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Section A 10 Questions [10 Marks] Questions 1 -10 are based on the information given.

1. A B C D

Where would you find this sign? On the road In a hospital In an aeroplane On a banks front door

KUALA LUMPUR Three people died in a fatal accident at the city centre yesterday. Two died on the spot while one died at the hospital.

2. A B C D

The phrase on the spot means not far from the scene of the accident before the accident while on the way to the accident at the scene of the accident

PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING 3 A B C D Based on the sign above, we know that the area is not for sale Dangerous Restricted Closed

1 Jaa/3/2013

Animal For Adoption

A healthy, adorable male poodle, born 2 months ago, in need of a new home. 4 A B C D Owner: Mrs. Lim Which of the following is true about the advertisement? Mrs. Lim owns an animal shelter in Ipoh. 10 Thomson Road, Ipoh Telephone: 05-51477442 Anyone looking for a poodle should call 05-51477442. Mrs. Lim is looking to adopt a healthy, adorable male poodle. Anyone who finds a 2-month old poodle should contact Mrs. Lim.

5 A B C D

The boy is most probably _______ to receive the watch. Excited Shocked Confused Surprised

Dear Tim, Im so sorry to hear that Sammy died. He had brought so much joy to our lives. Ill miss the times I played fetch with him. In many ways, he was like a member of our family.

6 A B C D

Sammy was most probably Tims Friend Brother pet dog pet cat

2 Jaa/3/2013

7 A B C D

From the information above, we can conclude that the fried noodles is spicy there is no seafood in either dish the fried rice is suitable for vegetarians there are no vegetable in the fried noodles

Please wait to be seated.

8 A B C D The above sign at a restaurant means we have to wait for the waiters to attend to us we have to queue up for seats we have to wait for the seats to clear we have to wait for the bill

9 A B C D

From the dialogue, we know that Lina can see stars has a headache is feeling dizzy is feeling confused 3


10 A B C D

From the sign, we know that the floor is dry it is dangerous to walk here people always fall down here we must walk carefully

Questions 11 20 are based on the following text.

4 Jaa/3/2013

Questions 21 23 Read the dialogue below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined. Clara Alice Clara Alice Clara 21 : : : : : I dont know what to wear to Nandinis birthday party. Here, put on (21) this dress. But its green, and you know what I think about green dresses. You always come up with (22) with excuses, dont you? Well, just wear a T-shirt and a pair of jeans then. Hold on (23), sis. Ill try it on first. 23 Hold on A Touch something B Be patience C Calm down D Wait

put on A keep it safe B wear C take a look at D think carefully come up with A prepare in advance B try to find C make D go upstairs


Questions 24 26 Read the text below and choose the best meaning for the expressions underlined. Darwant: Justin: Darwant: Justin: Darwant: 24 Its raining cats and dogs (24) so Coach must be thinking of cancelling the practice session. I dont think so. Hell probably ask us to go to the gym to build up our stamina. But I think all of us can do with some rest. If you want to be fit as a fiddle (25) you have to stick to the exercise routine. Okay then, I think Ill get a cats nap (26) while waiting for the Coach. 26 cats nap A sleep like a cat B long sleep C short sleep D few minutes of rest

raining cats and dogs A raining heavily B drizzling continuously C raining suddenly D raining all the time fit as a fiddle A looks like a violin B plays a musical instrument C never fall sick D physically healthy and strong


5 Jaa/3/2013

Questions 27 32 are based on the following advertisement.

27 A B C D 28 A B C D 29 A B C D

Life as a teenager can stress you if you are an active person attend a local school do not have much fun have too many activities The word manage in the advertisement can best be replaced with handle achieve succeed supervise The purpose of the advertisement is to nip teenage stress in the bud tell young people about stress inform people about the workshop teach teenagers to relax and have fun

6 Jaa/3/2013

30 A B C D 31 A B C D 32 A B C D

Which of the following is true about the advertisement? The workshop will last for one day. The workshop is organized by Amy. The cost of the workshop is not given. The venue for the workshop is mentioned. One way to organize your life is to Manage your time well. Achieve the proper goals. Learn the secrets of stress Choose the best things in life. Who would be interested in attending the workshop? Those who want to learn how to stress teenagers. Teenagers who want to reduce stress in their lives. People who want to make the right decisions in life. Youngsters who want to be involved in more activities.

