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Activity 1
Give responses to the following questions.
1. Whats your ambition for your future? 2. Do you want to get a job? 3. What kind of job do you want? 4. What requirements should you have to get that job? 5. Have you prepared yourselves? 6. What have you already done and what you havent done? 7. What will you do then?

Activity 2
QUESTION-WORDS Study the following question-words
Question words What Question What countries have you visited? What did you do last week? When did he arrive? When will he come? Where do you come from? Where I can find a bank? Why did he leave early? Why arent you coming with us? Who came to visit that place? Answer America and France I went to the movie theater Yesterday Next Monday I come from America At Junior Street Because he was tired Because I am sick Ann and Bob I will Note What is used to ask about things/activity/job. It is often used with other words. When is used to ask question about time. Where is used to ask about place. Why is used to ask about reason. Who is used to ask about person as

When Where Why Who

1 Parahyangan Tourism Course


Who will drive the car? How did you do there? How far Surabaya from here?

By bus 120 kilometers

subject. How is used in many ways. It can be used to ask about manner, length of time, frequency, distance, speed, age, condition, weather, etc.

USEFUL EXPRESSIONS: Talking about professions

Asking someones job: What What What What What What What What is your job? is your occupation? is your profession? are you? do you do? is Mr. Johns position? is your fathers profession? type of job does the woman do? What is he? What is the man? What is the mans job? What is his occupation? What does he do? What does your father do? What kind of job does the man have? How does the man earn for living?

Telling someones job: I am a receptionist I work as a receptionist My father is a manager My job is guiding the tourist to the tourist objects He is a waitress He works as a musician The man is tour guide Her job is handling telephone cells

Activity 3
Study the following job vacancy.

An international resort in Bali seeking for A Tour Guide

Key Responsibility: able to speak well, English is required

Qualifications: Bachelor Degree (S1) in Tourism 2 Parahyangan Tourism Course Male, age 23-40 years old Proficiency with MS Windows, MS Office, and Basic Linux System Fluent in English, both oral and written

3 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Activity 3
Tell about the content of the above vacancy using your own words. Use the following questions to make you understand it easily. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What kind of company advertises the vacancy? Where is the company? What position does the company advertise? What is the minimal degree needed? Does the applicant have to be computer literate? Does the company need applicants who master English well? Where should the applicant send the application? Can the applicant send the application by email?

Activity 4
Study the following interview. INTERVIEW Mr. Kim, the personal manager of Golden Resort, is interviewing Cindy. She is applying for the position of receptionist in the hotel of Golden Resort. Mr. Kim Cindy Mr. Kim : Good morning. Are you Cindy? I am glad you could come. : you must be Mr. Kim. : Youre right. Well, Cindy, the position is for receptionist. Could you tell me about your educational background, please? : I completed a two-year receptionist course. : Tell me about your family, please. : I am the third child and the only daughter in my family. I live with my parents here. : You speak English so well. Where did you learn English? : I learned English at school and I practice it with my foreign friends. : All right. Would it possible for you to start tomorrow? : What time does the office start? : The office hours are from eight to four. Dont be late. : All right, Mr. Kim. Thank you. : Youre welcome. See you tomorrow then. 4 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Cindy Mr. Kim Cindy Mr. Kim Cindy Mr. Kim Cindy Mr. Kim Cindy Mr. Kim

Cindy : See you. There are some other variations Mr. Kim reads Cindys papers and asks her about her English. Mr. Kim : Your grade in English is excellent. You also speak English well. Have you ever been abroad? Cindy : No, I havent. I like English very much. Do people speak English here? Mr. Kim : Yes, they do. Its an American Company, you know. Cindy : Thats great. I can practice my English everyday then.

