचतवन chitvan (nf) (compelling) glance. (still) film. िचता chita: (nf) funeral pyre. fascinating. to become averse/disinclined (to somebody. िचत chittr (nm) picture. -िविचत mottled. an artist. ogle. िचतमय chittrmāy (a) pictorial. िचित chiti: (nf) consciousness. to be deprived of the graces (of). —बँटना to be distracted. िचताकरी chittra:kshari: (nf) acrostic (poetry). ~िलिप pictograph. painting. mental ृ disposition/attitude. ~सारी a picture-gallery.

िचनाई china:i: (nf) brick-laying. hence ~ना (v). to put into an employment. pincers. िचनमय chīnmay (a) conscious. . to cause to cling. adhesive. to embrace. (int. tweezer. Pure Consciousness. pincers. to hang on. clinging/hanging (on). िचनक chināk (nf) smarting pain. to cling. िचप/कना chipaknā: (v) to adhere. drawn. greasy. painful twitching sensation. िचपक chipku: (a and nm) hanger-on. े िचपकवाँ chipakvā: (a) applique. shred. िचनगारी chinga:ri: (nf) a spark. िचमटी chimṭi: (nf) forceps. (nm) All Consciousness. िचपकाना chipka:nā: (v) to paste. िचथड़ा chithṛa: (nm) a rag. adhesive. —गाड़ना (for a mendicant) to bivouac. paster. ू िचपिचपा chipchipa: (a) sticky. pictured. िचनह chinh (nm) see िचनह. to be turned into rags. to embrace. to hang on. to stick to. िचपटना chipaṭnā: (v) to cling. to be tattered. a benedictory epithet prefixed with the names of youngers. to paste. िचया chiya: (nm) the seed (stone) of tamarind fruit. pervaded or permeated by consciousness. ~क रहना to keep on clinging. screen play. िचतालेख chittra:lekh (nm) the scenario (of a film etc.िचताधार chittra:dha:r (nm) a portrait-stand. िचमटना chimāṭnā: (v) to cling to. viscid. adhesiveness.210 -sticky/greasy/viscid. bilge and cantline. (a) adhesive. tatter. िचबुक chibuk (nm) the chin. flue-pipe. (nm) son. िचरं जीव chirāṇji:v (a) (one) blessed with longevity. िचनार chinā:r (nm) see चनार. to hold fast. hence ~ता (nf). to embrace. िचमटा chimṭa: (nm) tongs. िचितत chittrit (a) portrayed. ~हट stickiness. to make a halt. to emit/give out sparks. greasiness. painted. viscidity. ~ना to be -. to hold fast. —छोड़ना to make an incendiary remark.) may you live long !.). िचमटाना chimṭa:nā: (v) to embrace. to stick. —लगाना to be in tatters. to stick. िचपपी chippi: (nf) label. िचथड़े-िचथड़े हो जाना to be torn to shreds. sticky. िचमनी chimnī: (nf) a chimney.

to be dissected. िचर chir (a) long-lasting. •मगन dead. with long life. ~नवीन ever-new. िचरायता chira:yta: (nm) chirata. ~सथ long-lasting. ~कािलक long-existent. famous for a long time. िचरं तन chirāntan (a) lasting. worth remembering (for long). splitting. ~िवसमत longृ forgotten. tearing. immortal. gone are your belongings. wormwood — Gentiana charetta. —ठं डा करना see —गुल path. everlasting. death. sawing. —तले अँधेरा nearer the church. permanency. ~सथायी enduring. split fuel wood. ~शांित perpetual/enduring peace. perpetual. light. िचराई chira:i: (nf) see िचरवाई. to be sawed. —लेकर ढूँढना to search every nook and corner. िचरौ(रौ)टा chirāū(au)ṭa: (nm) a young male sparrow. िचरा-फटा lacerate. dissecting.िचरं जीवी chirāṇji:vi: (a) long-living. िचरवाई chirva:i: (nf) sawing. long-cherished. immortal. ु िचरना chirnā: (v) to be torn. ~पितिकत long-awaited. ~िवयोग long separation. —बढ़ाना to put out the lamp. ~नतन see नवीन.211 -a plant used in medicine. perpetual. ever. permanent. old. long gone into oblivion. quality or state of existing for/lasting long. perpetual. ~कमार a chronic bachelor. िचरायँध chirā:yādh (nf) the smell emitted by burning leather. —गल होना a lamp to be put out. enduring. पगड़ी ग़ायब twitch the eyelids. -. ~कांिकत long-desired. •ता perpetual animosity. ~समरणीय memorable. ~पचिलत timeू honoured. —हो ! may you live long ! िचराव chira:v (nm) splitting. wages for sawing/splitting/tearing. ~पिरिचत long known. rag. dissection.) existing for a long time. ~जीवी blessed ु light to be gone. long-living. —िदखानाto illuminate one's . —जले at dusk. करना. ~पोिषत long-cherished. perpetual sleep. िचरौजी chirāūji: (nf) the tree Chironjia sapada and its edible nut. िचरकट chirkuṭ (nm) tattered cloth. tearing. blessed with long life. farther from heaven. celibate. to make a thorough search. ~पिसद long-reputed. ~संगी lifelong companion. िचरायु chira:yu (a) blessed with long life. permanent. long-current. ~शतु perpetual enemy. —से िचराग ज़लता है one lamp kindles another. िचरकना chiraknā: (v) to have a (slight) outflow of loose faeces. ~रोगी a chronic patient. to be split. perpetual. etc. ु perpetual. at the time when lamps are lit. ~काल long time. िचराग़ chira:g̣ (nm) a lamp.fresh. long-prevalent. long living. chronic (as —रोग). lasting. (ind. ever. hence ~ता (nf). —गुल करना to put out the lamp. hair. —गुल. ever-green. ~िनदा sleep that knows no breaking. ~सथाियता endurance.

to smart. िचलकना chilaknā: (v) to make a twitching sensation. servitude. supplication. ~बरदार a servant who prepares the िचलम. िचलमन chilmān (nf) a bamboo. to confess helplessness. to supcate. e. िचनह chinh (nm) sign. to concede victory. चींटी chī:ṭi: (nf) an ant. branded.िचरौरी chirauri: (nf) an humble entreaty. marked. shouting and screaming. to shout.g. —जाड़ा biting cold. िचलला chilla: (nm) a bow-string. clamorous cries. चींटा chī:ṭa: (nm) a big black ant. trait. —फकना to ँू smoke a िचलम heavily. brand. to spoil by scribbling. greasy and dirty. —की चाल very slow movement.g. िचिनहत chinhit (a) signed. िचललर chillar (nm) change (small coins). —क पर िनकलना to be े heading for trouble/death. —छोड़ना to leave traces behind. िचललाना chilla:nā: (v) to cry. —पीना to smoke a िचलम. िचललपो chillapō (nf) clamour. smarting pain. (a) biting. confused cries. ू िचलिबलला chilbilla: (a) naughty. —करना to make an humble entreaty. to tear to pieces. िचलगोज़ा chilgoza: (nm) the nut of the pine tree. to outgrow oneself. mark. तोपची. —बोलना to cry 'enough'. marking. mischievous. ू चीकट chi:kaṭ (a) dirty. warbling. twitch. flunkeyism. to squeak. -चीं chirping. िचलमची chilāmchi: (nf) a (wash) basin. to twitch. trace. चींथना chī:thnā: (v) to reduce to tatters. to wince. protest explicitly. . chirp(ing). िचलिचलाती धप scorching sun/heat. (dirty) residue (of greasy substances). chattering. िचलिचलाना chilchila:nā: (v) to shine scorchingly. ची chi: — a suffix which imparts the meaning of one who keeps or uses.curtain. to own defeat. िचलक chilak (nf) a painful twitching sensation. ~बरदारी the act or office of a ~बरदार. िचललाहट chilla:haṭ (nf) an outcry. अफ़ीमची or act as diminutive e. -चपड़ jabber. to dance attendance upon. चीं chī: (nf) warbling. the coldest part of the winter (said to continue for 40 days). a flunkey. िचलम chilām (nf) an earthen or metallic vessel on the top of a hubble-bubble for containing fire and tobacco. (expression of) resentment. hullabaloo. िचहुँकना chihūknā: (v) to start. —चढ़ाना/भरना to fill or prepare a िचलम. संदकची.

(nf) slit. चील chi:l (nf) a kite. screech. चीज़ chi:z (nf) a thing. terminal tax.चीक chi:ku: (nm) sapodilla. an article. चीता chi:ta: (nm) a leopard. -वन a pine forest. to tear to pieces/tatters. purblind. ु ु चंबन chūmban (nm) a kiss. चीमड़ chi:maṛ (a) tough. feminine mantle. cut. a boy's game. cleavage. चीथना chi:thnā: (v) to rend. ~न magnetisation. चीथ/ड़ा chi:thṛa: (nm) rag. an ornament. to shriek. चीरा chi:ra: (nm) incision. चीतकार chi:tka:r (nf) a sudden scream/screech. —झपटा a sudden (kite-like) swoop. kissing ु . —की चोकी/~घर octroi-post. smarting/rankling pain (as in a wound. चीवर chi:var (nm) a mendicant's tattered dress. ु चंबक chūmbak (nm) a magnet. tenacity. चीस chi:s (nf) a smart. tenacious. चीख़ना chi:ḳḥnā: (v) to scream. dim-sighted. hubbub. squeak. dissection. panther. articles. चीना chi:nā: (nm) millet. pertaining or belonging to China. loud shriek.).212 -scream. item. goods and chattles. to incise. —लगाना to incise. to cleave. object. to tear. to perform an operation. to squeak. —िनकलना to let out a sudden shriek/screech. to screech. to screech. to spoil by scribbling. hardy. ~तव magnetism. चंबकीय magnetic. stiff. tatters. a wonderful or precious thing. (a) belonging to China. चीर chi:r (nm) a strip of cloth. -फाड़ surgical operation. ॣ चीतल chi:tal (nm) a white-spotted antelope. a Chinese. stiffness. चीरना chi:rnā: (v) to saw. hardness. —क े घोसले मे मांस कहाँ lit to look for meat in a kite's nest—to seek for something in a quarter where it is bound to be used up. to squeak. to cut open. to put on tattered clothes. ू चीख़ chi:ḳḥ (nf) scream. -पकार shriek and scream. (a) Chinese. ~पन/~पना toughness. etc. (a) liked. a Chinese. ु चंधा chūndha: (a) possessing small half-shut eyes. -बसत belongings. चंगी chūngi: (nf) octroi. a commodity. loud ु supplication. ु चँिधयाना chūdhiya:nā: (v) to be dazzled. a snap. to rend. to cut open. longed for (as मनचीता). —मारना to -. a surgical operation. — िमटी clay. चड़ chi:ṛ (nm) a pine tree. to dissect. चीनी chi:nī: (nf) sugar. ~ड़े लपेटना to be dressed in rags. shriek.

causing mental upheaval. चग़ली chug̣li: (nf) back-biting. speaking ill of (somebody in his/her absence). —हाथ मे होना to be under one's thumb. to joke away. to ु ु utter a pleasantry. —बजाते (मे ) in a ु trice. braid.g. —काटना to pinch. complaint. to give suck to.चंिबत chūmbit (a) kissed. ु चग़द chug̣ad (nm) lit. ु three-stranded cotton or silken braid with tassels used for hair-do. (a) slow-witted.wit. an owl. चगगा chugga: (nm) pickings (of birds). to ु be settled. paying off. —भर a pinchful. a nit. चिटया chuṭiya: (nf) a lock of hair on the top of the head (kept by traditionalist Hindus). paid up. to defray. to taunt. narration of anecdotes. incisive. sugar beet—Beta vulgaris. —लेना to make a sarcastic remark. to be paid off in full. touched. hence ~पन (nm). to peck ु -. . to complain. in a moment. paid in full. penetrating. ु चटीला chuṭi:la: (a) wounded. ~ख़ोर a back-biter. palmful. ु —करना/खाना/लगाना to backbite. गगनचंबी). narration of incidents in a lighter vein. ु चचुवाना chuchuva:nā: (v) sec चचाना. •उड़ाना to accomplish (a work) in no time. ु ु चआना chua:nā: (v) to (cause to) drip. ु चखाना chukha:nā: (a) to suckle. चटक/ला chuṭkula: (nm) an anecdote. ~ला छोड़ना to let off a squib. to trickle. चकाई chuka:i: (nf) settlement. ु चकदर chukāndar (nm) beet. ु चगना chugnā: (v) to pick. hurt. ~लेबाज़ one who narrates too many anecdotes. -बजाना to snap the fingers. ~ख़ोरी (the act or habit of) backु biting. to treat like a joke. to percolate. ु चकक chukk (a) extremely sour—often used as the second member in the ु compound खटा-चकक. stupid. a joke. —भर handful.213 -(food with the beak). ु चकना chuknā: (v) to be finished/spent up/exhausted/completed. snapping with the finger. to pay off. to speak ill of. pleasantry. ु ु चटकी chuṭki: (nf) a pinch. ु चकाना chuka:nā: (v) to settle. ु चंबी chūmbi: (a) a suffix meaning touching or kissing (e. to be under complete control (of). ~लेबाज़ी adecdotage. चुटिकयो मे in a trice. — भरना to make a caustic remark. ु चकता chukta: (a) settled. very small quantity. ु चचाना chucha:nā: (v) to drip. चग़ल chug̣al (nm) a back-biter. ु ं चकटी chukṭi: (nf) handful. to level an accusation. palmful.

to choose. pricking sensation. चपड़ी (feminine form). greasy. चिनंदा chunīnda: (a) selected.चड़ल chuṛail (nf) a witch. to pick. selection. shrew. —तोड़ना to break the ice. ु ु silently. -केत constituency. . performance of sexual ु act by man. as a result. ु चनौती chunauti: (nf) a challenge. creased. ु चपड़ा chupṛa: (a) besmeared. to elect. therefore. ु —साधना to assume silence. stealthily. ु चदाई chuda:i: (nf) the act or process of copulation (by a male). ु ै चदककड़ chudakkaṛ (a) addicted to venery. ~हट a typical burning ु sensation. — ु साधना to assume silence. —दे ना to throw a challenge. secretive. silence. not to utter a word. to be mute. ु चनाव chuna:v (nm) election. quietly. —सवीकार करना to accept ु a challenge. still. ~चपाते quietly. a ु parti-coloured cloth sheet or sa:ri:. ~की quietitude. ~क से silently. -. चनाँचे chunāche (ind) thus. चदना chudnā: (v) to be subject to sexual intercourse (by a male). without making a fuss.214 -चपड़ना chupaṛnā: (v) to besmear. •और दो-दो you ु ु cannot eat your cake and have it too. not to utter a word. choicest. ु चनरी chunri: (nf) a thin cloth with red ground and white or some other type of specks. to keep breath to cool one's porridge. anointed. ु चपपी chuppi: (nf) silence. चपपा chuppa (a) taciturn. -मंडल electorate. चभन chubhān (nf) pricking. ु ु चनचुना/ना chūnchūnā:nā: (v) to cause a burning sensation. चनना chunnā: (v) to select. चप/का chupka: (a) silent. quietly. े ु stealthily. चप/चाप chupcha:p (adv) silently. (nm) a womanizer. lingering or haunting pain (physical or ु mental). to keep breath to cool porridge. —रहना to keep quiet. —लड़ना to ु fight/contest an election. quiet. ~दार rumpled. libidinous. —छाना pin-drop silence to prevail. chosen. a past-master ु in the sexual act. clandestinely. crease. चननट chunnaṭ (nf) a rumple. चनचना chūnchunā: (a) causing a typical burning sensation (by touch). to annoint.sized upper covering or mantle. to apply a greasy substance. quiet. ु चननी chunnī: (nf) a woman's small. ु चप chup (a) silent.

चँिक chū:ki (ind. to pinch. ~ते juicy. also ~हट (nf). to fondle. jocund. —न करना not to make the slightest protest. ु चललू chullu: (nm) the hollow cup formed by joining the fringes of the two palms ु together. frolicsome. ~बाज़ jolly. twitter. the upturned hollow palm (of a single hand). to utter no sound. sexual passion. twitter. to have a sex urge. -चालाक sharp and smart. ु ु चमकारना chumka:rnā: (v) to produce a kissing sound. चभती हुई बात a prickly/piercing remark. ु चरकट churkuṭ (a) pulverized. to caress. reduced to powder or pieces. squeaking. as. fidgety. jocundity. ु चल chul (nf) titillation. ु joviality. smart. —लेना to kiss. to die through shame. joviality. ु restlessness. a slight or low noise. •का मुरबबा an incoherent mass of heterogeneous stuff. ु . ू चभाना chubha:nā: (v) to prick/pinch/puncture. ~पन playfulness. to plant a kiss. चिहया chuhiya: (nf) a female mouse. to pierce slightly. to be passionate. smartness. suck. to be drowned in a palmful of water —to be ashamed beyond reprieve. restless. agile. jocundity.चभना chubhnā: (v) to be pricked/pinched/punctured. चसकी chuski: (nf) a sip. ु ु चरट churaṭ (nm) a cheroot. fidgetiness. ु चरमुरा churmura: (a) crisp. -चँ ू chirping. alertness. tight. to feel bad. •पानी मे डूब मरना lit. a handful/palmful (of liquid). ु ु चहल chuhal (nf) jollity. wantonness. ु चभोना chubhona: (v) see चभाना. चलबुलाना chulbula:nā: (v) to be playful/fidgety/restless/frolicsome.) because. -दरसत agile ु ु and active. ु चसत chust (a) active. —िमटाना to satisfy one's passion or sexual urge. brittle. provocative. to have a pricking ु sensation within. चसती chusti: (nf) agility. ~बाज़ी jollity. frolicsomeness. —उठना to have a ु titillating sensation. ु चहचहाना chuhchuha:nā (v) see चहचहाना. चलबुला chulbula: (a) playful. creaking. meagre quantity. narrow. prurience. ु चरमुर churmur (nf) the sound produced by the cracking of a crisp or brittle substance. ु चराना chura:nā: (v) to steal. jovial. fragile. —मे उललू हो जाना to lose self-control even on slight intoxication. — भर a handful. ु चममा chumma: (nm) a kiss. to be full of juiciness. ु चँ ू chū: (nf) chirping.

vagina. fault. चड़ी chu:ṛi: (nf) a bangle. to err. ू चचुक chu:chuk (nm) a nipple. (a) extremely sour (used in this ू sense as the second member of the compound -. ू चरन chu:rān (nm) a powder. to be turned into a widow. stupid involvement. ~कमर the ceremony of tonsure. steeped in (as नशे मे —). slip. (a) the ू best. ू चड़ा chu:ṛa: (nm) a lock of hair on on top of the head. the best. wheat-meal. omission. (a) extreme. (a) pulverized. to make a lapse. pulverized. (क) to dupe. pulverized or powdered substance. ू चर chu:r (nm) filings. —जाना to catch a crab. ू चमा chū:ma: (nm) kiss. a ू watch that does not record correct time. powder. चितया chu:tiya: (nm and a) dolt (ish). ~खाता/~चककर a ू doltish affair. -चूर करना to pulverize. ~दानी a small lime-case. —लगाना. (for a widow) to remarry. rump. teat. error. -चाटना to kiss and caress. ू चज़ा chu:za: (nm) a chicken. ू exhausted. ू चची chu:chi: (nf) a nipple. —िदखाना to turn tail. ू चरमा chu:rmā: (nm) a kind of sweetmeat made from crumbled bread or bread-crumbs ू mixed with ghee and sugar. excessive. stupidity.215 -खटा-चूक). female breast. चत chu:t (nf) the female genital organ. ~दार puckered. to break into atoms. to be overjoyed. ring. चरा chu:ra: (nm) a powder. to bamboozle े चमना chū:mnā: (v) to kiss. reduced to powder. चिड़याँ तोड़ना to break a woman's ू ू bangles —an act symbolizing widowhood. filings. digestive powder. bum. चकना chu:knā: (v) to miss. a large-sized broad bangle. ू चड़ांत chu:ṛā:nt (nm) extreme. ू चना chū:nā: (v) to leak. besotted. default. ू चणर churṉ (nm) powder. blockhead. चूिड़याँ पहनाना to marry a widow. to express extreme joy. to fail. small fragments. . to ooze (as कोढ़). stupid.चिड़याँ पहनना to ू don female attire. nincompoop. (saw) dust. most excellent (of). to crush thoroughly. ~मिण a jewel worn on top of the head. चन chū:n (nm) flour. ू चिणरत churṉīt (a) crushed. to lip. pucker. ~पन/~पंती (~पंथी) doltishness. crushed. kissing. (nm) lime. digestive powder. to become effeminate. ू चतड़ chu:taṛ (nm) the buttock.चक chu:k (nf) lapse. most eminent. -चाटी kissing and caressing. teat. to default. to drop. —पीटना/बजाना to slap ू the rump with joy.

—नयौतना to ू invite the whole family. —फकना to keep busy in cooking work. disciple. चलहा chu:lha: (nm) a fire-place. (nm) the conscious (mind). —बोलना to utter a cry of helplessness. (v) to become conscious/animated. चेषा cheshṭa: (nf) effort. countenance. to be tired out. —. the joints to become loose or dislocated. —िखंचा होना to appear in a tense mood. final warning. hearth. to have a harmonious relationship. ~दार containing चे प. hence~ली (nf). ू चसना chu:snā: (v) to suck. —िखल उठना the face to glow up/to brighten up. चे/ला chela: (nf) a pupil. to own defeat. —पीला पड़/हो जाना to turn pale.चल chu:l (nf) tenon. चेतावनी cheta:vanī: (nf) a warning. to exploit. -पवाह stream of consciousness.—फक हो जाना to grow lustreless. the animate (world). ~वाद animatism. ~दार pivoted.चले ढीली ू ू होना lit. to be in low spirits. —बैठना to fit in. to be wearied. to be exhausted. —काटना to issue a cheque. चहो का डंड पेलना. —उतरना to be downcast. चेतना chetnā: (nf) consciousness. to drink in. stickiness. ू ू -. चे प chēp (nm) the acidic viscous substance ejaculated from the mango fruit as its nipple is removed.216 -पेट मे to be extremely hungry. to become alert. awareness. ू चहा chu:ha: (nm) a rat. चेरी cheri: (nf) a female attendant. tension to be writ on the face. tenoned. to lose lustre. to sip. चेन chēn (nf) a chain. to be put out of countenance. mask. चूलहे मे जाना/पड़ना to ँू be damned. sticky.अंितम an ultimatum. चे chē (nf) chirping. चलहे से िनकलकर भटी मे (पड़ना) from the frying ू pan into the fire. gesture. to go to pot. —चे chirrup. endeavour. to suck dry. maid servant. चेत chet (nm) consciousness. chequered cloth. चेक chek (nm) a cheque. चेतन chetān (a) animate. viscosity. jabber. -चककी routine household chores. to exhaust. to be starved. senses. demeanour. mouse. to lose lustre. an alarm. —सफद हो जाना to grow anaemic. idle noisy talk. twitter. to concede victory. to be provoked. pivot. चषण chu:shāṉ (nm) suction. to cheer up. conscious. चेहरा chehra: (nm) face. to go to hell. mortise. —से ू चल िमलना to have complete adjustment. चेचक chechak (nf) small-pox. front. movement. joint. चूहे. -मोहरा lineament. sucking. animation. चूहो की मौत िबलली का खेल it may be fun to you but it is death to the frogs. चेहरे का रं ग उड़ े .दानी a rat-trap.

चैतनय chaitanny (a) conscious. चोखा chokha: (a) fine. —करना to strike a blow. genuine. to be despirited. coquettish. calm and quiet. —से कटना/से गुज़रना to live easefully. rest. to be absolutely unruffled.217 -चोच chōch (nf) beak. (nf) the Chait-harvest. bruise. चैत (see). injury. चैत chait (nm) the opening month of the year according to the Hindu calendar. tranquillity. — े उभरना resurgence of an injury. -. to be wounded. dolt. to feel a sense of relief. to lose colour. चोकर chokar (nm) bran. stroke. good work. indulgence in coquetry. चोगा chōga: (nm) a (telephone) receiver. to lose facial lustre. spirit. चोच/ला chōchla: (nm) affectation. चैन chāīn (nm) relief. Buddhist) shrine. to be in absolute ease and luxury. ~लेबाज़ी coquettishness. agallochum. to enjoy oneself thoroughly. hurt. good.चेहरे से मनहूिसयत टपकना to have a sinister appearance. (esp. चेहरे से बदमाशी टपकना to have the gallows in one's face. चोचे होना. to exchange word volleys. cylindrical tinpot. airs. sandal. . (nm) mash made of boiled or roasted vegetables. to show no facial signs of tension. the mourning observed on the fortieth day of the death of the martyrs of Karbala:. चोट choṭ (nf) an injury. coquetry. to launch an attack. sensitive. (दो-दो) to have a wordy duel. to have an easy time. चैत chaittr (nm) see चैत. bill. चेहरे पर िशकन न आना to maintain complete composure. चेहललम chehallum (nf) (among Muslims) the rites observed on the fortieth day after ु death. चोआ choa: (nm) a mixture of four perfumes (viz. ~लेबाज़ a coquette. blow. चोटे चलना to measure swords. चोग़ा chog̣a: (nm) a gown. —पड़ना to feel relieved. चेहरे पर हवाइया उड़ना to be struck with panic.जाना/का रं ग फक हो जाना to get out of countenance. toga. चोप chōp (nm) see चे प. saffron and musk). —खाना to recieve a blow. —की छानना/बंसी बजाना to be in clover. (nm) consciousness. चैती chaiti: (a) pertaining to. to exchange blows. चेहरे पर बारह बजना to have a face as long as a fiddle. —पर चोट पड़ना to suffer one blow after another. dalliance. चैतय chaitty (nm) a monastery. or related with. ~ले सहना to put up with somebody's affected/coquettish conduct. alert and awake. चोखा काम good wages. —दाम. -चपेट/फट wound.

-िखड़की a small secret exit. —का काम/—की बात an underhand affair/a secret information. braid. चोटा choṭṭa: (nm) a petty thief. —क घर े िछछोरा one thief robs another. drum-stick. —का superb. -चोर मौसेरे भाई dogs don't eat dogs. to arrange hair in work to perspiration. struck. -बाज़ािरया black-marketeer. — की दाढ़ी मे ितनका a guilty conscience cannot shed off its alarmed stance. to be in the clutches (of). -रासता a back-stairs pathway. —चोरी से जाये पर हे रा-फरी से न जाये a snake must still hiss. चोरी chori: (nf) theft. चोबा choba: (nm) a nail. pilferer. pilferer. back door. चोप chop (nm) see चे प. ~बाज़ारी black-marketing. see चोब. to play a double game. zest. —करना to braid. चोदना chodnā: (v) to copulate(with). -चोरी clandestinely. चोटी कितया ु जलेिबयो की रखवाली to set a fox to keep the geese. pilferage. —से कहो -. extremely inert and inactive person. -सीढ़ी back stairs. -कमर stealing. crown. चोर (nm) a thief. burglary. ~दार a gatekeeper/watchman. —का िदल आया a thief has no guts. -दरवाजा/दार a trap-door. one who indulges in excessive sexual intercourse. -गली a secret lane. —का गड़ मीठ?ौा forbidden fruits are sweet. —दबना or हाथ मे होना to be under one's thumb. hence चोटी (feminine form). — से stealthily. even if he does े not bite. —का पसीना एड़ी तक आना to labour hard. (for a man) to have sexual intercourse. clandestinely. चोटी choṭi: (nf) an apex. secret door-way. to . to be under complete control (of).चोिटल choṭil (a) wounded. there is honour among thieves.218 -चोरी कर और साहु से कहो जागता रह to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. -गढ़ा a hidden pit. birds of the same feather flock together. चोथ choth (nm) a lump of human/animal faeces/stool. चोद ू chodu: (nm) an adept in the art of copulation (with woman). of the highest order. -बाज़ार black-market. -िछपे stealthily. surreptitiously. -चकार a thief or a swindler. back lane. theft. stealthily. one addicted to venery. burglar. —का साथी िगरहकट a thief will have another for company. gold or silver-plated club. ~दार/वाला possessing a चोटी. —का माल ु कछ धमरखाते बाकी हलाल cheating the devil and sharing a part of ill-begotten gains ु braids. —चोर को पहचानता है a thief knows a thief as a wolf knows a wolf. a lock of hair on top of the head (kept by traditionalist Hindus). चोब chob (nm) a tent-pin. -महल a back-stairs lodge. aspiration.

an everlasting bond. livestock. ~मासा the rainy season. -दामन का साथ close by jowl. four times. ~कोना quadrangular. चौध chāūdh (nf) dazzling effect. ~कोर quadrilateral. ~आई (वाई) from all the four directions. to be reborn.—का माल पचाना to whip the devil round the stump. to change one's appearance. चोला chola: (nm) a long robe. to be put out of countenance. ~िगदर all round. ~दस the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight. in order. ~पेजी quarto. a set of four. ~पट razed. —का माल लेने वाला भी चोर the receiver of stolen goods is as bad as a thief. —बदलना to effect a metamorphosis. to suffer a dazzling effect. to be nonु plussed/bewildered. abetment of a crime is as bad as its commission. four-cornered. ~कसी cautiousness. foursome. foursided. —उठना to jump out of one's skin. चौ chau—an allomorph of चत: (चार) used as the first member in compound Hindi ु words. quadrangular. alert. ~पाया a quadruped. ~बारा an assembly room with a number of doors the rainy season extending from आषाढ़ to कवार. ~कड़ीa quartet. undone. •न झाँकना never to cross over somebody's threshold. body. a perpetual association. gown. ु -. appearance. blowing all round (as हवा). ~खूटा quadrangular. ruined. vigilance. framework. ु ु ~मखी all round. dazzlement. door-sill. four months comprising . •चरण a person whose presence casts an ominous spell causing ruination. ~तरफ़ा all round. all round. four-sided. ~कोन quadrangular. a verandah used as drawing room in village houses. four-sided. ~महाँ/मखा four-faced. to be buoyant. (nm) the number sixty-four. ँ ँ ~गडडा quartet. to proceed by leaps and bounds. from all the four quarters. ~कड़ी भलना to have one's senses benumbed. physical frame. ~ख़ाना chequered cloth. (nm) the number thirty-four. ~पाल a rural meeting place. all round. ~मंिज़ला four-storeyed. intact. leap.with the church.219 -and windows. watchful. ~खट threshold. चौसठ chāūsaṭḥ (a) sixty-four. to change the physical frame. ~खना four-storeyed. ~खटा frame. bound. चौतीस chāūti:s (a) thirty-four. •भरना to bounce. quadrilateral. चौिधयाना chaudhiya:nā: (v) to be dazzled. door-frame. ~खंड four-storeyed. bodice. ~कस cautious. to be alarmed. चौक/ना chāūknā: (v) to be startled/started. ~गुना fourfold. ~ताल a typical musical mode. blink. ~खूट the four quarters. never to visit somebody's house. to enjoy the fruits of evil doing. ~पाई a typical Hindi poetic metre. चोली choli: (nf) brassieres.

market place. चौथाई chautha:i: (a) one-fourth. guard. चौकी chauki: (nf) a post. चौिकदा/र chauki:da:r (nm) a watchman.ways. चौधरी chaudhri: (nm) the headman of a clan or community. (nm) the number fourteen. chieftain. चौगान chaugā:n (nm) a game akin to polo. ~लड़ा four-stringed. kitchen. चौका chauka: (nm) the sanctified space in the kitchen where tradition-loving Hindus take their meals. ~पन/~पना supremacy.roads. juncture of four streams or path. the board or the cloth (as mentioned above). (a) see चौथा. . chief. see सीमंत (-संसकार). check post. ~हदी boundary. ~रसता/राहा crossing. (nm) (the rituals observed on) the fourth day of (somebody's) death. (nm) a four-wheeler. plane. ~री watch. the office or function of a watchman or the wages paid therefor. the last phase of life (that of a संनयासी—an anchorite). चौड़ा chauṛa: (a) broad. चौकनना chaukannā: (a) alert. low square or rectangular seat. चौपनना chaupannā: (nm) a pamphlet. ~रस even. railway wagon. -का चाँद lit. of four kinds. —अलग करना to establish a separate household. ~मुहानी a quadrivial. ~रं गा fourcoloured. ~ई breadth. the field where this game is played. guard. weighty and wellbuilt. vigilant. squared off. -बरतन cleansing of the kitchen utensils. a cess (levied by the Mara:ṭḥa:s on other neighbouring states).versatile. चौबचचा chaubachcha: (nm) a catchpit. ~पन the old age. —होना to prick up/cock one's ears. चौपिहया chaupahi:ya: (a) four-wheeled. cross. चौथी chauthi: (nf) the formal function observed on the fourth day of the marriage celebrations. width. -चकला expansive. चौक chauk (nm) a crossing. चौथ chauth (nf) the fourth day of the lunar fortnight. a rectangular slab of stone. चौपड़ chaupaṛ (nf) a game played with oblong dice (3 in number) or with kauṛi:s (on a cloth or board having two transverse bars in the form of a cross). चौथा chautha: (a) the fourth (in succession). चौदह chaudeh (a) fourteen. a set of four. the moon of the fourth—an object to be shunned (as it is said to result in slanderous accusations being levelled against one who happens to see it). leadership. चौतरा chautra: (nm) see चबूतरा. wide. square. —उठाना to wind up the lunching/dining activity (for the day).

an allomorph of छह used as the first member in a number of Hindi compound words. manoeuvering. चौवालीस chauva:li:s (a and nm) see चवालीस. —हो जाना (a vehicle etc. half-yearly. ु छं गा chhāṅga: (a) having six fingers (in one or each of the palms or toes). ~गना six times.220 -(nm) the number seventy-four. assortment. rogue. eclipsis. बादी). चौरानवे chaurā:nve (a) ninety-four.e. cast in a metrical form. ृ चौवन chau:ān (a) fifty-four. to be trimmed or reduced (as मटापा. छं द chhānd (nm) metre. -बंध the bonds of metre (in a poetic composition). a rascal. -.) to be worn out. a raised platform forming part of a religious or ritualistic installation. of blackest/deepest dye. -कमर/-वित theft. चौसर chausar (nf) see चौपड़. to become unserviceable. . deprived (of). छः chh/ai.चौबीस chaubi:s (a) twenty-four. pilferage. (nm) the number fifty-four. ~बद see छं दोबद. reduction. retrenchment. of the first order. छँ टाई chhāṭa:i: (nf) the work or wages for sorting/pruning/trimming. stealing. ~ना to make fourfold चय/त chyut (a) fallen (from). छँ टना chhāṭnā: (v) to be sorted. चौहरा chauhra: (a) fourfold. चौहतर chauhattar (a) seventy-four. ~ah (a and nm) see छह. (nm) the number eighty-four. छँ गु/नी~ली chhāgunī:. छं दोबद chhāndobaddh (a) metrical. a worn out vehicle. breach of metrical arrangement. to be thinned (as भीड़) or diffused (as बादल). stealing. measure. -बंद scheming. weeding out. strayed. banished. six-fold. ु ~ित lapse. चौयर chaury (nm) theft. चौरा chaura: (nm) an altar. trickery. चवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. ~कड़ी a group or set of six. hence ~ता (nf). ~शास prosody. deviated (from). (nm) the number twenty-four. छकड़ा chhakṛa: (nm) a carrier bullock cart. छं दोभंग chhāndobhaṅg (nm) metrical flaw. छ छ chha—the second letter of the second pentad (i. ~e. banishment. चौरासी chaura:si: (a) eighty-four. default. fall. छँ टनी chhāṭnī: (nf) retrenchment. ~माही six-monthly. ~li: (nf) the little finger. quadruplicate.छँ टा हुआ (it carries a derogatory sense) out and ु out. (nm) the number ninety-four.

छजजा chhajja: (nm) a balcony. all by oneself. छतरी chhatri: (nf) an umbrella. guard. covered.. छछँू दर chhachhū:dar (nf) a mole. to cloy. a pigeon-umbrella. lustre. to tease/harass. छठा chhaṭḥa: (a) the sixth (in order). to toss and tumble about. giving diffused shade. kiosk. छठे -छमासे once in a blue moon. shrew. छता chhatta: (nm) a beehive. turret. छजजेदार having a terrace or a balcony. sparse. roof. to be likely to become public. ~दार fitted with an umbrella. drip stone.छकना chhaknā: (v) to be gratified. rarely. छती/स chhatti:s (a) thirty-six. . to be demoralised. छत chhat (nf) the ceiling. ~सा a shrewd/crafty person.). —छोड़ना to let off a squib. to smite hip े ु and thigh.221 -broad-brimmed. hood. to force out of gear. to े ू be at one's wit's end. etc. (nm) the number thirty-six. parachute. corridor. the sixth in a pack of cards. to be teased/harassed. canopied. ~धानी beehive. tactical moves. sixer (in cricket). ~सी shrewdness/craftiness. cane. छतनार chhatna:r (a) (said of tree. to be restless. equipped with a parachute. to long/yearn impatiently. छठी chhaṭḥi: (nf) the ceremony performed on the sixth day of child-birth. -. alone. to demoralise. hooded. pavilion. छकका chhakka: (nm) a set of six. छकक छटना to lose the six senses. splendour. beauty. ~स होना to be estranged. छकक छड़ाना to give one his gruel. hence~हट (nf). to outwit. छटा chhaṭa: (nf) refulgence. to be in a terrible predicament. plants. —का दध ू याद आना to be put/forced in a very tight corner. a cenotaph in honour of a Hindu national or religious leader or (in olden days) a big feudal lord. terrace. etc. छड़ chhaṛ (nf) a rod. छकाना chaka:nā: (v) to gratify. bar. ~दार striped. छड़ी chhaṛi: (nf) a stick. •सैिनक a parachuter. छठ chhaṭḥ (nf) the sixth day of the lunar fortnight. etc. ~बरदार a watchman. छटपटा/ना chhaṭpaṭa:nā: (v) to writhe in pain. छटाँक chhaṭā:k (nf) one-sixteenth of a seer (सेर). -पंजा manoeuvrings. ~धारी carrying an umbrella. the six (at dice. छड़ा chhaṛa: (a) unmarried. छठे कान मे पड़ना to be passed on to a third person. archway. with no encumbrance. to out-manoeuvre. to be outwitted.) diffused. to be full to be cloyed.

छपाका chhapa:ka: (nm) a (violent) splash (produced by the impact of something on water). (with) a recurrent splashing sound. tinkling or hissing sound. ~छरी a smart dashing sharp ु woman. a cenotaph in honour of some outstanding personality.) numerous dishes of delicacies. (nm) the number fifty-six. an instant. छताकार peltate. -छन jingling. ~धर/धारी an umbrella-bearer. to splatter.222 -of tattered cloth. छनाछन chhanā:chhan (adv) with a jingling-tinkling sound. ~चछाया patronage.खूब/गहरी/गाढ़ी to be in intimate relationship. in disguise.e. छनकना chhanaknā: (v) to jingle/tinkle. tinkling/jingling sound (as of a घघर). a very small coin (of olden times). (nm) dissimulation. deceptive. also छपाछप. छपकना chhapaknā (v) to splash. ~वेश disguise. foppishness. -छप splatter. protection. ruler. one over whose head an umbrella is borne as a mark of dignity and authority. tinkling ुँ or hissing sound. छनना chhannā: (nm) a filter. छन chhān (nm) a moment. —भर भी न लगाना not to take a moment's time. splash. (nf) the hissing sound producted when a drop of water falls on a hot plate. disguised. i. ornamental make-up. ~पित a king. —. -मनक jingle (of ornaments).छत chattr (nm) an umbrella. छपर chhapar—a variant of छपपर used as the first member in some Hindi compounds. छनना chhannā: (v) intransitive verbal form of छानना (see). cost of printing. छदाम chhadā:m (nm) one-fourth of a pice. छद chhadm (a) pseudo-. —. छपछपा/ना chhapchhapa:nā: (v) to splash. wages paid for thatching work. an instant. ~खट a bedstead fitted with mosquito-net bars. छपाई chhapa:i: (nf) printing. ~बंदी thatching. ~वेशीdisguised. छप chhap (nf) a splashing sound. े . to be reduced in quantity by being heated. to evaporate instantly with a hissing sound. a piece -. छपना chhapnā: (v) to be printed or stamped. ~रपी pseudomorph. ~नाम pseudonym. छनक chhanāk (nf) jingling.गहरी/गाढ़ी to have a strong dose of भंग. to splatter. hypocrisy. —भर a moment. hence~हट (nf). छपपन chhappān (a) fifty-six. stratagem. hypocritical. —पकार क वयंजन (fifty-six. छपते-छपते stop press.

