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Airsoft Games and Scenarios Created by David Gish Ratana for the JOC airsoft community http://www.jocairsoft.


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Evidence Recovery
Materials: Setup: Scatter red survey flags throughout the playing field with the majority concentrated in the middle of the field. Randomly place the green survey flags on the field in spots which are harder to get to, or in open areas. Give each team 3 PVC tubes and 3 zip ties. Overview: A large fallout between 2 local gangs ended up with them trying to eliminate the other once and for all. Local authorities managed to stop the conflict before it lead to any public violence however they did not manage to collect all the evidence on the scene before one of the gangs returned. Each teams objective is to recover as many evidence flags as they can to win. Red flags are worth 1 point, and green flags are worth 5. Rules: Each team must decide when to secure their tubes throughout the game. Tubes which are unsealed at the end of the game will NOT be counted. Tubes cannot be sealed once the game has ended. Teams may steal flags from the opposing teams UNSEALED tubes only. Teams may NOT take, or hide the opposing teams tubes, sealed or unsealed at any time. Tubes must stay visible at all times and may not be hidden or out of reach from the other team. A player may carry as many flags as they wish, however if they get hit while carrying flags, they must drop them where they were eliminated and not permitted to pass or throw them to team members. 6 PVC tubes 100 red survey flags 25 green survey flags 6 large zip-ties

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Team Assault
Materials: None required Setup: None required Overview: Two teams enter the field at the same time from separate entrances. The first team to eliminate the other completely will be considered the winner. Rules: Once a player has been eliminated they are to return to the staging area and wait for the game to end.

Players do not need to stay with the rest of their team for this game.

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Capture and Hold

Materials: None Required Setup: Mark out, or indicate an area of the field to be considered the capture point. This area should be fairly defendable, but not impossible to breach. (In the Lasertrek arena the Rainbow arch is usually used). Both teams will enter the field at the same time from opposite entrances and rush capture point. Overview: The objective of this game is for either team to capture a specific point on the field and hold it for a determined period of time. The team which holds the capture point for the determined period of time, or the first team to completely eliminate the other will be considered the winner. Rules: Members of each team are not permitted to stray from their squad and must stay relatively close to the rest of their team. Once eliminated, a player is required to return to the staging area and wait for the game to end.

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Materials: Ballistic Shield(s) may be used Teams may be stacked towards the assaulters by 1 or 2 making it more challenging. Setup: Mark out, or indicate an area of the field to be considered the capture point. This area should be fairly defendable, but not impossible to breach (At Lasertrek the rainbow arch or sniper nest is usually preferred; however other points such as the tanks can be considered). Allow one team 5 minutes to secure and setup a defense at/in the Capture point at the beginning of the game, and have the opposing team ready to assault the capture point when the game begins. The first team to eliminate the other will be considered the winning team. Overview: This is a classic Swat scenario. You have suspects healed up in a defendable area and require them to be cleared out. At any time after the 5 minute setup for the defending team, the assault team may enter the field. It is not necessary for them to call Game on (Stealth is key). Rules: The attacking team is allowed 1 member to split off from the group and is considered the sniper. He/she can make their way to an over watch position. Defenders are not allowed to leave the capture point unless otherwise arranged or unless a player is eliminated

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Strong Side
Materials: None Required Setup: Designate 2 opposing sides of the fields, with minimal cover for each (At Lazertrek this is usually the 2 upper level areas including ramps). Overview: Teams are trying to eliminate members from the opposing side. Once a player is hit, they become a member of the opposing team and must make their way to that teams area. This will continue until one team completely eliminates the other, or until the game time is over. The team which gains all the players, or the most players at the end, will be considered the winners. Rules: Once a player is hit, they must make their way to the opposing team immediately Players are not allowed to stray from their teams designated area Once a team is down to its last 2 members, the opposing team is free to fully assault those members. However if you are eliminated during this assault, you will be considered dead and are eliminated from the game entirely (opposed to re-joining like before)