Activity 4
Study the letter of application bellow. Jalan Pahlawan 17 Bali The Personel Manager Golden Resort Legian Bali Dear Sir, I would like to apply for the position of Receptionist as advirtesed in Jawa Post dated 2nd January 2012. I am twenty three years old and not married. I can speak and write English. Besides, I can speak Japanese and Mandarin well. I have spent two years as a receptionist in a hotel in Surabaya. I should be grateful if you could give me further information about the job you advrtised. Yours sincerely, Reina Maharani Putri

5 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Activity 4
Study the following curriculum vitae carefully.
CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL IDENTITIES Name : Edward Ferdinand Date of birth : September 09, 1987 Place of birth : Jakarta Age : 23 Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indonesia Home Address : No. 196 Jln. Bougenville Duta Kranji Bekasi Barat 17134 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Elementary School Junior High School Senior High School Gunadarma University College WORK EXPERIENCE 2004 2006 Personal junior auditor KAP Rama Wendra to Senior auditor KAP Rama Wendra 2006 2008 IT Staff on PT. Sankyo Indonesia to Group Manajer PT. Sankyo Indonesia 2008 2010 High personal Web Developer / Programmer to Senior Marketing Executive Programmer SKILLS Especially in data analysis SQL Server environment , Business Object ( BO ) , Reporting ( Basic reporting ) , Ms Office ( Ms Word , Ms Excel , PowerPoint REFERENCE : Forwaded upon request INTEREST : Business man and Marketing Manajer LANGUAGE : Strong speak English and Indonesia

Make a CV and application letter!

6 Parahyangan Tourism Course

2.1 Describing a Destination

Activity 1
Lamongan Marine Tourism (Wisata Bahari Lamongan/WBL)

Lamongan Marine Tourism (Wisata Bahari Lamongan/WBL) is available with its unique, the result of combination between natural aspects, cultures, and architecture, which is global, taste but still maintain local trademark. WBL is a balancing towards some tourism places that have exist before like Tanjung Kodok and Maharani Cave. It is located in north coast of Java, in Paciran, Lamongan regency, East Java. It is on 17 hectares field and supported by some facilities, which are ready to please the guest with one stop service concept. Besides readily means tourism greet your visit start at 09.00 AM up to beating 17.00 PM, frontage of main gate also has available souvenirs shop with its luxury design, presenting various first products, fish market, fruit and vegetable. This tourism object also present opened to dish market start to beat 09.00 AM up to beating 21.00 PM. Various facility which showed maritime tourism of Lamongan for example: Cat House, Video game, Hospital Of Ghost, Samba Jet Propulsion, Mini Of Train, Drive Arena, Go-kart, Motor Cross, Gallery Of Ship And Cockle, Tagada, Adolescent Playground, Space Shuttle, Jet Coaster, Dancing Whale, Swimming Pool Of Brine, Swimming Pool Of Freshwater, Bumper Boat, Banana Boat, Ski Jet Propulsion, Long Boat, 7 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Texas City and Indiana Camp, Agility Arena, Cinema 3D, Palace of Under Sea, Samba Balloon, Mini Of Columbus, Shoot Water, Kiddy Ride, Insect Cave, Piratical Den, Glass Planet, Bumper Car, World Irrigate, Water Boom, Happy Podium, Remote Boat, Traditional Boat, Cano, Ski Boat, The miniature of Walisongo, Minaret Rukyat. There are also the others object in WBL Foreland of Cape Frog Beach Resort covering cottage and hotel with service Islamic, restaurant and various other interesting facility tourism which still be developed in explore region for the width of 20 hectare. Finally, this local object has international level build using modern management of PT Bumi Lamongan Sejati representing two companies between governance of Lamongan Regency with PT Bunga Wangsa Sejati which have succeeded to build and develop Jatim Park in Batu. Nowadays, Tanjung Kodok has new trademark by the name of Maritime tourism of Lamongan "WBL of foreland of frog Or Jatim Park II". This tourism object has own background of coastal nature, keen stone like the frog which ever used as a place of astronomical symptom research sun eclipse totalize by NASA of Federal America. Nowadays, the location has been built on a large scale and professional using maritime concept tourism like in Ancol Jakarta, Singapura and Japan Coast. This tourist area also close to gold diligence centre, painting on cloth and embroidery in glorious countryside Sendang and Sendang Dhuwur and also center biggest fish landing of East Jawa in Brondong Port. Questions: 1. Where is the location of Lamongan Marine Tourism? 2. What kind of tourist object which is offered by Lamongan Marine Tourism? 3.

