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MARCH 2013


Mr Fox Often seen exiting the fields and setting off for an exploration of the local houses. The great white egret Over the last few weeks a number of sightings have been made here of the rare UK-visiting Great White Egret. This is a large bird, the size of the familiar grey heron, but completely white with a big yellow beak. Only a handful estimated to be at any one time. was seen by the close to the are in the UK The bird River Yare bridge.

Otters An otter was spotted a month or so back running across the iced up ponds.

More local wildlife on p.23. Contact

9 1 4

Bowthorpe Conservation Area hatched

This is a building conservation area. Building conservation is often confused with wildlife conservation. A conservation area designation does not mean that wildlife is protected, although by helping to preserve areas of landscaping and trees, wildlife may benefit.

An appraisal of the Conservation Area will take place in June as part of Norwich City Councils public consultation exercise. The competition to capture something of the areas character is open to all ages and the time limit has been extended until the end of April.

There are four categories: +History +Natural Landscape +Topography/ Urban Design and Streetscape, +Architecture
Winners will be selected in terms of how best the art reflects that particular aspect of the character of the conservation areathis could be abstract and not literal. It will be chosen on what encapsulates the most information and generates the most 'thought'.

Entries can include *Drawing/painting/photography *Sculpture/diorama/models *Poetry/craft An overall winner will see their entry feature alongside the Appraisal Introduction, and a number of other entries will be selected for display. Please send all entries via Editor 2a Saint Michaels Cottages, Bowthorpe Hall Rd.Norwich NR5 9AA 2

COUNCILLORS REPORT I hope by now many of you have Switched and Saved. The Norwich Switch and Save scheme is a City Council initiative . It is a collective switching scheme which negotiates a better deal for households who register to save money on their fuel. The Norwich City Council works with a partner organisation which participates in a one day auction where energy companies bid for business. The first tranche of the scheme ran from last October to December and many of those who signed up made significant savings. Dual fuel online customers saved on average 176 per year and electricity online customers saved on average 165 per year. Those with paper billing on dual fuel made average savings of 156 per year and electricity customers saved on average 182 per year. It is free and with no obligation. All that is needed to register is name, address and information from a recent energy bill to show usage. Although those with prepay meters did not benefit from any offers last time, we are hoping that by joining up with other authorities in this process, this group will also be helped this time. Registration can be done online at There is a freephone number to help you, 0800 098 8994. If you do not have access to a computer you can ring the City Council on 0344 980 3333. There are also a number of events where you can go to register. Two of these are in the library at the Forum on Saturday 16 th March between 10.00AM and 5.00PM and on Sunday 17th March between 10.00AM and 4.00PM . There is also a chance to register on Saturday 23 rd March opposite the information desk on level two in The Mall . Just remember to take a recent energy bill. The energy auction should take place on April 9 th. Happy switching ! Cllr Jo Storie, e-mail:


Interested in Drawing and Painting Like me are you interested in Drawing or Painting for your own pleasure? Like to meet like minded people? Then this maybe is for you. I am trying to start an Informal Art Club in the Bowthorpe/Costessey area. If you are interested contact John, Email Mobile 07769511855 Tel. 01603 477456
Lost Property Please can the owner of the dog waste deposits that have recently been left behind on the grass verges near the Heritage Community Garden come back and collect them as soon as possible. Thank you. (A nearby resident.)

Bowthorpe WI

started the new year with a challenge - to make a decorative paper gift bag. For some the challenge was greater than for others, but we all succeeded to a greater or lesser extent! In February we were given helpful advice on how to recognise when we are feeling stressed and how to help ourselves at that time. In March we are going to have a talk from Susan Lee who has worked with the poor in Calcutta for many years. She will tell us about her many & varied experiences. Wild Life in a Norfolk Garden is the subject for our speaker in April. The WI welcomes new members so if you are interested why don't you come along? You can be assured of a warm welcome! We meet on the first Monday of the month at 7.30 at the Chapel Break Hall. Jenny For more information contact Sue 746650 4


