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Content Bio-scientific Scenario Treatment Influence Maps Visual Concept Thumbnails/developmental drawings Creative Partnership Archived CG Artist’s Toolkit    Life Drawing Maya Tutorials Meg’s Animation exercises .

as he‘s actually dreaming of the cell structure). because as a camera flies through it labels will pop up identifying the organelle. In terms of target audience and what they take out of the animation. and I want the video work as a revision method. In terms of style.Bio-scientific Scenario I will be working on the Structure of an Animal Cell. because we could be flying through the cell in his brain. I aim to target A-Level students. but at the same time have elements of sci-fi in it. it’ll start out with a science student who’s fallen asleep. the camera will zoom in on his head (this part is open to interpretation. the animation will be psychedelic and dream like. . and treat it like a flythrough the inside of the cell. or we could be seeing his dream. the animation would be environmental driven. for students to look back and remember what’s within the cell. and maybe showing some stats.

the Nucleus slowly emerges split apart slowly (As it come apart everything is labelled). it seems as though something’s about to happen. past his drooling mouth and into his mind we see the interior of an animal cell.The Treatment In the midst of a room filled with exam papers and biology books scattered everywhere we find a struggling student who’s now fallen asleep at his desk. but as it reaches the brink we cut to student as he wakes up. flying past every organelle we reach the pinnacle of our journey. . here we find the vital organelles. there’s a zoom into the Nucleolus. and the credits roll.


Visual Concepts This the current visual concept. I have for the nucleus opening at the end of the animation. .

Developmental drawings .

Developmental drawings .

I like it a lot! Waiting for more :) In response to my Thumbnails Samantha 10:38 PM This looks like a really exciting fantasy/sci-fi movie : D! Great thumbnails! . Really wise use of style. Megan Howett In response to my early Thumbnails Samantha 3:49 PM Really cool influences! I think using textures might help. Samantha Niemczyk .Creative Partnership Creative Partners: George Hind. also don't be afraid of playing with hue/saturation and colorise tools : D Good luck! I am waiting for more : D Akinbiyi Babarinde 4:50 PM Yeah. In response to my Life Drawings (05/03/2013) Samantha 7:50 PM The last sheet is really amazing! The progress you've done from the beginning of these classes is huge! : D In response to my Visual concept and improved influence Map GeorgeHind 8:24 PM I really do love the style of this and the textures you've used are effective. hue/saturation I'll make sure too experiment :) GeorgeHind 4:16 PM Hey I'm liking the Idea from the visual concepts you've shown they use very bright colours. Give me more please Samantha 8:33 PM The influence map matches the thing you are doing. Lekti Rose Jacobs. maybe try to use them as textures and get colours from them to incorporate into your thumbnails.

your thumbnail 5 works well with colour and though you've got this flat art direction going it almost seems 3D on this particular thumbnail . 7 and 9 stand out to me In response to George’s Thumbnails Samantha 6 March 2013 12:27 I like how vibrant the colours are :) I am still not sure about the idea of the wall but it might just be my brain not being able to depict what you mean. I like what's going on :) Akinbiyi Babarinde 6 March 2013 12:50 I can imagine the Chiptune music already. I like the use of colour in these.Creative Partnership In response to George’s Thumbnails Akinbiyi Babarinde 6 March 2013 06:27 Blocky or not George. Anyways.

uk/search/label/Maya Meg’s Animation exercises http://kinblob.co.co.co.blogspot.blogspot.CG Artist’s Toolkit Life Drawing http://kinblob.uk/search/label/Toolkit%20Animation .blogspot.uk/search/label/Life%20Drawing Maya Tutorials http://kinblob.

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