Activity 2
Here is a list of tourism object in Lamongan. Describe it! Maharani Cave Gondang Dam tourism area Tanjung Kodok Babat Barrage Tourism Van Der Wijk Monument Sunan Drajad Grave 8 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Sunan Sendang Dhuwur

Brondong Fish Auction. 2.2 Grammar Focus Present simple Form: I/we/you/they + V1 He/she/it e.g: + V1

1. I go to school every day.

2. She works at Tanjung Kodok Resort.

Present continuous

Form: S + to be + Ving e.g: 1. We are travelling to Jakarta.

2. He is working as a tour guide.

Special Expressions 1.
o o

Reasons for travelling.

We are going to Jogjakarta because we want to learn about the traditional cultures of Jogjakarta. They go to Jakarta to have vacation. Describing a destination.

o o

We are going to Kuta Beach. There are many stores which sell water sport equipment such as board, swim suit, float jacket, etc. The main gate frontage of Lamongan Marine Tourism has available souvenirs shop with its luxury design, presenting various first products, fish market, fruit and vegetable.

Study the following dialogue! 9 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Guest Staff

: Could you tell me how to get to the Spa? : Take this passage-way and go down the steps on your right. At the bottom of the steps there is a wooden bridge. Go over the bridge and turn right. Follow the path until you get to the Spa. Its about 40 meters from the bridge.

Guest Staff

: How do I find the Thai Thai restaurant? : Just follow the pathway to the left of the reception desk in the Andaman lobby. The walk-way will take you directly to the Thai Thai Restaurant.

Guest Staff

: Which way do I go to get to the beach? : From the Bell Desk in the Andaman Lobby, turn left and follow the path on the right and go past the pond and up the steps. From there, walk straight across the beach road, the beach will be right in front of you.

Guest Staff

: Pardon me, Im lost, how do I get to the gym? : From the main lobby, walk away from the beach and take the first staircase on your right down. The staircase is next to the portrait center. The gym is on your right at the bottom of the stairs.

Guest Staff

: Which is the best route to the Phuket City? : Get on the road to Patong and drive north on the 4233. At the end of the beach road in Patong, turn right on the 4029 and drive east. Take the 4029 about 4 kilometers and turn right on the 4020. That road will take you into Phuket city.

EXPRESSIONS- DIRECTIONS Asking for directions Could you tell me how to get to ( the pool)? How do I find (StarBucks Coffee Shop)? 10 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Pardon me, Im lost, how do I get to the (the main lobby)? Which is the best route to (Phuket Town)? Could you direct me to (the beach)? Which way do I go to get to (the hospital)?

Giving directions Take this passageway Go up/down the steps On your right/left - Turn right/left Take the elevator. Its on the third floor Follow this path Turn right/left at the corridor Its about 50 meters Go above 3 kilometers Cross the street. Its on your right/left Its in the middle of the block. Its on the corner Drive south on 4233 Its next to/ across from/between/in front of Drive to Jackson Street and turn left/right

Prepositions of location used when giving directions go straight cross next to go to on your right behind right on your left across from left beside in front of

on the corner of (to be very specific NE, SE, NW, SW corners)

Additional Vocabulary sidewalk pedestrian avenue dead end footpath main road boulevard cul de sac no through way (road) street round about pavement 11 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Land marks art gallery cathedral department store museum station fire station railway bus station train opera post office police bridge cinema castle zoo temple

station traffic light stop light stop sign T-junction

Read the following dialogue between Rental Car Agent and the Customer.
Rental Car Agent Customer : Hi. How can I help you?