छलनी chhalnī: (nf) a sieve. to deceive. chhe. —मारना to leap. stirrup. to wile/beguile. छबीला chhabi:la: (a) spruce. to dodge. (nm) the number twenty-six. form). छबीली (fem. deceitful. छललेदार ringed. features. —पर फस न होना not ू to have even a thatched roof to live under. to riddle. छलाँग chhalā:g (nf) a leap.छपपय chhappay (nm) an important Hindi poetic metre running into six lines. —मे पानी भरना to square the circle. ruse. all by oneself. hence ~पन (nm). छलकना chhalaknā: (v) to overflow. -िछद guile and wile. thatched roof. छलावा chhala:va: (nm) an illusion. deceitful (person). ~घात assassination. छरार chharra: (nm) a buck shot. (nf) sham. to attempt to do the impossible. छलछलाना chhalchhala:nā: (v) to have the eyes filled with tears. ~घाती an assassin. Will-o-th'-wisp. photograph. -बल से by hook or crook. —और तीन का संबध होना to be ं mutually estranged. —. fraudulent. -. to delude. to spill out from a full vessel (during movement). apparition. a hexametre. to show off. छपपर chhappar (nm) a thatch. to bound. ~कार a photographer. to have mutually opposed stances. छमछमाना chhamchhamā:nā: (v) to move with a succession of clinking sounds. strainer. ringlet. छल chhal (nm) guile. trick. sham. —कर दे ना to batter. winsomeness. छह chhai. washer. छलला chhalla: (nm) a ring. -कपट dodge and duplicity. of spare frame. jack-o'-lantern. छबबीस chhabbi:s (a) twenty-six. —फाड़ कर दे ना to bestow an unexpectedly large fortune. छमकना chhamāknā: (v) to make a clinking sound. to give as a huge windfall. to be extremely poverty-stricken. (nm) the number six. छलना chhalnā: (v) to cheat. beauty. छरहरा chharehra: (a) slim and smart. tinkle. eye-curl. -छं द guile and wile. छरीदा chhari:da: (a) with no encumbrances. illusion. छमाछम chhamā:chhām (nf) the sound of incessant downpour etc. hence~पन (nm).223 -छली chhali: (a) cheat. bound. ~छं दी fraudulent. dandy. deceitful. fraudulent. deception. —हो जाना to be battered/riddled. to be on the verge of flowing out/dripping. curly. छिव chhavi (nf) pretty features. will-o-th'-wisp. छिलया chhaliya: (a and nm) (a) cheat. छमछम chhamchhām (nf) tinkling (sound). ~बंदी see छपपरबंदी. . foppish. fraudulently. chhah (a) six. by fair means or foul. splendour.अंधी a leap in the dark. without bag or baggage.

क़ानून). — तानना to confront without fear/with complete self-assurance. to keep on pestering. to retrench. —न छने दे ना to allow no proximity. —गज भर की होना to have a heart of steel. to be under the protection of. छाक chha:k (nf) mid-day meals (for outdoor workers). छाता chha:ta: (nm) an umbrella. —धकधक करना/— धड़कना to have one's heart in one's mouth. —ठु कना to feel assured. silver anklet.—दे ना to provide shelter/patronage to. —िनकालकर चलना to stalk. to strut. spirit. shadowy. to boast (knowledge of). छाँट chhā:ṭ (nf) selection. —कटना see —पीटना. to reduce. to spray. —से बचना to keep away from. —कठोर होना to be unfeeling. छाँव chhā:v (nf) shade. —उमड़ना to be overwhelmed by affectionate/tragic feelings. —पतथर की करना to mould one's heart to face the worst. छाँटन chhā:ṭān (nf) parings. to talk in high. to evade even the shadow of. chest. —मे बैठना to enjoy the patronage ू of. —उमगना to be affected by an emotional upsurge. to trim/prune. —पर धर/लाद कर ले जाना to carry along (one's belongings) in one's post-mortem journey. (nf) a canvas water-bag. ~धारी parachute (troop). to be heartless.flown terms (e. to assuage one's feelings. to keep at a distance. —. to restrain oneself. eczema. prunings. bosom. छाती chha:ti: (nf) breast. —उठना/उभरना (said of female breasts) to protrude. छाँह chhā:h (nf) shade. —पर चढ़ना to overpower. cuttings. छाजन chha:jan (nf) a covering. to chop. shadow. छाछ chha:chh (nf) butter-milk. to be under the spell of grief. to be fed up. thatching. to nag. to care too much for worldly . to be no match at all to. to sort out. छाँटना chhā:ṭna: (v) to select. shadow. to cut. —जलना to have a heart-sore.g. to be in the grip of a terrible jealousy. to be assuaged. to take a pledge. —छलनी होना the heart to be battered. — through apprehension. —कड़ी करना to acquire control over feelings. youthful curves to be formed. ~दार shady. —ठं ड़ी करना to relieve oneself of one's heart-burning. —पकना to feel very sore. (mode of) cutting. to cast out. ठोक कर कहना to make an utterance with complete assurance. —तक न छ पाना to be much ू less in excellence. छागल chha:gal (nm) a hircine. —धुकर-पुकर होना the heart to palpitate ु ु —ठं ड़ी होना to be relieved of heart-burning.छहराना chhehra:nā: (v) to sprinkle. a parachutist. to shed all round. to be puffed ू up with joy. —जड़ाना see —ठं ड़ी ु करना. to knock off.

छातावास chha:ttra:va:s (nm) a (student) hostel. छाना chha:nā: (v) to cover. to beat the breast (as an expression of mourning). to dominate. छान/ना chhā:nnā: (v) to filter. •युधद guerilla warfare.224 -to have a high morale/fortitude. to drink bhaṅg. छायांकन chha:ya:ṅkan (nm) photography. sorting and sifting. ~तव studentship. —सलगना see —जलना. छापा chha:pa: (nm) an imprint. —पर साँप लोटना to burn with jealousy. —वज करना to mould one's heart into steel. to publish. -अनुशासन student discipline. —पीटना to lament. —फलाना to be swollen by pride. to be green with envy. to overspread. an imprint. a raider. ृ indiscipline. brand. —पर सवार होना to put one's foot on the neck of. shed. to be tormented by envy. -अनशासनहीनता student ु student leader. . —मारना to (conduct a) raid. boarding house. scrutiny. — छापना chha:pnā: (v) to print. — पर बाल होना -. — फाड़कर with very hard labour. working rigorously. to shadow. a stamp.belongings. —से लगाना to embrace. —पर हाथ रखकर कहना to speak with a clear conscience. to percolate. to fondle. छाप chha:p (nf) a print. to mark. raid. to still the heaving of the heart. -आंदोलन student agitation. to impress.mark. investigation. probe. —पर मग दलना to indulge in an ँू activity designed to inflict pain on somebody. trade. to ु assume airs.whelm. ~वित scholarship. छा जाना to over. छादन chha:dān (nf) a covering. stamp. to thatch. ु छात chha:tr (nm) a student. to thoroughly subdue. छानबे chhā:nbe (a and nm) see िछयानबे. to strain. —पर पतथर रखना to endure patiently. student movement. -फटक investigation. to sieve. छापखाना chha:pa:ḳḥa:nā: (nm) a printing press. enquiry. छोड़ना to leave a mark. ~मार guerilla. to be firm-worded. —फटना the heart to rend with grief. mark. to be overwhelmed by grief. छानबीन chhā:nbi:n (nf) screening. impression. to overwhelm. —पर से बोझ उतरना to be relieved of a mental botheration/worry/burden. to be calculatively painsgiving. -नेता a छतालय chha:ttra:lay (nm) see छातावास. to screen. —सराहना to praise the courage of.

tut ! (nf) infantile faeces. छाली chha:li: (nf) cream of boiled milk. phantom. trivial. to water (by sprinkling). opening. ू . छार chha:r (nf) ash.छाया chha:ya: (nf) a shadow. dust. waste fibrous. ू —की तरह साथ रहना to shadow constantly. triviality. image. reflection. to scatter. to asperse (with). influence. िछतराव chhitra:v (nm) sparseness. ~पन shallowness. pish !. िछ:-िछ: chhih-chhih (int) fie !. to start. ~दे ह intangible form. —से दर रहना to keep away (from). diffusedness. to be diffused all round. ~panā: (nm) frivolity. a translation carrying only an overall impression of the original. ~पना chhichhorpān. small fragments. ~ना to be thinned. िछड़काव chhiṛka:v (nm) sprinkling or spraying. shade. िछछला chhichhla: (a) shallow. -िचत a silhouette. छावनी chha:vnī: (nf) cantonment. ~दशी a fault-finder. thinned. िछड़ना chhiṛnā: (v) to be commenced. छिलया chha:liya: (nf) betelnut. powder. to be perforated.where near. fragments in a soup. betelnut or its parings. ~नुवाद shadow translation. िछं गुनी chhīgunī: (nf) see छँ गुनी. िछदरा chhidra: (a) bored. shady. petty. िछछोर/पन. ~लोक abstract/unreal/intangible world. िछड़कना chhiṛaknā: (v) to sprinkle or spray. defect. to evade the shadow (of). to be ू छायामय chha:ya:may (a) shadowy. िछछड़ा chhichhṛa: (nm) waste meat fragments. to break out (as यधद). perforated. छाला chha:la: (nm) a blister. aperture. to be perforated. watering (by sprinkling). betelnut parings. -छार होना to be reduced to small fragments. slot. pettiness. temporary or permanent troop lodging. aspersing. to be spread. ~पन see िछछोरपन. िछछोरा chhichhora: (a) frivolous. to be bored. िछटकना chhiṭaknā: (v) to be scattered. िछद chhiddr (nm) pore. bore. to be ु teased/harassed. far behind in excellence. to begin. —होना to be reduced to ashes. ~कार photographer. flaw. fault-finding. —और पकाश light and shade. resemblance. ~वाद a romantic movement in early modern Hindi poetry. adumbration.225 -ruined. protection. —छना to pursue the unreal. छाले पड़ना/होना to have blisters. छाल chha:l (nf) bark. to be dispersed/scattered. to be -. burn. िछतराना chhitra:nā: (v) to disperse. —न छ पाना to be no. िछदना chhidnā: (v) to be pierced.

िछपकली chhipkali: (nf) a lizard. perforated. िछलका chhilka: (nm) the peel. िछं कते नाक कटना to be over-penalised for a petty fault. to disguise. ~षी a fault-finder. skin. to be covered. the charges paid therefor. छींट chhī:ṭ (nf) chintz. to conceal. to be peeled. िछयानबे(वे) chhiyā:nbe(ve) (a) ninety-six. to be wrested/snatched away. dissoluteness. िछनाल chhina:l (a and nf) sluttish. to spurt mucus out of the nose. िछिदल chhiddril (a) having bores/perforation. hiding. fault-finding. —टू टना to have a windfall. to have an unexpected fortune. immoral sex-indulgence. cut off. rent. (nm) the number eighty-six. िछं का chhī:ka: (nm) a hanging pot. the skin to be taken off. to sternutate. (nm) the number seventy-six. a woman of easy virtue. िछपना chhipnā: (v) to hide. to find fault with. (nm) the number ninety-six. िछं क chhī:k (nf) a sneeze. to set. trollop. िछपाव chhipa:v (nm) concealment. (nm) the number forty-six. िछह(य)तर chhiha(ya)ttar (a) seventy-six. ~षण करना to pick holes in. िछनकना chhinaknā: (v) to blow out the nose. reservation. pseudo-gentleman. िछयालीस chhiya:li:s (a) forty-six. hence ~पन (nm). shell. िछपा रसतम a dark horse. dissolute. to cover/screen. to lurk. uprooted.िछदानवे/वण chhiddra:nnveshāṉ (nm) fault-finding. िछनाला chhina:la: (nm) sluttishness. chopped off. िछलाई chhila:i: (nf) the act or process of excoriating/peeling/taking off the skin. िछपाना chhipa:nā: (v) to hide. . a hateful creature. secrecy. छींकना chhī:knā: (v) to sneeze.226 -िछलना chhilnā: (v) to be bruised or scratched. sternutation. bark. husk. perforated. िछनन chhinn (a) incised. —होना occurrence of a sneeze (portending evil). to be excoriated. clandestinely. broken. -िभनन cut. िछपे-छॢपे stealthily. -. िछयासी chhiya:si: (a) eighty-six. िछिदत chhiddrit (a) bored. scattered.rest. िछनना chhinanā: (v) to be seized (from). ~मूल cut up from the root. shattered.

to destroy. ironical remark. to wear away. —असपताल contagious diseases ु hospital. to grab. dagger. holiday. an overु sensitive/over-dainty/over-delicate person. छीनना chhi:nnā: (v) to snatch. to scratch. (nm) small change. wearing away. to be wasted. छरा chhura: (nm) a razor. acquittal. —रोग a contagious disease. छरे बाज़ी infliction or exchange of dagger-blow(s). boyhood. to take off the skin. chippings. ु छड़ाना chhuṛa:nā: (v) to get released. reduction. liberation. not tied. छीछालेद(दा)र chhi:chha:leda(da:)r (nf) humiliation. tut!. mess. छीजना chhi:jnā: (v) to decay. to dwindle. ु छटौती chhuṭauti: (nf) a ransom. permission to leave. ironical utterance. to shave. a ransom. embarrasment. ु . ु छटा chhuṭṭa: (a) loose. release. छीजन chhi:jān (nf) decay. छईमुई chhui:mui: (nf) touch-me-not—Mimosa pudica. disgrace. splash. to discharge. wastage. छीलना chhi:lnā: (v) to scrap. minor. छॣ chhi: (int) fie !. —मनाना to celebrate a holiday. not in a lump or group or company etc. छटी chhuṭṭi: (nf) leave. shavings. to ु dismiss (from service etc). छतहा chhutaha: (a) contagious. muck. consideration of touchability and ु ू untouchability. to remove.छींटा chhī:ṭa: (nm) a sprinkle. to ridicule. to express disgust or contempt. young age. small ु छटकारा chhuṭka:ra: (nm) riddance. childhood. free. wearing away. छीज chhi:j (nf) decay. to chip. ु ~पन (~पना) smallness. leakage. to take ु delivery. release. slight shower (of rain). छीना-झपटी grabbing and scrambling. to bruise. -छी करना to condemn. —करना to call it a day. to cause to give up.. aspersion. छटाई chhuṭa:i: (nf) see छोटाई. a kid-glove. ु ु छरी chhuri: (nf) a knife. pish!. jackstraw. loss. loss. छीलन chhi:lān (nm) scrappings. to discharge faeces (as by a child). wastage. pettiness. ु ~भैया a petty person. —फकना to cast े aspersion. छड़ाई chhuṛa:i: (nf) release. (nf) infantile faeces. to cause to set free. bespattering. scramble. ~कशी (casting of) aspersion. to peel. छट chhuṭ—an allomorph of छोटा used as the first member in several compound words. carrying contagion. to reduce. ~पट stray. छआछत chhua:chhu:t (nf) untouchability. to seize. in small ु denomination (change etc).

to get rid of. to vanish. liberty. puncture. to get ready to strike. छे कानुपास chheka:nuppra:s (nm) compound alliteration. bore. raillery. छत chhu:t (nf) contagion: contamination. to irritate. unsubstantial. enchantment. —की बीमारी contagious disease. to cause to disappear. छटना chhu:ṭnā: (v) to be left behind or out. to vanish (said of animate objects). to incise. छट chhu:ṭ (nf) rebate. hey presto !. to obstruct. perforation. incision. opening. छे दना chhednā: (v) to bore. ू exemption. etc. ू conjuration.227 -dagger. to pronounce an incantation and blow upon. (a) dandical. छे ड़ chheṛ (nf) teasing. discount. having hole(s)/opening(s). छे ड़खानी chheṛḳḥa:nī: (nf) act of teasing or provoking. to feel. ु छँ छा chhū:chha: (a) empty.) to disappear forthwith. riddance. to commence (a work). to make a hole. छै ल-छबीला. to disturb. —बनना to disappear. release. — करना to exorcise. ू छना chhu:nā: (v) to touch. .-. relaxation. to inflict blows. ू छे कना chheknā: (v) to discriminate against. etc). —फरना to cut े with a dagger. remission. छे ड़ना chheṛnā: (v) to tease. to stir up. pricks and pranks. foppish person. to be abandoned. छ chhu: (nf) sudden outblow of a gush of air from the mouth (as during incantation. bored. a freely moving bull—a ू robust carefree man without encumbrances. offending. to leave out. छोकरा chhokra: (nm) a lad. pranks. ~मंतर an incantation. छे द chhed (nm) a hole. ~मंतर होना (said of person. —तेज़ करना to sharpen the knife. pranks. teasing. pricks. ~दार perforated. to vanish. to grow ineffectual. to meddle. —चलाना to speak daggers. foppish. allowance. also छै ल-िचकिनया. to perforate. a charm. छे नी chhenī: (nm) a chisel. hence~पन (nm). छहारा chhuha:ra: (nm) a date-palm. to be dismissed/discharged or ू released. boy. छै ला chhaila: (nm) a dandy. molestation. छे ना chhenā: (nm) a kind of cheese. to lag. —पड़ना to prove ineffective. -कटारी रहना या होना to be at dagger's drawn. छटा (हु आ) साँड़ lit. छे ड़छाड़ chheṛchha:ṛ (nf) provocation. magic. offensive activity. pain. to pierce. concession. छे ल chhail—an allomorph of छै ला (see).

छोटा chhoṭa: (a) small; little; short; young(er); petty; subordinate; junior; insignificant; —आदमी a small man, petty person; common man; ~पन smallness, pettiness; -बड़ा young and old; rich and poor; -मोटा petty, minor, insignificant, ordinary; — िगनना to consider as insignificant, to consider to be of no consequence; —बनानाto humiliate, to debase; —मँुह बड़ी बात proud words from a week stomach; छोटे से ही सब बड़े होते है lads will be men. छोटाई chhoṭa:i: (nf) smallness, pettiness; shortness; juniority. छोटी chhoṭi: (a) feminine form of छोटा; —जाित low(er) cast; —बात petty utterance; petty matter; —हािजरी breakfast. छोड़ना chhoṛnā: (v) to leave; to abandon; -- 228 -to omit; to release; to entrust to; to assign to (as िकसी पर); छोड़ने जाना to go to see off. छोर chhor (nm) the end, fag end; extremity; edge. छोरा chhora: (nm) a lad. छोलदारी chholda:ri: (nf) a small tent. छोह chhoh (nf) affection; compassion. छौक chhāūk (nf) seasoning (pulse, vegetable, etc.) with boiled ghee/oil and spices; —भी न होना to be utterly insufficient/inadequate. छौकना chhāūknā: (v) to season (see छौक). छौना chhaunā: (nm) a young one. ज ज ja—the third letter of the second pentad (i.e. चवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet; a suffix denoting the sense of born of (as जलज, अंडज, वातज, etc.). जंकशन jaṅkshān (nm) a (railway) junction. जंग jaṅg (nf) a war, battle, fight; ~बाज़ a war-monger; ~बाज़ी war- mongering. जंग zaṅg (nm) rust; ~दार rusted, rust-eaten; —लगना to get rusted, to be eaten up by rust; to turn ineffective (by disuse). जंगम jaṅgām (a) moving; movable; —संपित movable property. जंगल jaṅgal (nm) a forest, wood; wilderness; —मे मंगल a paradise in wilderness; —मे मोर नाचा िकसने दे खा wood in a wilderness, moss in a mountain and wit in a poor man's breast are little thought of.

जं(जँ)गला jaṅ(jā)gla: (nm) grating; railing; fence/fencing; balustrade; a grille or barfitted window.

जंगली jaṅgli: (a) savage; wild; beastly: —जानवर a wild beast; savage. जंगी jaṅgi: (a) martial, relating to war; huge, large; —जवान a gigantic youngman; — जहाज़ a man of war, battleship; —बेड़ा a naval fleet; —लाट commander-in-chief (under British rule). जंघा jaṅgha: (nf) a thigh. जँचना jāchnā: (v) to be examined; to be valued; to appeal; to look attractive/befitting. जंजाल jaṇja:l (nm) botheration; entanglement; embarrassment; cares, trouble; fuss; (nf) a small cannon. जंजाली jaṇja:li: (a) fussy; troublesome, occasioning botheration. ज़ंजीर zanji:r (nf) a chain; shackle. जंतर jantar (nm) an amulet, philter; -मंतर an observatory; witchcraft, conjuring. जंतरी jantri: (nf) an almanac. जंतु jantu (nm) a creature, an animal. जबदीप jambudwi:p (nm) the name of one of the seven ancient continental divisions of ु the world; the central part of the above divisions including India. [According to some it is an ancient name for -- 229 -India]. जंबूर jambu:r (nm) pliers. जँबूरा jambu:ra: (nm) claw bar, pliers. जँभाई jābha:i: (nf) yawning, a yawn; —लेना to yawn. जँभाना jābha:nā: (v) to yawn. जई jai: (nf) oat; new shoots of barley. जई/फ़ zai:f (a) old; weak, infirm; ~फ़ी senility; weakness; infirmity. जक jak (nf) obstinacy; mania, incessant insistence. जकड़ jakaṛ (nf) grip, tight grasp, firm hold; ~न inflexibility, immobility; ~बंदी firm hold. जकड़ना jakaṛnā: (v) to grasp, to hold firmly; to tighten. जकात jaka:t (nf) octroi, octroi-duty; ~घर octroi post; जकाती octroi collector. जका/र jaka:r (nm) the letter ज (ja) and its sound; ~रांत (a word) ending in ज ् (j). ज़ख़ी/रा zaḳḥi:ra: (nm) stock, store; hoard; ~रे बाज़ a hoarder; ~रे बाज़ी hoarding. जख़म zaḳḥm (nm) a wound, cut, injury; ulcer; -ए-िजगर an emotional wound; — ताज़ा/हरा होना an old wound to be revived; —पर नमक िछड़कना to afflict the afflicted; to add insult to injury. ज़खमी zaḳḥmī: (a) wounded, hurt, injured.

जग jag (nm) the world, universe; people; ~पिसद world renowned: ~बीती others' tales/experiences; ~हँ साई popular ridicule/mockery; open calumny. जगजगाना jagjaga:nā: (v) see जगमगाना. जगत jagat (nm) the world, universe; (nf) a raised circular curb (around a well); ~गर (जगदर) a title of certain Hindu scholarly priests (4 in number); preceptor of the ु ु universe; ~पित master of the universe—God; ~िपता Creator of the universe; ~पिसद world renowned, of world fame. जगती jagti: (nf) the world; earth; mankind. जगदीश jagdi:sh (nm) the Lord of the World, Lord Vishṉū. जगदीशर jagdi:shvar (nm) see जगदीश. जगना jagnā: (v) to wake up, to awaken; to be aroused. जगिननयंता jagānnīyānta: (nm) the Almighty, the Controller of the world. जगमग jagmag (a) refulgent, shining, glittering, glimmering; also जगजग जगमगाना jagmaga:nā: (v) to be refulgent, to glitter, to shine, to gleam. जगमगाहट jagmaga:haṭ (nf) refulgence, glitter, shine, gleam, glimmer. जगर-मगर jagar-magar (a) see जगमग. जगराता jagra:ta: (nm) see रत(~जगा). जगह jageh (nf) place; space, quarter; post; -जगह everywhere. जगात jaga:t (nf) see जकात. जगाना jaga:nā: (v) to wake up, to awaken; to arouse. जगार jaga:r (nf) wake; state of being or keeping awake. जघनय jaghānny (a) low; detestable, abominable; heinous; hence ~ता (nf). ज़चचा zachcha: (nf) a woman in post-delivery confinement; ~ख़ाना/घर maternity home; -बचचा the new-born and the mother in confinement. ज/ज jaj (nm) a judge; ~जी a judge's court; judgeship; the post or function of a judge. जजमा/न jajmā:n (nm) see यजमान; ~नी see यजमानी. जिज़या jaziya: (nm) a levy imposed -- 230 -by Emperor Aurangzeb on the non-Muslims. जज़ीरा jazi:ra: (nm) an island. जज़ब jazb (a) absorbed; assimilated. जज़बा jazba: (nm) an emotion, feeling; passion; (~त plural); ~ती emotional; जज़बात को भड़काना to fan the flame of passion, to blow the coals.

जटा jaṭa: (nf) mated or tangled hair; fibrous root; ~जूट matted hair rolled up over the head; ~धारी wearing matted hair rolled up; an ascetic. जिटत jaṭit (a) studded, imbedded with. जिटल jaṭil (a) intricate, complicated; inaccessible; ~ता intricacy, complication. जठ/र jaṭḥar (nm) the stomach; ~रािगन digestive fire of the stomach; ~रानल same as जठरािगन. जड़ jaṛ (nf) root; (a) inanimate, immovable, inert; idiot, stupid; -चेतन the animate and the inanimate; —जगत the inanimate world; —पदाथर matter; ~बुिद/मित idiot; stupid; ~बुिदता idiocy; ~वाद/~वािदता materialism; ~वादी a materialist; materialistic; —

उखाड़ना to root out, to strike at the root; to destroy completely; —काट कर तने को पानी दे ना to cut the root and water the leaves; —काटना/खोदना to undermine, to eat into the vitals of; to inflict heavy damage; —जमना/पकड़ना to strike deep roots; to establish; to consolidate (oneself); -पेड़/मूल से root and branch; thoroughly; —िहला दे ना to cause a thorough shake-up, to shake the foundation (of). जड़त jaṛat (nf) inlay, insetting. जड़ता jaṛta: (nf) inertia, torpor; insensibility; idiocy, stupidity; stupefaction. जड़तव jaṛattv (nm) see जड़ता. जड़ना jaṛnā: (v) to stud; to inlay; to fix, to set; to mount (as a तसवीर); to put in; to lay on (as तमाचा). जड़ाई jaṛa:i: (nf) the act or process of setting/inlaying; the wages or charges paid for setting/inlaying. जड़ाऊ jaṛa:u: (a) studded or inset with jewels. जड़ातमवा/द jaṛa:tmva:d (nm) animism; ~दी an animist; animistic. जड़ावर jaṛa:war (nf) warm clothings. जिड़मा jaṛimā: (nf) stupor, torpor; insensibility; stupidity. जिड़या jaṛiya: (nm) a setter (of jewels etc.); an expert in insetting. जड़ी jaṛi: (nf) a simple, medicinal root; -बूटी medicinal herbs, simples. जड़ीभत jaṛi:bhu:t (a) stupefied, rendered inert and inactive. ू जताना jata:nā: (v) to apprise, to make known; to warn. जतथा jattha: (nm) a band; gang; flock; ~बंदी formation into groups or bands; जतथेदार a group-leader (amongst sikhs). ज़द zad (nf) striking range, range. ज़दा zada: —a suffix used to mean afflicted by (as ग़मज़दा, मसीबतज़दा). ु जदोजहद jaddojehad (nf) struggle, hard endeavour.

जन jān (nm) people; public; folk; -आंदोलन popular movement; ~गणना census; -जन each and every person; -जागरण renaissance, popular awakening; ~जीवन public life; public living; ~तंत democracy; ~तंतवाद democracy; ~तंतीय democratic(al); -पवाद popular/public rumour; ~िपय popular; ~मत -- 231 -public opinion; •संगह referendum; plebiscite; -मन/मानस popular mind, people's mind; ~रं जन popular, pleasing to the people, of popular gratification; ~वासा a temporary dwelling for a marriage party; ~शिक manpower; ~शुित tradition; rumour; ~संखया population; ~समाज community at large; ~समदाय crowd; community; ु ~समह crowd; ~साधारण the common man; community at large; the masses; ू ~हीन desolate; uninhabited: secluded, lonely. ज़न zan (nf) a woman; a suffix meaning one or that which inflicts or strikes (as राहज़न — one who strikes on the way i.e. one who waylays). bringing forth (as खेदजनक, िनराशाजनक). जनक janāk (nm) father; procreator, originator; used as a suffix to mean causing or ज़नख़ा zanḳḥa: (nm) a eunuch, womanly man. जन/जाित janja:ti (nf) a tribe; ~जातीय tribal. जनता janta: (nm) the public, people, masses; -जनादर न the people symbolising God. जनन janān (nm) procreation, procreating; generation, generating; production, producing; -कमता potency, generating/productive/procreative power. जनना jannā: (v) to (re) produce; to give birth (to), to bear. जननायक janna:yak (nm) a popular hero, leader of the people. जननी janni: (nf) mother, progenitrix. जननेिदय jananēndriy (nf) sex organ, genitals. जनवरी janwari: (nf) (the month of January. जनांितक janā:ntik (nm) aside (in a drama). जना jana: (a) produced; procreated: (nm) person, individual (as िकतने जने आयेगे ?). जनाकीणर jana:ki:rṉ (a) crowded; thickly populated; hence ~ता (nf). जनाज़ा jana:za: (nm) the corpse wrapped in a coffin-cloth; bier (With the corpse laid on it). ज़नानख़ाना zanā:nḳḥa:nā: (nm) the harem, seraglio; zenana, female apartment. -सेवक public man; public servant; ~सेवा public service; ~िहत public welfare/interest; ~तांितक democratic(al); -धन men and money; ~पद rural region; ~पदीय regional;

ज़नाना zana:nā: (a) female, feminine; impotent; (nm) female apartment; a eunuch; ~पन effeminacy; impotence; hence ज़नानी —राज petticoat rule/government. !, Your Excellency !; जनाबे मन, Sir, respected Sir! जनाब jana:b (a) and nm) mister; (int) Sir !, Your Excellency !; —आली Sir, Your Honour जिनत janit (a) produced/generated (by); caused (by), procreated (by). जनेऊ janeu: (nm) the sacred or sacrificial thread worn by the Hindu:s. जनोपयोगी janopyogi: (a) of public utility; —सेवाएँ public utility services. जननत jannāt (nf) paradise, heaven; —की हूर a celestial damsel/beauty. जनम janm (nm) birth; origin; genesis; ~कडली a short horoscope; ~गत by or relating to ंु birth; innate; inborn; ~ितिथ date of birth; ~दाता progenitor; father; originator; -दर birthrate; -िदन/िदवस birth-day; ~नाम christian name; ~पत/पितका/पती a horoscope; ~भिम motherland; -मरण birth and death; ~सथान birth-place; —गँवाना to waste one's ू life. -- 232 -जनमजात janmāja:t (a) congenital; inherent, innate. जनना janmanā: (ind) by birth; (v) to be born. जनमांतर janmā:ntar (nm) another birth; ~वाद doctrine of rebirth; hence ~वादी (a and nm). जनमांध janmā:ndh (a) blind since birth, born blind; hence ~ता (nf). जनमाषमी janmā:shṭmī: (nf) the eighth day of the dark half of the month of भादो when Lord Krinhṉā is supposed to have been born. जनमोतर janmottar (a) post-natal, after birth. जनमोतसव janmotsav (nm) birth-day celebration जनय janny (a) born, produced/generated; used as a suffix meaning —generated by or born of (as युधदजनय, परीिसथितजनय). जप jap (nm) adoration by way of repeating passages from scriptures, sacred formulae or a deity's name, etc.; -तप worship, adoration; devotion; ~माला a rosary. जप/ना japnā: (v) to murmur or to utter quiet prayers; to repeat reverentially (God's name as a sacred formula); ~नीय worth repeating by way of adoration. जिपत japit (a) whispered (sound). जफ़ा jafa: (nf) excess; tyranny. जब jab (adv) when; —कभी whenever; sometimes; ~िक when; whenever, at whatever time; -तब sometime; at times; imminent; —अपनी उतरी तो दसरे की उतारते कया दे र ? ू beware of him who regards not his reputation; —उतर गई लोई तो कया करे गा कोई the

shameless dread no society; —तक गंगा (जमना) की धारा बहती है as long as the Ganges (and the Jamuna) flows (flow), for all times to come; —तक ज़हरमुहरा आएगा, साँप का काटा मर जाएगा the steed will die till the grass grows; —तक साँस तब तक आस as long as there is life there is hope.

जबड़ा jabṛa: (nm) a jaw; ~तोड़ jaw-breaking; a jaw-breaker (said of a word difficult to pronounce). ज़बर zabar (a) strong; huge; —मारे और रोने न दे the mighty hits and permits no bewailing. ज़बरद/सत zabardast (a) strong, powerful; vigorous, violent; high-handed; ~सती highhandedness; injustice; by force, forcibly. ज़बरन zabrān (adv) by force, forcibly. ज़बह zabeh (nm) slaughtering, slaughter; —करना to slaughter. ज़बान zabā:n (nf) tongue; language; ~दराज़ loquacious, sharp-tongued; ~दराज़ी loquaciousness, wagging of one's tongue; ~दाँ expert of a language; ~दानी linguistic expertise; —का कडडआ(वा) bitter-tongued; —का तेज़ sharp-tongued; —का मीठा honey-tongued; sweet-tongued; —का शेर bold only in speech; —क नीचे े thirst, to be very thirsty; —काटना to express a sense of surprise/repentance (through holding the tongue between the teeth); to render mute/speechless; —कची-सी चलना the ै the tongue is a necessary piece of furniture; —को लगाम दे ना to stop one's gab, to hold one's tongue; —ख़लक नक़क़ारा ख़दा public voice is God's voice; —खींचना to pull out ु somebody's -- 233 -tongue (said as a threat of punishment); to quieten; —खुलना to find one's tongue; to speak out; to talk with one's tongue in one's cheek; —खोलना to speak out; —चलना to have a fluent tongue; to have an impudent tongue; —चलाना to wag one's tongue, to be too talkative; —डालना to interfere by speech; to dishonour one's word; —तलवार से ज़यादा तेज़ होती है the tongue cuts deeper than steel; —थामना to hold the tongue; — दबाकर कहना to utter in whispers; to say implicitly; —िदखाना to put out the tongue; — दे ना to pledge one's word (to), to make a commitment; —न होना, मँह मे to be too meek ु to speak, to be very reticent; —िनकालना to pull out the tongue of (said of a threat of punishment); —पकड़ना to cavil (at); to hush up; —पर आना to be on tongue's the tip; to be on the verge of speaking out; —पर चढ़ना to be on the tongue (of), to be subject of talk; to be on the tip of one's tongue, to have or know a thing by heart; —पर महर ु tongue to run on wheels; to tail nineteen to the dozen; —को लगाम ज़ररी है a bridle for ज़बान होना to be double-tongued; —काँटा होना the tongue to become senseless through

होना not to be in a state to speak out, to be speechless; —पर लाना to utter; to mention;

—पलटना to go back on one's word; —पर (मे) ताला लगना to be stricken dumb, to be

rendered speechless; —पर होना to be on the tip of the tongue; to be a subject of talk; — बंद करना to silence, to render speechless; —बंद होना to be tongue-tied; to be cornered (in an argument); —बदलना see —पलटना; —िबगड़ना to become abusivetongued/scurrilous; to become subservient to tongue-tastes; —बुरी होना to be illtongued; —मँह मे रखना to hold one's tongue; —मे खुजली होना to feel like quarrelling; ु —मे लगाम न होना to lose control on one's tongue; not to have a civil tongue in one's head; —लड़ाना to enter into argument, to contort verbally; —सँभाल कर बोलना to keep a civil tongue in one's head; —सँभालना to hold one's tongue; —हारना to be committed; to have pledged one's word; —िहलाना to speak out, to make an utterance. ज़बानी zaba:nī: (a) oral, verbal; unwritten; (adv) orally, verbally; —जमा-खचर sweet nothings, superficial utterances; tall talk. ज़बत zabt (a) forfeited, confiscated, impounded; (nm) forbearance, restraint; ~शदा forfeited, confiscated; ज़बती confiscation, forfeiture; —करना to exercise restraint; ु to confiscate. जमघट jamghaṭ (nm) crowded assembly; multitude. जमना jamnā: (v) to freeze; to solidify, to become firm or hard; to clot; to be established/settled; to settle; to have a prolonged sitting, to sit for long; to be fixed; to take root; to be effective; (nf) the river यमना: जमे रहना to nail colours to mast, to ु refuse to climb down, to stick to one's guns. जमा jamā: (a) collected, deposited; (nm) deposit; credit; accumulation; sum-total; -ख़चर debit and credit; receipts and disbursements; ~ख़ातीर reassurance; •रखनाto rest assured; -जथा accumulations, accumulated wealth; -पँूजी total accumulation; ~मार one who misappropriates; a bad debtor; dishonest; -ख़चर करना to account for debts and credits; to prepare the accounts; —मारना to misappropriate. जमाई jama:i: (nm) a son-in-law;—राजा -- 234 -a son-in-law (said in affection). जमात jamā:t (nf) a class (in a school), assembly; group. जमादा/र jamā:da:r (nm) a jamadar, head of a group; sweeper; ~री profession of a jamadar; acting as head of a group. ज़मानत zamā:nāt (nf) surety; bail; security; guarantee; ~दार a guarantor, surety; ~नामा surety-bond. ज़मानती zamā:nati: (a) bailable; guaranteeing; (nm) a surety, guarantor. जमाना jamā:nā: (v) transitive verbal form of जमना (see).

