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A SPEEDING BULLET a short film by Brian J. Prisco INT.


CLARK, a handsome young man with a pomaded pompadour and rippling with muscles, paces nervously. He's shirtless, and visibly upset. BRUCE, a stern studious young man with a gravelly voice, enters carrying a backpack stuffed with books and practice bamboo cane swords. He's dressed all in black and his face is stubbly. BRUCE Sup, Kent. CLARK Bruce, Bruce, Bruce. it again. Shit. I did

BRUCE Oh, for fuck's sake, Clark. CLARK points to the bed. bunk. BRUCE lifts the sheet on the bottom

Laying in the bed is a naked co-ed, half her face missing. A huge gaping wound bursts from her collar bone, and there are holes in the wall behind her, like buckshot was fired from her waist. I know. Clark. CLARK I know. BRUCE Goddammit. You asshole.

CLARK I'm sorry, alright, I'm sorry. BRUCE Tell that to her face. CLARK I'm sorry. BRUCE I've told you. You've got to ask these girls first. Are you a superhero? There's a difference between supes and crimefighters. We've been roommates for two years now. We've been over this. I know! CLARK But I was drunk.

2. Clark. BRUCE You can't get drunk. Look at her!

CLARK I was horny then! BRUCE Then jerk off!

CLARK Last time I did that, I blew a hole in the ceiling and almost killed Barry Allen. Lucky he was quick enough to get out of the way. BRUCE Better than when you got Mary Alice to give you a blowjob and Hemingwayed her face all over the backseat of my car. Which STILL won't wash out. CLARK And you covered for me then. I appreciate. Which

BRUCE You said it'd be the last time! said you'd be careful!


CLARK I was! I thought because I was going in through her, you know, vagina, that it wouldn't do as much damage. I thought uteruses were supposed to be stretchy. Aren't they stretchy? BRUCE What about those kryptonite condoms I fucking made for you? CLARK I HATE wearing those, bro. I can't feel anything. And I only last like a few seconds before everything goes all spaghetti down there. That's when Barry started calling me The Speeding Bullet. Like he's one to talk. Date Rape McGee's in and out like a diabetic test. BRUCE Then fuck another supe. CLARK I tried asking Dianna, and she told me she'd jam a kryptonite toothpick (MORE)

3. CLARK (CONT'D) up my dickhole and break it off. Fucking dyke. Fine. BRUCE You know what you have to do. CLARK Dude, no. BRUCE Krypton rohypnol. CLARK Dude. No. BRUCE You have to. Just fly around the earth and reverse it like you did before with Lois. She still thinks she's a virgin. CLARK Dad said I had to cut that shit because it's really fucking up the tides. Hey. Aaaah. BRUCE You want me to go get the RA? CLARK Fine.

BRUCE Hey, bring me back a sixer. CLARK Deal. CLARK flies out the window. corpse. He shrugs. BRUCE looks down at the naked

BRUCE Eh. Neither of us is going to remember this anyway. BRUCE unbuckles his pants and climbs on top of her. END

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