: Yeah. I'd like to rent a mid-size car for three days. : Okay. Let me check to see if we have one available.

Rental Car Agent

Hmmm. It's doesn't look like we do. We have a couple of economy, compact, and full-size cars available, or a nice minivan. Customer Agent : Well, what is the main difference between these cars? : The main difference is size. The economy car is the smallest, and it seats fewer passengers and can hold fewer luggages. [Okay.] How many people are with you? Customer : Just me and my son. : Well, the economy car would work. We have one right

Rental Car Agent

out front. Customer : Where? That one? It looks more like a shoebox to me. I'm really tall and trying squeeze into that thing . . . I don't think so.

12 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Rental Car Agent

: Well, if you need more room or comfort, I recommend

the full-size car. It also has a nice stereo system, CD player, [Alright] safety rear door locks, and cruise control, and power locks and windows. Customer : Well, I'm not so concerned about how it's equipped. I just want to make sure it is comfortable to drive. And what is the daily rate for that anyway? Rental Car Agent : Well, let's see here. Oh, yeah. It'll come to fifty-seven

ninety-five a day. Customer : Wow, a little expensive. But what's the cost for mileage? : Hey, all of our cars have unlimited miles, but of

Rental Car Agent

course, that doesn't include gas. Customer : Yeah, right. I bet that car probably eats up gas, and now that were in the middle of the vacation season, gas stations are gouging consumers with astronomical prices. Rental Car Agent : Well, as they say, it comes down to the law of supply

and demand. Customer : Well, anyway, can you install a car seat in one of those cars? I have a 3-year-old son with me. Rental Car Agent Customer : Sure, and that'll only be one dollar extra per day.

: I'll go with the full-size car. Wait, uh . . . what does it look like?

Rental Car Agent

: Uh, it's right out there in the parking lot. [Which one?]

The one over there next to the sidewalk. Customer : Do you mean that old lemon with the missing hubcap? Ahhh. Rental Car Agent : Sir, excuse me. We take pride in our vehicles. It's just

that it's one of the last cars on our lot, but it runs like a dream. Don't let the exterior fool you. Hey, I'll even give you an extra fifteen dollars off the daily rate to show you

13 Parahyangan Tourism Course

we are serious about pleasing our customers. Will there be any other drivers? Customer : No, I'm the only driver. : Okay. Would you like to purchase our daily car

Rental Car Agent

protection plan? Customer : What's that exactly? : Well, the car protection plan is a complete insurance

Rental Car Agent

package covering damage to the vehicle, [Okay] injury or loss of life to you or your passengers [Oh]. It even includes incidental road damage caused by, let's say, a huge boulder rolling down the mountain and crushing your car. [Oh, uh, well . . . ]. However, it won't cover loss of property due to theft. Too much crime in the area anyway. [What? Wh . . . What about this crime? What, what?]. Don't worry about it. And the car protection plan is only seventeen ninety-five per day. [But you were saying?] And the nicest thing about this coverage is that you can rent the car without the worry and hassle of making a complicated claim in case you do have a problem. Customer : But wouldn't my own car insurance cover those problems? : It might, but each insurance policy is different. With

Rental Car Agent

our car protection plan, however, you deal directly with us in case there is a problem [Well . . . ], and we handle everything quickly, and you don't have to contact your own insurance company. Okay. Let me just confirm this. A full-size car with a car seat for three days [Yeah], plus the car protection package. Is that right? [That's right.] Okay, I'll have our mechanic, Louie, check the car over and pull it up to the door. Customer : Push it up to the door? I hope this car really runs.

14 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Rental Car Agent

: Well, in case it does break down on some out-of-the-

way, deserted road, just call the toll-free number for assistance. They'll come to assist you within . . . two business days. [Two business days!!!] Enjoy your trip.