ज़माना zamā:na: (nm) time(s), age, period; present-day world; fortunate times; ~साज़ a temporizer; time-server; ~साज़ी temporization; time-serving mentality; —उलटना times to turn radically, a perverted era to dawn; —छानना to make a thorough search; — दे खना to acquire wide experience; —दे खे होना to be widely experienced; to have undergone all sorts of experiences; —पलटना/बदलना the tide to take a turn; —बीत जाना/लद जाना good old days to be over, the golden times to be past; ज़माने का मारा हुआ beaten in the struggle of life, done for; ज़माने का रख़ दे खना to have/keep an ear to the ground, to watch which way the wind blows; ज़माने की गिदरश temporal vicissitudes; ज़माने की हवा लगना to be affected by the (changing) times, to adopt (oneself) according to the wind of times; —क साथ क़दम िमलाकर चलना to go with the tide/times. े जमाल jama:l (nm) glory; elegance, prettiness. जमालगोटा jama:lgoṭa: (nm) a purgative nut—Croten tiglium. जमाव jama:v (nm) assembly, gathering; setting up, concentration; accumulation. जमावड़ा jama:vṛa: (nm) assembly, gathering; concentration; accumulation. ज़मीं zamī: (nf) see ज़मीन. ज़मींकद zamī:kānd (nm) a vegetable—elephant's foot. ं ज़मींदार zamī:da:r: (nm) a landlord; cultivator. ज़मींदारी jamī:da:ri: (nf) zamindari, landlordism; landed estate; cultivation. ज़मींदोज़ zami:doz (a) subterranean, subearthen. ज़मीन zamī:n (nf) the earth; land, ground; ground work; background; -आसमान एक करना to leave no stone unturned, to make all possible efforts; -आसमान का फ़क as र wide asunder as heaven and earth, world of/fundamental difference; -आसमान क कलाबे े ु िमलाना to speak of heaven and earth in one breath; to speak in hyperboles; to try one's level best; —का पाँव तले से िखसक जाना to be stunned out of wits; — चटाना/िदखाना to fell/throw flat; —चमना to lie prostrate; to be felled by face; —तैयार ू करना to prepare the ground (for); —नापना to wander in search of employment; —पर पाँव/पैर न पड़ना to feel inflated, to be puffed up with pride; —मे गड़ जाना to be bashfully embarrassed, to be deeply ashamed/sheepish. ज़मीर zami:r (nm) the conscience; inner self; ~फ़रोश conscience-seller; hence ~फ़रोशी (nf). जमुना jamunā: (nf) the river yamuna:. जमहाई jamha:i: (nf) yawning; —लेना to yawn. जमहाना jamhā:nā: (v) to yawn. -- 235 --

. a bit. जयजयकार jayjayka:r (nf) triumphal cheers. -ज़रा-सी बात पर तुनक जरायमपेशा jara:yāmpesha: (a) criminal. cheers hailing victory. through the agency of. slight. gold. cheering approbation. —दे ना to inflict a blow/ stroke. जरसी jarsi: (nf) a jersey. garland put by the bride round the neck of the bride. please. jubilee. ज़रदा zarda: (nm) scented and specially prepared tobacoo. ~दोज़ी (golden) embroidery. blow. —कबीला a criminal tribe. ~माल/माला a bay. to be injured. (nm) a conqueror. -ज़रा in bits. crack.g. ~घोष applause. जय jay (nf) conquest. ~ख़ेज़ fertile. ~धविन see ~घोष. of criminal profession. क through. slightly. absurdly fussy. applausive shouts. petty. bought. ~ख़रीद purchased. -तकसीम multiplication and division. victorious.जयंती jayānti: (nf) (birth) anniversary. small. -पराजय victory and defeat. ~ये. medium. one who has achieved a victory or has triumphed over (e.groom. ृ ु धनंजय. etc). applausive shouts. gold lace. decrepit. applausive shouts. ~धवज banner of victory. ज़रदशत zardusht (nm) the founder of the fire-worshipping 'Pa:rasi:' religion and author ु of the scripture 'Zend Avesta'. instrument. —आना to develop a crack. जियषणु jayishṉū (a) one who conquers/achieves victory. ज़री zari: (nf) gold brocade. trivial. (int) bravo ! hurrah ! . decrepit. ~गसत aged. multiplication. ~जीणर age. जरायु jara:yu (nm) placenta. -सा some. ~लकमी/शी victory. victory. a small quantity. to multiply. ~ज placental. ~ख़ेज़ी fertility. (adv) for a while. stroke. ज़र zar (nm) wealth. a special dish of rice treated with saffron.worn. जरनैल jarnail (nm) a generla. ज़िर/या zariya: (nm) means. े ज़िरया zari:ya: (nm) see ज़िरया. kindly (as —मेरे साथ चलो). riches. जरासीम jara:si:m (nm) germs. garland symbolic of triumph. जयकार jayka:r (nm) applause. (a) used as a suffix in compound words meaning. ever-victorious. ~दोज़ embroidered (with gold). just (as —ठहरो just wait). मतयंजय. triumph. applause hailing a victory. ज़रब zarab (nm) trauma. जरा jara: (nf) old age. senility. ज़रा zara: (a) a little. उठने वाला like a hen with one chicken. जयी jayi: (a) winner.

crushed. ~किल water. ~रता senescence. mermaid. -तास hydrophobia. vessel. water-course. -पलय cataclysm. a particle. ~पथ water.जरीब jari:b (nm) a land-measuring chain. ~िरत worn out. decrepit. -अपघटन hydrolysis.236 -~रीभूत worn out. ~दसयु a pirate. र र जजर/र jarjar (a) decrepit. water to submerge all visible land. requirement. hydrous. -िवजान/िवदा hydrology. dressing of wounds. ~कभी a typical water plant. -पलावन inundation. indispensable. without fail. ज़दर zard (a) pale. necessary. deluge.). aqua. decrepitude. ~ज/जात aqueous. the yellow (part). -समािध watery grave. cataract. decayed. ज़ररी zaru:ri: (a) important. yellow.ways. -ज़रर positively. etc. undoubtedly. positively. जल jal (nm) water. -चादर a sheet of water. -परी a siren. ~मगन submerged by or immersed under water. •एक होना a deluge to set in. -संिध a strait. worn out. ज़क-बक़ zark-barq (a) brilliant. -मंडल hydrosphere. to be off colour. importance. ~िवदुत hydro-electric. gaudily made-up. जमरन िसलवर jarmān silvar (nm) an alloy used for making utensils. senescent. to go deep into water for ~द a cloud. -भीित hydrophobia. ~लेख hydrography. जरार/ह jarra:h (nm) a (traditionally trained) surgeon. boat. ~ही surgery. a very small quantity. aquatic sport. ~रािश body or accumulation of water. gaudiness. ज़ररत zaru:rat (nf) necessity. ज़दार zarda: (nm) see ज़रदा. ~मंद needy. -जंतु aquatic creatures. ~कर water-tax. -युद naval war. -ज़रार each and every particle. -पपात a waterfall. -थल water and land. ~धर a cloud. crushed. needs. -पवाह a torrent/current of water. requirements. lotus. ~चर/चारी aquatic (animal. े ू ~घड़ी a water-clock. ~पती a . waterways. water-cress. (nf) brilliance. ~मागर channel. ~यान a ship. gaudy. compulsory. hydro-. one who dresses wounds. need. ~न because of a need. watery. ज़रर zaru:r (adv) certainly. without fail. ~कप a water-well. insignificantly small. ~कल a water pipe.gambol. ~कपाट sluice. ~िध an ocean. decrepit crushed. ज़रिरयात zaru:riya:t (nf) necessities. -. ज़रार zarra: (nm) an atom. ~कककट a waterंु ु ु fowl. ~धारा a water current. to become anaemic. ज़दी zardi: (nf) paleness. -संतास hydrophobia. —भर a minute particle. ~डमरमधय a strait. ~कृ िष water-culture. —पड़ना to turn pale. ~मय submerged in water. needful. -याता a voyage. yellowness. •िवभाग waterworks.

awe. जलाकांत waterlogged. —करना to crop one's feathers. breakfast. splendour. to immolate oneself. जलाको जलाना to insult the already afflicted. जलावत/न jala:vatān (nm) exile. ृ जलवायु jalva:yu (nf) climate. wretchedness. ~वैजािनक a climatologist. to be inflamed/kindled. ~िवजान climatology. जलसा jalsa: (nm) a meeting. disgrace. at home. lighthouse. -भनकर कबाब/कोयला/ख़ाक/राख ु होना to burn with rage or envy.free. ~सह waterproof. to tease to death. water current. -सोत source of water. ज़लज़ला zalzala: (nm) an earthquake. -गह a refreshment room. ज़लील zali:l (a) mean. social gathering. —मरना to burn oneself out of jealousy. जला-जलाकर मारना to inflict a slow painful death. आम a public meeting. inspired by jealousy. disgraced. जला कर राख कर दे ना to lay to the भना fretting and fuming. (a) exiled. to humiliate. to envy. जलपान jalpā:n (nm) light refreshment. डालना to add fuel to the fire. ~ती आग मे कदना to knowingly burn one's fingers. contemptible. ~हीन water. जलावन jala:van (nm) fuel. ज़लालत zala:lat (nf) meanness. jealousy. ~सथल land and water. -सतर water level. जलागार a reservoir. to be scorched. जलाना jala:nā: (v) to light.237 -फोड़ना to give vent to one's accumulated rage. ~सवेकण hydrography. without water. wretched. to burn. to provoke jealousy.ending up one's life. -सतंभ a column of water. force. to excite envy. जलाणरव jala:rṉav (nm) an ocean. naval prolonged spells. —कर out of jealousy. insulted. —िबनु मीन a fish out of water. जलाशय jala:shay (nm) a reservoir. —िनकालना to take out (in) a procession. to feel jealous. —. जलन jalān (nf) a burning sensation. awefulness. जलावतर jala:vartt (nm) a whirlpool. to kindle. function. ~ती आग मे घी/तेल ू ashes. जले ु ु . to scorch. ~नी exile. pre-eminence. -सतंभन the skill of keeping under water for जल/ना jalnā: (v) to burn. जलाल jala:l (nm) glory. ~सथलीय amphibious. जले फफोले -. जली-कटी सनाना to make caustic and stinging remarks. जले पर नमक िछड़कनाto add insult to injury. जलूस jalu:s (nm) a procession. festivity. -सेना the navy. to burst forth with invectives. to fan the flame. a body of water.

urgently. instantly. जवाबी java:bi: (a) counter. answerable. —का काम शैतान का haste makes waste. a kind of firework that shoots up like spiral. —की नींद uninterrupted carefree sleep. जवा/हर jawa:har (nm) a jewel. ~तलब करना to call for an explanation. a tear-away. (in the nature of or requiring a) reply. obligation. ~मदर heroic. ~दार responsible. जललाद jalla:d (nm) a slaughterer. —उतरना/ढलना youth to be on the decline. merriment. (adv) quickly. —चढ़ना youth to make appearance. bravery. impetuous. ~बाज़ hasty. what is youth but its vitality and vigour. cross. —िमटी alluvial soil.paid telegram.238 --सवाल question and answer. जलोढ़ jaloṛḥ (a) alluvial. जवानी java:nī: (nf) youth. ~िहरात jewellery. to age. hence ~दारी (nf). जसत. — तार a reply. —फट पड़ना youthfulness to make appearance all over. ~दे हीresponsibility. gallantry. ~दावा written statement filed by the defendant: counterstatment. —काडर a reply card. to be affected by youthful lust. young age. जसता jast. festive celebration. —का आलम the time of youthful frolic or adventure.जलेबी jalebi: (nf) a kind of sweetmeat. answer.questioning. haste. जवाँ javā: (a) young. youth to be on the ascendance. to bring to book. swiftly. an allomorph of जवान used as the first member in some compound words. immediately. soldier. accountability. manly. जलोढ़क jaloṛḥak (nm) alluvium. जवान jawā:n (a) young/youthful. —दे ना to give a reply to. —दीवानी है youth knows no bounds. (a) cruel or merciless (person). -. youth to be in its fullest bloom. youthful. जश jashn (nm) festivity. . जलोदर jalodar (nm) dropsy. ascites. ~बाज़ी hastiness. butcher. youthfulness. old ways. जलौका jalauka: (nf) see जौक. जलदी jaldi: (nf) hurry. —मे सौदा करना to clap up a bargain. ~मदी heroism. जलद jald (adv) quickly. counter-move. to break/collapse. jasta: (nm) zinc. (nm) a youth. rash. hurriedly. rashness. ~दे ह responsible. manliness. जवाब java:b (nm) reply. accountable. gallant. impetuousity. जलप jalp (nm) sophistry. to remove from service. —मे माँझा ढीला young age. ~तलबी (seeking of) an explanation. accountable. response.

— उगलना to make venomous utterances. septic. जहाँ jahā:—an allomorph of 'जहान' (see) used as the first member in several compound words. venturesomeness जाँगलू jā:glu: (a) incivil. experienced (person). venomous. जहालत jaha:lat (nf) illiteracy. —लगना to be most unwelcome. —मे जाना or —रसीद ु होना to go to hell. कलम से to dip one's pen in gall. navigation. incivility. ज़हीन zahi:n (a) sharp. venom. nautical. —का जहाज़ quite a ship. to speak spitefully. ज़हरी.239 -- जहाज़ jaha:z (nm) a vessel. —तक as far as. —मोल लेना to own a botheration. ship itself. ू जहान jahā:n (nm) the world. —सौ वहाँ सवा सौ over shoes over boots. (adv) where. —डाक a pirate. all round. intelligent. ~रानी shipping. —कर दे ना to make (an eatable) unpalatably bitter. botheration. boorishness. inferno. ~पनाह the protector of the world. ~दीदा one who has seen the world. ज़हर zehar (nm) poison. —सतयानाश वहाँ सवा सतयानाश as well risk much as little. poisonous. boorish. — चाह वहाँ राह where there is a will there is way. ज़हमत zehmāt (nf) trouble. to impart a poisonous sting (to words). —मे बझाना to ु treat with poison. ज़हे िकसमत zahe kismat—its my fortune. जाँ jā:—an allomorph of जान used as the first member in compound words. a stormy petrel. —का घट a bitter ूँ disagreeable phenomenon. a . he who has a mind to beat a dog will easily find a stick. the people. —उगलना. ~मोहराbezoar. to be damned. one who can risk one's life. ~बाद a carbuncle. —धुआँ वहाँ आग no smoke without fire. -तहाँ here and there. ~बाज़ venturesome. sailor. everywhere. wild. fortunate am I ! जहे ज़ jahez (nm) dowry. (a) disagreeable. devoted. to tolerate insult/humiliation. wherever. —का पंछी one who has but one habitat. —का तहाँ at the original place. ship. ~दार poisonous. an honorofic used for kings and emperors. rustic. ~la: (a) full of venom. ~ला zehri:. venomous. —की पिड़या one who incites quarrels or ु factions. a mouthful of poison. (nm) a mariner. to invite trouble. —चढ़ना poison to spread within the system. जहाज़ी jaha:zi: (a) naval. -. anything bitter or disagreeable. -पथा the dowry system. unpalatable. ~बाज़ी the quality that distinguishes a जाँबाज़. ~रसीद consigned to hell.जहननम jehnnūm (nm) the hell. ~िनसार one who can sacrifice one's life. •पीकर रह जाना to stand/suppress unbearable rage. forlorn. to create trouble for oneself.

landed property. to evaluate. scanning. े जाको ja:ko (pro) in Braj Bhasha. winter. given by the government as a reward. scanning. test. ~ता wakefulness. ~दारी feudalism. manifest. जांतव jā:ntav (a) pertaining/relating to or born of a जंतु (see). to wake up. जाड़ा ja:ṛa: (nf) cold. short drawers. —मरा तब . —खाना to be struck by cold. vigil. जाँच jā:ch (nf) an investigation. risen. luminous. refulgent. to be alert. जाँिघया jā:ghiya: (nm) a lower under. -पड़ताल investigation. mundane. enquiry. जाजवलयमान jajvallymā:n (a) shining. the Punjab. जात ja:t (a) born. woken up. stone handmill. to verify. जाँचना jā:chnā: (v) to investigate. जाकड़ ja:kaṛ (nm) on approval (purchases). enquiry. vigilance. जागित ja:ggriti (nf) an awakening. ~मत still-born. जागना ja:gnā: (v) to rise. (nf) caste. जागीरी ja:gi:ri: (nf) pertaining to or related with landed property. जाकट jakeṭ (nf) a jacket. jaghirdar. sitting through the night in religious or festive collective singing. the counterpart of िजसको (whom). ~कमर/िकया the fourth of the sixteen major संसकार s of the Hindus performed after the child-birth. a fief. ै जागितक ja:gtik (a) worldly. ~दार the holder of a जागीर. Rajasthan and Haryana States of the Indian Union. caste and community. vigilant. wakeful. alertness. —लगना to feel cold. to be on the ascendance (as नसीब—). examination. जागीर ja:gi:r (nf) property.wear. जाँता jā:ta: (nm) a quern. जाट ja:ṭ (nm) a sub-caste of the Hindu community mostly inhabiting western Uttar जािनए जब तेरहवीं/सतहवीं हो जाये do not halloo till you are out of the wood. jaghir. land etc. to brighten up (as लौ—). earthly. wakefulness. jaghirdari. examination. जागरण ja:grāṉ (nm) awakening. ृ जाजम ja:jam (nf) see जािज़म. जागरक ja:gru:k (a) alert. जागते को कौन जगाये a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. —राखे साइयाँ मार सक ना कोय every bullet has its billet. -पाँत caste. जागिरत ja:grit (a) awakened. ृ Pradesh. —का माल goods/articles on approval. जािज़म ja:zim (nf) a multi-coloured floor sheet. to test. resplendent.जाँघ jā:gh (nf) a thigh. -परख test.

—तौर पर personally. जाित ja:ti (nf) caste. —की पड़ना to be worried about the security of one's life. ethnography. ~हीन belonging to a low-caste. —आना to be revived.240 --भष fallen from one's caste/community. juggling. —की ु have life hanging by a feeble thread. जान jā:n (nf) life. type. charm. to be in a mortal agony. stamina. race. breed. ~वाचक (संजा) common (noun).ज़ात za:t (nf) self. to be disenchanted. ु •िवजान ethnology. communalism. individual. breed. जादग/र ja:du:gar (nm) a magician. to be spell- . -ए. —आँखो मे आ जाना to be on the verge of death. genus. property/belongings. —की अमान guarantee of life. to stake one's life. ~वाद casteism. lively. witchcraft. ~गत racial. —अलपसंखयांक racial minority. kind. to have a lease of life. see जातकमर. the collection of the tales of Lord Buddha's previous births. caste-characteristic. —करना to cast a spell on. voodooism. sect. —से िनकालना to excommunicate. individual. characteristic quality. ~िवजान ethnology. to be ready to make any sacrifice. person. ~चयत expelled from the community. ज़ाती za:ti: (a) personal. to conjure. witchcraft. the means that achieve the end are the best means. ~दार having vitality. -बीमा life-insurance. generic. —पथगवासन apartheid. essence. jugglery. communality/communalism. जातक ja:tak (nm) the new-born. ~लेवा deadly. — एकता racial unity. (astrological calculation of) nativity. ~ततव ethnological content. sectarian. individuality. to bound. —भेद-भाव racial ृ ृ discrimination. जातीयता ja:ti:yta: (nf) raciality. communal. sweetheart!. ~री magic. energy. -. conjurer. racism/racialism.मन darling!. -बिहषकृ त ex-communicated. —घणा racial hatred. mortal. -पाँत caste and community. conduct peculiar to a caste/community. —का गाहक/गाहक bent on ख़ैर surety of life. -टोना sorcery. to bewitch. —क लाले पड़ना to be े practise magic. vitality. animate. —व-माल life and darling. —वह जो िसर पर चढ़ कर बोले magic manifests itself in procuring quiet obeisance. sweetheart. -बिहषकार ex-communication. — उतरना the charm to be dispelled. sorcerer. ू sorcery. जाद ू ja:du: (nm) magic. spirit.—ओठो पर आना to causing one's end. personally speaking. —चलना to come under the spell (of). —आफ़त मे होना to be at a dead lift. -जोिखम risk of life. ~धमर generic property. —की ख़ैर मनाना to endeavour or pray for the safety of life. community. juggler. communal. —की बाज़ी लगाना (।) would give my ears. ~रनी (nf). —का नकसान loss of life. spell. जातीय ja:ti:y (a) racial. animation. raciology. -पाँित caste and community.

~री knowledge. —लड़ाना to to skulk from. —बची लाखो पाए security of life represents the greatest achievement. inheritance. to be in passionate love (with). जानपद ja:npad (a) pertaining.बूझकर knowingly. Dutch comfort. to ु exert to the utmost. or related with. —छड़ाना to get rid of. जा िनकलना to arrive by chance. to lose (as मेरा कया जाता है ?). —छटना to get rid of. •वाले acquaintances. जाने-अनजाने wittingly or unwittingly. —हथेली पर िलए िफरनाto be ever ready to . —चुराना see जी चराना. the world lives as long as you live. deliberately. to put one's life in peril. to be stunned. to deprive of life. conversant. wilfully. —पर नौबत आना see —पर आ बनना. to strain every nerve. जाने दे ना to let go.जान. beast. knowledgeable. to be ready to stake life for. to feel comforted. •आग मे कदना/कएँ मे ू ु पड़ना to deliberately jump into fire to deliberately risk a hazard to life. जानका/र ja:nka:r (a) knowing. जानना ja:nnā: (v) to know. —खाना to pester constantly. acquaintance. to put to arduous labour. to feel life to be a burden. to lose life. •मकखी िनग़लना to connive at. to pardon. wilfully. —खपाना to put in arduous work. to overtake.under the shadow of death. to save one's carcass. to be in an irretrievably risky position. —से मारना to kill. —भारी होना to be weary of life. जान-पहचान ja:n-pehchā:n (nf) acquaintance. ु —िनकलना to become lifeless. —से जाना to pass away. knowingly or unknowingly. —पर आ बनना to be exposed to imminent danger. —से बेज़ार होना to be fed up of life. to have to abandon one's life. ू to inflict grave suffering. —मटी मे होना to have a person cold. है ). जानने वाले acquaintance. to labour hard. जाना ja:nā: (v) to go. जानवर ja:nwar (nm) an animal. जानकर knowingly. जानशी/न ja:nashī:n (nm) successor. —मे जान आना to feel relieved. deliberately. to be in great agony. to shirk/skulk/funk. ~नी succession. जा लेना to catch up. —से हाथ धो बैठना to stake one's life. — ु िछड़कना to be deeply in love (with). to become aware of.241 -have him at one's mercy. heir. —पर आना. to depart. to be exposed to imminent risk of life. अनजान बनना to feign ignorance. to flow (as खून जा रहा a sudden. to continue to go. जाते रहना to pass away. brief. —सुखना to be scared out of wits. a जनपद. — बचाना to save the life of. to perceive. belonging to. —दे ना to sacrifice. (nm) one who knows. —से मार डालना to kill. जा धमकना to appear on the scene all of lose one's life. no pleasure. -. —पर खेलना to stake one's life. —लेना to kill. —है तो जहान है no life.

~नी of the colour ु of जामन. (a) born (of). ~घर maternity home. ज़ाय/क़ा za:yqa: (nm) taste. जायदाद ja:yda:d (nf) property. जा/मा ja:mā: (nm) attire. wife. child birth. or aiming at. जाया ja:ya: (nf) spouse. bluish ु black. ~दार a partisan. ruined. ~क़दार delicious. a peg. जाम ja:m (a) jammed.. —करना to waste.—दशमन a deadly ु enemy. clothing. proper. जाम/न ja:mun (nf) jambo. जा-बेजा ja:beja: (a) indiscriminate. ज़ायद za:yad (a) extra. supporter. जाफ़री ja:fri: (nf) a trellis. जापा ja:pa: (nm) delivery. ज़ाफ़रा/न zā:frā:n (nm) saffron. (nm) jam. proper and improper. direction. beloved. a black plum (the tree and its fruit). darling. to jam up. —ग़ैर-मनक़ला immovable property. ~दारी taking of sides. befitting. —जाना to be wasted/ruined. जामन ja:mān (nm) rennet — the small quantity of curd used for coagulating milk. —मनक़ला movable ू ू property. to ruin. ज़ाया za:ya: (a) waste. legitimate. ~मे से बाहर होना to be unable to contain oneself (out of joy or rage). जामदानी ja:mdā:nī: (nf) a kind of flower-woven fine cloth. जायज़ा ja:yza: (nm) a scrutiny. additional.जािनब ja:nib (nf) side.242 -- . ~नी saffron (coloured). to have a drinking spree. indiscriminately. —पर जाम चलना to take peg after peg. relish. जाप ja:p (nm) see जप. life. जायफल ja:yphal (nm) a nutmeg —Myristica moschata.groom. —चलना to have a drinking spree. —कर दे ना to jam. ज़ािमन za:min (nm) a surety. जानी ja:nī: (a) pertaining to. a long gown worn by the bride. -. —दीवानी code of civil procedure. ~मे मे फले ू न समाना to be puffed up/swollen with joy. जामाता ja:mā:ta: (nm) a son-in-law. good and bad. ~क़ा िबगड़ना to have one's े (sense of) taste impaired. survey. tasty. (adv) at the opportune or inopportune moment/time/place etc. ज़ाबता za:bta: (nm) rule. —फ़ौजदारी code of criminal procedure. sworn enemy. regulation. जायज़ ja:yaz (a) suitable. adoption of a partisan attitude. guarantor. to transcend one's limits.

•तौर पर apparently. tyrannical. tyrannical. —लाश spiritless. िजंस jīns (nf) commodity. conspiracy. living. जाली ja:li: (a) forged. obviously. forgerer. illegitimate. —फलनाto lay a trap. in force. ज़ािलम za:lim (a) cruel. spying. ज़ार za:r (a). to carry on anyhow. — े का मज़ा चखना to know death in life. िज़ंदगी zindagi: (nf) life. net. ~सी espionage. जासू/स jasu:s (nm) a spy. ~ज संतान a bastard. िज़ंदगानी zindga:nī: (nf) life. issued. born on the wrong side of the blanket. ै े —मे फसना to be caught in a trap. —भर all one's life. uncivil. ~जता illegitimacy. —क आिखरी े िदन िगनना/—क िदन पूरे करना to pass time somehow. —रखना to continue. deceitful. adulterous activity. lattice. ~साज़ a conspirer. to enforce. ~दार meshed. जाले साफ़ करना to blow away the cobwebs. (nm) mesh. dead alive. to keep up. —कमर adultery. running. जािवती ja:vittri: (nf) mace. to count the last days of life. ~िदल sprightly. ँ जालक ja:lak (nm) a ploxus. counterfeit. adulterine. intelligence work. lively. ज़ािलमाना za:limā:nā: (a) atrocious. not dead. throughout life. —से बेज़ार होना to be fed up/tired of life. जािहल ja:hil (a) illiterate. बसर करना to spend life. liveliness. जािलका ja:lika: (nf) a plexus. जारी ja:ri: (a) continued. muzzle. ~रा apparently. obvious. ~साज़ी plotting. hammock. —करना to issue. plot. —भारी होना life to hang heavy. flake. ~वार commoditywise. जाल ja:l (nm) a net. (nm) a tyrant. जाला ja:la: (nm) a cobweb. detective. िज़ंदा zīnda: (a) alive. fitted with grating. िज़क zikkr (nm) mention. snare. to undergo tremendous hardships in life. a paramour. network. mesh. cheerfulness. atrocious. forgery. ~वारी commoditywise classification. grating. -ज़ार रोना to weep bitterly. जािलया ja:liya: (a) see जाल (~साज़). cereals. to be trapped. reference. ज़ािह/र za:hir (a) apparent. cheerful. ~बाद ! long live !. evident. detective. —डालना/फकना to cast a net. evidently. liveliness. boorish. current. ~िदली sprightliness.जार ja:r (nm) an adulterer. जािरणी an adulteress. to commence. cataract. —मे मौत .

beloved. िजठानी jiṭḥa:nī: (nf) husband's elder brother's wife. insistence. िज़द zid (nf) obstinacy. insistent. very intimate. िजतकोप. —िबलज़ब rape. िज़दी ziddi: (a) obstinate. िज़च zich (nf) checkmate. (nm) a learner.िजगर jigar (nm) the liver. —दोसत bosom friend. a self-conqueror. conquered' (e. —होना to be checkmated. ~कारी adultery. will to live. inquisitiveness. ~तना गुड़ डालोगे उतना ही मीठा होगा the more the sugar. hence ~पना (nm). to be courageous. — . in whichever direction. to be placed in a stalemate. ~षु willing to live. ~ने as many (as). िजधर jidhar (adv) wherever. having the will to live. hence ~ता (nf). the sweeter the beverage. ~नी लंबी चादर हो उतने पैर फलाओ cut your coat according to your size. —पर आना to adopt an inflexible attitude. very dear one. ~कोप/कोध one who has conquered or subdued the कर बैठ जाना to be rent by unbearable agony. the liver to be torn asunder—to be shattered by a grave shock. spirit of learning. stalemate. ~शतु a conqueror of enemies. inquisitive. heart. िज़ना zinā: (nm) adultery: ~कार an adulterer. िजगरी jigri: (a) pertaining to the liver. adulterous. िजजासा jiggya:sa: (nf) curiosity. िजत jit—an adjectival suffix/prefix used in Sanskrit words meaning 'one who has feeling of anger/wrath. willing to learn. very intimate friend. stubborn. a conqueror of senses. ै िजतातमा jita:tmā: (a and nm) (one) in full control of oneself. to be in a stalemate. इनदिजत).g. one who has conquered the sense of fatigue. िजताना jita:nā: (v) to cause to win to achieve victory. (pro) the plural form of िजस. िजजासु jiggya:su (a) curious. िजगरा jigra: (nm) courage. an ascetic. िजत/ना jitna: (a) as much as. िजते िदय jitendriy (a and nm) (one) in full control of one's senses. the Jain Ti:rthaṅkars (see). courage. stubbornness.243 -होना to have courage. िजन jin (nm) lord Buddha. ~शम tireless. inflexible. िजजीिव/षा jiji:visha: (nf) the life instinct. dear. —का टुकड़ा a son. —करना to checkmate. to keep in readiness for a shock. —क टुकड़े े होना lit. —करना to insist. —थाम -. to strike a stubborn posture. -िजधर in whatever directions.

charge. —करना to cross. िज़याफत ziya:fat (nf) a feast. िजरह jireh (nf) cross-examination. obligation. to restore to life. ~ती a pilgrim. cover. —मिजसटे ट the district magistrate. — बोडर the district board. िजहादी jiha:di: (nm) a crusader. िज़यार/त ziya:rat (nf) a pilgrimage. —गाँव जाना नहीं उसका रासता कया पछ?ना ? to evince no interest in the course one does not have to follow.—कचहरी see —अदालत. insult. obligation. -जेल the district jail. to cut the hand that feeds. skin.िजनन jinn (nm) a jinnee. ददर िदया उसी से दवा लेना to take hair of the dog that bit you.िबना unbound. िजलद jild (nf) binding (of a book). ~साज़ a bookbinder. according to Mohammedan demonology one of the lower type of spirits. ~ममेवार responsible. िज़ला zila: (nm) a district. —सवार होना to be possessed by a jinnee. bodily. . िज़/ममा zimmā: (nm) responsibility. to cause to live. िज़रहबकर zirahbaktar (nm) armour िजराफ़ jira:f (nm) a giraffe.examine. ~की खाना उसी की बजाना he that pays the piper calls the tune. to be under a satanic influence. ~का पलला भारी उसी से कर यारी to come down on the right side of the fence. cross-questioning. ~ममेदारी. ~बंदी book-binding work. िनभाना to deliver the goods. ~साज़ी book-binding.—जज the district judge. ~दार bound. ~ममा लेना to take or own the responsibility (of). to under. —उठाना to suffer humiliation. —कल बैठाये बैठना to dance to the tune of. —ताक़त physical force. िजहाद jiha:d: (nm) crusade. to cross-question. —पतल मे खाना उसी मे answerable. िज़ललत zillat (nf) humiliation. िजरगा jirga: (nm) an assembly. ~ममेवारी responsibility. —अदालत the district court. ~ने ू छे द करना to fell the tree that gives you shelter. ~ममेदार. a representative body of the frontier Paṭḥa:ns. िजस jis (pro) an oblique form of जो (see). —बोलना to launch a crusade. िजसमानी jismā:nī: (a) physical. िजलाना jila:nā: (v) to (cause to) revive. —. pertaining to pilgrimage.take. —अफ़सर a -.244 -collector. िजसम jism (nm) body. physique. to put up with insult. ~बंद bound (book). िज़लाधीश zila:dhi:sh (nm) the district magistrate. (a) crusading.

—जान से heart and soul. to get disgusted (with). —जलना to be grieved. (ind) an honorofic suffix. —की अमान माँगना to seek or requested pardon. —मे आना to occur in one's mind. -नोक the tip of the tongue. to set (person's) teeth on the edge. —चाहना to desire. — ु धड़कना the heart to palpitate. to practise self-denial. —दखाना to grieve. —डु बना to sink. to be discouraged. whole-heartedly. to plague. if you so desire. to be touched with compassion or be deeply moved. to fall in love with. —चराना to shirk (work). passionately. —जलाना to get in one's hair. to feel repelled from. not to be able to concentrate (on). ~ग the front of the ू —पर होना. to amuse so as to dissipate reflection. sir !. —काँपना to feel scared. ~लोलुप see चटोरा. (िकसी पर) the heart to be set on (somebody or something). —कड़ा करना to muster courage. to ु captivate. to one's heart's content. to wound/grieve. —मतलाना/िमचलाना to feel nausea.) the heart to be full. —धक-धक करना see —धड़कना. —बहलाना to recreate. to be uneasy. — घबराना to feel nervous. —जान से क़बारन devoted heart and soul. to be on the tip of the tongue. —जान से ु िफ़दा होना to be passionately in love with. to cause grief (to). —खटा होना to be disenchanted/disgusted. —उकताना to be fed up (of). to be browned off. yes. —टू ट जानाto be frustrated/disheartened. to prepare oneself for any eventuality. . to the top of one's bent. —भर कर to one's heart's content. to be fascinated by. —मे बसना to find a place in the heart (of). —उचटना to be ennuied. —जान से कोिशश करना to knuckle down to it. to be infatuated by. —करना to set heart on. to feel like vomitting. —मे घर करना. to have a palpitation. to feel soothed. -. —का बोझ हलका होना to be relieved of a worry or apprehension. to knuckle down to it. to have a fancy (for). —फटना see िदल फटना. —तोड़ कोिशश करना to try heart and soul. to have a sore heart. —तरसना to long or yearn (for). ~मल the root of the tongue. to get disinterested.245 -—जान से जुट जाना to blaze away. —दहलनाto be scared out of wits. —िफरना to be disgusted with. —िपघल जाना to be deeply moved by pity. —भरना to be satiated. to shudder. —छोटा करना to lose heart. —खोलकर freely. without any restraint or stint. tongue. to long (for). —पानी होना the heart to be moved by compassion. जी ji: (nm) mind. to faint. yes !.िजवहा jivha: (nf) the tongue. to cast a spell (upon). —की जी मे रहना (a wish or longing) not to have a chance for expression or materialisation. —चाहे if you feel like. —उड़ा जाना to feel nervously restless. to be weary (of). ~मधय the middle of the tongue. —आ जाना. to divert the mind. —बैठना see िदल बैठना. —भर आना (lit. to charm. lingua. to be fed up. —ऊबना/ऊब जाना to be fed up. heart. to preface a discourse with excuses. —को मारना to repress a longing. to long (for).

~हु ज़री करना to chime in. lively.246 -life to become too hot. —खींच लेना see —िनकालना. —ऐंठ जाना the tongue to be twisted. to be gabby. to fall in love (with). bragging. to captivate the heart of. ज़ीना zi:nā: (nm) a staircase. up and kicking. to make life hell. जीता ji:ta: (a) living. —िनकालना lit. —से जाना to lose one's life. •लगना (िकसी काम आिद मे ) to be able to concentrate on. to play a sycophant. ू sycophant. a kind of thick suiting (cloth). ~साज़ी saddle-making. — से उतर जाना to lose the favour or regard of. —चलनाto talk too much. . to fall in the esteem of. —मे बैठना to be impressed or fixed in the mind. -हार victory and defeat. to endure extreme misery or anguish. to prevail upon. -. जीतना ji:tnā: (v) to win. as long as one is living or is in existence. जीजा ji:ja: (nm) elder sister's husband. won. —हारना to lose spirits. •मर जाना to suffer death in life. —दभर या भारी हो जानाthe life to ू ू become a burden or an impossibility. ज़ीट zi:ṭ (nf) boasting. —लुभाना to allure or entice.to create a profound sense of endearment (in). to be on the verge of death. •(िकसी जगह आिद पर) to feel easy. —लोट-पोट होना to pant for. जीते जी during the life-time of. जीती बाज़ी a battle already won. —लगाना to set one's heart (on). —का चटख़ारे लेना to have an inkling for dainties. to pull out the tongue—to inflict heavy be double-tongued. success. ~हु ज़र a yes-man. to concentrate (on). to be passionately charmed (by). to boast. —मारना to brag. जीते रहो ! may you live long ! ज़ीन zi:n (nf) a saddle. to conquer. —का कडुआ मन का उजला one's bark to be worse than one's bite.जी उठना to be revived. —मे जलना to be consumed with jealousy or envy. alive. to eat one's heart out. जीत ji:t (nf) victory. —मुटी मे होना to have the game in one's hands. —रखना to appease. —क तले जीभ होना to े to talk grandly or largely. ladder. to feel allured. to be infused with new life. to master. to be disheartened/discouraged. — दभर करना to make it too hot for. जीजी ji:ji: (nf) an elder sister. success and failure. जीना ji:nā: (v) to live. ~साज़ a saddle maker. जीने का मज़ा pleasure of life. जीती मकखी िनगलना to wilfully commit or connive in a wrong. जीभ ji:bh (nf) tongue. lingua. —लगना to feel quite oneself. to be alive. -जागता living. —काटना see ज़बान काटना. —ललचाना to hanker after. to feel quite at home. to please. to be absorbed in.

