Mr Josh Cauhorn / Unit: Lesson: Length: Modernism 3 – Carl Sandberg’s “Chicago” ~35 mins

English 11 Honors 1

IDOE Standards Covered
Standard 3: READING: Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Text Students read and respond to grade-level appropriate historically or culturally significant works of literature that reflect and enhance their study of history and social science. 11.3.5 Analyze or evaluate works of literary or cultural significance in history (American, English, or world) that: • reflect a variety of genres in each of the respective historical periods. • were written by important authors in the respective major historical periods. • reveal contrasts in major themes, styles, and trends. • reflect or shed light on the seminal philosophical, religious, social, political, or ethical ideas of their time.

At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to: 1. Describe the historical context behind Sandberg’s famous poem. 2. Define the poetic devices of personification and apostrophe and identify them in Sandburg's poem

Preparation -Obtain pictures/short primary documents of Chicago at the turn of the century, spread out these pictures in groups throughout the room for the students to rotate through -Prepare videos of turn of the century Chicago 0-3 mins // Introduction -Introduce Carl Sandberg’s “Chicago” -Introduce process for today -Watch videos together-brainstorm -1/2 class rotate around room, looking at pics, while other ½ looks at biography of Sandberg and makes predictions -Read poem, fill out sheet of epithets as we go 3-10 mins // Watch videos of early Chicago by Thomas Edison • Watch videos downloaded onto computer ○ While and after watching them, have students call out things they notice. Put in list on board first. ○ After lists are created, synthesize and categorize into a web ○ Make sure they are copying down info onto graphic organizer

10-22 mins // Picture rotation and biography prediction • • • Have ½ of the class rotate about the room, looking at pictures of Chicago and writing down things they notice on their sheets Have the other ½ read the bio about Sandberg in the book and predict what he’ll write about, writing on graphic organizer Switch halfway through (8 min)

22-35 mins // Read Poem, using interpretation chart • • • Read the poem to the class through once. Second time, stop at each epithet / line to interpret. Have a student raise their hand and have them explain what should be explained. The rest of the class should copy down interpretation onto notes sheet


Materials Needed
-Notes Sheet -Chicago Pictures -Chicago vids

Formative Assessment
The Graphic Organizers will provide proof that the kids were paying attention. I will walk around and ensure that they are filling them out. In addition, discussion will give me immediate feedback on their progress.

Learning Styles
• • • visual/spatial (Graphic Organizer) verbal/linguistic (discussion) interpersonal (discussion)

None, as these are advanced students.

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Mr Josh Cauhorn /

English 11 Honors 3