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New techNology lauNched iN 2012

One GE Oil & Gas working together with you. Micro LNG
The Micro LNG plant produces approximately 50 to 150 kilotons of LNG per year. When installed in a network of truck fueling stations along major U.S. highways, truck fleets can lower emissions and cut fuel costs by more than an estimated 25% compared to diesel. They are simple to install, operate and maintain, and customized to meet specific customer requirements. Designed for local markets, LNG can also be re-gasified for pipeline natural gas or used for local power generation.

the way we woRK

Integrity, EHS & Quality. ONE relentless focus on integrity, quality and execution. ONE commitment to invent and build things that matter. ONE team putting its best minds to work for you, globally.

ONE world ONE way to do things right ONE chance to get it right

boP blind Shear Ram

The Blind Shear Ram is used on GEs 18-3/4 inch ram blowout preventers (BOP) used in drilling. The new patentpending technology can centralize and shear offset pipe and seal with up to 1.9 million pounds of force. It allows customers to use current BOP stack arrangements without having to manage the spacing between rams or create operational methods to avoid 6-5/8 inch tool joints. The technology eliminates non-shearable sections, allowing for greater shearing flexibility.

CNG in a boxTM
CNG in a BoxTM makes it faster, easier and cheaper for fleet operators to fuel up their natural gas vehicles (NGV). It also enables regional gas companies to better serve NGV owners, either organizations or individuals. The package includes a high-speed reciprocating compressor, Wayne fuel dispenser, engineered for high and standard flow capabilities, and service support options, from commissioning to emergency response and technical support, to rapid parts availability.

eNviRoNmeNtal, health aNd safety

ONE EHS culture ONE team of trusted experts ONE chance to get it right

Coincident Feature Assessment Service and PVI Lite

PII Pipeline Solutions, provides fully integrated software services to help operators manage the integrity of their oil & gas pipeline networks. The Coincident Feature Assessment Service software can enhance coincident flaw detection that potentially could lead to costly pipeline failures. PVI Lite software enables operators to easily control and use data, perform advanced risk assessment and establish integrity management plans.

GE Oil & Gas PRoveN solutioNs foR the global iNdustRy

GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technologies and services with 37,000 employees in more than 100 countries supporting customers across the industryfrom extraction to transportation to end use. Making the environment, health and safety, quality and integrity our highest priorities is The Way We Work.

Our INStallEd baSE

Centifugal compressors Reciprocating compressors Integrated electric motor driven compressors High-speed reciprocating compressors Gas & steam turbines Turboexpanders Pumps Valves Air-cooled heat exchangers Heavy wall reactors and steam condensers Surface systems Subsea production Capital drilling systems Floating production systems Total pipelines inspected Downhole measurement systems Flexible pipe manufactured since 1989 Hours of monitoring & diagnostic data Man hours of customer training delivered Residential, commercial, and industrial custody transfer natural gas meters installed Large and small rotary roots blowers in operation > 4,000 > 8,000 22 units > 19,000 ~ 5,000 ~ 2,000 ~ 30,000 > 3.5 million > 40,000 > 200 > 250,000 in production > 2,500 systems supplied Used on 85% of floating rigs Used on > 50% of all FPSs ~ 1,000,000 km > 10,000 worldwide > 3,500 nKm > 11,000,000 > 95,000 > 5,000,000 ~ 120,000

Our NumbErS
2012 revenue Employees ~$15,0 billion ~37,000 More than 94 sites worldwide Operating in more than 100 countries Serving the oil and gas industry for more than a century


GE Oil & Gas

Global Headquarters Via Felice Matteucci, 2 50127 Florence, Italy T +39 055 423 211 F +39 055 423 2800 Nuovo Pignone S.p.A. Nuovo Pignone S.r.l. Americas Regional Headquarters 4424 West Sam Houston Parkway North Houston, Texas 77041 P.O. Box 2291 Houston, Texas 77252-2291 T +1 713 683 2400 F +1 713 683 2421 For complete contact information, please refer to our website.