—चलाना to earn one's livelihood. —पर सरसवती का वास होना to have the gift of the gab. जीणोधदार ji:rṉoddha:r (nm) resurrection. ~चिरतकार a biographer. . जीवनमु/क ji:vānmukt (a) freed from worldly bonds in life. chronic. decayed. ~िवष toxin. ~धन the basic wealth of life. -मरण life and death. basis of life. •चक the life and death-cycle. ~रसायन biochemistry. ~घाती destroyer of life. —िहलाना to speak out. जीवन ji:vān (nm) life. ज़ीरा zi:ra: (nm) cumin seed. —का आदमी having the heart of oak. -संघषर struggle for life. जीभी ji:bhi: (nf) a tongue-cleaner. जीणर ji:rṉ (a) time-worn. hence ~दार. जीवनमत ji:vānmrit (a) living dead. worn and torn. life-like. जीिवका ji:vika: (nf) livelihood. animation. -दान sacrifice of life. animism. biological. जीवनी ji:vnī: (nf) biography. ~िवजान biology. जीव ji:v (nm) a creature. ~लोक mortal world. to make utterances that eventually prove true. to fare sumptuously. -हतया/िहंसा destruction of life. life. —जवर chronic fever. —वस worn-out/tattered cloth. -नैया/नौका the ship of life. -शिक elan vital. ~भौितकी biophysics. existence. tiny creatures. microbe. जीमना ji:mnā: (v) to feast. to quieten for ever. living. -शीणर tattered. living being. hence ~ता (nf). ~दान sacrifice of life. -जंतु creatures. bio-data. endurance. resuscitation. जीवट ji:vaṭ (nm) courage. जीवंत ji:vānt (a) lively. -सतर standard of living. routine of life.punishment. जीवाधार jiva:dha:r (nm) vitals. ृ जीवांिककी ji:vā:ṅkiki: (nf) Biometry. organism. ~चिरत biography. ~कार a biographer. -कम the journey of life. struggle ृ ृ for existence. to make both ends meet. a woman's husband. spirit. decrepit. ~वािसकी bionomics. bionomy. experiencing death in life. soul. —पर सरसवती बसना/िवराजना/होना. ~हीन lifeless. ~िक freedom from worldly bonds in life. killer. -वत/वतांत biography. liberated. subsistence. animated. ~हीन lifeless. ~हे तु livelihood. —भार होना life to become a burden. old. chipping. the basis of existence. insipid. liberation. ~धारी living being. जीवाणु ji:vā:ṉū (nm) bacteria. -जगत the animate world. hence ~ता (nf). -संधया the evening of one's life—the last phase of life. ~वाद vitalism. adventure. ~चयार living. (commitment) to spare somebody's life. vitality. living. murderous. ~वैजािनक a biologist.

to unite. measure. ~बंदी the sewing of the ु individual formes of a book. to cause to work in full force. contrivance. glow. ु जगुपसा jugupsa: (nf) disgust. the ु defluxion from the head to be suddenly stopped. जीवी ji:vi: (nm) a living organism. intense aversion. जगाल juga:l (nm) a cud.जीिवत ji:vit (a) alive. hence ~दी (nm and a). जुंिबश jumbish (nf) activity. जुठारना juṭḥa:rnā: (v) to defile by tasting a little (of victuals etc. to cause to work hard. जआ jua: (nm) gambling.) or by using (clothes etc. to ु contrive. जझा/र. ~मलक (a). putting the parts together. िचरजीवी. —िभड़ाना/लड़ाना to manipulate.247 -essence. yoke. —जोड़ी a matching pair. . to procure. forme of a book. to render second-hand. ~खाना/घर a gambling den. —िबगड़ना the rheum to become thick and clotted. ु जगाड़ juga:ṛ (nf) way. a suffix meaning living or subsisting by or for. the two. gambling house. movement. to flock. for ever. portion. —बैठाना/िभड़ाना/लगाना लड़ाना to manage. —करना to manage. to assemble. —कधे से ं ु उतार फकना to throw off the yoke. e. couple. ु to find a way (to achieve). -जुग िजयो ! (a benediction from an ु ु elderly person) May you live for ages ! जगत jugat (nf) a skilful device/measure. (nm) -. catarrh. शमजीवी. duet. जुटाना juṭa:nā: (v) to gather. (ind) without. to have the first relish. —करना to ruminate. to free/liberate oneself from. warrior. ु जगाली juga:li: (nf) rumination. device. ु जुट juṭ (nm) pair. जीवयता ji:vyta: (nf) viability. ु जगलबंदी jugalbandi: (nf) a duet (of two musical instruments). जीवोपयोिगतावा/द jivopyogita:va:d(nm) biologism. to manoeuvre. batch.worm. जग jug (nm) see युग. living. to find a way out. ु ज़काम zuka:m (nm) cold. ज़आरी jua:ri: (nm) a gambler. बुिदजीवी. ु ू जज़ juz (nm) a part. -जग for ages.g.). ु जगल jugal (nm and a) pair. hence ~जनक. —रखना/धरना to put े yoke upon. ~र jujha:r. to manoevure. manoeuvre. ~ru: (a and nm) (a) combatant. जुटना juṭnā: (v) to be engaged (in a work) in full force. जगनू jugnū: (nm) a fire-fly.

tyrannical. guile. ु जँू jū: (nf) a louse. —दे ना to cheat. audacity. offence. —ढाना to commit outrage. ु ु जुदाई juda:i: (nf) separation. oppressive. to be yoked. जदा juda: (a) separate. जुरारब jurra:b (nf) socks. tillage. जल jul (nm) duplicity. trickster. tyrannical. to struggle. cheating. जलाई jula:i: (nf) (the month of) July. ु जलाहा jula:ha: (nm) a weaver. outrage. ु जड़नार juṛna:r (nf) fittings. ~बाज़ी duplicity. ु जतना jutnā: (v) to be tilled/ploughed. ु जुितयाना jutiya:nā: (v) to strike with a shoe. to combat. ु जमा jumā: (nm) Friday. ~बाज़ a cheat. —न रे गना. to be harnessed to work.248 -जमर jurm (nm) crime. जझना ju:jhnā: (v) to fight hard. जमेरात Thursday. जनहाई junha:i: (nf) the moonlight. total. कान पर see कान पर जँू न रे गना. ु जुमारना jurmā:nā: (nm) a fine. to ु oppress. ु -. जुनून junū:n (nm) craziness. to be procured or collected. —जुमा आठ िदन a very limited span of time. only a few ु days. जहार juha:r (nf) a typical term of salutation (usually prevalent in Ra:jastha:n). ु knavery. to deceive. disunited. ु जही juhi: (nf) a kind of Jasmine—Jasminum anriculatum. ु जलूस julu:s (nm) a procession. जलम zulm (nm) oppression. ु जताई juta:i: (nf) (the act or process of) ploughing. ु oppressive. —सािबत करना to bring charge home to a person. ु जड़वाँ juṛwā: (a and nm) twin/twins. -जदा different. effrontery. cheek. stocking. to indulge in oppressive measures. ु जुलफ़ zulf (nm) (curled) lock of hair. जुररत jurrat (nf) courage. tyranny. ~पसंद a tyrant. ू . to practise fraud. ु जलाब jula:b (nm) a purgative.जड़ना juṛnā: (v) to be attached/added/jointed/linked. trickery. madness. ज़लमो-िसतम oppression and repression. to humiliate. insanity. severally. जूझ जाना to die fighting. ु जमला jumla: (nm) a sentence. (a) all. —होना to have the cheek. ज़ुलमी zulmī: (a) tyrant. mania. penalty.

जेठानी jeṭḥa:nī: (nf) see िजठानी. जूरी ju:ri: (nf) the jury.). जूितयाँ िसर पर रखना lit. to do menial chores for. to consider as absolutely of no जती ju:ti: (nf) a typical light shoe. जते मारना/लगाना to give a shoe-beating. exchange of shoe-blows. जते खाना to be beaten by shoes. to care a fig (for) बराबर समझना to treat with utter contempt. ू जतमपैज़ार ju:tampaiza:r (nf) a shoe-fight. जितयो की बदौलत/जितयो क तफ़ल से through the bounteous grace of. to beat with ू humiliate. etc. जते की नोक पर मारना to treat (somebody) with contempt. ladies footwear. जूितयाँ उठाना to dance attendance upon. —उठाना to raise a shoe in order to beat. to cringe to. time (as दो जून की रोटी). -अदालत the court of the jury.249 -flatter survilely. to consider ू (somebody) as absolutely of no significance. जते से खबर लेना to apply the shoe.जूट ju:ṭ (nm) jute. —की नोक पर care a fig for. to be hit or struck repeatedly by ू shoes. to behave obsequiously. —चलना exchange of shoe. ू ू जेठ jeṭḥ (nm) the third month of the Hindu lunar calendar. जते से बात करना to apply the shoe. to carry somebody's shoes over the head—to -. —चलवाना to set people together by the ears. to be ready to ू give a shoe blow. जते की नोक पर ू रखना to care a fig/tuppence for. जता ju:ta: (nf) a shoe. जूितयाँ चटकाते िफरना to roam about aimlessly. जूितयाँ बगल मे दबाना to slink away or slip off quietly. to ू ू inflict a shoe-beating. mutual application ू of shoe strokes in a quarrel. to be servilely flattering. elder brother of a woman's husband. half a day.(िकसी का) to do menial chores. जते पड़ना/बरसना to be beaten by shoes. drink. े ु ै ू ू through the magnanimous pleasure of. general scuffle. drinking or using otherwise. senior. जूते से पजा करनाto resort to shoe-beating. ू जूठा ju:ṭḥa: (a) defiled by eating. . matted hair. जूितयाँ सीधी करना to perform menial chores. जून jū:n (nm) (the month of) June. जेठा jeṭḥa: (a) elder. ू जड़ी ju:ṛi: (nf) ague.blows. 0. to straightaway resort to the application of ू shoe force. footwear. malarial fever. जठन ju:ṭḥān (nf) leavings (of food. जड़ा juṛa: (nm) a bun-shaped hair-do. to ू shoes. जही ju:hi: (nf) see जही. जूते चाटना to lick somebody's shoe. mutual hitting by shoes. to retaliate in an insulting manner. —क े ू value.

a Rowland for an Oliver. -तजवीज़ under consideration. to subjugate. —गरम होना to have a full pocket. (pl. to receive a bribe. intact. ज़ैतून zaitu:n (nm) olive (tree and its fruit). indebted. —ख़ाली होना to have no money in one's pocket. ज़ेबा zebra: (nm) a zebbra. जेलख़ाना jelḳḥa:nā: (nm) a prison-house. —भारी होना to have plenty of money. —िपता वैसा पत/-बाप वैसा बेटा like father like son. ~ख़चर pocket-expenses. जेलर jelar (nm) a jailor/gaoler. to go behind the bars. pocket money. ज़ेहिनयत mentality. (nf) jelly. to take to one's heart. जैसे का तैसा as it was. subjugated. ज़ेर zer (ind) under. (a) subdued. to be put behind the bars. ~घड़ी pocket watch. sharp. nature. to drink as one has brewed. ~दार intelligent. जेबी jebi: (a) pertaining to. mind. measure for measure. ज़ेवरात zevra:t (nm) plural of ज़ेवर. a pocket. jail/gaol. —मे बैठना to follow/understand. —की हवा खानाto suffer imprisonment. जैसे को तैसा tit for tat. ~वैजािनक a biologist. वैसा फल like wood. such as. a Jain. to be penniless. जैसा jaisa: (a) similar to. —मे रहना to be far ahead in excellence. —पेड़ ू bed one has made. resembling. to be very very superior. pocket—. ~िवजान Biology. like. to be in jail. memory. to pay one in his own coin. ज़ेहन zehan (nf) intellect. like. जैनेरल jaineral (nm) a general (of an army). —कटना pocket to be picked. jail/gaol. ज़ेरे-ग़ौर under consideration. -साया under the protection (of). or fit for keeping in. जैसी (feminine form). जेली jeli: (nm) a prisoner.(nf) a pouch. —होना to be subdued/subjugated. जेवनार jevna:r (nf) a feast. जैव jaiv (a) biological.) jewellery. —करोगे वैसा भरोगे as you sow so shall you reap. —की रोटीयाँ तोड़ना to suffer imprisonment. ज़ेवर zevar (nm) an ornament. — िहरासत in/under custody. —करना to subdue. biological. —मे आना to occur (in the mind). जैन jāīn (nm) a follower of Jainism—a religious order. —काटना to suffer imprisonment. like arrows. below. •करनी वैसी भरनी to lie in the . the self-same. जेल jel (nf) a prison. जै jai (nf) see जय. ~बार under a heavy burden. (adv) as. —कतरना to pick pocket.जेब jeb (nf) a pocket. ~कट/कतरा a pickpocket.

splice. —बाना धारण करना to take to mendicancy/asceticism. to tally. to attach. as.जोख (see). to have no debit and no credit. —का matching. suit. to connect. —का काम a risky or hazardous job. ~दार jointed. a patch. contrivance.sucker. used only in the compound नाप. match. to save up. जोख jokh (nf) lit. to link. to weld. —िमले ु —हो सो हो come what may. जोखो jokhō (nm) see जोिखम. —नागनाथ वैसे साँपनाथ nothing to choose between. (ind) if. which. what. to set (a bone etc. as if. जोिगनी jogini: (nf) see जोगी. -. जोड़ joṛ (nm) sum. danger. on dangerous ground. articulation. -तोड़ ad libitum. जोिगया jogiya: (a) saffron. जोक jōk (nf) a leech. —बनना to renounce the world. catch as catch can. —पीछे रह जाये जहननम जाये devil take the hindmost. enterprise. to bind. no sooner than. equal to. (ind) for example. —जागत है सो पावत है it is the early bird that catches the worm. सो हलाल all is grist that comes to his mill. जोगी jogi: (nm) an ascetic. to take risks. —बनेas well as possible. —कपड़े/बाना/वस saffron robes—as donned by a mendicant. a mendicant. to unite. •बराबर होना to be quits. according as. —मे डटे रहना to stand in the breach. in any possible manner. —ही as soon as. . —की तरह िचपकाना to hang on irresistibly. —मे on thin ice. —गरजते है वे बरसते नहीं barking dogs seldom bite. ~पटी fish plate. -बाक़ी debit and credit. at any rate. to run a hazard. counter. —भी हो however. —सोना और पीतल as like as chalk and cheese. जोड़ना joṛnā: (v) to add. having joints.250 -- जैसे मँुह मे ज़बान न हो to look as if butter would not melt in his mouth. जोड़-बटोरकर by collecting together. total. -जोड़ each and every joint. seam.). that. (fig) a blood. जो jo (pro) who. to sum up.जैसे jaise (adv) as. union. — उठाना/लेना to take a risk. somehow or other. to assemble. for instance. —बदना to fix a a bout. manipulation. joint. जोड़ा joṛa: (nm) a pair. जैसेतैसे somehow. जोिगन jogin (nf) a female ascetic/mendicant. जोड़-जोड़कर धरना to save up little by little. it means weighing. addition. —िमलना to be equal/matching. by hook or by crook. parasite. to collect. also see जैसा. —का तोड़ a match. addition and subtraction. —होगा सो दे खा जायेगा to go bald-headed. machination. जोिखम jokhim (nm) risk. to accumulate. —मोल लेना to go (in) off the deep end. couple. to cement. saffron-coloured.

household effects. —खाना to boil. — का powerful. zeal. fervour. holding. -शोर zest. support. —ढलना to take the bloom off. जोशीला joshila: (v) spirited. forceful. youthful charm. matching.251 --ज़बरदसती coercion. obedient.ख़रोश fervour and frenzy. to emphasise. full bloom. no worldly cares. —मे होना to be in full vigour. to insist. -. -व. —ठं डा पड़नाpassion/excitement to subside. ज़ोर zor (nm) strength. जोर joru: (nf) wife. to look for. excitement. to be agitated. to be under petticoat government. —मे आना to be provoked/excited. —भर a grain/particle. जोशे जाम Dutch courage (courage induced by drinking). —आज़माना to chance one's arm. —डालना to put pressure (on). —पर होना to be in full swing. enthusiastic. vigour. hence ~पन (nm). vigorous. •से चालू रखना to keep the pot boiling. youthful breasts. strain: emphasis. —मारना to be agitated. . जोशाँदा joshā:da: (nm) a medicinal decoction (used as a remedy for cough and cold). जोत jot (nf) tillage. जोहना johnā: (v) to await. •होना to live under the cat's foot. zeal. stress. vigorous. -ज़ुलम oppression and injustice. to yoke. to be in a passion. strong. hen-pecked husband. to commit outrage. duress. violent. fast tempo. pride. flame. of equal status. force. forceful. —लटना to ू enjoy the youthful charm of a woman. couple.जोड़ी joṛi: (nf) a pair. —न जाँता अलला िमयाँ से नाता no household. enthusiasm. comrade. ज़ोम zom (nm) fervour. —पकड़ना to acquire momentum/strength. ज़ोरो से with emphasis. tiller. force. a pair of clubs. जोश josh (nm) enthusiasm. ~दार powerful. to influence. gusto. influence. puberty. जोबन jobān (nm) blooming youth. —पर आना/होना to be in full bloom. —चलना to have sway (over). जोतना jotnā: (v) to plough. to till. ~दार a land-holder. -आज़माई trial of strength. —मारना to make (frantic) efforts. —दे कर with emphasis or force. power. जौ jau (nm) barley. —का matching. to keep things moving at full speed. strong. in full force/swing. —दे ना to strengthen. influential. passion. —से जोत जले one flame kindles another. pot-valour. —बाँधना to acquire momentum/force. -जाँता household. to be excited. zealous. ज़ोरावर zora:var (a) powerful. to be in speed. ~दार a match. —का ग़लाम an uxorious ु husband. to harness to work. hence ~दारी (nf). all fervour/zeal to disappear.

in most cases. ~गमय knowable. ~तर mostly. hence ~ता (nf). जान gya:n (nm) knowable. जयो jyō (ind) as. the ear. senior. -साधना pursuit of knowledge. one who is blessed with intellect. perceptible. जापन gya:pān (nm) memorandum. जातवय gya:tavvy (a) knowable. जयेष jyeshṭḥ (a) the eldest (brother. ~तीय geometrical. ~दाता a preceptor. elder. hence जािपत (a). scholarly. जाता gya:ta: (nm and a) (one) who knows. (nm) the third month of the Hindu calendar. learned (person). जापक gya:pak (nm) memo. perceptible. learning. a heroine conscious of her blooming youth. indicative. ~चकु the inner vision. -धयानी devoted to meditation/spiritual pursuits. sense. high-handedness. जयािम/ित jya:miti (nf) Geometry. intact. viz. knowledge incarnate. the senior-most. जया jya: (nf) a bow-string. worth knowing. जानी gya:nī: (a) wise.जौहर jauhar (nm) valour. giver of knowledge. the eye.). . comprehended. ~गोचर knowable. son. जानमय gya:nmay (a) full of knowledge. जौहरी jauhari: (nm) a jeweller. ~मीमांसा epistemology. injustice. plenty. — का तयो as it was (before). ज़यादा zya:da: (a) more. a connoisseur. many. ज़यादती zya:dati: (nf) excess. intelligible. -साधन medium or means of perception or acquisition of knowledge. one who has attained self-realisation. skill or skilful manipulation. ~वान learned. etc. बहुज. जानोदय gya:noday (nm) the advent/emergence of knowledge. well-informed. ~िपपासा thirst for knowledge. hence ~िपपासु (nm). making known. a mediaeval Rajput custom wherein the women performed self-immolation to save their honour. ज gya—a Sanskrit suffix meaning 'one who knows or realises' as गणज. कृतज.252 -जानेिदय gya:nēndriy (nf) the (five) senses of perception. the nose. -जयो -as. informant. worth knowing. proclaiming. -. —िदखाना to prove one's mettle/valour. जेय gyey (a) knowable. (a) informative. ~यौवना traditionally. much. as if. hence ~ता (nf). by manipulation. —तयो somehow. the tongue and the skin. a scholar. knowledgeable. —हीं as soon as. learned. ु जात gya:t (a) known.

~नुमा like lattice. to feel uneasy. radiant. combustion. storm. to tinkle/jingle/clink. जविलत jvalit (a) inflamed. set tinkling/jingling. bright. जवलंत jvalānt (a) blazing. vision. imbroglio. jingled. चवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. pyrexia. जयोितष jyotish (nf) Astrology. vicissitudes. ~वात (nm) see झंझा. ~दार latticed. जयोतसना jyotsnā: (nf) the moonlight. (great) millet. a ु volcano. झंझा jhāṇjha: (nm) a gale. lustre. chirred. ~िवरदा /जयोित:शास Astronomy. —चढ़ना to run temperature. ~शील inflammable. -िवदा/शास Astrology. ~ट मोल लेना to ask for/wilfully own a botheration. trouble. ~िवरद an astronomer. ~मंडल the planetary system. -भाटा flood tide and ebb tide. -. जयौनार jyāūna:r (nm) see जेवनार. set ablaze. lustrous. mess. burnt. flame. जयोितमरय jyotirmay (a) resplendent luminous.e. ~टी quarrelsome. झँझरी jhājhri: (nf) lattice. brightness. झंकार jhāṅka:r (nf) tinkling. जवलन jvalān (nm) inflammation. clinking sound. झंखाड़ jhāṇkha:ṛ (nm) leafless thick thorny bush. burning. resplendent.253 -झंकृत jhāṅkrit (a) tinkled. झंकारना jhāṅka:rnā: (v) to produce tinkling/jingling/clinking sound. to embroil oneself in a mess. luminosity.जयोित jyoti (nf) light. chirr. जवाला jva:la: (nf) flame. ~गसत down with fever. झ झ jha—the fourth letter of the second pentad (i. jingling. जयोित/षमान jyotishmā:n (a) luminous. a cluster of thorny bushes. . combustible. —पवरत volcanic mountain. जवार jva:r (nm) flood tide. (a) volcanic. झंझ/ट jhāṇjhaṭ (nm) botheration. clinked. hence ~ता (nf). ~ता resplendence. conspicuous. striking. burning. blaze. uranography. to chirr. uranographer. ~िमरित photometery. जवर jvar (nm) fever. of the shape of lattice. astronomical science. जवालामखी jva:la:mukhi: (nm) a volcano. hence ~षमती (fem). troublemaker. जयोितषी jyotishi: (nm) an astrologer.

to pick a quarrel/altercation. —मार कर left with no alternative. -. झकझक jhakjhak (nf) wrangling. craze. to be in mourning. shiningly tidy. —खड़ा करना to invoke people to fight for a cause. झका/र jhaka:r (nm) the letter झ (jha) and its sound. whiff. -झंटा/टं टा argumentation and altercation. disputatious. to altercate. dispute. —गाड़ना to come off with flying colours. to fight under the same leadership or for one cause. झकझोरा jhakjhora: (nm) a violent jerk.254 -bone of contention.झँझोड़ना jhājhoṛnā: (v) to jerk violently. higgling. to blast through. झंडी jhāṉḍi: (nf) a bunting. to hold with the teeth and give a jerk. to give a signal. to cover. . banner of. to be done with it. to plant a standard. झकोरना jhakornā: (v) (the air) to flow gustily (through the trees). —जहाज़ a flagship. quarrel. —झकाना to lower a flag. to scramble. —मोल लेना to trail one's coat tails. standard. झंडे तले जमा होना. gust. under compulsion. झगड़ना jhagaṛnā: (a) to quarrel. craze. to fasten quarrel upon. (a) clean. fray. dispute. झककी jhakki: (a) crazy. झक jhak (nf) a whim. ~बरदार a standard-bearer. —ख़तम करना to bury the hatchet. whimsical. scramble. एक— to gather under one banner. झँपना jhāpnā: (v) to be closed (as (आँखे). whim. small flag. —खड़ा करना to kick up a row/dust. झकोरा jhakora: (nm) a blast. झगड़े की जड़ apple of discord. झख jhakh (nf) a fish. banner. neat and tidy. hence ~पन (nm). to take up a cause. —क नीचेunder the े establish a record. whacky. altercation. hurricane. —छे ड़ना to assume the aggressive. झकोर jhakor (nm) see झकोरा. ~मक clean. clean and tidy. hence ~पन (nm). to be engaged in a fruitless work. ensign. —मारना to be a fool for one's pains. to come out with flying colours. झककड़ jhakkaṛ (nm) a storm. झकाझक jhaka:jhak (a) spotlessly clean. to झगड़ालू jhagṛa:lu: (a) quarrelsome. tidy. to conceal. pugnacious. given to prattling (out of indignation/discontentment). to achieve a victory. under the leadership of. altercation. ~रांत (word) ending in झ ् (jh). wordy quarrel. to set up a flag. —फहराना to ु hoist a flag. झकझोरना jhakjhornā: (v) to shake or jerk violently. झंडा jhāṉḍa: (nm) a flag. झगड़ा jhagṛa: (nm) a quarrel. to get embroiled in a quarrel/dispute. — िदखाना to give a slip. ~दार fitted with buntings or small flags. —उठाना to hold a banner aloft. to shake off.

the meat of an animal so beheaded. a brawl. having wildly abundant hair all over. lurch.). to dash. to drop or fall. झननाना jhannā:nā: (v) to be benumbed. to pounce (upon). clinking. to twitch. non-stop shower. झड़पा-झड़पी jhaṛpa:jhaṛpi: (nf) an altercation. to make torpid/insensible. shock. to jingle. to snatch. promptly. झनकार jhanka:r (nf) (see) झंकार. pounce. to shake or knock off (as dust or crumples from a bedsheet. to grab. etc. —लेना to have a nap. to clang. to be infused with a sharp benumbing sensation. fitted with tassel(s). झड़ी jhaṛi (nf) incessānt downpour. to twinkle. tinnitus. blink.झट jhaṭ (adv) instantly. झपकी jhapki: (nf) a nap. झपटना jhapaṭnā: (v) to make a sudden swoop. to be discharged (as semen). tinkling/jingling/clinking clanking sound. to wink. to (make a) pounce. beheading (an animal) with one stroke. short sleep. to tinkle. disaesthesia. to be struck (by). to obtain by force or fraud. झड़ना jhaṛnā: (v) to be shed off. . —होना to be suddenly closed (eyes). —मे आना to come into the striking range of. to wrest. to snatch. at once. swoop. झड़प jhaṛap (nf) a skirmish. to clean. —लगना to have an incessant downpour. jolt. झनकारना jhanka:rnā: (v) see झंकारना. झपेटा jhapeṭa: (nm) see झपेट. clink-clank. झनझनाहट jhanjhana:haṭ (nf) a sharp sensation of numbness. झपेट jhapeṭ (nf) (striking) range. झप jhap. झपटा jhapaṭṭa: (nm) a swoop. stroke. झबरीला jhabri:la: (a) see झबरा. झटकना jhaṭaknā: (v) to jerk off. झनक jhanāk (nf) tinkling. झटकारना jhaṭka:rnā: (a) to twitch. snap fight. झनझनाना jhanjhana:nā: (v) to be benumbed or cramped. altercation. to be rendered visionless all of a sudden. झननाहट jhanna:haṭ (nf) see झननाना. hence ~ना (v). —मारना to swoop. झबबेदार tasselled. झबबा jhabba: (nm) a tassel. झटपट jhaṭpaṭ (adv) instantaneously. झपकना jhapaknā: (v) to blink. to extort. also ~ना. quickly. झबरा jhabra: (a) shaggy. झटका jhaṭka: (nm) a jerk.

झरोखा jharokha: (nm) an oriel. twinkle. —भी नहीं. pettifogger. to (impart a) shine. झाँट jhā:ṭ (nf) pubes. —मारना to show a semblance of. hoodwinking. semblance. —आना to be dazed. a dark facial freckle. झलाई jhala:i: (nm) welding. coyous or violent motion. —करना (air) to produce a frightful sound in its flow through desolateness. to be reflected. wordy quarrel. hollow tinkling anklet. झमेला jhamela: (nm) a mess. mesh. —दे ना to dodge. hence झललाहट (nf) tantrums. cascade. altercation. to be stupefied. to have no contact at all. झलकना jhalaknā: (v) to show up faintly or imperfectly. झललाना jhalla:nā: (v) to shout peevishly. the hairy growth around the genitals. to carry a semblance of. dodge. झलक jhalak (nf) a glimpse. to be aglow with a tremulous light. pettifogging. gleam. to trickle. झलमल jhalmal (nf) glitter. िकसी क यहाँ to have े absolutely nothing to do. झाँई jhā:ī: (nf) a shadow. imbroglio. . -पटी wheedling. — मारना to have a semblance of. to altercate. झरना jharnā: (nm) a spring. झाँप jhā:p (nf) a weather-shed. to be taken in by a hoax. to fret and fume. झलमलाना jhalmala:nā: (v) to gleam. to be irritated. trickery. ~गर a welder. झमझमाना jnamjhamā:nā: (v) to produce a tinkling sound. strigil. झाँपना jhā:pnā: (v) to cover. tableau. to spring: to fall. —िदखाना to show a glimpse. झललरी jhallari: (nf) fimbria. shade. to enter into a heated argument.झमकना jhamaknā: (v) to flounce. झाँसा jhā:sa: (nm) wheedling. -. welding charges. to peer. adumbration. to make an agitated. झाँय-झाँय jhā:yjhā:y (nf) sound produced by violent flow of air in a desolate tract of land. —करना to to weld. झाँकी jhā:ki: (nf) a glimpse. network of airholes/apertures. झाँसे मे आना (आसानी से) to be caught with chaff. reflection. habitual pettifogging. झाँसेबाज़ी wheedling trickery. झाँवाँ jhā:vā: (nm) pumic (stone). fall: (v) to flow forth. to glisten.255 -to glitter. to rise to the fly. to play a trick on. darkness. covering. oriel window. झाँसेबाज़ a wheedler. झाँझ jhā:jh (nf) a sistrum. to twinkle. to shade. botheration. scene. झाँकना jhā:knā: (v) to peep in or out. bright tremulous light.

~दार bushy. झाग jha:g (nm) foam. -फ़ानस chandelier. ~बंध abatis. झाड़न jha:ṛān (nf) a duster. ~दार fimbriate. ~खंड a forest track. to snub. thicket. झारी jha:ri: (nf) a ewer with a slender neck and a spout fitted into it. froth. to snub. झामक jha:māk (nm) see झाँवाँ. िझपना jhipnā: (v) to be shut/closed (as आँखे) per force. lather. frill. to reprimand. िझंझरी jhījhri: (nf) a lattice.256 -झाला jha:la: (nm) a rhythmic pattern of instrumental music. झाड़/ना jha:ṛnā: (v) to sweep. threadbare. fissure. to brush. scolding. fitted with festoons. everything to be ruined/undone. झालर jha:lar (nf) festoon. chandelier. —मारना to damn a thing. to grab. snap. िझझक jhijhak (nf) hesitation. abatis. shyness. झाड़ू jha:ṛu: (nm) a broom. to chide. to weld. recess. to hocus-pocus. grabbing crane. sweepings. cleft. to scold severely. ंू झाड़ी jha:ṛi: (nf) a bush. to feel shy. shrub. to be clean-swept. झाड़ jha:ṛ (nm) a bush. scummy. to shake or knock off. to extort. -पोछ brushing and cleaning. (nf) reprimand. chink. झालना jha:lnā: (v) to solder. a snub. to snap. िझरी jhiri: (nf) slit. झाम jhā:m (nm) a dredger. ~दार foamy. to clean. झाबर jha:bar (nm) a moor.झाऊ jha:u: (nm) a tamarisk tree— Tamarix Indica. besom. whisk. —खोलना to break the ice. frothy. cleansing. hence ~पन (nm). झाबा jha:ba: (nm) a pannier. झाल jha:l (nm) a solder. िझड़कना jhiṛaknā: (v) to tick off. िझड़की jhiṛki: (nf) ticking off. fringe. -बुहार sweeping and cleaning. ू . to shed off one's hesitation/shyness. frilled. brambles. scum. —िपलाना to administer a reprimand. grating. shrub by. -झंखाड़ bushes and shrubs. िझरिझरा jhirjhira: (a) thinned/thin. —िफरना to be swept off. lathery. small tree. —रसीद करना to slap violently. to be done with it. ~कश/~बरदार a sweeper. -. िझझकना jhijhaknā: (v) to hesitate. —दे ना to tick off. soldering/welding. -फक hocus-pocus. hitch. झापड़ jha:paṛ (nm) a full-blooded slap.

झींगुर jhī:gur (nm) (an insect) cricket. a slight burn. shrubby. pellicle. झँझना jhūjhnā: (nm) see झुनझुना. झील jhi:l (nf) a lake. hordes. grove. shivering. झींखना jhī:khnā: (v) see झींकना. scorch. film. झीना jhī:nā: (a) thinned/thin. झुनझुना jhuṇjhunā: (nm) a child's rattle. ~दार full of shrubs. to tilt. the morning or evening hour when the sunlight is very ु ु faint. िझलली jhilli: (nf) a membrane. ु झँझला/ना jhūjhla:nā: (v) to get irritated/petulant/peeved/annoyed. leaning. to fret. crinkled. to grumble/grouse. झकाव jhuka:v (nm) inclination. to shimmer.िझलिमल jhilmil (nf) twinkle/twinkling. trend. िझलिमलाना jhilmila:nā: (v) to twinkle. झींगा jhī:ga: (nf) a prawn. to flicker. ु ु झमका jhumka: (nm) pendant (of an ear-ring etc. झलना jhulnā: (v) see झला. to cause to stoop. petulance. crinkle. irascibility. ु झटपटा jhuṭpuṭa: (nm) twilight. cluster. िझलिमली jhilmili: (nf) venetian shutters. ु —कर बोलना to snap/bite one's nose off. fold. clump. to lean (towards). झींकना jhī:knā: (v) to repine. झरमट jhurmūṭ (nm) an abatis. ~दार membranous. bias. singe. े ुं झकना jhuknā: (v) to bow. to droop. covered with a film/pellicle. tilt. peevishness. to shimmer. to give a lie to. untruth. िझलिमलाहट jhilmila:haṭ (nf) twinkle. to fret. ु ु झुरी jhurri: (nf) wrinkle. to yield. झुठाई jhuṭḥa:i: (nf) falsehood. curvature. —क झुंड swarms. to cause to lean ु (towards). to stoop. persiennes. to flicker. to bend. ु . bent. annoyance. झनझनाना jhuṇjhunā:nā: (v) to produce a rattle/rattling sound. ु ू झलसन jhulsān (nf) a sensation of burning. a cluster of shrubs. to falsify. ~दार wrinkled. threadbare. झुठलाना jhuṭḥla:nā: (v) to belie. charring. shimmer/shimmering. to be peeved. flexion. flicker/flickering. a kind of cricket. ु झड jhūṉḍ (nm) a flock. झँझलाहट jhūjhla:haṭ (nf) irritation. hence ~पन (nm). herd. rattling toy. झकाना jhuka:nā: (v) to bend. to be ु tilted.) ु झुरझुरी jhurjhuri: (nf) a shivering sensation. rugose. to force to yield.

cradle. feigned. mock. (nm) falsehood. ू झलना jhu:lnā: (v) to swing. sham. broth. झठन jhu:ṭḥan (nf) see जठन. झलाना jhula:nā: (v) to swing. to rock. whiff.257 -झँझल jhū:jhal (nf) see झँझलाहट. suspended scaffold. etc. to sway to and fro. ू ु झठ jhu:ṭḥ (a) false. to be charred. tantrums. lie. to suffer. झेपू jhēpu: (a) bashful. haversack. to dangle. just for fun. an elephant. (nm) see झला. -सच partly true and partly false. झोकना jhōknā: (v) to throw in. to prick a bubble. ू झल jhu:l (nm) a long loose over-cover (for a horse. pucker. a fine coating of a metal. to be rendered ineffective. soup. jet. to thrust in. fictitious. to be put out of countenance. ~कदार gusty. a habitual liar. impulsive sway. hut. rumple. to pour in. puff. untrue. झूठो का बादशाह/सरदार a king of liars. to feel abashed/shy. to make false complaints.झलसना jhulasnā: (v) to be scorched. puffy. a push (given to a swing). to be singed. kit. to oscillate. temperamentally shy. झेलना jhelnā: (v) to bear. craze. sagging. to keep in suspense/uncertainty. soupy. false. ु -. small cottage. knapsack. without ू ू any rhyme or reason. —मे in a mood of craze. े झोटा jhōṭa: (nm) a thick lock of dishevelled hair. झोपड़ी jhōpṛi: (nf) a hut. झूठे पर ख़ुदा की लानत the liar be damned. to build a bridge of lies—to tell one lie after another. sagging looseness. whiffy. —मे रहकर महलो क ख़वाब दे खना to live in a े shanty and dream of plenty. —पड़ना to prove false. to be effected with a burning ु sensation. झूठे का मुहँ काला a liar is damned to ultimate one's bluff. •का sham. swing.). to linger in suspense. gust. ू ू झला jhu:la: (nm) a swing. झोपड़ा jhōpṛa: (nm) a shanty. hence ~पन (nm). ~मठ falsely. झोक jhōk (nf) impulse. झोला jhola: (nm) a bag. ~दार baggy. in an impulsive sway. a mixture of fact and fiction. untruth. ू झेपना jhēpnā: (v) to blush. ू ू झूठा jhu:ṭḥa: (a) false. puckered. a liar par excellence. prone to feel abashed. to endure. rumpled. incorrect. exposure. झो/का jhōka: (nm) a blast. —सच जोड़ना/लगाना to add fabrication to fact. untrue. (nm) a liar. झोल jhol (nm) bagginess. झूठे को घर/क़ब तक पहुँचाना to expose a lie and humiliate the liar. to call off . —का पतला falsehood personified. loose. झमना jhu:mnā: (v) to swing in a gay mood or intoxication. —का पल ु ु बाँधना lit. to live on earth and dream of heaven.

to dash (against). quarrel. to create or cause an obstacle/obstruction.e. ट ट ṭa—the first letter of the third pentad (i. hence ~बाज़ी. encumbrance. टकराना ṭakra:nā: (v) to clash. टकटोह(र)ना ṭakṭoh(r)nā: (v) to grope. reservoir. cistern. टक ṭak (nf) a stare. any cloth stretched out to collect something. —बाँधना see -टक बाँधना. to make a preliminary survey. ~टे बाज़ querulous. etc. —मे डालना to give away. -पयोग standard -. to encounter. —बाँधना to stare intently. ~िवजान numismatics.259 -usage. altercation. ~िलिप typescript. टं कण ṭāṅkāṉ (nm) typing.). टवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. typing. second member in the compound झगड़ा. —भाषा standard language. (nm) mint-master. hence ~बाज़ी (nf). botheration. टं कक ṭāṅkak (nm) a typist. चवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. (fig. gaze. soldering. टं /टा ṭāṉṭa: (nm) wrangling. टं कार ṭāṅka:r (nf) the twang (of a bow). —बोली standard speech.e. fixed look.झोली jholi: (nf) a small bag. टँ गड़ी ṭāgṛi: (nf) a leg-trick (in wrestling). ~शाला see टकसाल. to collide. टं क ṭāṅk nm) a coin. to seek a favour. prone to wrangle . mintage. टकसाली ṭaksali: (a) genuine (coin. to seek to know one's mind by letting off a feeler. to intermeddle.). used as the or altercate. ~बाज़ an obstructionist. to donate. to knock (against). —अड़ाना to butt in. —मारना to apply a leg-trick. to reconnoitre. टकसाल ṭaksa:l (nf) a mint. hence ~ना (v). टकटकी ṭakṭaki: (nf) a gaze.) to create obstruction. mintage. begging bag. —फलाना to beg. — लगाना see टक लगाना. टँ काई ṭāka:i: (nf) (the work of or wages for) stitching/studding/soldering. cluster (of leaves. tinkling sound. टं की ṭāṅki: (nf) a tank.258 -ञ ञ ṇa—the fifth and final (nasal) letter of the second pentad (i. -. ै झौरा jhāūra: (nm) a foliage. etc. one habituated to create obstacles. stare. standard (as speech). —लगाना to wait impatiently.टं टा (see).

. with a patter. to tap. टपकना ṭapaknā: (v) to drip. faeces. fetlock. टटी ṭaṭṭi: (nf) a screen (made of bamboo parings or reed. ~हट pealing/ringing/tinkling/twanging sound. strong. -टक को े े टककर ṭakkar (nf) a collision.g. (nf) a tinkling/twanging sound. to say a flat 'no'. ting. to twang. टप ṭap (nf) the sound made by dripping liquid or falling fruits. े टपाटप ṭapa:ṭap (adv) with successive tapping. ~क की strong. to reconnoitre. pattering sound. to leak. टना/का ṭanā:ka: (nm) a twang. to give a feeler. टकोरना ṭakornā: (v) to strike a drum or as a drum. टटर ṭaṭṭar (nm) a large bamboo or wickerwork frame. टका/र ṭaka:r (nm) the letter ट (ṭa) and its sound. टपक का (a fruit that has) fallen by itself (from े the tree)— e. to sabotage. —का matching. -सा मँुह लेकर रह जाना to be ticked off into a sense of न पूछना to consider as of no consequence/worthless. टक का inconsequential. — की आड़/ओट मे िशकार खेलना to indulge in clandestine activities.g. etc. टटपँुिजया ṭaṭpūjiya: (a) see टुटपँुिजया. patteringly. etc.) latrine. etc. टपक का आम. clash. stool.टका ṭaka: (nm) an out-of-currency Indian copper coin worth half an anna (equivalent point-blank. impact. —झेलना to stand a loss. sharp ring. to feel humiliated. to grope. टन ṭān (nm) (a measure of weight) ton. to reckon as a non-entity. to dribble. to go bumping. to attack from behind a cover. टनटना/ना ṭanṭana:nā: (v) to peal. to twang. —खाना to bump against. -सा जवाब दे नाto refuse humiliation. टपका ṭapka: (a) fallen (from the tree). roughly to current three paise). to endure a blow. peal. टटका ṭaṭka: (a) fresh. scorching. to probe. equivalent. worthless. to sound. the hood of a tonga. ~टप patter. टटू ṭaṭṭu: (nm) a pony. ~कदार sharp ringing (e. े टनाटन ṭanā:ṭan (a and nf) continuous twanging (sound). े powerful. —पास न होना to be penniless. टटोलना ṭaṭolnā: (v) to feel. voice). to collide against. ~कांत (word) ending in ट (ṭ). confrontation. producing successive tapping sound. to have confrontation with. . negligible. to tinkle. scorching. to drop.. —से instantly. ~टन ding-dong. टककरे मारना/मारते िफरना to toss/tumble about. टखना ṭakhnā: (nm) an ankle. to ring. —लेना to set one's face against.

