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EPESaverTM Commercial Cool Roof Rebate Program

Improve Your Comfort. Save Energy. New Mexico

El Paso Electrics commercial customers have the opportunity to participate in the EPESaver Commercial Cool Roof Rebate Program. Rebates are available for retrofit roofing projects which can lower heat transfer to buildings through technology that can deliver high solar reflectance. Incomplete rebate forms will NOT be accepted. Did you:


The Knowledge You Need.

Cool roofs offer enhanced roof durability while reducing building cooling loads, making them a sound financial investment. In addition, installing a cool roof can benefit the environment due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions achieved by lowering the demand for cooling and electric power. Rebates for the EPESaver Commercial Cool Roof Rebate Program will be paid per square foot of installed cool roof materials. Rebate Amount The rebate amount is set at $0.15 per square foot.*

* a copy of your dated Include

receipt or contractor invoice?

* your EPE account Include


* Complete all customer

and installed equipment information?

* and date the rebate? Sign * contractor license Include


* the initial SRI and Include

three-year SRI numbers?

* Include CRRC Certification for

the roofing material?

Rebates are issued on a first come, first served basis until funding is exhausted or the program is changed.

Participation Made Easy.

All EPE commercial and industrial customers are eligible to receive a rebate through the EPESaver Commercial Cool Roof Rebate Program. Eligible projects must comply to the following requirements: Replacement of at least 75% of the roof surface area over refrigerated AC space. Evaporative cooled buildings do not qualify. Roof material must have an initial solar reflectance equal to or greater than 0.70; the surface must have an initial thermal emittance equal to or greater than 0.75. As an alternative to separately meeting the reflectance and emittance criteria, a cool roof can qualify if it has an initial Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of at least 82 as calculated by ASTM E1980 procedure. Provide Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)certification of the proposed roof with an SRI three year rating greater than 29.

For more information:

Visit: Call: (575) 523-3533 Email:

Only CRRC rated metal, membrane or painted roofs are eligible. Must be a commercial or industrial building type. The insulation values of the roof shall comply with ASHRAE 90.1-2007, Section and Table

Para ms informacin
(Se habla Espaol):
Visita: Llama: (575) 523-3533 Email:

Once roof improvements have been completed, the EPESaver Cool Roof Rebate Program rebate form must be completed and mailed along with a copy of your receipt or invoice to the rebate processing center address. Additional copies of this rebate form can be downloaded from the EPESaver Website: All rebates are subject to approval by EPEs Program Manager.

Rev. 5/13/12

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EPESaver Commercial Cool Roof Rebate


Rebate Form EPE Customer Information

In order to be eligible for rebates, rebate forms with a copy of receipt or contractor invoice must be received at the address below. Rebate processing takes
approximately 46 weeks. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

New Mexico

Company Name ____________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name ______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone _______________________________ Contacts E-mail ____________________________________________ Account Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State_____________________ Zip Code _________________________ Landlord Name (if renter occupied)* ___________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address** (if different from above) ______________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State_____________________ Zip Code _________________________ Project Completion Date _____________________________________________________________________________ EPE Account Number ________________________________________________________________________________

EPESaver Rebate Center

1515 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 110 Austin, TX 78746
* Rebate check will be made out to landlord if entered ** Rebate check will be mailed to the account address unless a mailing address is provided

Manufacturer _____________________________________________________________________________________

Installation Information
(Must complete all fields)

Initial SRI Rating __________________________________________________________________________________ Three-year SRI Rating ______________________________________________________________________________ Square Footage Installed __________________________________________________________________________ Total Roof Area ___________________________________________________________________________________ % of Roof Area ____________________________________________________________________________________

1 Roof Area Treated (SqFt)

2 Rebate Value ($/SqFt)


1x2 Estimated Rebate

Contractor Information Applicant Acknowledgement

(signed by EPE customer if owner occupied or landlord if renter occupied)

Company Name __________________________________________ License # ________________________________ Contact Person _____________________________________________ Phone ________________________________ By signing below, I acknowledge that: (1) the insulation listed herein has been installed to my satisfaction; (2) if contacted by EPE or Frontier Associates, I agree to allow access to my property to inspect the roof surface; (3) neither EPE nor Frontier Associates assumes any liability whatsoever relating to the cool roof installed, its installation or performance and (4) all information provided in this application form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Applicant Signature __________________________________________________________ Date _________________ By signing below, I am authorizing the payment of the rebate to the contractor (named above), and I understand that I will not be receiving the incentive payment from El Paso Electric. Applicant Signature __________________________________________________________ Date _________________

Optional Payment Release Authorization

(signed by EPE customer if owner occupied or landlord if renter occupied)

Rev. 5/13/12

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