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Materials: None Required Setup: Split players into teams of 2 or 3 (depending on numbers) and pick starting positions randomly throughout the field (out of view of other teams). Overview: Everyone starts in various locations throughout the field and try to track down other players. Whenever you eliminate an opposing player, they become a member of your team. At the point of elimination you have 2 options: 1) Signal the eliminated player come over and join you or 2) Signal the eliminated player to start on your team from where they were hit. If your are signaled to come and join a team, you must raise your gun, call HIT and make your way promptly to your new teammates. If you are signaled to start where you were hit, you are to call HIT!, CHANGING TEAMS and you may at that point eliminate anyone on your former team (Use mercy rules if they apply). If your former teammate(s) are quick enough, they can call mercy on you before you do on them and have you remain on their team. You never know who is on your team if you lose sight of them. If players get split up and one gets hit he may try to casually stroll up to his former teammate and mercy him. The team which grows big enough to eliminate all the other smaller ones is considered the winner. Rules: Teammates may NOT call mercy on members which are signaled over to the other team in order to keep them. The eliminated player is not able to make their own decision whether to stay or not, and must follow the signal from the team they were eliminated by.

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Hostage Rescue
Materials: Coat, vest, or hat to identify hostage from other players Potentially any item which may be requested Setup: One or more players may volunteer or be appointed to play as the hostage(s) and will be unarmed during this game. Have the defending team take up positions in a fairly well defendable area and bring the hostage with them. The attacking team is required to enter the field from a specific location and must find their own way into better positions around the area. Overview: This is a hostage situation and as such is NOT a general run and gun scenario. These are usually played out for a while, involving strategy and little movement when necessary. If negotiations are considered, then a radio must be provided to the defending team, by the attacking team. Attacking team: Remember, this is a hostage situation, not a full out skirmish. The attacking team may be able to end the game by giving into reasonable demands by the defenders. Keep this in mind while trying to resolve the situation, get creative. If the defenders ask for a helicopter, use a vehicle for one and try to take them out while they transfer to it. Defending team: Keep in mind you may be able to get things you ask for by negotiating with the opposing team. Stuff like water, food, money, trades of hostages for officers, are all reasonable requests. You may control the hostage by giving them verbal commands such as stand, sit, move, or things like your handcuffed will mean the hostage may not use their hands, or your tied up means they may not move. Play the role, get creative! But remember, if you want to tie up the hostage, you must take the time to act like you are. They may not be instantly untied/tied, gagged/un-gagged, etc. Hostage(s): Play the role. Yell out your location and in general be a pain for the defenders to control, or lay low, and try to escape when your captors are not looking. Try to signal the attacking team what's happening, but remember you MUST obey reasonable commands given by your captors (such as sit, move, etc). All teams: Remember the most important thing, the HOSTAGE. If the hostage is shot by ANY member of either team the game is over and lost for that team. For multiple hostages, you must try to save as many as possible. Saving 1 of 2 is considered a loss, however 3 of 4 is acceptable. Rules:

The hostage must obey reasonable requests made by his/her captors, but may try
and escape if not being watched, or the opportunity is made by the attacking team to allow an escape Both the attacking team and the defending team have free access to the field once the game begins

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If negotiations are being considered, the attacking team is allowed to make

counter offers for fulfilling the defending teams requests (IE free a hostage in exchange for water, or food in exchange for a defending player) Defenders may take pot shots at the attackers and vice versa, unless otherwise negotiated during the game.

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V.I.P. Escort

Jacket, vest or object (such as briefcase) to identify VIP(s)

Setup: One or more players assigned or volunteer to be a VIP Designated start and finish areas for the escort team to take the VIP player(s) Overview: The general idea for this game is for the escort team is to successfully transport the VIP(s) from the start point, to the end point without being shot. They must start off as a group and unless otherwise stated, have full use of the field to carry out their scenario. The attacking teams goal is to eliminate the VIP(s) before he/she reaches her destination. Their only goal is to eliminate the VIP, so they should not spend too much time trying to eliminate regular members of the escort team unless it is necessary for eliminating the VIP. The VIP(s) may be armed with a pistol if previously indicated prior to the game start. Your only goal is to get to your destination and as far as you are concerned your escort team is expendable. You are not in charge of your team however, and cannot give them orders only suggestions Rules: The VIP may not pick up a weapon other then what was originally agreed on prior to game start. Once they are out of ammunition, they may not obtain another weapon from any other player Teams have full access to the field unless otherwise agreed upon You may wish to try and have one team setup around the field prior to the game start, and a larger number of escorts which must try to clear the way as you go instead of having both teams starting at the same time.