टरकाना ṭarkā:nā: (v) to put off. etc. टाँकना ṭā:knā: (v) to stud. to ramble. an open horse-carriage. टमटम ṭāmṭām (nf) a tumtum. menial service. टशन ṭashan (nm) a favourable superstitious act/remedy. to slip off. haughty. to blab. to evade. to be tomato-red. menial servant. given to evasiveness. टहलना ṭehelnā: (v) to stroll.टपपा ṭappa: (nm) a form of light classical Hindustani music employing very quick movements. टललेबाज़ी ṭalleba:zi: (nf) evasion. to make off. —की तरह लाल होना to be ruddy. solder. to be averted. टल जाना to pass off. टरारना ṭarra:nā: (v) to croak. टस ṭas. putting off (on one pretext or another). a small piece cut or scooped out (of a melon. to go slowly. टहनी ṭehnī: (nf) a twig. टब ṭab (nm) a tub. to clatter. ठ. to grumble haughtily. —see िटपपा). टहल ṭehel (nm) drudgery. टसर ṭasar (nf) tussore (a kind of cloth). (one) who tries to put off a thing (on some pretext). टवगर ṭavarg (nm) the third pentad of the Devna:gri: alphabet incorporating the letters ट. a deep -. to solder. to stay unimpressed/unmoved. to saunter. and ण. ~ए बहाना to shed tears. to dispose of summarily.260 -hoarse sound. टाँका ṭā:ka: (nm) a stitch. evasiveness. to stitch. etc. bound (as of a ball. grumbling (person). to blow over. टहलुआ ṭehelua: (nm) a drudge. टमाटर ṭamā:ṭar (nm) a tomato. to jot down. tandem. टललेबाज़ ṭalleba:z (a) evasive. to slip or slink away. टसु/आ ṭasua: (nm) tear. to cobble. ड. to cry. to examine its quality). टरटराना ṭarṭara:nā: (v) to prattle angrily or through discontentment to prate. —बजाना to dance attendance (upon). टरार ṭarra: (a) harsh-spoken (person). टलना ṭalnā: (v) to be averted. ढ. . टाँकी ṭā:ki: (nf) a chisel. —मारना to apply a stitch. —लगाना to solder. angry or discontented prattle. to get out of the way. to be postponed. to render menial service to. टरकना ṭaraknā: (v) to slip away. —से मस न होना not to budge an inch. sprig. to move away (said of an undesirable element). to tell off. to slink off. टरर टरर ṭarraṭarr (nf) a croak.

टापू ṭa:pu: (nm) an island.. to keep in suspense. to sleep carefreely. —बाहर होना to be outcaste. —पसार कर सोना to spend a carefree time. —अड़ाना to butt in. (nm) hood (of a tonga. evasion. टाइिपसट ṭa:ipisṭ (nm) a typist. टाँगना ṭā:gnā: (v) to hang. ु टाई ṭa:i: (nf) a necktie. a flash in the pan. to give/reduce to a bad shape/miserable plight (as अँगेज़ी की टाँग तोड़ना). टाचर ṭa:rch (nm) a torch. whatnot. —खींचना to pull one's leg. —तले से िनकलना to accept defeat. to be at complete ease. टाइम ṭa:im (nm) time.261 -left in a lurch. —उलटना to go bankrupt. to be left in a lurch. unmanageable paraphernalia.writer. to gain time. to concede supremacy. टाइप ṭa:ip (nm) type.). hoof. ~मटोल prevarication. to suspend. टाप ṭa:p (nf) tramp (of a horse). —पर मँज की बिखया a ू tag on a rag. -टे बल time-table. a type. evasion. टाउनहॉल ṭa:unholl (nm) the town. टायर ṭa:yar (nm) a tyre. टारपीडो ṭa:rpi: o (nm) a torpedo. avoidance. ~पीस a time-piece. to yield. टाप/ना ṭa:pnā: (v) to leap or spring over. etc. to horn in. floor-mat. •करना to drag one's feet. bare head. prevarication.hall. —िफस much ado about nothing. puting off (on some pretext). टाँट ṭā:ṭ (nf) the skull. —मे पाट की बिखया a silk patch on a rag. to intermeddle. टाँड tā: (nf) a projecting shelf (in a wall). trade-caravan. टाँय-टाँय ṭā:y-ṭā:y (nf) prattling. —लादे िफरना to go about with an unmanageable paraphernalia. deferment. a (fuel) shop. a sequence of hoarse sounds. to be left helpless. postponement. typing. heap. ending up in smoke. ~राइटर a typewriter. . टाँडा ṭā: a: (nm) a train or line of cattle etc. टाट ṭa:ṭ (nm) a sack cloth.टाँग ṭā:g (nf) a leg. टाल ṭa:l (nf) a stock. — तोड़ना (ironical) to attāin unprecedented excellence. ~ते रह जाना to be -. avoidance.

lap. observation. िटकाऊ tika:u: (a) durable. िटंचर ṭīṇchar (nm) tincture iodine. —दल locust swarm. sand-piper. annotation. abiding. tablet. •की तरह आना to gather like a locust swarm. िटकिटक ṭikṭik (nf) ticking sound (as that of a watch). critical remark. to put off. a commentary (on a book.up. etc.wing. िटडडा ṭiḍḍa: (nm) a grasshopper. bumping (ball etc. िटकठी ṭikṭḥi: (nf) a bier. made-up. ~घर booking office. to stay. a small mark (of vermilion. used to showy make. contrivance. िटकना ṭiknā: (v) to last. sandalpaste. टीका ṭi:ka: (nm) vaccination. manoeuvre to achieve an end. to flicker. ~पन durability. िटबबा ṭibba: (nm) see टीबा. िटटकारना ṭiṭka:rnā: (v) to make a ticking sound (esp. pill. lasting. िटटहरी ṭiṭahri: (nf) a pewit. hence~हट (nf). to stand (one's ground). —खाना to rebound.) over the forehead. etc. fit. ostentation. stamp. —होना to be/get ready. mantelpiece. —बाबू a booking clerk. िटकली ṭikuli: (nf) a spangle. िटडडी ṭiḍḍi: (nf) a locust. -िटपपणी (adverse) comments. an ornament worn by a woman whose husband is alive. small glittering object gummed on the forehead by Indian ु women as ornamentation. to glimmer. —िखड़की the ticket-window. to procrastinate. िटपपेदार bounding. abiding quality. . stretcher. िटचन ṭichān (a) ready. िटमिटमा/ना ṭimṭimā:nā: (v) to twinkle. िटकट ṭikaṭ (nm) a ticket. िटपपा ṭippa: (nm) a rebound. a pre-marriage ceremony. िटपपणी ṭippaṉī: (nf) a note. टाल जाना (िकसी पश का उतर) to fence with a question/questioner. — िभड़ाना/लड़ाना to manipulate/to manoeuvre. िटमाक ṭimā:k (nm) foppishness.टालना ṭa:lnā: (v) to postpone. comment. booking counter. criticism. in urging an animal to pace ahead). gallows. annotation. to tarry.). िटंडा ṭiṉḍa: (nm) a kind of green vegetable—Diospyros melanoxylon. bounce. ~दार ostentatious.). to scintillate. िटपपस ṭippas (nf) manipulation. to avert. िटकिटकाना ṭikṭika:nā: (v) see ितकितकाना. inoculation. to avoid/evade. िटिकया ṭikiya: (nf) a small cake. showy make-up.

to bring ruination. pointing. mean. ~ड़े-टुकड़े करना to cut into pieces. टीसना ṭi:snā: (v) to smart. imperfect (as ू . टीपना ṭi:pnā: (v) to enter. to jump •भाषा). टीन ṭi:n (nm) a can. splinter. to suffer from a throbbing agony. टूट-फट wear and tear. to copy. group. stone slab. bankrupt. to pounce. -. to jot down. टूनारमेट ṭu:rnā:mēṉṭ (nm) a tournament. टीम ṭi:m (nf) a team (homogeneous group). to be fractured. fragment. टीप ṭi:p (nf) an entry. टीला ṭi:la: (nm) a mount. to pounce upon. tapping. to crash down. टुलल ṭull (a) heavily drunk. one who thrives on leavings —a sponge. damage. to be dissolved (as साझेदारी—). to be broken. acute throbbing pain. breakage. finishing touches. (nm) a skunk.262 -टीबा ṭi:ba: (nm) a dune. hence~पन (nm). to come down suddenly on. pointing (in masonry). lingering (mental) agony. ~ड़ो पर पलना. worn out. tip-topping. to fail (as बैक—). ~कारी pointing (in masonry). ~ड़े तोड़ना to sponge on. -टाप finishing touches. to be shattered. —करना to undo. mound. to be on the wane. ~ड़े-टुकड़े क िलए तरसना to be starved for every े bit. टुँड़ी ṭūṛi: (nf) the navel. टूटा-फटा broken. part. high pitch (in music). with a fixed look. -टू क होना to be broken into pieces. टे ṭē (nf) screech of a parrot. टूटी-फटी broken. -टे babbling. to fly at (upon). to record. to have twitching pain (as दे ह—). े टुकड़ी ṭukṛi: (nf) a detachment (of troops). टीस ṭi:s (nf) smarting pain. part. टुक/ड़ा ṭukṛa: (nm) a piece. petty. jotting down. to be shattered. टुकड़ ṭukar—an allomorph of टुकड़ा used as the first member in compound words. dressing. undoing. damaged. (िकसी क) to thrive on leavings. to throb with pain. to point. prating. to come down on. टुटपँुिजया ṭuṭpūjiya: (a) of meagre means/resources. टूटना ṭu:ṭnā: (v) to break. —होना to be undone. hillock. ू ू decrepit. ु ु टुचचा ṭuchcha: (a) lowly. to be ruined. ~खोर/तोड़ lit. —बोल जाना to collapse. ~बंद canned. tin. टूट पड़ना to attack. टूक ṭu:k (nm) a piece. fragment. over-drunk. out of senses.टीकाकार ṭika:kā:r (nm) a commentator. टीमटाम ṭi:mṭa:m (nm) showing off. an annotator. —होना. tinned. breach. ostentation. hummock. (fig) leavings. टुकर-टुकर ṭukur-ṭukur (adv) with a stare. upon.

not to allow to speak freely. bend. ~ई/पन curvature. ripe fruit of करील tree. support. —पड़ना to become difficult. टे सू ṭesu: (nm) the tree Butea frondosa and its flower. — िनबाहना/िनभाना/पूरी करना to fulfil one's resolve. to look wrathfully. refrain. टे टी ṭēṭi: (nf) ripe fruit of the -करील tree. ~बंदी strutting. bend. -मेढ़ा -. crookedness. .टे ट ṭēṭ (nf) a fold in the loin cloth. ~दार having a pupilary bulge in the eye. resolve. —पड़ना to fall into the habit (of). bent. to whet. टे ढ़ा ṭeṛḥa: (a) curved. •गोला an anti-tank shell/bomb. to rest. टे सुआ ṭesua: (nm) see टसुआ. to acquire the habit of. ~बेधी/मार anti-tank. —मामला an intricate case/affair. टे लीफ़ोन ṭelifōn (nm) a telephone. difficult job. ु टे िनस ṭenis (nf) (the game of) tennis. टे लीिपंटर ṭeli:priṉṭer (nm) a teleprinter. settled tendency. intricacy. टे डर ṭēṉḍar (nm) a tender. wont. टे ट ṭet (nf) see टे ट. pupilary bulge of the eye. टे करी ṭekri: (nf) a knoll. burden of a song. टे कना ṭeknā: (v) to lean. टे ढ़ी आँख/नज़र से दे खना to cast an angry glance. टे ढ़ी खीर a hard nut to crack. टे र ṭer (nf) a call. —पकड़ना to stick resolutely to one's resolve. टैक ṭāīṅk (nm) a tank. टे टुआ ṭēṭua: (nm) the throttle. oblique. —दबाना/मसकना to throttle. to prop. टे ढ़ ṭeṛḥ (nf) a curve. the throat. skew. irregular. टे ढ़ी-सीधी कहना/सनाना to scold roundly. difficult. obliquity. to summon.263 -crooked/zigzag. hummock. stay. टे क ṭek (nf) a prop. ~बेधी/मार तोप an anti-tank gun. टै कस ṭaiks (nm) a tax. to support. to set down. to reproach. loud appeal/summon. skewness. to assume a rigid attitude. टे ना ṭenā: (v) to sharpen. intricate. ~दार having a curve/bend. curvature. टै कसी ṭaiksi: (nf) a (car) taxi. टे लीिवज़न ṭeli:vizān (nm) a television. टे व ṭev (nf) habit. to twist and to taper off to a point (as मँूछ). टे रना ṭernā: (v) to call.

टोली ṭoli: (nf) a team. टोटा ṭoṭa: (nm) a loss. magical charm. spout. box. टक ṭrak (nf) a truck. etc. percussion— (as a gun). टोकरा ṭokra: (nm) a large basket. टोटका ṭoṭka: (nm) a superstitious remedy. —मे रहना to be in constant search. टोह ṭoh (nf) search. sorcerous act.wear (worn during winters). sounding. butt-end (of a cigarette. sorcerous act. helmet. टोड़ी ṭoṛi: (a) sycophant. witchcraft. टाम ṭra:m (nf) a tram car. to take up the trace of.). to reconnoitre. —बनाना to form a group. to reconnoitre. questioning. batch. ~दार capped. hence टोनहाई (nf). टोहना ṭohnā: (v) to sound. ू टयबवेल ṭyu:bvel (nm) a tube-well. to keep track of. —उतारना to insult/humiliate. (water) faucet. ~दार spouted. to question. black art. interrogation. to take up the trace of टोिहया ṭohiya: (nm) a reconnoiterer. टे डमाक ṭre र ma:rk (nm) a trademark. nozzle. cowl. -टाक interruption and intervention. —उछालना to expose publicly. an amulet. टसट ṭrasṭ (nf) a trust. to interrogate. group. scarcity. band. reconnaissance. (v) to touch. — पड़ना/होना to be/become scarce. टोकना ṭoknā: (v) to interrupt. ू टं क ṭraṅk (nm) a trunk. टोप ṭop (nm) a hat. cowled. spigot. टोटी ṭōṭi: (nf) a tap. टोला ṭola: (nm) a quarter/zone of a town or village. टोक ṭok (nf) an interruption. टोल ṭol (nm) a band. fitted with a tap/nozzle/spigot. batch. coop. troop. whereabout. group. spell. to feel. detestable. टोपा ṭopa: (nm) a large-sized head. . टोपी ṭopi: (nf) a cap. टोकन ṭokān (nm) a token. rench. want. damage. टसटी a trustee. sounding person. टोना ṭonā: (nm) magic. hence टोकरी (nf). supersititious remedy. tracer. —लगाना to sound. cover. troupe. to cause public disgrace. disgusting. -टोटका sorcerous act.टोटा ṭōṭa: (nm) one-handed person. percussion cap. टयब ṭyu:b (nf) a tube.

ठकरसहाती ṭḥakursuha:ti: (nf) flattery.e. to put out. dull. ठकठकाना ṭḥakṭḥaka:nā: (v) to knock. cold. to be extinguished. to be assuaged. before it is too late. to be unresponsive/frigid. ठक ṭḥak (nf) a rap. unfeeling. जोश to draw/pull in one's horns. ~रांत (word) ending in ठ (ṭḥ). टै कटर ṭraikṭar (nm) a tractor. ु ु ठकराई ṭḥakura:i: (nf) supremacy. —पड़ना to be pacified. —हो जाना to be aghast/stunned/baffled. while it is cool. given to joke and jest. to pass away. haughtiness. to lose all passion or warmth. टवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. dispassionate manner of speech. ठगना ṭḥagnā: (v) to cheat. likeable talk. —मारना/लगाना to burst out laughing. have a nasty े taste. े ठटा ṭḥaṭṭḥa: (nm) fun. to feel comforted/gratified. ठठ ṭḥaṭḥ (nm) see ठट. to dupe. humour. bier. —पड़ना. —दे ना to impart training. joke. skin and bone. jest. —सवभाव cool/dispassionate temperament. huge heaps. lifeless.264 -टे िनंग ṭrenīng (nf) training. utterance in one's master's voice. dispassionately. lordliness. ु ठग ṭḥag (nm) a thug. ठटे बाज़ a wag. . to be subdued or tamed. — सवर dispassionate voice. —बँधना to be reduced to a skeleton. tap. —करक खाओ blow first. completely lost/nonplussed. ठं डा ṭḥāṉḍa: (a) cool. —होना to be put out/extinguished. ठट ṭḥaṭṭḥ (nm) throng. nobility. ठं ड ṭḥāṉḍ (nf) cold. an impostor. wagging. coldness. ठठरी tḥaṭḥri: (nf) a skeleton. -. टं डी साँस लेना to heave a sigh. milling crowd. (a) aghast. ~पन frigidity. ठगा-सा aghast. ठं डक ṭḥāṉḍak (nf) coolness. to produce a sequence of rapping or tapping sounds. ठं डे िदमाग़/िदल से coolly. knock. bleak. insipid. sip afterwards. chilliness. ~ठक rap. ~ई/पन/हाई (the practice or act of) cheating/thuggery/dupery. ठका/र ṭḥaka:r (nm) the letter ठ (ṭḥa) and its sound. —पड़ना to feel cooled. to defraud. to train. cheat. huge heap. baffled.टे न ṭren (nf) a railway train. ठ ठ ṭḥa—the second letter of the third pentad (i.—क ठट throngs. unresponsive. act in haste. to extinguish. unresponsiveness. ठं डे-ठं डे quietly. —करना to pacify. the act or practice of duping or cheating. ठगी ṭḥagi: (nf) thuggery. hence ठटे बाज़ी.

—लगाना to burst into laughter. to stay. crowded. . ठनी रहना to live a cat and dog life. ठसाठस ṭḥasa:ṭḥas (a) stuffed full. clink. ~क से रहना to े keep one's sense of self-respect/ego intact/conspicuous. ु ~बाड़ी a temple. swagger. (title for a) कितय. ठससा ṭḥassa: (nm) a hacking sound of cough (caused by obstruction in the wind or food-pipe etc. ठहाका ṭḥaha:ka: (nm) peal/explosion of laughter. diamond cuts diamond. —लगाना to be branded/typed. dullard. ~गोपाल a have. pause. reduced to a state of inactivity. ठसक ṭḥasak (nf) uppishness.ठठाना ṭḥaṭḥa:nā: (v) see ठटा (—मारना). ठहरना ṭḥehrnā: (v) to stop. ठपपेदार stamped. (fighting) to be launched. ~दार uppish. ठनाठन ṭḥanā:ṭḥān (nf) see ठनठन. ठप ṭḥap (adv) at a standstill. े ठाँय ṭḥā:y (nf) the sound of gun-fire. to wait. packed. ठाँसना ṭḥā:snā: (v) to cram full. money. hence ~ना (v). matrix. ठनठन ṭḥānṭḥān (nf) metallic ringing sound. affectation. cram-full. to halt. brazier. -ठाँय persistent sound of gun-fire. —कर दे ना to freeze out. to stuff full. die. crowdedly. ठठे रे -ठठे रे बदलाई a bargain between -. ठनठनाना ṭḥānṭḥānā:nā: (v) to produce a ठनठन/clinking sound. ठनाका ṭḥanā:ka: (nm) a short sharp metallic ring.nothing. opportune place.265 -two equals. master. thick. ठस ṭḥas (a) nitwit. ठाँव ṭḥā:v (nf) a place. dull. —िदमाग़ a nitwit. to pause. closed. ~दारा a temple. ठहाकदार accompanied by peal/explosion of laughter. ठहर-ठहर कर by fits and starts. coins. (a coin) of dull sound. ठाकर ṭḥa:kur (nm) a lord. ठपपा ṭḥappa: (nm) a stamp. a sense of ego. ठनना ṭḥannā: (v) to be resolved. hostilities to ensue. hacking sound of cough. dense. swaggering. perkiness. God's idol. God. to stabilise. ठस/का ṭḥaska: (nm) see ठसक. compact. bearing a stamp. ठनक ṭḥanāk (nf) a deep ringing sound as of a drum-beat. to laugh aloud. impression. to thrust. mould.). settlement. (adv) fully. ठहराव ṭḥehra:v (nm) stability. spasmodically. ठरार ṭḥarra: (nm) country liquor. ठठे रा ṭḥatḥera: (nm) a tinker. a pauper. clink. perky.

a pattern of musical composition. ~दार magnificent. ~ने आना to veer round. to treat/reject contemptuously. splendour. properly. to be put to death. short-statured. to determine. regular. reasonably good. dwarfish. pompous. to form a concourse. etc. -बाट pomp and show. concourse. splendid. िठ/या ṭḥiya: (nm) a fixed place (of habitation or activity). seat. — होना to recover. tamping. exact. to launch. to come to senses. ~कदार see ठे कदार under ठे का. to be correct. to the point. a broken piece of earthenware. correct. —कर दे ना to bring to senses. trust. place. to find an employment/a station. (adv) all right.ठाट ṭḥa:ṭ (nm) pomp. ठानना ṭḥa:nnā: (v) to resolve. jocularity. trustworthy. precise(ly). shipshape. -बाट pomp and show. to put to death.sherd. hence~पन (nm). to come to the proper course. to fix in one's proper place.266 -to reach the destination. ~ने का appropriate. precisely. shortage. (nm) scarcity. abode. ठुकाई ṭḥuka:i: (nf) beating. ~ने लगाना to give one his gruel. ~येदार one ठीक ṭḥi:k (a) right. magnificence. to waver. to put to proper use. to stop short. ठाठे मारना to flow in abundance. to shiver with cold. trite. ~ने की बात a rational or logical utterance/proposal/remark. accompanied by fanfare/pomp and show. ठुडडी ṭḥuḍḍi: (nf) see ठोड़ी. to repair. ठाठ ṭḥa:ṭḥ (nm) pomp. ~मठीक just. ठीक/रा ṭḥi:kra: (nm) a shard. िठठुरना ṭḥiṭḥurnā: (v) to be chilled. station. िठठकना ṭḥiṭḥaknā: (v) to hesitate. ~ने पहुँचाना (to cause) -. ~ने न रहना not to be in proper shape/form/state/frame. true. out of employment. ~नेदार owner of an estate. magnificence. ~ने लगना to be settled. pot. owning/in possession of a िठया. exact(ly). a small estate. —करना to banter. to be quite oneself. to find an employment. . ठाला ṭḥa:la: (a) idle. splendour. -ठाक regularly. to rally. so-so. all right.. to be vindicated. to crack jokes. proper. िठठोली ṭḥiṭḥoli: (nf) persiflage. to pause and ponder. jesting. •होना to be well. station. hence िठठोिलया (a and nm). िठगना ṭḥignā: (a) short. े े ठुकराना ṭḥukra:nā: (v) to kick off to knock away. ~री (nf). to make fun. —उतरना/िनकलना to prove correct. ~रा समझना to consider as of no worth. िठका/ना ṭḥika:nā: (nm) the destination. banter. a worthless thing. unoccupied. to stand amazed. ठी/का ṭḥi:ka: (nm) a contract. accurately.

ठोकना ṭḥoknā: (v) to dust one's coat. to thrust forcibly. ठे लना ṭḥelnā: (v) to thrust. —बजाना to make a thorough assessment. unsophisticated. to drive into (as a nail). hence ठुमक (nf). rhythmic percussion or stress (in music). typical. —खाते िफरना to be kicked about. टे लमठे ल ṭḥelāmṭḥel (nf) hustle and bustle. by thrashing. jostling. ठे गा ṭḥēga: (nm) the thumb (used only to show contempt or defiance). to shove. ठे ला ṭḥela: (nm) a trolly. to glut. leafless (tree. ठे गे पर नचाना to make somebody dance to his tune. ठे ठ ṭḥeṭḥ (a) pure. to hammer. —दे ना to thrust/push forward. to thrust with force. (emotional) shock. unadulterated. ठे स ṭḥes (nf) a knock in the sole (causing lingering pain).wood. barrow. ठुरी ṭḥurri: (nf) semi-parched grain. percussion. ठे गे से care a fig !. ठुमका (nm). — िदखाना lit. proper. truck. to suffer kicks. to cram. thrust. dead. to coerce into acting a sham expert. etc). to be knocked. •वैदराज/हकीम बनाना to beat into an expert. —मारना to . ठूँसा ṭḥū:sa: (nm) a forceful fist-blow. front portion of the threshold. to push forward. etc. to propel. stroke. to tamp. to beat. ठुमकना ṭḥumāknā: (v) to walk with a jerky. to disappoint. ठूँठा ṭḥū:ṭḥa: (a) stubby. cart. stub. ठोगा ṭḥōga: (nm) a large envelope. to े be in possession of. ठुमरी ṭḥumri: (nf) a style of classical Indian music. — लगना/पहुँचना to receive a setback/shock. violent -. halting place. to test thoroughly. mincing or wanton gait. bludgeon.267 -push. stroke. ठोक-पीट कर thoroughly. to hold aloft the banner of.) ठूँसना ṭḥū:snā: (v) to stuff full. genuine. not to care two hoots. ठूँठ ṭḥū:ṭḥ (nm) a stump. —लेना to own responsibility. —खाना to stumble. to show the thumb—to express a contemptuous or defiant refusal. to wander aimlessly. stumbling toe. ठोकर ṭḥokar (nf) a kick. ठोग ṭḥōg (nf) a peck. to suffer a loss (on account of negligence. ठे कदार a contractor. to move the feet alternately in a rhythmic manner (preparatory to dancing). rhythmic footwork in dancing. ठे का ṭḥeka: (nm) a contract.ठुनकना ṭḥunāknā: (v) to whimper.

डंक āṅk (nm) a sting. stinged. to exercise sway over. डंडा āṉḍa: (nm) a staff. —ठाँव/िठकाना whereabout. quadruped. . by resorting to the rod. डंडे क ज़ोर से by the dint of might. wand.e. ठोर ṭḥor (nm) see ठोग. टवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. —छना/मे हाथ डालना/मे हाथ लगाना to cajole. stem. ठौर ṭḥaur (nm) a place. to be knocked down. the battle to be initiated. डंगर āṇgar (nm) cattle. to treat with contempt. —पेलना to take exercise in the form of डंड (see). ठोड़ी ṭḥoṛi: (nf) the chin. डंडे बजाना to loaf about. -डोली a children's play. लड़ाई का hostilities to commence/be launched. डंका āṅka: (nm) a kettle-drum. to take it absolutely easy. fine. डंक की े चोट (पर) कहना to proclaim from house-top.—पीटना/—बजाना to make a public pronouncement. penalty. habitat. डंडे का राज -. muscular arm. डंठल āṉṭḥal (nm) a stalk. to make public. stick. -कठौर out of place. डंड āṉḍ (nm) an athletic exercise (in which both the hands are placed on the ground and then the semi-stretched body is bent down so as almost to touch the ground with the breast). ~दार having a sting. to threaten. to be completely carefree. to achieve fame all over. to entreat. —तोड़ना to deprive of the sting/venomousness. sound. ु indiscriminately. the tip of a nib or pen. ~पन solidity. डंडे खाना to be beaten with a stick. ड ड a the third letter of the third pentad (i. to try ू to humour. —बजना to be renowned. —लगना to suffer a kick of adversity. in vital parts.268 -club law. —बजना. ठोस ṭḥos (a) solid. —मारना to make a caustic/stinging remark. to idle away time. to announce publicly without fear.kick off. डंक क ज़ोर पर े े े शासन चलाना to rule with a rod of iron. —िदखाना to extend a threat of physical violence. —हो जाना to die then and there/instantaneously.

step. —मारना to give short weight. —भरना to take a step. stride. to stride. to quietly assimilate another's due. डटे रहना to hold one's ground. staggering. डँसना āsnā: (v) to sting. डगर agar (nf) a path. डट जाना to put one's foot down. —न लेना to appropriate another's due and not to let out any sign of it. डकारांत daka:rā:nt (a) (word) ending in (ड). handle (as of an umbrella). डकौत akaut (nm) a sub-caste of Hindus who subsist on alms asked for on saturdays and claim skill in fortune telling. to step ahead. — मारना to pace/stride ahead. penis. (nm) the letter ड ( a) and its sound. an individual of this caste. eructation. rolling.डंडी āṉḍi: (nf) the beam of a scale. to misappropriate. track. rolling. to polish off (an eatable). to swallow. ~हट faltering. डटना aṭnā: (v) to stay/stand firm. डकारना āka:rnā: (v) to belch. डकार aka:r (nf) a belch. डटा . डगमगा/ना agmaga:nā: (v) to falter. डग ag (nm) a pace. to take a stand/position. banditry. to stagger. to eructate. unsteady. staggering. foot. डकती ै akaiti: (nf) a dacoity. —जाना/लेना to appropriate and assimilate another's due. to be determined. to shimmy. shimmy. to bite. bandit. to swallow. डगमग agmag (a) faltering. डकत ै akait (nm) a dacoit. to roll. course. to go at a quicker pace.

डरावना ara:vnā: (v) fearful. plug. an old one-paisa coin. compartment. to be afraid/frightened. डफ़ af (nf) a tambourine. (मन मे ) a fear to go deep into one's mind. डराना ara:nā: (v) to frighten. dread. डबबा abba: (nm) a tiny box. डपट apaṭ (nf) a sharp rebuke. terrible. fright. dreadful. sporting a bread. डिढ़यल aṛḥiyal (a) bearded. narrow in the middle and wider at the ends. spigot. railway wagon. reprimand. डफ़ली dafli: (nf) a kind of small tambourine. to reprimand. hence~पन (nm). deterrent. bug. ~मधय a narrow strip of land or water connecting two expanses of water or two tracts of land respectively. डरावा ara:va: (nm) a scare. to terrify.bear. डपोरसंख aporsaṅkh (nm) see ढपोरसंख. डर ar (nm) fear. डपटना apaṭnā: (v) to administer a sharp rebuke. —रोटी a bread. see डाँट—. .aṭṭa: (nm) a cork. डरपोक arpok (a) coward(ly). डमर amru: (nm) a leather-covered musical percussion instrument. horrible. timid. to be spent up. —जमना/-बैठना. डबडबाना ab aba:nā: (v) to be tearful (said of eyes). chest. डरना arnā: (v) to fear/dread. डबल abal (a) double. —गल होना to come to a ु naught/an end.

penalty. —भरना to have to pay a penalty. an oar. डाई . sorceress. —पड़ना to get a rebuke/reprimand. to call/haul over the coals. डाँड़ी ā:ṛi. sharp rebuke. डाइनामाइट a:inā:ma:iṭ (nm) dynamite. (nf) see डंडी. —लगना to be fined. small solid mass.डला ala: (nm) a lump. —मे रखना to keep under control. -. डाँगर ā:gar (nm) see डंगर. डाँड़ना a:ṛnā: (v) to penalise/fine. डाँटना ā:ṭnā: (v) to scold. डाँट ā:t (nf) scolding. डसना asnā: (v) see डँसना. —भी सात घर छोड़कर खाती है a wise fox will never rob his neighbour's hen-roost. reprimand. small lump. fine.269 -डिलया aliya: (nf) a small open basket. -डपट rebuke and reproof. a dandy (a chair-like carriage used in hilly districts for carrying up passengers). a penalty to be imposed. डाँड़ामेड़ी ā:ṛa:mēṛi: (nf) a demarcation wall. big wickerwork basket. डाइन a:in (nf) a witch. to have to suffer a fine. डाँस ā:s (nm) a kind of large-sized mosquito. डाँड़ ā:ṛ (nm) a jib. diminutive of डला (see). -फटकार rebuke and reprimand. to chide. — िपलाना/लगाना (बुजुगारना) to talk to one like a Dutch uncle. clod. डली ali: (nf) a small fragment. hag. to rebuke sharply. wordy duel. a scold.

stone. —रखना to grow a beard. —डालना to rob. key. plug. —डालना. growth of hair on the face. asphalt bitumen. डायनमो a:inamō (nm) dynamo. -भार postage. ~दार stoppered. डाभ a:bh (nm) see अंकर. इज़ज़त पर to rob one of one's honour. medical practitioner. bandit. stopper. hag. —बनाना to shave. ु डामर a:mar (nm) tar. ~जार lit. post. to commit a dacoity. डाढ़ a:ṛḥ (nf) a molar or grinding tooth. having a cork or plug. ~दार bearded. डािकनी a:kinī: (nf) a lamia.cat. sullage. डाबर a:bar (nm) a pit. -बँगला a dak bungalow. pitch. डाढ़ी a:ṛḥi: (nf) a beard. etc. one whose beard is burnt—a term of abuse generally used by women. (a) dirty. -गाड़ी a mail train. ~ख़ाना a post office. -वयय postage.. . archway. raw cocoanut. डाकटरी a:kṭari: (nf) the medical practice/professoin. dak. ~ज़नी commitment of (a series of) dacoities. to make an assualt on one's modesty. -ख़चर postage. spigot. डाका a:ka: (nm) a dacoity. डाट a:t (nf) a cork. bung. डािकया a:kiya: (nm) a postman. डाक a:k (nf) mail. hell. ~घर a post office.a:i: (nf) a die. डाक ू a:ku: (nm) a dacoit. a rest house for officials. डाकटर a:kṭar (nm) a doctor.

to drop. wobbly.(कौल से) to eat one's words. -गंिथ ovary. डॉलर olar (nm) a dollar. unsteady. डालना a:lnā: (v) to put in. िडंगल īṅgal (nf) the mediaeval poetic language of the bards of Ra:jastha:n. िडगना ignā: (v) to deviate. to swerve. िडंब imb (nm) embryo. degree. fluctuating.उसल से to run away from ू one's own guns. डाल दे ना to abandon. डाली a:li: (nf) a branch. िडंगी iṅgi: (nf) a dinghy. to thrust in. िडग जाना —.270 -डा/ह a:h (nm) jealousy. sweets. —इजरा करना to issue a decree. —. to thrust. िडगरी igri: (nf) a decree. डावाँडोल a:vā: ol (a) wavering. envy. ~दार a decree-holder. —होना a decree to be granted (in favour of). — तामील करना to execute a decree. basket. . -. to pour. jolly-boat. ~री dictatorship. dictatorial. given as a present. basketful of fruits. to cast off. ~ही jealous.डायरी a:iri: (nm) a diary. डाल a:l (nf) a branch. —हालत मे होना to be in doldrums. to be shaken. etc. िडंभ imbh (nm) a larva. िडकटे ट/र ikṭeṭar (nm) a dictator. fickle. डायरे कटर a:irekṭar (nm) a director. envious.

डींग ī:g (nf) vaunt bragging. to disappear. ~बंद canned. boasting hot air. to boast. िडठौना iṭḥaunā: (nm) a black sooty mark on the face (supposedly to guard against an evil glance). braggadocio. िडमाई ima:i: (nf) demy—a measure of printing paper (18"x22"). िडबबी ibbi: (nf) see िडिबया. proclamation by drum-beat. tom-tom. case or casket. —कलकटर a deputy collector. िडमारच ima:rach (nm) see डैमरे ज. size. ~मार braggart. डुबाना . िडपटी ipṭi: (nm) a deputy. िडिबया ibiya: (nf) a tiny box. to vomit.िडज़ाइन iza:in (nm) a design. — मारना/हाँकना to brag. — पीटना/बजाना to make a proclamation. िडपो ipo (nf) a depot. tinned. physique. ~डौल stature. braggadocio. hence ~बंदी (nf). डुगगी uggi: (nf) see डुगडुगी. िडबबा ibba: (nm) see डबबा. डीज़ल i:zal (nm) diesel (oil). डुबकी ubki: (nf) a dip. डुगडुगी ug ugi: (nf) a small kettle-drum. डील di:l (nm) stature. —मारना/लगाना to take a dip. see डमर. physique. to keep out of sight for a long time.