Key Vocabularies

eat up (phrasal verb): use or consume a lot of something like fuel or electricity - My parents sold their truck because it ate up so much gas that is was no longer affordable to drive.

gouge (verb): make people pay a lot for something - During natural disasters, some stores tend to gouge consumers by charging high prices for everyday goods.

lemon (noun): a poor-quality car that is useless - My brother knows nothing about cars, and he bought a used car, but it turned out to be a real lemon because it broke down only two hours after he bought it.

like a dream (verb): very well - The minivan runs like a dream; it handles smoothly, and you feel like you are driving a luxury car.

incidental (adjective): unplanned or unexpected - You should budget enough money for maintaining your car because there are often incidental expenses you don't anticipate, like repairing a cracked windshield or fixing a flat tire.

boulder (noun): a large rock - The road was closed for two hours because road crews had to remove several large boulders that tumbled into the road as a result of a major rock slide.

hassle (noun): trouble, difficulty, or bother - It was such a hassle to drive my dad's truck because there was always something wrong with it.

out-of-the-way (adjective): far away from people or cities that is not traveled much

15 Parahyangan Tourism Course

- I really enjoy driving to out-of-the-way places because I can get away from large crowds.

Make a dialogue, in pairs, about hire car and then present it in front of the class ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Make a presentation aboout destination of tourism objects!


16 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Study the following dialogue!

Caller : Good morning.

Receptionist : Good morning Merdeka Hotel. Can I help you? Caller your hotel. May i have some informations about your hotel, please? Receptionist : Of course, Sir. I will help you. What do you want to know about this hotel? Caller : Is it far from the beach? : My name is Farhan. I will go to Bali next week and my friends suggest me to stay at

Receptionist : No, Sir. Its about 100 meters from the beach. You can go there on foot. We also provide a vehicle if you want. Anything else Sir? Caller : yaaa.. and how about the facilities?

Receptionist : For standard room, we provide one bed, TV, AC, and one bathroom. And for suite room we add sofa and a small kitchen in there It is also faced the sea. Caller : Ok. Thank you.

Receptionist : We look forward to your visit, Mr. Farhan.

Answer the questions below!

1. Who is the caller? 2. What are the facilities of that hotel? 3. Why he choose that hotel in his vacation?

Look at these pictures carefully and try to make a description about the facilities of the hotel!

17 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Study the following dialogue! Reservation: Good morning. Sahid Hotel. What can I do for you? Caller : Good morning. Id like to book a single room please?

Reservation: I am sorry, Sir. All of single rooms have been full. Caller : oooo No..

Reservation: But we still have a double room, Sir. Caller : Oke, no problem. How much is the room rate?

Reservation: For a double room, the rate is $20 per night. Caller : Does the rate include breakfast?

Reservation: Yes, breakfast is included. How long are you going to stay?


: From October 11th to October 20th

Reservation: May I have your name and address, please? Caller : My name is Mike, 75 fifth Avenue, Los Angeles California. 18 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Reservation: And whats your phone number? Caller : My phone number is 334-220-788

Reservation: Thank you. We look forward to your visit, Mr. Mike.

Answer the questions below!

1. Who is the caller? 2. What kind room that he book? 3. Does he agree to book that room?

Grammar point

3. o

Articles definite and indefinite Definite article used for : Before noun e.g.: the sun, the moon, the sky etc.

Before someone nationality e.g.: the British, the American, the Swiss etc.

Before false proper name e.g.: the SMA Trimurti, the SMA Petra, the SMA Khadijah etc.

Before name of country (plural) e.g.: the United States of America, the Netherlands, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics etc.

Before proper names of books e.g.: the old Koran, the Bible, the Ramayana etc.

Before true proper names e.g.: the old Egypt, the Jakarta of today, the Java of Mojopahit etc.

Before uncountable noun with adj. Or superlative e.g.: the English spoken in America, the best English etc.

