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March 10, 2013

Fourth Sunday in LENT

Jesus, if you say so!


Hearing Gods Word


Preparing for Gods Word

ORGAN PRELUDE: How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place Brahms CHORAL INTROIT *CALL to WORSHIP When we are baptized into the Christian faith, we are baptized into new life in Christ Jesus. Our baptism is a witness of Christs death and resurrection, through which God saves us to that new life. And because we have died with Jesus Christ, we shall also live with Him! May God help us be true to our new life in Christ Jesus! Come, on this Fourth Sunday in Lent, and let us remember the sacrifices our Lord Jesus made for us! *HYMN #679G Baptized in Water *CALL TO and PRAYER of CONFESSION Baptism is a sacred rite in our faith. But we too often show more reverence for the ritual, rather than the witness. Forgive us for a witness which disregards our baptism, and fails to destroy the power of sin in our lives. Convince us of your cleansing power through baptism, O God, and keep us mindful of our promises, that we may be steadfast in our discipleship. We pray this through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, in whose name we now confess silently... *HYMN #261 (choir only, vs. 4 only) *AFFIRMATION of FAITH- Apostles Creed

Celebration of Holy Baptism (see insert)

See the Children Here Before Us

PRAYER for ILLUMINATION OUR SCRIPTURES THIS WEEK: Psalm 77: 16-20 (pg. 537) Luke 5: 1-11 (pg. 62) SERMON:

You will be catching people!

Hooked on Jesus!

--Rev. Paul Tuttle

Responding to Gods Word

*HYMN #74G Eternal Father, Strong to Save SHARING Our Joys & Concerns PRAYERS of the People- Our Lords Prayer (debts) PRESENTATION of TITHES and OFFERINGS OFFERTORY: Make This Child Yours Lien *DOXOLOGY (#34) *PRAYER of DEDICATION (2013 Mission Yearbook) *HYMN #473G What a Friend *BENEDICTION and *CHORAL RESPONSE SEATED for SILENT REFLECTION ORGAN POSTLUDE: Arise, My Soul, Arise Finnish Folk Tune * indicates when to stand G- refers to our Green hymnal Worship & Rejoice

Welcome friends, old and new! With pleasure and joy, let us praise God and have Christian fellowship with one another. This months Officer Leaders: elder, Ruth Williams; deacon, Jennett Stanley; trustee, Oak Ale; The greeters are Rick & Kitty Lamb. Our liturgist is Brady Ewart. Nursery Coordinator, Victoria Neill Mission Statement: In the Name of Christ: Sowing, GROWing, and Serving. Vision Statement: We are GROWing, Growing in Faith, Reaching others for Christ, Offering opportunities for mission, Worshipping the Lord with our whole, burning hearts. If you are visiting with us today we warmly welcome you! Please feel free to contact Rev. Paul Tuttle with any questions or pastoral needs. Rev. Tuttle can be reached at the Pastor cell:(856) 305-4421, or You can contact Jill Stout, our secretary/treasurer at (856) 358-1104 or TRUSTEES MEETING Monday @ 7:30 in the manse CONG. LIFE MEETING Tuesday @ 7 pm in the manse FINANCE MEETING Tuesday @ 7 pm in the manse PRAISE BAND Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

CHOIR PRACTICE Wednesday @ 7:30 pm PASTORs BIBLE STUDY Thursday @ 9am in the manse The Confirmation Class will meet today from 12:30 to 2 pm in the manse. Junior and Senior High Youth Groups will meet tonight from 5-6 pm in the social hall. If you have any questions please contact Tom Neill (609-457-5954). The next Ladies Luncheon will be held tomorrow, March 11th, 12 noon at the Kountry Kitchen in Elmer. For more information or to RSVP please contact Jean Williams at 856-358-8563. March 24th, A Passion Sunday Cantata: Harvest of Sorrows will conclude our 10 am worship service. March 28th, Maundy Thursday, a dramatic Tenebrae Service and Communion via intinction beginning at 7:30 pm. Youll regret missing this! The Trustee's have been able to purchase a large 60" riding mower for use at the recreation field. Since this is an unbudgeted opportunity we are seeking donations towards the $2600.00 purchase price. Please use the white envelopes located in the pews and mark them "Mower Donation" or see any Trustee to make a contribution. Please note: Jack and Pat Barrett will now be moving March 21st. Their new contact information will be, 218 Evans Lane, Bayberry Branch, Vineland, NJ 08361, cell 856-207-7159.