Questions 33 40 Read the text below carefully and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. Helen Keller has been an inspiration to people with disabilities. She was a determined woman who did not give up on life just because she was hearing and visual impaired. Helen was not deaf and blind when she was born. When she was about nineteen months of age, she became very sick. She came down with an illness that doctors called an acute congestion of the stomach and brain. Some people think this is illness could have been scarlet fever or meningitis. It was then that she completely lost her sight and hearing. By the time she was six years old, she had learnt to use a form of sign language. The family cook, Martha Washington, who was also the little girls only communication partner, taught her this form of sign language. By age seven years, Helen was able to use special signs that she had learnt from Martha to communicate with her parents. When she was six years old, Helens parents brought a new person into Helens life. This person was a 20-year old woman named Ann Sullivan. Anne became Helens teacher, governess and companion. From Anne, Helen learnt more than just communication. She learnt to do things on her own and live her life as best she could. Anne and Helen were together for a very long time. 33 A B C D 34 A B C D How old was Helen Keller when she became blind and deaf? New born 19 days old 19 years old 19 months old The word visual refers to Sight Touch Hearing Speaking 7 Jaa/3/2013

35 A B C D 36 A B C D 37 A B C D 38 A B C D 39 A B C D 40 A B C D

What caused Helen Kellers impairment? An illness An accident Brain disease Stomach problems Who was Martha Washington? Helens cook Helens friend Helens teacher Helens governess Which of the following is true Helen Keller? She was able to cure her disabilities on her own. She was able to do many things despite her disabilities. She taught other disabled people how to live good lives. She could not live a normal life because of her disabilities. What did Martha Washington teach Helen? How to cook How to talk A form of sign language A way to take care of herself Helens illness probably affected her Brain Heart Speech Behavior Which of these people would have had the most influence on Helens life? Anne Sullivan Helens father Helens mother Martha Washington

8 Jaa/3/2013

A Fighters Line by Marzuki Ali

Answer the questions below based on the poem above. 41 What does the word wheelchair tell us about the persona? (1 Mark) _______________________________________________________________________ From Stanza 2, who do you think the persona was? (1 Mark) _______________________________________________________________________ Who do you think the persona ask to wake up? (1 Mark) _______________________________________________________________________ State two things the persona asks his listeners to do. (2 Marks) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________




9 Jaa/3/2013

Leisure by William Henry Davies What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows. No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass. No time to see, in broad daylight, Streams full of stars, like stars at night. No time to turn at Beauty's glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance. No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began. A poor life this is if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare

Read the poem above and answer the questions below. 45 What is the poem mainly about? (1 Mark) _______________________________________________________________________ Explain in your own words the line streams full of stars, like stars at night.(1 Mark) _______________________________________________________________________ Why is it important to have leisure in life? (1 Mark) _______________________________________________________________________ Give two personifications in the poem. (2 marks) _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________




10 Jaa/3/2013

Answer these questions below based on the novel, Around The World in 80 Days.

Below is a description of Phileas Fogg. Fill in the blanks to complete the description. Phileas Fogg lived at _________________(49), London, England. He was a _____________ (50) gentleman. He had _________(51) hair and whiskers. Fogg was a _______________ (52) person. He fired his _____________ (53), James, for bringing in _______________ (54) that is two degrees too cold. He was also a person who did everything by the ___________ (55). Everything he did was planned.

Who are Foggs friends from the Reform Club? 56. __________________, the engineer 57. ___________________, the landowner 58. ___________________ and 59. ________________, newspaper owners 60. ___________________, works for the Bank Of England. Kertas Soalan Tamat

11 Jaa/3/2013

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