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Center Flag / Push

Materials: 1 flag Setup: Place 1 flag approximately in the middle of the playing field prior to the start of the game. Overview: This is generally a fast paced game which promotes large firefights around the flag area. Teams are required to start at opposite areas of the field, capture the flag in the middle, and take it to the opposing teams base (NOT YOUR OWN!) Rules: If a player is eliminated they must leave the field promptly and either re-generates from their own base or designated area before re-entering the game If a player is eliminated while carrying the flag, they must immediately drop it where they were hit and not permitted to throw or pass the flag to teammates. Players may not hide the flag from other members of the opposing team and must be carried visibly (not under a jacket or in a bag)

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TAG / Hunter
Materials: Item to indicate the hunter player (Hat, jacket, etc) Setup: Assign or have 1 player volunteer to be the hunter. The rest of the players should be given time to scatter throughout the playing field before the game starts. Overview: The game is a modified version of Tag. Only the hunter is able to shoot, the rest of the players must stay away or hide from the hunter. Any player tagged by the hunter becomes the new hunter and must put on the coat, or hat which identifies that player and the old hunter becomes a regular player. Each player may only be the hunter once, so if you are tagged a second time, you are considered dead and are eliminated from the game. The person at the end which is the hunter is considered the winner. Rules:

No one may shoot at the hunter as he/she cannot be eliminated

After exchanging the jacket, or hat, the old hunter must be given reasonable time get away and is not to be followed Once a player has been eliminated for the second time, they are out of the game and must leave the field promptly Players must move to a new spot and not stay canceled (camp) in the same spot for more then 5 minutes at a time

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Last man standing

Materials: None Required Setup: Allow players time to randomly scatter throughout the playing field. Limit each player to 1 low cap, or 50 rounds. Overview: A relatively simple game where every player must fend for themselves. The last player remaining on the field wins. A good game to play for the end of the day, or before a lunch break, as it allows players to filter in from the field rather then a game ending all at once. Rules: Players may not team up with other players on the field Players must not hide in one spot for more then 3-5 minutes max

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Critically Injured VIP/Downed Pilot

Materials: Stretcher 1 or more prop dummies or player(s) to act as VIP Red electrical tape White bandages (rags) 1 marked off extraction point

Set Up: Use red electrical tape to represent wounds on the injured and then place them randomly on the field (can be together or separate). Their locations should not be known by the attacking team, and only a general area/direction should be known by the rescue team. Give the rescue team enough bandages to cover all wounds, as well as a stretcher(s) to use for transporting the injured. Designate an extraction zone which the rescue team must bring the injured to and should not be known by the attackers at the beginning of the game. Overview: The rescue team must try and locate all injured VIP(s)/Pilots and bring them back to their safe zone alive. Before they can move any of the injured, they must bandage their wounds by covering all the red tape with their bandages. Only then can the injured be loaded onto a stretcher to be transported to the extraction point. The attacking team is to try and stop the rescue team from extracting the injured. You may wish to have the attacking team try extracting the injured as prisoner(s) for the game as well, except they would not need the use of bandages, only a stretcher. Rules:

The injured can only be moved on the stretcher by no less then 2 people at all

times. The rescue team may not move the injured prior to covering ALL their wounds. Be sure to check the back, arms and legs. If a VIP/Pilot arrives at the extraction zone with any wounds exposed, they will be considered DOA and will count as a loss. The attacking team may move the injured without bandaging wounds, but must use a stretcher to do so. If the VIP(s)/Pilot(s) are players, they are NOT allowed to walk, run, move or assist in transportation in any way. Variations: Have a time limit each VIP/Pilot is able to survive without medical treatment or reaching the extraction zone. Only allow extraction of the VIP(s)/Pilot(s) at certain times during the game. If the rescue team misses one of these times, they must defend the injured until the next opportunity to extract. Have the rescue team able to call in the extraction, but have the extraction take 5 minutes to reach the area (Such as a helicopter would take time to travel to the field)

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Downed Pilot (Expanded)

