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project feast

food services
cooking classes
We welcome everyone into the kitchen: whether youre a new cook learning the basics or those with advanced skills. Our cooking classes are taught by local immigrant and refugee chefs, as well as seasoned home cooks. All classes are hands-on, allowing guests to cook, taste and create a meal to be shared at the end of the class. Project Feast can host private classes of up to 12 people (in your home or our kitchen). $50-75/pp

empowering immigrant and refugee chefs connecting people, food and culture

Our mission is to transform the lives of underserved refugees and immigrants by providing pathways to sustainable employment in the food industry, and opportunities for our customers to learn and explore ethnic cuisines and cultures.

t ra i n i n g p r o g ra m s
The Pre-Program is designed to help participants understand Project Feasts Core Program, and an opportunity for Project Feast to learn more about participants, and help address barriers to attending the core program. All participants must complete the pre program, before joining the core program. Currently accepting participants for this program.

core program

event catering

Project Feast is currently working with Burmese, Indian, and Nepalese chefs. If you are interested in authentic ethnic meals, we cater events for 30-250 people.

personal chefs

The Core Program focuses on job-readiness, with hands-on opportunities for improving food skills, and soft skills. Participants will also learn about the basics of operating a business, with classes on financial literacy, presentation, and communication skills. Core Program will be offered in Fall 2013.

Let Project Feasts chefs bring you lunch or dinner! Contact us for more information.

employment opportunities

Project Feast has employment opportunities for our trainees. See eligibilty below:

teach cooking class

What makes our programs special? We meet our participants where they are, and use technology to make learning accessible. Additionally, we provid peer teaching, mentoring, and training opportunities even after participants complete the core program.
6-7 hours per event (1-4 events monthly) Evening and Weekend availability Comfortable with small medium scale (50-150) Comfortable teaching with some training $12-15/hr

event catering cook

D ependent on event size (1-4 events monthly) Evening and Weekend availability Can cook on large scale (150-200+) $12-15/hr

Ve e n a P ra s a d 206.841.8923

Aparna Rae 206.455.1291

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