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Inspection and documentation made easy!

Required, regularly inspections of lifting means are currently still time consuming and often sensible in regard of fault-prone. But due to the RFID-technology (Radio-Frequenz-Identifikation) these time consuming methods and huge amount of paper work become history. Chain slings/components can now contactless, faultless and fast identified and with the clear Identification number they can be registered and conducted. The modern and digital times of documentation and administration of work means reaches herby a new peak point.

The components can be marked by the RUD-ID-Point (RFID chip) and with the clear identification number distinguished.

The robust RUD-ID-EASY-CHECK readers capture the Identification number of the RUD-ID-Point and transfer it to the RUD-ID-NET application (software), resp. optionally to your PC application like WordPad, MS Word, MS Excel, SAP etc.

The extendable RUD-ID-NET application (software) will support your product administration and documentation.


Reference no.: 7998881

8 mm

The exclusive and unbeatable RUD-ID-Point persuades at difficult applications and ambient conditions. Applicable between -60C and +300C. Extreme high resistance against beats, water and pollution. No impairment of serviceability and capability of components by the embedded RFID-Chip. RUD-ID-Point 8 mm (13.86 MHz HF): Press-fit transponder (in metal). No glue necessary. Size: 8 mm x 3.25 mm The usage of RFID-Chips embedded into a hole of a lifting and conveying safety component is protected by a patent.

50 mm

Reference no.: 7901288

RUD-ID-TAG (13.86 MHz HF): Metal reinforced tag for chains, connecting links, wire ropes, alternatively also for bolting. Size: 50 mm x 32 mm x 6 mm The RUD-ID-EASY-CHECK readers are compatible with the RUD-IDPoints as well as with common high frequency transponders/chips (ISO 15693). The transfer of the identification number is carried out either by USB or Bluetooth and can be linked up with the RUD-ID-NET application (software), almost all Office applications (WordPad, MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office) and also with SAP or other programs. RUD-ID-EASY-CHECK (13.56 MHz): USB-reader for reading out of the RUD-ID-Point identification number. RUD-ID-DISPLAY-CHECK (13.56 MHz): Bluetooth reader, reads out the unique RUD-ID-Point identification number and shows it on the integrated LCD display. The RUD-ID-NET application (software) makes many things easier. This application supports you amongst others, like test inspection. Uncomplicated digital maintenance, analysis, administration of product datas, test reports, as well as documents (efficient carry out of test, automatic test reminder in addition to the by law required test, automatic test reports) Digital connection to current product information and documents (f.e. test reports) with access to the RUD web portal. Extendable software for different work equipment which has to be inspected regularly (f.e. work platforms, roller shutter).


Reference no.: 7901000

Reference no.: 7901524 (Bluetooth)


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