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CIRCLE - The circle is the starting point and most basic symbol of all Sacred Geometry.

It symbolizes the One Light, the One Spirit, that illuminates us all.

VESICA PISCES - The Vesica Pisces is the joining of two circles so that there is an area of overlapping. The Vesica Pisces represents the eternal balance, similar to that of yin & yang. It is a

symbol of duality.

VESICA PISCES - This time the center line has been drawn through the Vesica Pisces. This is just another way of depicting the symbol.

VESICA PISCES - This is the continuation of the Vesica Pisces to form the triangle.

VESICA PISCES - Vesica Pisces continuing to produce a triangle.

VESICA PISCES - The triangle is now complete, but the whole picture is not yet finished. Remember we live our live in at least three dimensions.

VESICA PICES - Now the entire pyramid has been constructed.

ALL SEEING PYRAMID - As you cn see, we interact with sacred geometry everyday. The founders of

our country and many countries around the world are all aware of these ancient symbols and their meanings. Thus they utilize them to try and deceive us.

TRIPOD OF LIFE - The Tripod of Life is formed by the joining of three circles. They form a trinity of points within the circles intersections.

HUMAN PENTAGRAM - The Pentagram (Pentacle) represents the oneness of of the Spirit and the four elements of nature (Earth, Air, Water & Fire).

PENTAGONAL STAR - Similar to the Pentagram, but the five points of the star are not only connected within the star itself, but also beyond the star. Signifying the connectedness of the five elements of life to all that exists.

FLOWER OF LIFE - The Flower of Life can be used as a metaphor illustrating the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe. All that is needed to make-up the universe of Platonic Solids.

TRINITY - Most commonly seen as the Christian symbol for The Father, The Son & The Spirit. The trinity is still representative of three being one, similarly to the Pentagram.

SIGILLUM DEI AMETH - Ameth is Hebrew for truth. The Sigil of Dei Ameth (Sigillum Dei Ameth) is used as a Seal of the truth of God.

TOROID - Toroids are formed by the repetition of circular rotations, all of which meet at the center of the Toroid.

Now I'm not going to pretend to know what all of those images represent, but I do know what a lot of them mean and I am searching for the answers to the rest. But what I do know is that each of those images means something to each one of us whom have viewed them. That is to say we were each affected in our own way by viewing them,and are consequently not the same as we were prior to the act. Since my discovery of Sacred Geometry I have discovered many of its characters displayed in nature. It is like the Theory of 11. This sacred geometric language is now existent to me and I can see it, and what's better? I can understand and utilize it. It has become another tool on my tool-belt, as is everything each of us learns. There is one undeniable point about such Geometry as this that proves its validity. Solidifies it as Truth. For any of you that have witnessed something in some way and understood it as Truth for an unknown reason may have realized... that same realization comes from looking at many of these pictorials. Their is inherent Truth to these shapes, and that fact is reaffirmed when you witness the in their natural settings as the ancients did. Before the Dumbing.