Introduction: Kind of drugs

For this topic I’ll taking about different kinds of drugs, their effects, and why people use them defferent drug are acohol,nicotine,cracks,heroin,cocaine,PCPAnd acid (LSD). I’ll start with marijuana. The active drugs in “weed” is THC, which reacts with the chemicals in your brain. It is used Legally for medical reasons, and illegally for recreational purpose. The effects are usually relaxation or depending on the mood of the person, it could make them violent or depressed. It s not physically addictive but it can be psychologically addictive. Next I’ll cover Nicotine.Smoking for the first few time may cause “headrush” or dizziness , Numbness of the legs,Hyperactivity, etc, Depending on the user ,may or may not be addictive, but the more you smoke the more physically and psychologically dependent you become. Now alcohol is a depressant found in drinks such as wine. Vodka, whisky,etc. It is made by framenting certain things, like fruits juice. If a person drinks enough, there body systems slow down, they make poor judsment, and it can make you feel tired. Depending on the mood of the drinker. It can make them happy, depressant,violent, or maybe nothing at all wil happen.alcoholsm can make the drinker psychologically dependent.

A.Statement of the problem:
The researcher will seek the following question 1.Why are illegal Drugs Dangerous? 2.Why Do people use illegal Drugs? 3.Can I tell if someone is using Drugs? 4.What can I do to help? 5.What the problem with drugs anyway

Scope and Limitation:
My studies limit about different kinds of drugs. Their effects and why people use them because there are so many people use them even in whole world.

B.Signeficant of the study
I want to a prensentation on illegal drugs, so I was able to learn some new information about drugs. I though drugs were scary. I learned that drugs are harmful to our brains. Drugs addictive want to stop taking drugs but their bodies still crave them. It isn’t easy for addicts for stop using and abusing drugs. I think It’s easy to get drugs. For example, cigarettes and alchohol are drugs. In my opinion, we must try not to poison ourselves with drugs. I want to learn more about drugs because there are so many people abuse drugs all over the world. I want know why are really like it even if them money waist in this kind of drugs. I chose this topic because I don’t want to belong this people who addict in drugs and to prevent the effects of drugs. In my self. I heard that drugs brought so many harmful effect.

Definition of terms
Analeptic- a drugs that stimulates the central nervous system. Analgesic- a drugs that relieves pan. See Analgenic.

Antiemetic- a drugs used to suppress nausea and vomiting see motion sickness. Anesthetic- General- an agent that produces loss of consciousness see Anesthisea. Antiarthritic- a drugs that relieves swelling if inflamed Joints Antiboitic- a substance derived primarily from living microorganism Anticonvulsant- a drug use to prevent conclusions. Antidepressant- a drug used to treat depression. Antihistamine- a drug that counteract the effect of histamine, and substance that can cause.

The discussion of the statement of the problem


These day, drugs can b found everywhere and it may seem like everone’s doing them. Many teens are tempted by the excitement r escape that seems to offer. But Learning the facts about drugs can help you see the risk of chasing this excitement or escape

These drugs are illegal because, like other dangerous drugs, they can hurt people these kinds of drugs are not mode in scientific laboratones with strict controls for safety and furity, basement, garage or other places where the sole motivation is not help people but to make money. These drugs can seriously effect the brain the respiratory system and the body’s internal organs. Also a person can be taken advance of while of these drugs “date rape” drug but can be use to violate the dignity of a human. That is simply wrong so party drugs can be deadly and abuseive and they are not safe. They are illegal. Drugs and that is all dangerous drugs affected not just the person using the drugs but that family. The wider family even their neighbours. It impacts their job and fellow workers. It really has an affect on the whole communities. It prevent the community from moving a socially and economically retarded community.Cocaine, heroin, Opium and other serious and dangerous drugs have no place in a community that is wanting to develop itself to improve the living conditions for all its members.

Inflammation may be defined as the reaction of having tissues, to an injury. It is characterized by o swelling, redness from the increase amount of blood in the injury tissues increase temperature of the tissues, pain, and usually loss of function of that part of the body. Like cocaine is a drug that destroy human lives crack, a form of cocaine, is so powerful that once it is taken a person loses the ability to stay away from it they become slaves to their desire for the hit cocaine rock can give them. Repeated used of crack cocaine destroy the body and mind. A whole human being is simply destroyed and never able to live up to the poteintial he she once had.