Do you remember the days before the multi-screen cinemas we have today? We used to call it going to the pictures and that is what the Lottery Funded project organised by CinemaPlus in Norwich called Norfolk at the Pictures is all about. Norwich had a number of picture houses right from the early days of the silent cinema. Some of them were very grand, and some less so. Names like The Electric Theatre, Mayfair, Gaumont and Hippodrome have all gone, killed off largely by the rise in popularity of television. Many people speak fondly of the original Odeon which, with a capacity of 2054, was one of the largest cinemas outside London. Going to see the latest film was quite an event. People would queue around the block for the presentations. Inside the grand auditoriums, often decorated in palatial style, patrons would be fortified by cartons of Kia Ora and a choc ice. Film programmes included a newsreel and a second feature, and all for 1/9d! Do you recall the Saturday morning cinema clubs which were noisy affairs where children could follow the serialised adventures of Flash Gordon and Roy Rogers? If you visit the project website you will find photographs and a comprehensive map, together with information about upcoming events. Later this year there will be an event to revive the cinema experience of days gone by. If you, or any family members, have any memories you would be prepared to share as a cinema goer, or perhaps a member of cinema staff, we would be pleased to hear from you. Your memories will be recorded and be available to share with present and future generations. In 2014 a permanent exhibition is planned in a space at Cinema City. For that we would also like to see any memorabilia you might have, tickets, photos or posters etc. Please contact Marc Atkinson at Cinema City, or by email: Mike Hutchinson 5

Bowthorpe Police Station Norfolk Constabulary Wendene Norwich NR5 9HA non emergency Tel: 101 The Bowthorpe Neighbourhood Policing Team would like to extend an invitation to everyone. Over the next few months we will be holding a series of street briefings where we would like to hear your views on what our priorities should be. On the 13th April we will be in the Wendene Shopping Centre between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. Further dates can be found on our Constabulary website where you can look at the latest news in the community. Please come along and tell us what you think we should be doing to further help the neighbourhood. So what have we been doing? The last month has been a flurry of activity. I have listened to reports of anti-social behaviour on the estate. I have tailored patrols to ensure officer presence at the appropriate place at the appropriate time. And I have worked with local residents to ensure longer term resolutions of the reported problems. Three teenagers were identified as having thrown stones at vehicles and houses over a period of time. A man has been charged to court for breaking in to sheds and causing criminal damage to a vehicle on Peverell Road. And two people were identified for possessing controlled drugs near to Humbleyard. We have been able to achieve these results because of support given by you. Please continue to tell me of any concerns or information that you have on the estate. I have also led recent operations to identify unsafe or illegal vehicles on our roads. On the weekend of 16th Feb I worked with colleagues from Customs, Road Policing and the Vehicle and Operators Service Agency. Prohibition notices were issued to five un-roadworthy vehicles stopped on Dereham Road including endorsable penalty notices for a range of offences. With the pro-active unit from Customs I attended three addresses suspected of running vehicles on red diesel. Should your vehicle be untaxed, not fit for the road or running on illegal fuel, please be aware that this operation was a success and it will be repeated. I hope that this has shown that we do work hard to act on the information that you provide us. Please contact me if you have any information that would assist us in our operations. We are always keen to hear any ideas for how we can be making a positive difference to the community. Please contact us by dialling 101 or through crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Pc 591 Andy Tomlinson 6

Main Service 10 : 30 am Sundays Sunday Evening Service 6 : 30 pm Wednesday 10 am Service of Holy Communion and Healing


is the most important of all the Christian festivals. The death and resurrection of Christ has been the main focus of Christian proclamation since that first Resurrection Sunday. Many people have commented on the importance of Jesus Christ. Below are just three quotations that put the life and importance of Jesus Christ into context.

All the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that were ever built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully as this one solitary life. Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-90). God has himself gone through the whole human experience, from the trivial irritations of family life and the cramping restrictions of hard work and lack of money to the worst horrors of pain and humiliation, defeat, despair and death. Dorothy Sayers (1893-1957) Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself founded empires; but upon what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ alone founded his empire upon love, and at this hour millions of men would die for him. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
This Easter, as well as reflecting on the facts of Easter, Jesus death and resurrection, reflect also on the reason for Easter. Jesus himself said, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him (John 3:16-17). This Easter remember that you are the reason why Jesus died and was raised from death you! It is now possible for you to know Gods incredible love and forgiveness. The certain hope of life after death is now possible if you trust in Jesus Christ. It is possible because of Jesus death and resurrection to know Gods love and forgiveness and experience the joy of new life in Christ. Please join me this Easter Sunday (31 March) at 10.30am at Bowthorpe Church and experience Gods love, forgiveness, hope and new life for yourself. With every Easter blessing, Revd Mark Elvin

For Roman Catholic services Tel. Rev Bill Dimelow 743476 or Fr. David Ward at St John's Cathedral 624615

Easter Prayer: Lord Jesus, When you opened arms upon the cross, You embraced us all. When you died upon the cross, You offered us all new life. When you rose again, You conquered death so that we could live. We give thanks this Easter for your wonderful sacrifice and your mighty power. Amen. your

Easter Services at Bowthorpe Church

You are warmly invited to all of our Easter services and events.
Good Friday (29th March): 10.30am Service (followed by Hot Cross Buns). Meditations on the Cross between 12noon and 3.00pm. Easter Sunday (31st March): Sunrise Service at 6.30am. 10.30am Easter Morning Service with Holy Communion. 6.30pm Easter Praise and Prayer.


