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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You and the stranger both like Sherlock.

Stranger: Know much about bullets? -JW You: Yes, why?-SH Stranger: There's one in side -JW You: Inside where? John, where are you?-SH Stranger: Me. Bakeeeerr Strrreet -JW You: What? John, I'm coming right now! Wait!-SH Stranger: Hurts Shrlock -JW Stranger: Tired -JW You: Shut up John, you'll be fine.-SH Stranger: Tird -JW Stranger: You neeed gto know. Love you -JW You: John I love you so much, okay, but you have to stay with me. I'll be there in just a minute. I can see the apartment.-SH Stranger: ghkkm -JW You: John, I'm at the apartment. Hold on!-SH You: Sherlock opens the door to the apartment and runs inside. Stranger: John is laying in the foetal position on the living room floor attempt ing to press one of his sweaters to the wound on his side You: Sherlock kneels beside John and sees that the sweater is soaked with blood. "John," he murmurs sadly. He feels his head. "You'll be okay." A wave of emotio ns sweeps over him and, for once, he doesn't do anything to fend them off. "I lo

ve you." Stranger: He whimpers a little in response, beginning to shake uncontrollably "Y ou too" he murmurs weakly You: Sherlock kisses John's head softly. It's as romantic as it is friendly. "Jo hn, don't leave me." Stranger: Tears form in John's eyes and he clutches desperately at Sherlock's ha nd You: Sherlock panics, forgetting about holding the wound closed and instead focu sing all of his energy on talking to John. "John, you're the best friend, the be st person, the best blogger I could ever ask for. You mean so much to me." He li fts John in his arms and holds him to his chest tightly, rocking him back and fo rth. Stranger: John bites at his lip. "Sherlock. Hurts. Help" he slurs You: Sherlock takes a deep breath. "I... I don't know what to do John. I'm lost. I don't know how to help you." This takes a lot of strength for him to admit. " I'm so sorry." Stranger: John whimpers weakly, trying to engage his brain. If he didn't do this he would die. "Medic kit. Cabinet drawer. Bedroom" he breathed You: Sherlock places John down gently and kisses him on the forehead again. He r uns to the bedroom and takes the kit out, his hands fumbling clumsily on the dra wer handle. He runs back with the kit. Stranger: John forces his eyes open as he hears Sherlock's return, he's starting to sound far away and John hopes the detective can hear what he's saying. "Twee zers. Take bullet. Stop bleeding" You: Sherlock nervously takes out the tweezers and removes the fabric from John' s side. He reaches the tweezers into the wound. Luckily, the bullet isn't in as deep as he thought it was so he reaches it easily. He starts to pull it out, hol ding John's hand with the hand that isn't holding the tweezers. Stranger: John bites down hard on his lip. Squeezing at Sherlock's hand like it was the only thing keeping him there. He groaned loudly as Sherlock dislodged th e bullet, panting desperately. You: Sherlock successfully pulls the bullet out and quickly takes his own coat o ff. He puts it on the wound and holds it there desperately, trying to stop the b lood flow. "What now?"

Stranger: John's head was dizzy, slowing. "Sanitise. Bandage, tight." he murmurs feeling as if he's very close to fainting You: Sherlock runs his fingers through John's hair. He gets out the sanitiser an d cleans the wound. "This must hurt so badly, I'm so sorry." He takes out a band age and wraps the wound carefully. Stranger: John nods whimpering. "Should probably have called an ambulance" he ch uckles tiredly "Doing well" You: Sherlock lays next to John and holds his hand tightly. "You'll be fine." He says it more to reassure himself than John. "Nothing's going to happen, okay?" Stranger: "Hmmm" John agrees tiredly. "Gunna faint" he mutters as he feels his b rain give way You: Sherlock's breath stops. "No, no, no, no, no, no you don't. Stay with me Jo hn, look at me." Stranger: John's vision swims before him before he blacks out not able to fight his body anymore You: "John, no. Please be okay, please, please, please. I don't know what to do anymore. I love you. I need you." Stranger: John murmured against him, heart beating fast You: Sherlock was completely broken. He had no idea how to help John, so he just continued to whisper reassurances to him. Stranger: John sighed against him, stirring awake again. "Shrlock??" You: Sherlock hugs John. "John, yes?" Stranger: "Painkillers." You: "Where are they?" Stranger: "Dunno" he muttered weakly You: Sherlock searches through the medicine kit. "I think these are painkillers. " You: He holds up a pill container. "Are they?"

Stranger: John blinks, "Think so. We'll find out" You: Sherlock smiles slightly and opens the pill container. The name on the outs ide is definitely a painkiller brand, so he hopes for the best and takes out a p ill. He hands it to John. Stranger: John swallows it quickly. Whimpering a little at the movement. You: Sherlock watches John for any reaction to the pill. "Is it working?" Stranger: "It'll take another half hour or so..." he breathes. You: Sherlock hates sitting still. He is almost jittery with adrenaline, tapping his fingers constantly. "Talk, John. Say something so I know you haven't blacke d out again." Stranger: John squirms "Love you Sherlock" You: Sherlock smiles. "I love you too John." He takes John's hand, holding it ti ghtly. "Are you feeling any better yet?" Stranger: John shook his head. "No. Sore. Tired. Dizzy." You: Sherlock sighs. "I wish I could do something to make you feel better." Stranger: He whines against him, trying to work out if he was beginning to feel better. "What thickens blood? Orange juice?" You: "Yes, do you want some?" Sherlock jumps up, eager to do something, anything , that can help John. Stranger: John nods slowly. "Please, and a blanket?" You: Sherlock races into the kitchen and pours a cup of orange juice. He is than kful that the orange juice is far away from the bowl of eyeballs in the bottom o f the fridge. He sets the cup down and runs to get a blanket, taking both back t o John. "Here," he says, slightly out of breath. Stranger: John chuckles "You ran" he smiles a little Your conversational partner has disconnected.