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How to Make a USB Key Fob

A little over a year ag o, I came up with th is idea to attach my thumbdr ive to my keychain (n o, I don t th in k I was th e first to do th is). Specifically, a PNY bran d Micro Swivel Attach e 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive was wh at I wan ted to attach . As you can see from th is imag e from Amazon .com, th e th umbdrive in question does actually come with a lan yard to attach to your keych ain . Un fortun ately, it is a th in strin g with g litter all over it. Its attach men t to th e silver base could also be suspect. Besides n ot bein g man y peoples style, it looks pron e to breakag e, possibly loosin g all of your precious data. A better solution , in my opin ion , is to make a lan yard yourself out of n ylon cord. A bootlace would also work well, an d mig h t h elp compen sate for th e fact th at youre carryin g a th umbdrive with you at all times. Here are th e steps for makin g your own USB lan yard: 1. Get or cut a cord/sh oelace/bootstrap 20 in ch es to 21 in ch es lon g . Th e th ickn ess of th e cord sh ould be about like a bootstrap, or somewh ere aroun d 1/8 in ch in diameter. 2. Tie a kn ot called a surg eon s loop on on e side as pictured below:

Th e loop on step 3 sh ould be between 2 an d 3 in ch es so th at it can be used to loop it on to your keych ain . In order to g et a loop like th is, youll n eed to use aroun d 13 in ch es of cord in th e in itial loop sh own in step 1. 3. Th e remain in g en d of th e rope sh ould be tied in a n oose as sh own below. In stead of

th e tradition al use, th e en d th at tig h ten s sh ould be looped aroun d th e split rin g th at will perman en tly h old your USB don g le or wh atever else youd like to secure on your keych ain . On ce th is is don e, you will h ave an easy way to remove th is extra split rin g an d wh atever is attach ed to it. I use it to easily h old my Th umbdrive to my oth er keys, but you could put an yth in g else on it th at you h ave to attach an d quickly detach from your keych ain . Depen din g on wh at kin d of cord you use, it could h ave a ten sile stren g th of h un dreds of poun ds defin itely en oug h to secure a tin y flash drive. In ciden tally, I used a n oose to secure a vacuum h ose for my CNC router, so its quite th e useful kn ot. You sh ould also remove an y excess cord from th e kn ots on ce everyth in g is adjusted correctly. Carefully burn th e en ds with a match or lig h ter to preven t frayin g . 4. Attach to your main keych ain by loopin g th e surg eon s loop kn ot th roug h it. Fold th e keych ain th roug h th is loop an d pull tig h t. You n ow h ave a secured th umbdrive th at can easily be taken off wh en n eeded. I also put an attach men t for a mag ic marker on it. Here are my results: Ive carried a PNY th umbdrive on my keych ain like th is for over a year n ow with out an y issues. Th e on e I h ad before from San disk seemed like it was startin g to g et a little flaky, an d at 256 MB was pretty small. Noth in g ag ain st San disk, I put it th roug h th e wash in g mach in e at least twice an d it still lasted aroun d four years. PNY seems to be a g ood bran d as well sin ce Ive been abusin g its product for well over a year with out issue. If you liked th is article, an d wan t to g et updated via RSS on jcopro.n et, be sure to sig n up h ere! Also, if youre won derin g if th is will h old up, ch eck out my post on th is after 2 1/2 years of use.