Prayer Requests: Debbie Covey (Oak Gandys daughter), Jack Barrett, Brenda (Hackett) Halls daughter, Jill (friend of Jane String), Robert Brown (Eric Williams father-in-law), Tom Buckingham, David Sickler, Georgia Williams, Charlie Hitchner, Sara Williams (Lee Williams Jr.s wife), Thomas & Paula Hackett (Dick Hacketts brother and sister-in-law), Doris Miller, Judy Gardner, and Erma Jarman. Please note: There is a notebook in the narthex to write down prayer requests. Rev. Tuttle will utilize this information during the time of our prayers. Please include the individuals name and address if possible. Jennett Stanley is looking for used or unwanted Christmas cards for the Elmer Baptist Church. If you have any please give them to Jennett. Thank you! It is time to order Easter Lilies (cost $9.00 each). Please contact Jen Gardner (609-202-2998) or Evie Williams (769-0187). All orders are due no later than Palm Sunday, March 24th. Please note: There are two Sundays in March that are still open for flowers if anyone is interested in signing up. The dates are March 17th and 24th, Please see the flower chart in the upstairs hallway outside of the lounge.

If one member rejoices or suffers, all members rejoice or suffer together! --1 Corinthians 12:26

We join in celebration today with the families of the children who are being baptized. Andrew Dallas Skinner, born Sepember 17, 2010, Mark & Diane Skinner; Gabriella Marie McElroy, born December 17, 2008, & Rebecca Lynn String, born May 24, 2011, Jeffrey & Nichole String; Kaitlyn Eloise Crane, born September 5, 2012, Josh & Tara (Hitchner) Crane; Gwendolyn Sage Walker, born October 25, 2012, Jon & Erin (Hitchner) Walker. Join us in Sunday School during Lent for a study of The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus by Adam Hamilton. The teens and adults are meeting in the Lounge with Pastor Paul for this interesting study. Our middle school students continue their study of the Gospels called Show Me Jesus and our younger students with their study about the life of Moses from the series Growing with God. We are still looking for teachers and helpers to take turns working with our youngest children in the Doves class. Please let Pastor Paul or Anita Elwell know if you have children for this class or would be willing to help. The Congregational Life Committee is looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. They are planning a day trip this spring to the shore area and would like to get an idea of how many people are interested in lending a helping hand. Please use the sign up sheet that is located in the narthex. There will be more details to follow in the near future. If you have any questions please see a member of the Congregational Life Committee.

The flowers this morning are presented in loving memory of George Coombs Jr. by the String family.

Pastors Bible Study - Thursday mornings 9-10am in the manse. We got a coffee cup just for you! The Mission of the Month for March is One Great Hour of Sharing (to address the needs of Hunger/Poverty). Please keep this ministry in your prayers. Your support to One Great Hour of Sharing changes peoples lives by working with communities to enable them to produce, store, and sell their food, offering training, tools, and seeds to help communities return to food security and by teaching Self-Development techniques. There are envelopes located in your pews for One Great Hour of Sharing. Thank you in advance for your contributions! The board of Trustees are currently looking to obtain bids to repair the sanctuary windows. Some of the repairs will include removing storm windows, repairing glazing, replacing cracked panes, painting and also repairing the exterior soffit, crown and fascia. If anyone in the congregation can recommend a company or someone that does this type of work please give the information to Margie Eachus (856-769-2398). Also, if anyone has great ideas for fundraisers to help with the costs of these repairs please let Margie know. Save the Date! This years CROP Walk is Sunday, April 21st. Check-in starts at 1PM at the First Baptist Church in Woodstown and the walk starts at 2PM. See Stephanie Ale or Jane Gandy with any questions.

All winter decorations should be removed from the cemetery by today. Easter and spring decorations may be placed next week. Thank you.

4 th Sunday in LENT 2013

Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church Daretown, New Jersey
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