SCouT Portable Vibration Analyzer Series

GEs Bently NevadaTM SCOUT is an intelligent suite of portable vibration monitoring and analysis instruments. The SCOUT series is the first product resulting from GEs acquisition of Commtest Instruments in 2011. Engineered from the ground up to offer leading-edge reliability, accuracy and usability, the SCOUT series offers the power and convenience of dual- or four-channel measurement and dual-plane balancing to support all plant condition monitoring needs.

ONE process ONE commitment ONE chance to get it right

New wayne HelixTM Fuel Dispenser

Wayne Helix fuel dispensers are designed to be a global platform based on feedback from distributors, retailers, technicians and motorists around the world. The station of the future will likely see bio components blended into fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. This family of dispensers is certified for the demands of a wide range of biofuel blends and are safe, secure and easy to operate.

GE imagination at work


GE imagination at work

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ouR solutioNs, fRom eXPloRatioN to dowNstReam

Bently Nevada Asset Monitoring Bently Nevada System 1 iBox iCenter


Re-injection Plant Valves - Control & Safety Carbon capture & sequestration (CCS) OptiComp BN Well Integrity Downhole Solutions Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT) Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT) Wireline systems Downhole Solutions Formation Evaluation & Production Logging Vector VII Variable Speed Drives Surface Pumping Systems Gas Management Electric Submersible Pumping Systems


Contractual Service Agreement (CSA) Oil & Gas Technical Training Repairs Oil & Gas Field Services Spare Parts Consultative Operations

OptiComp BN Continuous Online Monitoring Geothermal and Biomass Solutions Power Generation Concentrated Solar Power Steam Turbines



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Metering - Natural Gas Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Fittings & Services Gas Pipeline Solutions Compressor Rebundle Pipeline Integrity Planning and Data Management Pipeline Integrity Engineering Pipeline Inspection Services Pipeline Corrosion and Metal Loss Characterisation Pipeline Crack Management Pipeline Geometry Assessment Solutions


salt Santos Basin.

GE Oil & Gas Turbomachinery equipment provides optimal availability and reliability in mechanical-drive, compression and power-generation applications across the oil and gas industry. Robust designs deliver high capacities and efficiencies, increase product flow and decrease operational and environmental risk in the most extreme conditions, pressures and temperatures. Our technologies are at the core of complex industry-milestone projects, including Qatargas II, Gorgon LNG, Chinas West to East pipeline and Brazils offshore development of the pre-

global seRvices

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), GE Global Services is your key partner who knows GE Oil & Gas equipment in depth. This allows us to deliver a complete and reliable range of solutions to enhance the efficiency and performance of your equipment, Contractual Service Agreements to maintain your machines and plants at peak levels of reliability and availability, genuine spare parts, repairs and a full portfolio of advanced services, as well as 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics to support proactive maintenance. We maintain a global network of advanced facilities and seasoned experts strategically located close to our customers in every region of the world. With 1,300 experienced turbomachinery Field Service Engineers stationed across 30 countries, our team provides comprehensive support for an installed fleet of well over 20,000 compressors, turbines, expanders, pumps, and related plant equipment. for sustainability, value creation and the enhancement of operational efficiency over the long term - thats how we lead progress together.

Pii PiPeliNe solutioNs

PII Pipeline Solutions, a GE Oil & Gas and Al Shaheen joint venture, brings together a unique portfolio of advanced inspection technologies, integrity engineering expertise and software solutions, along with a wealth of field experience essential to deliver a confident, reliable assessment of the present and future condition of gas and liquid pipelines in every known environment and operating condition. The information we provide helps you move beyond detection- to enhanced long-term safety & productivity



Turbomachinery HQ Global Services HQ PII Pipeline Solutions HQ Subsea Systems HQ Drilling & Surface HQ Measurement & Control HQ

Rio de Janeiro Jandakot

OptiComp BN PGT25+G4 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine PGT25 Gas Turbine Aeroderivative GT Packages Wireline Systems Downhole Solutions Vector VII Variable Speed Drives Surface Pumping Systems Chemical Injection Pumps Electric Submersible Pumping Systems Valves - Control & Safety

