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Hi, guys. Today, I tried using pscx2 to play ps2 games and it took me a long time to make it work.

People said it would work with no additional stuff. It turns out they were wrong after all and I had to do some extra to make it work. What you need: a) Windows 7 (I've used last x64 build); b) fast computer (at least 256mb video card and 2gb ram); c) directx 9 installed (yes, directx 9) note: no, it won't uninstall your directx 11 installation, at least it didn't for me - get it here:; d) pcsx2's last build from here: Downloads - pcsx2 - Project Hosting on Google Code - GSDXSoft plugin, get the last build here: PCSX2 plugins e) you must download a BIOS file for pcsx2 but I cannot tell you where to get it but you can search for it on Google or on torrent sites NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A FAST COMPUTER TO USE PCSX2!!! STEP 1: First, install Directx 9, in case you didn't do it before and then install pcsx2 using installer from C section. In case you installed Directx and it didn't work, try copying the DLL files from DirectX to the C:\Windows folder. That's what I did and it worked for me. STEP 2: On C:\Program Files (x86)\pcsx2 folder, you must place the extracted gsdxsoft (see section C) file on plugins folder. STEP 3: Get the BIOS file (it's something like 5000-VPH.bin, something like that) and place it on C:\Program Files (x86)\pcsx2\bios folder. STEP 4: Open PCSX2. Go to Config and then Configure. On Graphics section you'll have a drop-down list with some gsdxsoft plugins. Choose the highest version on the list but keep in mind that you should choose the appropriate plugin for your processor. SSE2 works for my AMD Phenom. In case you don't know if you a SSE2, SSE3 or SSE4 processor, you can try one by one on the plugin list. Still in Graphics section, hit Configure and then choose on Renderer section "Directx9 (Software)". I have directx 11 working fine but it doesn't work for pcsx2, even on the latest build (as of 07/25/09). I tried directx 10 but it doesn't work, too. I tried even compatibility modes, all of them, they didn't work too. So don't use compatibility modes. Links for SSE cores: SSE2 supporting CPUs SSE2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia SSE3 supporting CPUs SSSE3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia SSE4 Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn series,meaning the E7xxx and E8xxx models for dual cores and the Q9xxx models for quad cores. STEP 5: You must Configure your joystick/pad. It's easy as A,B,C, just try the controller

section. STEP 6: You must set the right drive letter (D:\ or E:\ or F:\) for your DVD-Rom device on Cdvdrom section. Choose Gigaherz's plugin, click Configure and set the appropriate drive letter. STEP 7: Close pcsx2 and go the pcsx2's folder and right-click pcsx2.exe file and choose Properties and then in Compatibility tab, check the following options (just to make pcsx2 play a little bit faster): disable visual themes, disable desktop compostion. If you check those options, everytime you open pcsx2 your desktop will change to a basic deskop. You don't have to check those options but it might improve pscx2 performance. Click OK and exit Settings box. STEP 8: On File, click on Run CD/DVD and you're done. If you have trouble while playing the game, you can check for pcsx2 forums and ask for help. I took most of the info from here: Official English guide In case you have trouble with questions concerning pcsx2 issues, check out the link above. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A FAST COMPUTER TO USE PCSX2!!!