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A Sea of Success

March 2013

Important Dates to Remember:

March 5th PTA meeting @ WW 6:00 p.m. March 9th Spring Ahead set your clocks ahead 1 hour March 14th Old Creamery Theater Production sponsored by PTA March 14th Parent Meeting for Kindergarten Round Up 6:00 p.m. March 19th 1:10 Early Dismissal P/T Conferences 1:30 7:30 March 20th 2:00 Early Dismissal as usual March 21st 1:10 Early Dismissal P/T Conferences 1:30 7:30 March 21st Opera Iowa Workshop/Production for 3rd graders sponsored by PTA March 22 29th NO SCHOOL Coming in April - * Mark Your Calendar: th 11th 12th No School for kindergarten and TK students April 10 Kindergarten Round Up .

I B L e

From the Principal...............

March certainly started out Like a Lion so well hope the saying is right and it goes out Like a Lamb. We are ready for spring weather! February was a fun filled month that went by fast! The student enjoyed the second Celebration of the year with the 3rd graders modeling how to be Safe, Respectful and Responsible. We were very sad that the weather caused the cancellation of the Blues in the School assembly PTA sponsored. But we are looking forward to the Old Creamery and Opera Iowa in March. The students continue to amaze us with their outstanding progress. Kindergarten students are writing sentences that look like 1st grade writing. Several third graders have made it into the Million Word Club by reading over 1 million words! First and second graders are working hard on their reading, writing and math also. All that practice makes great readers and math thinkers! Thanks for all of the support you provide your child(ren) in being the best student they can be.

Mrs. Sharp
Its not too late to register your child for kindergarten next year.

Kindergarten Round Up Information..

Kindergarten Round-Up Registration Form
If your child will be 5 by September 15, 2013, please return this completed form to your school office; Thomas Jefferson school office at: 792-2498, or email: 112 Thomas Jefferson, Newton, IA 50208 or Berg Elementary school office at: 792-7742 or email: 1900 N 5th Ave E Newton, IA 50208 All students need to register in their home attendance area. The electronic form will be on our school homepage. If you know of any neighbors or friends who have children that should register for kindergarten round-up, please have them contact the school in their area. Students Legal Name ______________________________________________________________________ First Middle Last Childs Nickname ____________________________________ Preschool __________________________ Date of Birth ________________________________________ Gender ____________________________ Month Day Year Is the student in Foster Care (Circle One): Yes No Race/Ethnicity: 2 part Question: Is the individual Hispanic/Latino? (Circle One) Yes No Is the individual from 1 or more of these races (Circle all that apply): American or Asian Indian Asian Black or African American Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander


Parent/Guardian _______________________________________________________________________ (Lives with) Address ______________________________________City, State, Zip ______________________ Home Phone ___________________Other Numbers _______________________ cell work other Other Numbers ______________________cell work other E-mail Address __________________________ Emergency Contact _______________________________________________________________________ Phone Number ___________________________________Relationship _________________________ Medical Concerns _______________________________________________________________________ I currently have ______ child (ren) attending __________ School Names/Grades___________________________________________________________ Thomas Jeffersons Parent Night is March 14, 2013 at 6:00 pm in the gym. Bergs Parent Night is March 11, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the gym. Please bring a copy of your childs birth certificate and immunizations along with the forms you are sent to the parent meeting. Thomas Jefferson Elementary Round up Dates-April 10 & 11. Berg Round-Up Dates-April 10 & 11. Students will come for a 2 hour session BOTH days. If you pre-register, information regarding which 2 hour session your child is to attend will be given to you at Parent Night. th Conferences will be April 17 for Thomas Jefferson and Berg Elementary. st nd rd Please indicate your 1 , 2 and 3 choice for your preferred round up. (A.M.) _______ (Mid morning) ______ (P.M.) _______ ************************************** Office Use ************************************** Todays Date _________________ Number __________________ ID Number __________________
The Newton Community School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin or disability in educational programs and activities. Inquiries and grievances may be directed to the Administration Office, 700 N 4th Ave E, Newton, IA 50208

From Mrs. Woollums


The TJ kids and families did an amazing job raising money for this worthwhile cause. We raised more than $4,500 this year which is an increase over last year. Thank you all!! The top 25 students who raised the most money will have fun using silly string on Mrs. Woollums, Mrs. Sharp and a few volunteer teachers.


