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HANOI, 2012

Introduction Development
1. The monologue illustrates characters

2. Tragedy and comedy in Shakespeares drama 3. Effects of the art of tragedy in Hamlet Conclusion References

Compared to Italy and other European countries, Britain stepped in late Renaissance era. As well as other European countries, Britain also goes by the trend to capitalism. Renaissance movement right from beginning has been successful and incredibly rich. It makes Western Europe in general and Britain in particular as the flushing wakes up after a night of high middle ages, and in modern history. In the context of history, it has created a very favorable condition for the development of the literature of the English Renaissance. With an appearance and a particular, Renaissance literature had the remarkable achievements. Most of the prominent characteristics of this literature are the development of plays with many authors in this category. Standing up is Shakespeare, the genius, the most typical representation for English writer in the Renaissance. The tragedy was rated altitude of genius Shakespeare. Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest novelists of humanity, a soul of the ages. For long, works of Shakespeare beyond the scope of a country and have become the common property of the whole humanity. It has become one of the most precious asset states the art of tragedy in the past leave for us to receive and learn. Shakespeare belongs to not only his era but also all of time. With innate talent and the spirit of lofty humanism, Shakespeare has created the masterpiece of the famous tragedies. One of which is the play "Hamlet" a typical career drama Shakespeare. A masterpiece of long time, throughout hundreds of years it was still alive on stage. This is a surreal work of Shakespeare; this work has put Shakespeare up a new high rise. With content and idea are full of humanism, the play has attracted many generations of readers on the article page, as well as on stage.

To do that success, it is the author's talent with a style of writing that is very artistic and particular. That is the art, the art of Shakespeares tragedy. Hamlet is a tragedy by the English writer who is the great playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616), probably written in 1601. The play consists of 5; the plot of the work derives from category Saga (folklore) in medieval times. Hamlet started the composing stage of Shakespeares tragedy, the play has the most profound social psychology mean. He constructed this work at the period when he had much experience of life, after twenty five years he was in society in Europe. It is also the period that accrue stubs of capitalism are laying out the social conflicts of unprecedented fierce, spoliation enrichment of the bourgeoisie against feudal structures are modern peoples possessions, making spiritual values of Renaissance era crash on the foundations of capitalist society corruption are formed Human ideal of the Renaissance era, which was previously Shakespeare was manifested in his comedy, also has been shattered. Hamlet is one of the most famous tragedies of history of the world stage. In a dramatic art form a great lyricist, the work reflected the spirit of the times with the crisis, the deadlock of humanistic ideals.

1. The monologue illustrates character. Realistic nib of Shakespeare pays attention to all except a description of characters while going deep into its psychology of characters of Shakespeare transformation constantly, in line with the transformation of the objective circumstances which it exposed and challenged. Describing the process of transformation is a contribution of Shakespeare as well as Renaissance realism. To go deep into the inner character, personality and counterintelligence, Shakespeare used the method "double". Many of characters of Shakespeare were built with this method. Hamlet is a typical one. There are two people in this character. The characters of Shakespeare stepped onto the stage and have their own life; it's grown up in conflicts with the circumstances, with the other characters, and in the struggle of that character. Shakespeare respect the rule of character development and often does data be impartial attitude, "does not transform characters into out just as the spokesman for spirit of the times" or for his own ideas. The monologue portrayed in the character Hamlet. Hamlet is the first literature that has a rich inner world and complicated. Under the pen of Shakespeare, Hamlet was showing up as a man knows dissection himself, manually fix defects, lack of mercy of yourself to make for her by being idea and that makes the character became "giant" occupy the height of thought era. Highlight features of Hamlet is always thought, inquired to detect the nature of any event, events are taking place around the man are right in humans. Therefore, Hamlet is great to know people's intellectual property rights set out in its mission of strong awareness, exploring the world and bettering the world. After the death of his father, who represents the model Renaissance, Hamlet was being thrown out on the sidelines of life. The play