Before phrase e.g.: the Jones Family, the Smith Company etc.

Before organization names 19 Parahyangan Tourism Course

e.g.: the United Nations Organization, the United States Information Service etc. 4. o Indefinite article used for :

Before countable noun (singular) e.g.: a ring, a cat, an apple etc.

Before hundred, thousand, million etc. e.g.: a million dollars, a thousand men etc.

Before specific expressions e.g.: to make a mistake etc.

After to be (as a complement of noun) e.g.: he is a lawyer, I am a student etc.

After word half e.g.: half a dozen, half a pound etc.

Before word half e.g.: one and a half months etc.

At the beginning of a folktale e.g.: once upon a time etc.

Before uncountable nouns e.g.: its a hard life, a difficult language etc.

Fill those sentente with the appropriate definite or indefinite articles (the, a, or an)!
1. Ronny went to_______beach last week. 2. My mother give______gift for my birthday. 3. John buy__________new bycycle yesterday. 4. Nanny make_________cake for her mother. 5. _________temple was very beautiful.

Eating Out
Eating out is fun and exciting. It allows one to experience new taste sensations. It allows one to see unique dining settings and ambiances. It allows one to save

20 Parahyangan Tourism Course

time and effort since someone else does the cooking and cleaning up. There are any numbers of expressions you are likely to encounter at a restaurant. Below are just a few of them. English Expressions Expression By a waiter May I take your order? Are you ready to order sir? How would you like (... your steak)? Could I have a few minutes, please? Yes, I'll have the salmon. Medium rare, please. Response

You have a choice of (...baked or mashed I'll have the mashed. potatoes). Would you care (...for something to drink)? Yes, Ill have an iced tea. May I get you anything else? No, I'm fine thanks.

By a customer Could I get another (... roll, please)? Could I see the (... menu)? This steak is (... still bloody. Could you have the chef cook it a little more)? This isn't what I ordered, (... I wanted a BLT and you gave me meat loaf)? I'm so sorry sir. It's my first day and Im still a little confused, confused, confused. Can I get the check, please? Right away, sir. Certainly, I will bring it right away. One moment, please. Right away, ma'am.

21 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Once you have eaten, or maybe before you order you may describe the food just eaten to your dining companion. You may also want to know how something may taste before ordering it. There are a number of words that can be used to describe food. Look at these examples. Words used to describe food Bland Sweet Rich Sour Spicy Bitter Salty Hot

Ways to prepare food Pickled Broiled Baked Fried Boiled Sauted

Words to describe the taste of food Delicious Yummy Awful Yucky Good Disgusting Tasty

Dialogue Students should work together in pairs and read the following dialogue, one student reading one part, the other student reading the other. Note the expressions used in the dialogue and the progression of the conversation. The dialogue can be used as a model to have similar conversations. Waiter : Welcome to Kaseys Kitchen. Do you have a reservation?

Customer : Yes, the name is Johnson, Paul. Waiter : Ah, yes, here you are. That was a party for one, correct?

Customer : Yes. Waiter : Right this way. Heres the menu. Ill return in a moment to take your order. .

22 Parahyangan Tourism Course


: Are you ready to order, sir?

Customer : Yes, Ill have the T-bone steak. Waiter : How would you like that cooked?

Customer : Well done, please. Waiter : You have a choice of potatoes- French fried, mashed, or baked.

Customer : Ill have the baked potato. Waiter : Would you like that with butter or sour cream or both?

Customer : Im on a diet, so only butter. Waiter : The vegetables today are corn on the cob, peas and carrots, or broccoli. Customer : Ill take the corn on the cob. Waiter : And what would you like for dessert?

Customer : What do you have? Waiter : We have apple, cherry and lemon meringue pie, chocolate and vanilla cake, peach cobbler, and chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. Customer : Ill take the cherry pie, a la mode, please. Waiter : Would you care for something to drink?