Lo-Fat Milk will be served with all meals

Monday Tuesday K-6 Extra Veggie-Seconds 7-8 Salad Bar Daily 7-8 Alternate Entre-PB/J Sand 9-12 Alternate Entrees & Salad Bar Daily 9-12 Additional 100% Juice Daily 4 5 Grilled Chicken *Burrito Patty (chili, cheese, lettuce) M. Potato/Gravy *Steamed Rice Mixed Veg. Green Beans Watermelon Mixed Fruit *Homemade Roll 11 *Italian Dunkers/Sauce Spinach Salad/tom. Green Beans Orange Slices Raisins 18 *Cheeseburger (pickles) Sweet Potato Tots Romaine Salad Apple Slices 25 ____________ SPRING 12 *Chicken Sandwich (pickles & lettuce) Baked Fries Melon & Grapes



Friday Pulled Pork *Sand. Baked Fries Mixed Salad w/tom.

Fresh Pears & Grapes 6 Cream Turkey on *Biscuit Peas and Carrots Peaches Cottage Cheese 13 *Stuffed Crust Pizza Steamed Corn Mixed Romaine Salad Banana *Spaghetti Broc. Salad Steamed Corn Pineapple *Garlic Bread 14 Chili/Crackers Carrots & Caulf. Applesauce *Homemade Cinn. Roll *Chicken Strips M. Potato Broc/Cheese Tropical Fruit *Breadstick 7 *Beefburger Tri-Tater Baked Beans Apple Slices *Cookie

19 *Fish Shapes Mixed Vegetables Celery Sticks Fresh Strawberries *BB Muffin Squares 26

20 Beef & Bean *Nacho (lettuce, cheese, salsa) Cuban Black Bean Salad *Steamed Rice Mand. Oranges 27 __________

21 *Hotdog Baked Chips Carrots & Broc. Dried Fruit *Animal Crackers 28 BREAK ___________ NO SCHOOL


Lo-Fat Milk will be served with all meals





Friday 1 *Long John 100% Juice Milk

4 *Cereal *Toast Trix Yogurt 100% Juice Milk 11 *Cereal *Toast String Cheese 100% Juice Milk 18 *Cereal *Toast String Cheese 100% Juice Milk 25 __________

5 Egg,Cheese,Bacon on *Bagel 100% Juice Milk 12 *French Toast Sticks Syrup 100% Juice Milk 19 *Cinni-Mini Yogurt 100% Juice Milk 26 SPRING

6 *Blueberry Pancakes String Cheese 100% Juice Milk 13 *Breakfast Burrito Tri-Tater 100% Juice Milk 20 *Pancakes/Syrup Sausage Nuggets 100% Juice Milk 27 ________

7 Egg Omelet *Toast Fruit Cup or 100% Juice Milk 14 *Frudel (Cherry or Apple) Trix Yogurt 100% Juice Milk 21 Ham, Egg, Cheese on *Biscuit 100% Juice Milk 28 BREAK

8 *UBR Bar Trix Yogurt 100% Juice Milk 15 *Breakfast Pizza 100% Juice Milk


29 _________

March 2013
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu 1 Day 5 Fri

4 Day 6

5 Day 1

6 7 Day 2 Day 3 2:10 pm dismissal

8 Day 4


11 Day 5

12 Day 6

13 14 - Day 2 Day 1 Kindergarten 2:10 pm dismissal round-up PARENT Meeting 6 PM in GYM 20 21 Day 6 Day 1 2:10 pm dismissal 1:10 pm dismissal P/T Conferences 27 NO SCHOOL Spring Break 28 NO SCHOOL Spring Break

15 Day 3


18 Day 4

19 Day 5 1:10 pm dismissal P/T Conferences 26 NO SCHOOL Spring Break

22 NO SCHOOL Conference comp time


25 NO SCHOOL Spring Break

29 NO SCHOOL Good Friday