Fifth Sunday in Lent (1895

John 8:46-59 Many people are now called Christians who still do not stand in awe before Christ's Word. The Bible is a human book to them. They accept or reject its contents at will. They often at the same time talk quite Christian, show great zeal for the extension of God's kingdom. Then they gain the impression as it is now no longer necessary for salvation to accept absolutely Christ's Word. However, this is a deceptive appearance. The phrase: "Salvation is in no other" still stands today. Christ is still the only way forever, etc. Therefore, no one can be released from the obligation to believe and follow the Word of Christ. This Gospel also teaches that. The Lord makes it mandatory for the Jews to believe in Him. The reasons which he gives are of a nature that they apply to everyone. An invitation to all people to believe the Word of Christ. It shows 1. Why all people should believe the Word of Christ. a. V. 46. All people should believe Christ's Word because He speaks the Truth. Christ shows that He speaks the Truth with His sinlessness. He could have appealed to others.1 But this one proof is irrefutable. No one can accuse Him of a sin.2 His enemies still admit this today. In that case, His Words are Truth. In that case the prophets and apostles have written the Truth, for Christ speaks through them. Therefore, which invitation to all men, etc. How does one take the responsibility before God and his conscience not to believe the Truth? b. Because those who are godless people do not believe.3 It is not possible not to believe Christ's Word and thereby be pious and a child of God. As is it natural to hear the voice of the Father, of a lamb, of a shepherd, then etc. otherwise applies.4 But no one shall be godless and of the devil, so the invitation goes to all, etc. The fools who do not want to be wicked but think they cannot believe the Bible opine they go to heaven by righteous living and are able to do without the Church, etc. c. V. 51. Whoever believes Christ's Word will never see death. What a promise! Death is the horrible enemy of all people. Whoever holds Christ's Word shall not see it, but enter into life through death, as Israel through the Red Sea. To whom this should not be an invitation, etc. Or are there other ways to escape death?5 Therefore here, all men, etc. 2. What that faith is that is required of all people. a. Not as some people hold parts of Scripture to be true, because they appeal to their reason, and others reject it because they do not like it. As it pleased the Pharisees when Jesus
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stopped the mouth of the Sadducees, and as Herod happily heard John, Felix Paul, so many also like what Christ says about love and freedom, but not what He says about faith, obedience, etc. They do not believe for the sake of Christ; their faith is not first of all an earnest assent to the Truth. b. But that one holds Jesus as Lord, Whose Word is always true and powerful and apart from His Word is no salvation. The Lord had said bitter Truths to the Jews and requires of them to believe His Word. Even when Christ's Word chastises and demands what is contrary to our flesh, one should humbly submit and be captured. The unbelief of the Jews appears most of all.6 Therefore even here we should believe Christ, where He reveals mysteries that no one is able to comprehend, such as about His person, conversion, the Sacraments, etc.7, finally show that one should trust the promise of hidden or future aid. Reason contests against faith etc.8 Christ says: "Seek first" etc. We therefore ought to also really take care above all things, that we are saved, etc. C.C. Schmidt

6 7

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