of the wing, cruel, loc, trick, tricks, etc. is not the play of Hamlet. Want to find the guy; want to see in the world. No coincidence for Shakespeare to Hamlet frets much about the meaning of life and death. "Dead" according to Hamlet is "No more; any, by a sleep to say we end ". However, those who choose death when not done obliged to struggle for life will probably be on no sleep peacefully, "But that the dread of something after death. The undiscoverd country from whose bourn No traveler returns. Puzzles the will, And makes us rather bear those ills we have Than fly to others that we know not of? Thus conscience does make cowards of us all: And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied oer with the pale cast of thought. And enterprises of great pith and moment With this regard and their currents turn awry, And lose the name of action " The monologue keeps critical roles in Hamlet. This is the point of crystallization of thought and profound art intentions of the author. Psychology of Hamlet is manifested through the dialogue but the inner struggle was really expresses through independent voice. Type of exploitation of the mood in this form of language is unique innovation of Shakespeare. It paved the way for the tree of literature centuries later not only in theater that both in prose. Summary by methods of art, we can also see the artistic talent of Shakespeare, that no one can have. Therefore, Victor Hugo, Hemingway, William Market considered Shakespeare is the master; the part is in the technique of oriented action in Hamlet.

2. Tragicomedy in Shakespeares drama Aristotle divided into tragicomedy. The tragedy involved the fate of respectable character; the absurd comedy recreated the dynamics of it. Tragic characters hides behind the mask of sorrow, monks face character comedy appearances, has been distorted in a way obscene, no intermediate character between them. Shakespeares plays have made important contributions to revolutionary in creative drama. He removes the computer consistently irresistible to divide into two categories and then slash the comedy. According to him, they always knit into each other; complement each other to create the voice, special situations for Shakespeares drama. His first stage work before 1600, the elements of comedy and optimistic are overwhelming tragedy and pessimistic. Also after 1600, the situation takes place toward the contrary, Hamlet was born in 1601, that time is the peak for turning. Hamlet is the most prominent tragicomedy of Shakespeare. Through the conflict between good and evil has made tragicomedy appear. The winning of evil increases tragicomedy in his plays. Hamlet falls down. Hamlet is the story of a human society and human life, appearing at the same time. This is the reason why the play charmed everyone though Hamlet is not human ". Hamlet is a especial play. From appearing, it was "well-known" immediately and over times it showed the reputation. The play had farreaching influence to the Western culture and the Hamlet of Shakespeare has come into the myths world Hamlet is the pinnacle of the art of Shakespeare. If is so high is by itself the play brings the most unique creative principles of Shakespeare. Thus Shakespeare became a prominent playwright in the world. Affirming the role of Shakespeare in the innovation category. Aristotle down the slide into tragic

division, related to the fate of the venerable, and comedy, recreate the absurd or the dynamics of depravity or it 83 wicked; these guys deserve to be considered stupid. Tragic characters hiding behind the mask of sorrow, monks face character comedy appearances have been distorted a false, obscene way. No category of intermediary between these types on the decision ignored this separation of Shakespeare is the most important characteristic in his drama. Not a play of Shakespeare can be divided into tragedy or comedy. Types of them, paradoxically, are intermediate type: tragicomedy. The comedy factor in Hamlet is usually associated with elements tragedy, as seen in this respect is tragedy but looking at other angles is comedy. So things are integral to analyze only relatively. This trait expresses itself the voice of Claudius: "Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother's death The memory be green, and that it us befitted To bear our hearts in grief and our whole kingdom To be contracted in one brow of woe, Yet so far hath discretion fought with nature That we with wisest sorrow think on him, Together with remembrance of ourselves. Therefore our sometime sister, now our queen, The imperial jointress to this warlike state, Have we, as 'twere with a defeated joy, With an auspicious and a dropping eye, With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage, In equal scale weighing delight and dole,-Taken to wife: nor have we herein barr'd Your better wisdoms, which have freely gone With this affair along. For all, our thanks.

Now follows, that you know, young Fortinbras, Holding a weak supposal of our worth, Or thinking by our late dear brother's death Our state to be disjoint and out of frame, Colleagued with the dream of his advantage, He hath not fail'd to pester us with message, Importing the surrender of those lands Lost by his father, with all bonds of law, To our most valiant brother. So much for him. Now for ourself and for this time of meeting: Thus much the business is: we have here writ To Norway, uncle of young Fortinbras,-Who, impotent and bed-rid, scarcely hears Of this his nephew's purpose,--to suppress His further gait herein; in that the levies, The lists and full proportions, are all made Out of his subject: and we here dispatch You, good Cornelius, and you, Voltimand, For bearers of this greeting to old Norway; Giving to you no further personal power To business with the king, more than the scope Of these delated articles allow. Farewell, and let your haste commend your duty. (Act I, scene 2). Tragicomedy mixed in here look useful technique, the look of a guy doing the bourgeois bust Renaissance humanist values. The tragedy represents the traditional values-the footer value of Renaissance-back does

