SAP EHP UPgrAdE AUtomAtion

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SAP periodically releases Enhancement Packages (EHPs) for SAP ERP 6.0, introducing functional enhancements, UI simplifications, and enterprise service bundles in the form of Business Functions. EHPs are cumulative, which means that installing one also includes the Business Functions from previous packages.

wHAt iS An EHP UPgrAdE?


Upgrading to EHP5 SPS6 involves ~40% increase in SAP code and thousands of relevant fixes

It’s the installation of a new SAP ERP EHP 4 software version, together with the EHP 3 accumulation of all the relevant EHP 2 fixes in the form of a Support ErP 6 Package Stack

no Hardware no Software non-invasive 20-min Setup

SAP Enhancement Package upgrades are always a challenge, often taking longer and costing more than expected, because of all the uncertainties involved: Planning: figuring out what will break when you upgrade and what you need to test can be complicated. Fixing & Testing: fixing all the code issues introduced by the upgrade, creating fresh test scripts that thoroughly cover critical business processes, running tests and documenting their results, and making sure test scripts are constantly maintained is extremely labor intensive.

SAP EHP UPgrAdE AUtomAtion, yoU SAy?
Panaya’s EHP Upgrade Automation software-as-a-service takes out the guesswork and eliminates 70% of the cost and effort associated with SAP EHP upgrades and Business Function activation: Planning: shows you what will break and tells you what to test, in order of priority. Fixing & Testing: provides automatic code corrections, instantly creates test scripts by capturing your business processes, automatically runs tests and documents their results, and makes sure your test scripts self-adapt, so they’re always fresh! Upgrade Automation means your project gets done in half the time, with 80% less risk.

A project management application is provided to help you control and monitor the project progress throughout its lifecycle.PAnAyAinc. These test scripts can be run interactively or automatically using Panaya’s test player. tHE PAnAyA APProAcH faster cheaper Finally. Test Plan unit Tests (819 Tasks) Task Module/ Priority FI Customer Code PM MM CO CA LE SD LO IS-OIL SV PA PS EC PP IM QM BW PT Total: 154 373 6 3 4 Hight 8 97 29 7 Medium 71 8 37 45 48 46 13 29 19 9 2 3 15 7 6 8 5 2 1 2 1 292 7 1 19 26 22 13 37 13 9 15 16 13 Low 97 Total Type 176 105 85 78 70 59 53 46 28 24 18 16 15 14 13 8 6 4 1 819 How it worKS 1 2 3 Panaya’s cloud-based supercomputer is the backbone of Panaya’s software-as-a-service solution. 3 safer www. automatically pinpointing which custom programs will break as a result of the upgrade and automatically fixing most of these problems.SAP EHP UPgrAdE AUtomAtion SHowS yoU ExActly wHicH modUlES ArE AFFEctEd by tHE SAP EHP UPgrAdE: UPloAd yoUr cUStom codE And USAgE inFo to PAnAyA’S SEcUrE SErvEr PAnAyA AnAlyzES yoUr cUStom codE And USAgE inFo in 24-48 HoUrS yoU gEt yoUr ExAct EHP UPgrAdE PlAn And cAn StArt yoUr ProjEct immEdiAtEly About Panaya Panaya's software-as-a-service helps companies that use SAP or Oracle reduce 80% of their upgrade and testing risk and effort. it captures your business processes as you simply run through them. and what to test. Our SAP testing solution works a lot like a test engineer: first. the test scripts adapt themselves according to the actual testing results. Utilizing a cloud-based supercomputer. Panaya simulates the upcoming upgrade. Panaya’s testing solutions dramatically expedite ERP testing and eliminate the need for manual test script maintenance. our translation algorithms automatically translate the captured processes into test scripts and test scenario documentation. Our run-time simulation runs your custom code on your target EHP level (for example EHP 5 SPS 6) and allows us to show you what will break. 2. Next. For further information visit our website. meaning that your test scripts are always up-todate and ready to run. it’S AS SimPlE AS 1. Panaya automatically generates plain-English test scripts that are rapidly executed and continually self-adjust based on test results. how to fix it. as users work with the ERP applications. Seamlessly capturing business knowledge in the .