Materials: Setup: Mark off 4 separate extraction zones on the field (2 for each team). Be sure to mix them up, put 1 for each team on opposite ends of the field. Be sure to mark each extraction zone with a number and the team it belongs to clearly. Get 2 people or vehicles to be the helicopters (1 per team) and assign each a specific channel on the radio. Hide (not to well, but not in the open) 5 - 7 dummies randomly around the field. Overview: There are 5-7 downed pilots hidden throughout the field. Your teams job will be to recover as many as they can and bring them to their teams extraction points (unknown by the teams). Once a team has a dummy at an extraction point, they must then, and ONLY then, call for a helicopter to come and rescue the pilot. The team which rescues the most pilots will be considered the winners. Rules: 1 Stretcher (May not be used depending on scenario) 5 - 7 Dummies Marked off extraction points 2 Helicopters (people or vehicles)

A helicopter can rescue only 1 pilot at a time on a given run A helicopter may choose not to enter an extraction zone if the area is heavily

under fire. If this is the case, they may either wait for up to 5 minutes for an opportunity to land, or refuse a pickup at that time A helicopter may choose to close an extraction zone at any time, but will be required to relay which landing zone to use as an alternative Helicopters are considered in flight and may NOT be attacked at any time (Even during landings) Variations: Helicopters may be equipped with a door gunner which cannot be hit, but can provide support to troops during extractions Helicopters may be used as the only means of bringing in re-enforcements (players) to the field Instead of team extraction zones, have 3 general extraction zones which may be used by either team Have 3 dummies per team. The first team to rescue all their own dummies would be considered the winners The use of a stretcher is optional. Generally the game works better with the use of one, but depending on the scenario it may be left out

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1 Monster Costume/Mask 3-5 Lab coats (markers for scientists)


1 Super weapon with separate ammunition Designate a super weapon for the game and randomly place the weapon, and ammunition around the field. Assign 3 - 5 players with pistols only to be scientists, and one player as a monster. Overview: The attacking teams goal is to locate the super weapon, as well as the ammunition for it in order to kill the monster. Once the attacking team finds the ammunition, and the super weapon, only then may they attack the monster with it. The attacking team is able to engage the scientists at their discretion. The scientists are to try and prevent the attacking team from obtaining the super weapon or any of its ammunition, and may freely eliminate the attacking team any chance they get. The monster is a fast moving element which is invulnerable to regular fire. He is able to eliminate attacking players by touch alone, and may or may not choose to give warning of his whereabouts on the field at any given time. Loyal to his creators, he is to try and defend and obey all reasonable directions given to him by the scientists. Rules: All players may move about the playing field freely and are not required to defend any specific area. The monster can ONLY be eliminated by the super weapon. (This means there is no use shooting him with your AEG or Pistol) The game ends when the attacking team is completely eliminated, or the monster has been eliminated by the super weapon.

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Tactical Withdrawal
Materials: 1 marked off extraction point Setup: Divide the teams into 2 groups, give one team (the attacking team) a 2:1 advantage over the defending team. Have the defending team setup on the field prior to the game start near the designated extraction zone. Overview: The attacking teams objective is to successfully reach the extraction zone with at least 50% of its members still active. The defending teams objective is to eliminate as many players from the attacking team as they can before they reach the extraction zone. Rules: The attacking team is not required to stay together as a group The attacking team is not to know the whereabouts of the defending team prior to the game start The defending team is able to freely roam the field. The defending team is not required to protect the extraction zone if they feel there is a better point on the field to eliminate the attacking team.

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Vampires & Werewolves

Materials: Bands/tape to indicate teams Setup: Divide into two teams (Werewolves & Vampires) and mark one team with armbands, or tape. Overview: Start each team at opposite ends of the field. When a player is hit by a member of the opposing team, they must switch their armband or remove their tape. This transfer between teams takes about 20 seconds (keep one arm above your head to indicate you are in this phase). Once a player has changed teams he/she is to walk over to the team that initially shot them and continue play. The game ends when one team eliminates the other fully from the field. Rules: You must raise your hand above your head to indicate you are transferring to the other team for a minimum of 20 seconds Players who are transferring between teams are out of play and should be shot Teams are allowed to move freely in groups or split up once the game begins