not match the current time. The comedy here is the extraordinary, the immoral which the courtier accepted. The peak of tragicomedy voice, tongue in Claudius was concentrated in these reasons to advise the author probably invoked before the sadness take father: Tis sweet and commendable in your nature, Hamlet, To give these mourning duties to your father: But, you must know, your father lost a father; That father lost, lost his, and the survivor bound In filial obligation for some term To do obsequious sorrow: but to persever In obstinate condolement is a course Of impious stubbornness; 'tis unmanly grief; It shows a will most incorrect to heaven, A heart unfortified, a mind impatient, An understanding simple and unschool'd: (Act I, scene 2). How to use the natural law justification for his actions sins; Claudius destination is a snake poison. The comedy here is up through to an unethical to go to a preacher who is ethical. So that Claudius shows up in the work as a comedy character. Of course, not aware of that. While Hamlet is model tragedy to turn human. The tragedy in the Hamlet also contains the comedy once the author put the guy in a situation comedy which: "Hamlet: Whose grave's this, sirrah? Hamlet: I think it be thine, indeed; for thou liest in't. Hamlet: 'Thou dost lie in't, to be in't and say it is thine: 'tis for the dead, not for the quick; therefore thou liest. Hamlet: What man dost thou dig it for?


Hamlet: Who is to be buried in't?" (Act V, scene 1) Measures comedy here is to use natural elements to the left. Capital is used for the dead, alive again as his. But through that, hidden bookmarks: suffering tragedy of workers, whether inside or outside the capital is still digging people's capital base is. And Hamlet, originally guy just kidding, but before the verbal expression of the lives of the people, he opposed. Come here, people seem to understand the grave the other deep thoughts of guy should conclude: just lying. Dialogue printed elements of comedy but marginal seep under the undercurrent of tragedy. Hamlet is a tragicomedy of Shakespeare. Through the conflict between good and evil has done comedy elements emerged. The winning of what bad did you count increased, his plays. Hamlet, Claudius ... is both tragic characters, just as the character comedy. The tragicomedy of Hamlet is up in that character aspiration, desire is great but the results are not to be like. Also, the evil must suffer annihilation construction then again the stigma exists up the good, humanities. With Hamlet, perhaps Shakespeare would like to create a script balance between joy and sorrow, as saying of the Claudius. But life, how to get the balance that should play despite Shakespeare long append to it plenty fun but overall influence is not so The comedy, in essence, appears to use the laughing to throw evil, ageing, outdated ... But in the Hamlet, the comedy was used to weep for the decline of the Renaissance humanist ideal. EFA is probably Shakespeare still aware, capitalism, soon era in the country but have revealed many bad points but not without the positive aspects in accordance with the times. So, Hamlet is not against the trend of the era-the formation of capitalism-which only against the wicked side of it.


3. Effects of the art of tragedy in Hamlet Via learn art of Shakespeare's tragedy in general and his Hamlet in particular, we see his dedication has helped to man to understand more deeply itself. He not only knows the people but also creatively so people need help there for contemporary and for tomorrow. Shakespeare has used his pen to action. The whole works of the tragedy of his thought that is up. Shakespeare was born in concert between the two modes. Medieval feudalism was ruined but still sticking to its roots deep into social life. Capitalism has not yet been established but its powers were extended until the merge lane niche of country, country, etc. Shakespeare advanced Socialist humanism, stand to the people, the people, and have emerged to denounce all the dark powers. Shakespeare standing on a national, unified stance in favor of the monarchy has condemned any attempt to split the country, entice Britain return status on the old dismembered feudal England, completely immersed within the fire of blood. Condemned feudalism under the pen of Shakespeare one-sided condemnation of those who represent that mode, on the other hand he also condemned the ethics, morality of it. Love under the pen of power he became a champion. The role of woman, they are the iconic downright bright in the works of Shakespeare. Their will to fight, many of them crossing the permanently males. In the struggle against feudalism in medieval, Shakespeare also slammed into the academic background of that mode. Shakespeare is not only an attack on feudalism. The vitality of Shakespeare also fiercer in genius "brandishing Spears" peeled ceiling paint glamour ultraOrthodox of capitalism, right from birth at it recently. Derived from the concept: "the purpose of art stage, before as well as the whole, is today are a mirror before jam higher nature to reflect the true star of the era for his true shape and characteristics, its good side bad side of it, as well as those requiring the setting of it." Shakespeare has became to light an era which he