Some kid and teens try drug to fit in with a group of friends. Or they might be curious or just bored a person may use illegal drug for may reason, as what I’ve said kid and teens try drug to fit a group of friends because came of your friends may be an a users of drugs and you are not a user, some of your friend they don’t like you because you are the one who was not belong on them. That why all of your friends tired you so much. That why if your not welling to abandon your friends. You know how to mengle them, because you have no choise of you like them, and if you are now a user as the beginners. You will be able to spend a lot of money to buy a drugs the fit of you and your friends. There are some other friends that a user that respect you and not be impluence to you. The fact if you are user you do the things even if it is bad because you are belong now and addict to forget the pain, but it is for the maintime to relive or escape your problem and temporarily fell bether. But it is only until the drugs wear off. Some commonly use drugs if you are bored, because your mind is nothing. To have a beautifu feelings some people use it to have a good day. Some teen use drugs to comport there self emotionally to relief the problem of his/her family, or to experience the teast

of the drugs. Money is seen as “easy money” in a short time a person can amases great wealth. Our modern way of life is more stressful than that of previous decades. Today urban living, with its competition and conficts, produces anxieties and tens. And now, within recent years, drugs have been developed bearing the enticing name of tranquilizer. They provide a means, under a physician’s supervision of calming a nervous person tiding him over difficult period of stress. A person who uses drugs can become dependent on them, or addictive. This means that the person’s body becomes so accustomed to having this drugs that he or she can’t function well without it. Once a person is addictive, it’s very hard to stop taking drugs. Stopping can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as vomiting, sweating, and tremors. These sick feelings continue until person’s body get adjusted to being drugs free again, at least half of people who have PAD don’t have any sign or symptoms may have pain when walking or climbing stairs, which may relieved after resting. This pain is call intermittent claudication blood brings oxygen to the muscle: during physical activity or exercise muscle need more blood. If there is a blockage in the blood vessel will not get enough blood. A hallmark of intermittent claudication is that a brief rots relieve the muscle pain because muscle at rest. Require less blood flow: resumption of physical activity triggers pain ressurence. Intermittent claudication is more like to develop in people who also have atherosclerosis is the hardening and narrowing of arteries such as the heart and brain atherosclerosis is the hardening and narrowing arteries due to the formation of I cholesterol plaques. About 10 percent of people with PAD have intermittent claudication other sign and symptoms of PAD include. Pain, numbness, aching and heaviness in the muscle. A weak or absent pulse in the legs or feet. Cramping in the legs, things, calves, and feet, sores or wounds on toes, feet or legs that heal slowly poorly or not at all. Color changes in skin, paleness, or blueness. A decrease temperature in one leg compared to the

other leg.

The best things to do avoid drugs is to tell adult that you trust. A grown-up can help the person find the treatment he or she needs to stop using drugs. Another way kid can help kids is by choosing not to try or use drugs. It’s a good way for friends to stick together. Understanding drugs and why they are dangerous is another good step for a kid to take, below, we’ve lestend some words that may be new to you. You should want to listen to the teacher because its help you to how to avoid drugs or lestened to coach of what opinion them given to you because its give you a good moral. And be focus studies and other sports together with your friends. And gave time to the church pray’s always how to access you life right way. And be model of your self because we have one life that give jesus to us. Its better to inporm the person who use in your barangay so that no one be impudence, you so much. Have need o help our self in being a good civilize person in this intstitution. Much bette to menggle a good friends so that all of your time much be useful, much better to live alone if there are some people who drunk by the streets. Love your self, respect, comport and mentain a good characteristic. Listen to the opinion of your parents. Make some activites that you want to enjoy your self. Cise such a swimming, cycling, walking: or participating in some activity out door sports. One’s weekly program should be so planned that a block of time- at least half a day – is filled with pleasant activity that crowd out awareness of the week’s ordinary routness. Important as is this weekly period o recreation it is not sufficient to maintain physical fitness. Even though a person uses his “half day off” to play eighteen holes of golf or three sets of tennis, or to do the yard work, he still need daily physical activities o keep his muscle in trim and to maintain the efficiency of the organs if his body. In addition to the daily “let down” and weekly recreation everybody needs a leisurely vacation period at

also at least one year. Best result are obtained when this is in the nature of pleasant low-key outdoor undertaking. A camping trip is preferable to a hasty cross county tour on a tight schedule. One needs to establish is broad base of confidence in himself confidence- in his associate, and trust in an overruling providence. The best foundation on which to build such trust in the philosophy of Christianity. The scripture are reassuring on this point: “ we know that in everything god works for good with those. Who love him, who are called according to his purpose”. Thos whose accupation are strenouse or stressful should take time out for a few minutes two or three times a day to rest their brain, their muscle, or both. The best way is to lay down, close the eyes. And the let the though drift in neutral. One need not fall asleep during this brief period. The though should learning the fact about drugs can help you see the risk of chasing this excitement to escape. There what you need to know.