—डालना to encamp. -डंडा belongings. डूब मरना to drown out of disgrace. drowning. household effects. —चावल की िखचड़ी पकाना to blow one's lone trumpet. डूब?ते को ितनक का सहारा a drowning man catches at a े . (a) left (as —हाथ). डेरी eri: (nf) a dairy. डूबा हुआ. without ornaments. to come to stay. डेग eg (nf) see दे ग.271 -डेलटा elṭa: (nm) a delta.). to disgrace (as नाम—). empty. to immerse. -. cow. —उखाड़ना/उठाना to get ready for departure. to be immersed/submerged. —पसली का of a scanty frame. डेरा era: (nm) a camp. to sink.uba:nā: (v) to drown. unequipped. डूबती नैया पार लगाना to resurrect a sinking boat/ship. (आपादमसतक/चोटी तक) over head and ears. to submerge. डूँडा ū: a: (a) single-horned (bull. —ईट की मिसजद चु(िच)नना. to be sullied or disgraced. billet. डेला ela: (nm) an eye-ball. etc. डेसक esk (nm) a desk. a lump (of clay). —). to dip. डेवढ़ा evṛḥa: (a) see डयोढ़ा. डेढ़ eṛḥ (a) one and a half. a clod (of earth). encampment. डेक ek (nm) the deck. temporary abode. to set (as सरज ू straw. to plunge. डुबाव uba:v (nm) depth of water sufficient to be drowned. डूबना u:bnā: (v) to be drowned. to decamp. abode. to sully. डुबोना ubona: (v) see डुबाना. —फ़ामर a dairy farm. lean and thin.

to wobble. डैनेदार winged. —पीटना/बजाना to proclaim by beat of drum. serving bowl. डोडी ō i: (nf) a tiny tom-tom. डोगी ōgi: (nf) see िडंगी. pinioned. to oscillate. डोरा ora: (nm) a thread. डोिरया oriya: (nm) a kind of thin striped cloth. डोला ola: (nm) a litter. to be tilted sideways. डैमरे ज aimrej (nm) demurrage. डैश aish (nm) a dash. skip. thread. to allure. डोर or (nf) a string. डौल . ~ची a small pail. to rove about. proclamation. डैिलया ailiya: (nm) dahlia—plant and its flower. to ramble. डोम ōm (nm) a low caste in the traditional Hindu caste hierarchy.डैना ainā: (nm) a wing (of a bird). sewing or stitching thread. to entice. डोल ol (nm) a round shallow pail (usually of iron). a kind of sedan (for women). to proclaim from house-tops. lanyard. wickerwork basket. डोलना olnā: (v) to swing. pinion. डोरे ड़ालना to set one's cap at. डोगा ōga: (nm) a large canoe. hence डोली (nf). डोरी ori: (nf) a string.

method. ~री the job or position of a driver. ~रांत (word) ending in ढ (ḍḥ). to probe into each and every item. opportunity. chance. measure. ढ ढ ḍḥa—the fourth letter of the third pentad (i. to conceal. ढँ ढोरची a drummer. payment to public revenue levied on import. ढकना ḍḥaknā: (v) to cover. to drink in large quantities (said in anger or sarcasm). डामा ra:mā: (nm) a drama.aul (nm) shape.272 -ढका/र ḍḥaka:r (nm) the letter ढ (ḍḥa) and its sound. proclamation. डाइव/र ra:ivar (nm) a driver. —रम drawing room. डौली auli: (nm) a field ridge.e. watchman. way. डेस res (nf) dress. डयोढ़ी yoṛḥi: (nf) the threshold. े े ढकोसना ḍḥakosnā: (v) to ingurgitate (a liquid). opportunity. binding force of what is right. डयटी ू yu:ṭi: (nf) duty. proclaimer. —लगाना to find some way out. टवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. ढकलना ḍḥakelnā: (v) see धकलना. export etc. —पीटना to proclaim aloud. डयोढ़ा yoṛḥa: (a) one and half-times. (nm) see ढककन. device. vestibule. ढं ग ḍḥaṅg (nm) manner. demeanour. ढँ ढोरा ḍḥāḍḥora: (nm) proclamation by beat of drum. appearance. mode. tact. िडल ril (nm) drill. डम ram (nm) a drum. ~वान a gate-keeper. ढँ ढोरना ḍḥāḍḥornā: (v) to make a thorough search. form. डाइंग ra:īng (nf) drawing. . exercise. -. a method/manner. -डाल device.

work. ढलान ḍḥalā:n (nf) a slope. to comfort. ढाई ḍḥa:i: (a) two and a half. the phase of aging. ढलैया ḍḥalaiya: (nm) a founder. pitch. ढाक ḍḥa:k (nm) the tree Butea frondosa. path. to roll. ~लेबाज़ a hypocrite. method. —क तीन पात for ever in straits. ढनमनाना ḍḥanmānā:nā: (v) to stumble about. pratter.). ढककन ḍḥakkān (nm) a lid.work. ढचरा ḍḥachra: (nm) a skeleton. ways. sham. ढाना ḍḥa:nā: (v) to demolish. fitting into a frame. —बनाना to act as a defence/safeguard. ढाबा ḍḥa:ba: (nm) a small common. casting. babbler. hence ~लेबाज़ी (nf).ढकोस/ला ḍḥakosla: (nm) hypocrisy. to be poured out. style. mintage. —लोहा pig iron. steep. —िदन की बादशाहत a transitory ascendance. sloping. slope. to be razed/destroyed. to flow down. declivity. ढलती जवानी withering/fading/dwindling youth. to spill. ढाल ḍḥa:l (nf) a shield. ढरकना ḍḥaraknā: (v) to roll/trickle down. conduct. minting. ~बंदी carcassing. ढलना ḍḥalnā: (v) to be moulded/cast. to pull down. worn out framework (of a vehicle. ढब ḍḥab (nm) manner. fashion. falling gradient. frame. skeleton. humbug. inclined. fashion. humbug. thatched roofing of a hut. ढाढ़स ḍḥa:ṛḥas (nm) solace. etc. ढलती उम advanced age. to age.place hotel. carcass. ढपली ḍḥapli: (nf) see डफ़ली. ~ख़ाना a foundry. to raze to the ground. ढरार ḍḥarra: (nm) way(s). to dismantle. ramp. consolation. slanting. ढाँचा ḍḥā:cha: (nm) frame. buckler. ढाटा ḍḥa:ṭa: (nm) a strip of cloth tied over the beard to keep it in good trim (used sometimes by the Sikhs) or around the face (generally used by dacoits to conceal their identity). —दे ना/बँधाना to console. ढलाई ḍḥala:i: (nf) moulding. ढहना ḍḥehnā: (v) to crash down: to fall/tumble down. ढलवाँ ḍḥalvā: (a) cast. ~घर a foundry. ढपोरसं(शं)ख ḍḥapors(sh)aṅkh (nm) a talk-tall give-nothing person. ढलकना ḍḥalaknā: (v) see ढरकना. to be on the decline/decrease. sticking to an unwelcome convention/custom. ~गर a caster. ramp. to heap on. descent. always in a े tight position. cover. . to set (as सरज ू —). short-lived authority.

fickle/fickle-minded.). infirmity. — पड़ना to soften. lump (of earth).273 -to be crazy/whimsical. fraud. hummock. some mental screw to be loose. descending. to be struck down. to free. ~बाज़ी hypocritic/fraudulent practices. to pass away. ~यक़ीन fickle-minded. impudent. ढूह ḍḥu:h (nm) a mound. relaxation. (generally born out of the other person's indulgence). imposture. ढील ḍḥi:l (nf) lavity. ~बाज़ a hypocrite. flabby. sluggish. hypocrite. transportation (charges). to relax. to be lenient. sluggish. —ढीली होना -. audacious. wavering. —करना to loosen. (a) plenty. to give a long handle/rope. ~पन see िढलाई. leniency. िढबरी ḍḥibri: (nf) a nut socket. to mould or cast. to slacken. िढठाई ḍḥiṭḥa:i: (nf) contumeliousness. soft. accumulation. to search. etc. haulage. flabbiness. to mellow down. lot. -ढाला loose. to untie. relaxation. flabby. to spill. to bear (on head or shoulder. ढालू ḍḥa:lu: (a) sloping. wavering. slack. small earthen or tin lamp. bulk. ढे कली ḍḥēkli: (nf) a water-lifting appliance. ढुलकना ḍḥulaknā: (v) to roll down. hence ~पन/~पना (nm). an impostor. . ढोना ḍḥonā: (v) to transport. ढे र ḍḥer (nm) a heap. to carry. fraudulent.ढालना ḍḥa:lnā: (v) pour out (as liquor). to mellow down. abundant. ढुलमुल ḍḥulmul (v) vacillating. to strike down —हो जाना to die. infirm. pert. ढे ला ḍḥela: (nm) a clod. laxity. pile. declivious. to found. ढीला ḍḥi:la: (a) loose. arch. softness. heap. to soften. ढोग ḍḥōg (nm) hypocrisy. leniency. flexibility. an impostor. ढूँढना ḍḥū:ḍḥnā: (v) to seek. archness. hypocritical. imposture. livestock. to trace. िढंढोरा ḍḥinḍḥora: (nm) see ढँ ढोरा. to loosen. to haul. ढे री ḍḥeri: (nf) see ढे र (nm). —दे ना to allow relaxation. unsteadiness. unstready. brickbat. —करना to kill. ढोगी ḍḥōgi: (a and nm) impostorous. ढोर ḍḥor (nm) cattle. pertness. to get sluggish. to let go. ~पन vacillation. िढलाई ḍḥila:i: (nf) sluggishness. —डंगर cattle. impudence/audacity. ढीलना ḍḥi:lnā: (v) to let go. —होना to sotfen. ढुलाई ḍḥula:i: (nf) cartage. ढीठ ḍḥi:ṭḥ (a) contumelious. to force to give up a rigid posture. to trickle down. sluggishness. to cart. fickleness/fickle-mindedness.

voodooism. scarcity-stricken. large drum. tightness. ~क a fibril. तंत tāntr (nm) a system. tendril. one who plays on a ढोलक. spell and incantation. तंडुल tān ul (nm) rice. टवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. filament. distressed.e. -साधना tantra-practices for the attainment of a desired goal or super-human faculties. -मंत hocus-pocus. straits.274 -ण ण ṉā—the ultimate nasal letter of the third pentad (i.ढोल ḍḥol (nm) a tomtom. poverty. a stringed musical instrument—a lyre. cord or string of a musical instrument. barrel. emulative ardour. तंदरसत tāndurust (a) healthy. hence ~िदली (nf). त त ta—the first letter of the fourth pentad (i. तंगी tāṅgi: (nf) scarcity. ~मय fibrous. तंती tāntri: (nf) a practitioner of enchantments. to prick the bubble. -वाद stringed musical instrument. ~िकया a drummer. ु . —आना to be tired (of). spider. ~दसती state of penury. tightness. to be browned off. तंतज tāntragy (nm) one who has attained expertise in तंत (see). to make one show one's cards. scarcity of money. to harass. to be fed up. ढौरी ḍḥauri: (nf) a sense of vying. to proclaim aloud. harassed.e. ढोला ḍḥola: (nm) centring. a popular folk narrative sung in parts of Uttar Pradesh.तंत nervous system. —लगाना to arouse a sense of vying. तवगर) of Devna:gri: alphabet. ~हाली narrow circumstances. girth. to victimize. incantation. technique. तंतु tāntu (nm) a thread. a body of mystical formulae or practices (for the attainment of super-human powers). scarce. fibre. belt of a horse. ~हाल tight. small hearted. ~का. —की पोल पीटना to publicise. — ढोल/क ḍḥolak (nf) a small drum played on both the ends. तंित/का tāntrika: (nf) a nerve. तंग tāṅg (a) narrow. -. ~वाय a weaver. ~िदल hidebound. -ढमकका hustle and bustle. —करना to trouble. ~दसत short of money. खोलना to call a person's bluff. poverty. ~कीय nervous. troubled. in great straits. a string gut. ढोली ḍḥoli: (nf) a pack/bundle of betel leaves.

to get a lucky chance. dormancy. तकला takla: (nm) the spindle (of a a spinning wheel). —का िलखा नहीं िमटता what is lotted cannot be blotted. तक़दीरी taqdi:ri: (a) pertaining or related to luck/fate. —दे ना to admonish. upto. ~की technical. wrangling. तंबर tāmbu:r (nm) a tambour. ~लु drowsy. तक़रार takra:r (nf) an altercation. तंबू tāmbu: (nm) a tent. quarrel. ~ता drowsiness. तक़दीर taqdi:r (nf) luck. तंिदल tāndril (a) drowsy. •जानकारी technical know-how. bobbin of cotton. meticulous observance of propriety or etiquette. till. lot. तकली takli: (nf) a small तकला (see). fate. तक tak (ind) to. —का पलटा खाना (one's) luck to take a turn. —हज़ार िनयामत a sound health is a thousand ु blessings. तंबाक tāmba:ku: (nm) tobacco. to stand upon ceremony. fortune.275 -to reprove. ू तंबीह tāmbi:h (nf) an admonition. —फटना to be out of luck. तंबोली tāmboli: (nm) see तमोली. तकनी/क takni:k (nf) technique. —खोटी होनाto have a bad/an illluck. somnolence. lecture. —का धनी/िसकदर blessed with a ं lucky lot. ू तंबूरा tāmbu:ra: (nm) a four-stringed drone.तंदरसती tāndurusti: (nf) health(iness). favoured by Dame Luck. drowsiness. —का खेल wonders wrought by Luck. — खुलना/जागना to be in luck. to be in the ascendant. by. nearly. marquee. तकलीफ़ takli:f (nf) trouble. तंदा tāndra: (nf) drowse. an oven. ~न as a matter of warning/reproof. तक़रीर taqri:r (nf) a speech. ailment. until. तक़रीबन taqri:bān (ind) approximately. -. तंद ू/र tāndu:r (nm) an oven. to turn out to be lucky in matrimony. —का हे ठा having a wretched lot. —लड़ना to be favoured by luck. . ~री fired or prepared in. a gentle reproof. तकललफ़ takalluf (nm) formality. to be under the spell of ू ill-luck. —ठोकना to curse one's ill-luck. —से तदबीर बड़ी है its effort that counts more in life than mere luck. —मे होना to be in trouble/distress. distress. —आज़माना to try one's luck. — ु करना/मे पड़ना to be formal. to observe formality. or pertaining to. तकना taknā: (v) see ताकना. —ऊची जगह ँ लड़ना to be related (matrimonially) to a rich family.

ु तक takkr (nm) butter-milk. तक़ावी taqa:vi: (nf) taccavi (loan). तकक takshak (nm) a kind of deadly serpent. hence ु ~बेकारी (nf). board. large. तख़ता taḳḥta: (nm) a plank. तिकयाकलाम takiya:kala:m (nm) a prop word. to fall/throw into adversity. spindle (of a spinning wheel). discussion. तजर/बा tajurba: (nm) (an) experience. one's due. a state of being all alone.तक़सीम taqsi:m (nf) division. to take a strong stand. Shahjahan. ~नशीन enthroned. तगा/दा taga:da: (nm) see तक़ाज़ा. to be parched/scorched. advance of money to cultivators. robust. to quit. to leave. dunning. —उलटना/पलटना to bring about a coup. valuation. chopper. installed on the throne. तकआ takua: (nm) a distaff. तखते-ताऊस the celebrated peacock throne of the Indian -. —का तख़ता हो जाना to have prosperity turned into absolute adversity. तजना tajnā: (v) to abandon. throne. ~दगीर one who calls for the recovery of his due. तचना tachnā: (v) to be heated/boiled (as milk). तगा taga: (nm) thread. an expletive. a big hollow utensil. assessment. suggestion. small board to write on. to suffer a coup. . abode of a Mohammedan hermit. —लगाना to make an estimate. तख़िलया taḳḥliya: (nm) solitude. तख़मीना taḳḥmī:nā: (nm) an estimate. तगड़ा tagṛa: (a) strong. experiment. demand (of payment. scheme. accession to the throne. तख़त ṭaḳḥt (nm) a wooden structure of planks. to prove stronger. तका/र taka:r (nm) the letter ta (त) and its sound.). तिकया takiya: (nm) a pillow. powerful. ~बेकार experienced (person). cushion. ~रांत (word) ending in त ् (t). तख़ती taḳḥti: (nf) a small wooden plate. to be undone. तक़ाज़ा taqa:za: (nm) dun. —या तख़ता to win the horse or lose the saddle. ~नशीनी enthronement. तगार(ड़) taga:r(ṛ) (nm) a reservoir for mixing lime and mortar. तजवीज़ tajvi:z (nf) a proposal. —पड़ना to prove more than a match. which was taken away by Na:dirsha:h of Iran when he invaded and plundered Delhi in 1739 A.D. distribution. etc. bolster. तख़ललुस taḳḥallus (nm) pen-name. तज़िकरा tazkira: (nm) mention. hence ~पन (nm).276 -Moghal Emperor. to give up.sized needle.

—से with a crack or snap. रहना to sit on the fence. etc. pertaining to a bank. तटसथ taṭāsth (a) neutral. are well-stirred and browned (to be administered as a relish to pulses. तड़ taṛ (nf) a crack. to smart. -फड़ाक at once. coast. situated or located on the coast/bank. making a show of superiority. bank. तटीय taṭi:y (a) coastal. swiftly. to be non-aligned. objectivity. तड़कना taṛaknā: (v) to split with a crack. objective. तड़पना taṛapnā: (v) to toss or roll about restlessly or uneasily. shore. born thereof. show of superiority. तजजनय tajjany (a) possible therefrom. — जवाब दे ना to answer back in quick succession/unhesitatingly/insolently. crack. to snap. situated on a bank/coast. to retort. —पड़नाto be hit in quick succession. तड़फड़ा/ना taṛphaṛa:nā: (v) to (be in a) throe. तड़ातड़ taṛa:taṛ (adv) with successive reports. to crack. ascendancy. to writhe in pain. तड़ी taṛi: (nf) braggadocio. to crackle.तजजिनत tajjanit (a) born thereof. snap. littoral. तड़क taṛak (nf) the act or process of cracking. तड़ाका taṛa:ka: (nm) a loud report. smart. तिड़त taṛit (nf) the lightning. sound of a stroke or blow. ~बाज़ braggadocio. a snap. a crack mark. restivity. etc. ~ता neutrality. तटी taṭi: (nf) a river. being situated on a bank/coast etc. —वयापार coastal trade. indifference. to writhe in pain. तड़का taṛka: (nm) day-break. तटिसथत see तटवती. snap. —संवाद a flash. yearning. heated oil or ghee in which spices and onion. — तटसथीकरण neutralisation. resulting therefrom. seasoning. pompousness. तड़प taṛap (nf) tossing or rolling about in agony. तट taṭ (nm) a bank. instantaneously. overbearingness. with promptitude. to yearn (for). hence ~हट (nf).) तड़तड़ा/ना taṛtaṛa:nā: (v) to produce a cracking/crackling noise. riverian. crack. -. fissure. to be restive/restless.277 -—से जबाब दे ना to answer back unhesitatingly/insolently. to break with a crack. restlessness. hence ~हट (nf). तटवती taṭvarti: (a) riverian. — . hence ~बाज़ी. coastal. loud report. -भड़क ostentation.. cracking noise. dawn. split. तड़ाक taṛa:k (nf) a cracking sound. indifferent. snap. —से with a loud report. tawdry/tawdriness. crackling noise (as of a slap). overbearing conduct. braggart. to crack. the act or process of imparting objectivity/indifference. not to take sides.

to yield to braggadocio. -दशरन realisation of the Supreme Truth. phenomenon. ततवांतरण tattva:ntarā:ṉ (nm) transmutation. ~मीमांसीय metaphysical. ~मीमांसक metaphysicist. there and then. hence ~िनषता/ ~िनषा (nf). ~ज a metaphysician. ततवतः tattvtah (ind) essentially. inspite of that. to hoodwink. contemporaneous. in essence. तथासतु tatha:stu (ind) Be it so ! तथय tatthy (nm) reality. His/Her Excellency. तत tattr (adv) there. to try to subdue. ~िवद see ~ज. -िवदा Metaphysics. same as that—a word of Sanskrit origin used as such in later languages. fact. insight. realistic. ततसम tatsam (nm and a) lit. ~दशी one who realises the Supreme Truth. substance. ततपाती tatpa:ti: (a) fugacious. truth-probing vision. true. तथागत tatha:gat (nm) a name of Lord Buddha. immediately. —मारना to give oneself airs. ~लीन belonging to that time. hence~परायणता (nf). principle. devotedness. ~िनष factual. ~भाषी/वादी one who speaks the fact. one who can perceive the Truth. -दिष vision. one who has realised the Supreme Truth. ~पुरष (in Grammar) a variety of समास. yet. —मे आना to be taken in. ~पशात ् thereafter. तितममा tatimma: (nm) an appendix. in reality. in that place. factum. ~जानी see ~ज. reality. क under the auspices/aegis of. े ततपर tatpar (a) ready. instantaneously. ततव tattv (nm) an element. -मीमांसा Metaphysics. ततका/ल tatka:l (adv) forthwith. contemporary. ततवावधान tattva:vdha:n (nm) auspices. His/Her Highness. to do the grand. still. तथाकिथत tatha:kathit (a) so-called. ~िलक immediate. of the/that time. ~भवान His/Her Majesty. तथािप tatha:pi (ind) even so.दे ना to indulge in empty vaunting. ~परायण see ~िनष. ~ता readiness. ~िनष wedded to truth/essence. contemporaneous. ~या काटना/ ~ये लगना to feel uneasy/restive. factor. ततै/या tataiya: (nf) a wasp. ~वेता see ~ज. ततकण tatkshāṉ (adv) that very moment. तताथेइ tatta:thei (nf) a dancing strain. aegis. -शास see िवदा. devoted. truth. so. तत ् tat (pro) that. -जान metaphysical knowledge. essence. तथा tatha: (ind) and. elementism. . a supplement. the realisation of the Supreme Truth. —मे .

tautness. to assume an uncompromising/unyielding posture. to run into a temper. consequently. तनातनी tanā:tanī: (nf) a state of (mutual) tension. with all physical and mental resources. device. to be pitched. lonely. —बदन की सध न रहना to transcend one's physical being. ~दार paid. contrivance. solitary. -मन-धन से with all physical. evolved or born therefrom—words of Sanskrit origin which have assumed. thereupon. तनक़ीह tanqi:h (nf) an issue. having identical form. ipso facto. तनतनाना tāntanā:nā: (v) to snap at. ु ~पी corresponding. -मन से wholeheartedly. तनज़ेब tanzeb (nf) superfine muslin. hence ~या (nf) a daughter. तदपरांत taduparā:nt (ind) consequently. tenseness. ~ई loneliness. salaried. tenseness. . ु तद tad—an allomorph of तत ् (meaning 'that') used in compounds. according to (that).278 -तदनंतर tadnāntar (adv) thereafter. —लगाना to frame issues. solitude. तदबीर tadbi:r (nf) effort. to be wrathfully outspoken. ~रपता (तदपता) identity. तन tān (nm) body. to be upright. to be stretched full. strain. thereafter. तन/य tanay (nm) a son. तनखवाह tanḳḥa:h (nf) pay. ु तदनर/प tadanuru:p (a) identical. and are used in. decline. -बदन मे आग लगना to get one's goat.तथयतः tatthytah (ind) de facto. to sulk. तने रहना to be ever in temper. तना tanā: (nf) a stem. sameness. तनना tannā: (v) to be pulled tight. ~आकार / (तदाकार) / ~रप (तदप) identical. ु तदिप tadapi (ind) still. fall. तदव (nm and a) lit. even then. formal ू ू correspondence. corresponding to. trunk. bole. to be cross. —की/~पूणर िसथित tense situation. salary. तनहा tanha: (a) alone. -. —सिमित ad hoc committee. according to that. to be in a fury. ु to be beyond oneself. तदनसार tadanusa:r (ind) accordingly. तनाव tana:v (nm) tension. a modified form in later languages. means. to attain physical gratification. mental and material resources. तनजजुली tanazzuli: (nf) demotion. तदनभूित tadanubhu:ti (nf) empathy. corresponding. to assume an air of affectation. —की तपन बुझाना to quench the thirst of one's physical needs. -मन से सेवा करना to serve somebody hand and foot. तदथर tadarth (a) ad hoc.

cordially. with promptitude. तफ़तीश tafti:sh (nf) an investigation. a grove where ascetics perform their religious ascetic activities. तपसवी tapassvi: (nm and a) an ascetic. tenuous.dilution. तनवी tannvi (a) see तनवंगी. -. penance. dilute. —से with open arms. तपेिदक़ tapediq (nf) tuberculosis. mental anguish. afflicted. तप tapt (a) heated. thin. ~बल the power acquired through penance. तनी tani: (nf) a string or fastening of a garment. तपाक tapa:k (nm) warmth. regalement. warmed up. ~भंग (causing) breach of ascetic practices. devoutly austere (person). hence तपिसवनी (fem). ~िनष (one) devoted to penance. slender. तपकन tapkān (nf) throbbing agony. delicate. one whose sole capital is तप (सया) (see)-an ascetic. slim. affliction. self-mortification. तपशयार tapashcharya: (nf) see तपसया. ु तन/करण tanū:karāṉ (nm) attenuation. tingle. ~धन lit. fun.279 -smarting pain. tenuity. तनु tanu (a) lean. to burn with pain or grief. one who practises self-mortification. तनवंगी tannvāṅgi: (a) tenuous. dilution. ~न for fun/recreation. . ु तनता tanuta: (nf) tenuousness. तिपश tapish (nm) heat. —अचछा/आगे a cut above. leanness. fully engrossed/absorbed (in).तिनक tanik (a) a little. slender. probe. तपसया tapassya: (nf) penance. asceticism. slight. asceticism. promptitude. with a string around. hence~कृ त (a). तप tap (nm) devout austerity. self-mortification. तनयता tannyāta: (nf) tensility. hence ~जा (nf) a daughter. anguish. of delicate frame. ~ता complete identification.delicacy. apparent cordiality. ~मय pertaining or given to penance or self-mortification. ~वन an ascetic's grove. hence तपकना (v). तपन tapān (nm) heat. burning sensation (within or without). to practise self-mortification. trance. ~वत devoted/devotion to self-mortification. तपो tapo—an allomorph of तपस ् (see तप) used in compounds. तन/ज tanuj (nm) a son. तपना tapnā: (v) to be heated. ू तनमय tānmay (a) identified (with). तफ़रीह tafri:h (nf) recreation. ~दार stringed. instantaneously.

of impulsive disposition. —होना to come to grief. alteration. —मचलना to go wayward. hence ~हट (nf). —लगना to feel at home. ignorance. transfer. bonafide / clean / hearty person. तमस ् tamas (nm) the third of the three qualities incidental to creation or the state of humanity. particulars.280 -a lesson. तमनना tamannā: (nf) an aspiration. तबाही taba:hi: (nf) ruination. —आना to fall in love with. afterwards. temperament. तमकना tamaknā: (v) to snap. to cause destruction/havoc. तमंचा tamāṇcha: (nm) a pistol. — भी even then. . तबेला tabela: (nm) a stable. तिब(बी)यत tabi(bi:)yat (nf) the state of (physical or mental) health. status तबदील tabdi:l (nf) change. —झक होना see —साफ़ होना. (fig. to be taught -.तफ़सील tafsi:l (nf) details. ~दार large-hearted. consequently. a longing. तमतमा/ना tamtamā:nā: (v) the face to redden (with rage or heat). viz. gloom. to be cloyed with. darkness. a musical/dancing session to be in progress. exchange. तमग़ा tamga: (nm) a medal. disposition. the quality of darkness or ignorance. hearty. (a) changed. for this reason. alteration. —िगरना condition to become worse. to fly into a rage. —भर जाना to feel satiated. altered. at that time. nature. ~वादन the act or process of playing on the tabla. तबाह taba:h (a) ruined. —साफ़ होना to come to senses. thereafter. to meet with disaster. ~वादक a tablaplayer. to be restored to one's true being. —मचाना to spell ruination. to be cut to size. —तानना to aim a pistol at. to fall for. तबला tabla: (nm) small tambourine —a percussion musical instrument. to be excited by. even so. thereupon. destroyed. तभी tabhi: (adv) at that moment. —का साफ़ a man of good faith. exchanged. तबदीली tabdi:li: (nf) change. just then. तबािदला taba:dila: (nm) transfer. just at that time. —खनकना/ठनकना the tabla to be played upon. ruin. of keen sensibilities. destruction. — आबोहवा change of climate. तबक़ा tabqa: (nm) a class.) ignorance. तम tām (nm) darkness. in spite of this. revolver. to feel sick. —िबगड़ना to become indisposed. तब tab (adv) then. तबलची tabalchi: (nm) a tabla-player.

wrathful. whole. means. तमोगुण tamogūṉ (nm) one of the three qualities (viz. full of waves/ripples. तिमल tamil (nf) the oldest of the four major south Indian languages belonging to the Dravidian family. —करना to decide. tact. ripple. having a superficial mentality. तमाम tamā:m (a) all. ~नी lit. unsteady. fanciful. entertainment by show-seeing.— तर माल). spectacle. सतोगुण. तमोमय tamōmay (a) one in whom the element of तमस ् (see) is predominant. तरकश tarkash (nm) a quiver. —करना to soak. ~बंद equipped with a quiver. device. तमोली tamoli: (nm) a betel-seller. drenched. तिमसा tamisra: (nf) darkness. तमोगुणी tamogūṉī: (a) person in whom तमोगुण (see) predominates. a show-seer. to distinguish (between). contrivance. entire. the quality of darkness or ignorance. dank. to refresh. rippled. ~दार mannerly. dark night. soaked. तमाशबी/न tama:shbī:n (nm) lit. decorum. fresh.281 -तरकारी tarka:ri: (nf) a vegetable (green or cooked). rich (as food etc. covered. abounding in ignorance. decorous. to be in a light and pleasant mood. entertainment. having proper etiquette. whim. तरकीब tarki:b (nf) way. (in a) fanciful (mood). रजोगुण. —खाना to be slapped. refresh. तमाल tama:l (nm) a big evergreen tree —Xanthocymus pictorius. in a light and pleasant mood. show-seeing. ripply. fanciful. तमाचा tamā:cha: (nm) a slap. dark. ~नाडु the South-Indian state of Tamilna:du. damp. तमोगुण) incidental to creation or the state of humanity. revived. तरं गी tarāṅgi: (a) whimsical. —करना to discriminate. तमाशा tama:sha: (nm) a show. a suffix used to denote comparative degree ताज़ा freshed. महतर. to cover (as रासता). caprice.तमससुक tamassuk (nm) a promissory note. the centring of interest on mere show aspect or entertainment. discrimination. unsteady. —जड़ना to plant a slap (on). fleeting. तरं गाियत tarāṅga:yit (a) wavy. तरं ग tarāṅg (nf) a wave. (as उचचतर. a spectator. to settle. fixed. तर tar (a) wet. बेहतर). an onlooker. -ओ- . —मे होना to be on the top of the world. settled. ~ई see तमाशबीन. तय tay (a) decided. तरं िगत tarāṅgit (a) waved. to drench. to work out a strategy. —िभड़ाना/लड़ाना to find a way out. —से काम लेना to handle tactfully/with gloves. -. capricious. -ब-तर soaked. तमीज़ tami:z (nf) etiquette.

~वार in (proper) order. तरजमा tarjumā: (nm) translation. freshness. तरस taras (nf) compassion. dampness. ~नी translation. technique. ~ही preferential. —का like. not to take due notice. an increment. backing. partiality. तरलता taralta: (nf) fluidity. to over-look. ~दारी the act of taking a side. तरावट tara:vaṭ (nf) coolness: freshness. तराबोर tara:bor (a) drenched. कमतरीन (the lowest). wealthiness. partisanship. — होना to be moneyed/wealthy. ~क़ का of a proper े type/mould. ~दार partisan. likeness. तरी tari: (nf) coolness. —खाना to pity. arrangement. to set in order. richness. तरल taral (a) fluid. तरननम tarannūm (nm) modulation. to pare. तरना tarnā: (v) to cross (over). ु तरिण taraṉī (nm) the sun. (nm) a liquid. pity.). tact. to attain salvation. तराज़ू tara:zu: (nf) a balance. structure. तरदुद taraddud (nf) botheration. allowance. (nf) a boat. resembling. to crave or long for. priority. ~न a translator. curry. advancement. concern. scales. to fashion. rhythm. mould. . to fulfil an obligation. trim. mode way. तरह tareh (nf) kind. improvement. तरसना tarasnā: (v) to pine for. curing (of concrete etc. ू तरमीम tarmī:m (nf) an amendment. direction. तराई tara:i: (nf) foothill. ु तरफ़ taraf (nf) side. तरीन tari:n—a suffix denoting superlative degree as बेहतरीन (the best). तराशना tara:shnā: (v) to cut. (adv) towards. — दे ना to be lenient. तराश tara:sh (nf) cut. reasonably good. unsteady. तराना tara:nā: (nm) a song rhythmic musical composition using syllables. to pass over. तरजी/ह tarji:h (nf) preference. to trim. ~क a thinner. soaked. तरतीब tarti:b (nf) an order. तर taru (nm) a tree. headache. promotion. partial.melon.तरक़क़ी taraqqi: (nf) progress. constant wetting/drenching. तरब/ज़(ज़ा) tarbu:z(a:) (nm) a water. —पदाथर a liquid. method way. dampness. तरी/क़ा tari:qa: (nm) a method. a modification. etc. to chisel. fickleness. manner. deserving priority. supporter. sort. —दे ना to impart an order. verdure. verdure. ~पसंद progressive. fickle.

तक tarku (nm) see तकआ. until. तज़र tarz (nf) tune (in music). —करना to argue. तरे ड़ tareṛ (nm) a crack. legitimate. ~वाद rationalism. तरारर tarra:r (a) used as the second member in the compound तेज़. rational/reasonable. ुर ु तपरण tarpāṉ (nm) gratification. fashion. surface. reproof. ~हीन illogical. तजरनी tarjanī: (nf) the fore-finger.तरण tarun (a) young. तलना talnā: (v) to fry. style. fallacious argument. discussion. crevice. logic. reason. तलक talak (ind) to. ~वाद rationalism. ~संगित justification. plea. trigger-finger. र relinquishment. profound. upto. acrid. rationality/reasonableness. ~ना tarjan (nm). discursive intellect. ुर ु तकयर tarky (a) debatable. ~सपशी going deep. irrational. contention. ~nā: (nf) rebuke. to relinquish. acridity. र hence ~वादी (a. libation of water to deceased ancestors or the manes. —िवतक argumentation for and against. youthful. तकारभास tarka:bha:s (nm) fallacy. तल tal (nm) the bottom. mode. arguing. hence तरणी (nf). disputable. logicality. तकना tarknā: (nf) reasoning. —शंखलाchain of र ृ argument. ~संगत logical. justifiable. ु . र pertaining to Logic. तलफ़फ़ज़ talaffuz (nm) pronunciation. to contend.तरारर (see). floor.-. -. (nm) a youth. तरणाई taruṉa:i: (nf) youth. under part. तरे रना tarernā: (v). youngman. reasoning. र तक/शास tarkasha:str (nm) (the science of) Logic. र तकबुिद tarkbuddhi (nf) reason. आँखे to cast an admonishing glance. nm). dregs. तरिणमा taruṉimā: (nf) see तरणाई. तलछट talchhaṭ (nf) the sediment. snubbing. till. ~शासी a logician. तकिवदा tarkaviddya: (nf) (the science of) Logic. unreasoning. abandonment. reasoning faculty. ~ख़ी bitterness. young age. to abandon. ~शासीय logical. shake. even. to look obliquely. तल/ख़ talaḳḥ (a) bitter. तजमा tarjumā: (nm) see तरजमा.282 -तक tark (nm) an argument. तजर/न. worth arguing about.

—ऊपर one over the other. the state of being one with. under. to go in quest (of). to send for. to put to death. —क घाट उतारनाto put े to the sword. fee paid for the service of summons. quest. to lick the boots of. तलाश tala:sh (nf) search. ~नामा agreement for divorce. तलहटी talehṭi: (nf) foothill.charges. तलाक़ tala:q (nm) divorce. —होना to feel the urge for. —की धार most hazardous path. keel (of a boat). through relentless use े of force. —करना to summon. तलख ॣ see तलख़ी. ~नामा summons. —से मकखी मारना to break butterfly on wheel. तली tali: (nf) the bottom. the world to ु undergo radical changes. तलाशना tala:shnā: (v) to search. sole (of a shoe).283 -divorced. ~वे सहलाना to flatter. ~ता deep involvement. sub-mountain region. base. तले tale (ind) below.). concentration. sabre. lower/under side. —होना. attention. to blandish.तलब talab (nf) an urge. तलख़ talḳḥ (a) see तलख़. तल/वा talva: (nf) sole of the foot. beneath. तलला talla: (nm) a storey. —की आँच the flash/fierceness of the sword. one succeeding the other. —लेना to make/carry out a search. —खींच लेना/घुमाना to unsheath/brandish a sword. ~गार desirous (of). —रखना to expect. . engrossed (in). तलाशी tala:shi: (nf) search. craving. —क ज़ोर से through blood and iron. to indulge in servile flattery. —का धनी a heroic swordsman. तलबाना talba:nā: (nm) summon. order to appear before. seeking. sole (of a shoe). wages. ~वे चाटना to fawn upon. —दे ना to pay heed/attention to. ~वे चाटने वाला king Charles' spaniel. sole (of a shoe etc. —की दिनया ऊपर होना the world to be turned upside down. —सँतना to brandish a ू sword. तवजजो tavajjo (nf) heed. identified with. to indulge in servile flattery. —िदलाना to draw attention to. तललीन tallī:n (a) immersed (in). तवक़क़ो tavaqqo (nf) expectation. floor. ~शदा ु -. salary. िकसी से to be expected of (somebody). तलबी talbi: (nf) summons. तलवार talwa:r (nf) a sword. floor. deeply involved (in). —दे ना to allow/cause to be searched. तला tala: (nm) the bottom.

to attest. तसकर taskar (nm) a smuggler. -ए-िदल से from the core of the heart. cell/cellar. —से patiently. bottom. satisfaction. fold. —दे ना to console. confirmation. confession. —िसर से बाँधना to be ready to face blows/hardships. Spiritualism. consolation. —रखना to have patience. तवे की बँद a drop over the frying ू pan. tab. a smuggler's profession. attestation. तवारीख़ tava:ri:ḳḥ (nf) plural form of तारीख—date. तवाज़ा tava:za: (nf) see ख़ाितर. welcome appearance. तसवीर tasvi:r (nm) a picture. to confess. तसकीन taski:n (nf) solace. ृ तसकरी taskari: (nf) the act. process -. salutation. advent. an iron plate for baking bread. (something) destined to disappear instantly. तसलली tasalli: (nf) satisfaction. तसववफ़ tasavvuf (nm) Sufism. लाना. harlot. —ले जाना to depart. ~. — करना to admit. to confirm. to come. तसलीम taslī:m (nf) admission. —मोल लेना to ask for/own up trouble. consolation. seldom used except with verbs like रखना. ु तसू tasu: (nm) a unit of measure (esp. ~ख़ाना a basement. used in the context of building work). a chest shield (used by warriors). ले जाना. तसमा tasmā: (nm) a leather-strap.तवा tava: (nm) a griddle. तसला tasla: (nm) a shallow pan. -ब-तह one fold/layer over the other. greeting. . history. तसदीक़ tasdi:q (nf) verification. ~वित smuggling. तवालत tava:lat (nf) botheration. ~बखश satisfactory. तशतरी tashtari: (nf) a plate. small plate or shard in a िचलम on which tobacco is placed.284 -or practice of smuggling. image. tray. subterranean/underground vault. reconciliation. to go. portrait. —रखना to be seated. तवायफ़ tava:yaf (nf) a prostitute. a gramophone record. तसिफ़या tasfiya: (nm) a settlement. responsive greeting. तशरीफ़ tashri:f (nf) a term signifying honour and respect. trouble. patience. तह teh (nf) a layer. dancing girl. —का टोकरा said in a lighter jocular vein—(one's) being. —करना to verify. —लाना to grace (an occasion or a place) by coming. coming. तसबीह tasbi:h (nf) a rosary. उड़न flying saucer.

~उम throughout life. the office or court of a tehsildar. a sarong. ~वाला a tonga-driver. anything written. subcollector of revenue. investigation. —तक पहुँचना to get to the bottom of. ताँबा tā:ba: (nm) copper. the mythological annihilatory dance of Lord Shiv.) under. तहाँ tahā: (adv) there. a suffix used to form abstract nouns from adjectives (as सदरता. तहज़ीब tehzī:b (nf) civilization. तहमद tehmad (nm) see तहबंद (nm). तहाना taha:nā: (v) to arrange in folds. तहरी/र tehri:r (nf) writing. तहलका tehalka: (nm) turmoil. ~िज़दगी till the end of life. •सबूत documentary evidence. arrangement in layers. to destroy. related with a तांितक or तंतिवदा. तहक़ी/क़. train. influx. ृ ताँत tā:t (nf) a string gut. —मचाना to cause a commotion/havoc. to wrap. manners. तहत tehat (ind. — बँधना/लगना to have an unbroken chain. to devastate. तांडव tā:ṉḍav (nm) a violent (manly) dance-form. until. तहबंद tehband (nm) a long strip (often striped) of cotton or silk worn by man round the waist. तहरी tehri: (nf) a preparation of rice cooked with vegetables etc. तहसील/दार tehsilda:r (nm) a tahsildar—revenue officer in command of a tehsil. तांित/क tā:ntrik (nm) a practitioner of तंत. ~कीय pertaining to or . (a) folded. a non-stop influx. arranged in folds/layers. ू ता ta: (ind) till. ताँगा tā:ga: (nm) a tonga. ताँता tā:ta: (nm) a series. तहस-नहस tehas-nēhas (a) ruined. —मे जाना to go behind somebody's words. ~याफ़ता civilised. flake. upto. ~a:t (nf) an enquiry. to fold up. मधुरता etc. destroyed. ुं ताई ta:i: (nf) father's elder brother's (ताऊ's) wife. also —नतय. तहसील tehsi:l (nf) tehsil—an administrative sub-division of a district. तांबल tā:mbu:l (nm) a betel. catgut. at that place. agitation. schemozzle. commotion. to delve deep into. तहबंदी tehbandi: (nf) folding. devastated. ~दारी the office or function of a tehsildar. ~कात tehqi:q. probe. havoc. (a) pertaining to तंत. ~री written.earnestly. —करना to ruin. succession.). —टू टना the chain to be broken.

caution. to view. (v) to admonish. तातकािलक ta:tka:lik (a) instantaneous. might. toddy tree. ताक़त ta:qat (nf) power. an address to anyone who is dear and younger. -ए-िहनद the Indian Penal Code. —करना to second.ताईद ta:i:d (nf) support. new. pertaining to a certain period of time or moment. strength. ~दार crowned. the burying of the तािज़या — the tide of plenty to ebb out.285 -viewing unnoticed. father. . ताक़ीद ta:qi:d (nf) an instruction. ~पोशी enthronement. to gaze. to support. तािक ta:ki (ind) so that. diadem. ताक़त/वर ta:qatvar (a) powerful. ताज ta:j (nm) crown. to perceive the reality in a flash. to watch intently. ताकझाँक casting of stealthy glances. तागा ta:ga: (nm) thread. ताड़ ta:ṛ (nm) the palmyra tree. ताक मे रहना to be on the look out. ताऊ ta:u: (nm) father's elder brother. ताऊन ta:u:n (nm) plague. -. punishment. palm. rebuke. ताक़ ta:q (nm) a niche. to defer. vacation. ~पत palmyra leaf. ताजजुब ta:jjub (nm) wonder. immediate. -झाँक see under ताकना. all enthusiasm to subside. ताड़ी ta:ṛi: (nf) toddy. nominal form of the verb ताकना (see). —समाचार late news. ~ए-ठं डे होना lit. ताक ta:k (nf) look out. ~दम fresh. astonishment. तािज़/या ta:ziya: (nm) a replica of the shrines of Hasan and Hussain (taken out in a procession on the occasion of Muharram). force. ताताथेई ta:ta:thei: (nf) see तताथेई. mighty. newness. king. strong. तातील ta:ti:l (nf) a holiday. recent. to guess. to smell. ताक लगाना to ambush. installation on the throne. ताज़गी ta:zgi: (nf) freshness. —आज़भाई trial of strength. —पर धरना /रखना to set aside (for later use). ताड़ना ta:ṛnā: (nf) admonition. ताज़ा ta:za: (a) fresh. hence ~वरी (nf). तात ta:t (nm) any venerable person. to watch for opportune moment. epidemic. fermented juice of palm tree. to watch for. ताज़ीरात ta:zi:ra:t (nm). in order that. ताकना ta:knā: (v) to stare.