I love these babies, Kelsey. And they like me. No one else does, only Mum.

Were 2 messed-up kids, Zac. But Easters got something to do with getting out of the mess.



WHATS IN A NAME? Filling in the gaps in last months centre-page

Smeat St Braithwait Cl Hemmings Cl Stylman Rd Offley Ct Howlett Dr Waldegrave

Smear. Vicar of Bawburgh 1732 Vicar of Norwich 1739 James Braithwait Vicar of Earlham 1598 William & Thomas Hemmings Earlham landowners in 1600s Robert Stylman Rector of Earlham 1754 Offley, Vicar of Earlham 1758 John & Deborah Howlett farmed in Bowthorpe & their daughter baptised here in 1817 Waldegraves were landowners in Earlham & Bowthorpe


These may be alternatives as supplied by local writer Mr Skipper Fresher - Small frog Sukey - Hare

Runnel - Wheel Swale - Shade

Thanks to Madge Roberts for supplying this information.


Thanks to Dave Blake for finding out further information

Toftes Place Webster Cl Walcott Cl Swafield St Cornwallis Cl Cotterall Cres Houghton Cl John Toftes, Vicar of Earlham 1440 Richard Webster Vicar of Earlham 1632 Thomas Walcott Vicar of Earlham 1437 Robert Swafield Vicar of Earlham 1401 Sir Charles Cornwallis Earlham landowner 1598 George Cotterall Rector of Earlham 1839 Robert & Thomas Houghton Landowners 1657

The origin of the name Tunstall Close still eludes us!


If you would like to find out more about our work or help us by volunteering, fundraising or joining our consultation group, please call us at the Big C office on 01603 619900 or visit our website at And to keep up to date with what is happening day to day at Big C, like us on Facebook or follow @BigCTweets on Twitter. Contact To arrange an interview with Daniel Williams or Nikki Morris or for any further information about Big C please contact our communications officer; Katy Lavington-woods, Office Tel. 01603 619900 and



Why not come and join us at St.Michaels Middle School Thursdays at 5.30 and 7.30 A warm welcome awaits you Contact Emily for more info. 07795254849



THIS MONTH WE SAY FAREWELL TO THE PERINO FAMILY as they return to their native country of Germany. They will be greatly missed.


Grischa and Vanessa arrived in Three Score in 2008, and their daughter Cara was born in September 2009. All three family members have made their mark. They quickly engaged with the Community Garden, growing vegetables and helping out generally. During the drought of 2011 Cara became our youngest gardener, making sure the plants got watered. Cara and her mother Vanessa have become a well-known sight along the cycle-paths of Bowthorpe, speeding by as a colourful tandem of buggy-attached-to-bike! Vanessa has become part and parcel of many community activities, not least the local church, and a staunch friend to many people. Dr Grischa Perino, an environmental economist at UEA's Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Science, has pioneered new research on the issue of Global Warming. On 30th January his latest paper was published, and promptly reported in The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. The study explains how the EU ETS (Emission Trading System) impacts on efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Grischa (as he is known locally) argues that understanding what polices such as the EU ETS cover is crucial for individuals wanting to contribute to reducing their carbon footprint, otherwise their efforts can backfire. ETS allow certain sectors to produce a limited amount of carbon over time. If less carbon is produced then the sector will sell their permits to another polluting industry in the scheme. Therefore if you choose, for example, not to take a flight, all you do is make it cheaper for someone else to pollute. But Grischa is careful to point out there are still good reasons not to fly, such as air traffic and other pollutants and energy efficiency can cut bills. "Consumers who want to reduce the climate impact of their consumption and lifestyle should focus on reducing emissions not regulated by the EU ETS, such as road transport, agriculture and other sectors with low energy intensity," he said. "Driving your car less, eating less red meat and improving the insulation of your home substantially reduces your carbon footprint. These unregulated sectors make up more than half of greenhouse gas emissions in participating countries and reducing those emissions is important." 16



