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Parish Office: 5562 2231 Fax: 5562 2230 E-mail: Diocesan website: PARISH STAFF: Fr John Fitzgerald (Parish Priest) Barry Wolff (Business Manager) Leanne McElgunn (Secretary) Brian Shanahan (Gardening/Maintenance) Michael Gray (St Josephs School) Peter Morgan (Emmanuel College) 6.30pm (Vigil); 8.30am - 10.30am - 6.00pm Purnim: 11.00am (Eucharist on 2nd and 4th Sundays) (Assembly of Word with Communion on 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays)


Project Compassion (Week 4)
This weeks story focuses on Vannak who lives in a slum in Cambodia; a village that was established in 2006 when the inhabitants were driven from their homes to make way for development. At 15 Vannak left school to help support his family, but his feeling of being hopeless led him to Youth Empowerment Project. The Project, which is supported by Caritas Australia, teaches life skills and vocational training. Support to Project Compassion allows Caritas Australia to work through relationships to bring freedom and deliver lasting positive change for some of the worlds most vulnerable communities. Please give generously. Thank you.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 12:30pm; 1:30pm - 4:00pm SCHOOL PRINCIPALS: WEEK-END LITURGIES:

Retreat for Parishioners

For people of all ages, married or single. The Retreat enables parishioners to continue ones daily life while continuing with your daily routine of work, caring for your family or whatever is the shape of your busy life. The Retreat will guide your prayer and reflection on life. There is no charge for the Retreat. Further information: see Gathering Space or contact Mary (0409 158 177) or Venue: St Josephs Parish Date: 14th April - 4th May Facilitator: Fr Dinh Trung Hoa sj (Vietnamese Jesuit) Stations of the Cross: All Fridays during Lent: 7.30pm (St Josephs Church) Sacrament of Anointing: This Thursday, 14th March at 2.00pm Communal Celebration of Gods Mercy: Tuesday, 26th March at 7.30pm Ecology & Sustainability: The Diocesan Ecology & Sustainability Group has invited five parishes, including St Josephs Warrnambool, to conduct an Environmental Audit of their respective parishes. St Josephs have already met twice with the Diocesan Group and our aim is to work towards St Josephs Parish being more environmentally aware. Meetings: Wednesday: Finance Committee at 12 noon Wednesday: Social Justice Group at 7.30pm (Meeting Room)

WEEK-DAY LITURGIES: Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am (Eucharist) Thursday: 2.00pm (Eucharist with the Anointing of the Sick) Friday: 10.30am (Reconciliation)

Deaths: Michael Glennon (Terang) Anniversaries: We remember in prayer: Robert McKinnon, Leanne Bidmade, Fred Ahearn, Arthur Thompson Bereavement Support Group: Monday, 18th March at 4.30pm (Gathering Space) Baptism Preparation: This Wednesday, 13th March at 7.30pm (Gathering Space) Senior Reconciliation: Please keep the children and their families in your prayers. The children wear the purple stoles during Mass. Wanted: If anyone has green thumbs or a flair for gardening please remember St Josephs Fair. The plant stall would greatly appreciate any donations of potted plants, herbs, bulbs etc. Please drop off at school by 26th April. Enq Jane (0488 626 464) PowerPoint Presentation: The focus this week: International Womens Day Praying the Rosary: Mary McDonalds home (116 Rooneys Rd) at 2.00pm Collections: Counters: Presbytery: $1, 402.00 Parish: $1,766.70 Thank you for your support This week: Team 8: Stan Carroll (5562 7658) Next week: Team 9: Barry Walsh (5562 4568)