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GE Regional Hubs GE Oil & Gas Customer Innovation Centers GE Global Research Centers, supporting GE Oil & Gas



ouR legacy
subsea systems
GE Oil & Gas Subsea System brings together a broad portfolio of subsea products and services required to facilitate the safe and reliable flow of hydrocarbons from the subsea wellhead to the surface. With a field-proven heritage, we enable operators across the world to optimize reservoir recovery, even in the most challenging field layouts. Our engineering expertise is focused on manufacturing ultra-reliable products including the latest in remote monitoring & diagnostic and smart technologies to deliver innovative field solutions to our customers. These solutions are maintained by local service facilities that support our customers throughout the life of the field.


dRilliNg & suRface

Upstream drilling and production oilfield operators and service providers around the world rely on our leading technologies for reliable performance in the most extreme conditions. GEs Drilling & Surface business supports a full range of land applications from shallow, low-pressure wells to critical service wells drilled to depths of more than 20,000 feet, requiring many casing strings, large rigs and reliable high-pressure and temperature solutions. For offshore applications, we support all facility types. These include fixed platforms, jackup drilling rigs, floating drilling rigs, TLP/spars and FPSOs - with an extensive portfolio of drilling and production products and services. We also design and engineer some of the industrys most advanced downhole systems including measurement and logging while drilling (MWD and LWD); reliable artificial lift technologies, with electric submersible pumps; and a full range of proven solutions for some of the industrys toughest challenges in deepwater drilling, unconventional resources and enhanced oil recovery.

measuRemeNt & coNtRol

1994 1997 1999-2005 2007-2008 2008 2010 2011 2011 2011 2012 2012

Measurement & Control is a leading innovator in advanced, sensor-based measurement, nondestructive testing, inspection and condition monitoring and flow and process control solutions. Providing healthcare for our customers most critical assets, we deliver accuracy, productivity and safety to a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, metals and transportation.

GE acquires majority share of Nuovo Pignone and starts the GE Oil & Gas business The Global Services business is formed GE acquires Gemini, Rotoflow, Thermodyn, Odessa, AC Compressor, CONMEC and PII and expands inspection technologies VetcoGray & Hydril acquisitions firmly establish GE in the Upstream segment GE enters the Drilling & Production segment Sondex Wireline Technology joins the GE Oil & Gas - Drilling & Production business GE acquires Wellstream and Well Support The Measurement & Control business is reorganized under GE Oil & Gas GE acquires Dresser Flow & Process Technology and Wayne GE acquires Naxys and Presens Measurement & Control business GE Oil & Gas becomes a stand-alone GE segment

Blowout Preventers Annular Blowout Preventers Ram Blowout Preventers Elastomers Blowout Preventers Control Systems Hydril Pressure Control MuxLift Deepwater Drilling Systems Hydril Pressure Control Elastomers Hydril Pressure Control Subsea Pump Marine Drilling Risers and Systems VectoGray MR- 6H SE Surface Wellheads & Flow Control FC Series VG-200 Series Gate Valves Surface Wellheads Pipe Recovery Technologies Downhole Solutions Free Point Indicator Pipe Recovery CCLs & Accessories Wireline Systems Downhole Solutions Well Integrity Downhole Solutions Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT) Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT)

OptiComp BN Turboexpanders Valves - Control & Safety Continuous Online Monitoring FuelEx NGL Recovery System Recirprocating Compressors

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Blue-C Subsea Compressor Power & Processing Floating Production Systems Specialty Connectors & Pipe Subsea Wellheads Wellstream Flexible Risers Subsea Controls & Informatics Manifolds & Connection Systems Cluster Manifolds Drilling Templates Hipps Manifolds Template Manifolds Trees VetcoGray D-Series DHXT VetcoGray S-Series SVXT Subsea Trees


OptiComp BN Power Crystal Modular Exchange & Extendor Kit Filter House Technology Valves - Control & Safety Micro LNG Integrated Plant LNG Receiving Terminal

Formation Evaluation & Production Logging Vector VII Variable Speed Drives Surface Pumping Systems Electric Submersible Pumping Systems Surface Wellheads & Flow Control FC Series VG-200 Series Gate Valves OptiComp BN Chemical Injection Pumps Valves - Control & Safety CNGTM in a Box