On April 6th Lewis Swatman will cycle 128 miles to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. He will begin at the Forum with one other cyclist to accompany him, and end at the London Hospital. Lewis, aged 16, is doing this because his brother Wayne received life-saving care at the hospital in the early years of his life. Wayne was born 25 years ago with Downs Syndrome, became profoundly deaf at the age of 6 months when he contracted meningitis, and needed major heart surgery when he was 5. The surgery was carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital during 6 weeks of intensive care. Everyone who knows my brother, says Lewis, will know that he is always full of life and happy, and this wouldnt have been possible if it werent for this amazing hospital. Wayne now attends Easton College for one day a week and takes part in activities at Nansa. He is enjoying a cooking course at Heath Farm, Little Plumstead , and once a fortnight helps serve lunch for elderly people in nearby sheltered accommodation. Wayne and Lewis live with their sister Kirsty and their parents Del and Jane Swatman in Craske Mews, Chapel Break. Lewis has been thinking of doing some kind of sponsorship for most of his life. He trains every Wayne, left. Lewis, right. With bike. night, cycling around 30 miles each time. He kept going even during last months snow and ice, despite spending too much time getting his bike mended because of all the grit on the roads. (There is also the little matter of having to study for his GCSEs!) The Hethersett 30/60 course will be good practice for Lewis when he does this on 24th March, choosing, of course, the 6o. Helped by publicity in Norwich Evening News (January 28th 2013), Lewis has reached around 1,000 in sponsorship so far. Please help to increase this figure so that the work of Great Ormond Street Hospital can benefit. Lewis can be sponsored at 17

Hello again everyone,


First I must apologise for the little poem I wrote in last months letter. I did not intend for it to upset anyone, Please accept my apology, it will not happen again. Now down to business. Outings planned for 2013 April 16th Mystery Tour=Tuesday May 22nd Bury St. Edmunds = Wednesday June 18th Lowestoft & Highway Nurseries =Tuesday July16th Clacton on Sea =Tuesday August 14th Gt. Yarmouth =Wednesday September 17th Mystery Tour =Tuesday We have all been asked if we wanted social evenings - Bingo , Films, Music or Beetle Drive. I dont think anything has been arranged yet. Well I think this is all for now. I expect youre all like me looking forward to better weather. We are still going to have snow and rain but it has to stop one day. I think this might be my last letter, so God bless you all. We will see. Regards Pat With reference to the apology above: Any offence caused was entirely unintentional and unforeseen. Lessons have been learned. Where offence was caused, the Editor also offers an apology.

Clifford.J.Knight, ASHMPH GHSc, GQHP Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy is the Fast Effective and Safe way to;Lose Weight. Quit Smoking. Deal with Stress/Sleep Loss. Ring Cliff on 07786245870 for more details. Bowthorpe NR5

Hello again the time seems to come round so quickly before I know what is happening it is time to write the next piece for the Bowthorpe News. There does not seem to be a lot of news this month. Having recovered from our snow-covered world, we do not seem to have fully come back to life after our winter hibernation! We have, however, got a full programme of events at Ashwell Court for the rest of 2013 thanks to Caroline so we will be pretty busy entertainmentwise this year. This programme kicked off in February, when we were brilliantly entertained by Pat James. In March we look forward to another visit by Dick High. We are at present having new heating radiators installed and we are looking forward to this. Other activities have continued. On Tuesday afternoons we have had some brilliant quizzes (look out Eggheads!). We have also enjoyed some Craft afternoons and various games, such as Hangman, Who am I and, of course, Bingo. Some of us are getting some exercise using the Wii. Recently we had a Residents Meeting at one of our coffee mornings, when we were joined by Nicky Galway-Woolston from Cotman Housing, who explained that an Outreach Drop-in Centre would be held at Ashwell Court on Wednesday afternoons, when anyone in Bowthorpe with any problems could drop in for help. The residents all agreed that all who visited would be very welcome. Well goodbye and good luck everyone. Best wishes. Margaret


Mondays 2.30 Bowthorpe Church

March 11th The time of My Life. Rev. Michael Corney March 25th Easter Meeting

Great News for Older People in Bowthorpe

Cotman Housing Association has a range of services for anyone aged 60 or over in Bowthorpe

Lunch Club
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 oclock at Ashwell Court, Bendish Way (near Roys) Enjoy a delicious hearty two course meal, great company and optional activities after lunch, all for 4. All welcome. Give it a try with no obligation if you like it, come again.