Customer : Ill take a large ice tea with my meal and a cup of black coffee with dessert. Waiter : Very good sir. Enjoy your meal.

Customer : Thanks. After reading, close your book and tell your partner a summary of the dialogue. Then switch and have your partner tell his or her summary. Start like this: This dialogue is about a man in a restaurant ordering ...This may seem silly, since you both already know what the dialogue is about, but the purpose is to practice using your English, not to give information or test your reading skills.

23 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Conversation Activities

1. Pair work- discussion When did you go to a restaurant last? Tell your partner about it using some of the ideas for discussion below. Your partner should ask questions to get more information.
when did you go

where did you go what did you eat who did you go with how was the food 2. Pair work- Role Play The situation: At a restaurant Working with a partner, role plays the situation, using the information below Use the menu below to order a meal. The roles: a waiter, a customer

24 Parahyangan Tourism Course


Interest Tourism Object Nature Tourism in Costa Rica

Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the province of Puntarenas, Manuel Antonio National Park is a tourist spot, which despite its small size is the most visited for its beautiful beaches and landscapes that have earned it the nickname Second Acapulco. There, its 700 hectares occupied, contains all those natural attractions that attract tourism in Costa Rica, from beautiful beaches, a magnificent landscape with islands near the coast, a lush rain forest encircled with a network of easy paths to walk and lots of wildlife.

25 Parahyangan Tourism Course

Among the fauna it can be to see monkeys of various species, as the loud, white-faced and even squirrel monkey, sloths and coatimundis. In the town of Manuel Antonio can find accommodations in several categories, budget hotels on the beaches to luxury hotels placed on the hills, from which you can have stunning panoramic views of this beautiful resort is ideal for enjoying the beaches and ecotourism.

Question 1-2 refer to the following text
NATIONAL MUSEUM REGULATIONS Taking a photograph is not permitted Sketching of art object is permitted Umbrellas and bags must be left at the baggage counter Food and drinks may not be brought in the the museum Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult It is forbidden to touch the paintings or art objects

1. What is not allowed to do in the museum? a. Do make drawings b. To take photograph c. To touch the paintings d. To bring children under 8 2. We are allowed ... in the museum. a. To eat in the museum b. To cary a bag with us c. To touch the painting or art object d. To bring chidrentemple complex is one of the greatest The borobudur Question 3-5 refer in the world. It is of uncertain age, but thought to have monuments to the following text
been built between the end of the seventh and beginning of the eight century AD. For about a century and a half it was the spiritual centre of Budhhism in Java then, it was lost until its rediscovery in the eifhteenth century.

26 Parahyangan Tourism Course

The structure, composed of 55.000 square meters of lava-rock is erected on the hill in the form of a stepped pyramid of six rectangular stories. Three circular terraces and a central stupa forming the summit. The whole structure is in the form of a lotus.

3. How old is Borobudur temple exactly? a. Unknown b. A century and a half c. Seven centuries d. Eighteen centuries 4. When was the borobudur temple refound? a. In seventh century b. In eight century c. In eighteenth century d. In the end and eighth century 5. What is the synonim of erected in paragraph 2? a. Set in b. Set on c. Set up d. Set off Look at the folowing extracts from advertisements (on the left side) together with your notes (on the right), then make a short dialogue as aexample!
For fast service come to HARLEYS DINNER extremly slow

: excuse me it is too long for me to wait for a glass of orang juice. Its complately opposite of fast service written in your advertisement. : we are sorry, Sir. We guarantee it wont happen again.
ANIMAL MAGIC SAFARIS See Lions, Tigers, and Elephants didnt see any wild animals


:.................................................................... :.................................................................... 27 Parahyangan Tourism Course

COUNTRY COTTAGES Beautiful cottages in a peaceful locations

cottage was on a very busy road


:.................................................................... :....................................................................

28 Parahyangan Tourism Course