condemned as "topsy-turvy, a world in which he denounced as "a world prison" in which Denmark's Hamlet (refers to England) was "the darkest prison." However, between the time topsy-turvy, in what world prison, between the prison society, still the people deserve the title of human-like Hamlet-was brave fight to "build it right back for short, strong echoes" to win back freedom and justice. Despite knowing that he may have to sacrifice. Condemnation of feudalism, to denounce capitalism, Shakespeare, attacked fiercely on the reactionary prejudice about color, about race. Great regards the ethnic races. Shakespeare also looks into public progress. He was somewhat described the power of the masses of people. The town inhabitants, craftsmen, merchants, farmers, etc. in the tragedy of the Shakespeare while most of the tragedy remained a Monday, but their voices are a measure of Justice, of major significance. This people's opinion expressed in the role of clown. They are the embodiment of healthy psychological life and of the people. Call Shakespeare so that Hugo is "contemporary", humans did not keep any financial Belinsky's emotion when he uttered that holy and great Shakespeare, the other Shakespeare no one has equaled embracing both the earthly hell and paradise. As a Lord of nature, he has captured both the good and evil to tribute and in inspiring look; he has heard the beating rhythm of the universe. Each play is a universe scaled... Through the art survey in the Hamlet of Shakespeares tragedy can affirm that: Shakespeare is a humanitarian socialism bright smile of the Renaissance era. Hence humanity progress today as regards the contributions of his genius. Exactly as Lemont said that if Shakespeare greatness then it is in Hamlet. True if Shakespeare is Shakespeare, an incredibly vast, going into the thought and the rule of destiny, a unique genius, that means Shakespeare, no one can imitate is, then it is in Hamlet.


Shakespeares works is great and wonderful. Rarely, playwright has great works as his, especially for the "art of tragedy". In this he is top seed towering. Shakespeare has left a kind of greatest tragedies in literature of mankind about the depth of thought, dramatic action as well as on the level of implementation of character. It reflects a profound crisis and comprehensive thought of an era. Firstly, there is the crisis of ideological culture of middle ages before the attack of humanitarian ideals. But at the feudal world ended permanently in century XVII are also at humanism in tragedy. Ideal personal liberation to enjoyment of life has crumbled before a new standard of living: its foolish race according to profit, trampled reached up all those values that humanism had been raised: humans, freedom, and personal happiness. Shakespear was born in a political climate and oppressive social picture, when humans are faced with knowing how is tempted, upsetting. His tragedy reflected not only the atmosphere of hatred disgust about religion, ethnicity, skin color, caste, etc and the evils of social Renaissance complex, but also the Pythons came before the worries of people when they faced with the trend of capitalist development going up in Britain in particular and Europe in general at the time hours. Therefore, the value of "the art of tragedy" that Shakespeare created through the tragedy has extensive influence not only to society during his life but also later. The progressive contemporary writers and writers later learning so much in Shakespeare. Ben-Johnson has appreciated the influence this that Shakespeare belong to not only England but also all time". Marxist and Antenna also motivate people so jealous of "learning", composed by Shakespeare styled " Shakespeare ", because "the art of tragedy" by Shakespeare presents a tremendous essential stature and a special depth


perception, justification and people and the life of it. "The art of tragedy" that Shakespeare has made life more beautiful. Can affirm that: Shakespeare has conquered the hearts of ours and conquered every heart forever on the planet. Through understanding the art of tragedy in general and through typical Hamlet works in particular, we affirm more clearly the talent of Shakespeare more. He is the master on the master of the art of tragedy. A peak in the place theatre. His creations with a style of art is very charismatic, Shakespeare was fascinated to know to millions of people His works have always been the epitome of the era, and Hamlet is a typical works, representing the genre of tragedy and with the art style is very Shakespeare.


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