The deal substance thank to medical and drugs research, there are thousands of drugs that help people. Antibiotics and vaccines have revolutionized the treatment of infection. Medicines can slow, or prevent desease, helping us to lead healthier and happier lives. But there are also lots of illegal, harmful dugs that people take to help them feel good or have a good time. Drugs are chemical or substance that change the way our bodies work. When you put them into your bloodstream and are transported to the part of your body, such as your brain, drugs may either intensify or dull your senses, alter your sense of alterness, and sometime decrease physical pain. A drugs can may be helpful or harmful. The effect of drugs can vary depending upon the kind of drugs taken, how much is taken, how often it is used, how quickly it gets to the brain, and what other drugs food, or substance are taken at sometime effect can also vary based on the difference in body size, shape, and chemistry – although

substances can feel good at first, they can ultimately do a lot of harm to the body and brain, drinking, alcohol, smoking tobacco. Taking illegal drugs, and sniffing glue can all cause serious damage to the human body. Such as driving under influence or having unprotect sex. And just as there are many kind of drugs available. There are as many reason or trying them or starting to use them regurlarly. People take drugs just for the pleasure they believe they can bring, often its because someone tried to convince them that drugs would make them feel good or that they’d have better time if they look them. Here are he facts on some of the more common drugs. •Alcohol •GHB •Amphetamines •Heroin •Cocaine and crack •Inhalants •cough and cold medicines (DXM) •Ketamine •Depressants •LSD •Ecstasy •Marijuana

The drugs of addiction that are related to or derived from the twenty or so opium alkaloids are too numerous to be listened, and it would be pointless and tedious to attempt to do so. In addiction to the hundreds of compounds derive from opium and alkaloids there is a great variety of synthetic drugs that have analgetic effect like those of morphine and which are also addicting. Morphine was the first alkaloid of

opium to be (in 1803) and it serves us a standard of comparison because it remains the most satisfactory pain – relieving egent in medical practice. In the annual report of the federal bureau of narcotic for 1965 (PP.11- 14) 57 kinds of symthetics all eged to be habit forming are listed. Two of these are: (1.) Pethidine, also known as (amidone and dolopbine) demerosl o meperidine and by more than forty other dames, and (z) methadone, also known as amidone and dolopbine. Both are addicting, and both are in reality reprensentatives of famities of related drugs with similar molecular structures. Pethidine the oldest of the synbetic equivalents, which was produce in germany in 1939 is accompanied by in bureau’s list by so other names and methadone by 62 these are althenative names for the drugs or the names of other drugs of the same series. Drugs o the morphine type range from a recen derivative known as bentley’s compound, which is about 10,000 times as powerful as morphine, to these of the codeine class, which have a realitively slight analgesic and addictive potential. In addition to heroin the following drugs are among those that are more potent than morphine.

I found that this dugs are can be killed. And drugs are chemicals or substance that change the way our bodies work. It is so dangerous to our life because drugs find there way into your bloodstream and transported to part of your body. Such as you brain. And I found that drugs may either intensify of dull your senses, alter your sense of alertness, and sometimes decrease physical pain. It’s taken more deases that I can be farmful to our body. I found that there are so many teenager that use drugs. And they believe that drugs will help them think better, be more popular, stay more active or become better athletes. Others are tasted because they are curious or depressed. And I found that drugs can ruin every aspect of a person life. They make a person less alert and herein lies some of the danger. I found that if you one’s taken drugs they believe that they relieve their pain. I found that drugs are harmful to our brains. Drugs are addicts want stop taking drugs. But their bodies still crave them. There are so many people killed by the effect of drugs. I found that their are the best thing to avoid drugs is to tell an adult that you trust. This could be the parents, other relative, teacher, coach, or school councelor.

I recommend that all of us not use drugs because it is not legally or safety for people use these kind of drugs. If a persons who move this drug, sell it, or harbor it are part of the destruction of a human life. They share in the violence and the trauma of a family’s hellish life and they share in the wider impact this has on the entired community. Drugs dealing is a tremendous evil. I recommend this because they lose interest in school and learning, they may never achieve want, no job skill and life becomes very difficult. And I recommend this because when you using this drug while operating a vehicle or machinery can lead to terrible accidents which could result in death or serious injury also the violence that so often accompanies drugs dealing can devastate families and local communities. It is illegally because its not make in a laboratory.