ताबड़तोड़ ta:baṛtoṛ (adv) in rapid succession. ताना tā:nā: (nm) a taunt. forthwith. ~गाही thermoreceptor. ~िमित thermometry. divine (दै िवक) and mundane (भौितक). तापना ta:pnā: (v) to heat or to warm oneself or something. तान tā:n (nf) a musical note. hence ~ता (nf). sarcasm. तापक ta:pak (nm) a heater. non-stop. . —न लाना not to have the courage/cheek to. तापस ta:pas (nm) see तपसवी. तातपयर ta:tpary (nm) purport. —लाना to muster courage to.). gibe.ताितवक ta:ttvik (a) elemental. such like. elementary. ताफ़ता ta:fta: (nm) a kind of fine glossy silken cloth. ~कम temperature scale. stay. incessantly. ताब ta:b (nf) courage. essential. — छे ड़ना to strike up a melodious tune. useless talk. तापीय ta:pi:y (a) thermal. ~ता tonicity. तानना tā:nnā: (v) to stretch. ~तय the triple •िचत temperature map. design. sarcasm. dictatorial conduct. ironical utterances. spirit.286 -thermograph. hence ~ता (nf). तानकर सोना. fever. -. identification. (a) thermal. ताबूत ta:bu:t (nm) a coffin. oneness. affliction i. तादश ta:ddrish (a) like that. ~रीरी discordant note. ~मान temperature. causing temperature to go down. the warp. substantial.e. ~हर/~हारी causing to counter an affliction. तानाशा/ह tā:nā:sha:h (nm) a dictator. ~बाज़ी taunting. tone. to commence a disagreeable talk/an unending talk. तानपूरा ta:npu:ra: (nm) an accompanying stringed instrument.free sleep. -बाना warp and woof. ~सह thermostabile. the whole structure. fundamental. (लंबी) to enjoy a care. affliction. ~मापी a thermometer. physical (दै िहक). -तरं ग heat-wave. ~लेखी thermometrograph. to tighten. stick. to erect. pyrexia. —दे ना/—मारना to taunt. mental agony. cheek. to gibe. to spread. unity. meaning. count. ~ही dictatorship. ताप ta:p (nm) heat. to brandish (a sword. fast rhythmic movement. तादाद ta:da:d (nf) number. etc. तादातमय ta:da:tmy (nm) identity. temperature. ताने/बाज़ ta:neba:z (nm) one who makes taunting/sarcastic remarks.

subordinate. to free from bondage. related with or inspired by तमोगण (see). string. -यग aenolithic. ~री structural. तारना ta:rnā: (v) to cause to cross over. -पाषाण यग chalcolithic. तारघर ta:rghar (nm) a telegraph office. asterisk. order. तारकोल ta:rkol (nm) tar. तारक ta:rak (nm) a star. तारकीय ta:rki:y (a) stellar. ु ु ताया ta:ya: (nm) see ताऊ. to count the stars—to keep awake the whole night. (a) high pitched. ~मंडल constellation. तामील ta:mī:l (nf) carrying out. servile attendant. तामझाम ta:mjha:m (nm) originally. ु तामी/र ta:mi:r (nf) construction. used in the latrine). pertaining to construction. ~कश a wire-maker. तारतमय ta:rtammy (nm) harmony. building work. तामलो(ले)ट ta:mlo(e)ṭ (nm) a wide metal tumbler (gen. an open sedate chair or palanquin—paraphernalia. coal-tar. तारा ta:ra: (nm) a star: pupil (of the eye). -िचनह asterisk mark. ~कशी a kind of needlework. —का तेल turpentine oil. —पट a copper plate (used in olden times for documentation or inscription of edicts etc. non-stop sequence. soft lustrous thread used for needlework. तामचीनी tā:mchi:nī: (nf) enamelware. -पत see -पट. to deliver. ~कार a coppersmith. order to be retained. —पश starred question.ताबे ta:be (a) subservient. thread. ~कृ ित stellate. implementation (of an order). to go into disarray. to reduce to shreds. servitude. sequence. ~कार stellate. ताम tā:mmr (nm) copper. —सवर high-pitched note. series.). —िबगड़ना things to get confused/disturbed. तार ta:r (nm) a wire. telegram. ascending or descending order. तारे . तारतव ta:rattv (nm) pitch (of sound notes). fibre. service (of summons etc. -तार करना to shred. harmonious relationship (of things). ~दार obedient. तारपीन ta:rpī:n (nm) turpentine. तामिसक tā:msik (a) pertaining to. not to have a blink throughout the night. -पात copperware. chord. तामस ta:mās (nm) see तमोगुण. enamel. disorder to prevail. -तार होना to be reduced to shreds. तारे िगनना lit. तारांिकत ta:rā:ṅkit (a) starred. -कतार होना things to go ु astray/out of order. ~गण congregation of stars. tarmac. loudness.). —न टूटना sequence not to be broken. ~दारी servility.

agreement. to see stars fleeting before the eye—to come face-to-face with a hard realisation. —ठोकना to slap the inner side of the ृ to a musical note with snapping. तारो की छाँह मे in the small hours of the morning. ~वार date. definition. —डालना to date. introduction. तारीख़ी historical. -बेताल inharmonious. description. तािरका ta:rika: (nf) a small star. —जड़ना/ठोकना/मारना to lock. ~वंत palm-leaf. र ताल ta:l (nm) a pond. clapping or foot. see ताड़. —पत palm leaf. to shower encomiums on. palmyra leaf. pupil. तालवय ta:lavvy (a) palatal (sound etc. तािलका ta:lika: (nf) a list. to be overpowered by a hardship. to clap—by way of derision. key. — पीटना lit. आपकी may I know your name ? may I have the privilege of your introduction ?. —खाना to be in thigh as a gesture of defiance or challenge (in wrestling). ~णयागम advent of youth. तािलब ta:lib (nm) a pupil. to bring into harmony. to get hissed on the stage.out. तािकक ta:rkik (a) logical. young age. discordant. to be well co-ordinated. a musical measure. concordance. तारीफ़ ta:ri:f (nf) praise.287 -तोड़ लाना to achieve the impossible. —से बेताल होना to slip out of tune. ताला ta:la: (nm) a lock. puberty.-. (िकसी की) to dance to the tune of. ~वन a palmyra forest. to give a date. rhythm. ~इलम a student. pool. tank. —पर नाचना. cine-actress. kentisth fire.wise. history. —?. ~ता rhythmicity. ताली ta:li: (nf) a key. तालमेल ta:lmel (nm) co-ordination. to strike a discordant note. seeker after knowledge. prior to day-break. —िबठाना to co-ordinate. ~मखाना the seed ofSolanum Indicum. out of tune. —क पल बाँधनाto sing the े ु praises of. an appointed day.). ~बद rhythmic(al). तालाब ta:la:b (nm) a tank. •ता rhythmicity.work. ~बंदी a lock. harmony. —िपट जाना to get the goose. ~बद करना to arrange in a tabular form. —पड़ना a date to be fixed. agreement. to perform a miracle. schedule. clapping (of hands). to have clapping by way of derision or condemnation. to have clapping—by way of approbation. table. to be stunned helpless. slapping with the palm the inner side of the thigh as a gesture of challenge or defiance. age of puberty. तारीख़ ta:ri:ḳḥ (nf) a date. to be postponed. youthfulness. pool. —टलना a date. to correspond . —बजना lit. तार/णय ta:rūṉṉy (nm) youth. —दे ना to chime. (nm) a logician. rhythmic cycle. (a) desirous (of). to be applauded. to mock at. —एक हाथ से नहीं बजती it takes two to make a quarrel. तारे िदखाई दे जाना lit.

to make . ितजारी tija:ri: (nf) tertian ague. the palate to be dried up—to ु ू be very thirsty. anger. — िभड़ाना/लड़ाना to manipulate. ~ता acridity. ु ितगगी tiggi: (nf) see ितककी. ितककी tikki: (nf) a playing card having three pips. ताहम ta:hām (ind) even so.cornered. disequilibrium. ितकोना tikonā: (a) triangular.g. —खाना to take a huff. three-cornered. manipulating.ताली/म ta:li:m (nf) education. to be in fury. pungency. three. to get up steam. ~बाज़ a swindler. manipulation. a group of three. —पर होना to be in a state of readiness. ~बी fanatic. intermittent fever occurring every third day. tempo. —मे आना to set another's/one's bristles. etc. recompense. pungent. तासीर ta:si:r (nf) effect. —की गडडी a pack of cards. talisman. ितजोरी tijori: (nf) an iron safe/chest. overflow of passion. bigot. to be infuriated. three. —चटकना/सखना lit. to be infuriated. religious prejudice. academic. also nf) playing cards. to be adequately heated. ितगुना/ितकोना. —आना to run into a temper. ितजार/त tija:rat (nf) commerce. to go on chattering. to be ready for handling. ताव ta:v (nm) heat. ितड़ी tiṛi: (nf) see ितककी. -िबड़ी helter-skelter. ~lu: (nm) the palate. ~मी educational. —न खाना to keep one's hair on. ितक tikt (a) acrid.288 -—िदलाना to set one's/another's bristles. ितकड़/म tikṛām (nf) manoeuvre. —मे in a huff. ~मी manoeuvring. property. ितखूटा tikhū:ṭa: (a) having three ends or corners. trade. to cause to disappear. in spite of this. ँ ितगना tiguna: (a) three times.fold. swindling. cheating. huffiness. (a) triangular. to have a stroke of heat. to make a manoeuvring effort. unfair means. ता/ल. —करना to swindle. ~बाज़ी swindling. ताश ta:sh (nm. e. ~लू ta:lu. तावीज़ ta:vi:z (nm) an amulet. ~ती commercial. (nm) an adept in manoeuvring/manipulation. to be in a tempo. ताससु/ब ta:ssub (nm) bigotry. damage. —से जीभ न लगाना never to be quiet. fanaticism. ितकोन tikōn (nf) a triangle. sheet (of paper). ित ti—an allomorph of तीन used in compounds. -. to be overheated. rage. expedient measures. ितकड़ी tikṛi: (nf) a trio. तावान ta:vā:n (nm) penalty. triple.

) glamour girl. slandicular. ितरना tirnā: (v) to float. (fig. ~त dated. (nm) a three-door verandah. ितमाही tima:hi: (a) quarterly. —झंडा tri-coloured flag. awning. ितिबबया tibbiya: (a) pertaining to ितबब (see). —तोड़ना lit. —भल जाना to be thrown out of wits.289 -of medicine. ितदरी tidari: (nf) a three-door verandah. (nm) the tri-colour flag. िततली titli: (nf) a butterfly. ितित/का titiksha: (nf) endurance. diffused. —तक न टालना/तोड़ना/िहलाना not to lift/stir even a finger. full of darkness. ितबारा tiba:ra: (ind) for the third time. ितबब tibb (nm) the Yunani system -. ितरं गा tirāṅga: (a) tri-coloured. ितरपाल tirpa:l (nf) tarpaulin. —दाँतो मे दबाना/पकड़ना to beg for mercy. ितरता tirta: (a) afloat. ितरछौहाँ tirchhāuhā: (a) having slight slant. —होना to flee. foreyard. ितिथ tithi: (nf) a date. to be non-plussed. ितरछा tirchha: (a) slanting. डूबते को a drowning man catches at a straw.away with. dispersed. not to do a hand's turn. to be thrown in a state of disequilibrium. ितरछाव tirchha:v (nm) slant. to break a straw—to safeguard a dear one against an evil eye. ितरछी नज़र slanting glance. skewness. ितनक की ओट पहाड़ lit. ू -िबड़ी होना to be scattered. an appendix. ~मय dark. ~ती Tibetan. ितनका tinka: (nm) a straw. hence ~कु (a). a hill hidden behind a straw—a big secret hidden े under an apparent trifle. ितरकट tirkaṭ (nm) foresail. skewness. ~पन slant. skew. ितपाई tipa:i (nf) a tripod. ितबब/त tibbat (nm)Tibet. ितनक का े सहारा. ितनक का सहारा लेना to hang on by े the eyelids. िततर-िबतर titar-bitar (a) scattered. amorous look. ितरखान tirkhā:n (nm) a carpenter. to be thrown helter-skelter. ितितममा titimmā: (nm) a supplement. ितिमर timir (nm) darkness. obliquinty. dodger. patience. . obliquity. oblique.

a vermilion or sandal mark (over the forehead). magical spell. ितरोधान tirodhā:n (nm) disappearance. ~चटा a ु cockroach. oblique. ितरानबे tira:nbe (a) ninety-three. ~ली (nf). —धरने की जगह े न होना to be packed full. —की ओट पहाड़ a mountain hidden underneath a mole-hill. opprobrium. —का ताड़ करना to make a mountain of a mole. ितरौदा tirāūda: (nm) a float. slight. (ग ्) —योिन the aves. ितलिम/लाना tilmila:nā: (v) to be in the grip of impotent anger. reproached. ितरासी tira:si (a) eighty-three. (nm) the number ninety-three. the most eminent member (of a class. (nm) the number sixty-three. to be dazzled. ितल/सम tilasm (nm) magic. condemned. crooked.). ~सम तोड़ना to break a magical spell. to yield nothing worth. —भर just a bit. ceasing to be visible. —चिरतर a woman's wiles/mysterious ways. vanished. —भर का अंतर within an ace of. to expose the reality underneath a magical proposition. disrespect. disregard. small particle. ु commentary (of a text).290 -- . miraculous. ~समी magical.while. as रघुकलितलक). to writhe in agitation. rendered/become invisible. —रप an oblique form. ~कट a kind of sweetmeat prepared from ितल and sugar or gur. -. —ितल करक by small bits. ितरोभाव tirobha:v (nm) see ितरोधान. ितयरक् tiryak (a) slanting. to be painfully restless. hair's breadth. ितलंगा tilāṅga: (nm) a native soldier. (nm) the number eighty-three. ितराहा tira:ha: (nm) a junction of three roads/paths. etc. to expose a myth. ितल til (nf) sesamum (plant and its seed). the least bit. a mole. ितिरया tiriya: (nf) a woman. ितरोिहत tirohit (a) disappeared. insulted. ितलहन tilhān (nm) oilseed. hence ~लाहट (nf). dynasty. ितलो मे तेल न होना to be dry and stingy. talismanic.ितर/सकार tiraska:r (nm) contempt. clan. not to have an iota of space. talisman. by inches. ~सकृ त disregarded. ितलक tilak (nm) an ornamental or religious mark over the forehead (signifying installation on the throne or engagement etc. ितरोभूत tirobhu:t (a) see ितरोिहत. pupil (of the eye). ितरे सठ tiresaṭḥ (a) sixty-three.

ितला tila: (nm) an aphrodisiac oil/ointment. (a person) of no significance. to be on the fence. third day of the lunar fortnight in the month of सावन. ितहतर tihattar (a) seventy-three. ु cannot be undone. —की तरह जाना to make a beehive to. —दे ना to bid good-bye. to go into disarray. तीर ti:r (nm) an arrow. —पर then. squabble. -पाँच करना to squabble. what is done ु िठकाने/िनशाने पर बैठना/लगना to hit the mark. -पाँच tricks. ~दिष (endowed with) keen/penetrating vision. shore. ~पन sharpness. moreover. harshness. तीखे नाक-नक़श/नैन-नक़श sharp (facial) features. drawn gold. a festival held on the . perpetual opponents. giving up. pungency. ~री attending on or nursing (a patient). —लोक से मथरा नयारी to have no parallel. skill in shooting arrows. pungency. intelligence. abandonment. bidding a final good-bye. to dodge. ~बुिद nimble-witted. niger. —कमान से िनकल चका है lit. keen. after that. penetration. to be unique. ितवारी tiva:ri: (nm) a sub-caste of the Bra:hmaṉs. besides. foul play. to dilly-dally. (nm) the number three. bank. (a) one-third. ~वती/सथ situated on the bank/shore. ितहाई tiha:i. threefold. -तेरह होना to dissipate. the arrow is shot—the die is cast. pungent. तीखा ti:kha: (a) sharp. keenly intelligent. penetrating. to go straight at full speed. a fanlight. keen intelligence. —ितलंगे three musketeers. ं ु तीमारदा/र ti:ma:rda:r (nm) an attendant. ितहरा tihra: (a) triple. triplicate. high-pitched. तीकण tikshṉ (a) sharp.ितलांजिल tilā:ṇjali (nf) originally— a handful of water mixed with sesamum seeds offered to the manes or deceased ancestors— now.— तीज ti:j (nf) the third day of the fortnight (in a lunar calendar). (nm) the number seventy-three. ~ज़ी archery. high pitchedness. ितस tis (pro) the singular oblique form of सो. harsh. a shaft. तीतर ti:tar (nm) a partridge. —और छह का िरशता heading towards opposite directions. to play tricks. pungent. तीन tī:n (a) three. —मे न तेरह मे a small fry. even so. —या तकका see लगे तो तीर नहीं तो ु तकका. a person attending on a patient. coastal. to abandon. ितलली tilli: (nf) spleen. intelligent. not taken into account at all. keenness. —चार three or four. of keen obser vation. to give up. तीरं दा/ज ti:rānda:z (nm) an archer. to be scattered. तीकणता tikshṉāta: (nf) sharpness.

ever. तीवता ti:vvrata: (nf) fastness. to make a sense. तीसरा ti:sra: (a) (the) third. hence तुंबी (nf). तुकक tuktak (nm) a limerick. to co-ordinate. तीथारटन ti:rtha:ṭan (nm) pilgrimage. violent. —बैठना to ु rhyme. . ु तुकक/ड़ tukkaṛ (nm) a poetaster. sacred place. to harmonise. sharp. (nm) the number thirty. pungency. to sing in the same strain. तीसरे thirdly. -. —होना (बातचीत आिद मे ) to be rational. —िभड़ाना/लगाना to make a ु conjecture. तुंबा tumba: (nm) a gourd. mere versifier. ुं तुंद tund (nf) belly. to make an unsure bid.तीथरकर ti:rthāṅkar (nm) the twenty-four leading religious preceptors of Jainism. ~राज an epithet of Praya:g (Allahabad)— considered to be the most pre-eminent of all the places of pilgrimage. तुंिदल tundil (a) paunchy. vehement. तीथर ti:rth (nm) a place of pilgrimage. ~मार खाँ a sham hero. तग tūṅg (a) high. hence ~ड़ी (nf). तक tuk (nf) rhyme. bright. तकका tukka: (nm) a blunt arrow. unsure means. a pot made out of scooped gourd. sharp. तीव ti:vvr (a) fast. sense. intensity. तड tūṉḍ (nm) trunk (of an elephant). ~ता altitude. strong. —याता pilgrimage. ~बुिद bright. ंु तुंिगमा tūṅgimā: (nf) the state or quality of being high/tall. having a big bulging belly. height. high-pitchedess. the last of them being Lord Maha:vi:r. तीसी ti:si: (nm) linseed. pot-bellied. —लगना to accomplish just by chance. high. ~याती a pilgrim. तंदी tundi: (nf) the navel. sharpness. tall. to attune (to somebody else). vain bid. improvising verses.291 -intense. having terminal alliteration. abdominous. violence. तकांत tuka:nt (a) rhyming. snout. high pitched. ु तँुदैला tūdaila: (a) paunchy. ardent. तीस ti:s (a) thirty. virulent. तीसो िदन all the time. height. harmony. —मे तुक िमलाना to chime in. तीली ti:li: (nf) a spoke. pungent. hence ~ता (nf). of keen intellect. matchstick. —पहर afternoon. ~बंदी rhyming. virulence. to take a chance.

तुख़म tuḳḥm (nm) a seed. —तासीर सोहबते असर the seed must have its effect and company must mould all men. whip stitching. ु ~ता pettiness. तुरपना turapnā: (v) to stitch (length. तफ़ल tufail (nm) cause. trivial. तुपक tupak (nf) a small gun. तनकिमज़ा/ज tunakmiza:j (a) easily irritated. ु तुनकना tunaknā: (v) to be pettish/petulant. pettish.292 -soon. to/for you. forthwith. fastidiousness. uproarious. instantly.stitching. ु तुरही turahi: (nf) a bugle. petulance. तम tum (pro) you. contemptible. ु ु तुमहारा tumha:ra: (pro) possessive form of तम—your. you and only you. ु ततली tutli: (a and nm) see तोतला. ~हट lisping. quickly. ु -. to overcast. petulant. ु ततला/ना tutla:nā: (v) to lisp. तझ tujh (pro) oblique form of तू (see). trifle. तुमहे tumhē (pro) to you. frivolity. ु तड़ाना tuṛa:nā: (v) to (cause to) break/pluck. ु ु तड़ाई tuṛa:i: (nf) the act of or charges for breaking/plucking. intervention. तुरंग turāṅg (nm) a horse. to (be in readiness to) run away. ततला tutla: (a and nm) see तोतला. ु ु तुरत turat (adv) see तुरंत. stuttering. तरमची turamchi: (nm) a trumpeter. to babble. the sooner done. through the ु ै grace of. immediately. frivolous. insignificance. trumpet. to oversew. also ~म. तरई turai: (nf) see तरही. to botch. ~ची a gunner. ु ~जी pettishness. fastidious. ु तुमहीं tumhī: (pro) you alone. to change (a coin or a currency note) into ु smaller denominations. triviality. तरंत turānt (adv) at once. . botch. yours. insignificant. ु तमल tumul (a) tumultous. तचछ tuchchh (a) petty. babbling. —से through. to stutter. तुरपाई turpa:i: (nf) (lengthwise) hand. unto you. hence ~ता (nf).wise) by hand. —दान महा कलयाण he gives twice who gives in a trice. see तोरई. तझे to/for thee. sperm. by means of. the better. means.

ु तँूबी tū:bi: (nf) see तुंबा. apart from this. तलाई tula:i: (nf) see तलवाई. —वन a ु basil grove. तुषाराहत frost-bitten. sure ु move. ु ु तलनातमक tulna:tmāk (v) comparative. तरप turup (nm) a trump. bent upon. तलवाई tulwa:i: (nf) the act of. र तुिकसता/न turkista:n (nm) Turkey. (fig. तुिष tushṭi (nf) satisfaction.तुरीय turi:y (nm) according to the Veda:nt. ~पात frost-fall. weighing. तला tula: (nf) a balance. hence ~नीय (a). •होना lit. the sign of Libra—seventh sign of the zodiac. तुष tushṭ (a) satisfied. ृ तुषार tusha:r (nm) frost. —का पता a trump card. a stage where the individual self is united with the Universal Self. —हु आ dead set. or wages paid for. ~काल/कालीय contemporaneous. a float. to make a comparative assessment. ु तुलय tully (a) equivalent. —कण snow-flakes. तशर tursh (a) sour. ~सह frost proof. ~वित co-professional. hence ~नी (a). also —अवसथा. (nf) the Turkish language. —अधययन comparative study. gratification.) unpleasantness. तुषीकरण ṭushṭi:karaṉ (nm) appeasement. silver or grain etc. similarity. to be frost-hit—to be liquidated. over and above this. pair of scales.flakes. -ब-तकी जवाब दे ना to give as good as ु ु one gets. acidic. ु ~कालतव synchronism. (v) to be weighed. to be razed. िकसी से to compare with. (fig. र तकी turki: (a) turkish.) unpleasant. ु तलसी tulsi: (nf) the holy basil plant —Ocymum sanctum. snow. like. an ornamental tassel fitted on the turban. synchronous. —नीित policy of appeasement. equivalent to the weight of the donor. parity. crest. तुक turk (nm) a Turk. ~ना ु करना. moreover. ु तशी turshi: (nf) sourness. to be bent upon. तुरार turra: (nm) forelock. तलयता tullyata: (nf) equivalence. ~दान a gift of gold. contentment. ~रप resembling. gratified. . of like appearance. acidity. likeness. तिहन tuhin (nm) frost. hence ~ता (nf). —चाल moving the trump card. ु तल/ना tulnā: (nf) comparison. to give as sharp a retort. — यह (है ) िक what is more. —दल/पत a basil leaf. ु ~दं ड the beam of a balance. contented. ~कण snow.

—बाँधना to ू create a fuss. -तबील long and huge. to have ू unquestioned sway/mastery. to go too far. —बोलना to command overweening influence. squabbling. trifling. — ू तमना tū:mnā: (v) to card (cotton) with fingers. -अज़र length and breadth. दौरा whirl. ~वत ् as insignificant as a straw. gratified. to over-stretch a point. fulfilment. तणावतर trīṉa:vart (nm) a hurricane. ू तल tu:l (nm) length. तणीर tū:ṉī:r (nm) a quiver (for keeping arrows). तस tu:s (nm) the husk. tempestuous. —मेरी डफली बजा मै तेरा राग अलापँू claw me and I'll claw thee. hurricane.wind tour. ~l (nm) fuss. ू —दे ना to magnify. तयर tu:ry (nm) a trumpet. you. -.level altercation. -तू मै-मै low. sulphate of copper. to make prolix. ृ तषा trisha: (nf) thirst. ृ ततीयांश triti:ya:nsh (nm) one third (portion). to be over-stretched. ~नी pertaining to तूरान. -तड़ाक boorish/uncivil language. (nf) the third day of the lunar fortnight.293 -तती tu:ti: (nf) a rosefinch. prolixity. ृ ततीया triti:ya: (a) (the) third. ~नाद sounding of trumpet(s). •पर उतर आना to stoop to boorish/uncivil language. ू तमा/र. typhoon. तफ़ान tu:fā:n (nm) a storm. ृ . ू तण trīṉ (nm) a straw. ~क tertiary. ृ ततीय triti:y (a) (the) third. tempest. ृ तप tript (a) contended. gratification. ृ तिप tripti (nf) contentment. to magnify a point beyond all reasonable limits.तू tu: (pro) thou. ृ ~शयया straw. to stretch things too far. ृ तिषत trishit (a) thirsty. ~ल tu:ma:r. to carry too far. an inhabitant/language of तूरान. a kind of fine wool. ~लु thirsty. cotton. —दसता flying squad.bedding. ू तूितया tu:tiya: (nf) blue vitriol. ~मय made of straw. —खड़ा करना/—बरपा ू करना/मचाना to work havoc. —पकड़ना to take a violent turn. magnifying a point beyond due limits. तूिलका tu:lika: (nf) a painter's brush. violent and vehement. तफ़ानी tu:fa:nī: (a) stormy. to unleash a storm. तूरा/न tu:rā:n (nm) the middle-Asian Tartar country. fulfilled.

-मंदी straddle. तेजिड़या tejaṛiya: (nm) a bull (in speculation). refulgence. ~vā:n (a) see तेजसवी. pungency. smart. luminosity. acute. dear. ~सवी see तेजसवी. ते दआ tēdua: (nm) a leopard. violent. acridity. pungent. —दे खो तेल की धार दे खो see which way the cat jumps/wind blows. impressiveness. -तरारर fiery and fierce. glow. corrosive. longing. luminous. ~ही tera/hī:. fleet. the rituals performed on the thirteenth day signifying the end of the post-mortem rituals. nimble-witted. sharp-pointed. awe. (nm) the number thirty-three. it means उतने —to that extent. तेतीस teti:s (a) thirty-three. (nm) the number thirteen. acrid. impressive. तेतालीस teta:li:s (a) forty-three. तेज़ा/ब teza:b (nm) an acid. —पाँव पसािरए जेती लंबी सौर cut your coat according to the cloth. तेरस teras (nf) the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight. तेते tete (pro) In Braj Bha:sha:. (nm) the number forty-three. smartness. —िनकालना lit. तेलहन telhan (nm) see ितलहन. imposingness. greed. craving. sharp and smart. glowing. to extract oil out of. —चढ़ाना to perform to ceremony of pre. ~रफ़तार swift fast-moving. treated with acid. तेजसवी tejasvi: (a) brilliant. तेल tel (nm) oil. तेग teg (nm) a sword. penetrating (as —नज़र). quick (as —रफ़तार). refulgent. ~िमज़ाज short-tempered. swiftness. glowing. caustic. luminous. intelligent. तेज/वंत. —का अंत नहीं होता craving knows no ृ end. serving your interest. तेर/हीं. resplendent. ~hi: (nf) the thirteenth day after death. hence~ता (nf). imposing. intelligent. brilliance. —तलवार sword and scimitar. dearness. the eye is bigger than the belly. keen. intelligence. fiery. to make one work till one perspires profusely. cutlass. . -सा/तेरी-सी favourable to you. costly. quickness. petrol. keenness. तेरह terah (a) thirteen. ~वान tejvant. ~िदमाग़ sharp.तषणा trishṉā: (nf) thirst.294 -तेज़ी tezi: (nf) sharpness. scimitar. तेरा tera: (pro) possessive form of तू—thy.marital oil anointment. caustic-tongued. तेज tej (nm) glow. thine. ~बी acidic. splendour. to tire out. boom. तेजिसवता tejasvita: (nf) brilliance. तेजोमय tejomay (a) brilliant. your(s). (nm) the number twenty-three. -. ~िसवता see तेजिसवता. ु तेईस tei:s (a) twenty-three. तेज़ tez (a) sharp. swift. petulant.

to assume an angry look.over. still. potbelly. तैयार taiya:r (a) ready. तैितस taitis (a and nm) see तेतीस. even then. to frown. ~रं ग oil colour. willing. -तेवरो मे बल पड़ना to fly into a rage. at least. तैलंगाना tailāṅga:nā: (nm) a southern region of the Indian union. blooming. bloom. robust. —मे होना to be in a huff. तैल tail (nm) oil. तैलाक anointed or smeared with oil.—मे आना to take a huff. nonetheless. तो to (ind) then. तैना/त tainā:t (a) deployed. finished. however. an emphatic particle (e. ripened. therefore. —पर होना to be in form. तोदीला tōdi:la: (a) see तँुदैला. ~पोत an oil tanker. तैयारी taiya:ri: (nf) readiness. to be in a state of provocation. preparation/preparedness. —माल manufactured goods. in bloom. ~की (the art of) swimming. ready-made. at any ँ rate. more. —भी even so. hence तैयािरयाँ (plural form). ~ती posting. -. to strike an adverse posture. तैरना tairnā: (v) to swim. practice. तोद tōd (nf) paunch. —का बैल lit. appointment. to scowl. तैतािलस tāīta:lis (a and nm) see तेतालीस. wrath. appointed. . one condemned to a slog. posted. robustness.extraction and sale. similar to that. nevertheless. rage. to assume an angry look.295 -all air to blow out. तैिथ/क taithik (a) chronological. to fly into a rage.g. a frown. the paunch to be deflated—to lose corpulence/fat. to be provoked. matured. a Hindu sub-caste which subsists on oil. to float. fat. stance: —चढ़ाना to frown. —िपचकना lit. तेवर tevar (nm) an eye-brow. ~िचत an oil painting. —पर होना. पूरी to be in the best of form. (nm) see तेली. deployment. —बदलना to scowl. तैसा taisa: (a) like that. —खाना. ~की chronology. तैश taish (nm) provocation.तेिलया teliya: (a) oily. prepared. an oilman's ox—a toiling wretch. मै तो जाऊगा). तैरा/क taira:k (a) an expert swimmer. to get one's dander up. तेली teli: (nm) an oilman. in spite of this/that. presently part of the state of आंधपदे श. ground work.

gift. •की कायरवाही sabotaging activity. to forget the past े cordiality. breakage. ~दम करना to blow off with a gun. तोष tosh (nm) appeasement. -फोड़ sabotage. to disband. तोल tol (nf) weight. forceful current of water (in a river etc. to pluck. to balance. to continue to harp on the same note. hence तोतली (fem). •बंदक a match-lock gun. तोड़ेदार fitted with a match-lock. vowing never to repeat (an act). to allow a malady to get aggravated. तोरण torāṉ (nm) a pylon. to reduce. sabotage.). destruction. तोप top (nf) a gun. deficiency. तोते की तरह आँखे फरना to give one the cut direct. festoons. तोहफ़ा tohfa: (nm) a present. . counter. to violate a vow. name of an ornament worn round the wrist. —िवदा gunnery. तोड़ा toṛa: (nm) scarcity. to cause to defect. to twist. breach/break. to violate. तोलकर बोलो think/weigh before you speak. तोता tota: (nm) a parrot. to vow to do no more. to cram up. -फोड़ करने वाला a saboteur. —बलवाना to apply pressure/harass till one yields. parrot-eyed —capable of shifting to cool indifference from cordiality. (nm) (one) who lisps. तोते की तरह पढ़ाना to teach over and over again. तोरई torai: (nf) the cucurbitaceous plant and its vegetable—Luffa acutangula. a long narrow meshwork bag (lused in olden times for carrying cash tied round the waist). to demolish. —पालना to get addicted to an evil.तोड़ toṛ (nm) antidote. ~ची a gunner. तोबड़ा tobṛa: (nm) a nose bag. ु तोबा toba: (nf) vowing to sin no more. ु तोय toy (nm) water. to assume condifference. whey. to assess or to gauge. gratification. match-lock (of a gun). to vow never to repeat. to win over. rhythmic structure in instrumental music. —फलाना to become glum/sulky. तोड़ना toṛnā: (v) to break. तोते की तरह रटना to repeat unintelligently. ~ख़ाना artillery. to change (into coins or currency notes of smaller denomination). cannon. to fracture. face as a whole. ~रटं त see तोते की तरह रटना. तोला tola: (nm) an Indian unit of weight—one eightieth of a seer. —करना to cry 'enough'. counter-measure. false accusation. -मरोड़ mutilation. ~ती a slanderer. तोहम/त tohmāt (nf) slander. ~परी a variety of mango. ~चशम lit. —तोड़ना to break a pledge. तोलना tolnā: (v) to weigh. ू तोतला totla: (a) lisping. ~चशमी the attribute or attitude of a ~चशम. तोशक toshak (nf) cushioned mattress. an arched gateway. -माप weights and measures. to snap.

तौिलया tauliya: (nf. hence तयका (fem.) a -. तयजन tyajān (nm) abandoning. to abnegate. relinquishment. -तरीक़ा ways. तिसत trasit (a) frightened. technique. contracted eyebrows. to renounce. contempt. sacrificing. तयौ tyāū (ind) thus. renounceable. also nm) a towel.तौसना tāūsnā: (v) to be scorched. to resign. renunciation forsaking. thirteenth. -पत (letter of) resignation. तौक़ tauq (nm) a neck-ring. तयी trai: (nf) a trio. तयोदशी trayodashi: (nf) the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight. worth forsakng/giving up. abnegated. —चढ़ाना to wrinkle up one's forehead—to scowl. prone to forsake/abnegate/sacrifice. scared. forsaken. तय tray (a) three. to be in a temper/rage/furious mood. तयाजय tya:jjy (a) abandonable. method. renouncer. ~शील sacrificing. तयागी tya:gi: (nm) one who has made sacrifices.296 -yoke. sacrificed. a recluse. forsaking. तयागना tya:gnā: (v) to abandon. sacrifice. —मे बल पड़ना the forehead to be wrinkled up. ~ने-अदालत contempt of court. ~री see तयौहारी. to frown. तयक tyakt (a) abandoned. तौही/न tauhi:n (nf) insult.) an abandoned (woman). renounced. in the same manner/measure. renunciative. तयौरस tyauras (nm) the year before last. trinity. to forsake. abnegating. ~री a festal gift (in cash or kind). े तौल taul (nf) see तोल. -तयो so. -तरीक़ manners. (nm) the number thirteen. तौसा tāūsa: (nm) scorching heat. —. festival. (fig. गुलामी की the yoke of slavery. so. (nm) the number three. like that. terrified. तयोहा/र tyoha:r (nm) see तयौहार. disrespect. the year after next. abnegation. in like manner. to relinquish. hence ~शीलता (nf). renouncing. humiliation. . to sacrifice. (a) trimerous. तौर taur (nm) mode. तयौरी tyauri: (nf) wrinkles of the forehead. ~मय full of sacrifice/renunciation. तयौहा/र tyauha:r (nm) a festal day. way. तयाग tya:g (nm) abandonment. to give up. तौलना taulnā: (v) see तोलना. तयोदश trayodash (a) thirteen. festivity. fit to be forsaken/given up.