Outreach Service
Free service! Support to keep your independence in your own home our support workers can visit you at home to support with managing the upkeep of your home, accessing benefits and managing money, finding activities to overcome loneliness, options for moving home and much more.

Drop in for support and help

Free for outreach customers another option for support and help with forms, official letters, benefits, housing and much more. You can drop into Ashwell Court, Bendish Way (near Roys) between 2 and 4 pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

For more information on any of the above services please phone 01603 731696.



RETIREMENT Fifty years of working happy times in part I've seen the World or most of it and a lady won my heart Memories both good and bad They dim as time goes past But the pleasant ones of life and love Well they're the ones that last. I've done my bit with all my jobs None that were a curse I've served my Country done my time and finished as a Nurse. Now you may scoff or bitch or moan because that's the way you're wired But things are great with me and mine I'm happily retired. Dave Rugen

Costessey and Bowthorpe District Brownies, Rainbows and Guides

Costessey Guides are working on the World Traveller Badge this term; perhaps hoping to find somewhere with a warmer climate! To gain this badge they have to find out about passports, vaccinations, currency rates and useful phrases in the language of the country they have chosen to visit. Before gaining the badge they need to make their own travel book that includes all the relevant information. To round things off in style this topic will be concluded with an international evening. What a useful and fun way to prepare for the real thing; maybe some girls will be lucky enough to be going on holiday to their chosen country. Bowthorpe Brownies and Rainbows have other ideas on how to keep warm. They are going bowling one week and on another will be trying out a Zumba class; now that should take care of any problems with excess energy! I just hope that the leaders, if they feel the urge to participate, will have enough energy. These busy young people are also going to work on the entertainer badge, and will be joining another unit on a Brownie holiday but more about that next time. We hope you would like to find out more about our meeting's activities, especially since we find ourselves very short of leaders and helpers in several units now, particularly at Queens Hills, so if you feel that you can offer us some help please contact us on or call Julie on 01603 749717 or Sheila on 741989. We look forward to hearing from you. Sheila.


Bats Muntjac The muntjac deer can often be seen, but often its a quick glimpse as it sulks around the scrub and dashes at the first sign of disturbance Bunkers Hill Bluebell woodland that is centuries old. Listen out for the laugh of the green woodpecker that can often be found on the edge of the woodland Bats are often seen flying across much of the site, but feed above the shallows of the river and by the bridge where many insects can be found

9. Kestrel The kestrel nests on occasion within the tree line. You may be lucky if you walk across the fields to spot the kestrel hovering high in the sky as it uses its amazing eye sight to spot potential prey



In conjunction with West Norwich Lions. Including Its A Knockout, bouncy castle, sideshows, table-top sale, jumble sale and cup cake competition SATURDAY 12TH OCTOBER ARTS COMPETITION & EXHIBITION

Youth & Community Centre 6.308.30 Ages 11 18 years
socialise learn interesting things, join in fun activities Email: Easter Cartoon by Lee Carruthers

s.davies@fsm 24

NOTICE S FROM NEIGHBOURS Spring Family Fun Day at City Academy Norwich. Family Fun Days are back. The Spring Family Fun Day will take place on Saturday 16th March, 10:30 am to 2:00 pm. Bring the family along for some great activities suitable for all ages, including face painting, air brush tattoos, and arts and crafts. If you are looking for something more active there will be street dance, Zumba and basketball sessions. All activities are free or pocket money prices.

Les Mis movie actor heading to Norfolk From the 8th to the 12th April, West End Experience are holding a five day musical theatre workshop in Norwich, giving amateurs the chance to work with some of the West Ends finest Musical Directors, choreographers and actors Anyone interested in taking part in the course at the Open Youth Venue in Norwich, can email or call 07867 790073 . THE NORWICH ELECTRONIC ORGAN & KEYBOARD CLUB
We meet on the last Tuesday of every month at Drayton Village Hall, with entertainment from popular professional organists from around the country. The evening starts at 7.30pm, there is an interval with refreshments and a raffle, and it finishes at 10pm. There is no extra membership fee, entrance is 6.00 at the door. Tuesday March 26th we have Janet Dowsett to entertain us. Janet hails from Berkshire but travels all over the country performing theatre and electronic organ concerts as well as teaching organ and keyboard, examining for the London College of Music and running a musical goods business with her husband. Come and join us for a good evenings musical entertainment, you will be very welcome. Martin Drake Chairman 01603 745544




Come and Join Us at this years Holiday Club Spectacular

on April 9th, 10th & 11th, 10am til 12.15pm Come along for 1, 2 or all 3 days!
Drama Games Bible Stories Craft Singing Quizzes

Bowthorpe Church


A special occasion Want a party! Need to hold a meeting!