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Soldier and General

Materials: Blind folds Setup: Have players partner up, and randomly scatter themselves throughout the field. One player is to be blindfolded, and given a pistol, the other is unarmed and can only give directions to his partner. Overview: Each team is made up of 2 players, a General and a Soldier. The general is unarmed but is able to verbally give instructions to his partner (the soldier) such as forward, left, raise gun, fire, etc. Generals cannot physically direct his soldier unless there is a possibility of injury (steps, walls, etc). The soldier is to follow his/her Generals commands and as a team try to eliminate all other teams in the field. If either player on the team is hit by another, the whole team is considered eliminated (as a general is unarmed, and a soldier cannot see). Rules: Generals must stay within 5 feet of their soldier at all times Generals cannot physically direct their soldier unless there is a possibility of injury Soldiers must follow orders from their general at all times A team is eliminated by hitting either the General or the Soldier and not both members Variations: If a soldiers general is hit, try to have that soldier fall under the command of the opposing teams general.

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Materials: 1 marked off extraction point Setup: Divide the players into 2 groups. One armed with AEGs and the other armed only with pistols. The Pistol only group should have a 3:1 advantage over the other. Designate an objective point or object on the field, and have the team with pistols setup position prior to the game start. Overview: The team with the pistols objective is to try and defend the objective area, or object from the team with the AEGs. The AEG teams objective is to reach or recover the objective within a certain time limit. Rules: Usually played as single hit elimination. Objectives can be to extract a pilot, recover evidence, or reach an extraction zone.

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The Undead
Materials: 3 Objectives 1 Marked off extraction point Setup: Randomly place 3 objectives on the field. Divide the teams into 2 groups, Undead and Spec-Ops. The undead team should be outnumbered to start. The Spec-Ops team should be generally informed there the objectives are located prior to the game start. Overview: The Spec-ops teams objective is to recover the 3 objectives and bring them back to the designated extraction point. If a member of the Spec-Op team is hit by an undead player, they are to turn around, raise their hand above their head and count out-loud to 30. Once complete, they return to the game as an undead player and may only use their pistol, or a semi-auto AEG (If using an AEG, players may only fire a round once every 2 seconds). The undead teams objective is to eliminate the Spec-Ops team. However, seeing as they are undead, they cannot sprint or run, only slow walk around the field. Once hit, an undead player should turn around, raise their hand, and count out-loud to 30. When they are done, they are able to resume play as an undead player. Rules: The game continues until the Spec-Op team recovers all their objectives and successfully reaches the extraction point, or until they are completely eliminated by the undead team. Variations: Spec Ops team members may carry 1 Serum vial each, and may heal any fellow member before the 30 seconds are up (By touching them during their count). They cannot heal themselves.

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Materials: 1 Magazine per player only (may be pistol as well) Setup: Have players pair off and swap their magazine with their partner (This will make each player unable to use their AEG/Pistol at the beginning of the game). Have players randomly scatter throughout the field, and as far from their partner as they can. Radio contact with their partner should not be permitted. Objective: When the game starts, each players objective is to try and find their partner and get their mag in order to use their weapon. Once partners have exchanged mags, they are free to eliminate anyone else on the field they can. Last team/player standing wins. Rules: Mercy rules are ONLY in effect of one or more players are armed and able to shoot

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Drug Ops
Materials: Marker Flags [Optional] Drums/Containers Setup: Two teams evenly divided, one designated the Drug runners, the other DEA/Swat/etc. Give the marker flags to the Drug runners. Place the optional Drums and containers somewhere on the field Objective: The drug runners must find an open section of field [Ideally a meadow or similar] to plant the drug crops. They must then protect the grow op for a set amount of time. Optionally they must also retrieve the Drums and containers to setup a drug lab. DEA team must stop the drug runners from completing the allotted time. Hints: Add drums for larger player base / More time for larger fields

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Sam Strike

Designated Sam zone (marked area or prop)

Bag/Crate Fireworks Setup: Two teams evenly divided. Place of the bag containing the fireworks at a designated spot on field. Objective: One team is designated as the Sam team. They must retrieve the Sam missles [fireworks] and move to the designated sam zone. They launch a missle every 5 minutes or so until supplies exhausted. Opposite team must try and intercept the missles or prevent the other team from launching all the Sams.

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