~da:i: (a) frightening. ~कार author of a tragedy. ~पकीय trilateral. ~दाता see ताता. ~पथ a tri-junction. in three parts. also ~कालदशरक. representing three sides/parties/aspects. three times. ~य tragic. terrifying. िवषणु and महे श. ~धा in three ways. तम). knowing the three times (see ितकाल). hence ~कालदिशरता (nf). divine). ू (shaped). तािसक tra:sik (a) tragic. ~कालदशी a seer. ~mā:m (ind) protect me !. ताता tra:ta: (nm) a saviour. —कामदी a tragi-comedy. ताण trā:ṉ (nm) protection. ~काल the three times—past. ~पुटी a set of three. ~नाम tra:hi. ~कारी protector/protecting. wind (वात). myrobalan (हड़). dreadful. ~ताप the three ताप s (physical. ~पुंड/पुंड a mark of sandal-paste or ash over ~फला a mixture of three myrobalans viz. future. ~कोण a triangle. ~पाठी a sub-caste of the Bra:hmaṉs. save me !. •िमित (the science of) trigonometry. protector. ~भजाकार triangular ु and the nether world (पाताल). this world (मतयुलोक). ~भुज a triangle. terrified. saviour/saving. mundane. means of protection. ~वली the three skin-folds about the navel—a source . deliver me !. ~लोक the three worlds. —तािह करना to repeatedly call for mercy or deliverance. ~गणातमक possessing the three guṇas. ~मितर see ~दे व. ~क/कर/कारी fearful. ~जया radius. ~दे व the trinity of बहा. ~तव a trilogy. तास/द. fright. ~दायी tra:sad. shelter. present and future alike. ~कतार protector. scare. terror. dread. trinity. action (कमर) and devotion (भिक). three times. terrifying. saviour. ~क a trio. sage. defence.तसत trast (a) frightened. ~बली see ~वली. रज. ~दोष disorder of the three humours. frightening. present. threefold. ु ु ~जगत see ~लोक. a disastrous chaos to be let loose. -. •ज omniscient. see ~भुवन. तासदी tra:sadi: (nf) a (dramatic) tragedy. belleric myrobalan (बहे ड़ा) the forehead comprised of three horizontal or crescent-shaped lines. ~भुवन the three worlds viz. bile (िपत) and phlegm (कफ). the three paths for the Supreme Realisation—knowledge (जान). ~गिणत multiplied by three. ~गण the set of three guṇas (सतव. one gifted with a vision to see through the past. ु possessing the three guṇas. and emblic myrobalan (आँवला). तासन tra:sān (nm) (the act or process of) frightening/scaring/terrifying. frightful. the other world (आकाश). तािह. ~कटी the interval between the eye-brows and the junction of the ु forehead and the nose. salvation. frightening. ित tri (a) three. viz. तास tra:s (nf) fear. ~गुणातीत transcending the three guṇas. scared. ृ ~लोचन the three eyed—Lord Shiv.297 -—तािह मचना to be resounded with calls of 'save me ! deliver me !'. ~कोिणक/ ~कोणीय triangular.

thāmba: (nm) a pillar.e. worth speeding up. Indra. ~सती trisomic. तैकािलक traika:lik (a) pertaining to ितकाल (see under ित). to be ू extremely wearied. थंबा thāmb. तवरा tvara: (nf) haste. ~त broken. तवक् tvak (nm) the skin. refused him entry into his world and sent him tumbling down. ~िवध of three kinds. the king of gods. तवरण tvarāṉ (nm) acceleration. deficiency. तेता treta: (nm) the second of the four ages according the Hindu mythology—the silver age. ~वेदी a sub-caste of the Bra:hmaṉs. तैलोकय trailokky (a) pertaining to -. ~शल a trident. तैवािषरक traiva:rshik (a) triennial. three-point. tried to send him physically to the kingdom of Heavens. तवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. jaded. speeding up. ~वेणी the confluence of the three rivers (in Praya:g) —the Gāṅga:. to be fed up. defective. . of all times. थंब. worn and wearied. तवरणीय tvaraṉī:y (a) acceleratable. तैमािसक traimā:sik (a) quarterly. तुिट truṭi (nf) an error. urgency. थ थ tha—the second letter of the fourth pentad (i. mistake. He is thus said to be tucked up in between the heaven and the earth). ू ितया triya: (nf) a woman. to be exhausted. tired out. तवदीय tvadi:y (a) yours. swiftly. -चिरत wiles/mysterious ways of a woman. swift. defect. urgent. ~शंक an ancient Indian King of the Solar dynasty (according to Hindu ु mythology the sage Vishwa:mittr. hanging in space. (adv) quickly. तवचा tvacha: (nf) the skin. ू •धर/•धारी (the) trident-bearer— an epithet of Lord Shiv. three-monthly. तविरत tvarit (a) quick. थकन thakān (nf) see थकान.of feminine charm. bark. quickness. —िलिप shorthand. through his spiritual powers. the Yamunā: and the (invisible) Saraswati:. थक जाना to be tired/wearied/jaded. थका-माँदा dead beat. थका-हारा see थका-माँदा. थक कर चर होना to be dead tired. ~पूणर erroneous. neither here nor there.298 -or of the three worlds (लोक). थकना thaknā: (v) to be tired/wearied/fatigued.

to tap. थकौहाँ thakāūhā: (a) somewhat tired. —. fatigue. ~चर/-चारी terrestrial (animal). थकका thakka: (nm) a clot. थरार/ना tharra:nā: (v) to shudder. थरहरी tharehri: (nf) see थरथरी. to tap. lump. looking wearied/exhausted/fatigued. थपथपाहट thapthapa:haṭ (nf) a sequence of pats or gentle strokes of palm. -. pertaining to the land. थपकी thapki: (nf) pat. fatigued. to be supported by or propped up. to recline. थिकत thakit (a) tired.299 -shuddering(ly). to shudder. थरथरी tharthari: (nf) see थरथराहट. exhausted. hence ~हट (nf). ~दहा fresh from the udders. to quiver. —दे कर सुलाना to pat to sleep (as a child). to wait. थल thal (nm) land. to pat the back with approbation. to strike gently with the palm. buffet. थरथर tharthar (a) trembling(ly). थपथपी thapthapi: (nf) see थपकी. थरथराना tharthara:nā: (v) to tremble. tiredness. थपेड़ा thapeṛa: (nm) a violent blow/stroke. थकाव(ह)ट thaka:v(h)aṭ (nf) see थकान. constant tapping. थपड़ी thapṛi: (nf) a clap. थमारमीटर tharmā:mi:ṭar (nm) a thermometer. quivering(ly). थरथ/राहट tharthara:haṭ (nf) trembling. ु थपकना thapaknā: (v) to pat (as a child to sleep). थमा(महा)ना thamā:(mhā:)nā: (v) to hand over. —दे ना to pat.थकान thakā:n (nf) weariness. —लगाना to take the temperature (of a person). place. थपपड़ thappaṛ (nm) a slap. —जड़ना/—रसीद करना/—लगाना to (implant a) slap (on the cheek). —सेना the army. थमना thamnā: (v) to stop. to strike gently with the palm. tap. to entrust. clapping. थपथपाना thapthapa:nā: (v) to pat. exhaustion. —उतारना to relax after exertion/exhaustion. to come to a standstill. dash (as of violent waves). just milked. थलीय land. थमरस tharmās (nm) a thermos flask. थन thān (nm) the udder. shuddering.पीठ to back. buffet. quivering. spank. ~रांत word ending in थ ् (th). थका/र thaka:r (nm) the letter थ ् (th) and its sound. . to tremble with terror. wearied. —पीटना/बजाना to clap.

deity's abode. to sound. to estimate the depth (of). estimate of depth. static. to restrain. to settle down. tamper. a raised platform where a deity's image is installed. —लगाना to patch. तबला) थापना tha:pnā: (nm) installation (of a deity etc. थाती tha:ti: (nf) a trust. to go to the bottom of. to probe the depth of.stroke over a percussion instrument.). िथएटर thieṭar (nm) a theatre (hall). etc. थहाना thaha:nā: (v) to fathom. —का बैगन fickle-minded. थाप tha:p (nf) pat. (v) to install to pat into cakes (as cowdung etc. —पाना to get at the truth. ~la: (a) flabby. tranquil.थलथ/ल. थाली tha:li: (nf) a smaller form of थाल (see).). also —न (nf). flaccidity. थाला tha:la: (nm) a basin (dug round a tree or plant for holding water). िथरक thirak (nf) rhythmic vibration of body parts (in dancing). —मे घी इधर-उधर/िबखरा-िबखरा as broad as it is long. था/पा tha:pa: (nm) a palm-imprint. nimble footwork (in dancing). to hold. िथरकना thiraknā: (v) to make the body parts vibrate rhythmically. to prop. used as the second member in the compound रोक-थाम (see). to sound. wavering (person). थाम thā:m (nm) a strut. tap. anything entrusted to somebody. to grasp. stall (of an animal). —लेना to assess the depth of. a wooden patting device (used by masons. a charge. see थापा. ~ला thaltha/l. थाह tha:h (nf) depth. a palm. ~पे दे ना to apply the palm-imprints (with turmeric). to mend with a patch. थाक tha:k (nf) stick(ing). to become still. थापी tha:pi: (nf) a mallet.). —दे ना to commence playing a percussion instrument (esp. position थाना tha:nā: (nm) a police station. basin. थाने/दार tha:nēda:r (nm) a police sub-inspector. to unearth the reality. to resist. िथगली thigli: (nf) a patch (for mending cloth). िथर thir (a) stable. थहराना thehra:nā: (v) see थरारना. to form a precipitate. थाहना tha:hnā: (v) to fathom. थान thā:n (nm) a long piece of cloth of standard size. . थामना tha:mnā: (v) to (cause to) stop. ~री the office or function/job of a subinspector of police. था tha: (v) was. to support. थाँवला thā:vla: (nm) see थाला. थाल tha:l (nm) a large flat metallic plate slightly edged up. hence ~ता (nf). flaccid: ~लापन flabbiness.

•ही little indeed. —से सतू नहीं ू सनता you cannot make horn of a pig's tail. ू थनी thu:nī: (nf) a small post. —का भाव wholesale price. थोक thok (nm) whole lot. —दे ना to kick at. small bag. pouch. haversack. to express contemptuous indignation. locality. wholesaler. sputum. somewhat. ु थू thu: (nm) the sound made in spitting. wallet. some. थोथा thotha: (a) hollow. ~वाले capitalists. not at all. थकका-फ़जीहत thukka-faji:hat (nf) reproach and reproof. थथना thuthnā: (nm) a nozzle. unsubstantial. ~ला thulthu/l. थड़ी thuṛi: (nf) a word expressing contemptuous indignation. short. थैली thaili: (nf) a money bag. a heap. prop. emptiness. -सा a bit. saliva. —कर ू चाटना to eat one's own words. worthless. meagre. ~पन hollowness. ु altercation. िथरना thirnā: (v) to settle down (the sediment of a liquid). never. —(का महँ) खोलना to open the ु strings of the purse. (ind) an expression of indigation and contempt. scanty. to try overmuch with meagre means. ~la: (a) see थलथल. —मे in large numbers. to be stupidly tightfisted. to treat with contempt. ~ना भी नहीं/ ~ने भी न आना to lift up the heel against. थक/ना thu:knā: (v) to spit. pillar. —चना बाजे घना an empty vessel makes much noise. a little. bulk. to be subjected to shameful disgrace. ु ु थक thu:k (nm) spittle. —से or थको सतू सानना to try to make a silk ू purse out of a sow's ears. to spit at. थोड़ा thoṛa: (a) a little. . moneyed people. ु थलथु/ल. shame ! fie ! pish !. to reproach and reprove. wholesale. ू थेई-थेई thei:-thei: (nf) a prop expression to mark time in dance or musical recital. some. to become still and tranquil. -थुड़ी होना to suffer indignation. censure and condemnation. थैला thaila: (nm) a bag. -थुड़ी करना to express ु censure and condemnation. िथराना thira:nā: (v) see िथरना.300 -to move the feet nimbly in a dance sequence. sack.-. muzzle. to treat with utmost contempt. ~फ़रोश/िवकता a wholesale dealer. mass.थोड़ a few. थथन thuthān (nm) see थथनी. a little. empty. -बहु त some. —कहा बहुत समझना a word to the wise should be enough. in े wholesale. -थू करना see थुड़ी-थड़ी करना. ू ू थथनी thu:thnī: (nf) the snout (of an animal). pocket. -थू होना see -थुड़ी-थड़ी होना. to spend liberally.

penal code. तवगर) of the Devna:gri: alphabet. to go into a sulky ु mood/posture. the rule of inflicting punishment to attain a sway over one's foes and criminals. rowdy. hence ~ता (nf). a giver (as जलद— giver of water. prostrating oneself in reverence. दं गेबाज़ी rioting. दं डवत ् dāṉḍavat (nm) prostration. pugnacious. deferential salutation (directed towards elders or holy persons). an adept in. or to denote. shaft. a cloud). tumultuous assembly. to implant. penalised. थोबड़ा thobṛa: (nm) the snout (of an animal). दं गेबाज़ riotous. दं गल dāṅgal: (nm) a wrestling tournament/bouts. . (nm) a (keen) wrestler /fighter. दं गई dāṅgai: (a) turbulent. wrestling /fighting. pugnacious. a staff. quarrelsome. penalty fine. tumultuous quarrel. to plaster. ~शास penalogy.थोपना thopnā: (v) to impose. involving punishment. to pay the penalty. flabbergasted. a suffix added to impart the meaning of. wrestling arena.301 -द द da—the third letter of the fourth pentad (i. दं डय daṉḍy (a) see दं डनीय. -भय fear of punishment. (nm) a rioter. a measure of time (about 24 minutes). -नीित the rule of force. दं डािधकारी dāṉḍa:dhika:ri: (nm) a magistrate. दं डादे श dāṉḍa:desh (nm) condemnation (in a court of law). fracas. or given to. gatekeeper. beam. lawless. —मारना to win a wrestling bout. —जड़ना tumultuous elements to assemble. rowdy. etc. ~कत dental marks (as might appear on cheeks. deserving punishment. sexual indulgence. दं डनीय dāṉdni:y (a) punishable. ~नायक a magistrate. दं ग dāṅg (a) wonder-struck. outbreak of lawlessness. -पणाम prostrating oneself in reverence. astonished. tradition. in the wake of amorous sport. दं डातमक dāṉḍa:tmāk (a) penal. stalk. an anecdote. दं गा dāṅga: (nm) a riot. ~ई a rioter. —भरना to make amends. rebellious. ~कथा a legend. —फलाना to sulk. to thrust upon. rod. riotous.e. दं त dānt (nm) a tooth. —करना to kiss the ground. disturbance. —रह जाना to be wonderstruck/astonished/flabbergasted. दं ड dāṉḍ (nm) punishment. ~पाल a watchman. —मे ु उतरना to step into the (wrestling) arena. disturbance of peace. lips. see डंड. —लड़ना to participate in a wrestling bout. -. दं िडत dāṉḍit (a) punished. दं गली dāṅgli: (a) fit to wrestle/fight. riotousness. -िवधान /िविध criminal law.

pertaining to the south. ~सी (an old fogey) conservative (person. conservatism. vainglory. jag. -दई O God ! O God. दं तावली dānta:vali: (nf) the row of teeth. ~साज़ी dentistry. stung. —पंथ right. दिकणा dakshiṉā: (nf) honorarium (paid in olden days to a preceptor by his pupil at the successful conclusion of his student career). South Indian form and style of Hindi. ~मारा ill-fated. vanity. Deccan. ~मलीय (sounds) uttered from the root of the teeth. O God. दिकख/न dakkhin (nm) the south. दँ तली dātuli: (nf) a denticle. biting. —होना to be favourably disposed. दई dai: (nm) providence. ~नी southern. -. conservative conduct. bite.~िचिकतसक a dentist. dental surgeon. having tusks/teeth. right. ill-fated (a term of abuse used generally by women). favourably disposed. reward to priest. दं तय dānty (a) dental (sound). दं दान dāndā:n (nm) a tooth.. ~पंथी rightist. ~नी southern/pertaining to Deccan. vainglorious. ~सीपन conservatism. idea. south India. small growing tooth as in children. दिक़यानू/स daqiya:nū:s (a) conservative (person). also called •िहंदी. दिकण dakshīṉ (nm) the south. biting. दं भ dāmbh (nm) conceit. see दै या. one who fixes a denture. दं पित dāmpati (nm) a (married) couple. an elephant. ~मल a fang. ~साज़ a dentist.302 -दं ती danti: (a and nm) tusky. दं श dānsh (nm) a sting. ू ू ~हीन edentate. ~जार unfortunate. fate. remuneration. etc. ~नेदार toothed. दं दा/ना dāndā:nā: (nm) a tooth. ~न stinging. ~पंथ the southern region of India. दक daksh (a) efficient. ~ता efficiency. expert. pertaining to the teeth/a tooth. दँ वरी dāvri: (nf) (the process of) trampling of reaped harvest by bullocks for separating corn from chaff. ु दं तोषठय dāntoshṭḥy (a) labio-dental (sound). see दिकखनी. (in poetical jargon) attribute of a hero (नायक) who keeps all his heroines in good humour. damned by Providence. denture. treatment of dental ailments. root of the tooth. jagged. destiny. save me!. दक/न dakān (nm) the south. दं तुर dāntur (a) tusky. -िचिकतसा dentistry. expertness. vain. दं िशत bitten. दं भी dāmbhi: (a) conceited. husband and wife. . thinking). having long or projected teeth.

to have knowledge of. dagail (v) stained. coagulated milk. deceitful. ~ज़ी interference. interruption. दद ु daddru (nm) ring-worm. दतक dattak (a) adopted. the period of six months called the winter solstice. दिकणी dakshīṉī: (a) southern. authority. ~मंथन churning of curd. दिकणायन dakshīṉā:yan (nm) the movement of the sun to the south of the equator. also —पत. jerking. ~कदार bumpy. दनदनाना dāndanā:nā: (v) to go as fast as a shot. to interfere. दगैल dagi:la:. a meddler. blemished. (nm) an adopted son. दतकी माता adoptive mother. datāūn (nf) see दातौन. perfidious. ु दिदया dadiya: (a) grand-paternal. —करना to occupy. े दिढ़यल daṛḥiyal (a) bearded. दतकी ु िपता adoptive father. to suffer a jerk (as in or on a vehicle). having concentration.wise. jerky.303 -—दे ना/दे जाना to turn one's coat. दचक dachak (nf) a jerk (experienced while travelling in or on a vehicle). scorched. — . deceitfulness. perfidiousness. -. occupation. to resound. a bump or swelling (caused by insect-bite or bad state of blood). दख़ल daḳḥal (nm) interference. —सास). shock. दिध dadhi (nf) curd. दचकना dachaknā: (v) to bump. ~बाज़ी treacherousness. ~कार an occupant. दगीला. ~कारी occupying.दिकणािभमुख dakshīṉā:bhimukh (a) facing the south. दगध dagdh (a) burnt. ु दत datt (a) given. (nm) data. shock. दतौन datuvān. an interferer. to deceive. blow. —दे ना to interrupt. to undergo a sequence of jerks or shocks. दग़ा dag̣a: (nf) treachery. grand-maternal (as —ससुर. —गित clockwise movement. perfidy. दिकणावतर dakshiṉā:vart (a) clock. (a) gone south. meddling.). दख़लंदा/ज़ daḳḥalanda:z (a) one who interferes/intrudes/meddles. ददोरा dadora: (nm) a rash. (also fig. intrusion. knowledge. —गहण करना /लेना to adopt (a son). authoritative होना to have a say. go (in a subject). दच/का dachka: (nm) a bump. a bump. दतवन. assigned. to shoot along or forth. deception. concentrated. ~बाज़ treacherous. दतिचत dattachitt (a) deeply/fully attentive. jerk. stigmatic. —होकर सनना to be all ears. (nm) a southerner. specked. ~गाही adopter.

दबाऊ daba:u: (a) weighty by the head. to act in a submissive manner. the office or function of a दफ़ादार. दबंग dabāṅg (a) overbearing. to be concealed. to submit. —जमाना to attain overwhelming influence. non-stop. to be tamed.board. to cover. —होना to move off. to . दबे पाँव (walking) quietly/stealthily. ु दबदबा dabdaba: (nm) awe. to suppress. दफ़तर daftar (nm) an office. दफ़रा dafra: (nm) a fender. a book-binder.headed. overwhelming/commanding influence.304 -cool down. दफ़ती dafti: (nf) see दफ़ती. दबाना dabā:nā: (v) to press. e. to entomb. to be subdued. ~दारी. removing. दफ़तरी daftari: (nm) a daftary. to give way. —का वक office time. दफ़राना dafra:nā: (v) to fend. दफ़ा dafa: (nm) time (as in counting the number of times. to subdue. दबकना dabaknā: (v) see दबकना. dauntless.दनादन danā:dān (adv) resoundingly. hence ~ता (nf). in whispers. to yield. to get off. sway. strong. —से in full speed. small army officer. दबी ज़बान से कहना to speak in a subdued tone. to fena off. to coerce. paste. दबे सवर से (मे ) in a subdued/hushed manner. section (in a code of law). to say in a hushed manner. to be repressed. दफ़न dafān (nm) burial/entombment. hence ~पन (nm).g. with a thunderous sound. दबी आवाज़ subdued tone. तीन दफ़ा three times. to be tamed. दस दफ़ा ten times). ~दार a dafadar—a bury. to press down. दफ़ती dafti: (nf) card-board. ु दनन dann (nf) a thunderous sound as produced by a gun-fire. hence —होना. to -. —लगना to be accused under a particular section of the penal code. to cool down. दनज danuj (nm) a demon. —हो ! be damned ! go to hell. to hush up. दबना dabnā: (v) to be pressed. to be hushed up. to cause to yield/submit. warding off. to entomb. get away. to have complete sway. (a) official. दफ़नाना dafnā:nā: (v) to bury. mill-board. to ward off. दबे-दबाए रहना to lie subdued. —करना to bury. incessantly. to cow down. of commanding presence. —करना. office hours. to be covered.

of meek or submissive nature. to become े suffocate. pettifogging. —टू टना to run short of breath. to be very attentive. -ख़म stamina. —भरना to get out of breath. to give oneself airs. करना to act under coercion/duress. to try to gain control over the process of respiration. —फलना to breathe short. endurance. simulation. to seize suddenly. —मे आ कर काम and sturdy. tameness. sham. —भर मे in a moment. moment. दबबू dabbu: (a) tame. trick. to be mortally afflicted. ~बाज़ी hoodwinking. ~साज़ a vocal stress/strain. having abundant stamina. through a cigarette. ~दार strong vain hopes. — मारना to have an instant's rest. —न होना to have no guts/courage. to practise holding the breath. to be exhausted. ~बाज़ a pettifogger. to boast. hence ~साज़ी (nf). vigour. to तोड़ना to kick the bucket. —डालना to influence. to become ू (see). to extend false consolation. —लगाना to smoke. to be exhausted. to have faith (in). till one is alive. round (as of a police patrol). to rest a while. strong. to incite. ~पन/पना submissiveness. hookah. •दे ना to rouse accompanyist of a singer. normal process of respiration to be disturbed. —उखाड़ना to be out of breath. दबोचना dabochanā: (v) to pounce. — आलू (cooked vegetable of) whole potato. to hoodwink. —साधना to be still. —घुटना to be suffocated. there and then. — दे ना to cheat. to sing the praises (of). to champion the cause of. vigorous. दम dām (nm) breath. to coerce. to take a puff (of hashish etc. —सूखना to be mortally . under subjection or control. to be exhausted. —बढ़ाना to practise holding of the breath.दबाव daba:v (nm) pressure. दबैल dabail (a) meek. strength. mettle. trickery. firm. submissive. —लेना see —मारना. to have no breathless. to lose stamina. compression. stamina. life. —भर a moment. to be exhausted. meekness. —िनकलना to pass away. —खींचना to withhold the breath. to keep mum. duress. दबीज़ dabi:z (a) thick. to give up the ghost. —ख़ुशक होना to get the wind up. to swoop down upon. —ओठो पर आना to be on the verge of death. —अटकना the breath to be choked. -िदलासा vain consolation. •को for a moment/instant. humbug. to increase one's stamina. compulsion. coercion. ~पटी pettifogging.305 -strength. — क दम मे instantaneously. —घोटना to strangle. to take a puff at हुकका or िचलम -. जब तक as long as life exists. to exercise pressure. etc). दिबश dabish (nf) beat. to breathe the last. an instant. to be out of breath. suppression. —मे दम रहना/होना. — बाँधना to be breathless in attention. — still. —लगा घटने खैरात लगी बँटने the devil sick would be a monk. to pass away.

aasmus. ~कारी suppressive. दिमत damīt (a) suppressed. hence ~ता (nf). a huge kettle-drum. repressive. —की बुिढया टका िसर मँुड़ाई a game not worth the candle. ~दार honest: truthful. compassionate. —की मगी टका ु worth. kindness. hence —शीलता (nf). place to place. दमाद dama:d (nm) see दामाद. report of the booming of guns.bag cover (in gun-fight). glow. tender-hearted. truthfulness. दयालु daya:lu (a) kind. दयादर daya:rdr (a) moved by compassion. of no े दमदमा dāmdamā: (nm) a raised sand. दयनीय daynī:y (a) pitaible. दमकना damaknā: (v) to flash: to glimmer. दयामय daya:may (a) filled with or full of compassion. as a matter of fact. kind-hearted. (ind) in. ज़बहकराई a penny for the bill and a pound for the tip. hence ~शीलता. —दर door to door. to glow. control. —पात deserving mercy/compassion. inspiring pity. genuineness. (nm) door. दमन damān (nm) suppression. hence ~ता (nf). to be at once's wit's end. . दर dar (nf) rate. दयानत daya:nāt (nf) honesty. repressed. ~शील kindly. compassionate. ~िकनार apart. pass. subjugated. hence दमनीयता (nf). ~वान daya:vānt. ~शील suppressive/repressive. merciful. दमकल damkal (nm) the fire-brigade. दमड़ी damṛi: (nf) an obsolete Indian coin worth one-eighth of a pice. to ignore. दया daya: (nf) pity.scared. पास मे to be penniless. ~वीर a hero with a deeply compassionate heart. ~िनधान/िनधी/सागर/िसंधु abode of compassion. —क तीन-तीन damn cheap. to glitter. on one side. subjugation. दमा damā: (nm) asthma. ~vā:n (a) see दयालु. a suppressor. generous. ~असल (मे ) in reality. ~दिष kindly attitude. mercy. merciful. tumult. kind-hearted. •करना to pass over. —इचछाएँ suppressed desires. merciful. ~गुज़र separate. repression. दमक damāk (nf) flash. to be terrified. दमनीय suppressible/repressible. hence ~ता (nf). one imbued with deep compassion. —होना to have the cheek/guts to: to have stamina/strength. ~परदा stealthily. •रखना to continue to be kind. ~दारी honesty. —चक a series of suppressive/repressive acts. excluded. the horse eating its head off. hence ~ता (nf). fit to be kept under subjugation/control. —भी न होना. brilliance. compassion. दय/वंत. truthfulness. within. genuine. to be compassionate. leave alone. kind. genuineness. glimmer. a fire-engine. in fact.

—खटखटाना to knock at the door (of). दरबा/न darba:n (nm) a gatekeeper. to be obsequious. a Muslim mendicant. petition. दरवाज़ा darva:za: (nm) a door. •करना to be assiduous at court. now-a-days. fissure. need. (a) necessary. —दे ना to submit an application. moving on from one halt to another. face to face. to convene a court/ an assembly. ~गज़र करना to exclude. of a watchman. to be confronted with. (a) of court. to ु leave aside. दरवेश darvesh (nm) a dervish. under cover. in between. to grate under the teeth. door leaves. enduring long obsequious sittings. दरकना daraknā: (v) to be cracked. pigeon. . ~हक़ीक़त in fact. दरबा darba: (nm) a coop. —दर मारे मारे िफरना to be tossed about from pillar to post. grating under the teeth. दरपेश darpesh (adv) in front. intermediary. to produce a sound as by grating under the teeth. ु —बंद करना to close the doors. दरदरा dardara: (a) coarsely ground. tomb (of a saint which is a pilgrimage spot and a place of worship). —जोड़ना/—लगाना to assemble a set of courtiers/sycophants. —आना to encounter. ू दरखत daraḳḥt (nm) a tree. दरज daraj (nf) a cleft. —दर की ख़ाक छानना. needed. ~बंदी torching. —झाँकना to call at. granulated. filling up the cracks. holy place. -ए-आम hall of public audience. presence or attendance at a court. —खला रखना to keep the door open. दरदराना dardara:nā: (v) to grind coarsely.hole. दरकच darku:ch (ind) moving on and on. hence ~हट (nf). दरबारी darba:ri: (nm) a courtier. to be split. to give up. to come for help. to knock a one door after another. -. a sycophant. hall of audience. in reality. -एखास hall of private audience. (ind) during. to seek entry. ~दारी courtiership. to dance attendance (on). ~ना middle. among.306 -दरकार darka:r (nf) necessity. दरखवासत darḳḥva:st (nf) application. दरबार darba:r (nm) a royal court. to be rent. —करना to request. request. crack. —दर की ठोकरे खाना. ~नी the duties or job watchman/gatekeeper. not well-ground. ~हाल these days. दरिमया/न darmiyā:n (nm) the middle. दरगाह darga:h (nf) a shrine. within. to have no contact whatever. to come face to face.clandestinely.

entered.दराँती darā:ti: (nf) a sickle. wretched. —करना to make an enquiry. crack. anguish. piteous. ~ता poverty. etc. ू दिरदी dariddri: (a) poor. miserable. दरोग़ा darog̣a: (nm) see दारोग़ा. degree. large-hearted. pauperism. दजर/न darjān (nm) a dozen. hippopotamus. shabby. . ~बंदी classification. ददर dard (nm) pain. ~ई riverine. mental agony. -कक visitors' chamber. दपी arrogant. —की सुई a hack-worker. cracked. ~िदली liberality. ~गीरी tailoring (work). दशरक darshak (nm) an onlooker. grotto. categorization. auditorium. दिरया dariya: (nm) a river. दिरद dariddr (a) poor. (nm) poverty. cave. mirror. दपरण darpāṉ (nm) a looking glass. haughtiness. sympathetic. pauperdom. —दीघार visitors' gallery. a rift to be created. ~खाना a tailor-shop. prolonged. ~नो dozens. दिपरत. haughty. fissure. wretched. दरी dari: (nf) a cotton carpet. assembly of spectators. दजार darja: (nm) a class. a spectator. wretched state. दज़र darj (a) recorded. to enter (into the records etc. breach. order. दराज़ dara:z (nf) a drawer (of a table. pauper. of low qualities. see दरज़ (a) long. ~नारायण the have-not. slit. large-heartedness. to be creviced. carnivorous beast. दरे सी daresi: (nf) dressing. miserable plight. rank. status. ~मंद compassionate. दज़ी darzi: (nf) a tailor. दरोगहलफ़ी darog̣halfi: (nf) false testimony (made on oath). scythe. tragic. miserable plight. दिरयाफ़त dariya:ft (nm) an enquiry. greedy (of eating). shabby. beast of prey. a -. दरार dara:r (nf) a crevice. ~िदल liberal. •घोडा a river horse. दरीबा dari:ba: (nm) a (betel) market. (nf) see दरज. —दर होना all miseries to be gone. दरार darra: (nm) a (mountain) pass. —िदल heart-ache. visitor. quality. ~नाक painful. hence ~मंदी (nf). ~गण audience. affliction. — पड़ना to crack up. दपर darp (nm) arrogance.). दिरंदा darīnda: (nm) a beast. miseries. the poor. ~दार creviced. ache.307 -cavern.). gradation. rift. a flattened tract of land. —करना to record. category. दराबी dara:bi: (nf) a pully-block.

-. drug. group. to live on touting. bog. swampy. —मेला seeing and meeting. ~वगर a depressed class. दशी darshi:—a suffix meaning he who can see or that which can help see. appearance (a term used to express a sense of deference). herd. porridge. a broker. depressed. दशरनी हुंडी darshanī: Hūṉḍi: (nm) a sight bill. brokerage (the work and commission of a broker). दवा dava: (nf) medicine. ~शासी a philosopher. to destroy. —बाँधना to form a gang. hominy. दवात dava:t (nf) an inkpot. hence ~ली (nf). सैिनक-दल. medicine. ~ख़ाना a dispensary. दिशरत darshit (a) shown. leaf. group politics. appeared. कोई to have no cure (for). to be ँ caught in a mire. one's appearance to be rare. viewing. swarm. fen. दवाई dava:i: (nf) see दवा. thickness of layers etc. दलील dali:l (nf) a plea. —दार medical treatment. to crush. •की राजनीती politics of defection. to display. used in compound words as the second member to denote multitude. clinic. cure. —मे फसना to be bogged down. —करना to have a view (of a revered person or a sacred place). . दलना dalnā: (v) to grind coarsely. —बल an army of followers and supporters. दशरनीय darshanī:y (a) worth-seeing. — दलभ होना (often ironical) to be seen rarely. to have a view of. दलाली dala:li: (nf) middlemanship. —न होना.g. beautiful. mire. displayed. assemblage. philosophy. to exhibit. marshy. दशारना darsha:nā: (v) to show. exhibited. ितकाल~. ~पित chief or leader of a team/group etc. tout. दर~. swamp. hence ~ता (nf). —खाना to earn brokerage. —बदल defection. ू दल dal (nm) a party. ू कांत~. view. दलद/ला daldala: (a) boggy.दशरन darshān (nm) sight. an argument. ~बंदी groupism. —दे ना to grace ु र by making an appearance. ~दार of thick layer. •सिहत in full force. —बोलना to order penalty parade (to be performed by).िटडडी-दल. troop. petal. e. दलाल dala:l (nm) an agent. pulpy. middleman. — बादल mass of clouds. touting. —पाना to obtain a glimpse of. सकम~. ~फ़रोश a druggist. —शास philosophy. दलदल daldal (nm) marsh.308 -दिलया daliya: (nf) mash. quaggy. (a) seeing. to mill. —करना to be treated (for some ailment).. ~बदलू a defectionist. दिलत dalit (a) downtrodden. दलेल dalel (nf) penalty parade. team.

दश dash (a) ten. to suffer from diarrhoea. symbolizing the conquest of good over evil. —िबगड़ना condition to take a turn for the worse. दसतकारी dastaka:ri: (nf) artisanship. —पदित /पणाली the decimal system. दसतंदा/ज़ dastanda:z (nm) an interferer. —नंबरी a notorious criminal.दवामी dava:mī: (a) permanent. tradesman. दसत dast (nm) loose stool(s). ~याब acquired. मतसय. (nm) the rituals performed on the tenth day after death. everywhere. ं दशानक/ल dasha:nūku:l (nm) acclimatisation. from hand to hand. ~बसता with folded hands. all over. ~बदी dasha:bd (nm) ~bdi: (nf) decade. बद and किलक. craft. —दे ना to knock at the door. state. ु दशा/बद. decennium. दशमांश dashamā:nsh (nm) one tenth (part). ु ु ृ दशी dashi: (nf) a decade. decennium. . निसंह. दसतकार dastka:r (nm) an artisan. दशम dashām (a) the tenth. दसवाँ dasvā: (a) the tenth. दशमी dashmī: (nf) the tenth day of each lunar fortnight. obtained. ~कठ/कधर/गीव/मख/मौिल/िशर/शीषर/शीश attributes ं ं ु of the demon king रावन. कचछप. tradesmanship. — आना/लगना to have loose motions. दशहरा dashehra: (nm) a prominent Hindu festival celebrated on the tenth day of the month of कवार to remember the victory of राम over रावण. ~िलत acclimatised. —लाख a million. वराह. राम. दशक dashak (nm) a decade. —बंदोबसत permanent settlement (of land). कृषण. दशावतार dasha:vta:r (nm) the ten incarnations of Lord vishṉū viz. plight. father of राम. decennium. दसतक dastak (nf) a knock or rap (with the palm at the door). meddler. handicraft. meddling. दशांग dasha:ṅg (nm) incense composed of ten ingredients used in performing a हवन (see) दशा dasha: (nf) condition. दशमलव dashāmlav (nm) decimal. वामन. achieved. stool. trade. —पटा permanent lease. दस das (a) ten. (nm) the number ten. (nm) the number ten. —सधरना condition to improve. परशराम. also ~लन. ~रथ famous king of Ayodhya:. hand. ु दशानन dasha:nān (nm) see दशकठ under दश. ~ितत acclimatised. hence ~याबी(nf). ु ू दशानव/तरन dasha:nūvartān (nm) acclimatisation. दसो िदशाओं मे all round. —ब-दसत hand in hand. ~ज़ी interference. craftsman.

to be terribly alarmed. दसतावे/ज़ dasta:vez (nm) a document. etc. rustic. a helper.309 -document. handle. ~र होना to wash one's hands off. never to cross out the threshold.).). दहाई daha:i: (nf) the figure ten. abandonment. —दसतावेज़ signed -. unlettered. bandit. दसतावर dasta:var (a) laxative. (a) boorish. दसतबंद dastaband (nm) a wrist ornament worn by women. boorishness. a pounder. one subsisting on ु फाँदना to be confined within the four walls. -वित robbery. a parasite). दसतगीर dastagi:r (nm) one who extends a helping hand. police. villager. दहशत dehshat (nf) terror. routine. दहलना dehalnā: (v) to be terrorised/terror-stricken.). in a river the spot where the water is exceptionally deep. —न दह dah (nm) a deep pool. bouquet (of flowers etc. helping hand. combustion. manual. quire (of loose sheets of paper). दसतख़ती dastaḳḥati: (a) signed. deed. dacoity. giving up. haft. दसती dasti: (a) pertaining to hand. ~री relinquishment (of a claim etc. sleeve hafting. दहक़ा/न dehqā:n (nm) a peasant. commission. दहला dehla: (nm) a playing card with ten pips. ~शील combustible. dacoit. ू दसयु dassyu (nm) a robber. to give up. banditry. entrance. constitution. supporter. purgative. handle. ~नीयत rusticity. ~नी rustic. —खाना to be terrorised. दहन dehān (nm) burning. carried or delivered by hand (as —िचटी).दसतख़त dastaḳḥat (nm) signature. boorish. . to be panic-stricken. दसतबरदा/र dastabarda:r (a) (one who has) desisted from/moved his hands off/relinquished. दसताना dasta:nā: (nm) a hand-glove. to burn with a red hot flame. to be very hot. ~शीलता combustibility. —करना to sign. दसतूर dastu:r (nm) a custom. panic. दसता dasta: (nm) a squad (of troops. the place of tens (in numeration). practice. ~ज़ी documentary. दसतरी dastu:ri: (nf) customary discount. to tremble (with fear). leavings. on. —िबछाना (to lay the cloth) to make preparation for serving meals. handkerchief. —का कता a sponger. —झाँकना to call at somebody's with a selfish motive. ृ दहकना dehaknā: (v) to blaze. bearing signature. दहलीज़ dehli:z (nf) threshold. दसतरख़वान dastarḳḥā:n (nm) a dining table-cloth to place dishes etc.

~िकलिकल wrangle.310 -tight corner. ~गीरी midwifery. dented. dent. —से पेट िछपाना lit. —काटी रोटी intimate friendship. the teeth to be fixed on—to have the procurement (of teeth to be clinched (as in lock-jaw etc. to deprive of the sting. —संबंध conjugal relationship. to crinch. दाई da:ī: (nf) a midwife. lit. दांत dā:nt (a) subdued. दही dahi: (nm) curd. दाँतेदार jagged. wrangling. a roar. —पीसना to gnash the teeth (in anger etc.—to stand amazed. —िदखाना see —िनपोरना. close relationship. to crinch. —काढ़ना to whine. दाँतो तले उँ गली दबाना lit. punitive.दहाड़ daha:ṛ (nf) roar of a lion. दांपतय dā:mpatty (a) conjugal. to be in a fury. to render powerless. दहे ड़ी daheṛī: (nf) a curd-pot. —झाड़ना to knock out the teeth. —िकरिकरे होना to accept defeat. coagulated milk. etc. (िकसी चीज़) पर. marital. —से (पैसा) पकडना to be extremely stingy. — someone or something) as a target. (nm) conjugal relations. conjugal functions. दाँता dā:ta: (nm) a notch. —िकचिकचाना/कटकटाना/िकटिकटाना to grind the teeth (through cold. —बजाना the teeth to chatter (through chill or cold). —पीसना to gnash (the teeth). to bite the finger in astonishment etc. subjugated. दाँती dā:ti: (nf) row of teeth.). दांपितक dā:mpatik (a) conjugal. to knock off the teeth —to humble. —पथा the dowry system. दाँतो मे ितनका दबाना to express complete sub-mission. दहाड़ना daha:ṛnā: (v) to roar. — फाड़ना to grin. nurse. दांिडक dā:ṉḍik (a) penal. —मारना to roar. wrath. cog or tooth (of a saw etc. . —खटे करना to make one lick the dust.). to yield unconditionally. दाँय dā:y (nf) see दँ वरी.). to show meekness/humbleness.). —बैठना/लगना the होना. to be aghast. -तोड़ना lit. दहाना daha:nā: (nm) the mouth (of a river). दहे ज dahej (nm) dowry. to hide the stomach from the midwife— to keep a secret from one who is bound to know it. —को दध िपलाना to teach one's ू grandmother to suck eggs. —गाड़ना to fix a covetous eye on something. to cry aloud. दाँव dā:v (nm) see दाव. दांत dā:t (nm) a tooth. —िनपोरना to whine. to cry or shout aloud. —बजना see दाँत बजना. altercation. notched. sprocket. cogged. right hand. to force the enemy into a -. supressed. दाँई dā:ī: (a) right. to set the teeth on edge.

—पकना (the beard) to grow grey. ~बेल dagbel—a dig mark symbolising commencement of a construction work (building. दािड़म da:ṛim (nm) pomegranate (tree and its fruit). branded. —को हाथ लगाना to make entreaties. दाग़ी da:gi: (a) stained. दातौ (तू) न da:tau(tu:)n (nf) a fibrous twig used for brushing teeth. to file.). blemished. marked. दािख़ला daḳḥila: (nm) admission.311 -damned !. दाता da:ta. blemish. दाद da:d (nf) ring worm. blemished. entry. दाततव da:trittv (nm) munificence. —करना to admit. — दफ़तर filed. —दे ना to cremate.). stigmatised. to brand (a bull etc. to submit. stigmatic. etc. benefactor. stain. marked. •डालना to commence construction (work). scar. ~जार lit. to stigmatise. donor. to brand (a bull etc. generosity. b