Chapel Break Village Hall

Harpsfield, Chapel Break

Large or small room for hire ( Very Competitive rates ) Bar available for extra charge. For details Contact Veronica 731188

and so much more!

For children aged 2-11

(children under 5 with accompanying adult)

To book your place early or for more information , phone the church office on 749614


GOOD NEWS AT ST. MICHAELS VA SCHOOL As many of you will already know, towards the end of last term Ofsted inspected St. Michaels VA Junior School and judged it a `good school. The new Ofsted framework has meant it is even more difficult to achieve a `good grade than two years ago when the school had its last inspection. The significant progress that the school has made over the last two years is due in no small part to the Head Teacher, Helen Newell, and her dedicated staff, who have worked exceptionally hard to improve the quality of teaching, the leadership and management of the school, the achievement of the children and the quality of their behaviour and safety. It is also a tribute to the hard work that parents have put in to support their children. They have collaborated with the school to ensure that the needs of the children have been met in all areas of school life. Without this support the school could not have made the strides forward that it has done. The children themselves have shown how they can make good progress through their attitudes to learning and their working with others to achieve their personal goals. This means that the children are making good progress and are reaching above-average standards. Ofsted says that `A good school is effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils needs. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment. St. Michaels is good for the children of Bowthorpe. Why does this matter? This matters because our children matter. They only get one shot at education and it needs to be the best it can be for their sake and for our sake. Our childrens education impacts not only our childrens future but also impacts our countrys future. Our children deserve and need the best education they can get because we live in an ever-increasing global market-place where education is vital for future prospects. What does this mean for our community? That St. Michaels is a good school means that we can be confident that the education of the children in this community is on track and heading in the right direction. It means that the staff and governors are committed to improving all aspects of school life for the sake of the children. It means that we have a junior school we can be proud of, proud of the great progress it has made in such a short time. It means we can also be proud of how our children have responded to the increased expectations placed upon them. The school appreciates the support given by the community over the years. May we, the Bowthorpe community, continue our invaluable support of St. Michaels School so that the progress continues. Rev Mark Elvin and Rosemary Games


News from St Michaels VA Junior School.

Garlic Theatre

Maths Competition

Pupils at the school have welcomed the Garlic Theatre in performing two wonderful theatrical productions this half term. The first show enjoyed was Little Red Riding Hood, the story of two interwoven tales in an entertaining one man puppet show. The next show was the internationally acclaimed production of George and the Dragon which has toured 15 countries. St Michael's VA Junior School would like to thank the Garlic Theatre and Mrs Greenwood and Miss Day, our inspiring Literacy Leaders, for organising these wonderful educational experiences.
Sarah ClaflinSenior Leader

Two teams of four of the most able year 5 & 6mathematicians were recently invited to compete in a day long maths competition at Ormiston Victory Academy. Nine local primary schools attended the event, where children experienced a range of mathematical and logic problems. St Michaels VA Junior school are very proud of the children's sporting attitude and the trophy they brought back after coming in first and fourth place! St Michael's pupils really are Mathletes!
Charity Work

Children at St Michael's VA Junior have been very keen to support a wider range of charities and to decide who they would like to support. All classes presented their ideas to the school council, who decided upon a local, national and international charity to support. They have decided to support Bowthorpe's local elderly, the NSPCC and WWF (federation for animals). The children cannot wait to get started and we will keep you updated on their progress.

Hi there Oz again. Well were into March already. Its quite a busy month with all different types of celebrations ; Mothers Day, St Patricks day and Easter just to name a few. The wordsearch below uses words related to some of them. See how you get on!












Well that's all for this month. Hope you enjoy the holidays coming up and remember to give your mum a gift for Mothers day, shell like that. Oz would like you all to stay safe. Bye Oz



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March 30th 10am to 12 noon Bowthorpe Community Garden

Complete an activity to get a ticket Tickets drawn at 12 noon for Easter Egg prizes
More information on Garden Noticeboard


Contacts: Madge 734767 Veronica 749280 Adrian 07765350383 Carol 474633 (evenings)

Come and help garden on Sundays 2 4 pm March 10th and 24th